Vera (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Old Wounds - full transcript

The pursuit of joy riders into woodlands unearths the skeleton of schoolgirl Carrie Telling, who went missing thirty years earlier. Her father Bill believes that at the time the police were more interested in confronting striking miners than searching for her and Vera accepts that there is no love of the police in the former pit village. Less the innocent daughter than Bill believed Carrie had apparently persuaded school-friend Michael Tennant, now a member of parliament, to steal a credit card from his boss Arjan Banerjee, possibly to fund an abortion whilst Carrie's mother Beryl, long estranged from Bill following an affair, points Vera towards former bad boy Terry Manttan, whom Carrie often visited in jail. When Terry is also murdered it becomes apparent to Vera that the killer is somebody who had something to hide in 1985 that Carrie exposed and that they are still prepared to kill to keep their secret.

Suspect heading west
along Hilford Road.

Backup required.
Any units available?

I have a visual on Hilford Road.

- He's turning right onto...
- Stand by.

Turning right onto
Gleneagle Road.

Oscar 1. All units,
this is a dead end ahead.

Suspects may be preparing
to abandon vehicle.

Travelling at speed
along Gleneagle Road.

Slowing down, turning left,

dirt track towards the woods.

They're bailing!



.. a dark and defining
moment in British history.

Now, 30 years on since
one of the most bitter

industrial disputes
in living memory,

we will speak to...


Get back here!

..the miners and their families.

Not just the loss of
a whole community,

but the loss of a way of life,

still keenly felt three decades on.

Come here, son!

Second suspect westbound.

Stay down!

Season 5 - Episode 02

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Sync: Marocas62

"Old Wounds"

- You're wet through...
- I'm fine.

It's just a bit of rain.

You want to get down
to army surplus.

I was on my balcony last night.


Keeps us on our toes.

What about these joyriders?
They still in custody?

- No, they've been cautioned.
- Who by?

Well, they've been ruled out.
Historical, he reckons.

How historical?

Battle of Britain or
the Battle of Hastings?

He's working on it.

Course he is.

- Marcus?
- Ma'am.

It's a young girl.
Probably late teens.

How about a date?

I'd say 20, maybe... 30 years.

And there's this.

The straps were
around her neck.

As in "throttled with"?

No, more as in "buried with".

If it was a ligature, it would
hang differently, I think.


Could be her initials.

Get onto that new girl.

Get her to look up
missing persons list.

Tell her to start 20 years ago,

- then work backwards.
- I should warn you.

Any assailant DNA is probably
too degraded to get a profile.

Hold on.

I spy with my little eye...

"Coal not dole."

- It's the miner's strike.
- '84, '85.

Well done.

Brought up shouting
"Maggie out", wasn't I?

Where, from your pram?

What were you doing?

Well... Working for
the police, wasn't I?

As in Charlie Delta?

Or Charles and Di, I suppose,
as it's the '80s.

No, "CT" as in Charlie Tango.

Female teenager, with a camera,
in Hollowthorp Woods.

I know it's pre-HOLMES.

But any leads doesn't
matter how vague.

Carrie Telling, 17.

Reported missing by her
parents in June 1984.

Would that do you?

Right. Did somebody
call you before I did?

Just feeling lucky.

Local papers better at archiving
than we ever were.

looks like this girl's parents

lived about two miles away
from where you're stood.

Well, I'm impressed.

That's why they call it
"intelligence", love.

Not just a pretty face.


Possible ID, ma'am.

- Sounds promising.
- Right,

get uniform to the family.

Second thoughts, we'll go with.

They've waited long enough.
It's the least we can do.

Helen, good work in
identifying the lass.

Now, get down the basement
and pull the file.

Find witnesses, school mates,
surviving family, CID team.

The lot.

Always a pleasure.

She wants you down the
basement on this one.

You wait here. We might not need you.

Keep a low profile.

There's no love for
the police around here.

Ex-mining town.

- Morning.
- Aye.

William Telling?

That's me.

DCI Vera Stanhope.
Northumberland And City Police.

- And this is DS Healy.
- Right.

Is it about Carrie...
or something else?

It's about Carrie.

- Have they found her?
- Well, we don't know but...

Is she dead or alive?

Dead or alive?

We have found a body, sir.

In Hollowthorp Woods.


Best come in, then.

- What do you think?
- It's hers all right. I know that.

Bought it for her 16th birthday.

She was doing photography O level.

She was gonna take it for her A's.

You say "a body".
Do you mean, like...

.. a woman who's just died or...

The remains are skeletal, sir.

Of a teenage girl.

That's that, then.

No, we'd need DNA to confirm...


so it's another teenage
girl buried with her camera, is it?

I'm sorry.
Just sometimes...

Uh... We think you should prepare
yourself for bad news, sir.

Now, is there someone
who can sit with you

while we ask you
some questions?

- No. I'll be right.
- Carrie's mam?

Long gone.

We have a family
liaison officer...

No, I'll be right.

Ask away.

Can you tell me about the last
time you saw your daughter?

Outside Hattington Colliery.

Monday June 25th.
About half one-ish.

She brought some sandwiches
up to the lads on the line.

And then what?

I sent her home cos I thought
it was gonna kick off.

And no-one... ever saw her again.

Was she upset or angry
about anything?

Anyone bothering her at all?

Here we go.
That one.

She didn't run away.

- I wasn't...
- If she'd have been upset,

she would have said something.

She went down to London

the weekend before
with her mate Claire.

I think if she was gonna run away,
she'd have stayed there, don't you?

I've thought about it.

I've been over every scenario.

We were good pals, me and Carrie.

She wouldn't have left
without saying goodbye.

when you got back that night...

She wasn't there?

I didn't get back.

I spent a couple of nights
at Hunston Road nick.

- She'll know it.
- Aye, I do.

Cells smelt like fish.

- What had you done?
- Given one of yours a going over.

We gave as good as we got.

Vicious, you lot were.

And vindictive.

Why do you think they
never found Carrie?

- Well, I...
- Because they didn't give a damn.

Miner's daughter
"half-caste" -

that's the words they used.

"Must be trouble.
Must've run off."

- Well, I'm sorry.
- Oh, shove it!

I've heard it all before.

I'm sorry.

I'm not a great fan of
coppers, if I'm honest.

Difficult times past.

I never wanted to be right.

All these years...

I never wanted to be in the right.


- There you go.
- Cheers.

Don't you lose anything.

No, if we take anything,
he'll write it down.

Don't move too much. This
was how she liked it.

I'll put it all in my phone,
keep track of everything.

These her college pals?

Most of them have got
kids of their own now.

- Which one of them is her mate Claire?
- None of them.

I don't know where she is.

It's OK.
We'll track her down.

Bonny lass.

- Did she have a boyfriend?
- No.

Too young for any of that.

Health visitor.

Won't leave me alone.

Pam saw the police outside.

It's my Carrie.

- They've found her?
- Hollowthorp Woods.

Oh, Bill.

Oh, I am so, so sorry, man.

Didn't like her wearing it?

No, it doesn't mean anything.

Means there was stuff
Dad didn't know.


She sent you down there,
did she?

Two pages of A4.

Detective on the case reckons
that she ran away to London.

Did he, indeed?
Who was that?

Bloke called...
James Bell.

Dead, unfortunately.
So is the sergeant.

Ah, well,
that's the canteen food, Kenny.

It gets them young.

There any witness statements?

Couple from the parents.

Is that all? What about
the mate? Claire?

Can't see any Claire.

House-to-house didn't get very far.

A couple of trips to
London on expenses.

So the emphasis was
on missing person

rather than possible murder?


Who was head of CID?

Johnny Warrick.

OK. See if you can get a number

for whatever villa
he's retired to.

We're starting afresh. That's
not necessarily a bad thing.

- Thanks, Kenny.
- Ma'am.


Kieran? Leanne? Can you
get down here, please?

- Yes, boss.
- I can see some more effects.

I'll stay with him
till Chanel comes.

And you are?

A mate.

I live down the road.

So the next stage
is we'll get someone

to come and take a DNA
sample from you,

so we can get confirmation
it's Carrie.

will get him, won't it?

They have ways.
Haven't you?

Well, we're gonna do
everything we can.

We've heard that 'un before.

Should never have brought uniform.

Sore thumb.
Winds people up.

Pensioners mainly,
though, aren't they?

- Meaning?
- Less likely to jump us?

Oh... They've got
long memories, love.

Not much forgiveness.

Here you are.


Here, let me...

It's the shock.

- It's just the shock.
- Aye.

Sad her mum won't see her buried.

Oh, so that's what you took
from "long gone"?


I assumed "left".


Get Bethany to track
her down, see which.

And Carrie's mate, Claire.

Were you on the front line,

Cracking heads, doing Maggie's work?

I was lucky.
Didn't have a choice.

My boss thought WPCs

shouldn't do that sort of thing.

Different times, eh?

I made a few arrests in the van.

My dad didn't talk
to me for a week.

I knew people who resigned.

They had family working down the pit.

And I knew people who
loved every minute.

Up for a ruck.


Back to basics.

Carrie Telling.

Missing since June '84,

found buried in
Hollowthorp Woods.

Now, what was found buried with
her, apart from the camera?

Bag containing a top and a skirt.

Not gear you'd wear on
a picket line, is it?

Overnight bag?

Well, was there a toothbrush,

It doesn't look like it.

Well, she might have been
going out on the town.

- Doesn't indicate running away, does it?
- A meet up later?

Change in the toilets.

Spare Mum and Dad the worry.

That was the advice they
gave in Jackie in the '70s.

"Spare Mum and Dad."

Any intelligence?

Nothing post-digital linked to the
crime. No new leads or mentions.

Well, anything similar?

Manner of disposal,
area she was buried in?

Serial killers Kenny's missed?

They're out there,
believe me.

Any arrests? Sex offenders nearby?

No more than your usual.

Releases on probation?
Cell confessions?

- Anything.
- I'll keep looking.

With previous, just what we know.

Dad got a suspended sentence
for assaulting an officer.

Right, so a history of
violence. Is that useful?

I don't know. I mean, like I say,
they gave as good as they got.

Cheers for that.

- Professor Warrick's home address.
- "Professor"?

He's gone to the university?

Still lives local.

Well, that and a consultancy in
Bahrain, as far as I can gather.

The lucrative second career, eh?

So you weren't one of
the ones that spoke up?

No. No, I wasn't, Kenny.

Is there a wallet?
A purse?

Yeah, there was a purse

and this was inside,
with a couple of pound notes.

Company credit card.

REC Imports limited.

- Who are...?
- Defunct.

I'm onto Companies House.
Give me an hour.

Also a couple of return
bus tickets to Carlisle,

weekend before the
alleged last sighting.

Carlisle. No wonder there
was no trace in London

never went.

So what's in Carlisle?

St Cecilia's.

The number was in her purse.

It's the Carlisle area code.

I've tried it but the
line's out of service.

- I'll get on that...
- No, no. It's all right.

I know it.

All the lasses knew it.

Well, its a mother and
baby hospital, isn't it?

So, what, she had a kid?

No. You didn't go there
to have a baby, love.

You went there for an abortion.

Let's hope Professor
Warrick can remember.

Hello, John.

Is that PC Stanhope
masquerading as a detective?

Aiden Healy DS.


I know it's a cliche,

but they really do get
younger every year.

thanks for making the time.

No problem.

It's just...

so that I can hear
Charlotte if she calls.

She's having a lay down.

Vera, will you tell me honestly,

am I a bit of a pariah
back at CID?


I mean,
none of the old guard

thought there was anything...

Did I ever make you
feel uncomfortable?

Not at all.


All right, let's move on.

Carrie Telling?

Don't tell me Jimmy Bell made a
pig's ear of the investigation.

Well, I'll be polite and
say it was perfunctory.

In his defence, we were stretched.
We were all hands to the picket line.

Yeah, I know.

All those extra
hours to pay off

- the time-shares in the Algarve.
- He tried.

But his relationship with
the community were not good.

Nobody came forward.
Nobody wanted to help.

Not even for a miner's child?

They did a bit.

it were all rumour.
Nothing Jimmy could back up.

- What was the rumour?
- Vera,

now you're asking
me to speculate.

Feeling was that she'd
escaped the family.

Her dad were a bit of a...
Well, we didn't like him.

- Was he a suspect?
- No, no.

He were up on the
line on the day.

No, the feeling was she'd run off.

The thing is she'd
gone missing before.

Was she reported missing
the previous time?

- And was there a paper trail?
- That I couldn't say, Vera.

Hello, Charlotte.

Vera Stanhope?

- Are you wearing makeup?
- No.

No, the years have
done this, love.

Are you on John's team now?

No, I'm at college now,

I'm at college. Remember?

- What do you want, love?
- I've lost the remote.

I'll come up, love.
I'll come up.

All right?

It's Alzheimer's.

She survived breast cancer
twice, and now this.


- Thanks, John.
- All right.

Take care.

What was that?

Leave it.

He was done for
inappropriate behaviour

a few years back.

- He never...
- No!

He was funny.

Bit smutty funny but
never... you know.

I'm not saying I don't
believe the allegations.

It's just...

With me,
he was always supportive.

He gave me a lot of encouragement.

Get over yourself.

Call Helen.

Tell her to follow up any
reports on Carrie running away.

So what about this
mate Claire? A lie?

Question is: Whose lie?


He's got a positive match
on the DNA. Wants us there now.

All right. Get Bethany
over to tell the dad.


Blunt trauma.
Left to right?

Very good.

- Single blow.
- This would've knocked her out.

Well, that's something.

So a surprise attack?

I would say she was...

turning like that.

Caved in the skull
and broke the jaw.

So might've seen it coming.

Can you tell if
she was pregnant?

Or had had an abortion?


There's no way of telling
from the remains.

And the same goes for sexual
assault, I suppose?



Alice from forensics
just sent me these.

Those from the camera?

A photography enthusiast,
Alice, isn't she?

Some of the last
things that she saw.

It's a bit weird, isn't it?

Last things she saw...

Apart from her killer, of course.

Do we go back to the dad,
push him on the termination?

- Think she'd have told him?
- I don't.

I'm just saying maybe he found out.

Form for violence.
Is he a suspect?

Of course he is,
till he isn't.

Still to pelt your own kid.

Spur of the moment.

Maybe she cheeked him and
he was having none of it.

Can we confirm his story -

was on the picket line all day?

- Before they brought him in.
- Ma'am.

Traced REC Imports.

They became Corrington Cloth,
then Corrington Coats,

based in wait for it Corrington.

- They still trading?
- Looks like it.

Manufacture mackintoshes.

Not, like, cool ones.
Like stuff like your Nan wears.

Right, Kenny,

see if you can do a timeline
for Dad's movements.

And you see if there's any note
of her going missing before.

And don't palm it off on him.

Aiden, with me.

We're going to Corrington's.

If nothing else, we can get you
kitted out for the weather.

Thanks, love.

Here's what you want.
One of these.

Excuse me. Are you here
for the inspection?

Oh, we're looking for
Mr. Banerjee, love.

- Is he around?
- Goodness.


Sorry. Has something bad happened?

No, no. Just routine inquiries, love.



You've caught up with me.

DCI Vera Stanhope,
Northumberland And City Police.

What can I do for you?

We found a credit card we're
trying to trace back.

- Belonging to REC Imports.
- Right.

It was found on the
body of a young girl.

A Carrie Telling.

She disappeared in...

And we are treating it as murder.

Let's go to my office.

How did she get the card?

That's what we're trying
to find out, love.

Did she know one of the girls
in the accounts, maybe?

Look, do you remember
a card going missing?

It would've been June '84.

To be honest,
those were difficult times.

You know, the miners' strike.
People were struggling.

Lots of things went missing.

Does this ring any
bells? Was it lost?

Like I say, things went missing.

You could try the bank.

Or we have an archive of our
accounts, if that would help.

Hang on, Dad.

What about... that boy?

You got him to sweep
the floors, remember?

Boy called Michael stole a card.

Well, could it have been this one?

He said he'd found it.

But he never actually handed it in.

We presumed he'd destroyed it.

- You didn't report it?
- They were stony-broke.

Dad was on the picket line.

It just felt churlish to report
him when he'd confessed.

Did any money go missing
from the account?

You'll just have to
check the statements.

Can you remember his
surname? Michael...?

Michael Tennant.
Done well for himself.

Not as in the Right Honourable?

That's the guy.

House Of Commons.
Local MP.

I've seen the toll
it takes on families,

attainment in schools,
on marriages.

So we know he can gob
on with the best of them.

- What else have we got?
- Michael Tennant.

Left school when he was 15.

Considered to be on
the left of the party.

- Is this Wikipedia?
- Helen swears by it.

Married to a lawyer. He's
got a house in Darras Hall.

His kids go to private school.

Course they do.

I've seen people with very little
give to those who have less.

Get me from the trolley
when he's done.

Sorry, sir. We thought it
was just ribbon-cutting.

We didn't mean to cut you short.

I'm sure they're grateful.

Nobody wants to hear a politician
banging on, do they?

- Has there been an incident?
- No.

We're here on an
historic inquiry.

Do you remember
finding a credit card

belonging to REC Imports?

You'd have been, what, 16?

I do, indeed.
Biting me on the bum, is it?

Well, that same card has been found
on the body of a young girl...

.. a Carrie Telling.

We're treating it as
murder at the moment.

- Right.
- You knew her, then?

Yeah. Of course.

Best mates.

I'm sorry. I'm just... shocked.

Can I get myself a tea, and
I'll be right with you?

Just Carrie...

So young.

She was the first girl I
hung around with, really.

I was 16.

- I fancied her rotten.
- How did you meet?

I knew her from about.
She was popular.

A world apart.

She was doing A levels.

I was an apprentice at
the Mileside Colliery.

She had me under her thumb.
In a nice way.

I mean, I worshipped her.

I would've done anything
to get in her...

I could say
"good books" here but

you'd know I wasn't
being honest.

Aye, I would.

Anyway, she asked me
to go to the owner

Mr. Banerjee his name is

- and say I'd found the card.
- Why?

I don't know. Didn't want her
dad to find it on her, I think.

Can you remember exactly when

she asked you to lie
about the card?

She rang me.

It must've been
a Sunday night

because we'd just
got in from church.

So the night before she disappeared?

The night before they
reported her missing.

We were meant to meet at the
cinema, on the Monday night,

so she could give me the card.

But she didn't turn up.

Idiot that I am,
I went to Banerjee

and said I'd found the
card and then lost it.

I looked completely daft

but I was just doing what
I thought she wanted.

I don't think anyone believed
me but I stuck to my guns.

Training for the future.

Do you know how she came by
the card in the first place?

I suppose, looking back, she'd
taken it or been given it.

Were you having a sexual
relationship with her?


We weren't really a couple.
We were just kids.

- Did she ever mention an abortion?
- No.

Now, that's just speculation
at the moment.

- Did you ever go with her to Carlisle?
- No.

When she vanished, where
did you think she'd gone?

- London.
- Why London?

Well, it's where people went.

Sorry, I just need you...

Can I give you my home number?

Just make another time to talk.

- Just should...
- Right.

People have made
the effort to come.

Thanks for being so open.

We weren't really trying
to trip you up.


Now who's the politician?

Maybe she was just using him...

to cover up stealing
the credit card.

Maybe fitting him up.

Maybe got knocked
up by another bloke.

So... she used the credit card
to pay for the abortion?

Who knows?

Maybe it was for
"coal not dole" fund.

Gives him a motive, I suppose.

Jilted John.

Come on, look lively.

I've looked into Carrie's
class history.

Photography tutor now
living in the Languedoc.

Most of her pals have
moved out of the area.

I'm tracking them down.

I've got a mention of her
running away on a PC notebook.

But false alarm. She was found at
the neighbours' the next morning.

Stanley and Pamela Conville.

Isn't that the bloke we met?

- Yeah.
- Also. There's an intelligence file on him.

But it's not much. Just his
name and a couple of sightings.

Well, keep digging.
Why were we watching?

All right, Raiders
Of The Lost Archive?

Footage of the picket line the
day she disappeared, ma'am.

Well done, Kenny.

I could hug you.

Now let's see if Dad was
where he said he was.

Break for popcorn, anyone?

Shut up!

This may be ancient history to you

but these people are fighting
for their lives.

Just watch the screen,
see if we can see him.

Just look for the angry
bloke with the dodgy 'do.

Stop! Go back.

Hold it there.


Bloody hell.
That's her, isn't it?

I'd say that's Carrie.

So she didn't go home
like her dad said.

- Have you got him?
- Afraid not.

It's still early days.

Here we go.
It's the brush-off.

It's no brush-off.
It just takes time.

Come back when you've got
something to tell me.

Actually, we've got some
questions for you.

"She'll come home
when she's hungry."

That's what they said.

Like she was a lost dog!

Barely lifted a finger.

It was me and the lads doing
house-to-house wor selves.

Look, should we do
this somewhere else?

You know, away from prying eyes?

No, I've got nothing to hide.

Come on, then.

Give me your best shot.

What is it you want to ask?

We believe your daughter came
upon a stolen credit card.

Her boyfriend took the
blame for it at the time.

She didn't have a boyfriend.

She also had a change
of clothes with her.

We think she was
going to meet someone.

Hold up. When you say "boyfriend",

do you mean that Michael that
used to hang around after her?

She wasn't a thief.
She did the change down the club.

Nah, she was never light-fingered.

Was your daughter
pregnant, Mr. Telling?

No, she bloody was not.

- Who's saying that?
- No-one.

It's just a line of inquiry.

Would she have told you,
had she been pregnant?

You're enjoying this.

No, I'm not.

Now, you told us...

you sent your daughter
home directly

after she brought
you sandwiches.

At 1:30-ish?

Now, is that what happened?

Or did she get caught
up in the unrest?

She got a bit caught up.
Frightened the hell out of me.

That's why I lost it with you lot.

And did you lose it with
your daughter, love,

because she
wouldn't go home?

- It happens.
- What are you saying?

I'm saying you lied to me

about the sequence of your daughter's
movements on the picket line.

I never lied. I told her to go home.

She hung around a bit...
and then I sent her home.

That's the same thing.

I mean,
how forceful were you?

Did you lash out?
It would be understandable.

That's a dangerous place
for a young girl to be.

Are you saying...

I dragged her body to the
woods and buried her?

That is an evil thought.

Bill. Howay, man. She's
just trying to wind you up.

Maybe you found out
she had an abortion

and that's why you lost it?

- Ab...
- Bill! Bill!

We know you've got a trigger
for violence, Mr. Telling.

- I have... You lot!
- Bill, leave it.

Go and cool off.

And you're trying to fit me up.

Bloody perfect.

I should've seen that coming.

Is your wife dead, Mr. Telling?

She's dead to me.

Only, we can find no trace of her.

Have you got an address?

Somewhere in hell, I hope.

There you go again...
with your size nines.

- I've had worse.
- Yeah, me too.

Leaves a nasty taste,
though, doesn't it?

When it's not just an investigation.

When the reputation of the entire
service is under attack.

Try being under
investigation for 18 months.


We just knock heads.

You went the extra mile,
didn't you?

What's he want?

Look, I know you're trying
to smoke it out.

But if you're looking at Bill,
you're on the wrong track.

He'd never have harmed her. Never.

We've got a file on you, actually,
Mr. Conville, from way back.

Noting a couple of your movements.

Now, why do you think you
were under surveillance?

They were sniffing about,
trying to blackmail people

so we'd give over our
mates during the strike.

Serious allegation.

but true.

She ran away to yours
once, didn't she?


She came round to wors
and stayed over.

I thought Bill and Beryl
knew she was at wors.

When I realised they were looking,
I took her straight back.

Mr. Conville, did you
know she was dead?

Of course not.

Everything I know, you know.

Well, apart from...

Beryl's still around.

Goes by her mother's maiden name.


If this couldn't get back to
Bill... I'd appreciate it.

Ended nasty.

Where are you going?

- With you.
- No, you wait here.

I don't want you starting
another fight.

Are you Beryl?

Beryl Telling?

There you are, love.

Thank you.

- Sorry, sorry.
- No, you're all right.

Would she...
Would she have suffered?

No, they think not.

She hadn't been
taken anywhere or...?

There's no suggestion of that, love.

She was still wearing the same clothes
she was wearing at the picket line.

I thought she'd run. That's
what I told myself.

- I thought...
- Why? Why did you think that?

We fell out.

Before she left.

She told me she hated me.

Now, let's just take this slowly.

Are you able to tell me about the
last time you saw your daughter?

At home.

I shouted at her.

I told her not to go to the pit.

I slammed the door.

I felt he was
drawing her into it.

No, that's not true.

I've just lied to you.

All right.

So let's just try being honest.

Carrie knew I'd been
unfaithful to her dad.


I mean, it wasn't like
an affair or anything.

It was a fling.

A couple of months
before she vanished.

I mean, I thought it...
drove her away.

She'd caught me with him.

In the cafe.

Anyway, we ended it pronto
after that, but...

.. it broke her heart, I think.

Did you tell this to the police?

Well, who was this man?

Did she know him? Was he
a friend of the family?

His name was Alan Dawson.

He was in my class
at evening college.

Pathetic, I know.

I'd gone to do this politics
course when the strike started,

to try and make up my mind

And this was when?
April... ish?

I was just desperate, I think.

He was around...

more than Bill ever was.

And she actually said
she was going to leave?

Said she couldn't stand me.

I thought she was punishing me,

but as time passed...

I thought, "Maybe it's too
hard for her to come back".

I'm sorry.

Did you...

Did you ever tell your husband...

- Carrie was going to leave?
- No.

I think Bill would've killed
us. He was that mad about it all.

What? He was violent towards you?

Only with words.

We did find a bag... with Carrie.

But there was no overnight stuff.

Do you think she'd
have come home, then?

One theory we're working on...

is that Carrie had a boyfriend.


There was Michael who
followed her around.

He's an MP now.
Other than that...

she carried a candle
for a lad called...

Terry Manttan,
lived on our street.

Naughty boy.

No, troubled.

I think that's where
her affections lay,

after me and her dad.

Might she have been meeting him?
Is that a possibility?


Bill thought that for a while,

but Terry was in prison
when she disappeared.

Do you know which prison?

Where was it?


I was just...

Helen, we need to trace a
bloke called Alan Dawson.

Check the FE college.
See if there's a record.

All right.

- That is interesting.
- What?

Terry Manttan inherited
the house from his mum.

He still lives on the same street.

Yeah, we're back by Bill's now. Yeah.

Number 24, boss.

Hold on.

Mr. Manttan?

Well, it makes sense.

He knows we're sniffing about.

Helen, have you got anything else?

Yeah. He was inside in Carlisle
during that period, by the looks.

Someone will have to go
digging for exact dates.

If I ask, they'll go all
data protection on me.

He was definitely in Carlisle.
She's getting exact dates.

- Are the offences violent?
- Theft.

Long history of fraud and
burglaries as an adult.

Well, that's where he
learnt his trade, then.

The short, sharp shock.
Another one of their brilliant ideas.

He's working on the coast.

It's on Facebook,

Got a job at a fairground.

Is everyone on Facebook?

- Is that him?
- Terry Manttan?

Can we have a quick word?



Come here!


I said...
I said a quick word.

You're lucky.

He's been known to be lethal.

Why'd you run?

Missed my court date.

When you say "missed", do
you mean "didn't appear"?

What was it for?

Failure to produce a licence.

Course it was.

- Do you know why we're here?
- I've won the Premium Bonds?

Do you remember a lass
called Carrie Telling?


- Why? Has she turned up?
- Manner of speaking.

She was in Hollowthorp Woods.

Where did you think she was?

London. What...?

You mean she's been
dead this whole time?

We believe so.

- What happened to her?
- Well, that's what I'm gonna find out.

- How well did you know her?
- Well.

Really liked her.

Not like that. She was too young.

Did she like you?

Think she fancied me, yeah.

Bad boy, weren't I?
Look where that got me.

I might've kissed her once
or twice, but nothing more.

She was my sister's age.

You were in a young offenders'
institute in Carlisle, right?

I was, yeah.

Beginning of my career.

Did she come and visit you there?

Loads of times, yeah.

More than family even.
Like I say, nice girl.

And did she visit you just
before she went missing?

- No.
- Are you sure?

No, she said she might

she was a no-show.

I think she had stuff going
on at home, you know.

Maybe she found herself
a new boyfriend?

Not that I would've minded.

Deserved better than the likes of me.

Do you know the name
Michael Tennant?

Someone like him, yeah.

We used to take the mick out of him.

He's an MP now. Careful
who you tread on, huh?

- Did she dump you for Michael?
- No.

Cos we weren't going out.

She was just a mate
I lost touch with.

Did she like that Michael, then?

Only, she never said.

And you're gonna put all this in
a statement for me, aren't you?

- On paper.
- Of course.

Might even bring my driving
licence down, huh?

Do we believe him?

He didn't take advantage
of her fancying him?

I do, actually. I've got sisters.

I don't know,
it makes you feel a bit...

- You stand back.
- Yeah, I can see you with sisters.

Big brother.

- How many you got?
- Four.

Sometimes they all blur into one.

I bet they got you wrapped
around their little fingers.

Yeah. I've got two of them kipping
on the floor at the minute.

Yakking all night long.

First thing in the morning.

The body of Miss
Telling was found

in an unmarked shallow grave

at Hollowthorp Woods
on Tuesday morning.

- She'd last been seen taking photographs...
- Come on, Dad.

.. between police and miners

at Hattington Colliery in June 1984.

Thanks, Kate.
Coming up after the break...

She's expecting you. She's just here.


resisted open plan, then?

Yeah, I'm sorry to
drag you down here.

It's all right.

I came under cover of darkness.

Only, I've some more
questions for you and it's...

- It's a bit delicate.
- Isn't it always?


Go on, then.


Did CID ever put miners
under surveillance?


we needed to find out if they
planned any violence.

Only, there's a bloke
we're looking at...

reckons we tried
to blackmail him.

- Who?
- Just someone of interest.

Was he a scab?

We did go after the scabs.


I suppose.

And did the ends justify the means?

Ah, come on,
it's not a tribunal.

I'm trying to solve a murder.

Help me out here, John.

Did you find out
anything that way

that you wouldn't
have done otherwise?

Well, Jimmy Bell was sure the lad
that Carrie was hanging around

had something to do
with her vanishing.

- Which lad?
- Kid called Manttan.

Little thug.

Beat his mother up.

Or could've been his sister.

Anyway, he liked to hit women.

We did him for theft in the end.

And was the violence investigated?


We wouldn't be rude enough

to investigate domestic
back then, Vera.


Maybe I can use something
to smoke him out.

Anything else...

here's my number.

Well, well, well.

After all these years,

she finally gives
a bloke her number.

Very funny.

Did it ever work out
for you and that...

- Chap?
- Peter?

That's him.


He's slimmed down, hasn't he?

Canteen food.
I told you.

- So did he redeem himself?
- No, not exactly.

Owned up to witness intimidation.

Wandering hands and corrupt?

He didn't...?
You know.

No, he didn't!

Well, cos I wouldn't
have messed with you.

Well, thanks very much, Kenny.

I'll take that as a compliment.

So do you reckon
he was stitched up?

Who knows?

Anyone who worked in the '80s...

You're the fall guy for
everything these days.

Yeah, well, that kind of thing only
happened in the past, eh?

- Didn't it?
- Night, Kenny.

Night, ma'am.

What the hell do you
think you're doing?

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to frighten you.

I have to tell you something.

I'm Carrie's friend.

I'm Claire.

Around the time that she
died, we went on a trip...

.. to Carlisle.

- There was a clinic there...
- An abortion clinic.

I just didn't want to bring it up
if I didn't have to.

You made out you hardly knew her.

I know.

I know.

It was just...

Well, my dad was a bit funny about
who I was gonna be mates with.

Carrie was a good mate.

She found me in college
the week before.

I was in a bad way.

She took me in hand.

Sorted the whole thing out.

Were you in Carlisle
the whole weekend?

I stayed a couple of
nights in the hospital.

She was in a B & B.

Did she meet anyone else
while she was there?

There was this lad...
in the young offenders'.

I don't know if she visited him.

So it was you who took
the credit card?

I didn't think he would
miss it over the weekend.

When I got home it
was all kicking off.

I called Carrie.

She said she'd ask
her friend Michael

- to say that he'd found it.
- Did you know him?

No, not at the time. No.

She'd arranged to meet
him on that Monday night

the day she disappeared.

I offered to go with her
but she didn't want me to.

Why not?

I got the impression that she was
hacked off with him about something.

Well, thanks for coming in, love.

It's the least I could do.

I might just go and see my dad.

Tee him up for the
big revelation.

You don't think maybe
he knew the truth?

Or perhaps had a sense of it?


Just thinking.

Maybe that's why he didn't push it...

and had Michael sweep
the floors instead?

I hadn't thought of it like that.

Don't always work with words, dads.

Sometimes they operate
from the side-lines.


I can't find a record
of this domestic.

Do you think she
didn't report?

Of course not.

That's how domestic violence
works. In silence.

Am I the only one sticking
up for women here?

Stan Conville...
I've been asking about.

A few of the old timers reckon
he's not to be trusted.


Now, those fellas on the
scab bus...

On the footage.

Someone see if you can
get some close-ups.

Well, he's not gonna
be a scab, is he?

- Bill wouldn't have stood for it.
- Well, not if he knew.

Could've been on the QT.

But what if he'd been
shagging that Beryl?

Sorry, ma'am.
Making love to Beryl.

- Did we ever find that Alan fella?
- No.

The college have got him on
a list but the trail goes dry.

Keep digging with this
Stan bloke, every angle.

Maybe he's this Alan.

Where's Aiden?

Ring him.

Tell him I'm not impressed.

Right, that was the young
offenders' at Carlisle.

Confirm Manttan was
there in June 1984.

But also reckon

he might've done a few day
releases around that time.

So could have had an opportunity.

Manttan's not home.

And there's no answer from Aiden.

Where the hell are you?
It's half nine.

Call me!

- Where are you?
- Look, I'm sorry.

I'm just jumping in the car now.
I couldn't hear my mobile.

I've got my
sister staying so

had to drop her off at college.

I don't care. It's no excuse.

Listen, Manttan has got form.
Violence against women.

I'll get to the fair asap.

- Only if you've got a minute.
- You're already there, aren't you?

Multiple stab wounds,
laceration to the jugular.

He would've died in
about two minutes.

- Is that the weapon?
- No flies on him.

Kenny, get it to the boys at the lab.

Right we are.

How long before I arrived?

He's not yet cold.
So... maybe an hour?

- You just missed him.
- He wasn't here, Marcus.

I was just dropping my sister
off. She's got a job interview.

- What did he have on him?
- Not much.

It was a set of keys.
A mobile.

Right, Ken, get onto
those last calls.

And 200 quid in notes
in his back pocket.

I don't know if they tip
at fairgrounds these days,

but struck me as odd.
New ones, too.

And, Kenny,

see if you can trace
those serial numbers.

- Will do.
- See if that gives us anything.

Any idea of the MO?

The direction of the blood spatter

suggests he was assaulted from
behind and fell onto his face.

So, similar to Carrie?
Approach from behind.

No, not really.
This was a knife. That
was blunt trauma.

I'd say less impulsive,
more committed.

So planned it, we think?

Not spur of the moment.
No fight?

No defensive injuries.

So it wasn't us turning
up that triggered it?

But you didn't turn
up, did you, love?

I'm just saying it wasn't our fault.

That your specialty, is it,

- not taking the blame?
- Excuse me.

We should have brought him in
yesterday. He might still be alive.

He moved in circles.
He had form.

This could easily be nothing
to do with Carrie.

I'm not being a smartass.

I'm just saying it could
be a coincidence.

Right. You should hear this.

Placed the call at
about 6:30 last night.

You have reached the voicemail
of Michael Tennant.

Please leave a message
after the tone.

Sorry, this is a private view.

We're open to the public
in the morning.

Special dispensation, pet.

Yeah, of course.

You can take the lad out of
the village but you can't...

you can make him drink.

We move on.

We don't forget,
but we move on.

- Mr. Tennant.
- Yes.

- Do you need to talk to me?
- I do, sir.

Could you find us a room?

It's a police briefing.

No, it's all right.
It's an investigative matter.

I'd rather we did
it at the station.

Terry Manttan found
dead this morning.

- I don't know who he is.
- Well, you should.

You spoke to him for half an hour.


According to Manttan's
phone log,

he called you last night

and again at eight
o'clock this morning.

So what did you talk about?

He wanted my help as his MP.

He was worried he was in
trouble with the police.

I told him he'd be
fine if he cooperated.

That's good advice.

For the benefit of the tape,

I am showing Michael
Tennant £200 in new notes.

This was found on Manttan's body.

And it's... it's new issue.

So we were able to
trace the serial numbers

to a cash machine at Lewiston.

And we also have footage

of you drawing cash
from that same machine

just 20 minutes after
that call this morning.

I met him briefly near the fair.

He was short of cash.

I've known him ages.
That's why I helped him.

So it wasn't just a
constituency matter?

What did he say that prompted
you to give him the money?

He'd got it in his head...
that I killed Carrie.

The bloke's brain is
addled, I know, but...


.. he said he was
gonna go on Twitter

and reveal I was
Carrie's killer.

To be honest,

200 quid seemed
worth not having the hassle.

- And are you Carrie's killer?
- No.

Where were you the afternoon
of the day she went missing?

I've no idea.

Did you fall out just
before she went missing?


There's a pal believes
she was angry with you.

What pal?

We were teenagers.

Feelings ran high.

They also ran high on the picket
line, didn't they, love?

For the benefit of the tape,

DCI Stanhope is showing Michael
Tennant photographs.

these were the last pictures

taken by Carrie on the
day she disappeared.

We had them developed.

did she find out

that you are a liar?

That's you, isn't it?

With the other scabs.

We didn't have any money coming in.

- We were desperate.
- So were a lot of people.

My dad couldn't do it.

They'd have crucified him.

I only crossed a couple of times.

How did Manttan know you'd
crossed the picket?

His uncle crossed with me.

I think it must've been him.

there was an unspoken code.

Honour amongst scabs.

If you like.
But this fella...

.. he must've told Terry,
who told Carrie.


- At Carlisle?
- That's what he told me.

When she went to visit
him that weekend.

I guess she didn't believe
it, wanted to see for herself.

I wasn't sure that she'd seen me.

Had no idea she'd taken this.

Look, I'm not proud of it.

I was just trying to help my family.

They'd vote you out round here,
wouldn't they, if this got out?

Yeah, they would.

Did you kill Terry Manttan
to make sure it stayed secret?


Cos I'm not a psycho.

Did you kill him
because he twigged

there was a connection
between you and Carrie

now that her body
has been found?

I'm used to people not thinking
much of us.

- But this? Come on.
- It's your livelihood.

And you know,
from experience,

desperate people...
desperate measures.

- No.
- Makes sense to me.

don't do this to me.

don't stitch me up.

Whatever point you're
trying to make, I'll listen.

I'll cut a deal.
We'll work something

but just, please,
don't ruin me.

I've got a family.

This isn't us playing politics.

This is about a young lass
with her head smashed in.

So stop crying
for yourself

and shed a few
tears for her.



Forensics have got a print
from the knife.

It's not him.

But... they have got
an historical match.

- Mr. Telling?
- Is he dead?

Will you come with me now,

Give over.

I can manage myself.

Fella your age took out
a bloke 30 years younger.

If you hadn't ruined
so many people's lives,

I'd be impressed.

Rage gives you strength.

Snuck up, didn't I?

Like he did with Carrie.

And I got him in the back.

I got him back!

Bill, shut up, man.

Don't say another word
until we get a solicitor.

That man saw me every day.

He watched my life fall apart.

He saw me lose my wife,
lose everything,

and there he was two
doors up...


William Telling,
I'm arresting you

for the murder of
Terrence Manttan.

You do not have to say anything

but it may harm your defence

if you fail to mention,
when questioned,

something you later rely on in court.

These can pinch.

And I believe we owe
you an apology, sir.

Our line of inquiry regarding
the abortion came to nothing.

I'm sorry if we caused
you any distress.

Shove your "sorry"
up your arse.

I knew that anyway.

- You feel sorry for him, don't you?
- No.

- A bit.
- Did you oversleep?

Yeah. I'm...

I'm sorry.
I should've come clean.

Aye, you should have done.

I was...

I was just being an idiot.

- It won't happen again.
- No, it had better not.

What's the betting he goes
for diminished responsibility?

Playing the doddery old fella.

Least he confessed.

But I could've got
Manttan in the dock.

He could've had
justice that way.

Why do people insist on
messing their lives up?

Guess he thought it was justice.

Well, would his daughter have wanted
that? For him to die in jail?

Bad news.

Carlisle young offenders'
finally found the dates.

He was definitely inside,

on the day Carrie died.

His mum's on the visitors' log.

That is not good.

That is not good at all.

This is our fault.

I don't know how...

.. but an innocent man...

That's not good.

Terry Manttan was behind bars
on the day Carrie was murdered.

I don't believe you.

- You're protecting him.
- No, I'm not.

I have a log of his
movements on the day.

But you lot,
you came in all guns blazing...

And you thought
we were after him.

But then you've suspected
him all along, haven't you?

Yes. He was no good.

The family was no good.

When I arrested you,

you said you were
only doing to Manttan

what you thought he'd
done to your daughter.

What did you mean?

Sneaking up,

Coward's way.

But we didn't reveal to you the
manner of your daughter's death.

So how did you know that?

Who is it thought they'd
got you the inside track?

Someone who couldn't stick
how you were fobbing me off!

I know it all.

How she died,
what he did.

Fact that you cocked
up the DNA evidence.

That's true, isn't it?

So even if you did find him,
he'd walk away scot-free!

Let's keep it focused,
Mr. Telling.

I did you a favour!

I got the fella when you couldn't.

I thought I did.

I'd like to make an official
request that we take a break.

It was your mate,
Stan, wasn't it?

So where did he get
that information?

Did he say?

I think he got it from your lass.

What lass?

girl you fobbed me off with.


I mean, I didn't.

I swear I barely
said a word to him.

That's not even true,
is it, about the DNA?

Are you sure you
didn't say anything

that could've been

Of course she didn't.

Stan made it up, didn't he?
To set Bill off.

Knew his mate had a hair-trigger.

Manttan knew that Stan was a scab.

So Stan set Bill off to silence him.

No... Why reveal it now
after all these years?

Maybe he was paying him
off all these years.

Or because Manttan knew something
that's important now.

Something that could link
Stan to Carrie's death.

Let's get him in.

I told Bill that, aye.

He's a right to know what
happened to his daughter.

You're lying. You weren't
divulged that information.

Well, it's the truth, isn't it?

No, you're wrong.

Manttan didn't kill Carrie.

You set Bill onto an innocent man.

What do you think to that?

You had something to hide,

so you set Bill onto
Manttan to protect yourself.

- Do what?
- Did Carrie know something about you?

Something that might have
caused a confrontation?

No. Me and Carrie never
had a cross word.

Where's this come from?

How would people feel, eh,

to know that
you were a scab?

A scab?

Now you have lost me.

Why have we got a file on you?

Or was there some other reason
we were blackmailing you?

You've got it wrong.

No-one's ever blackmailed me.


You weren't a scab, were you?

You were an informant.

There was an officer
I talked to...

to try to simmer down
the hatred, you know.

It was setting the community
against itself.

Me and this other
fella tried to talk.

And have you spoken
to this fella recently?

Your contact?

This officer?

I felt you were fobbing Bill off.

Have you spoken to him recently?

I met him the other night.
He gave me some details.

What was this officer's name?

- Alan.
- Alan what?

Alan Dawson.


You told us you met him
at evening classes?


Now, come on, love.
What's his real name?

He told me it was Alan.

Turned out he was married,
so it could've been a lie.

- Did he know you were married?
- Yes.

I think that was the point.

Look, any little detail.

Anything that's going
to help us to trace him.

- His home, his family...
- No. Nothing.

I never asked. He never told.

The only thing he said when
we were ending it was...

that his wife had breast cancer.

We talked about
that for a while.

He wanted to care for her
and he wanted...

to be supportive.

Thanks, love.

Come on.

Did you tip off Stan Conville
about Terry Manttan?

No, I presumed our conversation
were confidential.

But you know who
I mean by Stan Conville?

- You're a good detective, Vera...
- Don't patronise me.

I never did, did I?

Stan wanted to know
the inside track.

I felt as if I owed him.

You made me see how I'd
let that community down.

Yes, it was inappropriate
for me to tell him.

And if I'd anticipated the

I wouldn't have.

You have my confession.

Well, I don't believe you.

Because a couple of months
before Carrie died,

you were having an affair
with her mother.

- That's not strictly true.
- No?

I was sourcing
important information.

And she caught you both together
in some cafe, didn't she?

- Beryl's told us.
- Yeah, she did.

And I broke it off immediately.

That were around the time
Charlotte were diagnosed

with breast cancer
for the first time,

and I couldn't continue
in this line of work.

An officer and a gentleman.

I never blatantly lied.

No, you just left out a little
detail on the work front.

Did Carrie recognise you on the
picket line, the day she died?

Only, I thought these
shots were just random.

They're from Carrie's camera.

But when I looked again...

they're nearly all
of the same officer.

It's funny, that.
Look. There's one.

As if she was trying
to tell us something...

.. gather evidence.

This one, you can
even see his number.

What do you think of that?

Did she threaten to blow your cover?

- Is that why you killed her?
- No.


- What about your marriage?
- I love my wife.

Says he who was touching up
anything with a pulse.

It was them against us.

I needed an advantage
and I felt if I went undercover...

And took advantage of a miner's wife?

I made a mistake.

I miscalculated.

I did believe that the future of this
country lay in me infiltrating...

What a load of rubbish.

You just didn't want to
get caught playing away.

No-one asked you to go undercover.

Alan bloody Dawson!

What a charade!

Just an excuse to get
your leg over.

Shame on you.

Don't blame the times,
blame yourself.

You followed Carrie Telling
and you killed her.

I did go after her.

I just wanted to talk.

She had a camera.

I wanted it.

She refused.

I made a grab for it
and there were a fracas.

A "fracas"?

The size of you and a young lass?


You murdered her and
you buried the evidence.

That's your problem, Vera.

You've always been a little
bit too clever

for your own good.

That's why you never
found yourself a husband.

That's a dagger in my heart.

Arrest him for murder.
I'll wait in the car.

- Mr. John Warrick, I...
- Before I go with you,

I'd like to give my wife
her medication...

and say goodbye.



This is just for Charlotte's sake.

But you...

I can hardly bear to look at you.

We have just been
informed that local MP

Michael Tennant has resigned.

The former pitman had recently
been helping police

with the investigation into
the disappearance and murder

of teenager Carrie
Telling in 1984.

Although Mr. Tennant
was not suspected

of any involvement in her death,

the inquiry revealed the MP

repeatedly crossed the picket
lines during the strikes,

something he has strenuously
denied in the past.

They don't work.

So what are we gonna do about
your timekeeping?

I'm on sleeping pills.

I've had insomnia.

- Last couple of months.
- I thought as much.

I don't miss everything
that's in front of me.

It was a cold case. You couldn't
have got there any sooner.

Try telling that to Terrence
Manttan's family.

Warrick had people
going for years.

Where do you hide a tree,

Come on.

- In a wood.
- Right.

Where do you hide
outrageous behaviour?

In outrageous behaviour.

The rumours were a sign.

The smutty jokes,
jokes about rumours.

And I chose to ignore it.

All the innuendo.

He was charming,

but he never once
tried it on with me.

And before you laugh...

.. I haven't always looked
like this, you know.

It was because you were too smart.

You'd have sussed him out.

Yeah, maybe.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

Do you want to wait
until Beryl's done?


Carrie would want us
to be together, I think.

Uncuff him.
A bit of dignity.

Go on.
Where's he gonna run?

Thank you.

Well, on behalf of Terrence
Manttan's family,

you know where you can
stick your "thank you".


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