Versailles (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - The Book of Revelations - full transcript

Philippe persuades Louis to visit the midwife who delivered their older brother. She tells them of his fate but Philippe is disbelieving, his suspicions leading him to question Versailles ...

Stay with me, Eleanor.
You must keep up.

Come on.

We stop for nothing.

I can't go on.

If we rest,
they will find us.

If they find us,
we are dead.

- Come on.

Come on!

- Come on.
- I'm coming.


No word of the princess's
whereabouts as yet, sire.

I have trust
in Monsieur Marchal.

We need to talk.

I see a light
in those eyes, Brother.

I am eager
to discuss the hunt.

I look forward to it.

But, sire, the cardinal
was hoping to share mass.

Tell him
to save some for us.

I've traced the midwife.

She lives a day's ride south.

Summon her

It's too dangerous.

They mustn't know
that we've found her.

Then you should go to her.

I want you to hear this
with your own ears.

We ride together.

I should put myself at risk
for a fanciful fiction?

This is the truth.

The knights of Damascus
are protecting a prisoner

for the Vatican.

The Church is
behind the entire conspiracy,

and Cardinal Leto
is pulling the strings.

Di Marco tried to kill me
because I found out.

Now I have no doubt

that the man in the iron mask
is our bastard brother,

and the midwife is
the only one who can confirm it.

And if you are wrong?

Who else could he be?

Why else would
his face be hidden?

They want to launch
this man as a pretender.

To push me from my throne.

Do they really think they
can challenge my legitimacy?

If the Church acknowledges him
as our older brother,

then they can call him
the true king of France.

We leave at once.
Tell Bontemps.

No. We tell no one.

Especially Bontemps.

I'm the king of my own land

Facing tempests of dust

I'll fight until the end

Creatures of my dreams

Raise up and dance with me

Now and forever

I'm your king

You must prepare yourself
for the worst.

An innocent girl on the road

will confront thieves
and vagabonds.

And the king's men.

We must pray
for her deliverance.

I fear God may have
other ideas for her.

And me.

Even if God were to deliver
the princess safely,

has she shown
the character of a queen?

She was removed
against her will.

Upon her return, my claim
to Spain shall remain intact.

That's if Louis's men
find her.

Madame Duvernay.

What's left of her.

Hey. Whoa.

We shouldn't be stealing
from each other.

Come on, come on.

- Piss off. We're hungry.
- Yes, we're all hungry

and living in shit
and we're starving.

Whose fault's that, huh?

- Look, come on.
- Move.

The king says
France belongs to all of us.

He promises us the world,
but he just taxes us.

And look what we're left with.

Well, I don't know about you.
I've had enough.

The council is eager
to address the question

of your remarriage, sire.

I was thinking
perhaps His Majesty

might permit me
to take care of this.

If you feel minded.

I hope I know His Majesty's
needs better than they do.

I may be some time.

The council
expects you later, sire.

I trust you to guide them
in my absence.

Well, shouldn't they know
where you are going?

Tell them I've gone hunting.

News from our scouts, sire.

The Ottomans are
gathering their forces.

I want to know the minute
they move on Vienna.

Of course, sire.

Sire, we must know
where you are going.

A boar has been spotted
at Viroflay.

A beast big enough
only a king could kill.

Then I should
come with you.

That will not be necessary.

Fabric for a queen.

I pray it
will never be worn.

I'm sure someone
could find a home for it.

Lorraine, do shut up.

Oh, deliver me
from angry women.

What do I do?

Just wait?

Your fate is
in the king's hands.

Surely the fact that he
has not yet sent me to Spain

means there is still hope.

Quite possibly.

You're just saying that
to cheer me up, aren't you?

You think he will
still send me?

If that is his decision,
then you shall go.

To my death.

They told me
you were leaving.

There is no future for us here.

Monsieur Cavanel,

our people have strength
if we remain together.

How much of our wealth
has he taken?

How many of our friends
forced to recant?

Our Bibles have been burned.
Our hearts broken.

How much longer till the king
takes our very lives?

So we must make
our case as one.

We should confront him while
the cardinal is in Versailles.

He'll be forced
to listen.

And if his ears remain deaf?

Then we must protest.

How do you propose
to do that?

Do you plan resistance?

Well, I for one will not wait
for him to turn on us.

I'll no longer walk on tiptoe
lest I anger him.

Monsieur Cavanel?

I've been refused permission
to leave.

I thought I'd find you
indulging yourself.

I take simple pleasure
where I can find it.

I need your help.

So, do I detect
the musky scent of humble pie?

I have shown you
no animosity.

But little affection.

And now you come
seeking what?


Not for me.

Cavanel has been forbidden
passage to the Netherlands.

The exodus of God's
chosen people has begun.

You are a man
of some influence.

Not anymore, Delphine.

You have more access
than I do.

He only needs a signature
on the appropriate document.

But that would presuppose
a generosity of spirit.

Beneath that shiny veneer,

behind the badinage,

I believe you're a man

who might wish
to do the right thing.

The risk is too great.

Forgery carries a heavy penalty.

I knew you
were all talk,

but I hadn't taken you
for a coward.

Am I a coward?


Couldn't you at least hesitate?

Why bother when there
is ample evidence?

Wha-- I don't like
to rock the boat, it's true.

I consider myself
a pragmatist.

Experience has taught me to gird
my loins at every opportunity.

That's survival, not cowardice.

So, are you going to do
the noble thing or not?

Oh, the noble thing.

It's not my job
to look after the Protestants.

I fear for them.

It starts with burning books
and ends with burning people.

With Madame de Maintenon
carrying the torch.

This could help you

wangle your way back
into Delphine's good books.

Maybe even
her eiderdown.

Please. I'm beyond that now.

I have other fish to fry.

So why the prevarication?

I'm considering
other strategic objectives.

Perhaps it's time
I did the same.

Last warning, Bastien.

Late again this week
and I'm docking your wages.

I was paying my respects
to the dead.

You were
stirring up trouble.

No, I was just saying
what some people are thinking.

My workers are content.

You pick a fight with the king,
there'll be only one winner.

Well, at least
I'd have the guts to try.

What's the point in fighting
a battle you can't win?

Look what happened
to our people

after Monsieur Colbert
was attacked.

Look what happened
to Olivier.

God made the world
this way for a reason.

Anyone who tries
to change that's a fool.

People will stand up
for themselves one day.

Not in my workshop, they won't.
We get a reputation for that,

the king will shut us down
in the blink of an eye.

Now, get back to work,
all of ya.

You think you're better
than us, don't you? Huh?

You think you're
one of them now?

Remember your place,

Leave it, Guillaume.

No. I won't have disrespect
in my workplace.

I remember where you came from.

I know who you are.

Yeah, you just bent over,
took it like an old mare,

just like those leeches
up in that palace.

- Get out and don't come back!
- Please, Guillaume.

- He doesn't mean it.
- Yes, I do. Out.

Take your job,
stick it up your arse.

I'd rather eat rats
than serve him any longer.

Come on, Son.

Is she lame?

Damn it!

- Get up.
- No.

We'll have to go on my horse.

But I can't.

I need to sleep.

Okay. We can rest a while.

I'm not taking back
what I've said.

I'm not asking you to.

Your brother would sell
his own mother.

He sent your wages.

That's blood money.

I know you need 'em.

So what'll you do now?

Speak my mind,
like I've always done.

And if they won't listen?

I can't sit back any longer.

I have to do something.

So do I.

Is this going to upset me?

It is customary
to request an audience.

It is customary
for a king's word to be trusted.

My troops came across
a merchant en route to Malta

carrying more
than just spices.

Louis has signed a trade deal
with the Ottomans

worth millions.

This is business.

The wheels of commerce must
be allowed their own momentum.

But why now?

What's he giving
in return? Huh?

The Ottomans are gathering
forces on my border.

Then you must prepare
to repel them.

And if Louis
has taken their side?

That is a bold accusation.

It's a blatant act
of war.

He has chosen
the infidel over Rome.

He has betrayed me
and defied you.

As sure as day
follows night,

the man seeks to take
your power for his own.

Remember your place, Emperor.

No one in this world
dictates to the Church.

I will not sleep in there.

We have no other option.

But it looks horrible.

Come on. This way.

But this place
is for animals.


What if there
are spiders?

Spiders are the least
of your worries.

Come on.

Do you remember
the last time we did this?

Just the two of us?

We were barely old enough
to wipe our own noses.

You were scared of the dark.

Is that Gemini?

Orion's belt.

Gemini is to the east.

Castor and Pollux,
the two brightest stars.

The twins.

I can't believe

you thought I was behind
the subterfuge.

Your record of trust has
been patchy, to say the least.

You think I'd deliberately
scheme against you,

have men killed in secret,
and have you assaulted?

I didn't know
what to believe.

I knew there was a plot.
I knew it went right to the top.

I presumed there was nobody
more powerful than you.

There isn't.

Damned Church causes
nothing but trouble.

What do you think
Leto is planning?

He wants to control me.

Failing that,
he'll try to destroy me.

With our brother,
the rightful king.

If the Vatican has its way,

we'll be living like this
for the rest of our lives.


This is why
I need you, Brother.

For my even temper
and analytical thought.

For your instinct.
And your heart.

So what kind of man
kills an innocent woman?

You're guilty as sin.

You used me,
just like your mother.

- Close your eyes.
- No.

- Close them!
- I shall not.

You cannot kill me
when you see love in my eyes.


Yes, I was an agent
for Emperor Leopold.

Yes, I plotted against Louis.

And yes, I am in love with you.

And I know you
feel the same.

Tell me what I felt for you
was not wasted.

You are a better man
than the king knows.

You're not some heartless dog
that he owns.

It's not my place
to question my orders.

If I cannot do my duty,

what else is there?

You have your heart.

And your conscience.


Wait inside for an hour.

Then ride west.
Stop for nothing.

What will you tell the king?

I am frightened for you.

You must think
only of yourself.

If I see you again,

I will do my duty.

I have no time for this.

If the people of Paris
are unhappy with their lot,

it does not concern me.

- It should.
- I find your tone impertinent.

Please, accept
my humble apologies.

Monsieur Louvois, if the king
does nothing to appease them,

he will pay a heavy price.

The salt tax
is taking its toll.

The mood of the people
is changing.

What exactly are you saying?

I fear the people may rise up
against His Majesty.

Are you not betraying
your people by telling me this?

My loyalty is to the king.

Then give me their names
and addresses,

and they will be imprisoned.

Please do not ask me
to do that.

I came here
to warn the king.

I do not wish
the people to suffer.

Then your contract
will be terminated,

and you will no longer be
in the service of the king.

I see the burden
of the national deficit

weighs heavy
on your shoulders.

I only wish I could help.

mathematics was never--

Why are you here?

To apologize.

For the death of my niece?

Yes. The timing
of your apology is dubious.

What do you want?

You really believe me
beyond redemption?

The evidence
speaks against you.

Then I'm sorry you have such
a bleak view of human nature.

And I bid you good day.

The actual reason
for your visit?

I had a small service
to ask of you.


Which may, I believe,
benefit the royal coffers.

But it's nothing really.

What is it?

You will, of course,
know of Monsieur Vanel.

No. Who is he?

He's a chocolate maker
in Lyon. Talented.

He would like to expand
his business overseas.

Very commendable.


He's set to sail from Calais
to England next week.

However, there's been
a delay in his papers.

He asked me to see
whether you could help.

And why should I do that?

Because, sir, he's
a faithful servant to the crown

and shares your belief

that the future of France
lies in trade and commerce.

What is it you want me to do?

Simple confirmation
of his identity

and guarantee of safe passage.

And I have your word,
for what it's worth,

that he is genuinely involved
in legitimate business.

For what it's worth, yes.

Thank you.

And, as if by magic,

"Vanel" becomes "Cavanel."


How can I thank you?

BY Paying me.

How-How much?

The price for freedom?

Shall we say two thousand?

No, make it three.

I'll have the money sent
directly to your rooms.

Are you sure you
will not join me?

Yes. My place is here.

Good luck
in your new life.

You demand money
for helping people in need?

You saw me
as the Good Samaritan?

No, but--

I demand money
in order to survive.

And if any of your
other friends need help,

you know where to find me.

Madame Secretan?

I cannot see you.

Please, remain seated.

But I can recognize
the voice of the king.

Like your kind father's.

I'm honored
to welcome you to my home.

My brother and I have come
to ask you some questions.

Do you remember
Louise de Lafayette?

Forgive me, sire.

I had a privileged position.

Some things I swore
never to speak of.

And if your king
commands you now?

The king was fond of her indeed.

Yes. We know
they had a child.

Be at peace.

Take your time.

One day,

we were walking together
near the harvest

when Louise's time was close,
but not quite close enough.

She gave
a faint gasp of pain,

and blood gathered
on the hem of her skirt.

We laid her on the warm grass.

She cried softly,

but made no protest,
despite her agony.

And then he was born.

Little Robert.

His face bore a birthmark.

The mark of Cain.

I can still hear his tiny voice
crying out to the heavens.

But to no avail.

That was his one
and only breath.

He died?

Oh, yes. Yes, of course.

Robert would be king.

And but
for the hand of fate,

we would have
worshipped him.

Why wasn't he given
a royal burial?

But, Your Highness, he was.

Follow the rise in the meadow,

to the foot of the holy cross,

a sacred place
of pilgrimage and prayer.

Turn your face to the west.

There is a corner
in the high wall.

Beside it,
you must look to the earth

in the shelter
of the old stones.

There your poor brother
rests in peace.

Louis Bourbon and Louise
de Lafayette wept together

as they buried him in secret
for shame.

Because they wanted no question

over the king's ability
to sire an heir.

Louise left immediately
for the convent.

But the king and queen visited
every month to pray with her,

to share the pain
of their loss.


Who else knew about this?

No one outside
the king's inner circle.

Your father's private surgeon
arranged everything

with the greatest
of care and kindness.

He was his closest aide.

Jean-Baptiste Bontemps.

Bontemps' father
covered the whole thing up.

Your most trusted friend
knew about this all along.

Then he should be applauded
for keeping our father's secret.

This cannot be the end of it.

A baby was born to the king
and he died.

- There is no more mystery.
- So who's the man in the mask?

Whoever he is,
he cannot take my throne.

This doesn't answer anything.

It tells us
what we need to know--

that I'm the rightful king.

So where does
the Vatican fit into it?

Perhaps they don't.

And perhaps Bontemps
knows nothing.

So who told us about Macquart?

And who has the most dealings
with the cardinal and Di Marco?

And who told us the man in the
mask was a fiction all along?

That prisoner is being kept
hidden from us for a reason.

And Bontemps knows why.

Why on earth

would we send the creature
to the colonies?

It is the best way to rid
ourselves of this problem

once and for all.

He must remain here,

where we can protect
and look after him.

But as long as he remains
in Europe, he is a threat.

And a very useful one.

What sort of use
do you have in mind?

Should Louis require
a little persuasion.

I will not enter into
a conspiracy against the king.

What have you been doing
all your life?

I've been
protecting the king.

Call it what you will.

You will continue.

Unless you want
the king to know

that his most trusted servant
is in fact a traitor.

Now, where exactly
is the prisoner held?

Let's stop.
I need to rest.

- Are we nearly there?
- No.

If you push hard, you should
reach the Dutch border

in a few days' time.

What do you mean, "you"?

I must go back. There's
something I have to do.


Destroy the king.


Revenge for my mother.

If you go back,
they will kill you.

That's a price
lam willing to pay.

Sophie, listen to me.

If you return,
you will throw away everything.

And you are too young to die.
Come with me.

Let's start a new life together.

I cannot make
this journey without you.

God knows what
the future will be,

but at least
we will have hope.

And each other.

Speak and the Lord
shall hear you.

I accuse myself of lying.

Do you regret this lie?

I do not.

But to lie is to sin.

Is loyalty a sin?

Loyalty to whom?

To someone close to me.

Whom I love.

And honor.

And sought to protect

from a secret
that would destroy him.

There are those that would use
the secret against my master.

If you truly love
your master,

then you will find a way
to stop them.

But whichever path I follow,

it will end in destruction.

Well? Did you find them?

In a convent on the road
to Aix-la-Chapelle.


to Princess Eleanor.

And the duchesse de Cassel?

She will trouble you
no longer, sire.

I knew I could trust you,
Monsieur Marchal.

Tell Bontemps
we would speak with him.

Did you find
your brother?


In a field.

Your Highness?

He was buried six feet
underneath the clay

a long time ago.

And the man
in the iron mask?

Remains a mystery.

Bontemps is the key.

You're convinced of this?

He knows something.

Find him.

I assure you
that every effort will be made

to find, torture, and execute
the men that did this.

Well, it shouldn't be
hard to find them.

Why not?

Because they're
your men.

You really believe me capable

of having
a young woman murdered?

I believe you capable
of anything.

You blame me for a tragedy
that was of your own making.

It was not I
that allowed her to escape.

And it was certainly not I

that exposed her to
the dangers of highway bandits.

- How dare you, you little--
- Gentlemen.

Your Majesty, may I suggest
you retire to your rooms.

There is something I wish
to discuss with the king.

With the princess dead,

no doubt you now wish me
to sanction the marriage

between King Charles
and your niece.

Only if you see fit,
of course.

I do not.

Your claim to Spain
is void.

- You have betrayed the Vatican.
- Nonsense.

We know of your arrangement
with the Ottoman heretics.


A trade deal in return for
allowing them to invade Austria.

What business is it
of the Vatican

if the Ottomans attack Austria?

Don't try my patience.

Austria is the gateway
to the Holy Roman Empire.

If the Muslim hordes
take Vienna,

they will not stop there.

Your Eminence, you have my word

that no Muslim shall set foot on
land belonging to the Vatican.

Your word has lost
its currency, Louis.

Then I will proceed
without your support.

You defy the Church?


This is
a declaration of war.

And I would advise you
against waging war with me.

And I would advise you
against crossing me,

Louis, king of France.

You may have armies,

but I have a weapon
that will destroy your empire

before it is even completed.

Are you threatening me?

It is not me
that threatens you.

Who then?

You're about to find out.

Find Monsieur Bontemps.

Tell him I wish
to see him immediately.

- Sir.
- You've found him?

He was seen headed
for the stables, sir.

Ever since
I came to the throne,

I have been guided
by sound advice

and sensible strategy.

I've cultivated
neighbors and alliances,

signed treaties,

consulted with the Vatican.

Those days are over.

Spain, Strasbourg,

will all be mine.


Sire, you're talking
about an all-out war.


While I admire
His Majesty's audacity

and ambitions,

would it not be wise
to pursue

through alliances,

The time of diplomacy
is over.

From now on,
France fights alone.

Our only allies are courage
and unlimited force.

Stop worrying.

Fabien will find him
and bring him back.

Now, where is the bride?

My niece
hardly dead a day.

Ladies and gentlemen
of the court,

I ask you to salute
my niece, Marie-Louise,

the next queen of Spain.

I have received word

that the Ottoman armies
have already set forth.

You must return
to defend your country.

Do not
underestimate him.

Do not underestimate
the power of the Church.

Your Eminence. Cousin.

Perhaps you might
join me for mass.

Thank you for your kind offer,
but I'm leaving.

Certain matters require
my attention at home.

Of course. I hope the next time
we see each other

it will be in more
joyous circumstances.

I doubt that.

Good-bye, Louis.

Everyone seems
to be leaving.

I'm not.

Were you sent to kill me?

If that was so,
you'd be dead by now.

Don't push me.

Bravado does not suit you,

Put down the blade and we
will return to Versailles.

That's not possible.

Why not?
What business do you have here?

- To betray the king?
- No. To protect him.

The only person you're
protecting is yourself.

Listen to me.

There are dark forces
at work

that would destroy
the crown.

Do you really take me
for a fool?

And do you really take me
for a traitor?

We have known each other
many years, Marchal.

But whatever has passed
between us,

one thing
has remained steadfast--

our loyalty to our king.

Did you find him?

No, Your Eminence.

Prepare my carriage.

Who passes?

Alexandre Bontemps.

We're here to deliver
the prisoner a message

from the cardinal.

Have you come
to kill me?

Your journey
is reaching its end.

That will not be necessary,
Your Highness.

What the hell are you
playing at? Huh?

You lied.
You betrayed your king!

Let him speak.

Everything I did, I did
in your best interest, sire.

But now they turn my good
into an evil.


The Church?

It was a secret.

And now it is a curse.

I want the truth.


Sorry to disappoint you.

You were expecting
someone else?

Am I dreaming?

This is your oldest wish
come true.

Remove the mask.

Who are you?

They call me the duc de Sullun.

The man with no name.

What is your real name?

It is not my name
but who I am that matters.

Who are you?

I am your father.