Vikings (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - The Departed, Part 1 - full transcript

Remaining sons of Ragnar plans to retain Kattegat while Bjorne travels somewhere

I know what
you're all thinking.

But it is not true!

I didn't mean to kill him.

He made me kill him.

He taunted me.
He made fun of me.

What was I supposed to do?

What kind of a man

taunts and tells lies
about his own brother?

And what lies did he tell?

Well, you know that
as well as I do, Hvitserk.

He said you weren't
a real man.

And what would you have done

if he had said that
to you, Ubbe?

What would you have done
if you were "a real man"?

I swear to the gods and
everything that is sacred

that I never meant
to kill him.

Anger overcame me.

And I wasn't thinking.

I am truly sorry.

You cannot leave him in charge
of the Great Army.

That is your affair, Ubbe.

You're his big brother.

You take charge.

I told you, this is
none of my concern.

I plan to return to
the Mediterranean...

With Halfdan.

Will you return first
to Kattegat?

I have no intention
of doing that.

My fate is too urgent.

Then I will go there.

And I will tell Lagertha about

the avenging of
your father's death

and the defeat of the Saxons.

And the great gift of
land to our people.

And tell my mother,

and Torvi and the children

that I think of them,

and I will return...

If the gods will it.



This place is full of
ghostly memories.

-God help those who did this.

If King Ecbert's body is here,
let us find it!

-ALL: Yes, Your Grace!

Spread out!

Call your men forward!

Search through there!

Look for signs of life!

Can we make
a search through here?

Bring some more men!

Yes! Five more!


Tie it up!

Time for food!

We need to hurry!

Put those in the front.

Take this!
Be careful!

Do you have it?
Another turn!

Don't go away!

You are sure?

I don't understand why
you want to split with me.

We're brothers.
We belong together.

We've always had
the same dream.

No. It's your dream.

You want to be King of Norway.

I don't have a dream
about being the brother

of the King of Norway.

Then what is your dream?

I want to travel.

I mean, what is your ambition?

You have ambition enough
for the both of us, brother.

I'm a simple fellow.

Traveling to the ends of
the known world,

that's enough for me!

I will miss you.

Everyone needs a brother
to cover their back.

I'll still do that.

Wherever I am.

Go to your new boyfriend!
Be happy together!


Tides are turning.
We have to leave.

On the left.

Only if we can use it!

May as well pull it down.

Keep searching.
We need a fire!

It's destroyed,
it's no good.

Salvage what you can!

Pull it down!

We might
be able to use that!

I think we've found our King.

Godforsaken people.

Look what they've done.

We must clean
and restore this place,

despoiled by those
heathen barbarians.

Tell the people who fled from
here that it's safe to return.

Yes, Your Grace.

Hyah! Hyah!



Walk on!



Why are you building
a toy boat? Huh?

It's not a toy.

It's a one-man boat.

I don't need the help of
anyone to sail it.

And where do you think
you're going to sail it to?

To where the gods decide.

I don't want you to go.

I still need you in the fight
against the Christians.

My brothers are too soft
and you know that, Floki.


You know that you are like
my real father.


Your real father
was Ragnar Lothbrok.

The most famous man
in the world.

Don't you ever
forget that, Ivar.

Or the gods will punish you.

Now let me get on
with my boat.

You cannot leave me.

My brothers...

They don't believe that I
didn't mean to kill Sigurd.

But I didn't want to.
He was my brother.


That is why you cannot leave.

I will be too lonely.

I have to leave, Ivar.

With Helga gone, there's
nothing left for me here.

This world no longer
interests me.

That's why
I will submit myself

to the tides and the winds,

and the will of the gods,

come what may.

My heart is broken.

It will repair.

Ivar, the Boneless.

Scourge of the world, hmm?

You don't need me.

Bring out the oars!

Good luck!

Good luck!
Safe return!

Gods be with you!

Row! Keep the pace!

May Thor be
at your side!

And so we commit the body
of Ecbert,

King of Mercia
and Wessex, Bretwalda,

King of Kings, to the earth.

As the Lord sayeth,

"I am the Resurrection
and I am the Life.

"He who believes in me
though he is dead
will live on.

"He who has life
and his faith in me,

"to all eternity

"will not die." Amen.

ALL: Amen.

Why did the Northmen
let you live?

I don't know.

I suppose they weren't
interested in me.

So when I had a chance,
I ran away and hid.

And what purpose did
you serve here?

I transcribed and witnessed

the treaty between King Ecbert
and the sons of Ragnar,

whereby they were
granted the title

to the lands of East Anglia.

Even as he feared death,

King Ecbert should have never
sold part of his inheritance

to those pagans.

He didn't.

What do you mean?

It wasn't his to sell.

You had best explain yourself.

Before he sent his family
away, King Ecbert

renounced his crown in favor
of his son, Prince Aethelwulf.

Then Aethelwulf is King,

and the grant of
land worthless.


The King is dead.

Long live the King.

They need
to dry here.

Take that one.

I would
use these nets.


How is he?


Is he dying?

I don't know.

I don't know.

as the Holy Father said.

God has sent the Northmen
here to scourge us,

punish us for all our vanity,

all our wickedness, all our
abominable iniquities.

And how can you be so
sure, Aethelwulf?

Because there's no other
way to understand

what's happened to us.

-Oh, of course.

Of course, God!

Alfred must...
Must die for our sins?

For my sins!


No one is without sin, Judith.

And I can only pray

that our Lord chooses to be
merciful to us,

and bless us,

and cause His face
to shine upon us again.

You were planning to leave

without telling us,
Floki, huh?

I wanted to spare you
the trouble of trying
to stop me.

But we will anyway.

And you can't.

So let us just say farewell
properly instead.

Where are you going?

FLOKI: Wherever the gods
will take me.

But as long as I live
and breathe,


the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok,

will always be close
to my heart.

-Farewell, Floki.

You are the greatest boat
builder of all time.

HVITSERK: Farewell, Floki.

Beloved by the gods.

You knock-kneed fool.


We need you just as much
as our father needed you,

but instead you choose to
run away, you coward.

Stand up and say
that to my face!

I will see you again.

Is it true
he has completely

committed himself to the sea?

Do not worry.

I have given him
the means to guide himself.

We do not want him to be lost.

Let Odin guide you!

Floki! Farewell!

All hail Floki!

All hail Floki!

All hail Floki!

All hail Floki!
All hail Floki!

Ecbert, our martyred king,

hear my prayer.

Let the wrath of God fall
upon these heathens

who desecrate the holy places
of our land.

Let them suffer at our hands.

Slaughter them in battle.

Cut them down like
the ears of corn at harvest.

Let us rejoice in their ruin,

and drive them back into
the sea from whence they came.

And let God's holy church
arm itself

against these worshippers
of the devil.

And let this war never end,

until not a single pagan lives

or breathes.

Ecbert, martyr,

hear my prayer.

Hear my prayer.


Do not be afraid.

-Christ is here.

You are safe.

WOMAN 1: Your Grace.
Your Grace.

Your Grace.

Your Grace. Thank you.

Thank you.

God bless you,
Bishop Heahmund.

God bless you.

Your Grace.

Bless you, Your Grace.
Bless you.

Speaking for our father,
I think we should claim

and settle the land
given to us by Ecbert.

The Saxons are in disarray.

This is a good opportunity.

We have the resources to
make a permanent settlement.


Do you agree, Ivar?

I don't want to
disband the army.

In fact, I want to continue
the war against the Saxons

while we are still in
a position of strength.

My suggestion is
that we go back north,

to where we defeated Aelle.

We should establish
a permanent camp, as you say,

but near the coast, from where
we can raid wherever we want.

Our father's dream was that
we wouldn't be just raiders.

That we would behave
in a different way.

You're not listening, Ubbe.
We have to have a stronghold.

If we go north,
we are closer to our own lands

and shipping routes.

We can build
an impregnable fortress.


I've heard of
a town called York.

It is built on a major river,

and it is not far
from the sea.

And I think that
we should take it.

No. It would seem
like a withdrawal.

Yes, yes, it would.

But it is only tactical.

Surely you understand, Ubbe,

if we establish ourselves
in the middle of the country,

then we are surrounded
by enemies.

In York, we are nearer home.

Right, Hvitserk?

I agree with Ivar.

We should go north
and attack York.

It's good.

Thank you, Ivar.

That the last
of them?

There's a lady in the church
needs to talk to you.

Give us the strength,
which the world cannot give,

with Your kindness,

with mercy, and under
Thy protection. Amen.

For whom do you pray?

For all of us,
in these terrible times.

-What is your name?


You should consider
your own soul.

Will you take Mass
at my hands?

Then kneel.



Lord, forgive this pitiful
and miserable sinner.

I have sinned in thought
and in deed.

Please forgive me,
three-person God.

Punish me, ravish me!

Cleanse me of my sin.



IVAR: York. Look at her.

So ripe for plucking!

And they don't even
know that we're here.

I say we attack tomorrow
before they find out.



I remember something
our father said.

It was always better to attack
an English town

when they are celebrating
one of their Saint's Days.

On those days,
most of the people

will either be in church
or they will be drunk.

So how do we find out?

We'll find a way.

All right.



Now, we must make a sacrifice.

Ready your bows!

The walls!

Ready your bows!

Stand up, men!


You two, move!


Hyah! Hyah!

Hyah! Hyah!

Shh, shh, shh.



IVAR: Hold his head.

Hold it.

Take his head.

Hyah! Hyah!

To you, my brothers.

And to our town of York.

To York.

And to all our brothers,

not forgetting Sigurd.

To all of us!




Enough. Enough.


You are almost too
strong for me, Guthrum.

You need someone else
to train with.

You must remember your father
was a great warrior.

He still is
a very great warrior.

I don't mean Bjorn.

I mean your real father,
Jarl Borg.

It is a name you must be
proud of, and never forget.

And even though
Ragnar killed him,

I know in my heart
that they are now fighting

and feasting together
in Valhalla.


Who are they?

I have to warn Lagertha.

Queen Lagertha,
I bring wonderful news.

The Great Army, led by
your son Bjorn Ironside,

succeeded in avenging the
death of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Both King Aelle
and King Ecbert are dead,

but not before King Ecbert
gave us a great gift of land

for future settlement.

You've done well to tell
me this, King Harald.

But why did my son
not bring the news?

-Is he dead?
Oh, no.

Of Ragnar's sons,
only Sigurd is dead,

killed by his
own brother, Ivar.

Then I ask again,
why is Bjorn not here?

He told everyone
he wished to sail

straight back
to the Mediterranean,

and asked me to convey
his respects to you,

his mother, and to Torvi,

the mother of his children.

Now tell me why you've really
come here, King Harald.

I told you.

Since your own son

refused to bring you
the news of our affairs,

I thought I should do it.

And I thought that perhaps you
wanted to find out how well

Egil the bastard
had served you.

Perhaps you expected
to find him here,

sat upon the throne,

keeping it warm for you?

Perhaps I did.

The truth can be a bad choice
for a wise man.

I have never been accused
of being wise.

Even so, I never
took you for a fool.

But you know what they say,

"If a fool persists in his
folly, he can become wise."

The gods may not
give you the time.

I cannot blame the gods.

They gave me so much else.

So much else.

I'm happy to die.

Don't be afraid.