Versailles (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Of Blood and Stone - full transcript

I've been expecting you.

Perhaps, Sonsrette

but can you
predict your own future?

Search the room!


You found a friend of yours?

Bind her!

The French, heroic and
fearless to a man

battled with bravery,
brain and brawn.

Sundering the enemy spirit,
they attacked at dawn

cutting a swathe through
the Dutch heartland to Hirte.

So, they ran like children
for their lives

under William's underskirt.

Your attention to detail
and fidelity to the truth

can only be applauded, Thomas.

Don't you agree, brother?

Makes French breasts
bulge with pride, brother.

I cannot put a value on
the work you do for us.

One day, soon,

I shall reward you in full.

Thank you, Sire.

The witch has been arrested, Sire.

We found numerous potions

and satanic material.

Bring her to me.

To the Palace?

Never show fear to the devil.

We also discovered a book, Sire,

containing the names of
all those who sought to help.

She is the source
of the poisons, Sire.

How many were involved?

Too many to count.

We meet again,

my King.

You would be advised
to show respect.

You stand accused
of witchcraft and sorcery.

I plead guilty on both counts.

Of what do you stand accused?


arrogance, vanity.

The Marquise de Montespan
spoke very highly of you.

Her hands are clean.

She only came to me
for a love potion.

Don't try and tell me
it didn't work.

I would have expected
more humility,

in your predicament.

And it fits me nothing
with my fate decreed already.

You will leave this life
imminently, that is certain.

They tell me Good Friday's
an apt time for a sacrifice.

You ridicule your Maker,

the only one who
could give you forgiveness.

I do not seek forgiveness.

I' am not the sinner here.

You and your Lord have
no dominion in my world.

Deny me and you deny God.

I serve the true master.

I offer myself as a sacrifice to him.

Heretic, blasphemer!
You preach treason!

I believe in justice.

And one day,

you'll face yours.

You have the gall
to threaten me?

We are equals, you and I.

You cannot choose
to be born a King

any more than I
chose to be a pauper.

I am chosen by God!

Your Lord giveth and
He will taketh away!

History will recall your
fleeting moment in blood!

A tide is coming that
will sweep you away!

All of Versailles will
see you burn for this.

I will not be vanquished while
my agents are at large.

I have sown
the seeds of sedition,

that will turn this edifice
and it's master to dust!

A tide!

Find who they are.

Show a brave face,
so there can be no suspicion.

Stay away from me. I want
nothing more to do with you.

Put a foot wrong

and we are both up to
our necks in steaming horse dung.

It's over.

Nothing can be proven and
in time, it will all be forgotten.

It hasn't even started yet.

What will you have me do?

Water, please.

Thank you.

Hercules rid the world of
the poisonous Hydra

by chopping off all it's heads.

His Majesty has come to
the wrong room, perhaps.

It was you I came to see.

It has been a long time.

Not since you have been
with another woman.

You're wrong.

Why, now?

I have been occupied.

With Madame Scarron?

That is sareless talk.

And she is Madame de Maintenon now.

What have you been up to?

Keeping a low profile...

waiting, hoping...

The waiting's over.

I hope so.

As do I.

I knew it.

I know you better than anyone.

I knew it was a lie when
you said you did not love me.

Everyone lies sometimes.

I have never lied
about my feelings for you.

But in other things?

I have nothing to hide.

There is sin in thought,
as well as deed.

Well then, I have
nothing to confess,

except that I love you.

And I will do anything I can
to have you back.

For that, you must
tell me the truth.

Well, come to me, my King.

I will show you
that I have no secrets.

Finally, scales fall
from my eyes

and you have betrayed me
for the last time.


my good friend!

I need your help with a dilemma.

Of course.

I'm in two minds how
to deal with my enemies.

Do I educate them
or punish them?

Depends what they've done, Sire.

Well, if I came upon information

incriminating someone I trusted,

how should I
deal with that betrayal?

There's only one way
to deal with a traitor, Sire.

Well, even if it was
someone like you?

If you tell me the truth,

you can leave through that door.

If you do not, you will
leave through that door.

But my wife's father was
obstructing our investments,

she wished him dead.

I've heard about Madame Agathe.

For a price,
she supplied poison.

We invited him round for supper.

It saddens me deeply that
you didn't come to me.

I am a reasonable man,

I've always helped those
loyal to the Crown.

I feared you would not listen

unless it was part of your plan.

Did I frighten you?

Is that it?
Because I am a tyrant?

You killed a nobleman
in my Palace.

I beg forgiveness, Sire!

I will devote my life to
your service, without question.

I appreciate your honesty, my friend.

Thank you, Sire.

Did you really think that I
could let this go unpunished?

After all I've given you?

The France rewards
her loyal servants

and she punishes
those who betray her!

Strike now, without mercy.

And the Marquise de Montespan?

Not yet.

I am innocent, I am innocent!

They're arresting half the court.

Calm yourself,
we two remain in the clear.

But for how much longer?

I say we make
a tactical withdrawal.

And I say, we push ahead.

With what?

There is one person who
deserves punishment above all.

What are you
going to do with them?

Now, go get me some to drink.


Where are we going?

It's all about anticipation.

That's beautiful.

And much better
seen from the outside.

I thought we were going
somewhere private,

away from prying eyes.

Well we can always do that,

but I'm in a more romantic mood.

I mean, what is life worth
if you can't bask in beauty

and talk about poetry,
the words of love?

These days, my writing is
mostly about military matters

and the King's ambitions.

He's always asking me
to write such gup!

But deep down, you are a poet,

a lover, like me.

You have an understanding
of a deeper truth,

the reality behind the facade.

I mean...

Take Versailles, for example.

It is truly a triumph
in style over substance,

which has my brother
written all over.

I can imagine.
Same goes for the war,

he has you writing
all that propaganda,

when the truth is,
things are obviously in chaos.

I'm sure His Majesty
has matters under control.

He knows as much
about military strategy

as I do about basket weaving.

I mean, why would you withdraw
all of your troops from Holland,

when we all know that's where
the real war is won or lost?

The King expects me
back in court.

I mean, we could just
have sex, if you'd rather.

Maybe later.

Is that you, my dear?

You must be losing your sight.

I can still detect a bad smell.

It was you, wasn't it?

You betrayed me to the King.

Why would you think that?

A sudden enthusiasm for
my company from Monseur

and a strong urge to
divulge secrets of state.

His Highness has a penchant
for male company,

perhaps, even yours.

Did you betray me to the King?

Look at me.

What do you think?

I warned you!

Didn't I?

What are you doing?

I'm sorry.

What did he say exactly,
word for word?

I said: "You are
making a mess of it"

by withdrawing your
troops from Holland

so you could focus
on tackling the East.

Then, he left.

He was due to speak
with me an hour ago.

You think he's
seen through it, Sire?

We were drinking, it was
in the heat of passion.

That's exactly what
we agreed, isn't it?

You took him for a fool.

It was a an error of judgement
and not for the last time.

That's not fair!

I'm the one selling
his ass for France!

Find him!

Maybe it's not too late
to retrieve the situation.

He must not leave the palace.

Why would you hurt a dying man?

There's no time to explain.

I must leave tonight and I
want you to come with me.

Why should I trust you?

Listen, if they catch me,
they will kill me!

Why? What have you done?

What kind of outlaw are you?

One who knows all about you
and that that you are Protestant

and that your mother conspired
against the King for William of Orange.

So, that's why
you befriended me!

You're a spy too!

Yes, but then
I fell in love with you.

Are you coming with me or not?


I'll be in the stables at midnight.

Where the fuck have you been?

Here we go again.

You were with him, weren't you?

I'm not going to have
this conversation with you.

Then, I'm going round to
your little sweetheart, right now

and I'm going to
rip his throat out!

You're not going to do
anything of the kind

because you're a
notorious coward

and he's not my sweetheart.

I'm a coward, am I?

Do you really want to see
how brave I can be?

Look, it's not what you think.

I think he's a
snivelly little bastard

and I'll kill him!

It's a charade.

Louis is using me to feed
information to the Dutch.

That's why I'm flirting with him.

I've heard some lame
excuses in my time...

I come here for
sanctuary, escape.

From the heaven,
on earth, you created?

I now have a record
of the poisonings,

that proves I've been
betrayed by my friends,

hundreds of them.

Difficult sins to forgive.

Some of them are close.

Very close,

one in particular.

Then the betrayal
is even greater.

An untreated wound can fester
in the soul just as in the body.

I know what I must do,
so, why do I hesitate?

Why do I doubt myself?

Look into my eyes.

I believe in you.

You must trust yourself.

You are perfect.

I cannot.

It is wrong.

How can it be?
God has sent you to me.

You are married.

It is a marriage without love.

And me? What would I be?

Love without marriage?

The differences between us
are stronger, purer

than desires of the flesh.

There's one missing!

Can I help you?
Yes, I believe you can.

Whether or not you're willing
is another matter.

You treacherous bitch!

I failed you, forgive me!

Give him the cell where rats play.

You are defeated, witch.

Where's your Dark Master now?

In my head,

just like he is in yours.

We both know
this is not over yet.

You have a very soft heart.

Everybody deserves
to get in there.

I know what you did.

Your name was on a list.

It has now been erased.

Your conscience
should remain clean.

And what of your conscience?
Is that clean?

I leave the past behind me.
I hope you will do the same.

A word of warning:

Your lover may not be
the man you think he is.

Everybody has their secrets.

Where do you think you're going?

What are you doing here?
I like surprises.

And I don't like
people walking out on me.

I'm very sorry. I had
some matters to attend to.

I'm sorry too!

I came on a
bit too strong earlier.

Terrible habit, my passion
got the better of me

but I thought I'd
stop by and apologize.

And see if we couldn't,
maybe, try again?

That's not very nice of you!


My love!


Hold your fire!

She is innocent.

Believe me, Sire,

I had no intention
of causing trouble.

I saw your brother in pain. My
anger was too strong for me.


I was driven to action!
A reflex beyond my control!

I had no time to
consider the consequences...

Silence! Yes, of course.

I've brought you here
to express my gratitude.

You have shown honor and valor

in ridding the palace
of a dangerous spy

and as a reward, you
will receive an annual stipend,

so you are no longer in debt
and also reliant on my brother

and you will be given
rooms in the East Wing.

On condition that you
start to behave as a nobleman.

Your predilection for
alcohol and powders will cease,

if you want to remain
associated with my court.

Absolutely, Sire. I assure you, I...

Will you shut up?

Brother, you're alive.

No thanks to you.

You were in
the service of France.

It would have been
good propaganda, wouldn't it;

Had I died?

Your brother
sacrifices himself, for you.

Please, try to be reasonable.

What would you have
written on my tombstone?

"He gave his ass for France?"

Brother, please!

If you had died tonight, I
would have lost my closest friend.

Why should I believe you?

Because, after all we've been through,

after all the hurt
I've caused you,

you love me as I love you.

If you walk out now,
you walk out on that love.

Tomorrow, you will go to war,
if that is what you wish.

No sudden, last minute change of mind?

I want you go to to Holland
and destroy William of Orange

for me, for France,

for you.

I have done things,

evil things.

Go on.

I accuse myself
of sins of the flesh,

of pride and of wroth

and other things that
I dare not mention.

Are you truly
sorry for these sins?

I am.

Then the Lord will forgive you.

You will now say
the act of contrition.

My Lord God,

I am heartily sorry if
I have offended you.

I detest all of my sins,

because I dread the loss of
heaven and the pains of hell.

I firmly resolve,
with the help of Your grace,

to do penance

and amend my life.


I look forward to
seeing you at Communion.

With His Grace's permission,
I shall remain to pray.

Of course.

You did well to stay.

Versailles is fun, when
you get used to it.

Versailles will be fun
when it gets used to me.

If a man dies,
will he live again?

Can death be defeated?

It is only through
the power of light

that the long shadow of death
can be banished.

Today is a day of resurrection,

of hope, of peace.

The witch spoke of other agents.
You will tell me who they are.

That won't be necessary.

Why don't we talk
about this like gentlemen?

Perhaps not.
I can save the King's life!

But if you touch
another hair of my head...

In return, you will give me full amnesty

and safe passage to Bordeaux.

Only the King can
grant such a wish.

Act fast or he'll
grant no wishes at all.

The ghosts of his victims
are here for revenge.

You will be freed only
if the King survives.

I can trust you?

If he dies, you die.

Easter Sunday.

A sermon, prayers.

Tick, tock, tick, tock!



It's poisoned, Sire.

Foix confessed.

Who else? He could not
have done this alone.

Someone tried to poison me
while I worshipped God.

I am innocent, Sire. Innocent?

Yet, you procured poison.

It was a mistake.
I did not go through with it.

And the heretic priest, Etienne Guibourg?

A Satanic Mass!

The blood of a child spilt.

No, I could never
do such a thing!

But you went to see it! Admit it!

Everything I did, I did for you.

All I wanted... Enough!

I gave you my heart,

my soul,

my love.

That love has died.

It cannot die.

I made you who you are.

I made you complete,
I cannot live without you.

You cannot live without me.

That was true, once

but not now.

Without you,

I am myself.

I will leave, if
that is what you want.

You'll never hear from me again.


You will remain here,
at Versailles,

an anonymous noble,
without the King's favor.

That will be your punishment,

to bear the guilt
and shame forever.

You will leave behind,
the life you once lead.

You will attend prayers and Mass.

You will neither
drink nor gamble.

You will be known for
your piety and your humility.

You condemn me to death!

The Marquise de Montespan,

who had the world and
the King of France at her feet,

no longer exists.

Even the darkest night
gives way to dawn.

And if you are killed,
what of our son?

You'll find someone else to
take the role of the father.

We will to each other every day.

I want informed report
on your health well-being.

And remember, this is Versailles.
You should be happy.

How do I look?


I thought you'd
be pleased for me.

And I thought
you'd be grateful to me.

Didn't I save your life?

So, why risk it, now,

on a stupid battlefield?

I will always love you.

There are things that I must do
before I can love you again.

As I wish and you deserve!



Take him to the pyre.

Long live the King!

Long live the King!

The Sun King!

It is for his greed
that you toil!

For his vanity,

you suffer!

Rise up and fight!

I urge you!

The sun is your power!

Your days are numbered,
Louis, King of France.

You and your spores,

shall wither and decay,

your flesh eaten by
the worms of tyranny!

Subtitle transcribed by Uncle Andy