Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - For the Love That Was Lost - full transcript

Olmar recieves some upsetting news, causing him to reach his breaking point. Meawhile, tensions arise as Canute sets his sights on Ketil's farm.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Which one? Where is he?

Which one? That one?

Oh, that one?
The one bent over on the table?

That's right. That young man.

Okay, that makes sense.

He looks like the type.

The man who lost to a pig.

I can't believe such a person exists!

He has some nerve
to say he wants to become a thegn.

So, all we have to do is tell him
that he failed?

That's right, you just have to tell him.

All right, that's fine with me.


I'm not sure if I can
keep it at that, though.

Do you want to tease him?

I mean, look at his dumb-looking face.

Go. I'll treat you to drinks later.

- Okay.
- Okay.

You're laughing too much.

- I can't help it!
- You are too!

Speaking of dumb-looking faces, you guys

aren't that different.


Olmar! Excuse me.

My name is Brodd.

I am a member of the late king's corps.


And I came here to relay
a message from Sir Wulf,

the captain of King Canute's thegns.

I know I failed.

Now, now…

This is our job.
Just let us deliver the message.

Olmar, about your request
to join the king's thegns…

"Your will to offer
your life to His Majesty

is splendid indeed,"
are the captain's words.

However, upon witnessing your skills,
the captain has said

that your swordsmanship
has room for improvement.

Therefore, I regret to inform you that…

I regret to inform you that…

There's nothing to regret!
You lost to a pig!

Stop it! Don't say that out loud!

I can't breathe!

I heard you couldn't cut a pig?

Why is that?

Was the pig wearing
a chain mail or something?

Actually, if it was a pig,
was it wearing a swine mail?

Pardon us. We shouldn't laugh at you.

His job hunt isn't going well.

Why don't you guys refer him for a job?

Oh, the chef at the palace
was looking for a helper.

He can't do it.

He can't even cut a pig!

As a warrior, I will make you pay
for your humiliation with my sword.

Take up your sword!

But you can't even cut a pig!

I'm going to die from laughing too much!

What the heck!

That wasn't nice, you weakling.

- Come on, hurry!
- Wait!

It's a fight!

They're by the stalls.
It's five against one.

- They're using swords!
- That means we get to see blood!

- Do it!
- Kill him!

You can do it, young 'un!

I'll fight him alone.

If we gang up on someone
who can't even cut a pig,

it'll be a disgrace.

Don't lose.

My, my, you're so serious.

I'll help train you, Olmar.

Come on, get up. Try harder.

Jeez, he's as pathetic as they say he is.

Stand up, Olmar.

Don't sleep during a duel.


Brother, I was


I can tell just by looking.

Hurry up and get up and kill that guy.

Stand up.

Stand up, Olmar!

He's so strong…

Brother… I…

Listen to me, Olmar.

There are only two options left
for a warrior who is humiliated.

To kill or to die.

If you can't kill him, then die.

I will not allow you to
go on with life and ignore

the fact that you were humiliated.

Fight and become a man.

Today will be the day.

- Brother…
- Go on!

What's up with him?

Imagine it, Olmar.

Imagine yourself chopping off his head.


Project your voice
from the bottom of your stomach.

- Yes!
- More!


Imagine your enemy writhing
in his own blood and guts

and crying tears of regret!


Get ready, Olmar!


Kill that jerk! Kill him!



After all that egging,
he thinks he can do it.

Your training is done.

You did it!


He can actually fight!

This is getting exciting!


- You were great!
- Keep it up!


- Come on!
- That bastard!

Don't let him get away alive!

We have to clear our name
right here, right now!

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

Good job, Olmar.

That's what I expect from my brother.

Now leave the rest to me.

He died?

I killed him?

I killed… someone?

His eye…

It was punctured by a rock or something.

Olmar! Thorgil!

Move! Get out of the way!

Wh… What's going on?!

What happened?



Calm down, Dad.

Calm down? You're telling me to calm down?

You killed the king's messenger!

What are you going to do about this? This…

We are not in the wrong.


Olmar was humiliated and it led to a duel.
He defended his honor.


It was five against one.

They can't complain
that I joined in to help.

If you're his parent,
you should commend Olmar.

Duels are banned by the law.

Nobody follows that law.

If they're carrying around swords,

they should know that humiliation
comes with a price.

They knew that and still disparaged Olmar.

They're rude guys who deserve to die.

Out of the way! Make way!


They're guards!

We are not wrong.

Duels like this happen all the time.
Normally, we won't be punished.

Who is the one brazenly
causing a commotion

in His Majesty's territory?

Give up and show yourselves.

What's going on? Olmar is still alive.

Even Ketil is here. Who is that other guy?

I don't know.
He's probably a family member.

I am King Canute's thegn,
Thorgil, son of Ketil.

My father Ketil
and younger brother Olmar are here.

It was an honest-to-goodness duel.

We did nothing wrong.

Silence! Duels are banned by the king.

You bastards disrespected the king.

You are under arrest.

I knew it.

I told you… I told you, Thorgil.

Bring your hands back!

Don't clench them!

Wait a second! I am...

Hand over your sword
and put your hands behind your back.

Hey, did you not hear me?

He did it…

You bastard!

How… How dare you!

Wh… Have you lost your mind, Thorgil?

We're done for! There's no turning back!

I have something to ask you,
you underling.

I'm impatient.

Be mindful of how you answer me.

If you answer, I'll spare you.

Why did you make Olmar win?


"Make" me win?

Tell me.

I… I didn't know...

I warned you.

Tell me.

Why did you trick Olmar?

It was…

to arrest Ketil.

In order to arrest Ketil

in the name of
collective punishment for the treason

and lese majesty committed by his son,

we made him kill the king's messenger.

What have I ever done to deserve this?

All I did was obey Sir Wulf's orders.

Please let me get treatment.

It's bleeding… It won't stop bleeding!

It's all over…
King Canute is targeting me.

You're wrong, Dad.


This is just the beginning.

We're up against a powerful enemy.

I see…

Ketil and his family escaped, huh?

I apologize, Your Majesty.

We're staking out their ship and inn,

but they haven't shown up.

We're currently searching.

It is my responsibility for not being able

to restrain Thorgil.

He seems to be a very skilled warrior.

Yes, he was a good subordinate.

It doesn't affect our plan.

We still have an excuse
to execute judgement.

We will head to Ketil's farm
according to schedule.

If Ketil is not there, so be it.

If he is there and resists,
we just have to subdue them.

Yes, sir.

I will dispatch 32 thegns

to be Your Majesty's bodyguards.

Floki and his Jomsvikings
would be an additional 70,

so we will have an army of 102 soldiers.

That should be enough.
When will Floki arrive?

He'll arrive from Jomsborg
within three days.

Well then, in three days,
we will depart at dawn.

You may leave.

Yes, sir.

What are you laughing at, King Sweyn?

Don't be so mad.

There's nothing wrong with a father

being happy to see his son
growing up to be just like him.

Keep marching ahead.

In order to reach the summit,

you will need more corpses.

All right.

My guests, you can come out now.

Man, this barrel reeks of salted food.

You are a lifesaver, Leif.

We appreciate your kindness.

It's not out of kindness.
This is a transaction.

Don't forget your side of the deal.

- I wouldn't transport criminals like you.
- It smells!

Not out of kindness alone.

You don't know how hard it was
to convince my people.

Don't worry.
A warrior never goes back on his word.

The Ketil Farm will purchase

all of your cargo at three times
the standard price.

Don't forget about Thorfinn.

Of course!
We will hand over that slave too.

Right, Dad?

Dad! You can come out...

Shut up!

Don't talk to me! Leave me alone!

Someone's in a bad mood.

Just don't forget about your promise.

All right, let's call it a day.

Yeah, I agree.

Good work.

What's the matter, Thorfinn?

Have you never seen a sunset before?

It's not that…

Laugh at me all you want.

Curse me all you want.

Everything is for the sake
of a peaceful world.

Everything is for the sake
of the love that was lost.

"Dark Clouds."

Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita