Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Dark Clouds - full transcript

A slave kills his master and all his sons, as a result, a bounty amounting to three horses is placed on his head. The old master collapses tending the field and must be taken care of due to his poor health.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I'm sorry! I apologize!

I apologize for everything
I did up until now.

Please, forgive me!

I will free you.

I swear to Odin.

Money… I'll give you money too.
As much as you want.

Not enough…

That's not nearly enough

to make up for the humiliation

I've experienced up until this day.

For once, see what it's like
to be a slave yourself.


you will never understand
the depth of my anger.

All right!

I will become your slave.

I'll serve you.

From today, you are the master

and I'm the slave.

Please spare my life, Master.

Is that so…

You'll become my slave?

Yes, gladly!

Well then,

whether I spare you or kill you,

I can do whatever I like.

That was long…

Now then, it's time for a reunion.

To think that

we won't have to go to Mr. Sverkel's place
to borrow his horse anymore…

What's wrong? Why the long face?


Have you already decided?

Huh? Decided what?

I mean, once we're free.

What do you plan on doing?

Oh, that…

You two! Once you are freed,

would you like to stay here
and work as farmhands?

Hardworking people like you two
are always welcome.

That was a nice offer from the master but…

What to do…

I've been a slave for too long.

Who knew I'd be so indecisive
the moment I was able to

make my own decisions.

That's surprising.

So staying here is actually

a viable option for you?

It's true that I don't
get along with the farmhands.

But if I stay here,

there might come a time
when Arnheid can get her

freedom too.

I'm so surprised.

You like her that much?

Oh, stop! That's not what this is about.

I just…

You're late, Gramps!

Are you trying to kill me?

Where's Gramps? He's not with you?

Huh? Oh…

The old master hasn't returned?

Not since he left
for the field this morning.

Damn it!

It's already time for dinner.

He asked us to split the firewood, but…

That's strange.

By this time he's usually...

I didn't eat anything for lunch either!
Damn you, Gramps!

What if I die…?

Where are you going?

The field! Follow me!

The field?


Hey, Gramps!

Come on!


I'm going to die

on the bed and not the field, huh?

Me, of all people…

It's open. Just come in.

Excuse me.

Um, the mistress

ordered me to come here.

W… Wow!

We get

to eat this too, Arnheid?


The old master said that
I can make enough for all of you.

I hope you like it.

I guess no one prays here…

So delicious!

Please eat, Old Master.


From today,
I will be here to look after your needs.

Please ask me for anything.

Try this too!

Will you be staying at my house overnight?

Yes. That is what
the mistress has ordered.

Okay, here you go.

If it doesn't suit your taste,

please let me know.

That's good.

I don't want it. I'll eat later.

I'm not hungry right now.

I see…

Don't mind him.
Just stuff the spoon into his mouth.


Gramps is too embarrassed to say, "aah."

Get used to it, Gramps.

You have no choice but to

say "aah" and have them spoon-feed you
until you recover.

Did you just laugh?

Uh, no…

I'm really not hungry.

I'll eat later...

I'm kicking all of you out!

I'll wash the dishes.

No, I'll do it.

I'm glad.

The old master seems to be doing better
than I was told.

And he doesn't seem to be

as scary as he's rumored to be.

Yes. Despite his looks, he's kindhearted.

Although he can be scary sometimes.

I can kind of see that.



it's been so long since the last time

I had so much fun while eating a meal.

Me too.

It kind of

reminded me of what it was like
when I was free.

I agree. Really…

Hey, Slave!

Is Snake here?

A runaway slave?


three days ago from Kjallakr's farm.

Kjallakr, huh.

He always treated his slaves badly.

He got what he deserved.

Well, it's not that simple.

That slave killed Kjallakr
and all his sons

and set fire to their house.

He's ferocious and very skilled.

Kjallakr's uncle is offering three horses
to whoever catches him.

What do you want to do, Boss?

Putting aside the three horses,

we should still be a little cautious.

You guys, starting from today,
patrol the area

in groups of three for the time being.

Even if you find him,

don't go out of your way to catch him.

First, call for backup.

When a person is backed up against a wall

you never know what they will do.

Look, that's it.

That reflection was coming from
the decoration on the sword.

What's up with him?

Is he sleeping?

Seems like it.

At first glance he looks like
a beggar or pilgrim.

Isn't he pretty suspicious?

Very suspicious.

More like,
lower your voices a little more.

So he must be

the one who's worth three horses.

There's no doubt about it.


Luck is on our side!

- Idiot! It's not that easy.
- Hey!

- Whisper!
- I heard he's pretty strong.

It'll be fine!

- We can attack him in his sleep.
- Whisper!

We should call for backup, like Boss said.

Don't be a coward, Lizard!

If we call for backup,
we'll have to share our reward.

I'm telling you guys to whisper!

You don't even know his level of skill.

Where do you get that confidence?

The reward is three horses.

Right now, we can get one horse each.

That's what I'm talking about.

Things don't work out that perfectly!

- Whisper!
- Just cut up the horses

and eat a leg or two, you fatso!

Excuse me, you midget?

If you want to die that badly, go alone!

I'll kill you first!

- Right back at you!
- Whisper, you idiots!

Man, it's hot.

Thorfinn, I've chopped
quite a bit of wood.

Can you pile it up?

Hey, Thorfinn!

Sorry, just a little bit more.

All right.

What is Thorfinn doing?

Oh, Snake is inside and reading the Bible.

So he's eavesdropping.

It's for the old master, who can't read.

I see. I didn't know
Thorfinn was a Christian too.

Actually, he's not.

But apparently,
it's interesting to listen to.

"You heard that it was said:

'You must love your neighbor

and hate your enemy.'

However, I say to you:

Continue to love your enemies

and to pray for those who persecute you,

so that you may prove yourselves
sons of your Father who is in the heavens,

since he makes his sun rise on both

the wicked and the good

and makes it rain on both the righteous

and the unrighteous.

For, if you love those loving you,

what reward do you have?

Are not also the tax collectors
doing the same thing?

And if you greet your brothers only,

what extraordinary thing are you doing?

Are not also the people

of the nations doing the same thing?

You must accordingly

be perfect,

as your heavenly Father is perfect."

Is that so…

Jeez, that's asking a lot.

Gramps, I'm tired of the Gospels.

Let's read the beginning.

It's more interesting than this.

Hey, Gramps. What are you doing?

You need the bathroom?

B… Barley…

I have to

harvest the barley.

Remember I told you,

we finished that a while ago.

Just go to sleep.


Gramps wet himself.
Can you take care of it?

All right!

Oh, I'll help too.

Gramps is going senile.

I bet he doesn't have much time left.

- What?
- What?

No way…

He's well enough
to be out in the field every day.

That's right. He even goes fishing
two to three times a day.

But he's old enough to have grandchildren.

Old people deteriorate the moment
their legs give out.

That being said, it won't be that soon.

He's taken good care of you guys,
so make sure

to return the favor while you can.

Um, I've always been curious.

What is the connection between

you and the old master?

Huh? It's not like we have
any special connection.

I just want to take that book

and sell it once Gramps dies, that's all.

All right, get back to work.

The sun is almost setting.

He's going fast. Is it one of my men?

No, it's not.

Hey, you there! Stop!


It's him!

He's the runaway slave!

He killed Lizard!

Please catch him!

What? Are you serious? Damn it!

My sword is in the house.

No way…



I finally found you!

My wife!


Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita