Versailles (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Seven Shadows - full transcript

Louis sets out to trap Beaumont by getting Philippe close to him, arousing the Chevalier's jealousy though Philippe is enraged to learn that one of the king's maverick generals has slaughtered citizens of the Palatinate, causing the latter to ally with the Dutch against France. The queen employs a spy to shadow Montespan, who kills her before taking part in a hideous ritual to reinstate herself at court. Its perpetrator, Father Etienne, is arrested and before dying tells Fabien that he killed Claudine.

Subtitle transcribed by Uncle Andy

You're not what I imagined,
Monseur Guibourg.

Father Etienne.

The Church may have rejected me

but they cannot take away my faith.

So, can you answer my wishes?

Our Lord's strength
is in harnessing nature.

I cannot go against the natural order.

Well, I only want what is right.

In his soul, he desires
me more than anything.

Such feelings can only be secured

if the subject
is deserving of your love.

I would sacrifice my life for him.

That should not be necessary.

She's perfect!

But this world is no place for her.

And so it falls to me
to find her peace.


Now, there are certain duties
you need to perform before the ritual.

Certain rites to be observed.

I am not sure if
I am ready for this!

You think this is a marketplace?

You think I am some simple merchant?

You think that it's some kind of

take-it-or-leave-it service
to be dabbled in?

Devote your life to his service

and your wishes
will be granted.

Now, place your hand
on the Holy Book

or don't

and leave your fate
at the mercy of the prevailing wind.

The choice is yours.

Sorry to break your hearts,

but it looks like
I am victorious once again.

I'm just going to
take my winnings and leave.

That's a lot of coin, you see.
So sorry.

It was a pleasure,
gentlemen, as always.

Excuse me.

Lucky in cards, unlucky in love.

Not so far.

You have a magic touch!

We make quite a team!

I'd call that a
handsome morning's work

It's a convincing charade.

It's easier when my orders
overlap with my hobbies.

At any rate, he seems
to be falling for your charms.

I've yet to meet
a man that doesn't.

Make sure you have his trust.

We can then choose
a moment to abuse it.

I must admit
I'm impressed, dear brother.

You set a fine example on
how to deny your passion

in the service of your duty.

Where were you?

What business is it of yours?

You're fucking him, aren't you?

We devised a deft game at
cheating at the card table.

That hardly constitutes consummation!

I see, you can't even deny it.

I want to know exactly
what you've been up to.

You're drunk.
Don't patronize me!

There are bigger things
going on here.

You have no idea
what this is about.

The whole fucking salon
knows what's going on!

Do you have to
rub my nose in it?

It's complicated.
I can't explain it right now.

Maybe this will help you
find the right words.

You dare threaten me?


I have a much better idea.

You're bluffing.

You don't even know
how to load it properly.

You really want to know
how much I feel for you?

Do you want to know
what's really in my heart?

Let me show you.

I don't recognize you anymore.

You stay away from me!

He missed...

the story of his life.

Go away! Go away!

Dig it up.

All of it.

I'm at prayer, Bontemps.

Sire, I insist you come with me.

Monseur Louvois awaits
you in the Council Room.

Regarding what?

A messengerhas just arrived
from the Palatinate.

We have killed hundreds,
possibly more.

And how many were soldiers?

None, Sire.
They were all unarmed civilians.

Our troops:
loyal, professional Frenchmen

have slaughtered
innocent women and children?

They got out of control:
drunk, rampaging,

They looted, butchered, raped.

They say the world has
never witnessed such barbarity.

Turenne is a man of restraint.
How could this happen?

He claims, Sire,
he had the King's blessing.

He's lost all reason.

War has destroyed his mind,
eroded his judgment.

It would seem so, Sire.

The Elector Palatinate
was our staunch ally.

No more, Sire.

He has joined William of Orange
against us.

I must seek
giudance from above.

Ours is a God of wroth,

and we have
angered Him much already.

Would His Majesty share this news
with the Princess Palatine?

She will find out soon enough,

if she has not heard already.

What of your family?

Some are unaccounted for.

I have cousins and childhood friends
living in the heartland.

So, they might have survived.

They say your forces
killed everyone in sight.

My country will never
be the same again.

My brother's actions
have nothing to do with me.

I'm sorry.

I am married to the family
that has destroyed my people.

Everybody out!

But there are
conventions to be observed, sir

I don't give a shit!
Tell them to leave.

I don't think that's apt.

If you don't, I will!

You cannot overrule the King.

I have things to say
that can only be heard

by those who shared
a bloody womb!

Go on, get out!

Would you defy
your King's brother?

Must you live your
entire life in a melodrama?

You are a monster.

What you did in the Palatinate makes
you no better than a common killer.

Every war involves
regrettable casualties.

Not the mass slaughter
of innocent people!

There are rules, boundaries,

basic human decency!
I was here at Versailles!

These events were
outside my control.

Of course, it's always
someone else's fault, isn't it?

You're never said sorry
in your entire life

Turenne was acting
on his own initiative.

This butchery could not have
happened without your consent!

You're as guilty as he is!

What am I supposed to do?

I have a spy in my palace,
my troops are in retreat,

and half of Europe
has vowed to destroy me!

You have blood on your hands, brother.

Maybe that's your true legacy.

You don't want to be loved.

You want to be feared.

Why am I still being tortured?

I cannot say, Sire.

I crushed all carnal thoughts,

I acknowledged my errors,

yet still, God is
punishing me with this massacre!

I've done everything
in my power to please him.

What else can I do?

To pray is the only solution, Sire.

All answers will come
to you through Him.

Hardly the first bastard child

to be disposed of
without ceremony.

I cannot talk now,
I have matinees.

God can wait.
I'm here on behalf of the King.

Tell me about the
Church's refuge, St. Genevieve,

An institution for lost souls.

They take the children of whores.

Such charity is misplaced.

Sinners must pay their own debts.

The Church has no such place.

How can you be sure?

Because I have
authority over all France.

That includes you.

Do you know a priest
in Paris, Father Etienne?

No, I do not.



If Guibourg
is at large in Paris,

you must stop him, quickly.

You requested my counsel, Majesty?

As a woman of experience,

I thought you might understand
the nuances of modern life.

I wish to become a
better lover for my husband.

The profound love of wedlock can
only come through God, Majesty.

How would you
characterize your marriage?

My late husband was
very busy with his work.

He wasn't one for physical prowess.

Although, occasionally, my husband
seemed to find me irresistible,

after I bathed in aromatic oils.

Aromatic oils?

I beg your pardon, Your Majesty.

Solange, that won't be necessary.

Indeed, I have a favor
to ask of you.

I understand you and a certain lady
are no longer close friends.

To compensate for your loss,
I would like you to be mine.

I am honored.

I want you to feign friendship and
keep a discreet eye on her for me.

Madame de Montespa...

Don't mention that name
in my presence again!

Yes, Majesty.

I don't trust that harlot
to keep her distance.

If she sets another
fragrant foot near the King,

I will make her pay.

Is that quite clear?

That the friendship and love of
the King may be assured to me,

that I may be honored by all the court,

that my lover deny me nothing I ask.

So, I just have to read it?

Guibourg will explain the rest.

You must follow his instructions precisely.

You seem troubled, pretty one.

I do not like going against
the teachings of Rome.

The Church!

The Church likes
to believe there was

nothing of spiritual worth
before Christ.

They try to deny
the ancient wisdom

but cannot ignore it.

To doubt is natural.

I will stop at nothing
to secure the King's love.


To seal the charm,

you will need a few drops
your lover's fresh sweat.

I am forbidden all access to him.

You are a resourceful woman.

You'll find a way.

We have been over it.

No sign of that priest, Sire,
and no one willing to talk.

Find the whore named Matilde.

She plies her trade in that purgatory.

My master expects me...

I'm here on behalf of the King.


Has Odile incurred your disapproval?

Merely my suspicion.

So, may I have my servant back?

That's a distinctive brocade.

Yes, I'll give you
the name of my tailor,

if you could afford him.

I prefer a less tawdry cut.

Some of us were
born to set fashions,

others merely to follow them

Come along, Odile.

Are you spying on me?

I thought you were my friend!
I was.

And this is how
you betray me?

Everything I know of treachery,
I learned from you!

I've done nothing wrong, sir.

I don't care about your sins.

I need your help to find
Father Etienne Guibourg.

You gave him your child.

Well, that man's a saint!

He's helped countless of us,
the likes of me

If yo care about
the safety of your child,

tell me what you know.


What's happened to her?

I cannot say.

Tell me where he can be found.

Will it suffice?

So long as it
contains it's essence, yes.

You must cover your skin with
half of this at daybreak,

the other half at dusk.

And ingest nothing
but this tincture, in advance.

Is that clear?

I don't know
if I can do this.

I would not have
invested in your future

if I did not believe in you.

But it's not too late,
I can still turn back, can't I?

You know in your heart

you've already
taken the first step.

She was my friend.

She may have betrayed me
but she did not deserve this.

There can be no
salvation without sacrifice.

What if I am damned?

Were you seen?
I'm not sure.

Was there someone maybe?
I don't know!

Then you must believe

And you will soon
be at the King's side.

How can you be so sure?

Because I have faith.

Long is the road to enlightenment
and hard is the way.

I can feel my enemies' breath
on the back of my neck.

Find them.

Here I am before You.

A sinner...penitent.

Do you hear me?

Do you see me?

You taunt me, is that it?

I am here for your amusement!

Punish me if you wish

but why must the people
of France suffer for my sins?

What must I do?

With your help,
I will confront my foes

and bring the enemies
of your Kingdom to justice.

But I need your help.

Do I have it?

Do I have it?


Keep our distance.

I gave orders
not to be disturbed.

I came to pray, Your Highness.

What do you pray for?

For you.

I'm in no need of prayer.

I disagree.

You need it more than anyone.

You carry all our hopes,

our desires, our dreams.

I also lead a gilded life,
don't I?

I have everything in tha world
a man could ever want.

Bring the heart of France
is a terrible burden.

You must be stronger than all of us.

But if I can't find the strength?

God will help you.
He will show you the way.

How did you
find such strength?

I have lived a full life.

I have known sin and redemption.

I achieved inner peace.

I wish it were so simple.

You must recognize your fear,
admit your weakness

and confess your sins.

I do nothing else these days!


Something is sapping
the breath from within me.

You are only human

and you are a good man.

You are not alone.

Do you agree
to serve the Lord?

I do.

Gather round!

You helped me
find my strength.

You carry your
responsibilities like a cross.

As King, I must carry
the sins of all my people.

That was the
sacrifice of Our Lod.

He does want me to follow Him,
doesn't He?


But He does not
ask you to become Him.

Then I am just another man,

weak, fallible, mortal.

You are just a man

but you have forgotten
how to see,

to hear

and to feel,

and you must remember
how to breathe.

My heart beats again.

"My heart aches
every hour we are apart.

"When will we ever be together?"

Something is wrong?

What makes you say that?

Your expression.
I can't read it.

I spent a lifetime
perfecting that particular skill.

What are you thinking?

A wife should never
ask her husband that question.

The answer
will always disappoint.

You frighten me.

Oh, I'm not the one to fear.

A girl like you should be more
careful in her choice of lover.

I don't know what you mean.

Never trust a man who

presents more than
one version of himself

or one who writes
stories for a living.

You're sure Thomas
suspects nothing?

I have him eating
from my perfumed palm.

Then you will tell him tonight

that the King is arrogant,
pigheaded and paranoid.

Shouldn't be too dificult.

You will say that I am
losing my grip on reality,

rejecting all reasonable advice

and you wish to
leave Versailles for good.

Again, I think
I can manage that.

And then you will
tell him that the war is lost

and my men are
cornered like rats in a trap.

We cannot hold onto
Utrecht another day,

We will withdraw
all our forces after nightfall.

How can you be
so sure this will work?

Because I have seen the light.

Is that the delicate touch
of the Duke of Cassel?

Very drawned!

Your eau de toilette
is unmistakable, sir.

Therefore, worth every penny.

How do you fancy

going out, making a fortune

on the card table and
getting blind drunk?

Tough day?

You have no idea.

No, don't read that!
It's not finished yet.

What is it?

It's a scene from a new play
I'm working on about the war.

It's a proper comedy if my brother
has anything to do with it!

He's a natural disaster.

You won't believe the mess
he's making of it now.

Perhaps you should
play the lead role,

since you didn't get a chance to
play your part during the battle.

Would I have to audition
along with all the other actors?

Well, that all depends on
how good you are.

"Your voice is the guttural roar

of the cannons on fire.

Your eyes

are the flames from the
torches of Satan, with ire."

Try some more, this time
with real feeling.

"The kick of the musket,

the flash of the powder ignites,

the glint of the blade,

"The clash of
the iron jaw that...


Lucifer has been celebrating his evil
in the very heart of France

These sinful pages dealing with
the rich rite of human sacrifice.

This unholy priest feels no remorse?

No pity?
Not yet.

But one of his disciples spoke.

It seems the priest
had accomplices in the village.

Chief among them, a woman.

Extract their names from him

and show him the
full force of my justice.

Oh, my child,
my poor child!

What I saw!

I was dreaming.

I was dreaming.

I sold my soul!

Our Lord will protect you.

He is your master.

And what of Father Etienne?

Monseur Marchal and
his men took him.

What if they saw where I went?

No, he's never betrayed
any of his followers.

Then he's never met Monseur Marchal.

We must have faith in him.

What do I do now?

After the way
the King has betrayed you,

don't tell me
you do not seek justice.

Until the next time.

They followed Sokol.

There we go!
We're holding you!

Oh, oh, I'm really grateful.
Thank you.

I will reward each one of you! Wait!

Hold on a second!
What are you doing?

This is an outrage!
You fucking scum!

Look what you've
done to me now.

Compliments of your new lover.

I didn't see his face

but it had to be him.

I was following
your little shit!


Because I wanted to discuss

the weather over Armagnac
and macaroons.

What do you think?

You're making it worse!

Why won't you let me help you?
Because this is your fault!

I'm going back right now and
kill him properly this time!

You can't!

I have my honor to think of
and so should you!

You musn't cause him
any more trouble.

We have to leave him alone.

Trust me, it's important!

Trust you? Seriously?

Get your hands off me!
I love you!

But Thomas has to be left alone.

We both need to
show a brave face.

Can you do that? For me?

Run me a bath.

You seem preoccupied.

It is nothing, Sire.

It's about the Princess Palatine.

She's been in mourning since
the loss of her countrymen.

I'm sure it's
simply an oversight but

a few words from His Majesty
might ease her pain.

You're right. I shall
express my deepest regrets.


That is not what
you had in mind.

I think you should ask her forgiveness.

Confession is not
the same as apology.

Why don't my priests be like you?

Do I frighten you?

No, Sire.

So, what do you fear?

Only myself.

I would like to show my
appreciation and respect.

You are a model of
humility and restraint.

You have fulfilled your
duty as my brother's wife

under trying circumstances.

And now, you
must feel great distress

after what has happened
in your country.

Is that supposed
to be an apology?

Obviously, I would
let you return home,

were you not
carrying my brother's child.

My child will grow up
within a family of murderers.

I came here
to discover a new life

of joy, of liberty.

I am now your captive.

You have complete
ownership of me.

I am at your mercy.

I am sorry.

The priest had accomplices,
among them, a woman.

What ails you, sir?

I drew this in my own blood.

Now I recall
where I saw it first.

And now, the labyrinth
returns to haunt me.

The tarot sorceress may
be part of this heresy too.

I thought you might like
to go the way of our Lord.

My soul is immortal.

You cannot destroy me.

Is that so?

Well, I will enjoy trying.

I only believe in
the here and now.

And right now, there is
only you and me, Seron.

Who else is
behind this abomination?

I give you nothing!

I imagine, you can appreciate

the significance.

Oh, yes!

Just as I appreciate

your insignificance!

My prince is all-powerful.


It appears that your Lord
has forsaken you.

Give me a name.

I already know of
Madame Agathe.

Who else?

The young doctor.


The young doctor.


Oh, so soft

to the touch, yes.

She...she cried
for your help, you know.

as she died, she... a lamb to the slaughter.

It was gratifying

taking the life force
from one so...

so sweet.

Subtitle transcribed by Uncle Andy