Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - The King and the Sword - full transcript

With Canute's newfound additional throne and the land of Denmark, he aims to fund his armies with drastic means. Ketil meets with Lief Ericson who finds out he has a slave named Thorfinn. Ketil pays tribute to the new king Canute.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Oh, they're going at it.

This way, Your Highness.

His Majesty and Sir Wulf are here.

You're right.

Is that really Canute?

I can't believe he dodged that.

King Canute is quite impressive.

How can he move in that armor?

Those are real swords, right?

Yes, I believe so.

Is this really training?

He'll get injured badly if he's hit.

- Look at him working so hard.
- Gunnar!

Hello, Lady Estrid.
How are you enjoying your day?

I'm not enjoying it at all!

This is so scary. I'm worried sick.

Please be assured.
Wulf is a master swordsman.

He is controlling his power
so that nothing happens.

It doesn't look like that to me.

I can't believe this.

Canute used to hate even touching a sword.

His Majesty awakened his royal blood
while in England.

It is very commendable.

A king must be strong above anything else.

Nordic men will not

listen to the words of a weak man.

But he looks

like he is in a lot of pain.

You retreat when you are tired.
It's a bad habit of yours.

When you retreat
it only prolongs the fight.

A true king advances and finds a way out

with his sword.

Not only are your enemies watching,
but your own subjects

are observing how
you wield your sword as well.

And Estrid is also watching.

You've noticed, haven't you?

I see…

So that is why you started to
attack with more force

all of a sudden.

Th… There you go again.

I will not fall for that trick!

Forget it. I didn't mean that.

And plus, she's too busy
talking to the man next to her.

You win.


That was amazing!

Wow, I'm so surprised.

The score was five to one,
but he actually made Wulf admit defeat.

Wulf seemed to be
distracted at the end, didn't he?

Your Majesty, I've told you many times
that you must not

toss your sword like that.

That was an amazing duel, Your Majesty.

What is it, Gunnar?

We've completed the paperwork
regarding the survey.

I will bring it to your chamber later.

I must say, there aren't
many wealthy people out there.

Even if you were to squeeze
the people on that list dry

you would only get about
3,000 pounds per year.

Other than that,

the only option would be
to raise the taxes in general.

Oh, I recommend that one.

Ketil, son of Sverkel.

He is a wealthy farmer who owns
a massive estate in the south.

The military power of each family
is not listed on here.


For that we would have to
go there and investigate in person.

I need to know those numbers.
Investigate and update me.

Yes, of course.

However, this will be a significant
tax increase immediately following

your coronation as the King of Denmark.

I am more worried

about the backlash
from the people of Denmark.

Making sure that that doesn't happen
is what politics is all about.

It's not impossible.

After his accession
to the throne of England,

Canute was faced with a pressing issue.

That was obtaining a new source of funds.

Even after conquering England,

Canute kept his personal troop of
Danish warriors stationed there.

However, that troop was being funded

by the tax revenue collected from England.

This contributed to the growing
dissatisfaction among the English people.

If Canute cannot manage to
scrape up the funds from within

Denmark, his newly acquired dominion,

he has no choice but to
scale down his stationed army.

It's not impossible?
What options do we have?

We'll acquire more crown land.

You're going to reclaim land?

But that will take time
until we gain a profit from it.

I will gain more fields

in ways other than reclamation.

You mean by requisition?

Your Majesty, that is going a bit far…

We need money. We will have to
take some drastic measures.

At least it's better than

sowing seeds of discontent throughout
the nation by increasing the tax.

If you have a better plan, I am all ears.

Why don't we just
dissolve the corps at this point?

That's out of the question.

I am a conqueror and a Dane.

The people of England
don't think favorably of me.

The effectiveness
of my rulership depends on

whether or not I have a corps
that will do my will.

A king is a sword.

In a world like this, a king without
military power can't accomplish anything.


King Harald passed away?

One week ago.
You were just a bit too late, Dad.

Wh… That means

by the time I left the farm
he was already…

I guess so.

I didn't know his health was that bad.

This is unbelievable.

And here,
I brought a mountain of gifts for him.

Three knarr's worth, huh?

How ambitious of you.

Wait a second, Thorgil…

The fact that you are here to welcome me

means King Canute is here as well, right?

Well, I am King Canute's thegn after all.

Right now, His Majesty is
at the palace on behalf of the king.

I see. I guess I found a silver lining.

Now that I don't have
the backing of King Harald,

I need to build a good relationship with

the next king of Denmark.

Can you somehow
put me in touch with His Majesty?

You sure have a tough spirit.
Okay, I'll take care of it.

Okay, I'm counting on you.


Hey, where did Olmar go?

Oh, the young master just took off
on his own and went into town.

You let him go?

I told you to keep an eye on him!

Come on, Dad.

He's already 20 years old.
He's not a child anymore.

He is a child!

That idiot is forever just a child.

Just imagine him going into town alone.

I bet you anything
he's in a fight right now

because someone bumped into him

and they didn't apologize
or something like that!

You're the one
who bumped into me, you jerk!

Don't try to fool with me.

You're the one who has to apologize.

Excuse me?

What are you talking about?

Look at what you've done!
I was going to sell this cloth!

Why should I care?

If this is a ruse to make me buy it,
I'm not falling for it.

What? How rude of you to think that!

But I will have you pay
compensation, though.

Now you're showing your true colors.

That was your plan from the start, huh?
You're a fraud.

- My goodness…
- You bastard…

How did your parents raise you to be
such a difficult person?

I am known

to be an upstanding businessman
just like my father!

- I will not allow you to insult us.
- Huh?

What are you going to do about it?

Want to fight me? Just try me.

You "crash for cash" scammer.

I've had enough! You jerk!

He took out his sword.

What's wrong?
Come and get me, you scammer.

Are you scared? Huh?

That's not fair!

"Not fair"?

When a man starts a fight,

he puts his life on the line.

The fact that you don't have
a weapon ready at all times,

means that you don't have the preparedness

of a Nordic man!

Then tell me…

Who do you think bought you
that "preparedness"?


You idiot!

Why do you always have to
start fights like this!

What the heck, old man!

Don't butt into a man's fight!

Look, I'm sorry.

Let me compensate you for that cloth.

Is this enough?

Well, if you say so… I don't mind.

Hey, Bug-Eyes!

Give him back his change!

Oh, Dad… You were watching?

I saw everything.

I was watching you in hopes that you would

defuse the situation,
but what a disappointment.

I guess you're still not ready
for big transactions yet.


I apologize on behalf of my son.

My name is Leif Ericson.

Oh, he's your adopted son?

Yes, basically…

He ended up at my place by chance.

Come on, introduce yourself.

I'm Thorfinn. Thank you for earlier.

Everyone calls me Bug-Eyes,
so please call me that too.


Oh, sorry.

It just reminded me of my servant
with the same name.

He is a quiet, earnest,
and hardworking fellow.

Maybe I should've
named this one Thorfinn as well.

Well, your son seems to be very fearless.

Say, Ketil… If you don't mind me asking,

is this Thorfinn… I mean, your servant,

a slave by any chance?

Huh? Yes…

How did you know?

I didn't want you to take it the wrong way
so I didn't mention his status.

Is he Nordic, blond, brown-eyed,

and about the same age and build as him?

How surprising! That's exactly right.

He is a bit shorter, though.

That again, Dad?

He is from Iceland
and used to be a warrior, no?

So… Did he ever mention that?

I have seen countless
sword wounds on his body, though.

You shouldn't get your hopes up.
It'll end up like it did with me.

I know. I know that,

but all of his traits match up this far.

You seem to have a story, Leif.

If you don't mind, please tell me.

Yes, well…

I am searching

for my friend's son who became a slave.

It's been many years already.

Where did you say?

Uh, well, you see… I was thinking

about quickly stopping by Ketil's farm.

It's really not that far, I swear.

Ketil also came by boat.

And he said we can follow him home.

How long is a one-way trip from here?

He said with fair winds,
it takes five days.

That means we'll lose more than ten days!
That's more than just a quick stop.

Please listen, Mord.

There's something different
about this time's "Thorfinn."

I feel like it's the one!

It's already fall!

We have to hurry back
or the Greenland Sea will freeze!

What are you going to do if we

delay our schedule for ten days
and meet bad winds and tides?

Sorry, but I can't humor you this time.

Please understand.

I'm so surprised.

I just put in a request yesterday,
and I'm already granted an audience?

I didn't know you were
so influential, Thorgil.

I have newfound respect for you.

Honestly, I am surprised as well.

His Majesty is a really busy person.

Maybe your tribute did the trick?

That is understandable.

We produce the best and most abundant
crops in the southern region.

Even the king will not regret
doing business with us.

Ketil and company,
enter the audience chamber.

All right, let's go, Olmar.

Mind your manners.

Ketil, I took a look at your offerings.

They were all of very high quality.
I will accept them.

Thank you, I am greatly honored.

Were all of those products

produced on your farm?

Yes, that is correct.

The late King Harald was also very fond
of our family's products.

I do not plan on pointlessly changing
the ways of my father and brother.

Be assured.

Prosperous farmers such as yourself
are treasures to Denmark.

Take pride

in the fact that you are a cornerstone of
the nation and keep on working diligently.

I am honored.

I deeply appreciate
your continued support.

You are in the presence of the king.
Kneel down!

Hey! What are you doing?

I am terribly sorry!

King Canute! I have a favor to ask!

Please let me join your corps!

Preferably, as a thegn, like my brother.

I have been training.

I will be useful.

I can show you my skill here...

Stop, you idiot!

Don't unsheathe it here!

Let go, old man!

I want to go to battle!

This is the last straw, you idiot!

This is…

Shut up!

What shall we do, Your Majesty?

I don't mind, Ketil.

Let me see his swordsmanship.

- What?
- What?

That pig will be tonight's dinner
for the soldiers.

Cut it as if it was a human.

Yes… Here we go.

Hey, what's wrong?

What is this?

What's happened?

It's so loud.

Whose voice is this?

Stop. That's enough.
I understand very well.

Who knew bones… were so hard…?

Olmar, was it?

We will discuss your enrollment

as a thegn with the captain
and inform you tomorrow morning.

Until then, stay within Jelling.

You really ruined it for us, Olmar.

Everyone in the corps is going to
make fun of me about this for a while.

Jeez… The more cowardly they are,

the more unpredictable they become
in critical situations.

Anyway, what's done is done.

Just make sure you don't embarrass
our family any more than this.

He's typical…

He has no skill but has a big ego.

He does not know his ability at all.

People like him are the first to die
on the battlefield.

I wouldn't want him as a subordinate.

I understand your opinion as a captain.

Now, let me hear your other opinion.

That young man is very useful.

I agree. We can use him.

He's a typical Nordic youth.

A foolish one at that.

He will do exactly what we want him to do.

So we'll go with that plan?

Let it begin.

I have yet to be enthroned, but this
opportunity is too good to pass up.

It is for the peace of the whole nation.
Sorry, but I'll need you to cry.

That man named Ketil

will be requisition number one.

"For Love That Was Lost."

Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita