Vikings (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - The Departed, Part 2 - full transcript

Celebrations are cut short in the aftermath of the battle at York; Ragnar Lothbrok's sons are pitted against each other as tensions reach an all-time high, and each is forced to choose a side.


Your Grace.

I have news.

We know
where the Northmen are.

They're at York.

They captured the town
with great slaughter.

They murdered Bishop Cynebert
most horribly.

Then we know what we must do
to them in return.

You have confessed your guilt.


So that all could hear.

Then tell me why
I should not kill you.

You have no reason to kill me.

No reason?

Do I not have half a reason?


Everything has changed.

I did what I did
because of a woman.

She refused to marry me
unless I became
King of all Norway.

So that was my idea.

That was my passion.

I loved her, you see.


I tried to take your kingdom.

I had nothing against you.

It was just to be
worthy of her.

Then why has everything

Because she lied to me.

She couldn't wait for me
to become King of Norway.

She married
a Danish Earl instead.

And what did you do?

I killed her.

And now that she is dead,

I no longer have
any intentions
to attack Kattegat

or try to remove you
as its ruler.

People do things for love...

Don't they, Queen Lagertha?

So then,
what are your intentions?

I want to offer you
my friendship and alliance.

Look at you.

Do you think
you are in a position
to offer me anything?

I'm still a King!

With lordship over
many kingdoms.

And I am Queen!


And I know, above all people,

how vulnerable Kattegat
and its beautiful Queen
has become.

After all, your son
might be away for a long time.

And how much do you trust
the other sons of Ragnar?

Do they still
not desire vengeance
for their mother's death?

Or imagine themselves
as Kings here?

And what would you want
in return for this alliance?

You have no man in your life,
and I no woman.

Perhaps that's one answer
to your question.

Do you really think,
"King" Harald,

that I would prostrate myself
at your feet,

and offer thanks to the gods
that you would deign
to be my husband?

And that I should be grateful

for you that you would offer
to come to my bed?

In all your glory?



What are you doing, woman?

Let us through.

Do you know who we are?

We know who you are.

What do you want?

I want to speak
to my brother Ivar.

Now, get out of my way.

I'll ask him and see
if it's all right.

No, you won't.

Because you will not have
a tongue to ask him with.

I will nail you to that post
just over there.

Do you understand?

Ubbe! Hvitserk!

Did you take a look around?

The work on strengthening
the defenses is going well.

Why do you need
a personal bodyguard, Ivar?


We were just stopped
by your bodyguards.

Why do you need them?

Hmm? Do you need
protection against us?

Against your brothers?

Of course not.

Then why have them?

I'm a cripple.

I need a bodyguard.

It's not just the bodyguard,

The fact is, you never seem
to consult us about anything.

It's as if you think
you are now the leader
of our Great Army.

Do you think
you are the leader?

No, I don't.

Why would I ever think
such a thing?

I'm glad to hear you say that
because you are not
the leader.

We three brothers
are the leaders together.

-As our father
would have wished.

We are older than you, Ivar.

You can't push us aside.

It's unacceptable.

No, you're right, Hvitserk.

But you two have to understand

that it is harder for me
to share and to stake
my claim.

I truly want to be your equal

but in order for me to do so,
I have to do better than you.

I have to make you forget
that I'm a cripple.

Listen, Ivar,
we know what you are.

And we accept what you are.

-It makes no difference to us.

You are just our brother.

Don't try to make
us feel sorry for you.

Because, my brother,
we never will.

There's a large Saxon force
on its way here.

But I thought
you'd already know that.


He explained himself.

He explained why he tried
to kill all of us?

He was in love.

In any case,
he's not in love anymore.

He wants to make a deal
with us.

So you told him we do not make
deals with murderers.

I told him it depends
on the offer.

What is he offering?



In return for...


That's it?

Surely you can't
entertain that?

Doesn't he know who you are?

Of course he does,
that's the point.

I would never let a man
like that get
anywhere near me!

You can't be so pure.

Sometimes women have to do
what women have to do,
just to keep a bit of power.

That is what you say.

There is an element of truth
in what Torvi says.

In any case,

I've no intention
of marrying him.

Then you will kill him?

That's none of your business.

You can't set him free!

Whatever I decide
is nothing to do with you.

-I was only thinking of you.
-Thank you.

But I can think for myself.



Get to the boats!

-They've gone!
-Who has gone?

King Harald and his men.

Their boats have gone.
They freed him

and killed some of the guards.

Where is Astrid?


Hold the rampart!


No slowing down now!


Pull! Pull!

Go faster!

Why kidnap me?

Oh, you can help me
a great deal.

You see, I think
Lagertha's years are numbered
as Queen of Kattegat.

And I still have ambitions
to rule there.


I still intend to become
King of all Norway.

Which means I shall
take over Kattegat,
among other kingdoms.

But I remain unmarried.

I need a Queen.

I need to breed
and produce sons.

You want me
to be your Queen?

-Why not?

You have to understand.

Lagertha has been so good
to me.

I owe her everything.

Then there is no way
that you will ever agree
to marry me?


Even if it means you will
become Queen of Norway?

The most powerful woman
in the whole country?

Tell me honestly, Astrid,

doesn't that appeal to you
at all?

Doesn't that make your blood
race just a little quicker?

Don't your eyes shine
just a little brighter?

Or have I misjudged you?

Pass it down here
and pull.


Well? What have you to report?

The Northmen have been busy

repairing and improving
the town's defenses,
Your Grace.

They are
an industrious people.

They are pagans and devils.
Nothing more. Go on.

The town is well defended.

Begging your pardon,
but Your Grace may not
yet be strong enough

to attack her.
Not with any hope of success.

I disagree.

I have every hope of success.

It is a pity the new King
is not here with us.

His presence in the field
might encourage new recruits.

Unlike his father, he has
some credit as a warrior.

What will we do about Alfred?

Why must we always talk
about Alfred?

Because he's dying,

He's dying before your eyes.

Can't you see?





What's he doing?




Save him!


Save my boy!


-Alfred! My boy!

My life!



No. No!

Please, please,
please, please!

No, please!

My boy! Please!

He's alive!

-He's alive!

Shh, shh!
He's trying to talk.


We must... We must go to York.

Why must we go to York?

The Northmen are there.

The Northmen.

And your...

Your people need you.

Alfred, how...
How do you know?

My father told me.

Oh, you gods.

Not like this.

I don't want to die like this.

Why have you abandoned me?

Heimdall, watchman,

you can vouch for me!

Tell the other gods
how often I think of them,

and how my heart
belongs to them.

Be gone, bird.

Find a perch of land
and stay there.

Don't come back.

Don't come back!

Hold your line!

Come on, men! Push, push!

Come on!


Keep going! Push!

One more!

Why do you think
he kidnapped Astrid?

I don't think King Harald
ever does anything
without thought.

He told me that he had
abandoned his dreams

of becoming
King of all Norway.

I am sure he was lying.

He still believes
in his dreams,

and, one day,
his ships will return
to Kattegat full of warriors.

Astrid must be part
of his plan. But...

What part, I cannot say.

Astrid will never be part
of someone else's plan.

I am old enough
to know that
you can never say for sure

what someone else will do.

That's it. Row!

I can smell home!

Keep rowing!

Keep the distance!

Not long now.

MAN: Keep it going, men!

Tie it fast!

Have you thought any more
about what I said?

I'm sure you don't like
the look of me

but you will change your mind.

I will never marry you.

You have made a big mistake.

Oh, it's true.

I've never had any luck
with women.

So why should
you be any different?

I think you've kidnapped
the wrong woman.

You are right, of course.

That is what I did.

And yet...

What if, by mistake,
by accident, by the gods,

and by fate,
I made the right decision?

What if you were always meant
to be here?

What if there was no place
else for you to be?





Who are you?

We are men of Wessex.
We are here with our King.

With your King?
Do you mean King Aethelwulf?

Son of Ecbert?

He and his men are following
close behind.

I am a companion of His Grace
Bishop Heahmund,

who is camped
not very far from here.

My name is Lord Denewulf.

Then well met, My Lord.

Well met, indeed.

This is a happy day.

My Lord Bishop
was anxious for the King
to be at his side.

And now, thank God,
it has come to pass.

Help me out.

Make room for their horses.

Most noble King,

by God's grace.

My Lord Bishop.

We've heard many reports
of your prowess with arms,

and of your personal sanctity.

We mean to model our lives
upon yours.

My wife, Judith.

No, this way.

Noble lady.


Refresh yourself
after your long journey,

and eat.

Make way for the carts!

What courage you have,
my lady,

to accompany
your husband here.

I'm not so brave,
Bishop Heahmund.

But as my husband
and my sons elect to be
on the field of battle,

then what should I do?

Stay at home
and weep and pray?

In any case,
as the daughter of King Aelle,

I too have a score to settle
with these sons of Ragnar.

I confess...

I'd forgotten that you'd
suffered as much personal
grief and loss as the King

and stand as much
in need of justice as he does.

In the name of God,
who is both vengeful
and merciful,

I swear I will make
these pagans pay

for their cruelty
and their crimes.

There's plenty
to go 'round!

Prince Alfred?

-Yes, My Lord.
-Forgive me.

I have heard stories
about you already.

How you traveled to Rome
as a boy, and met
His Holiness.

Yes. My father took me.

It must have been an arduous
journey for one so young?

Well, is anything truly
worthwhile not likely to be
difficult, my Lord Bishop?

Well said.

Who was your tutor?

My grandfather, King Ecbert.

He was the wisest man
I ever knew,

and the most loving.

The barbarians
who now occupy York

are responsible for his death.

That's why we are here.

The Northmen have been
reinforcing the defenses
of the town.

They have repaired
and extended the ramparts.

That is bad news.

I thought so too.

That is, until my scouts
reported something

Apparently, they have felt
unable or unwilling

to repair the old Roman walls
that are still standing.

In fact, in several places,
the walls are crumbling.

The stones are loosened
and likely to fall.

Even so, they remain unguarded

and unprotected.

Then we have a plan of attack.

We do.

With your permission,

we should wait,

not rush.

Let our armies be combined.

Let my scouts determine
with absolute certainty

that those sections of wall
remain unguarded
and unprotected.

Yes, and I can contact
my father's earldormen
and ask them to join us.

And when all that is done?

Yes, my Prince.

When all that is done,
we shall attack.


Bring up the shield!

What do you think
about Lagertha's mistake?

What do you mean "mistake"?

She ought to have killed
King Harald when she had
the chance.

Instead of just talking
to him.


Not allowed her enemy,
our enemy, to escape.

And she sacrificed
the life of Astrid.

We don't know that.

Listen, all I'm saying
is that Lagertha is fallible.

She makes mistakes.

Maybe her grip of power
is not as fierce or complete
as it once was.

Can't you see that?


Ah, what are you doing?

Wait and I'll show you.