Vikings (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 20 - The Reckoning - full transcript

Prince Aethelwulf finds himself subject to the Vikings' battle master plan; Ecbert remains behind with a plan of his own.

Your Highness?



Save yourselves!
Save yourselves!

Pull back!

For the love of God, save yourselves!

Retreat. Retreat!



Yeah! Yeah, they run!


- Yes! Ah, we won!
- Yes!

What are you so happy about?

It is not over yet!

Open the gate!


We are defeated.
They'll be here soon.

Father, Sire, wife, we have no choice.

- We have to leave here at once and
find safety elsewhere.- Go! Now.

- I will pack a few things.
- Come on, boys.

Father, did you not hear me?

We have to go. Now!

I cannot leave this place.

Father, you are the King!

I cannot allow the king of our country
to fall into the hands of our enemies!

I'm not talking about you
as a man, but as a king.

I will renounce the crown in your favor.

We'll have a short ceremony. Quick.
Go fetch Bishop Edmund.

I can't begin to understand your thinking

but I can't just leave you here to die.

My son, I ask you to
trust me this one last time.

This is God's will.

It's also mine.

Now, go fetch Bishop Edmund.

Do you, Ecbert, anointed King
of Wessex, Mercia, East Anglia,

Cornwall, Bretwalda, King of Kings,

in the sight of God Almighty, renounce
all your thrones and kingdoms

in favor of your son and heir,
Prince Aethelwulf?

I do, so help me, God.

So, let me remove from you the sacred
emblems and signs of your kingship.

I give this holy scepter into
your hands, Prince Aethelwulf.

And with this ancient crown,

I do make thee King over all
those places and kingdoms

once ruled by your father,
but now by you instead.

In the name of the Father,
Son, and Holy Ghost,

I crown you King Aethelwulf.

- May God save and protect you, all
the days of your life. - Sire.

Now, please hurry!

No more space!


We're leaving!

I want you to go,
get them in the cart. Go! Go!


Sire! Sire!


My son. I know I have placed my
kingdom in the safest hands.

Now, you go now, you save
yourself and your family,

but only that you can re-gather your
strength, and take back what is yours.

It's all my plan.
God help me!

Boys, straight into the carriage!

- My sweet Judith!
- Come on! Hurry!

Hail and farewell.
I think I know

what it is that is left for me to do.

I cannot run away from it now.

Thank you for loving me.

Love is everything.

All shall be well.
All shall be well.

Now... Now, you... You have a destiny,
Alfred, that you cannot escape.

So you better get used to it.

In the meantime, listen and learn.

Listen to the highest and the lowest.

Learn from the prince,
and from the shepherd.

And, remember,

the greatest Christian virtue,
Alfred, is humility.

Thank you, Grandfather.

I love you.

And I you.

Now, you take care of your
brother for he is special, too.

And your mother.

We have to go.

Yes, yes! Go, go! Go, go!

And farewell, Bishop Edmund,
my dear vintner.

May God bless you and keep you.

I am going nowhere, Sire.
I am staying here with you.

Thank you.
This is a sacred site.

Now, how should I, a Bishop of God's
holy church, abandon Him now?

Besides, the cellars are still stocked with
some of the finest wines in Christendom!

Mmm. Am I supposed to
leave them to the pagans

who don't know the difference
between one grape and another?

Let's go!

May God be with you all!

Now and forever!

Let's move! Go!

We pray to the gods for the
success of the great army.

I remember when Ragnar left these shores

in a single boat.
He had a dream.

He wanted to find distant lands.

He wanted our people to settle
and thrive in those lands.

Perhaps now, his sons
can realize his dreams.

I hope so.

And I pray to the gods to make it so.

It seems the gods
are not always on our side.

You are the new generation.

You don't understand the gods as we do.

The gods are not always
meant to be understood.

That is part of their power.

What you have to understand
is that our gods

are fighting a life-and-death
struggle with this new Christian God.

That is really what my son is doing.

Nothing else is so important,

for if we lose our ancient gods,

what is the point of living?




Be careful.
It could be a trap.

You! Follow us!

It's empty.

They've gone!

Burn it!

Break it open!
Break it all!

Rip it!
Let me have it! It is mine!

Rubbish! Nothing!

Oh, it's valuable!


This is King Ecbert!

I order you to spare him.



don't be afraid. Trust me.

You must trust me.

I love you.

I love you.


Helga! Helga!

No, no!

I am happy now.

I get to see my Angrboda.

Helga! Helga!

You are not like anybody else.

Be yourself, Floki.

This world, it is too small for you.

No, Helga!

When Balder, Odin's beloved son, died,

not only did people weep.

But fire wept.

And iron and all the other metals wept.

The stones wept. Earth wept.

Farewell, voyager.

Farewell, my heart, farewell.

For now.

We have to decide
what to do with King Ecbert!

I don't understand.
What is there to discuss?

We Blood Eagle him.

Ecbert is as guilty as Aelle so we
should do the same thing to him.

I have told you this too many
times, brothers. I was here!

I saw Ecbert hand Father
over to King Aelle.

We all understand those feelings, Ivar.

No one is denying what you are saying.

But sometimes...

Sometimes, we have to consider
things beyond our feelings.

And think what is best for our people!

I know what our people want, Bjorn.
And they want what I want.

We have to consider
our position of strength.

And use that to our ultimate advantage!

You always like to
complicate things, Bjorn.

You think it makes you look clever.

And what if we kill Ecbert, Ivar?
What then?

Well, then he's dead, Ubbe!

We are in the middle of an enemy kingdom.

How long will it be before the Saxon forces
gather up another army and drive us away?

Exactly! So we Blood Eagle
Ecbert and then we move on.

We raid this entire land, so that they never
have a chance to assemble another army again.

Why would we even want to stay here?

It is what our father wanted.

He didn't just want to win battles.
He wanted land here.

He wanted to make settlements, so our
people could live and they could work.

Mmm. And we all
know what happened.

Yes, but in those days, he did
not hold a king to ransom,

nor did he have a great army.
We do.

What about you, Sigurd?
You've been very quiet so far.

I'm sure you have an opinion.

I agree with you, Ivar.

Excuse me?

We should Blood Eagle him.

Finally, thank you.

But I'm not sure. I'm not
sure what they're saying.

What I am saying is that we should
do what our father always wanted.


I'd like to speak.

Well, I understand most of what you say,

and I speak a little of your language now.

I loved your father.

He was my friend.

And I know that, more than anything,

he wanted to build
a farming community here.

And you killed all the settlers.

Yes. It's true. I did.

But now the tables have turned.

We can make a new deal.

What are you proposing?

Well, as you say,

it's only a matter of time before
you are driven away from here.

Without any legal right to English
lands, you have no hope of staying.

Well, I am King of Kings.

And I can give you that legal right.

I will give you legal claim
to the Kingdom of East Anglia.

It's a large kingdom.

Because I am king, no one
can question that claim.

And it seems that you have enough
men to enforce it until it holds.

That's my offer.
You should consider it.

What do you want in return?

I'll only tell you that
once you agree to my proposal.

Not that I need to ask,
but what is your opinion?

About whether to accept the
gift of land from King Ecbert?


Well, since you do ask me,
my opinion is that we should take the land.

But I have one condition...

That Ecbert dies.

And that I Blood Eagle him.

Otherwise, there is no deal.

You wouldn't be able to stand up
long enough to Blood Eagle him.

I imagine me sitting.

I accept your offer of land.

But for what you did to my father,

you must die.

Then I'll tell you what it is I want.

All I want is to choose the manner
of my own death.

I agree.




Bjorn Ironside, son of Ragnar,

I, King Ecbert,

give you the right to settle
the lands of East Anglia.

And I pray you succeed.

And now,

I have a final journey to take.

I was sorry to hear of Helga's death.

We knew each other a long time.

Since I was a boy.

I, too, am dead, Bjorn.

A part of me died
with my daughter Angrboda,

a second part with Ragnar,

and the last part of what was Floki
died with my sweet, sad Helga.

What I am now is nothing.

And all this nothing I give to the
gods, to do with as they please.

And I shall be an empty ship with no
rudder, set upon their endless sea,

and where they take me,

I shall go.

Take care, Bjorn.

Thank you.

All my future lies with Ragnar.

The only person you truly
care for is yourself.

I give myself freely to you.

Thank you,
Grandfather. I love you.

I crown you King of Wessex and Mercia.

They will avenge me.

Don't be afraid.


no one will ever be able to
doubt what we have achieved!

An army of all our peoples,

and we have defeated not one,
but two English kingdoms!

For us, the sons of Ragnar,

our first duty was to avenge our
father's death, and that we have done.

But also,
we have achieved my father's dream.

We have the legal right to
the land, and to farm here!

It is up to all of you
to use this opportunity

to send over new settlers
and young families!

Unfortunately, I will not be here to see
this new settlement grow and thrive.

My fate will take me elsewhere.

I always knew I had to return to
explore the Mediterranean Sea.

And now I feel free to follow my destiny.

But my brothers will be here for you.

- Skol!
- Skol!

I will be here, but not
to settle down and plow!

Who wants to be a farmer now?

We have a great army and we should use it!

There are many other places
that I want to attack and raid!

And those of you who feel like I do,
you should come with me.

And those of you who don't, ask yourself,

who can stand in our way now?

You cannot lead the army,
Ivar. Hmm?

I don't want to, Ubbe.

All I'm saying is that for those who are still
brave enough to raid and find adventure,

then I will lead them.

You can put on an apron and
settle down if you want to.

It will take a great man, Ivar,

to stake a claim here, defend it.

Ah... That does not sound
like yourself, dear brother.

The Hvitserk I know, he loves to raid.
He's a real Viking.

What you just said,
that is not the Viking way.


Who among you will follow me?

Who will follow me into battle,

for the love of fame and for the
love of Odin, our All-Father?



Don't do this, Ivar.

We are all the sons of Ragnar.
We have to stick together.

Frankly, dear Sigurd,
I don't care what you say.

The truth is, I wouldn't even piss down your
throat even if your lungs were on fire.

Well, maybe that's because
you're not really a man.

Are you, Boneless?

So, who is going to stay and farm?

I would like to stay.

But I have other plans.

- Skol.
- Skol!

As for me,

I want to go with Bjorn.

I want to see the Mediterranean.

Then it seems

the only thing

that really kept the sons of Ragnar
together was the death of their father.

Poor Bjorn! It is you
who doesn't want to keep the army together.

It is you who wants to
go away to sunny places.

Everyone else can follow me.

I do not want to follow you, Ivar.

You are crazy.
You have the mind of a child!

And all you do is play music, Sigurd!

- I'm just as much a son of Ragnar as you are.
- I'm not so sure.

As far as I remember,
Ragnar didn't play the oud.

And he certainly didn't offer
his arse to other men.

You make me laugh! Just like you do
when you crawl around like a baby.

Shut your mouth!


This has nothing to do with you!

What's the matter, Ivar?
You can't take it?

Ivar, do not listen to him.

No, I guess it must be hard for
you now that your mommy's dead,

knowing she's the only one
who ever really loved you.

Ivar. Ivar!


No! No!


- Amen.
- Amen.

Thank you, Bishop Heahmund.

My husband has gone to a better place.
I know that.

The Lord will find ways to console you.