Victor & Valentino (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Suerte - full transcript

When Vic cheats on an enchanted board game, the malevolent characters come to life, and it's up to V and V to figure out how to put them back in the game.


- -Whoa!
- -Whoa!


Stupid rain.

What does it even do?

You boys

are in for a treat.

I have just the thing to cure

those rainy-day blues...


- I bought it
- at Maria Teresa's garage sale

For a day just like today.

I can't belive you bought

something off those weirdos.


-Remember, Chata...

If you break it,

you buy it.

Hello, Charlene.

I'm looking for something

for my nietos.

For Victor and Valentino?!

I have just the thing.


Charlene didn't even

charge me for it.


I love this game.

Oh, yeah?

What's so special about it?

Suerte is a game of luck.

All you do is choose a tabla.

Then the caller draws a card,

and if you have that card,

place a bean on the square.

The first one who has

four in a row wins.

Okay. I'll be the caller

because I'm's the most bestest

at saying thingses.

Get ready for a Victor-y.

El Artichoke.

That's El Artrópodo,

the arthropod.

El Green Guy.

El General, the General.

Yes. Two in a row.


You feeling that heat, Val?


All's cool in Val-town.

Huh. Well, let's see

if you have... El Asthma.

El Azteca.

El Cone Toast.

El Cosmos!

- Uh-oh, Val.
- Looks like you're about

To join the loser's circle.

You sure about that?

'Cause we're all tied up.

All I need is El Sapo.

Let's see that winning card.

What's the matter, Vic?


Uh, no.

- -Uh...
- -Ah-choo!

- Aah!
- Are you okay, Abuela?

Ohh, fine.

- Oh, no.
- Val's card.

- -Are you cold?
- -Which one do I need?

- Can I get you one of my black
- angora turtlenecks?

Ai, no, mi niño.

What about a nice vintage

cardigan? Would that help?

I'm not cold, amorcito.

Well, if you do get cold,

I have a cashmere sweater

that's just your size.

You ready to lose, Vic?

You wish.

'Cause I got...

The Red Guy!

El Colorado?!

I win!

- But you don't
- have to worry, Val.

I'm a gracious winner.

In your f-a-a-ce!

Good job, niño.

What a quick game.

A little too quick.

You called El Colorado

before you laid down the card.

I'm a born natural.

I got Suerte

all up in my veins.

I can feel it.

- Well, I feel like
- you cheated.

Me, cheat?

I am outraged, sir.

How dare you.

- I pulled that winning card
- fair and square.

Conveniently right after

I had my back turned!


Both of you upstairs now.

Time for mimis.

You know what my favorite sound

is, Val? The sound a crowd makes

- when they can't get enough
- of you winning.

- You know that sound, Val?
- Huh, Val?

Val, you know that sound?

Go to sleep.


Val, did you you hear that?

The only thing I'm hearing

is you bothering me.



Faster, Val.



El Azteca?

El Cosmo?

El Infermo?

El Botesito?

- The characters from the game
- are coming to life.

- How do you think
- they got out of the game?

I don't know, but that Suerte

set came from Maria Teresa's.

I say we go there

and get some answers.


- Charlene, that game you sold
- Chata came to life

And is trying to get us.

Yeah, it's cursed.

One of you

must have cheated.


- This is
- all your fault, cheater.

For the last time,

I didn't cheat.

I'm the victor.




Please, I'm too you

and beautiful to die!


What did you do to my brother?

Hey! What's going on under here?



- Hey, kid. Could you hold this
- for a minute?

-I got to tie my shoe.



You're not wearing any shoes.

Good eye. Boop.


This is completely insane.

That's war, cadet.

Life in the trenches

is as nutty as it gets.

That's why I need to know

if you're a worthy soldier.

Worthy to take my place!

"Take my place"?

That's a creepy thing to say.

What is with this game?

Victor? Tramposo?

The cheater?

What's he doing in there?

Miguelito and Don, too?

That's what's happening.

The characters have come to life

- and are trapping people
- in the game.

- Somehow, I've got
- to break the curse.

- Don't worry, Vic!
- I'll get you out of there.

- Well, don't rush on my account.
- I'm only stuck here

Next an old man

and a disgusting lobster.

You're one to talk.

You smell like a bag of

El Colorado's toenail clippings.

I knew this day

was going to come.


So, Tramposo,

how did you cheat?

I didn't cheat. Why does

everyone keep saying that?

Guillermo feels powerful.

If Victor activated the curse

by cheating,

maybe winning the game fair

and square will lift the curse.

- But in order
- to play the game,

- I'm gonna need someone
- to play it with.

- But who would be up
- for playing Suerte

- at this hour - of the night?

Ai, what's the meaning

of playing Suerte

at this hour of the night?

- But it's such a fun
- game, Grandma.

I-I can't wait until morning.

Aah! El Colorado.

- Come on, Grandma.
- We don't have to go downstairs.

Let's play right here.

I'm so happy

you're interested

in the game

of your culture, Valentino.

Really interested.

Do you have La Pescada?

- Maybe.
- Tell me, mijo.

Do I have La Pescada?

- Yes. Yes. You do.
- Put a marker down, Grandma.

Ah! Que bueno.

Let me get my marker.

I know they are around here


Here, let me help you.

Hold your horses.

- If your abuela needs your help,
- she'll say so.

- Now, where are
- those markers?

At last, a young boy

to take my place.

Beans, beans.

Where'd I put those beans?

Trapped in the game

for all time.

Soon your life

will be m-i-i-ne!

Oh, here's a bean.

Now, let me find the place

on the tabla.

It's over here, Grandma.

Ay, ye, ye.

- Your abuela
- can do it herself.

Now, I'm pretty sure

it's this one.


I'm gonna find you!

Ooh, linty jawbreaker.

- Val!
- Where are you?

- Get me out
- of this roach motel!

You can kick and scream

all you want. It's no use.

No one on the outside

can hear you in this place.

Oh, yeah?

And why should I believe you?

- You think I was
- always this way?

I used to be a young boy

just like you

until I was accused

of cheating.

-You cheated?

-What, me? Cheat?

Ah, I never said I cheated.

Do you all hear me?!

I never cheated!

- -Sure, sure.
- -Yeah.

- Looks like
- we're tied, Grandma.

We both need just one more

marker to complete a row.

And all I need

is the Planeta card.

Ooh, game point.

What are you waiting for?

Pick a card.

Okay, here goes nothing.

- Better not lose, - Valentino.

El Planeta!

I win!

Oh, mala Suerte.

- Victor. Victor!
- You're free!

- Get out here.
- I won! Victor!

You're... still trapped?

But I won the game!

It doesn't matter.

You're gonna love

taking my place

in the game forever.

I-I-I suppose negotiating

is out of the question?


I'll take that as a "no."

You can run,

but you can't hide, baby.


Sooner or later,

I always get what I want.

El Colorado?

I got to help my brother!

Enough fun and games.



You pay the price

for your brother's lie.


This is all my fault.

I should've never cheated.

I cheated.

I cheated at every game.

I won that stupid game

by cheating!

I cheated!


-I cheated!


I was so close.

I cheated.





Niños. Stop all the racket

and go to bed!

Hmph. Never a moment of peace

with those two chiquillos.

- Victor.
- Is it really you?

I don't know, Val.

Check my breath out.

Yeah, definitely you.

-But what about El Colorado?

-He's back in the game.

- -Oh, yeah. He's back.
- -Oh, yeah. He's back.

- He's back. He's back. He's - back!
- He's back. He's back. He's - back!

- -How'd you get out?
- -Simple.

I just told the truth...

That I didn't cheat.

- -Victor.
- -All right. All right.

You got me.

I admit it. I cheated.

Hey, what are we gonna do

with this crazy game, anyway?

I don't know, Vic.

But whatever we do,

we must vow

to never allow anyone

to get their hands

on this abomination.

Thanks for the game.

Oh, you're so kind,


Enjoy, Miguelito.