Versailles (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - The Wheel of Fortune - full transcript

With the queen dead Louis aims for an alliance with Spain by marrying Philippe's daughter Marie-Louise to its king, but needs Papal approval. This involves a purge of Protestantism which is...

I mistreated her,
ignored her.

She deserved
a better husband.

And now she is gone.

I miss her.

You will never be alone.

You must accept that our Lord
took her away from us
for a purpose.

It is his will
that you continue
on your path.

I didn't know what to do,
so I dragged the body here.

You did the right thing.
What will you do with it?

Feed it to the pigs.

They leave no evidence.

What did he say exactly?

He said...

the king is
not born of God.

Is he questioning the legitimacy
of your brother's claim
to the throne?

How does this relate
to the Vatican?

The Church likes nothing more
than a secret it can use
to exercise power and influence.

We must look at the records.

Not just the House of Bourbon,
but all those bearing
royal blood.

Every family
has its secrets.

I'm the king of my own land

Facing tempests of dust

I'll fight until the end

Creatures of my dreams

Raise up and dance with me

Now and forever

I'm your king

The endgame has begun.

The moment when I must play
a move even though I know it
to be to my disadvantage.

My claim to Spain and
its possessions is lost.

Cardinal Leto arrives shortly
to attend the funeral
on behalf of the pope.

But, sire,
with the queen departed,

surely Leopold's hand
is strengthened.


So I want the cardinal
to approve the union

between King Charles
and my niece Marie-Louise.

He cannot leave until I know
that Spain is mine.

But, sire,
convincing the cardinal
will be no easy matter.

We know the Vatican fears
His Majesty's ambitions.

Which is why I must prove to him
that I'm an ally, not a threat.

The question is how.

The Protestants.

The Catholic Church
fears the growing threat of
the Protestants across Europe.

By showing the cardinal
he does not tolerate Protestants
in Versailles,

His Majesty will be seen as
champion of the Catholic faith.


The Protestants should be
punished and a spectacle made
of their punishment.

A punishment
without a crime?

Well, that is
a cross they will have to bear.

This would be seen
by the Protestant community
as yet another provocation.

And what will they do?
Take up arms?

No. Leave the country.

And the effects on the economy
will be devastating.

Commerce, law, medicine--
all dominated
by Protestant families.

Let them leave.

And to make up the deficit?

The people will pay.
We shall raise the salt tax.

Sire, we have raised
the salt tax ten times
in as many years.

Then at least no one can
accuse us of inconsistency.


The Ottoman trader
who presented himself.
Is he still here?

Yes, sire.

Bring him to me.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

This must be
very hard for you.
I know you were close.

She always showed
great kindness towards me.

As you did to her,
no doubt.

At one time,
you believed she did not die
of natural causes.

I still do.

You must have mislaid this.

The servants were about
to toss it in the waste.

Thank you.

It's an unusual box.

Where did you get it?

It was a gift.

From whom?

I forget.


I've known a lot of murderers.

There's always one thing
that betrays their guilt.

Their eyes.

Good day.

Your Highness.

I wish to offer my condolences.
I know that you and the queen
were close.

It is part of God's mystery
that the finest souls
are taken from us

whilst still enjoying
the flower of youth.

One person's loss is
always someone else's gain.


The queen is gone.

Now you have the king
all to yourself.

The king belongs to no one.

At least not until
he seeks a new alliance.

Surely you do not imagine that
the king will remain unmarried?

You may have his heart
for now,

but soon you will be
nothing more than a name
on a long list of conquests.

Your Majesty.

The document on the table.
I would like you to sign it.

It is an agreement
guaranteeing me a monopoly
of the trade networks

through the Mediterranean.

And in return?

If your emperor chooses
to invade Austria,

I shall not
stand in his way.

Am I to believe His Majesty?

The king is
a man of his word.

I shall return immediately
to announce the good news.

You will travel by sea?

A ship awaits me at Toulon.

From there
I shall head for Malta.

I trust His Eminence did not
find the journey too arduous.

Not as arduous
as these stairs.

I shall take you to your rooms
where you may rest.

No. Take me to see
His Majesty first.

As you wish.

What is your name?

I am Alexandre Bontemps,
Your Eminence.

Governor of Versailles.

So you are Bontemps.

Do you know who I am?

Of course.

Where is Monsignor di Marco?

I assumed he would be here
to greet me.

I could not say.

Find him.

Tell him
to come to my rooms.

On behalf of His Holiness
Pope Innocent XI,

may I express
my most sincere condolences.

She died before her time.

Thank you.

His Eminence's rooms
have been prepared?

They have, sire.

Do we have any news
of the Emperor Leopold?


I received a message
to say

he would be attending
the funeral.

And I look forward
to welcoming him.

A shadow has been cast.

This may only be
the beginning, duchesse.

And our people's fears
are growing.

We must stand strong.
We must not forget who we are.

May I steal the duchesse
for a moment?

The last time we spoke...

you told me

you would not marry me
if I were the last man
on earth.

I should have made
my feelings clear.

Your desires were
clear enough.

Please ignore my past
and my reputation.

The fact is,
what I'm trying to say--


I think I love you.

I know I love you.

And I did promise
your nephew I would help.

But to my shame, I failed.

Nobles of the court!

I address myself to
the Protestants amongst you.

By order of the king,

I command those of you
who have in your possession

a Bible
in the French language

to hand it over.

Either you surrender
these objects of sin

or your bodies will be searched
and your rooms ransacked.


Do not give in.

First you imprison
Monsieur de Puy,
then you force us to recant.

And now this?

It is an outrage.
No, madame.

The word of God is
expressed in Latin

and can only be interpreted
by members of the Church.

Allowing people to read it
without guidance

will inevitably drive them
towards error and heresy.

I wish to speak
with the king.

If only he wished
to speak with you.


Because it is necessary.

Believe me,
I feel your suffering.

No, Françoise.
You feel nothing.

I do believe the duchesse
has lost her mind.

Yet she has managed
to retain her courage.

Your admiration is misplaced.

I think it's outrageous.

I was a Protestant myself,

and I resent the suspicion
that people of that faith
are not loyal subjects.

- My brother has an aversion for
those who disagree with him.

To whom
do we have the honor?

You do not recognize her?


This is your daughter,

and the next queen
of Spain.

I am Princess Palatine,
your stepmother.

Oh. I thought you would be--
A witch?

I thought we agreed
she would marry your son.

You should see this
as an opportunity.

For you.
For both of us.

She will be introduced to
His Eminence the Cardinal Leto
this evening at a banquet.

If he approves of her,

it is my hope
that the pope will give
his blessing to the union.

I rely on you
to prepare her.

And from now on,
you belong to France.

I have a challenge for you.

How do you convince

an arrogant,
self-satisfied papal envoy
to do what you want?

Why do you ask me
such a question?

Well, because you know
the minds of men in power...

twisting us around
that little finger of yours,

toying with us,
bending us to your will.

His Majesty...

makes it hard for me
to concentrate.

Of course.

Let us focus
on the matter in hand.

He is a papal envoy,

so power is
more important than faith.


He acquired his position...

through treachery
and corruption.

No doubt.

All he cares for
is power and status.


he needs to be flattered.


May I present
Madame de Maintenon.

Your Eminence.

I hope you found your rooms
to your satisfaction.

Tell me...

do you believe tyranny
to be a good thing?

You demand
Strasbourg and Luxembourg.

You seek to take over the world
and drive the emperor Leopold
into anonymity.

Believe me, Your Eminence,
I do not seek power.

I seek peace.

Call that tyranny,
if you wish.

You want Spain
and its possessions.

Yes, in order to protect them.

As for Leopold, no one respects
his authority more than I.

However, I believe the Church
deserves someone stronger
to defend it.

With the queen's death,
your claim to Spain is now void.

It is not
a question of claim
but of duty.

My duty is to defend
the interests of the Church.

And it is my humble hope
that His Holiness will recognize
my ambition for what it is.

Simply the wish to serve.

His Holiness has already given
his blessing to the union

of King Charles of Spain
and the Princess Eleanor.

And if I presented
a more suitable candidate?

Such as?

My niece
the princess Marie-Louise.

Monsieur Marchal,
may I have a word?

Of course.

It relates to His Highness,
the duc d'Orléans.

The king is worried
about his state of mind.

I'm sad to hear it,
but I don't see
how this concerns me.

I have seen you
in discussion
with him recently.

I wondered if he had said
or intimated

anything that
you considered...

out of the ordinary.

Such as?

His Highness was convinced
there was some sort of plot
against him.

I tried to help him
solve the mystery.

Our search came to nothing,
and it was my understanding
that he had let the matter drop.

But I fear I was wrong.

He's mentioned
nothing of this to me.

But if he does,
I shall inform the king.

Best inform me first.

His Majesty has much
to deal with at the moment.

As you wish.

Tell me about
the king's brother.

Is he still digging his nose
into our affairs?

Like a hound after a fox.

He gets closer to the truth
by the day.

And is the king aware
of his investigations?


Where is the prisoner now?

In a safe place.

Well, keep him there
until I have need of him.

Your Eminence...

if the identity of the prisoner
were revealed...

the consequences would be dire.

Do you think
I'm not aware of that?

I shall only do such a thing
if your king goes too far
in his demands.

What in your view
are a woman's duties?

To serve her husband.

To be faithful.

To remain discreet.

And to bear children.

Imagine your husband said
he thought the world to be
full of pixies and fairies.

What would you say?

I would support him
in his opinions.

And if he asked you to walk
naked through the fountain.

I would endeavor
to satisfy his request.

You have been well taught.

Women are just pawns
in a game played by men.

They own you.

But do not allow them
to crush your spirit.

I've come to examine
Her Highness.

It's out of the question.
Now is not the time.

On the orders of the king,
Your Highness.


the doctor must examine you.

Please recline
and raise your dress.

- No!
- Please.

You will not place
your hands on me.

Go and find His Highness.

He simply wants to confirm
that you are untouched.

My dear.

I won't let him.

The doctor is only
doing his duty.

You must do the same.
It won't take a minute.

- Marie-Louise!

- What on earth is going on?
- The doctor is here
to make an examination.

My dear, you must understand
that without this test,

your marriage cannot go ahead.

Please don't let him do it.

Now lie down on the bed.

The king!

Tell me, what plans
does His Majesty have
for his next marriage?

I am still in mourning
and have not yet considered
the matter.

You will, no doubt,
satisfy yourself with
the occasional mistress.

The fame of your court is
matched only by the fame
of your sexual appetite.

Now, where is the princess?
I am anxious to meet her.

She is on her way.

There she is.

May I present my brother,
the duc d'Orléans.

His wife the princess Palatine
and his daughter Marie-Louise.

I am honored.


Walk about.

Now come.

Tell me something
about yourself.

What are your interests?

I have little to say of myself,
Your Eminence.

I am young and inexperienced
in the ways of the world.

I prefer to listen.

Do you pray?

I attend mass twice a day.


I am very fond of it.

Tell me,
what in your opinion

is the place of a woman
within marriage?

I believe my place is
to show loyalty and obedience
in all matters.

A charming young lady.

Shall we dine?

Ladies and gentlemen.
Your Eminence.

I ask you all to rise
and make your way to the window.

What are they burning?

Protestant bibles.

Shh! Don't.


I understood your court
was filled with Protestants.

Many have now recanted
their faith.

How did you
achieve that?

Gentle persuasion.

Let us suppose that
His Holiness approved

the union of your niece
and King Charles.

You realize that there would
be certain terms attached.

Of course.

Strasbourg and Luxembourg
would remain under
the control of Leopold.

You would guarantee protection
of the Holy Roman Empire

in the event of
an invasion by the Ottomans.

You have my word on it.


So am I to suppose
that His Eminence
agree to the marriage?

I have not yet
made up my mind.

Of course.

Thank you, my child.

What are you doing?

I thought...

You thought wrongly.

The desires of the flesh
hold no interest for me.

on the other hand...

Nineteen. Twenty-two.

Twenty-six. Thirty-one.

1619, 1622,
'26, '31.

Four children dead at birth.


It was another seven years

before the birth
of your brother.

What happened in between?

Nothing happened in between.
They tried. They failed.
Then my brother was born.


What other explanation
could there be?

What if your father despaired
of ever having a son?

His wife was unable
to provide one.

Every king's nightmare.

That left him only one choice.

To produce an heir
with another woman.

An heir
who may still be alive.

Wearing an iron mask
to conceal his identity.


That would mean my father
took a mistress.

I don't even know
if my father
had any affairs.

I know someone who would.

I haven't seen him
in the salon for ten years.

Life at Versailles
is not to his taste.

Are you sure
he's still alive?

My lord.

My lord.

What is it?
ls there a fire?


Good evening, Your Highness.

Please accept our apologies
for disturbing you at this hour.

I'm sure
you have your reasons.

I have a question to ask you.

You knew my father,
did you not?

I had the honor of
calling him a friend, yes.

Did he have any mistresses?

Your father was
a devoted husband.

Did he have any mistresses?

Not that I am aware of.

You're lying.

You were friends
with the Comte de Soissons,
were you not?


I knew him vaguely.


Yet you joined with him
in a plot to overthrow
your friend the king.

It would be a shame

if the current monarch
knew of your treachery
towards his father.

Tell me about his mistresses.

You may not like it here,

but you would enjoy
the cold of a prison cell
a lot less.

There was a rumor.

Her name?

Louise de la Fayette.

She was
maid of honor to the queen.

What happened to her?

After her liaison
with your father,

she left court and joined
a convent in Chaillot.

I believe your father
continued to visit her
till the end of his life.

This Lafayette woman
may have given birth to a child

whom my father would legitimize
if mother failed to
produce an heir.


And when
your brother was born,

la Fayette chose to leave
the court.

You are angry with me.


Angry with myself.


I understand you have duties
that you can't ignore, but...

I know it's childish and naive
of me, but I can't help it.

I understand.

Do you?

Ever since I set eyes on you,
I dreamt of being with you.

Now I am, I see you
being taken away from me.

You said to me that
I would never be alone.

And now...

I say the same thing to you.

Get up.

What is it?
Prepare yourself.

What for?
To meet a cardinal.

I want you to impress him
with your intelligence

and whatever you can muster
by way of modesty.


Because with his help, you're
going to be queen of Spain.

I owe you my thanks.

The fact that you stand
before me now

means you carried out
your duties with great courage
and ingenuity.

Thank you,
Your Highness.


I must warn you.

I am under suspicion.

The king's head of police
is convinced

the queen did not die
of natural causes.

Does he have any evidence?

No. But I fear him.

Well, if there's no evidence,
there's nothing to fear.

You will remain here.
Keep an eye on my niece
until her departure.

As you wish.

What can you tell me of Louis?
What is he scheming?

The king carries out
his affairs in private.

There is little talk
of politics in the salon.

There is always something.

Did he have any visitors?

There was
a trader here yesterday

in conversation
with Monsieur Colbert.

A trader?
What sort of trader?
Where was he from?

I don't know.

He was
of a Middle-Eastern


He said he was going
to be taking the ship
from Toulon to Malta.

Find the trader.
Yes, Your Majesty.

Please accept
my condolences.

Her death was a tragedy.
She was a wonderful woman.

I thank you for your thoughts.

You must feel lost
without her.

She accompanies me
in my soul.

As she accompanies us all.

Did you really think I would not
discover the truth?

The truth?

You convinced her to go to Spain
to help you marry your niece
to King Charles.

You used her.

I was not the only one.

Why did you come here?

To mourn.

That was not
the only reason.


You came to see
the cardinal.

To convince him
to side with you
over Spain.

You read me like a book, Louis,

just as I read you.

But I shall succeed.

No, you won't.

He pays you lip service,

but he knows you to be
the weak fool that you are.

By the way, your wife
was a wonderful lover.

Such passion.

Such imagination.

May I help?

Yes. By leaving.

Any luck?


It scares me to think
we may discover a half brother
I never knew I had.

We will soon find out.

The records of
every birth and death
in this parish

for the past 50 years.

You are walking blindly
towards a cliff top,

and if you don't jump
of your own accord,

you can be certain
that Louis will push you.

Perhaps he is sincere
in wishing to protect
the Holy Roman Empire.

That's my job.

But are you still
capable of doing it?

Louis serves no one but himself.
He sees himself as God.

He has strength and authority,

which you, perhaps, lack.

The pope has already
approved the match between
Eleanor and King Charles.


But with the queen's death,
he has no claim.

Ah, don't be so sure.



Monsieur Marchal, His Majesty
would have a word with you.

Monsieur Marchal,
I have a job for you.

Of course.

It concerns
Emperor Leopold's niece,
Princess Eleanor.

She's become a nuisance
to my plans.

And I don't like nuisances.

With all due respect,

does the princess
deserve such a fate?

She is young.

But dangerous.


Good afternoon.

I see you are here
on official duty.

You're searching
for evidence.

Something is
bothering you though.

What is it?

I'm beginning to question
all that I believe in,
all I have done.

Things I wish
I'd never heard.

Thank you.

For what?

For trusting me.

Will we see each other
again soon?

Or am I just
a passing affliction?

I will visit you again tonight.
If I may.

You may.

In the meantime,

there is something
I would like you to do for me.

The real reason
for your visit?


What would you have me do?

As you may know,

the king has conceived
a certain fondness
for the Princess Eleanor.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

You are close
with the princess.

His Majesty would like
to see her again.

Alone. Without the knowledge
of her uncle.

Where and when?

before the funeral...

in the Orangerie.

Do you trust me now?


Where is your uncle?

I have no idea.

Eleanor, I believe your life
to be in danger.

I'm condemned,
if that's what you mean.

No. Listen. Listen to me.

I believe someone
may try to kill you.

- Who?
- The king's men.

We must inform your uncle,
and you must leave
for Spain immediately.

I don't want to go to Spain.
But you can't stay here.

Then what should I do?



I will help you.

Why should I trust you?

Because I'm coming with you.




You ready?

If His Majesty
will forgive me,
I shall remain in my rooms.


I feel unwell, Uncle.
A feminine matter.

Oh. I see.

Very well.

You're sure?

I have nothing to lose.

I'm right.

Born on this day,

in the year of our Lord 1637,

a son, Robert.

In the presence
of Father Martin,
priest of the parish

and Madame Secretan,

Louis de Bourbon,
king of France

and Louise de la Fayette.

What's wrong?


We have lost someone
dear to our hearts.

We weep for her.
We weep for ourselves.

We feel our own suffering,

and we question the mystery
that is our Lord.

But what is human life if not
a brief moment in the light,

surrounded on all sides...

by the endless
shadow of darkness?

We are scared of this darkness.

We do not know it.

But we should not fear it.

We should embrace it...

for it is not
darkness at all...

but a light
that shines forever.

It is the light of faith...

of glory.

It is the light of God.

A wonderful ceremony.


I need to speak
with you now.



Tell me, damn it.
What have you done?

I've done nothing.

What's happened?
What's this about?

The truth.

The truth?

We have an older brother.