Vincent (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Vincent Gallagher runs a detective agency with colleagues Beth, John and Robert. When Gary Da Silva asks the team to shadow his wife Sarah,whom he suspects of having an affair, Vincent feels empathy as his own wife Cathy recently left him for Chief Inspector Driscoll. Vincent informs Gary when Sarah is seen meeting a man at a club but is unprepared for the devastating consequences though he is at least able to help his secretary Gillian when she is compromised by an ex-boyfriend.

This is Vincent.
Please leave a message.

If yo want Cathy,
she doesn't live here any more.

Vincent, it's Cathy. Again.

I need to collect the rest of my things.

Wold yo rather I did this
when yo were in or ot?

I'm not being fnny, I'm jst asking.

Call me.

I don't want you to come round at all.

- Yeah?
- It's Beth.

I'll be a couple of minutes.

I hope you've got a handbag
that matches my shoes.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- You coming up?
- No. I'm going to wait down here.

Leave it open.

Cathy comes home.

Cathy collects her things.
You didn't call me back.

- I'm a busy man.
- We need to talk, Vincent.

- Gary?
- She's in the shower.


How many people take a shower at home
before going swimming?

- I don't know. How many?
- Nobody does.

She's not going swimming, is she?

We don't know that.

Gary, I know it's difficult, but...
Try not to think about it.

I feel sick.

You'll know something in an hour.

Or so.

60 minutes.

It's brown.

It's the new black.

Come on. Let's get a move on.
She's in the shower.

Is everything OK?


I love matrimonials.

They make me feel well-adjusted.

I saw Cathy going up.
If you want, I'll do this on my own.

No, I'd rather work than talk to the Old Bill.

Besides, I want to know what becomes
of the broken-hearted.

Come on.

I won't be too late.

Got my key, just in case.

You're only going swimming.

Yeah. And for a drink afterwards.

I told yo. I did.

I told you. Don't get angry.

See you later.

Be careful.

Here she comes.

Here we go.


She's changed.
She's going nowhere near a pool.

- Gary.
- Yes.

It's Vincent.
It's not good news, mate.

She brought a change of clothes
but she didn't go for a swim.

Right now she's clubbing it.

Um, is she alone?

No. She's with a man.

They met otside,
now they came in the clb together.

They seem close.

I'm sorry.

Look, I've got enogh on film.

Is that enogh for yo?

I think it's enough.



I want to speak to her, please.

- Now. Can I speak to her?
- Call her.


Oh, I... I want you to walk up to her, Vincent,
and put the phone in her hand.

That's not a good idea.

I want you to put the phone in her hand.
I want to speak to her.

It's not a good idea.
What are you going to say to her?

I don't know. I...

I'll think of something.

You might say the wrong thing.
Make a fool of yourself.

Make a fool of myself?

I'm already a fool.
Vincent, I'm sitting here like a muppet

while she's ot there doing this.

Just think about it. That's all I'm saying.

Use the advantage.

I want her to know I know.

I want to spoil her night.

I want to talk to her right now,
in the moment.

I want to know what she's feeling right now.

I need to know that.

Can yo nderstand that? Vincent?

Please put the phone in her hand.

All right.

Don't go away.

- What's going on?
- He wants to talk to her, so I'm facilitating.

- You can't.
- That's what he wants.

That doesn't make it right. He's upset.

We think for the client,
not the other way round. Vincent, don't.


Are you there?

Gary wants to talk to you.

It's not a wind-up, Sarah.
He wants to talk to you.

What's going on?
Is there a problem?

You got me mixed up with someone else.

He wants to talk to you, Sarah.
You owe him that much.

There's no Sarah here, mate.

Tell him yo're coming home to sort it ot.

Make it simple. Just keep it calm.

You got me mixed up
with someone else.

- Talk to him.
- Go away.

- Well, he can hear you.
- I asked you to go away.

All right, pal. Joke's over.
Pull your stunt somewhere else.

Tell your boyfriend
to mind his own business.

I said, joke's over.

Come on. Let's go.

- Do you want to start pushing and shoving?
- Well, I'm up for it.

No! Stop it! Stop it!

Last chance.


Are yo there?

He's gone. He's gone.

Go home.

What right have you got to interfere in my life?

Who gives you the right to do that?
Is this how you get your kicks?

Is this what you do for money?
Spy on people?

What kind of a job is that?

You gobshite.

- Just because you got caught...
- You haven't got to live with him.

Neither do you.

Well done.

Yeah, I did handle that rather well, didn't I?

Yeah. Textbook.


Will you lock that away for me, please.

Why, Vincent? What was the point?

I just wanted to see her face.
Simple as that.

And all she was, was...
a tad annoyed.

Pissed off that she got caught.

You need to see someone.

Night-night, Beth.

- Not that you will.
- No, I'll be a man.

- You'll be an idiot.
- That's what I said.

You're out looking for a fight,
and it isn't good.

Leave your personal life at home.

I'll see you in the morning.


You changed the lock.

So you used your skeleton key.

What are you doing here, Cath?

Bearing in mind I'm allowing myself to believe
that you might be staying.


Not even if I beg?


I wasn't going to.

I... used the suitcases.
For my clothes and stuff.

That's what we bought them for.
Clothes and stuff.

Didn't take anything that wasn't mine.

You can't be fairer than that, can you?

So where are these cases, then?

David took them.

David who?


Oh, yeah. Right.

Good old David Driscoll.


We have got to sort this out properly.

You told me that you'd got everything.

And you told me that you'd left me.

And the door is wide open.

So what else is there to sort out?

This place. The flat.

You said I could have it.

Call me when you're ready.

Don't hold your breath.

You'll be waiting a long time.

I'm used to that.

Cath. Cathy.


Don't go. Please stay with me.

It's too late.

I just thought I'd be polite and ask.


It's me.



Is she home?


How's things?


Quiet now.

There was um...

There was some shouting and screaming
a little while ago.

Yeah, I bet there was.

So is it all sorted?

Kind of.

You know, it's early days, isn't it?

Is there any particular reason
that you phoned, Gary?

Just to talk.
You know my predicament.

Yeah, bt I don't really know yo, do I?

Haven't yo got a friend or family
or something?


Woldn't yo be better
jst talking to one of them?

Yes. I'm sorry. Yeah.


It's all right.

I didn't wake you up, did I?

No. I'll talk to you later.


Good night, Vincent.

Three days, 12 hours a day, and our
serial insurance claimant is still a no-show.

No sign of him or his alleged bad back.

We're flushing the client's money, Vince.

You're not. You're doing exactly
what the client wants.

Sorry I'm late.
Justine wouldn't get dressed.

Had to take her to school in her pyjamas.

Is he at home?
What's his name again?


Of course he's at home.
I wouldn't be outside his house if he wasn't.

- You said he was a no-show.
- He's home.

- Just not coming out to play.
- Stick with it, John.

I can't handle another 12 hours
in the back of that bloody van.

Why not? It's not as if you like
meeting people, is it?

Beth. Fancy it?

- I'll do it.
- You?!

- You don't have the patience.
- I'll do jigsaws.

It's important. You finish it.

Love to.

- How did it go last night?
- She was guilty.

Oh, dear. How did he take it?

How did he take it?


Well, you know, he took it in his stride.

Beth, remind me to go round de Silva's house
and pick the gear up.

Why not send Robert?
You don't want to upset the target again.

- What?
- Did she spy you, Vince?

What gear?

- He confronted her.
- You're joking?

- It was an aberration.
- In a bar, with a boyfriend. Glass and guilt.

Some aberration!

- What gear?
- It won't happen again.

It shouldn't have happened
in the first place.

You might be looking for a bottle fight,
but I'm not. I'm pretty.

She's right.

I know. It won't happen again.

- Haven't I taught you anything?
- It won't happen again.

- What gear?
- Do I get an apology?

Yeah. I'm sorry.


Can we all crack on now, please?
We've got a busy day.

I'm not asking again.

You know, there are women by us
who live their lives in their pyjamas.

Do the shopping in them, and everything.

Too bone idle to make themselves
look presentable.

- No self-respect, John.
- Exactly.

You're always nicely turned out.

Thank you.

Nice of you to notice.

It's lust, Gillian.

Nothing nice about it.
It's a sin and I'll go to hell.


Gary. It's Vincent. I'm outside.

Is Sarah there?

Er, yeah.

Good. At least you're both still
under the same roof.


Listen, I need to pick p
some eqipment from the bedroom.


Er, that's... Yeah...

Well, come in, then.

Are you sure?

Yeah. Sorry, mate. Come in.

- Hiya.
- Come in.


Sarah's er... She's in the bath.

The door's shut.

Your kit's in the kitchen.

Come through. Come through.

How are you?

Struggling. Yeah, struggling.
Struggling, you know? She's um...

She ain't talking to me. Can you believe it?

I can believe anything.

I suppose you've... you know...
seen it all before, ain't you?

You should try and get some sleep.

You're right there.

It's important.

I would if I...

If I weren't afraid to dream.

Have you got a love life?


You're lucky.

I just want to be straight with you.

I don't know what to do next.

What do you think?

Well, I'm not really the right person to ask.

I'm more the diagnosis than the cure.


Talk to her.

And listen. You know?


Anything else?

Is that all the gear?


That's the money I owe you.

I got you it in cash. Is that all right?

- Cash?
- Yeah, cash is fine.

So what do you want?
You want a cup of tea?

Another eventful evening here
at the Boogle-foogle-Strasa.


Think John's a pervert?

No. I just think he's a man
of a certain age.

Why? What's he been saying to you?

Nothing out of order.
Just man-of-a-certain-age stuff.

Vincent's nice, isn't he?


He's all right.

Nice eyes. Best boss I've had.

I mean, worked for.

Freudian slip. Whoops.

I wish I could do the field work.

Who says you can't?

It's Justine. The hours you work,
I'd never see her.


- How old is she now?
- Six. Going on 16!

You must have been young
when you had her.

17. And gullible.

So not in love, then?

No. Her dad is one of life's arseholes

as well as a crap shag.

These exhaust fumes can't be doing
us much good, can they?

See you in a bit.


Driscoll? It's Vincent.

What do you think? Them ones.

Ah, Vincent. Just the man.

Can we order a set of these?
Night vision goggles.

Why would we want night vision goggles?

- So we can see in the dark.
- Use a torch.

That's what I said.

We see them, yeah? They don't see us.
The torch is a giveaway.


Why not?

Most of the work we do is in urban areas.
The streets are lit.

When you've finished your dirty book,
I want you to log that tape.

- A transcribe?
- Notes.

- Can't Gillian do it?
- Gillian's busy.

- It's clerical, Vince.
- Oi. I asked you to do it.



I won't be too late.
Got my key, jst in case.

You're only going swimming.

Yeah, and for a drink afterwards.
I told you.

I did.



Shut the door.

Sit yourself down.

I like a laugh

but it's not the kind of joke I appreciate.

I'm sorry. I don't know what you're on about.

Your text.

Um... Make it your first and your last.

What text?

That's right. "What text?"
Back to work, eh?

I don't know what you're on about.
I haven't sent you a text.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I didn't send it. I wouldn't. God...

Erase it. Get rid of it, please.

You must have sent it.
It's from your phone.

I didn't send it.

I've got a picture of Justine on my phone,
and that is it.

You must have...

Look, Robert, I'm busy.

I think you'd better listen to this.
Something nasty's gone off.

All right.

Look, we'll um...
sort this out later, yeah?

All right?

We've got a woman drying her hair,
saying goodbye and leaving, then a break.

Then it sounds like a room's being trashed.

Lots of macho swearing:
"Lying cow, bitch," blah, blah.

Then another break.

Then a man and woman
arguing with passion, yeah?

- All par for the course, right?
- Right.

Then you've got this.

Yo changed yor name?

What did yo change yor name to?

Get p!

Yo lied to me!

What did yo change yor name to?

What did you change your name to?
Why did you change your name?

Get p!

Get p!



I'll check round the back.

The back door was open.

- You've got a mouth. Use it.
- I was about to.






Stay there.

- Robert.
- Yeah?

- Call an ambulance.
- Who is it, him or her?

Just call an ambulance.



- Any sign?
- Not yet.

- What are you doing?
- Being nosy.

I thought I told you to stay with her.

I don't want her left on her own.

Why would she use a different name?

When she wasn't Sarah,
she was something else.

- Why didn't she just leave him?
- Maybe she had nowhere to go.

What about Eddie, the boyfriend?

Maybe she was just building up confidence.

You don't leave a relationship
on the spur of the moment.

Don't go away, Vincent.
We need to talk.

Yeah. All right.

- Friend?
- Colleague. Or was.

Go back to the office and wait there.
I want him found.

- Why?
- I'll see you back at the office.

You wait there.

Ah. Vincent Gallagher.
PI and bin dipper.

- So how's business?
- Good.

- Yeah? Busy?
- Very.

- Good money?
- Loads. Having trouble spending it.

What about when it's blood money like this?

- No regrets, then?
- No. Uniform didn't suit me. Too many buttons...

...knobs and whistles.

Sorry to hear about Cathy leaving.

Can we get on?

So about this fella. What's his name?

- Gary de Silva.
- Foreign?

- Just a funny name.
- And a nasty temper.

As long as he pays his bill, eh?

If you're not going to interview me properly,
I'll take a walk.

You're going nowhere, pal.

This could quickly go
from a domestic to a murder. You've seen her.

We want as much detail as you can give.

Tell stroppy bollocks here to shut up.

- Tell me yourself.
- Darren. Shut it.

Thank you.

De Silva?

De Silva.

Oh, my God!


John, you're needed at the office.


I just got your message.

Very nice too.

What do we do now?

This is where I drive off
and leave you behind.

Watch the house
in case he comes back.

- Why?
- In case he comes back.

Yeah, but Vince, I mean...
I ain't brought my coat.

Where am I supposed to watch from?

You see that lovely lady over there?

Ask if you can use her bedroom
for the evening. Offer 50.

Offer her 150 if you need to.

Tell her what you're doing.
She'll love it.

What if she doesn't love it?

Ask if you can sit in her car.

Robert, 50% of this game is about what?


Correct. So go over there and blag.

Give her one if you have to.


I didn't send it.

OK. Do you know who did?

Erase it, please.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.


These are the contents
of Sarah de Silva's address book.

Lots of names. Lots of first names.

Most of them are friends, relatives,
gardeners, plumbers.

That sort of thing.

I know it's a tall order,
but it would be nice to find him.

At the risk of repeating myself, why?

- Why not?
- Is this any of your business?

There are other things we can be doing.

Are we throwing good money after bad?

My money, John. Don't worry about it.

Fair enough. I'm only thinking
of my Christmas bonus.

- Two wrongs don't make a right.
- Have you got something to say?

It was poor judgment last night
and it's poor judgment now.

You think my poor judgment last night
led to him kicking the shit out of his wife.

- Is that what you're saying?
- She didn't say that.

- I'm only asking a question.
- It didn't help.

- Why don't you say what you mean?
- It didn't help!

It may have contributed,
it may not have done.

but I think it was a really stupid thing to do.

I want the bastard found.

You're the boss.

What's the alternative to looking for him?

Not looking for him.

That's right. Walking away.
Well, I can't do that.

I can't because of what happened last night,

because of my part
in what happened last night,

I can't do it. I can't just walk away.

- Vince.
- What?


Are we even now?
I broke down your door, you broke down mine.

Did I? When was this?

Is this where it stops?
Can we begin to behave like adults?

- It's your door now, is it?
- It's where I live.

I want you back.

It's not the first time
you've been to the house, is it?

- Are you stalking me, Vincent?
- I don't know. Um...

Stalking. Wooing.

It's a fine line, ain't it?

I want to talk about a settlement on the flat.

Put it in a letter. I can rip that up.

It's half mine. I'm entitled.

Look, I seem to remember
that you said it could be mine.

You were crying.
You had streaky mascara.

You said you still loved me.

I mean, was that a lie, Cath?

Which bit?

I don't expect you to sell it.

You can just get a valuation.

When was it you left me?
Three weeks ago?

Maybe we should take the valuation
from a month ago.

If you want, yeah.

I mean, spiritually
you left six months before that.

I mean, you just don't end a relationship
on the spur of the moment, do you?

You think about it.

I mean, you lay in your bed at night,
listening to the wanker next to you snoring

and you think about leaving him.

So we should take the valuation from then.
From that moment.

I don't want to fight about this.

I'm just trying to establish
when the flat stopped being our own.

Is that fair enough?
Is that our datum?

I mean, when was it?

I tell you what I'll do. I'll take it from the first time
you shagged Driscoll.

Fair enough?

- I was really hoping you wouldn't be like this.
- Like what?

Inquisitive? Pissed off?
What would you expect?

- You're shouting.
- I'm not shouting.

This is shouting.

I mean, there is a major difference

between this and shouting.

There is more poxy volume.

Is he throwing things yet?

I wish he'd throw her.
Out of the office on her frigging head.

- Ear.
- Arse.


Keep away from the house, please.

Far as the flat's concerned,
I'll put it in a letter.

Do you love him?


You paused.

I was deciding
whether it was any of your business.

Goodbye, Vincent.


Apparently you still want me.

Nice to see I haven't lost it.

Good picture.

Oh, for God's sake...

Gillian, don't worry.
We'll sort it out. Gillian!

Right. Have we found Gary de Silva yet?

- I'd rather look after our own, Vince.
- Our naked own?

Hey. She's upset.

Yeah, I'm sorry.


Um... Well, I'll talk to her.

I'll do it now, all right?


- Gillian.
- I'm all right.


I don't think either of us are, are we?


Shall we compare notes?

This thing with your phone is serious.

Someone's hacking into your account
from your provider.

You'd be entitled to go to the police.

- I don't want the police.
- All right.

Do you often walk about like that?

No, I don't.

So you must have a good idea
who it might be.

The photographs could only have been taken
either last night

or last Friday night.

How do you know that?

The underwear I'm wearing is brand-new.

I went out last Friday
for the first time in a month

met someone, just a one-night stand,

first time in years.

And last night?

I was with a friend.

He stayed the night.

No sex for aeons, then twice in one week.
Lucky girl, eh?

This friend. Is he a good friend?

Kieron Maguire his name is.

A mate of Andrew's really. My ex.

Do you think it's him?


I think he used me.

I think... he knew I liked him,
and he used me.

Why would he do that?

Why would he do that, Gillian?

To help Andrew. Andrew wants Justine.

I'm sorry...

Come on, come on.

You don't need to be sorry.
You haven't done anything. Have you?


It's always the same old story,
isn't it, eh?

I finally get the girl,
and the phone goes.

Yeah. Vincent.

I um...

I want to send her some flowers.

Wold yo take them in for me?

That you, Gary?

Wold yo do that for me, please?

Where are you?

I'm all over the place, mate.

She's going to be all right, isn't she?

Look, um...

You get the flowers, Gary,
and I'll meet you somewhere

and we can talk about
what we're going to do next. Yeah?

Yeah, I think I might like that.

Where are you?

How bad is she?

- Bad, ain't she?
- She's not good, Gary.

But she was asking about you.

I don't believe you.

No, I mean it.
She was asking about you.

Look, where are you? I'll come and get you.

Asking for me...


- So do you think Gary will call again?
- Course he'll call again.

What are you going to do?

I don't know yet.


- Kieron? He's over there.
- Cheers.


Who wants to know?


Gillian sends her love.

Hurts, doesn't it?

It hurts even more
when somebody you trust does it.

You can either talk to me or the Old Bill.
What's it going to be?

That's him.

Andrew McCormack. My ex.

He must have a few bob.

It's sort of what attracted me to him
in the first place.

What did you do when it arrived on your phone?
The picture?

Being a red-blooded male, I panicked.

I thought: Oh no, I'm irresistible.

Do I keep my vest on, or leave it off?

Have you erased it?

No, not yet. No. It's evidence.

But you will, though, won't you?

Oh, yeah.


My name is Kieron Magire.

I admit to taking phone pictres
of Gillian Lafferty.

I admit to passing them on
to Andrew McCormack

in the knowledge that he intended to
send them to Gillian's friends.


By tapping into her mobile phone.

He's got a mate who works for the network
and he can get into anyone's accont

and send messages from that nmber.

Makes it look like that person sent them.

Good boy. Last bit.

Andrew, they want yo to call Gillian
or this tape goes to the police.


Not bad.

It's the food of love.
Did yo know that?

- What, omelette is?
- Yeah.

This morning it was cornflakes.

Yeah. Them as well.

So the private dick's still being
his unco-operative self again, then?

I still think we should bill him
for that door, you know.

It was our fault. We started it.

We didn't have an option.
We coldn't help orselves.

Do yo think he walked
arond the hose?

I don't know.

Creepy if he did.

Piss off.

I don't want to talk about him.

All right, Beth?

Hey. I'm at the hospital
with a girl called Marianne.

Says she's Sarah's best friend.

I don't know,
maybe Gary could turn up.

If he does, Beth,
give him a wide berth and call me.

Yeah. OK.

No, I mean it. Stay away from him.

How is she?

Yeah. So-so.

- What's for dessert?
- Rice pudding.

I love yo.

Do yo love me back?

I love yo all over.



What do you want?

Who are we watching now, then?

Some other poor bastard's wife?

No, some other poor bastard's girlfriend.

Ah. Is there no end to it, eh?

I hope you look after him
more than you did me.

What's that supposed to mean?

Meaning I'm finished, ain't I?

End of.

I called the hospital, yeah?

She hasn't been asking for me, Vincent.

She can't talk!

What are you, surprised?

It wasn't meant.

I didn't mean it, OK?

I've kicked off loads of times before, OK?

And not once, not once have I hurt her.

Not once.

Not really. Not like this.

Where are you, Gary?


I can help you.

Yo've done enogh, don't yo think?

You're the difference.
You know that, don't you?

The difference between now
and all the other times.

You're the difference.

Oh, Jesus.



He turned off the electricity.

- Who has?
- Vincent trned off the electricity.

Why would he do that?

They're in the sockets.

In the kitchen and the dining room.

You're finished, Gallagher.

David, go inside.

- I'll ruin you and I'll enjoy it.
- David, go inside. You're not helping.


What did you expect?
You got the bird.

Stop it.


Close the door, please.

- You got him well trained.
- Shut up.

Why, Vincent?

I don't know.

God knows.

Which sockets?

Portable telly in the kitchen.

Behind the curtains in the dining room.
I'm so sorry.

Tell me there are none in the bedroom.

Nearly, but no.

I just... I just want to know why you left.

I just want to know why.

I left you because I love him and he loves me.

And I know that because we talk and we listen,

which is something surprisingly
that you never did.

Say goodbye, Vincent.

Good night, Catherine.


I thought you were ignoring me.
He's got the tape, and I'm hungry.

Shall we force the issue?

Gillian, wait round the corner.

Who is it?

Fella who sent the tape.
I need an answer.

I spoke to Kieron.
It was made under duress.

He denies every single word.

Gillian says she wants you to stop
being an arsehole.

Tell her to piss off.

And she doesn't want the police involved.

Neither do I, so you know what I'm going to do?

I'm going to get one of my team
to follow you

and document your every waking minute
on film.

Tell her I want to see my daughter.

Well, sending near-pornographic photos
of your daughter's mother

is hardly the right way to go about it, is it?

Is that the sort of story
you want your daughter to hear?

Just tell her.

And can I also tell her
you'll stop sending the pictures?

Can I tell her
you'll stop hijacking her phone?

If she lets me see Justine.

Once? Twice? What?

No. Regularly. Ongoing.

You promise you'll stop sending the pictures?

If she lets me see Justine.
She knows all this.

Oh, er...

who's your contact at the provider?

None of your business.

Mr McCormack. What you've done
carries a jail sentence.

And what you've also done is
admit your guilt on film and tape.

You'll be hearing from my client.


You bastard.

This is why. This is why.

All the time you don't get your own way,
you want to fight about it.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah, yeah.

I thought you might like a cup of tea.

Cheers, thanks.

- Seen anything?
- No.

No, nor have I.

Not to worry.

We're like the Mounties.

Just leave the mug on the step
when you've finished.

All right. Any biscuits?


I don't want any crumbs inside the car.

Time of death - 21:43. All agreed?

- Yeah?
- It's Beth.

What's happened to your face?

- I bumped it.
- On what?

Another face.

It wasn't the first time
Gary knocked Sarah about.

Nine months ago,
she almost went to the police.

Marianne took these polaroids.

No, I don't want to see them.

- Still want to find him?
- Find him?

I want to kill him.

I was on his side.

I know we're colleagues
more than we are friends,

but I'm a good listener.

I promise I won't record it.

I might just take you up on that.

The offer's there.


Yo got anything?

I haven't seen him come back.

But I think there's somebody in the house.

- Yo still there?
- Yeah, I'm here.

Thinks he's seen someone in the house.

- What do you want to do?
- Er...

Get hold of John,
and wait till I get there.

Come on.

Top right.

I saw a sort of shadow.
Some movement.

- Once? Twice?
- Once. For a few seconds.

What do you want to do?

How much did you pay that woman
to let you sit in her car?


- B&B.
- How much?

I haggled, Vince.

- I say we call the police.
- I've got the back door key.

I'm in.



It's Vincent.

You can't hide in the dark for ever, Gary.

I've had news from the hospital.
Don't you want to know how she is?

You gave her a right belting, didn't you?
Are you proud of that?

Vincent, don't antagonise him.

Did you enjoy it?
Does it make you feel better, you bastard?

Stop it.

You killed her, Gary. She's dead.
You killed her.

Vincent? What was that?

He's in the loft,
and he's invited me up.

Oh, what I'd give for a pair
of night vision goggles.


All right. I'm here.



You know,

if I was at all religious

I'd be going to hell.

I would.

And you would be coming with me.

I ain't going nowhere.

Why didn't you just lie to me?


Why didn't you just tell me
she was with her mate?

I don't know, doing the backstroke.

If you hadn't told me, Vincent,
I wouldn't have known.

I wouldn't have known,
and I wouldn't have hit her.

Jesus. What was that?


Call the police. Call an ambulance.
Call the fire brigade.

You ain't going anywhere.


- Vincent!
- Vincent!



Vince! Vincent! Where are you?

No! Just let me die.

Shut up! Shut up!


Grab him.

You all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.

Good. I'm fine. Different.

- Sure you don't want to get checked over?
- No, I'm all right.

It's not smoke damage.

It's the fags, John.

- Who says we go home, then?
- I don't want to go home.

I don't want to go home either.

Let's eat.


Yeah. Crispy duck.

Are you buying?

- Well, I normally do.
- No, you don't.

Come on.

Chop chop.

Robert, you go with John.

Let me drive.

Yeah, all right.

You look lovely.

I'm just er...

seeing I haven't burned my eyebrows off.

Thought we'd lost you there for a minute.

I've been gone longer than a minute.

And are you back now?

Yeah, I'm back. I'm definitely back.

I'm back to save the world.

Not that they'll thank me for it.


I'm still hungry.

Yeah. Get a bit of duck inside you.