Victor & Valentino (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - The Dark Room - full transcript

After getting rejected by a photography club, Val tries to get a picture of the legendary Chupacabra in order to prove himself.


- -Whoa!
- -Whoa!

Baker's photo club

is in the back of the store!

Wait, hold on.

- Perfect.
- Smile!

I'm so excited!

- Lame. We're going to
- Don Jalapeño's after, right?

I need a new comic.

Yup. After my portfolio gets

accepted into the photo club.

All right.

Cool, cool, cool.

I'm sure to get in.

Gather 'round now.

It's time for our critique.

- Oh, perfect.
- Just in time.

What I see in front of me

is just an image.

But where's the struggle,

the essence of danger,

the moment that is meant

to change your view,

the real photograph?


Where is the photograph?


My eyes have been tainted.

Here we are,

a palate cleanser.

This photo was taken by

yours truly.

It has been featured

in the newspaper this month.

It's so in the moment.

It's so raw.

You feel what the clown feels.

- It captures all
- of what I believe

The best photographers capture.


Now, this is a photograph!

- -Oh, yeah.
- -Oh, yeah.

- -I concur.
- -I concur.

I concur, as well.

- -Oh?
- -Hmm?

I've never seen

your face here.

I'd know.

I have a photographic memory.

- Oh, Baker, - this is Val.

He wants to join

our photography club.

- It's so nice
- to finally meet you!

Uh, here's my portfolio.



Oh, yes! That's a series

of my most vivid color studies!

Why, this... is a joke!

Look at that!

- But I really like
- those pieces.


These pictures are safe, soft.

There's no edge.

Good photography

is exciting.

It pushes boundaries.

And most of all,

captures images that have

never been seen before.

Here! Take your images back

to the bubble gum factory.

You're not

Dark Room material.

Val, wait!

I'm sorry. I know he didn't

mean those things.

- It's okay.
- Maybe he's right.

No, you're...

Isabella, it's time

for your critique!

- I'm sorry.
- I have to go now.

But, hey, keep trying.

She's right!

- If Baker wants exciting,
- boundary-pushing photos,

Then that's exactly

what he's going to get!

Well, while you're
- believing in yourself,

- I'm gonna be at
- Don Jalapeño's Market.

All right, maybe I'll find

some inspiration there.


No, no, too safe.

Maybe a snapshot

of someone's life?


Come on, Val,

think dangerously.

Hmm. The deviant
criminal reading without paying!


- What are you doing, Val?
- Are you trying to get me caught!

I have photoblock.

- It's impossible to think of
- anything that'll impress Baker.

I need the picture

of something thought-provoking,

something dangerous.

- If you're looking
- for something dangerous,

- Why don't you take a picture
- of this guy?

The chupacabra!

I was only joking.

Plus, the chupacabra

doesn't even exist.


- Are you kidding?
- We're in Monte Macabre.

If the chupacabra exists,

it would be here.

- Yeah, but we wouldn't even know
- where to begin to look.

Aah! I couldn't help but
overhear your little conversation.

- Let me - show you something.

This book contains

the research I've done

on the strange creatures

around Monte Macabre.

Not much is really known

about the chupacabra.

The first attack

was about 25 years ago.

Not long after,

it's been seen in many regions.

There are mixed reports,

but these amateur photographs

show what it might look like.

Wow, these are amateur.

Hey! Us truth-seekers

take what we can get!

The chupacabra is a bloodthirsty

beast that preys on livestock,

specifically goats,

like this one.

-Aw, how cute!

-Aw, how cute!

And here's the same goat

after an attack.

- The chupacabra - did this?

It is real!

So, where would

we find it?

Find it?

Little kids shouldn't be

poking around this stuff!


- We're not - searching for it.

It's for, um, uh,

a school paper.


We have to interview the town's

coolest person about the legend.

In that case,

my analysis shows

that the chupa lives

near Peligro Creek,

where he feasts on animals

as they drink water.

Great! That's all we need

for the report.

Yeah, I'll make sure

to be pacific with details.

- Whoa!
- Look, Val!

The chupacabra really knows

how to mangle his victims!

Think fast!

- Hey, I'm not going to take
- some dumb pictures.

- I want you
- to be a part of one

Of the most significant

scientific findings in years.

That is,

unless you're chicken.

I'm not scared.

- I just want to know
- what's in it for Vic.

- You get to help
- your brother out.

If I get the picture,

I'll get into the club,

- and you'll never
- have to hear me

- Talk about photography
- ever again.

- -Okay, I'm in.
- -Great!

I have the perfect idea

for luring it out.

- -Here's the choyrizo!
- -Whoa!

We need real meat for

the chupacabra, not vegan food.

- Well, where are we gonna
- get that meat?

Here's your

Meat Stack Special!

Just how I like it...

With extra meat!

Smile for the camera!


I have to stop him from

destroying the mill again!

All we have to do now

is wait.


- -Vic, wake up!
- -Huh?!

Achi, that's not for you!

That's for the chupacabra!

Aye, fools!

No chupacabra

is going to eat this.

They like their meals alive

so they can do this to it.

Mira, mira!

Just like that!


- Great.
- What do we do now?


I think I have an idea.

- Do I really - have to do this?

Don't worry.

- Once the chupacabra
- shows up,

- I'll pull the rope
- and bring you to safety.

- Now start acting
- more like a goat.


Baa! Baa!


-That's great, Vic!

-Baa! Baa! Baa!

- All right, Val,
- you can pull me!


- I need to find
- the right setting.

Val! Ah,
I guess I can always edit it in post.


Vic, I think we got it!


Where'd they go?



This must be

the chupacabra's dinner.

Val?! Val?!


I'm, uh,

a big fan of yours.



Stop, you beast!


C-Chupacabra, please...

Please don't...

Don't eat us,

you beast!

Chupa not beast.

Eh, get off me.

Humans beast.

Human take picture

of Chupa.

Chupa hate camera!

That why Chupa

want be alone.

Away from human.

If you're not a beast, then why

are you hurting animals?!


Chupa no hurt animals.

Chupa vegetarian.

Animals friends.

Animals beautiful.

Chupa make sculpture

of animals.

Wait, those look like

Don Jalapeño's photos.

- We thought all those animals
- were dismembered.

No, that only

what mean to human.

And that okay.

Chupa believe in beauty

of animal.

That why Chupa inspired

and why Chupa make sculpture.

Chupa loves

what Chupa does!

I also love what I do!


- -Aah!
- -Aah!

Wait, wait, no!

Here, I don't need

these photos.

You give photos of Chupa?

Human friend?

Human friend.


I'm so glad you decided

to do this.

Thanks for helping me

get it started, Isabella.

- We should add this photo
- up here.


-Ah, a photo club.

Anyone can join?

Is that why you joined the

Bubble Gum Factory, Isabella?

Ah, come on.

He's pretty good.

Not cool, Baker.

Well, if that's what you

believe in, that's fine.


This photo is kinda cool.

Wait, which one?!


You're welcome to join

the Bubble Gum Factory.

Over my dead body.

Oh, boy! Photos!

Hey! Oh!

- I know.
- These are way cool.

I mean, check this out.

He has so much talent.

And this one over here,

it's amazing.