Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Cursed Head - full transcript

Finally, after three long years, Einar and Thorfinn chop down the final tree in the forest. At the same time, Canute, who became the conqueror of England, is visiting Jelling, the royal capital of Denmark.

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The Cursed Head

Okay, here we go.

Ready, push!

Yes! That's the last one!

I don't believe it.

It really was possible.

Together, we turned an
entire forest into a farm.

Yeah, I think it took more than three years.

If only all this land were ours.

That's one thing a slave can't have.

We worked hard. We're nearly there.

Yeah. The other day, Pater told me something.

We'll be able to buy our freedom with the
next harvest from this cleared land.

We'll get some change back, too.

I see.

Einar, what are you going to do
once you're a free man?

I don't know. Even if I went back to my homeland,
there's no family waiting for me.

And besides...

You're worried about Arnheid.

Yeah, I feel awkward about it.

If only Arnheid could be free, too.

Then I'd feel better.

The master has no intention
of letting her go.

What about you, Thorfinn?

Will you go back to Iceland?

Yeah. I think so. Probably.

Seriously? You don't seem sure
about your plans.

Neither do you.

Good grief. It's strange, isn't it?

Freedom's just around the corner,
and we're acting like this.

There is something I'd like to try to do.

Really? What is it?

Well, there's a lot I'm still not sure about.

What do you think, Einar?

Would it be possible to rid the
world of war and slavery?

Well... that would be like a dream.

Ah, you've finally felled the last tree.

Well done, both of you.


Well? Do you think you'll be able
to till the soil in time for planting?

Yes, probably, if we hurry.

I see, I see. All right.
Then I'll give you a little discount.

Once you're done sowing the seeds,
the two of you will be free.

You've worked hard, Thorfinn, Einar.

What? You don't seem that happy.

Huh? What?

No! Wait, no!

All right!

Thorfinn, we finally did it!


Wait, sorry. Don't celebrate yet.


You'll have to wait until after I return.

You're going somewhere?

Yes. By the way,
have you seen the old master?

He hasn't been this way.

I see. Maybe he's on his farm.

Well, you'll do.

If you see him, give him this message.

Tell him I've gone to the palace
in Jelling to visit King Harald.

I'm sure I'll be back in time
for planting, though.

Make sure you till the soil by then.

Yes, sir.

Safe travels.

Oh, right.

How would you like to continue working
for me as my retainers once you're free?

I'd gladly welcome a couple of
hard workers like you.

Give it some thought.

What benefit is there for the worker from that
in which he labors? I have seen the task which
God has given the sons of mankind with which
to occupy themselves. He has made everything
appropriate in its time.

He has also set eternity in their heart, without the
possibility that mankind will find out the work
which God has done from the beginning even
to the end.

Ecclesiastes 3:9-11

Excuse me, Your Majesty.

Our ship will be arriving in Jelling shortly.

Please wake up, King Canute.

Your Majesty, what are you doing out here?

Our horses will be ready soon.

Please wait inside your cabin.

Here is fine.

I haven't been back home in a while.

I want to feel the breeze.

Your Majesty.

I am delighted to see you've
safely returned from England.

Thank you. Wulf, how is my brother doing?

My liege.

King Harald is not well.

His pain has worsened over the past month.

He's no longer capable of speaking.

I see. How much longer does he have?

According to those treating him,
these next few days will be critical.

Very well. Thank you for
watching over him in my place.

Yes, Your Majesty.


I won again.

That ball game they're playing...

Are you okay?


Don't hurt yourself.

My brother was quite good at it
when we were children.

Darn you.

He occasionally played with me.

Harald, hit it again.

Okay. Watch the ball closely, Canute.

Those within the palace
feuded amongst themselves

over which of us would succeed our father,

but my brother never paid
any heed to it himself.


Here it comes.

Your Highness!


I'm okay.

I don't believe it.

See? He's tougher than you think.

You're a little too overprotective,
you know. You should—

Impressive, Your Highness.

I knew you could do it.

Are you certain you're not hurt?

Yeah. Thanks, Ragnar.

But it's hard to move when
I'm wearing so many layers.

I'm hot, too. Can I take these off?


A warrior must be properly equipped.

Are you listening, Your Highness?

Letting your guard down for even
a moment can prove fatal.

He was a strong, kind man.

Even I once...

My brother helped me often.

I must thank him.


Play somewhere else, children.


Don't hit it so hard, Asta.

Hmph. You're just slow.

Unbelievable. Children are so carefree.

What did you say?

Now you're mad.

What is the matter, Your Majesty?

It's nothing.

Sweyn's sons inherited their own
respective territories from their father.

The older brother Harald inherited Denmark,

and the younger brother Canute
inherited England.

Their relationship was good.

During Canute's conquest of England,

his brother Harald directly supported him
by sending a fleets of ships.


Shortly after Canute became
King of England, Harald fell ill.

Harald had no heirs.

Brother Canute!

You really did come to Jelling.

Address me as "Your Majesty," Estrid.

Your visit is so sudden. I was surprised.

It's good to see you again, King Harald.

Brother Harald,
Brother Canute has come to visit you.

Can you tell he's here?

It's fine. You don't have to wake him.

I'll be staying here a while.

I'll speak to His Majesty
when he's feeling better.


King Harald, I am here.

Please rest.

You needn't worry about your kingdom.

I've been waiting for you.


Denmark is yours.

Don't be absurd, King Harald.

Get well soon so we can play ball again.

You've got some guts, Canute.

I'm impressed you can lie about that
like you don't know what's going on.


You're visiting the man
you poisoned yourself?

What a farce. What will you
accomplish by doing that?

Harald was friendly to you.

Why did you need to kill him?

You could've ruled the world together.

You didn't do it for the sake of
peace and prosperity.

Ambition now rests within your heart.

The ambition to rule as
king of all the North Sea.

That is the curse. The crown's curse.

None can escape it.

By donning the two crowns
of Denmark and England,

you will suffer twice as much as I did.


What's wrong? You suddenly went into a daze.

Have you fallen ill, too?

I'm fine. I just felt a little dizzy.

Prepare a bedchamber.

His Majesty is tired from
his long voyage at sea.

What is it?

Lady Estrid instructed me
to bring you something to drink.

Where did it come from?

What? Where is it from?

I don't need any. I'm not thirsty.

You fear being poisoned
because you poison others.

Isn't that right, Canute?

It was rather mischievous of you to appear
in the middle of the afternoon, King Sweyn.

If you can see me during the day,
then the curse must be growing stronger.

Is he talking to himself?

How long are you going to
keep standing there?

I need nothing from you. Leave.

Y-Yes, Your Majesty!

Uniting the nation is
essential to creating a utopia.

Two kings would eventually cause trouble.

King Harald's death is necessary.

I'm surprised.

You've come to think
like a real king, Canute.

What are you laughing about?

King Sweyn, I once hated you
and wished for your death.

But now?

You're the only one I can speak to frankly.

Let us be friends,

as befits two cursed men.

Brother, again!


Here it comes, Canute.



We're holding a war council. Join us.

Yes, Father.

Sorry, Canute.

We'll continue another time.

Thank you, Brother.

Grow up strong, Canute.

Stronger than me and father.

Got it?


Come, Your Highness.
I'll be your next opponent.

What? Can you even play, Ragnar?

How dare you.

I was once feared as Gullinbursti of the Lake,
and for seven consecutive years...

Is this all there is to it?

This is nothing.

Kings and Swords

"Kings and Swords."