Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - Freedom - full transcript

Gardar, the runaway slave who killed his master has come to Ketil's farmstead to free Arnheid, his wife. Snake aims to subdue Gardar while Einar wishes to aid Gardar by violent means, Thorfinn, however, pursues a diplomatic solution.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


Which means this is Ketil's farm.

I don't believe it.

The two of you were just
a few days' walk away.

You look a little haggard...

But you're even more beautiful than before.

What? Is he Arnheid's husband?

Is Hjalti doing well?

He must be so big by now.


Hjalti is...


Let's return to our home together.
All three of us.

Our home?

Don't take his hand, Arnheid.

If you do, I'll kill him.



Take Arnheid and get out of here.

Yes, boss.

There's something wrong with him, boss.

Did he forget he's being chased?

Is it true that he killed Lizard?

Yes. Split his head wide open.

I see.

He's here to kidnap Arnheid.

Protect her with your life.

Yes, boss.

Are you Ketil?

What if I am?

I'll kill you!

Stop, Gardar! This is reckless!


Don't, Einar.

We don't even know what's going on.
What are you going to do?

Are you going to attack Snake?

I know exactly what's going on here!

Arnheid's husband is here to rescue her.

Don't you want her to be free?

I do, but look at what you're dealing with.

You'd have to kill three men to get away.

I know I'm not strong enough, but...

Einar, that's not what I'm trying to say.

Can you kill a man?

Whether it's a guest or anyone else,

could you use this axe to kill a man?

Then... what am I supposed to do?

Smart choice, Thorfinn.

You guys watch quietly from over there.

I'll capture him alive.

I still need to question him
and confirm his identity.

Be careful, boss. He's strong.

Who do you think you're talking to, dumbass?


You can't take him alive, boss. Kill him.

Shut up. That was just a warm-up.

Were you guys able to land
a single blow on him?

What? Well, embarrassingly...

He's injured.

How'd the three of you lose
to an injured man?

So that's where it was after all.

Badger, tie him up.

Gardar! Gardar!

Wow, you beat him in an instant.






Come on, walk.

Don't let your guard down.

Always keep five guys watching him.


And tell Kjallakr's uncle that
we've apprehended the suspect.


Got it.

Now then...

You look like you've got something to say.

But a slave's opinion doesn't matter.

Can't you let him off the hook?

This is too much to bear.

He killed one of my men.

He's suspected of killing others, too.

Not only that,
but he wants to kill the master,

and he intends to kidnap
the master's darling Arnheid.

We can't let someone like that off the hook.

Forget about him, Arnheid.

That's not your husband.

He's just a runaway slave
who's lost his mind.

Stay out of this matter.
Look after Gramps for me.

Einar, wait.


Please have a seat.

It's almost time for dinner.

At night, under cover of darkness,

we might be able to sneak into
the fort and rescue Gardar.

If we don't do something,
your husband will be executed.

Thank you, but it's all right.

Sometimes, things can't be changed.

And it's better not to do
anything in those situations.

It's better to sit still and
wait for the storm to pass.

I don't want you to get
caught in the storm, Einar.

Don't you love Gardar?

I do.

Our parents arranged our marriage,
but he was kind to me and our son.

Then we should go.

Even if we end up having to fight Snake
and his men, it's better than doing nothing.

Isn't that right, Thorfinn?

Please, Thorfinn. Lend me your strength.

I'll draw the guards to me, so you...

I lost my son because of pots.

Could I tell you a little about myself?

About the past.

Our family lived in a village in Sweden.

Neither wealthy nor poor,
we lived a quiet life.

When our son was one year old,

deep in a distant forest,
a marsh containing iron was found.

Fighting broke out between several groups
competing for ownership of the marsh.

Gardar's friend was among
those involved in the conflict,

and he asked for his help.

Gardar told the rest of the village about it,
and the men gathered to discuss it.

Should we join the fighting or not?

If we won, we'd acquire iron.

So the men decided to join the fight.

The women were shocked when we heard this.

After all, our village had all the
pots and sickle blades we needed.

But women can't overturn
a decision made by men.

Please reconsider, Gardar.

It's not as though we're currently
suffering from a lack of iron.

Why are you risking your life
for something we don't need?


We do need it.

Yngve of the West is an ambitious man.

If his clan acquires the iron, it'll upset
the balance of power in the area.

And our village will become wealthy.

So will the two of you.

Hjalti, your father is going to
fight to protect you.

I couldn't understand it.

Ow, that hurts.

He could've protected us
better by staying with us.

All the young men went off to battle,

while the women and children were
left behind to defend our homes.

Several weeks passed.

And then...


When we saw the ships,
we thought the men had returned.

But instead...

They attacked while the men were gone.

Our homes were burned.
The elderly were killed.

The women were put on ships and taken away.

And I... lost Hjalti...

Hjalti! No! Hjalti!

When I met Gardar today, I was afraid of him.

I'm sure all the suffering
he's experienced has changed him.

He is the storm itself now.

This time, I must protect my child,
from the men's storm.

Your child?

I just learned the other day

that I'm pregnant with Master Ketil's child.

I'm sure he'll welcome this child.

After all, he's been wanting one.

On this farm, I could peacefully
raise a healthy child.

So Einar,

stay here until the storm passes.

Stay here.

I thought you were waiting
for the storm to pass, Arnheid.

You were listening, sir?

You seem to think I've gone
completely senile,

but I haven't lost my senses yet.
Don't underestimate me.

I thought I could at least tend his wounds.

I know I shouldn't see him again,

so why?

I once patiently waited
for a storm to pass, too.

No, I trembled as I hid.

It was more than 20 years ago.

My son Ketil and a beautiful girl from
our village were in love back then.

But one day, a man from
a nearby village named Ebbe

who'd been growing his power
fell in love with her,

and I was forced to make a painful decision.

Ketil was prepared to fight to protect her.

But at the time, we were still weak.

Many were afraid of Ebbe.

They thought we'd be
wiped out if we defied him.

So we made the decision to submit.

Norse men would be disgusted to hear that.

I offered up a young woman to protect myself.

And yet, on the day of her wedding...

It was the work of a man who
envied and resented Ebbe's wealth.

By the time I heard
the news and rushed there,

everything had already burned to ashes.

Why? Why does this always happen?

The only thing I can say is...

Even if you can wait out the storm,
it leaves scars behind.

I'm sorry I can't help you.

I'll be back soon.