Vincent (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Edward Harper's son Ian is killed in a knife fight at a night club. The chief suspect is James,son of the club's owner Terry O'Connor but he is released through lack of evidence. Beth becomes a croupier at the club,bugging the office but Terry is suspicious and warns Vincent off the case. After a friend of Ian's is killed following a blackmail attempt O'Connor agrees to tell Vincent everything,backed up by CCTV evidence,though it is not the result he was expecting.

I have to remind myself
there was more to my son's life than...

than being murdered in a bar brawl.

It tends to dominate.
It shouldn't. It mustn't.

I find it extraordinary

that in a room filled with more than 100 people
no-one saw a thing.

The murder weapon - the knife - disappeared,

and the security cameras were
conveniently blind for the evening.

But I see it.

I need to know what really happened.
It's as simple as that.

- And the police investigation is ongoing?
- They say.

They have a suspect whom they've arrested
twice, but there's never been a charge.

- Who's the suspect?
- Let me show you.

His name is O'Connor.

James O'Connor.

He was at niversity with lan.

His father owns the bar where it happened.

- The Z Bar.
- Terry O'Connor.

- You know him?
- Yeah. He's a big-time villain.

Hence the missing evidence...

and forgetful witnesses.

Why would lan want to get mixed up
with the O'Connors?

He was interested
in owning his own bar-restaurant.

Do you have to ask these people
for permission?

Yes, you do.

Who's the investigating officer?

His name's Driscoll. DCI Driscoll.

- Is that good or bad?
- It's good.

No. It's fine. It's good. It's good.

lan's friends - the friends that were there -
what do they know?

They know nothing, saw nothing.

- Yo don't believe them?
- I think they're frightened.

- Of O'Connor?
- It wold seem so. Yes.

No disrespects, Mr Harper,

but if lan's friends don't want
to talk to the police or you,

what makes you think
they'll want to talk to me?

Because the police want them
on the witness stand,

I reek of grief,
and what they say to you will go no further.

I'm not asking you to do the job of the police.

I'm asking you to find out
why my son was murdered.

Do you have children?

- No. I don't. No.
- Do you?


Then you'll know how I feel.

This is something we should talk about.

I want yo to nderstand,
if we do take the case,

we'll be looking into lan's life and lifestyle.

Are you prepared for that?

Yes, of course.

Then I shall give you a call tomorrow
with an answer.

Yes. Thank you for coming to see me.

No. Thank you.

What's there to think about?

He just wants someone to hold his hand
and tell him that his boy is lovely and special.

- No. He wants to know what happened.
- He knows. It happens every Saturday night.

- Want a coffee?
- I hope you're not thinking of turning him down.

I want to do this, Vincent.

It'll make a change
from insurance frauds and matrimonials.

And he's got nowhere else to go except to us.

- We can help heal the pain, can we?
- No. No.

We can tell him what happened and why,
hopefully, given the chance.

I'll think about it.
It's a good case... in every sense of the word.

What are you doing tonight?

- I'm supposed to go to my sister's for a meal.
- Not fancy it?

It's like a dating agency and I'm the only client.

Lynn seems to think the best way
for me to forget about Cathy

is to go with someone else.

- You don't?
- It's not fair on someone else, is it?

You told Harper you had a kid.

Yeah. Kyle. He's seven.

- I didn't know.
- Yeah.

He lives with his dad in the States.

Thanks to the American family courts,
I see him twice a year.

A very long, sad story.

It must be tough.

God bless America.

- Do you want this biscuit?
- What?

I've got a sweet tooth.


I'm thinking about it.

How are you going, Sully?

- You letting old boys in?
- Mr Gallagher.

- How are you doing?
- Good. You?

The same. Behave yourself in there now.



- See you later.
- See you later.

- How's old Terry?
- Terry who?

Your employer, Terry O'Connor.
Is he coming in?

Maybe. Later, when the money comes in.

That figures.
I suppose he'll be down the Lion club.


By the way, I wasn't looking for him.
You mind how you go.

Stay safe.

If he had a brain cell, it'd be Ionely.

- Sorry I'm late, Chrissie.
- It's OK, mate. You're early.

We're still having coffee.

For me?

Yeah, if you do me a favour. Big one.

- How big?
- I'll tell you later.

Where the bloody hell have you been?

Sorry I'm late.
I've got no excuse worth hearing.

This is Roxanne, a friend from work.

- Roxanne, Vincent my big brother.
- Hi.

Hello, Roxanne.

- I told him what a lovely dinner he missed.
- You get a takeaway?

No. I bloody cooked it.

- It's ot of a box and warmed p.
- She works all day.

Don't listen. I bloody well cooked it.

If I'd known someone interesting was here,
I'd have got here earlier.

There you go.

- Thank you.
- Cheers.

- Shouldn't you let them drain?
- No. Two's company.

What, out there or in here?

It's a lovely name - Roxanne.

Thank you. I like it.

It's strong.

- And sassy?
- I was gonna say that.

But I thought I'd stay
on safe ground with strong.

Then I was going to go through the S's,
you know.

Sexy via sassy.

Whereas Vincent is... well,
it's something you call a choirboy.

So what's this favour, then?

I need to look at a few files.

Oh, is that all?

They're murder files.

lan Harper.

Well, can I take that as a yes?

Let's see what type of music you like.


It's not a music tape.
It's um... French. I'm learning French.

Oh, very good. Tr?s bon.

No. That's a lie.
I'm not learning French. It's work.

- Pardon.
- My fault. I'm sorry.

I'm a private investigator.

It's a man cheating on his wife.
Happens all the time.

Tell me about it.

Thank you very much.

That's no problem.
I've had a lovely night.

Yeah. Me, too.

Just pull the handle.

I'll watch you go in.

Sorry. What did you say?

- I said I'll watch you go in.
- Oh. Thanks. Night, then.


Oh, bollocks.

Oh, my God!

God, you taste good.

- Stop, stop, stop!
- What?


Oh. It's all right.
I didn't see anything. Carry on.

Michael, what are you doing home?
Ignore me. I'm invisible.

- He's supposed to be at his friend's.
- That's all right.

- No. It's bloody awful.
- It'll be almost funny in the morning.

I hope you're practising safe sex, Mother.

And I hope it's not a one-night stand.

- I'm sorry.
- No. It's my fault.

Are you all right?


I should go.

Call me. Yeah?

John, it's me.

All right, Johnny boy?
Thanks for coming, mate.

- No problem. I was only fast asleep.
- What'll you have?

- Cocoa, please.
- Two large V& Ts. Plenty of ice.

I see mine host is in.
The bald geezer with the grey suit.

Terry O'Connor. Very heavy goods.

- The kid he's talking to is his son James.
- The accsed.

- A chip off the old block. How much?
- ?10, please.

- How much?
- ?10.

About this job. Are we taking it? Is it doable?

If the father wants to know what's happened,

I think so. It's not enough, though.
It's only half a job.

It's what the client wants.

- So we're interested in only half a job?
- You're not.

No. I want to know what happened,
who did it and why.

I want enough evidence to shove it
up David Driscoll's hairy arse.

Will this evidence still be admissible?

Hold up. Game on.

Detective Sergeant Gallagher, long time.

Hello, Terry. Long time no warrant card.

- I heard. It suits you.
- I think so.

- How's business?
- Quiet.

I believe you've been looking for me.

Yeah. I've been doing a bit of work
for a fella called Edward Harper.

- His son got killed in one of your other clubs.
- The Z Bar. Yes.

Could I talk to James?

My James?

- Yeah.
- About what?

Well, the boy who was murdered -
lan Harper - James knew him, didn't he?

James had nothing to do with him.

- So we'll agree to leave him alone, shall we?
- I only want five minutes.

You know the best thing about
you not being a copper any more?

Where do I start?


Plus you have nothing and nobody
to back you up. Except him.

And what can he do about it
except take my picture?

You know, Terry, you're right.

- I know I'm right.
- Do you mind if I finish my drink?

- Is there a problem, Dad?
- No, everything's fine.

Hello, James.
Just talking to your dad about lan Harper.

I think you'd better leave, gents, don't you?

I can see you're your father's son.

I hope so.

Good night.

You heard him.



If your friend comes near me or my son,
you'll be the one that pays.

- What's your name?
- John.

I know who you are now, John.

Open the door! Open the door!

Just having a friendly word, Vincent.


Vincent, it's only me, Cathy. Are yo there?

Do yo want to pick p?

The estate agent told me
there was a viewing this morning.

Can yo try and leave the place tidy, please?

It's important.


- Half an hour. Does it give you enough time?
- It's plenty.

- I really appreciate this, Chrissie.
- Yeah.

How's your investigation going?

It isn't. They know O'Connor's lad did it.

- They just can't get him into court.
- How do they know he did it?

Witnesses that are no longer...
saw an earlier skirmish.

Then they saw James with blood on his clothes,
or someone who looked like James.

Oh, yeah, plus a complete absence
of any evidence. Bit of a give-away!

- How did it go with Roxanne?
- She went home, I went home...

So there was no filling her boots, then?

No, there was no filling of boots.

Your sister will be disappointed.

Put the lock on the door, eh?


See you later, Chris.


I thought I might catch you colouring in.

What are you doing here?

I got a message from Edward Harper.
He got fed up waiting. He's going private.

- With you?
- Well, he wants the best.

Jesus! I'd get your finger out if I was you,

before I show you up
with one per cent of the resource.

You tell Mr Harper from me that um...
I'm sorry about the lack of progress,

but lately I've been absolutely shagged out.

Oi. That's no way to talk
about the woman we love.

- No, it isn't. I must try harder to ignore you.
- Impossible.

- Morning. Message from Cathy.

You left the flat looking like a tip.

What time do you call this?
You set up a breakfast meeting!

I had to tidy the flat up, didn't I?

Right. I need you to download this.

I want copies for me, John, and the files.

- Listen, some of them pictures ain't nice.
- Cool.

- What have I been missing?
- Robert ate your raisin Danish.

No. I ate a raisin Danish.

Nobody said it was Vincent's till I took a bite.

What are we doing about Edward Harper?
We're gonna take it?

- Yeah. We're taking it.
- Good. I'm happy.

- Have yo told him yet?
- Look, Beth...

it's just gonna be John and me
on this one to begin with.

With Terry O'Connor, it might get naughty.

I want to be involved.

You know I want to be involved.
It's important to me.

Yeah. Well, we don't need yo, not on thisjob.

- A job for the boys, is it?
- Yes.

You can't put me in a cupboard
and bring me out when you need a bit of skirt.

We don't need you on this job. It's that simple.


I'll get on with a few shitty jobs, then, shall I?

Deliver a few court orders.
Play postman. Postperson.

- Beth, don't walk away.
- I'm not. I've got to go to work.

Beth, Terry O'Connor kills people. I know this.

- Who's Terry O'Connor?
- The big bad wolf.

I'll call her. Take her for lunch. She'll be all right.

- That should do the trick.
- Can I have a bit of respect, please?

She can take care of herself.
She does that Japanese thing.

- What - karate?
- No. Origami.

- Leave off!
- Sorry, mate.

John, when you've gone through what Robert's
doing, we've got to speak to lan's friends.

His girlfriend Nicola Walsh
and the other bloke with him - Scott Bean.


Vincent. Someone called Roxanne.

Tell her I'm not here.

I think she might have heard that. Sorry.

She's gone.

Sorry about that.

This looks like the ice cream.


- Are yo awake?
- Yeah. Just getting him in focus.

Excse me.

Got you.

- Mr Bean?
- Are you being funny?

Is that not the correct way to pronounce it?
Scott Bean?

Who are you?

I represent Edward Harper.
You were a friend of his son lan, I believe.

You are Scott Bean?

You'd better come in.


I told the police everything I know.
It was just a night out. Nothing special.

We went to a cople of bars
and t'Z Bar was next on t'list.

We, meaning who?

Me, lan, and Nicola.

- lan's bird.
- Oh. So you went to the Z Bar.

- What then?
- We were there for a while.

Then lan went to the bathroom,
and you know what happened.

What did you see?
Look, anything can be important.

I saw the bouncers pouring through the bar
to the back, to the toilets.

So you knew there'd been a row.

Oh, yeah. The next minute,
fire alarms are going off, girls are screaming.

Someone said someone had been stabbed.

We hung around until the blue lights arrived,
then I got off.

You ran away?

You knew lan was missing and...
and you knew someone had been stabbed.

That's right.

Good friends were you?

Not especially.

It was a business partnership.


We was both into clbland.
I was lan's bit of rogh.

Not sexual, like.

Why would James O'Connor want to stab lan?

Ask James O'Connor.

Carry a blade, do you?

Not guilty.


When did your mum die?

Eight weeks ago.

Yo been away?

- Yo what?
- Well, the sntan. Is that real?


- Oh.
- Cancn.

Mm. Very nice. It's very nice.

- He's odd.
- Mm.

The way he talks about lan Harper.

I reckon he's not so much lost a friend
as a bank roll.

- Think so?
- Yeah.

- I might confiscate his binbags.
- I'd better talk with Nicola Walsh.

So who's this Roxanne?

- Mind your own business.
- Said the private investigator.

Are yo seeing her again?

She's got a teenage son.
What am I supposed to do with him?

I don't think you're supposed to do anything.
Aren't you getting ahead of yourself?

- Roxanne?
- Beth.

I wanna know where she is.

Thank you.

- Don't let my dad bully you.
- I won't.

Excuse me.

Hello. Hey, how are you doing?

Why, what's the matter?

Shit! I knew this wold happen.

Where are yo calling from?

Try not to worry about it. I'll sort it out.

Where have you worked?

I did a year in London.
18 months on the ships.

- When are you available?
- When you need me.

I'm saving up to be rich.

Let's talk.

You'll need to fill this in.

We need proof of ID,
references if you've got 'em,

contact address, and phone number.

J. J, who was that on the phone?

A mate.

Where are you going?

Do you want me to answer that?

We'll be in touch.

I can drop something in. Thank you.


- Ms Walsh?
- Who is it?

Vincent Gallagher.
We spoke on the phone.

- Yeah. Come p. Sixth floor.
- Thank you.

Although we lived here together,
the place is very much lan's.


I'll stay here for a respectable six months,
then I'll tell lan's father it's time to move on.

- That's nsal.
- Yeah.

lan liked it.

What can you tell me about Scott Bean?

He's a friend of lan's.

- But not a friend of yours?
- No. I know him through lan but that's it.

What was Scott and lan's relationship like?

I think they made each other feel important.

Do you know James O'Connor?

Yeah. I've met him.
I can't really say that I know him, though.

You'd have no idea
why James would want to kill lan?


No idea why they should be fighting?


Why was he your boyfriend?

Because he was handsome, funny.

And because he asked me.

And becase I liked him.
I liked being arond him.

He was exciting and fast.

And we laughed a lot.

And then becase it jst became a habit.

I do feel guilty that I don't miss him more.

How much have you given him, J?

- I'm talking to yo. How mch?
- Does it matter?

Of course it bloody matters.
It's my money. I know five grand's gone.

- So how mch?
- That's it. Five grand.

- Bollocks.
- If you like. You're in charge after all.

Don't walk away from me, J. J!

I gave him some money to go on holiday.

It got him ot of the contry, didn't it?

But now he's back, and I'll sort it ot.

Don't involve yorself
with things yo don't nderstand.

Yorjob is to keep a cool head
forjst a few more weeks.

Yo said that a few weeks ago.

What you got?

Well... the bad news is Mr Bean doesn't recycle.

- What's the good news?
- I've got more money than him.

He's in deBut to the tune of ?17,000,
but he can still go to Mexico.

He's got credit cards all up to the max.

- Where does he get the money from?
- Hold up.

Yo come jst in time to be a foot soldier.

Love to.

I'm on Claremont Avenue,
alongside the cemetery.

He's turned into the cemetery.

He's walking straight through,
by the look of things.

Vincent, he's slowing down.

He's looking about him.

He's changing direction.

He's coming this way.

He's moving towards a gy on a bench.

You won't believe this.
It's James O'Connor.

Hang on.

Something's being passed between 'em.

- In which direction?
- O'Connor to Scott.

Scott's moving away.

I think he's coming towards yo, Vince.

Yeah. I can see him.

James is staying pt.

I can't follow Scott. Do you read me?


- We're being followed!
- Put your foot down!

I can't go any faster.

Just hold on to him.

Hit him!

Jesus! God!

God! God! God! God!

Oh, no!

Fuck! Fuck!


- Sleep all right?
- Mm.

- Yo had something to drink?
- Stop being nice to me. It's confusing.

All right. I'll start again.

What happened, dipstick? Is that better?

- I've already given my statement to Traffic.
- I want to hear yo speak it.

I want to know exactly
how you managed to kill a witness.

- That's bollocks. You know it.
- He's not dead?

The van's been found - stolen and burnt out.

This is serious, Vincent.
You could be looking at anything.

- Death by dangerous, manslaughter.
- Don't you just love it?

I don't.
Do you want to know why I don't?

- Becase my girlfriend worries abot yo.
- Bollocks.

Cathy worries.

And then she talks to me about you.

She feels responsible.

I keep telling her you're a big man now,
you can look after yourself. But you...

You keep proving me wrong.

Now, is there anything you want to tell me?

- Everything's in my statement.
- I've read it.

I'm surprised you can manage joined-up writing.

Another fine mess, Vincent.

I don't know how you manage it.

Are you gonna marry her?

Definitely. Don't expect an invite.

Vincent, it's Roxanne.

I got yor nmbers from Lynn.

Sorry. I'm not stalking yo.

But if yo want to, then call me.

But only if yo want to.

I'm not desperate, But I jst liked yo.

Vincent, this is Cathy.
I've got somebody interested in the flat.

I'll get the keys from the estate agent
to show them rond at three.

I'd rather yo weren't there.
Call me if there's a problem.


You know the Luxury Suites Hotel
on the edge of town? That'll do.

- Yeah?
- It's Beth. I'm in the car park.

Listen to me. You get out now.
There are three thugs on the way.

Coming to get yo.
Vincent, yo get ot now.

Move it!

Go in that room.

I've been following you.

Following me since when?

Since yesterday.
I started off following James O'Connor.

He led me to you at the cemetery.

I saw the accident - the aftermath.

- It was no accident. They threw him out.
- Wasn't your fault.

If we need it, I'm in at the casino as a croupier.

But that's only if we need it.

I was interviewed by Terry.
He has James on a very tight leash.


You stay there.

Vincent, is that you?


Are you all right?

Look at it. They smashed everything.

It's just stuff. It's not important.

It is important.

David told me about what happened.

Don't call him David. His name's Driscoll.

Give it up.
You can't fight the likes of Terry O'Connor.

You're right.

I mean it. Go away for a few days.

- A few weeks even.
- I will.

- I mean it.
- Come on.

I'm not your problem any more, am I?

Vincent, I'm gonna go and wait in the car.

No. Don't go, Beth.

You don't have to go.

There you go.


You've got a lot of music.

Yeah. And they were all in alphabetical order.

Well, that's A for Anal.

Well, I'm um... S for Sad.

I'm glad you're here.

- And I'm glad you're glad.
- No more doing things on your own, all right?

- You started it.
- I mean it.

I'm sorry.


Hello, Vincent.

I'm otside.

I'm right in the middle of your fucking world,
and I'll destroy it.

I'll destroy yo and the people arond yo.

I'll case yo sch havoc.

Unless you leave my boy alone.

This is your last chance.

Yo take it.

What did he say?

I can't stay here.

- I'm talking to yo, J. How mch?
- Does it matter?

Of corse it bloody matters.
I know five grand's gone from the Lion.

- So how mch?
- That's it. Five grand.

- Bollocks!
- If yo like. Yo're in charge.

Don't walk away from me, J. J!

I suppose I'll sleep here.

Cheers. I used to love camping.

You shouldn't have said that, Gill.

I've got this image now
of me and you under canvas.

Ooh, here we go.

I'm feeding yo toasted marshmallows
off a long stick.

There's an owl hooting in a nearby wood.
A wolf howling at the moon.

- Wolves are extinct in England.
- Oh, yeah?

That's the only flaw in my story, is it?

Tea, boss?

- What?
- Want a cup of Rosie?

No. No. No, thanks.

What did you think of the tape?

- Did the girl do good?
- No, she did wrong!

But she did good.

So they're talking about Scott Bean,
right, giving him money?

Maybe, maybe. But what for?

What can he be possibly be selling
besides what, his silence?

Maybe that's all he's selling.

After Scott walked away,

James O'Connor stays sitting on the bench.

Now, what was he waiting for?

And the knife's still missing,
according to the police file.

Yeah. And the security tapes are missing.

So they could possibly be in the same place.

Scott disappeared from the Z Bar
pretty damn sharpish.

We're gonna have to take a look
round Scott Bean's house.

And I'd like a nice little talk with James alone.

- So we're not giving up?
- No.


We should be watching people.

I wonder how mch he's worth.

Who? O'Connor?

Yeah. Millionaire, do you think?

Must be.

It's all got blood on it, though, hasn't it?

You're trying to impress me, Robert,
by talking big.

How wold yo know anyway?

- You'd be surprised at what I know.
- Oh, yeah?

The capital of Nepal...


Or the other way round.

Here we go.

Is that them?

That is them.

- What are you doing?
- I'll follow 'em.

- As soon as I find the right gear.
- Let's call Vincent.

There's no time, is there?

- Don't get too close.
- I won't.

I'm really sorry about your boy.


O'Connor's been here.

I just got a message from Gillian.

- Where's Robert?
- He's in the snooker hall.

Let me see.

I don't want him in there.

- Why didn't you try to stop him?
- I did try.

He's doing all right. We can see him.

Anyone hngry?

- I might nip over the road if that's all right.
- Mm. A sausage roll.

- Vincent?
- No.

Where are yo off to, James?

Come on. Show me where he's going.


- What you doing?
- He's doing a runner.

- How do you know?
- Cos I know.


Oh, no! Shit!


- Vince, he's gone.
- I know. Get yourself out of there.

What's that?


Twice mate, yeah.
Just playing snooker, actually.

Yeah. I'm two frames up.

? My name is John

? My work is done

? I live in a van the size of a can

? Oh, yeah

? Oh, yeah, oh...

Oh, joy.

Oh, deep, deep joy.
You've got a visitor, Nicola.


- Who is it?
- Vincent Gallagher.

Vincent, he's on the balcony.

Yeah. I got it.

Open the door!

What the hell are you doing?

- OK. What's so important?
- Scott Bean's dead.

It wasn't a nice death.
He had a bag over his head.

He was pushed out the back of a moving transit.

And do you know who by? Ask James.

He knows. He should know.

I want you out.

- Ask him! Do I look stupid?
- Get out!

Ask James who killed Scott Bean.

Ask him.

- I didn't know about Scott. I swear.
- Then you must be telling the truth.

- I didn't know.
- You did. You was there. I saw you.

You paid him off and your old man
pulled him in for a refund.

- I didn't know...
- You told your dad you was paying him off.

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

I didn't know, Nic. I didn't know.


What was Scott selling?
What was he selling?

What was it? The knife?
Where is it? Gone?

I didn't get it. He went to get it,
but he didn't come back.

Of course not.
He's not coming back. He's dead.

Hey, hey, hey.

What are you doing here?
What's going on?

A-ha! Were you lovers?


Well, that's nice. Did lan know?

- Probably not.
- Yes.

lan did know.

lan didn't care.

- Is that why you killed him? Because of her?
- No.

You did kill him, though, didn't you?

Didn't yo?


Yeah. I killed lan.

lan started this.

lan is the one that started it all.

James can finish it.

All of it.

You know what happened to Scott and to lan.

You will tell me everything.
And show me, cos you got the tapes.

There's enough cameras to have caught it.
That's why the tapes went missing.

Now you show me, and end it.

Why didn't lan care about you two?

He didn't want to upset James.

Is that you thinking that or is that fact?

It's a fact. He said it.

What did he want?

A link to my father, as a way into clubland.


- John.
- Vince, you were right.

- I'm on my way to the Lion now.
- Yeah. I'll meet you there.

All right, Tim? Is my dad around?

Not yet. He's on his way, though.

- Where have you been?
- Don't you start!


Can yo hear me? Is this thing working?

Yeah. We can hear you.

I shouldn't be more than a couple of minutes.

No. Vincent.
- James.

- Yes. I'm here.
- Your old man's here.

James, he's coming in now.
He's coming to you. What do you want to do?

There's a fire exit at the back.
I'll see you there.


What's in the bag?

I asked you a question.

What's in the bag?


The tapes of me in the Z Bar.

In one of them, I go to the toilet.

Have a piss. Wash my hands.

Then some bloke I know
decides to fly at me with a knife.

We fight.

And then the knife's on the floor, so I grab it.

To stop him from grabbing it.

And then he flies at me again.

And I try to stop him.

But I don't.

I kill him.

I mrder him.

That's how the world sees me, Dad.

I don't like it.

I can't handle it.

I have to change it.

- I have to go.
- J, behave yourself for crying out loud!

Look at yourself!
Look at yourself, eh?

Think about it.

Do you want to go to prison, do you?

J. J.

I will not lose you.

I won't. I will do whatever is necessary
to keep you safe.

Even if that means locking you up myself.
I will not lose you.


I love you, son.

I love you too much to lose you.

Trst me.

Will yo do that?

James, tell your dad I've got the knife.

Tell him I've got the knife and I'm outside.

Vincent Gallagher says to tell you
he's got the knife.

He's outside waiting for me.

- Where is it?
- It's in a safe place.

- What do you want?
- I want three things.

First, I want you to leave me and mine alone.

Second, I want to see the video
on behalf of my client.

And third, I want you to let James
make his own decision.

If he's his father's son, so be it.

But he's got to make his own choice.

He'll choose the courtroom. No.

Look, Terry,

it seems to me this was self-defence.

Once they see what kind of boy your son is...

- Know him well, do you?
- I know he's not you.

Just give it.

Why did lan Harper attack James...

in your club, in your bar,

in front of your cameras?

That wasn't clever.

I know he was off his nut,

but he was having a go at you, Terry.

He was having a go at you.

- You think?
- James told me that you humiliated lan.

You laughed at him
and whispered something in his ear.

What did you say, Terry?
It must have been good

cos half an hour later he came back
and tried to stab James.

The only reason I'm talking to you
is because my boy's watching.

Give me the knife, or you and yours
will be looking over your shoulder.

It shouldn't be too difficult to find you.

- John, where is it?
- Oh, it's safe.

You've got two days before I go to the police.

I want to see that video.

And I want to know what you whispered.

Hello, Vincent.

I knew you'd be nervous,

so I thoght I'd wait in for yo.

I brought the tapes.

From all the cameras.
Do you want to look at them?


lan Harper's got the knife.

It was self-defence.

Obviously James was defending himself.
He was fighting back.

But it was lan Harper who attacked him.

Why would he want to do that?

Cos he's a shit.

I heard abot him from J,
and I didn't like the sond of him.

Rich boy. Big ideas.

He broght him to the clb
and I agreed to see him, to hear him ot.

I've got ideas. Enthusiasm.

Straightaway he was in my face
with his schemes.

Maybe something
like the Lion club only bigger.

I cold see he was ot of his head,
nose, tonge, dripping with coke.

So I challenged him.

Have you brought drugs onto the premises?

Mr O'Connor, I'm sorry.

He was fll of apologies. Pathetic!

So I thoght I'd see what he was really made of.

What's you girlfriend's name?

I had no idea then Nicola and J were lovers.

- Nicola.
- She'll do.

What do you mean?

Do I have to be crude and spell it out to you?

You arrange Nicola for me
and we can start again.

Sorry? "Arrange" Nicola?

She can be nconscios if yo like.


Yeah. I'll arrange it.

- You really are a piece of filth, aren't you?
- What?

I can't talk to filth like that.
I certainly can't do bsiness with it.


I told J what kind of friend he really was.

I thoght that'd be the end of it.

But no.

He took it out on J.

And I nearly lost him.

Now he's begging me to let him go
to the police, to the corts.

Let him do it.
Let him go to the police.

But then I'll lose control.

He's my son. He's not going to get justice.

I do not want to lose him, Vince.

It's already happening, though, isn't it, Terry?

How come he's listening to me
before he's listening to his dad?

He's everything you wanted him to be.

He's not a villain like his dad, is he?

You done a good job.
You should be proud of him.

Let him go to the police.

Who do I ask for at the farm?

Driscoll. DCI Driscoll.

He's top piggy.

Edward Harper.


He needs to know what happened.

What am I gonna tell a man whose son died

becase he was a horrible little bastard
who was ot of his depth, eh?

He'll think I'm talking about a complete stranger.

What did you tell him?


Fancy a coffee?

- I'll get the coffee.
- Yeah.

What did you tell him?

And a cake. A nice bit of cake.

I told him the truth.
That's what he paid us for.

I told him not to worry about
what's said and who's saying it.

I told him that he knew his boy best.

Better than anyone.

You're right.

That's what I wanted to tell him.