Vincent (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Angry that his wife Cathy,who never wanted a child by him,is pregnant with Driscoll,Vincent looks into the death of Andrea Kendall,part of a syndicate who won on the lottery. Another member Sheena is concerned that her younger brother Malcolm,who has a personality disorder,will be the chief suspect after he reveals information about Andrea's death and then attempts suicide. He is indeed arrested but Vincent believes that he witnessed the actual murder and sets out to investigate other syndicate members.

What a load of old cobblers.

Hello, Cath.

- Where are you?
- Why?

Well, I'm at the flat
and you're not answering.

I'm not at the flat. I'm working.

Is something wrong?

No, bt I do need to see yo.

Look, can I um...
can I come to you now?


Jump in quick.

I brought you a coffee.


God, it's been a while
since I've been in here.

Yeah. Do you like
what I've done with the place?

It's very nice.

- Raisin Danish.
- Lovely.

Right, what's the matter?

You're going to get married, right?

In time.

And you want me to be pageboy.

No. Sorry.

It's bridesmaid or nothing for me.


I'm pregnant.

Just give me a minute and...

...I'll say congratulations.

You said you didn't want kids.

I didn't. Not at the time.

- And now you do?
- Yeah.

Well, thanks for telling me.
When's it due?

We've only just found out.

Well, let's hope it doesn't look like Driscoll.

I'm sorry. It was a joke.

No, it's not a joke, is it?

So, what's the job?

This? Insurance.

It's bin-man day.

We're hoping to catch the fella carrying a bag
with the arm he can't use.

Was it planned?

- Sorry. It's none of my business.
- Yes.

It was.

We tried for a month, remember?
You got scared.

You kept forgetting to turn up.

Back to the old drawing board.

- Right, a question. It's a bit of a dilemma.
- Go on.

Young girl wins one-and-a-half mill
on the lotto. She's part of a syndicate.

- That's her share, is it?
- That's her share.

The syndicate, they throw a big party
at the local boozer.

When the party's in full swing,

the girl ducks out of the bar
and throws herself under a train.

- I've read about this.
- Is it a true story?

- Is this a job?
- It could be.


Gillian, I want you to pull together
any newsprint you can find.

- On the accident or the girl who died?
- All of it.

The accident, the girl,
the syndicate, the train, the boozer.

Any news or gossip you can find.

Gossip - I'm good at that.

Her name's Andrea Kendall.

When Gillian finds names, I want you
and Robert to go and get addresses.

- I'll do the same with the client.
- Who is the client?

Sheena Bennett.
I've only spoken to her on the phone.

Uh-huh. And who is she?

She's a recent millionairess,
part of the syndicate.

I had a major crush on Sheena Easton once.

- Is that someone you went to school with?
- A singer. A pop person.

She looked great in satin.
Do you remember?

- Yeah, she did a duet with Prince.
- Did she?

- Yeah.
- I didn't know that. What was it called?

? You've Got The Look

? You've got the look

Right, let's get to work. Come on.

Miss Bennett? I'm Vincent. Vincent Gallagher.

Call me Sheena.

- This is Beth.
- Hey, how are you?


Do you want to walk and talk
or shall we go inside?

Just a minute.
I have to watch or he gets upset.

Did you have a nice walk, Mal?

- Yes, thank you.
- Hi, Sheena.

- Thanks, Keith.
- Same time tomorrow?

- Cheers, Malcolm. Take care.
- Cheers.

This is my brother Malcolm.
Mal, this is Mr Gallagher.

All right, Mal? I'm Vincent.
Nice to meet you.

Vincent. Vincent Gallagher.

Malcolm, I'm Beth. I work with Vincent.

Beth. Vincent Gallagher. Beth.

Yeah. I'm the good-looking one.
All right?

We had to get out of the flat.

The papers were banging on the door,
morning and night.

- Weren't they, Mal?
- Yes, it was impossible to rest or sleep.

You need between six and eight hours
of sleep to function correctly.

That's where I've been going wrong.

Vincent, I really like
tomato ketchup in a silver bowl.

Got some photographs ready to show you.

Some of the winners' party
and one of the syndicate.

- That's Andrea there.
- Hm...

Malcolm took that one.

Pretty thing.

Could be a good week for Manchester City
to reverse their fortunes.

They're playing at home
with a full squad, no injuries.

Deborah Finnigan.
Me, Mal, Donny. Donny Watson.

Statistically, it should be a home win.

I'm a West Ham man, myself.

- Upton Park. The Hammers.
- Mm.

- Manchester City...
- Mal.

Mal, I need to talk to Mr Gallagher.
It's important.

It's all right.

Donny was Andrea's fianc?.

And these are the losers -
Joe and Pam Morgan.


They resigned from the syndicate
four weeks ago.

- I bet they're not happy about that.
- No.

How long ago did they start
paying the money?

Two years, like the rest of us.

But they said a tenner a week
was too much for them.

What do you think happened, Sheena?

Mal? Do you want to go and change
your shoes and we'll go for a drive?

- Are we going in the new car?
- Yeah.


- I think you should see where it happened.
- Yeah.

The advanced air suspension is excellent.

It offers the smoothest ride possible.

And when...

Mal adored Andrea. He loved her.

I'm worried he saw what happened.

He was traumatised when I found him.

- Found him where?
- On the railway embankment.

- Where are my new shoes?
- By the bed, love.

I need to know what people saw.

What people are thinking.
What they might tell the police.

You don't think it was suicide?

Andrea was having a ball at that party.

Why do you think he saw what happened?

I brought him up.

If and when the police come calling for him,
I want to be ready.

Can I keep these?

- I want them back.
- Sure.

I see you do like your ketchup
in a silver bowl, Mal.

I've studied the bar menu,

and I've decided that the best item
is tomato ketchup and chips.

Yeah. I prefer my ketchup in the bottle.
You know, the squeezy bottle.

I like the sound it makes
when it comes out.

All over the plate.

Can we jump in with you, Sheena?
We can talk on the way.

You'll have to ride in the back next to Mal.
He likes to see all round.


Oh, but he won't have anyone
sitting in front of him.

Yeah, well, fair enough.
I'll er... I'll get a cab.

Vincent, this car has many excellent features,

including a state-of-the-art
climate control system.

That's nice. When my car gets hot,
we just erm... open the windows.

Shove over, Malcolm.

One of us has got a fat arse.

- Vincent, that's a church.
- It's a beautiful church, Malcolm.

- Look at that.
- That's lovely.

Go left here.

Why would the losers want to go
to a winners' party?

Showing goodwill, they said.

But really they were in it
for a dropsy, a backhander.

There's a Chinese.
Vincent, there's a Chinese.

They had a video camera.
I asked to see the tape.

But Joe said it wasn't working.

I wanted to check on Mal.

I've been to that doctor's,
but I don't go there any more.

- Do you think they lied about the tape?
- Don't know.

- What about her boyfriend?
- Donny?

Yeah. What's he all about?

He weren't at the party.
He hadn't turned up yet.

There was talk he was playing around.

I picked my nose in the other car.

Sheena said it wasn't polite,
so I'm trying to stop.

Do you pick your nose?


We're stopping now, Mal.

We're at the social club, OK?

You all right, Mal?


Sheena, he's looking a bit worried here.

He'll be all right.

He'll be fine.

- You all right, Mal?
- Mm.

Come on, then.


- Nice place.
- Yeah. Millionaires' row, I believe.

This is where it happened.
Andrea would have come out there.

The next thing,
she's on the railway track.

After, I found Mal
on the other side of the road...

- Over there?
- ... at the back of the crowd.

Blue flashing lights are used
to signal an emergency,

along with a siren.

Police cars and ambulances are equipped
with a siren and blue flashing lights.

Police tape is used to cordon off
one area from another.

Mal, we're close to the spot
where Andrea was killed

and that's what you remember.

But it's gone now.

I hate the police! I hate the police cars!

- I hate the police tapes!
- Do you want to sit back in the car?

Lotto winner dead on track!
Party ends in tragedy!

Party ends in tragedy!



Terrible accident. Party ends in tragedy.

Andrea Kendall, 25,

had everything to live for
after scooping a million.

Andrea Kendall, 25, was a snake.
I hate snakes!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

- Malcolm, just come off the track.
- I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop.

What do you mean, you couldn't stop, Malc?

- I couldn't stop.
- Why couldn't you stop?

- I couldn't stop it.
- I know. I know. I know. I know.

Come on. Come on.

Hey, hey.

Come and sit in the car
and look at your programmes. Come on.

Come on. We'll go back in the car
and look at your programmes.

It's all right. Come on.

That's it. Come on.

Come on. Let's go up.

That's it. Go back to the car.

That sounded like
a bit of a confession to me.

He's just a bit mixed up, that's all, Beth.

Yeah, let's hope so, eh?

- You deal with that.
- OK.

- Yeah. John?
- Where is he?

Puffing and panting about five yards away.

Listen, the police have just issued
a statement on Andrea Kendall.

She was dead before the train hit her.


Are we taking it on?

Yeah. I think we are.

Right, gather round, one and all.

Right, the losers -
Joe and Pam Morgan.

- He made a video at the winners' party.
- Why?

I don't know. Ask him.

We're going to need a copy of that video,

see what everyone was up to.
Who stayed, who left.

- Beg for it, buy it and, if you must...
- Steal it.

Borrow it.

Sheena did ask to have a look at it,

but he claims that the camera wasn't working.

Right, next - Deborah Finnigan.


OK. She's certainly colourful.

She teaches salsa and line dancing.

The day she got her cheque,
she sent her ex-husband a coffin.


Two, three,

four and go!

Two, three, four!

Come on! Competition time, kids!

Up your game!

Hip, eye, head.

That's it. Come on, work it!

Deborah Finnigan?

- Excellent.
- Says who?

Val Fitzroy. I'm a journalist.

Freelance, but I sell to
most of the top women's magazines.

Oh, right.

Er... I've got nothing to say about Andrea.

I'm not here to talk about Andrea Kendall.
I want to talk about you.

- Oh, yeah?
- Is it not a little bit early to be dancing?

I'm giving extra time
to my competition couples.


So money's not going to change your life?

It might.
But while there's an investigation going on,

I can't very well just bugger off, can I?

- So, you're thinking about moving on?
- I might.

Don't jump. Let him do the work.

He'll pick you up. You glide around.

He'll drop you, and finish up. Right?

No jumping.

Where will you go? Will you still teach?

Oh, yeah. Always.

I have to ask. The police enquiry?

Were you surprised it turned out
to be a murder enquiry?


Were you surprised it turned out
to be a murder enquiry?

- Off the record?
- Yeah.

Think... tango.

Think... jealousy.

The ones that bowed out
of the syndicate? Jealousy?

But there's more than
one kind of jealousy, isn't there?

So, then you're talking about um...

Donny Watson, the fianc??

No. No, but there might be somebody
who's... jealous of Donny.

You know, and the fact that
he was engaged to Andrea, like.

Malcolm Bennett?

Listen, I'm sorry, love,

I'd need notice for an in-depth interview,

you know, if I'm going to have
pictures and all that.

But erm... I tell you what,
I don't have an agent yet,

as such, but erm...

- there's my card.
- Thanks.

Deborah, we will be in touch.

Well, don't leave it too late.
I might not be here.

And finish!

- Can yo hear me?
- Loud and clear.

Then listen and learn from the master.

I've just found your lunch box, master.

Hey. Leave them alone.

Oh. Chocolate mini rolls.


- Mr Morgan?
- Yeah.

George Ashton.
I'm from the Bigger Picture, London.

We sell images to newspapers,
magazines, journals et cetera,

and I'd be very interested in any pictures
of your lottery syndicate.

It's not my lottery syndicate.

Yeah, I'm sorry. I er...
heard about your bad luck, eh?

- I've got nothing to sell.
- It's good money.

- How much?
- That would depend on the picture.


That really would depend on the picture.

If you had a snap of Andrea Kendall,
for instance, the moment before...

You people really are the pits.

...killed so tragically.

I've made you a cup of tea... Master.

What now?

Plan B.

They go out. We go in.

You've eaten both of them.

No. I ate one of them. I've hidden the other one.


And where's the fun in that?

You all right, Donny?

Do I know you?

No. I'm erm... doing a bit of work
for Sheena Bennett.

Trying to find out what happened
on the night of the party.

- Don't you read the papers?
- Yeah.

To be honest with you, I think she's worried
about her brother Malcolm.

- Well, we're all worried about him, aren't we?
- Mm.

Is that mine?




Andrea liked Malcolm, didn't she?

Andrea liked everybody.

Do you think he could hurt her?

Yeah. I do.

- Why's that?
- Cos he's on a different planet, that's why.

How do you mean?

- Have you met him yet?
- Mm.

There's no talking to him at the best of times,

but when he's narked...

He might not have meant it,

but he did it.

Mr Watson.

Ah, Sheriff Driscoll.

Nice to see you in the saloon.

We'd like another talk.


Down at the station.

- Why?
- Because I'm asking you nicely.

OK. Why not?

I've got nothing better to do.

- Cheers.
- Yeah, see you.

Is he paying you?

No. Not that it's any of your business.

I'm just having a drink in a pub.

You're never "just" anything.

That's right. I'm complex.

Do you know why Andrea Kendall left the party?

No. You?


By the way...


Thank you.

Let's hope it looks like Cathy, eh?


What if they don't go out?

Then we don't go in.

We could be here all day.

Yeah. And night.

And don't go pretending
you've got a social life, because you haven't.

I did eat both of them.

Ooh, I'm going to get you back.

My Kind Of Girl

? She walks

? Like an angel walks

? She talks

? Like an angel talks

? And her hair

? Has a kind of curl

? To my mind, she's my kind of girl



I'd like to speak to Mr Vincent Gallagher, please.

Malcolm, is that you?

I'd like to speak to Mr Vincent Gallagher, please.

Malcolm, it's Vincent. Come on up.

No, stay there.
I'll come and get you. Stay there.

? And her smile kind of...

Look, Sheena, he's fine.

Well, he found his way here all right, didn't he?

Well, he did, didn't he? Come on.

Look, I'll tell you what I'll do.

I'll cook him a bit of supper
then I'll bring him home. All right?

It's not a problem.

It's fine.


No, that's fine. All right, all right.

All right. Bye. Bye.


Now, look, I've only got 14 sausages.
So, what are you going to eat?



Oh, right, yeah. It's ketchup.

We're on.

I'll do it, if you want me to.

Watch and learn.

I'm too old to be doing this.

Right, latch on door. Check the living room
for video tapes, I'll look for the camera.



What are you watching?

It's Mrs Morgan doing a dance.

It's horrible,

but hypnotic.

Shield your eyes and turn if off.
I found the tape.

We've got to copy it and put it back.

Oi! Come on!

You should have place mats
underneath the plates.

Place mats are designed to protect the table
from the hot plates.

I prefer to have place mats.

Well, I might get some.

Where is your wife
and where are the children?

Oh. What, the photo?

No, that's not my wife.
That's my girlfriend.

My ex-girlfriend, Cathy.

- Cathy.
- Yeah.

She don't live here any more.

She... walked out.

When is she coming back?

No, she's not coming back, Malcolm.
She walked out.

Oh, that's terrible. That's not nice at all.

What a terrible thing to happen.


So, what are you going to do about it?

Have you tried computer dating
or speed dating?

It's a very quick and very simple way
of meeting potential partners.

The success rate of date
to long-term relationship is over 50%.

Although, that is open to debate.

You sound like an expert.

No, I'm not an expert,
but I am good at computers.

Why did Cathy walk out?

Oh, she um...

Well, we just...
began arguing all the time.

I hate shouting.
No prizes for those who shout.

It wasn't shouting, Mal.

Not always, you know.

Get yourself married, Vincent.

? Do the dating,
Find the perfect match

It's not that simple, Mal.



- Vincent.
- Who is it?

It's Roxanne.

Oh, Jesus.

I've heard about Jesus.

Roxanne, um...

Sorry, I was expecting someone else.

Oh, um...

- I can...
- How are you?

I've been meaning to phone.

Looks like I've saved you the bother, then.

I'm fine, thank you. How are you?

Yeah, I'm... I'm fine, you know.

Listen, I'm with someone at the moment.

Oh. OK...

Can I ring you back?

No, no. You don't have to. That's fine.

No, I want to. I'II...

I'll ring you straight back. I promise.

- OK.
- OK, um...


People think they can talk to Jesus
by reciting prayers.

Oi, eat your dinner.

? Do the dating,
Find the perfect match


Deborah. She doesn't stop dancing.

This is Andrea.

You can just spin this on, Robert.

Yeah, here.

Here, Andrea exits.

Followed by Malcolm.

He clocks Andrea going out, then he moves.

Then why did she move?

Why did she leave the party when she did?

Just spin this on, Robert.

- Somebody's texted her.
- For a meet.

Yeah, boyfriend.

Probably to meet her outside.

- Why?
- Sex.


Some people like it, I believe.

Well, listen, we're going to need that phone.

Nah, the phone wasn't on her
when we found her.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- So, what about her phone records?
- Still waiting.

- So you don't know who she heard from last?
- No. Not yet.

OK. What about the latest boyfriend?

Er, Donny Watson.

Was interviewed and then arrested.

- Has he been charged?
- No.

We haven't got anything to hold him on, so...

He left the hotel when he said he did.

Followed the route home that he said he did,

and his car's been clocked
on traffic cameras.

Times tally and everything, so...

with that and his grief...

...seems like the real deal.

- All right.
- What have you been up to?

Oh, I can't tell you that.

- Client confidentiality
- ... confidentiality, yeah.

Anything else?

Do you know they both made wills?

- What, Andrea and Donny did?
- Oh, yeah.

- Leaving everything to each other.
- Since the lottery win?

No, no. It was about six months before.

Where is he now?

Well, he's going to be released later today.


Well, there's Andrea.

And there's Malcolm.

Well, what does it show?

Malcolm going to t'toilet, that's all.

After Andrea's left to meet Donny.

Sheena, it looks to me
like Mal is following Andrea.

And anyone who sees this video
will see the same thing.

It shows what you want it to show.

Bloody Joe Morgan and his camera.

Why don't we show Malcolm the video?

- No.
- Why not?

What effect would it have?
Would he... remember anything?

I don't know.

Would it do any harm to ask?

He's in his room.




Malcolm, it's me, Vincent.

The fry-up king.


Oh, God.

Oh, no! Oh, not again.

- Where would he have gone? My place?
- I don't know!

- Home, maybe? Has he got keys?
- I don't know. He could be anywhere.

Oh, God, I've had enough of this,
I really have.

All right, listen. Don't worry.

We'll get some keys
and Beth'll go round to the flat.

Yeah, come on.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Give me the address,
I'll go and sort it out, OK?


All right.

I thought you wouldn't want to miss this.

- What is it?
- This is Donny's coming out party.

All drinks care of Mrs Finnigan.

- Miss.
Not surprised.

I think you'd better go to the bar.

Still working for Sheena? And idiot boy?


How come I get prodded and poked around
and soft lad gets left alone?

That down to you, is it?


Everyone here knows who killed Andrea.

- Hear, hear.
- And it wasn't him.

Donny! Donny!

Donny! Donny! Donny!


I've never met a private detective.

Well, I've never met a millionaire.

Well, hey, take a good look.

Oh, and there's another one.

And that one, right?

Donny Watson.

I'm telling you now, he wouldn't hurt a fly.

He especially wouldn't hurt a woman.



...colm... would.

You like Donny, do you?

Like him?

Hey, mate, I love him.

Cos he's like me.

He loves life.

And... he can dance.

Can you... dance?

No, I've got fallen arches.

Yeah. Figures.

- I hear you're moving away.
- Who told you that?

- You either are or you ain't.
- Well, put it this way, mate.

Think flamenco.

Think Marbella.


When your mum died, did you think about
getting Malcolm looked after?

Put him in a home, you mean?

- Mm.
- Yeah, sometimes.

Quite a few times.

But I couldn't do it.

He'd torture himself,
wondering what he'd done wrong.

Look, don't worry. We'll find him.

He likes you.

Yeah, well...

...I like him.

You won't need any stitches. Hold still.

Shit, John!

- What is that?
- Dunno.

I found it in the box. I think it's antiseptic.

Do you think Malcolm knocked you down
on purpose, Beth?

Yeah. Because he was erm...

he was after some horseshoe thing.

I just got in his way.

What about the phone?
Is it definitely Andrea's?

Well, the last text message on it
was from Donny. So, yeah.

- I'd say it was Andrea's.
- It's him, Vince.

It's Malcolm. It's got to be.

Roxanne? It's Vincent.


I know it's late, but I saw the light
or I wouldn't have...

Don't worry, it's fine. Come in.

No, I won't. I'm not staying.
I just wanted to say I'm really sorry.

Go on, answer it.



- Vincent.
- Yeah.

David Driscoll. We've got Malcolm Bennett
on top of a railway gantry threatening to jmp.

We've called his sister
and she's asked s to call yo.

Yo're mates, apparently.

- Where are you?
- The same place the girl was killed.

Oh, Jesus! Um...

All right, I'll be there.

Look, do yourself a favour
and don't go anywhere near him.

You'd better hurry up, then.

- You have to go.
- Yeah. I'm really sorry.

- It's all right.
- I'll call you, I promise.

- We'll go for dinner.
- We both know you don't mean that.

No, I do. I do mean it.

Then I'm sorry.
I don't think dinner's a good idea.

Take care of yourself.

Yeah, you too. Erm... I'm really sorry.

You'd better go.



Just give me your hand.

- Vincent!
- Where is he?

- On the bridge.
- What do you mean, on the bridge?

He's hanging off the bridge.


Jesus Christ.

- What's he doing?
- I don't know.

I've talked to your sister, Mal.

She's on her way.

And I know you're frightened.

And I know you're upset
about what happened to Andrea.

So... so why don't you just
give me your hand, hm?

Then we'll have a talk.

There's a train coming.

- Jesus.
- Can you hear me, Mal?

We'll just have a little talk.

Just... give me your hand, yeah?

I know what will happen.

You'll put me in handcuffs,

and then into a police car,

and you'll drive me away,
take my shoelaces and lock me in a cell.

Bang! And the key will turn twice
and I will be cold,

- and I might cry.
- I promise that won't happen.

Liar! That does happen.

The key turns twice!

Don't touch him!





It's me. Vincent.


What have you got hold of there, Mal?

Besides a policeman?

That's David.

He's a good friend of mine.

What is it, Mal?

It... it looks...

like a lucky horseshoe.

Is that what it is? It's...

It's lovely.

What is it? Is it a present for um...

for Sheena?

Is that who it's for, Mal?

It was a present for Andrea.

Well, it's nice.

It's lovely.

I'm taking it to her. Down there where she died,
with the snakes.

Yeah, but she's...
she's not down there, Mal.

They moved her, remember?

It's... it's a terrible thing losing someone, Mal.

It hurts, it really hurts.

I know how you feel.

It feels terrible, awful.

I know, I know.

It's worse...

It's worse than um...

...Manchester City losing.
It's worse than that, much worse. It's um...

Who are they playing on Saturday?

Will they win?
Have you worked it out?


we should win.

We're playing at home,

in the Premiership,
with a full squad, no injuries.

Well, then, you'll win.

And maybe it will be the start
of a winning streak, yeah?


We can work it out.
You can work it out.

And then you can show me.

Yeah, that would be better.

Well, of course it would.
I mean, you're the expert.

I'm not an expert, but...

I am good at football results.

Yes, you are.

Listen, come and show me, then.

Come on. We'll work this out.

Come and show me, Mal. Come on.

Are you going to show me, yeah?

Come on, Mal.

Mal, come and show me.

It's all right.

Nice and easy.

Mal, Malcolm, Malcolm.

Malcolm, Malcolm.

Come and show me.
Come on, it's cold up here, kid.

Just take your time
and walk across there to me. Come on.

You're fine, you're fine.
You're all right.

You're OK!
It's all right, it's all right!

I've got you. I've got you.

I've got you, I've got you,
and I ain't going to let you go.

I'm not going to let you go.

I've got you and I'm not going to let you go.

All right?

What are you doing here?

Well, I'm seeing you're OK.


And there's something you should know.


It's not good.

Well, go on.

Malcolm Bennett is actually Malcolm Stone.

He did three months for assault
on a sheltered-workshop leader.

This was four years ago.

The leader was a woman.

No. I don't believe it.

And you're sure?



Erm, the interview's set up.

He's asked for you.
He won't talk unless you're there.

What about a doctor or a psychologist?

- No, he just wants you.
- But he's different.

He's over 18.
Are you coming in or not?

For the benefit of the tape recorder,

DCI Driscoll has returned
to the room along with...

- State your name.
- Vincent Gallagher.

- A friend of Malcolm Bennett.
- Also known as Malcolm Stone.

Well, for the purposes of this interview,

I shall be advising my friend,
Malcolm Bennett,

not to answer any questions
you may have for him.

- Whatsoever.
- I don't have to say anything?

Nothing. You don't have to say nothing.


we're trying to find out who hurt Andrea.

You'd like to help us, wouldn't you?

- I don't have to say anything?
- Nothing.

She was good to you.
She was your friend.

- Just calm yourself down.
- I don't have to say anything?

Nothing at all.

- The night Andrea was killed...
- That's bang out of order.

- Bitch! Bitch! Andrea.
- Calm down, Malcolm.

- Bad thoughts, bad thoughts.
- Don't have them.

- Malcolm, did you follow Andrea?
- Don't tell me to go away!

I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

I'll squeeze the life out of you!
Bitch! You shouldn't be here!

Snakes around her throat.
Bag on the floor. Telephone.

Bag on the floor.

Snakes around her throat
to stop her screaming.

I'll squeeze the life out of you, bitch!

And under the train.

Hide. I don't want to be here.

It's all right, Malcolm.

It's OK.

Call that a confession?
It's just words. It's just stuff!

You didn't tell me he'd been to prison.

- He stepped in. A kid got bullied...
- Oh, come on, Sheena.

- He did!
- And the name change?

A fresh start when he came out
and got rehoused.

"I'll squeeze the life out of you"?

Bits he could have got from anywhere!

From the papers. Or from a film.

Or from what he saw.

Malcolm goes for details.
There's no specific order.

The snake thing came out again.

On the bridge and in the confession.

What's it supposed to mean?
Help me here.

If he fixed on it, it'll mean something.

Well, then, it can't be
from a film or the papers.

Oh, I see you've made your mind up.

- Sorry, but given the evidence...
- What evidence?

Even if some details did come from a film,

that doesn't mean Malcolm
hasn't copied them and killed Andrea.

I'm sorry. Ready?

Vincent, he needs you.


He hasn't got anyone else.
Please? Please?

Oh, erm...

I brought you some crisps.

Sheena said you loved crisps.

That is correct. Thank you.

May I eat them now?

Yes, you may.

Are they nice?

Do the crisps taste nice?

Yes. Although, they're not my favourite.

- Oh, I'm sorry about that.
- Salt and vinegar are my favourite.

Then cheese and onion, then chicken,
and then smoky bacon.

Smoky bacon are my fourth favourite.

Well, I'll try to remember that next time.

Did Andrea buy you crisps, at the club?

- Yes.
- What, salt and vinegar?


When you followed Andrea,
did she tell you to...

- Piss off.
- Is that what she said, Malcolm?

"Piss off! Don't follow me!"

Mal, Mal, it's all right. We're just talking.

We're just... we're just talking,
you and me, we're in a room.

You're eating crisps, talking to me.
I'm your friend Vincent.

- Vincent Gallagher.
- Correct.

All right?

Now, when she told you not to follow her...

"Piss off!"

- Did you follow her?
- Yes.

What did you see, Malc?

What did you see?

What can you see, Malc?


I'm frozen.

I'm stuck. I can't move.

- What can you see?
- Bricks.

I'm frozen. I'm stuck. I can't move.

- What can you hear?
- Andrea.

"Help me!" Andrea. "Help me!"

Bag on the floor.

Snakes. "I'll squeeze the life
out of you, bitch!"

I can't see. Bricks!

- You were hiding weren't you, Malc?
- High up.

High up. "Malcolm!" she said.

I can't look. I can't look!

- You was on the bridge, weren't you?
- Mm.

- You was up on the bridge?
- Mm.

Good boy.

Good boy.

I'll tell you what, next time I come,
I'll bring you some salt and vinegar.


I heard you were here and erm...

Well, I just had to say...

thanks for what you did.

That's all right.

No, you were amazing.

You know, like you can be.

You take care of yourself, yeah?

- Yeah.
- And your...

I will.

- I'll see you.
- I'll see you.

Well, it's obvious, isn't it?
It's the boyfriend, Donny, by proxy.

He sends the text that gets her outside.

A paid A N Other grabs her, strangles her

and the train does the rest.

Mangles her. Poetry.

The trains go past that point
at ten past and quarter to the hour.

- I checked.
- Yeah, and Donny knew this.

Him being late gave him an alibi.

Andrea being dead gives him
an extra one-and-a-half mill.

And the train gave him a way
of hiding the murder.

Your theory?

Well, I know it wasn't Malcolm.

- You sure about that?
- He was watching from the bridge.

That leaves Debbie and Donny.
Now, I need to get into her place.

Come on. We've got a lot of work to do on this.

Pop this in here.




What would you do, if you won that money?

I don't know, really.

Would you retire?


A man needs to want to do something
when he gets up in the morning.

I'm not so sure if it'd be this, though.

What would you spend it on?

Well, I'd...

There's this... FBI voice-print equipment.

It's... it's brilliant.

So, basically,
the money wouldn't change you?

Well, it might do, yeah.
I might start my own business.

Oh, well, good luck.

Cheers, boss.


I've made yo a sandwich.

Oh, right.


I er...

I let myself in.

I noticed.

I fell asleep.

Why don't you go and have a nice bath?

Or a shower?

And I'll put these in the fridge for you.

What time is it?


Yo've got to lay off the booze, Donny.

Mm. Yeah.

Don't we all?

I know. Andrea woldn't like it.

You know what you need?

A bath.

You need... to get away.

- Yeah, you said. Spain.
- Why not?

With you?

Well... You're with me now, aren't you?

Deborah, don't.

Don't what?

Stop it. She's only been dead five minutes.

- I'm trying to help you.
- No.

- You're coming on to me again.
- Oh, you should be so bloody lucky!

Look, it's...'s only because...

It's because I love you.

Stop it.

It's the truth.

Ever thoght what happened...

was fate?

- Where are yo going?
- Home.

What for?

Oh, come on,
we both know yo'll be back.

Yo always come back.

Pissed or otherwise!

Becase yo love me.

Only, yo don't know it yet.

- So, what do we think?
- She's a bunny boiler.


Is she capable of murder?

Capable of arranging it, yeah.

What about Donny?

Is he genuine?

- Yeah, I think so.
- Yeah, me too.

- Who sent Andrea outside?
- Donny's phone did. We know that.

Or Donny's SIM card did.
It doesn't have to be his phone, does it?

He could have it in his pocket.
If someone had swapped the SIM card...

We used to do it at college a lot.

You know what?

You're a very clever boy.

Well, yeah.


I know what happened and I know the truth.

At least, I think I do.

I need your help, Donny.

When was the last time your phone rang?
I bet it was a while ago.

Are you switched on now?


Call it. Go on. Call it.

Come on.

It's your phone, right?
But inside, it's not your SIM card.

- I thought it was just broke.
- No.

If you take the SIM card out,

you take the memory, the number,

Someone took your SIM card out
and put in a new one.

On the night Andrea was killed...

...did you send her a text,
asking her to meet you outside the club?

No, I didn't. I called her
when I was leaving the hotel. That was it.

Well, somebody did. Using your card.
And she thought it was you.

Now, what's going on with Debbie Finnigan?

Nothing. We're mates.

Are you giving her one?


Well, not for a while.

I need you to tell Debbie that you're sorry.

You all right, Deb?


I'm er... sorry for erm...

storming out.

Yeah. So you should be.

Still mates?


I suppose so.

Well, still working hard,
despite your millions.



And yeah.

I didn't leave my phone at yours, did I?


- The police are looking for it.
- Why?

They say I sent a message to Andrea.

And I say I didn't.

I haven't seen it.

The kettle's just boiled. Do you want a...

Do you love me, Debbie?

- Why?
- How much?

Enough to kill Andrea?

I hope they're wrong, Deborah.

You hope who's wrong?

How was that?

Yeah, you did good.

Good, good, good.

- Hiya. It's me.

Listen, we've got to make ourselves scarce.

- Yo still owe me.
- I know. I'm bringing it to you.

Get hold of the Old Bill.
Tell them to get here lively.

Beth? Don't let that taxi go anywhere.

- Can I come?
- No. You and Gillian, check round the back.

John, come with me.

- Can I help you gents?
- Yeah, you can, as it happens.

I'm looking for a woman.

Aren't we all!

- She came in here, mate.
- No. Not in here.

Well, is it all right
if I take a quick look in the Ladies?

- I can't let you do that.
- Why is that? Who are you?

- It's my club.
- Oh, well, that seems fair enough.

We'll just wait here, then.

I can't let you do that, either.

That's a nice pair of shoes.

Yeah. I like 'em.

A friend of mine saw a pair exactly the same
as that on a railway bridge,

where the girl was murdered.

I think you'd better leave, pal.

Murdering bastard! You bastard!

Well done, John.

Well done.

Are you ready for
your in-depth interview, Debs?

Hello? Anyone at home?

Vincent Gallagher!

This is not actually our home.
It's only temporary.

I'm sure it is, Malcolm.

- Where's your sister?
- Sheena is exercising with Keith.

- Really?
- Yes.

It's you I want to see, actually, Malc.

I've got you a present.

- Thank you.
- It's your first favourite.

- Correct.
- I know it's correct. I remembered.

I have a present for you. Stay here.
Close your eyes.

- Close your eyes!
- All right.

- Stay there!
- Is it nice?

It's fantastic!

- Open your eyes.
- What, now?


This is for you. The most expensive
lucky horseshoe in the shop.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I hope it brings you lots of good luck.

Do you know, I think it will.

I could do with a team of these,
the way my life's been going.

I only have one.

No, Malc, I'm sorry. I was just joking.

One's enough. One... is fantastic.

Thank you.

Shall we have a bit of room service?

- Tomato ketchup and chips!
- Yeah.