Vera (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Muddy Waters - full transcript

Farmer Danny Pryor discovers the corpse of young Jack Reeves in his slurry tank. Danny employs Kosovans, one of whom has also recently died in suspicious circumstances but Vera discovers that Jack was a traveller, who had left his camp after a row with his parents. The travellers had been in a land dispute with Danny, whose publican brother had also barred Jack after a fight and, to complicate matters, Jack had broken off his engagement to another traveller, Sigourney - much to her father's anger - because he was gay. Vera locates Jack's camper van, containing a wad of notes, suggesting he was involved in something illegal, possibly with the Kosovans. However it is Danny's little boy, the profoundly deaf Toby, who gives Vera the means to solve the case.

Only two today.



Get in.

Here comes trouble.


Why are you here?

It's a school day.

Oh, Zaboga!

What's up?

It's blocked again.

Oh, OK, I'll be there in a minute.

Thank you.

Just up there, mam. Just up there.

Thanks, love.



Got any nose pegs back there? Smells
worse than my old man's lavvy.

You've been living
in the city too long.

That's just country air.

~ So what have we got?
~ A dead man face-down in a slurry pit.

IC-1 male, about 5'11", 160 pounds.

Two farmhands found him this morning

Milosh Beqiri and Danny
Pryor, the owner.

Pryor? What time?

~ Just before eight.
~ Gosh.

~ So, is that them?
~ Yeah.

~ Beqiri - where's he from?
~ Kosovo.

~ What's that for?
~ For the fumes.


So how did he end up in there?

He was an avid swimmer.
Maybe the pool was shut.

Very funny.

~ And this was eight o'clock?
~ Just before eight.

Float him carefully towards me.

He been in there long, Marcus?

It's hard to say.

The nitrate in the slurry
affects the decomposition.

Ohh, can't breathe in this thing!

Well, what's your best guess?


Days, weeks, what?

I don't know. A while.

If anything, I'd say weeks.

Right, boys, let's get
these bags on his hands.

Is it possible he could have
fallen in by accident...

.. overcome by the fumes?

It's unlikely. There's
a blockage in the tank.

The older fella, Danny Pryor, he was
clearing it and up popped the body.

Be careful to preserve the scene.

On one, two...

~ Marcus... Marcus!
~ Lift.

Hey, be careful!

I want this tank dredged
and I want you two to do it.

Bit of a turn-up, isn't it?

Yeah, you could say that.

Pryor's Farm.

Didn't this used to be
Samuel Pryor's farm?

Yeah, he's my uncle.

My brother Rob and myself moved down and
took the farm on when he passed away.

Oh, does he still work here?

No, no, he's too much of a night owl.

He's a pub landlord now.

Did you know my uncle, then?

I came up here a couple of times
to talk to him about disturbances.

Had a habit of chasing travellers
off his land waving a shotgun.

Actually, as I remember,
it was a hunting rifle.

And you've no idea who
that poor fella is?

No, none at all.

How many acres do you manage?

Close to 600.

Phew. It must take quite a workforce.

All that livestock.

Have you got a kettle in there?

I was just out the shower when I heard
Danny shouting and I went to take a look.

My first thought was Toby
had had an accident,

and then I saw the body.

In the slurry pit, of all places.


Keeping your lad at home today?

Yeah, that's probably wise.

No. Toby's home-schooled.

He wants to know who you are.

Ah. Ooh!

My name is...

See if I can remember this.

I think you meant E.

Unless your name's Vira?

Oh, right!

My deaf awareness training,
oh, was way back.

I'm impressed. Most people
just stare like statues.

Kids are the worst.

Why do you home-school?

We just thought it was best for Toby.

Karen used to be a teacher.

Oh, right.

A long time ago.

We'll just be next door.

So why the delay before
calling the police?


You said you called
just before eight?


And you called as soon
as you found the body?

Shortly after, yeah.

Only some of the muck on the body
had been washed clean in patches.

So it must have surfaced before
that downpour at seven.

So why did you wait?


I thought I was doing them a favour.

~ Who?
~ My labourers.

I err... figured they wouldn't
want police sniffing round them

so I paid them for the day and
told them to knock off early.

Right, I'm gonna want their names.

You collect your men from
Morris Road in Alnwick?

~ And always the same men?
~ The same pool of men.

It's first come, first serve.


DCI Stanhope needs contact
details for Zamir and Goran.

Zamir Ilic and Goran Vlasic.
I don't know their addresses.

~ But they're foreign nationals?
~ Serbian.

Can you write their names
down for me, please?

And I'll need to check
your work permit and visa.

I worked here last summer and
then enquired about this place.

Back then, it was used for storage.

All windows boarded up,

holes in the roof big enough
for rain to pour through.

Here. These are my papers.

I'll need to photograph
these and send them in.

I won't be a minute.


A lot of work!

~ Do you pay Danny Pryor rent?
~ Of course.

~ Is he a good boss?
~ Danny?

Yes, he's a good man. Very honest.

Oh. This is my wife, Milanka,
and my son, Tomas.

~ How old's your son?
~ Four.

Everything is spaceships and
astronauts at the moment.

They're not here with you?

No, they're back home in Pristina.

It's not ideal, but this
is where the work is.

They'll come here once
I've finished their home.

Thank you.

They've found something at the pit.


Thanks, Mr Beqiri.

Another body?

It's not, is it?


So our man WAS weighted down.

Feeling spiritual are you?

Help yourself. Old med school
trick for cadaver day.

Some of them weren't too fresh.

Not a word.

~ Ah, a young fella.
~ 23, 24.

You ran his prints?

Nah, he's not on the system.

What's your estimated time of death?

The farmer doesn't keep a log of how much
nitrate he adds, but from his estimates,

time of death would be some time
in the last four to five weeks.

~ You can't be more accurate than that?
~ Best guess only, I'm afraid.

So if he'd stayed in that muck...

.. how long before he
disappeared completely?

Six months to a year? I mean, the nitrate
would break everything down eventually.

Everything but his pearly whites.

What's he done to deserve
that, eh, Marcus, hm?

The why is your field.

But the how...

See this bruising?

He was strangled by
someone right-handed.

It was probably a man.

~ Grabbed from behind.
~ Strangled?

These marks on his torso, from the
rope and the weight of the sandbag.

Good news - if you want to call
it that - is that they're...

~ Post-mortem.
~ Exactly.

So, dead before he was dumped?


Well, that's something, I suppose.

No surprises in his bloodwork - just
traces of nicotine and alcohol.

And... this.

What's that?

A scar, a birthmark?

You know what?

This fella's had a tattoo removed.

Yes, he has, and recently.

Now our farmer, Danny Pryor,
hires migrant workers.

So is it possible our fella
is an old employee of his?

Kenny, check missing persons,
immigration advice groups,

drop-in centres, benefits
offices, the lot.

Er... the Slurry
Appreciation Society?

Very funny. Let's find
the fella a name, eh?

A forensic artist just sent this
through. Say hello to Slurry Man.


~ Here, Ken, get these circulated.
~ Ma'am.

Our fella, we think, has
had a tattoo removed.

So let's check all of those places
that do that sort of thing. Someone
might remember him.

Helen, Danny Pryor and Milosh Beqiri
- have you got anything on them?

No. The only blip in
the radar was 2007,

when Danny Pryor made page four
of the Gazette for evicting some
travellers off his land.

Well, keep digging and call the Kosovan Embassy,
see if they've got anything on Beqiri.

What about our two missing
farm workers? Anything?

~ We found something on Goran Vlasic.
~ I pulled in a favour from a mate at CID.

~ And I answered the call
and spoke to him, so...
~ So what have you got?

It turns out, last year, Goran
Vlasic popped up on CID's radar.

His name was linked with
a gun-running case.

CID thought he was just a low-level grunt
providing security for the guy in question.

They couldn't pin anything on him.

Right, have you got the address?

~ Mm.
~ Great.

Sorry, I'm not interested!

It's the police, love.
Can you let us in?

How can I help you both?

DCI Vera Stanhope. That's DS Healey.

Mr Vlasic - do you know where
we might find him, Mrs...?

Ms Johnson, caretaker.

I saw Goran leave about
half an hour ago.

What about a bloke called Zamir Ilic?

Goran and Sammy both mixed
up in something, are they?

Sammy Ilic?

He lives upstairs. Second floor.

How well do you know them?

We have a chat now and then.

Nice men - foreign.

But they always pay
their rent on time.

He got any friends or
family that you know of?

I'm not one to pry.

He's nipped out too.

Mr llic?

Mr Ilic, it's the police.

Could you unlock this, love?

Mr Ilic?


Just wait here, Miss Johnson.

Mr Ilic?

Are you in here?

Mr Ilic?

Mr Ilic, stay with us, love.

Mr Ilic, you stay with us. Aiden!

For someone who hated mess, he
chose a messy way to go out.

So Zamir Ilic kills our Slurry
Man, and then when he resurfaces,

he panics and tries
to take his own life?

Did you find the bullet?

What's left of it is still
jangling around in his neck.

Walther 9mm automatic.

Serial number's been scratched out.

Yeah, and a workmate who was
affiliated with a gun-running
case living a couple of doors away.

Right, get all this to the print lab,
get Edwards over to the hospital.

I want Ilic printed and as soon as
he's lucid, we need to question him.

Has Goran Vlasic been in touch?

And do you know where
he might have gone?


Just my luck, eh? I get all the
lowlifes working on my farm.

Well, it's just a shame you gave
those lowlifes a chance to scarper.

Where were you, ten
o'clock this morning?

I was here. Why?

~ And Milosh Beqiri?
~ He was here too.

Are you sure?

I've checked with the uniform on the gate.
Nobody left since they got here at 8:30.


Look, this is a reconstructed photo-fit
picture of the fella we found in your pit.

Either of you recognise him?


Do you have a name?

No, not yet.

Mr Pryor?

No, I don't.

Are you sure?

Is he not someone who could
have worked here before?

No. Sorry, I can't help.

I can take a copy and put it on my
market stall tomorrow, if you like.


Yeah, great Dan, advertise.

People really want to
shop at the murder farm.

I'm just trying to help.

Hello, love.

You finished early today?

He's just on a break. Four
minutes and counting.

So where is he, then, Mr Beqiri?

He's in the south field.

~ Which is...?
~ You can follow Toby.

He's playing postman.


Thank you.


Thank you.

Wow, ham and cheese!

My favourite.

You should get back. We don't
want teacher to keep waiting.

He's great.

Any news?

Zamir Ilic... he's been
rushed to hospital.

We think he tried to
take his own life.

I will pray for his recovery.

Have you heard from Goran Vlasic
since he left the farm this morning?

No, why?

He's legged it.

I should've known.

Goran mixes with some
undesirable types.

And lately, he's... Well,
he's been on Zamir's case.

Like, whatever Zamir does,
Goran is on his back.

You wouldn't happen to
know where Goran would be?

Does he have any girlfriends?

I don't ask questions.
I have a family.

I can't afford to poke my nose
into other people's business.


We've got to go. Tyneside ferry.

~ Well, if you hear of
anything, you let us know.
~ Of course.

~ Cheers, thank you.
~ Have a nice trip.

Yes, sir?

One way to Amsterdam, please.

I need you two on this door. This is
Goran Vlasic, keep an eye out for him.

You two at that door
at the back, yeah?

Excuse me? Goran Vlasic?



Now, I take that as a yes. Do
you mind if I ask you a couple
of questions about Zamir Ilic?

Here we are.

Mr Vlasic, were you working
at Pryor's Farm this morning?

~ Yes.
~ With Zamir Ilic?

~ What's this about?
~ Just answer the question.

Yes, I worked with Ilic.

And where did you go
when you left the farm?

I went home by bus.

~ And once you were home?
~ I packed a bag and headed to train station.

What for? Were you fleeing?

~ Sorry?
~ Running away, legging it.

No. I fancied a holiday.

What train did you catch?

9:50 to Newcastle.

See, this doesn't explain why
you ran at the ferry terminal.

~ I thought you were Immigration.
~ There's a problem with your papers?

Do you know this fella?

~ No.
~ No?

Now, this is the gun Zamir Ilic was shot
with this morning. Do you recognise it?


Ilic was shot?

Do you know who supplied him with this
weapon? We know you have contacts.

Whoa, whoa, I don't know
what you're talking about.

Don't you?

Now, you see, Milosh Beqiri told us

you and Zamir had a volatile relationship
and sometimes, on occasion, you bullied him.

Look, Ilic was a lazy man and
I had no time for him, OK?

I'd like to speak
to my solicitor now.

Yeah, I think that's
a very good idea, sir.

You see, you never asked.


You never asked how Zamir was doing.

~ I assume he's dead.
~ No. No, he's still alive.

And when he speaks, you'd better
hope he backs up your story.


Boss, I'm at the hospital.

Zamir Ilic has just passed away.


He got rushed into surgery
just after I got here.

He died on the operating table.

~ You're not in the bath, are you?
~ There's nothing we can do till morning,

so get yourself home, pet.

One of the paramedics who treated
him stopped by. They found some
car keys in the ambulance.

They reckon they fell
out of Zamir's pocket.

I'll pick you up in half an hour.

It's a taxi.

Brown's Mini Cabs?
Are they still going?

~ You know 'em?
~ Well, they're up by the station.

Used give me a ride home,
you know, after a night out.

Well, unless you find anything better
in the flat, we can use that.


I'll circulate it.


As if it's just been driven
off a garage forecourt.


Poor Sammy.

It's always the quiet ones.

How long had he worked here?

Since November last year.

He does the graveyard shift - 8:00
till 4:00, four on, three off.

Have a look at this.

Did you ever see him with this fella?


But Sammy doesn't... didn't
like to come into the office.

He had a thing about mess, you see.

What, OCD?

Usually when the drivers bring
their cars back, I need to crack
out the dust buster and bleach,

but with Sammy, it's...
it was always immaculate.

Did anyone hold a grudge?

One of the other drivers,
perhaps, or a customer?

Wouldn't say boo to a goose.

How'd you contact him?

By mobile?


~ It's this number.
~ Thanks.


No, it's just going to voicemail.

We turned that flat upside-down today,
there definitely wasn't a phone there.

First thing in the morning,
get onto the phone company.

I want to know when his
mobile was last used.

Now, I've got something for you.

Now, see if you can do something
with that for me, pet.


It's only my mac.

Leave it with me.


DS Healey and DCI Stanhope.

I understand you remember this fella?

You told one of my officers
he had a tattoo removed.

Yeah, that's him. Young chap.

Skinny. Nice eyes.

I've got a thing for eyes.

When was this?

~ Two, three months ago.
~ You don't recall his name?

~ I didn't speak to him. Geoff dealt with him.
~ Is that Geoff?

No. Er... Geoff left.

Know where we can get hold of him?

He's in India, finding himself.

Thanks, love.

Hang on.

Geoff took before and afters.

Not for posterity, neither.

The insurance company insisted on it.

He got sued a while back - before
he started here, I might add.

Here it is.

~ What, this one?
~ Mm-hm.

Well, what sort of a design's that?

Get Helen onto POLCA.

See if she can get one of them...
What do you call it?.. cryptologists
to take a look at that.

See this discolouration here?

What, bruising from the surgery?


But this part is older.

Maybe the placing of the entry wound
was designed to cover something up.


Also, one side of his
windpipe is concave.

Could be crush trauma,
could be impact damage.

Come on, Marcus!

The tissue damage and surgical scarring make
it difficult to say one way or the other.

I have to write this
up as inconclusive.

~ You're kidding me?
~ No.

I'm not.

Off the record?

I'm inclined to say someone tried
to strangle Ilic and then put a
gun to his throat to cover it up.


What? Thanks, Marcus.

Who authorised that?

That's off the record!

Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold.

Raymond Bourne, Mr Vlasic's
legal representative.

Well, bully for you! You're
not taking him anywhere.

Your client's charged with
assaulting a police officer.

~ Those charges can't stand.
~ Want to bet?

Witnesses at the scene confirmed that said
police officer failed to identify himself.

You what?

So unless you have evidence enough to
charge my client with another crime,

he's homeward bound.

I know, I know.

Now, Marcus is recording Zamir
Ilic's death as inconclusive,

which means we may be looking
at a double murder.

And now our main suspect
is back on the street.

~ I know.
~ No, pet.

If you knew, he'd
still be in custody.

And why are we still referring
to our victim as Slurry Man?

How hard can it be to find a name?

~ I'm trying.
~ Well, try harder, Kenny. Come on, man!

That's your fault, upsetting her.

Zamir Ilic's phone records.

It's a pay as you go. Multiple calls
made to and from the same number.

~ Brown's Mini Cabs.
~ No friends, family?

No, it's just the last ping which registered
at 10:02 this morning to Ilic's address.

~ After that, the signal goes dead.
~ So someone turned it off?

Or destroyed it.

Aiden, what have you
got with the gun?

Zamir's thumbprints are on the trigger, partials
on the handle, nothing on the bullets.

Put it on the board.

Kenny, cameras?

The nearest CCTV is er... round
the corner in... Talbot Road.

What, is that all we have? Have we nothing,
apart from your overtime sheet?

I might have something. I spoke to
a Professor McLeish at Newcastle Uni.

After a long, boring lecture
about masculine versus feminine

and pagan symbolism, blah, blah,

he identified Slurry Man's tattoo
as a luck charm, designed to...

".. make those you need to impress
well-disposed towards you."

Well, that worked well!

~ Pagan?
~ No, no, it's Romany.


What, as in a traveller?

Keep that.

Oh, that smells better!

Good as new.

You all right? Can I help you?

Is there a site manager,
pet, someone in charge?


~ Da!
~ Yeah?

~ Police to see you!
~ Huh?

~ Did you say anything to 'em?
~ They want to talk to you.

Now, how can I help you, ladies?

DCI Vera Stanhope.

Do you know this man?

And what's it to you?

~ Do you recognise him, pet?
~ Sig, get inside now. Rene!

Come and get Sig,
take her in, please.

What's going on?

Some police ladies asking
questions. Sig, inside!

Come on, Sig, give us
a hand letting this out.

Is he in trouble or did he
win a good citizen award?

No, this man was found
dead yesterday morning.

No... How?

His body was found at Pryor's Farm.

We believe he was murdered.

~ Oh, Jesus.
~ Do you know him?

That's Jack, Jack Reeves.
He's one of ours.


~ Morning.
~ These are the police. It's about Jack.


Is this your son?

Jack Reeves?

That's him.

But if you're looking
for him, he ain't here.

No, they found him, Billy,
up at Pryor's Farm.

I think we better go inside, sir.

If my Jackie's in trouble, that's
his lookout. What did he do?

~ Was he caught nicking?
~ He's been murdered, sir.

I think we had better go inside.


What was that look for, eh?

~ Could you give him some space?
~ See that look he just gave me?

Just think about what's happening
here, sir. Just think.

Now, if you don't mind?

How long was he in there?

We think about four weeks.

It's definitely him?

Well, we're gonna need someone to
make a formal identification, but...

~ There must be some mistake.
~ I can do that.

That's not why I'm looking at you.

How can our Jack be in Alnwick
still? How can that be?

I don't know.

You say he left home
about three months ago?


Yeah, about that.

So where was he staying
after he left here?

No idea. We lost touch.

Did something happen between
yourselves and your son,

something that made him leave home?


Oh. He was using?


Do you recognise this, pet?

That's Jack's.

I'll make some tea. Would you
like some tea? I'll make a pot.

Which school did Jack go to?


Good student?

Aye, he put in the hours.

Bloody thing!

Did you replace the can? I asked
you twice to replace the can.

~ I'll do it in a minute.
~ Jesus, Billy.

How can he end up on that farm?

He moved away.

He left and moved away.

Where do you keep your glasses, love?

Jack let himself get
infected by that muck.

There was no helping him after that.

What drugs was he taking?

Heroin, I think.

Using a pipe.

And that's why you
asked him to leave?

I couldn't have that
going on under our roof.

Has he been back since?


I kept hoping he would.

And you can't think of anyone who
might have fallen out with him?

Right, erm, we'll be...

So, when you're ready, Mr Reeves...

That lad had no signs of drug use.

Maybe he'd got himself clean.

Get on at Aiden and Kenny.
Tell them we've got an ID.


You all right, pet?

Yeah, fine.

I saw your dress. Oh,
it's beautiful, that.

When's the big day?

Oh, no. It's not mine.

Ma's re-shaping it for my cousin.

~ Oh.
~ She gets married next month.


Da told us what happened to Jack.

Pryor's Farm too. Bit weird, that.

Why's that?

What with him being born in the
field beside it. Same as me.

~ I'd better go inside.
~ Right.

Dear God, have mercy on my boy.

Let him into your kingdom.

Forgive him his sins.

Whatever he did, whatever he
was, my Jackie couldn't help it.

He couldn't fight the
temptations that came for him.


Bethany, did you find anything?

Oh, yeah, turns out the travellers
weren't on Danny Pryor's land.

They were in a neighbouring field,

then Danny Pryor bought the field
from under the travellers' feet
and gave them the boot.

That must've stuck in their throats.

And he paid above the market price.

Well, maybe Jack Reeves took it upon himself
to confront Danny Pryor about that.

Right, I'm off. Night.


Aiden, turn your car round.
How about I buy you a shandy?

And you want to buy
me a drink here, why?

It's not a blanket party, is it?

A what?

Have a look at this.

Incident report filed by a John
Reeves - AKA Jack Reeves -

two months ago for assault.

~ Filed by?
~ Mm.

~ He was the complainant?
~ Right.

Look at the landlord's name.

"Robert Pryor".

Pryor? As in the farm?

He used to co-own it.

He's Danny Pryor's brother.

What can I get you?

We wondered if we could have
a word with your landlord, pet.

Yeah, er...

Rob, mate! Some people to see you!


Who calls my name?

DCI Vera Stanhope, DS Healey.

He came in here, causing a disturbance,
so I asked him to leave and he kicked off.

That's funny.

There's nothing in the witness
statements about a disturbance.

Oh, you say "witness statements",
I hear "beer goggles".

~ Did you know Jack Reeves?
~ No.

So why do the witnesses say you just
walked up to him and asked him to leave?

That sounds to me like you knew him.


Look, I didn't know him...
but I knew what he was.

Oh, what's that?

A traveller. And I don't like them.

No? Why's that?

Because there used to be a bunch of them
buzzing around that farm like mosquitoes.

Drove my uncle to an early grave.

Just so happens, Jack Reeves
was one of those mosquitoes.


Up until 2007, Jack lived
beside Pryor's Farm.

~ Well, what are the odds?
~ What are the odds?

Seven weeks ago, you had
an altercation with a man

who yesterday turned up murdered
on your brother's farm?

~ What ARE the odds?
~ I know what it looks like.

~ So do we.
~ You're barking up the wrong tree.

Really? So which tree should we
be barking up? Your brother's?

£2.60, please. Smashing.

Thanks very much. Enjoy it. Cheers.



My brother called, said
you'd been in touch.

Did he tell you we've ID'd
the body found at your farm?

Would you mind just...

Can you keep your voice down, please?

Yes, he said that is
was... Jack Reeves.

Mm, ring a bell?

Should it?

You evicted his family off
your land eight years back.

Erm... I needed to expand my business,
so I took out a bank loan,

I paid off my brother and bought
up some of the neighbouring land.

~ In one of the fields, there
were some travellers.
~ Yeah, who you evicted.

I needed the field for my livestock.

Oh, so it was just for
business purposes, was it?

I didn't lose much sleep over it.

Did Jack Reeves pay you a visit recently
at the farm, to confront you about this?


~ You sure about that?
~ Yeah, hand on my heart, no, he didn't.

What about Zamir? I thought
you had him pinned for this?

I never said that.


We're looking at a possible
double murder.

You all right, pet?
Do you want a lift?

No, you're all right. Bus'll
be along in a minute.

Come on. I don't bite.

Keep you company till it gets here.

You don't have to.

Oh, I know that.

So do you want to tell me
about you and Jack Reeves?

Nothing to tell.

That tattoo on your arm.

That's the same as Jack's.

Don't mean nothing.

~ So who gave them to you?
~ Someone on the site.

~ Recently?
~ Six months ago.

Mm? Jack had his removed,
did you know that?

After he left home.

Now, why would he do that?

You two have a falling out?


Was it the drugs?

Yeah, that was it.

How much is a return
fare to Grangewood?

I'll keep you company.

Now, you and Jack...

.. were you sweethearts?


~ Have you seen him since he left home?
~ God, no!

~ So what's with the tattoo?
~ It's tradition.

Tradition? How do you mean?

That wedding dress?

Was that dress meant for you, pet?

Can you stop asking about Jack?
I don't want to talk about him.

~ Morning.
~ They were getting hitched.

~ Who?
~ Sigourney O'Brien and Jack Reeves.

Bethany checked with the registry. They
were due to marry three months ago.

The day before the wedding, Jack came
to see me to say it was cancelled.

Did he give a reason?

There was little discussion, but it
was clear that it was his decision.

Why's that?


~ Milosh. See you on Sunday?
~ Of course.

Maybe it was the lure of the hills.

Maybe Jack just didn't have enough
in common with a 16-year-old girl.

After the wedding was called off, was
there any fallout from the families?

I don't want to cast aspersions,
considering what's happened to Jack.

Please, cast away.

~ We had some trouble.
~ With Jack?

The fathers.

I recall Mr O'Brien
threatening Mr Reeves.

He said if he ever saw Jack
again, he would rip him apart.

Those were his exact words?

That was the gist.

Right, well, thanks, Father.

You know, I ran into Jack, just
over a month ago at the food bank
we run in our church hall.

What, he came in for a food parcel?

No, he volunteered.

Ended up spending the whole weekend
with us, packing and sorting.

Jack Reeves had a good soul.

I always liked him.

I hope you find whoever did this.

Ohh, so do we, mate...
I mean, Father.

Gives O'Brien motive
- anger over the slight.

Well, get a search warrant for his
caravan and look into his background.

See if you can link
O'Brien to Zamir Ilic.

Ma'am, you should
take a look at this.

Footage from the Fox and Hounds pub.

DS Uttley had archived
a copy to the server.

Robert Pryor throws Jack Reeves out.

What are you watching?

Footage of two men wrestling.

Are you showing us your
home movies, Kenny?

23:11. Jack comes back.

Is that the barman...

Ben Marsh?

The two of us... We
used to be an item.

You were in a relationship
with Jack Reeves?

Yes. Yes.

I mean, Jack was a really
hard person not to like.

That was his problem, he was always
trying to please everyone.

The whole wedding thing,
it broke his heart.

Oh, so you knew about that?

In my defence, I told them
to go through with it.

The day before, he turned up
on my doorstep with his bags

and said he'd left home and he was...

he was tired of pretending to
be something that he wasn't.

So he moved in with me.

Why didn't you tell us this before?

It sounds silly, but I'm
up for bar manager here

and if Rob knew about
my personal life...

He was living with you?

Only for about three weeks.

Then one day, he left,
called it his "awakening",

said he'd discovered something amazing
and had to follow another path.

He headed back home, to Grangewood.

I knew he really missed his mum and dad, but
his dad didn't want him, turned him away.

So after his dad turned him away...

.. where did he go?

Er... he said he was...

living out of an old camper
up in Thropton Woods.

D'you think he's having us on?

Now what?

~ Now, the main road's that way, right?
~ Yeah.

So... up here.

There it is.



Well, he's not one for home cooking.

So why's the oven handle
in constant use?

Open it.

Go on, have a look.


False back plate.

Hey, I hope there's
nothing that explodes.

920 quid.

Maybe he WAS a drug dealer.

Nah! No, his boyfriend
said he wasn't into drugs.

Bethany ran the camper's numberplates.

It was registered SORN four months ago and
marked as scrapped - place in Bedlington.

~ Right.
~ She's chasing the named owners.

SOCO were still dusting inside for prints.
We've got multiples, some for Jack Reeves,

but we've also got Frank
O'Brien's prints.

Frank O'Brien was here?

We've got your record here.

A handful of ASBOs, disturbing the
peace, three charges of assault...

Well, that was when I was younger.

Want to tell us about the time
you tried to strangle a man?

Is that what this is about, eh?

I was a bouncer in a nightclub and I
got into a few scrapes, nothing more.

Do you know this fella?

~ No.
~ Zamir Ilic.

~ Recognise the name?
~ I don't know him.

What about Goran Vlasic?



Did Jack Reeves have a drug problem?

~ Well, that's what they
told everyone, wasn't it?
~ Who, Billy and Deirdre?

I never saw no drugs.


Now, this is where
Jack had been living.

Do you recognise it?

~ Your prints were all over it.
~ Yeah.

I tell you what.

Let's go back three months when
Jack dumped your daughter.

Ooh, how'd you feel about that?

~ I was angry.
~ Mm?

My Sig was devastated.

And I bet it hurt, him coming
out of the closet like that?

Wait... Out the what?

All that money you'd spent.

Oh, that must have been hard
to live with. The humiliation.


That why you went after him, is it?


My prints are all over that because
a few months back, I tried to fix it,

but it was just a piece of junk,
so I gave it to Billy to strip down.

~ You gave this vehicle to Billy?
~ Yeah.

As for Jack...

I had no idea he dumped my Sigourney
because he preferred blokes.

And you know what? I wish you
hadn't have told me that.

You'll have to be small.

I wondered when you'd be back.

What did Frank say?

Did he do it?

You've been lying to us, Mr Reeves.

I'll start with the drugs.

Your Jack wasn't taking
heroin, was he?

We had to tell the site something.

~ You couldn't tell them the truth?
~ We didn't know the truth.

Jack just changed his mind the day
before the wedding, just like that.

We had to cover for
him, send him away.

Except we've also found
his camper van.

~ Jack's what?
~ In Thropton Woods.

What are you going on about?

Frank O'Brien told us he
gave you that van for scrap.


Mr Reeves... when did
you last see your son?

Tell them, Bill.

Mr Reeves?

Six weeks ago.

You knew where my Jack was?

We also spoke to Ben Marsh.

Do you know Ben Marsh?

~ I know the name.
~ Mrs Reeves?

She doesn't know about
it, any of that.

Someone please tell me what
you're all talking about.

It's Jack!

The reason why he called off
the wedding was because...

Because what?

Because he said he
thought he was gay.

~ Oh, my God, Billy, what have you done?
~ I've done nothing.

I just said it was best if he went
away for a bit, laid low for a while.

He also told us Jack came to you,
three weeks after he left here,

and asked if he could come
back and you said no.

Gave him the camper van so
he'd have somewhere to stay.

~ I was looking out for him.
~ Don't!

I couldn't have that going on here.

Not under my roof.

And if Frank had found out,
he would've killed him.

You told him he couldn't come home?

I was protecting him.

Listen to yourself!

All of this mess because
of your stupid bloody pride!

Morning. Anything?

If you'd like to step on, ma'am.

I've got something
to show you. John...

They're a child's prints!

They're everywhere.

Have you got a map on that phone?

Yeah, of course.

Whatever happened to paper maps, hm?

I'll make sure I carry one next time.

What do you make of that?

~ Do you hear that?
~ No, I can't hear...

Ssh, ssh.

Can you hear that?

We're less than a quarter
of a mile from Pryor's Farm.


Let him go!

We know where's he's heading.


Hello, pet.

You remember me, Vera?

~ Would you translate for me, love?
~ Yeah.

I want you to ask your son what he
was doing in the woods just now.

You, in the woods,
before, doing what?

He says he was just exploring.

Now, that field, that backs onto that path...
was that the one you bought in 2007?

Yeah. Why?

Well, Jack Reeves,
the man from the pit,

has being living out of a camper
van in the woods near there.

Now, I want you to ask your son,
does he recognise this man?

He says he came across the camper
van a couple of weeks back.

But he didn't go near
it, cos it scared him.

He was just plucking up
the courage to go inside.

He wanted to keep it a secret.
You know, like a camp.

You know what kids are like.

He says he's sorry he went off
the farm. It won't happen again.

You all right, Mr Pryor?

Yeah, fine.


Yeah, just relieved that
nothing happened to Toby.

So would you like us to bring
our own signing interpreter?

No, why?

Well, I can't be sure you're accurately
translating what your son's telling us.

So should we start again?

I'm sorry?

Because we have prints from inside that
camper van that we believe belong to Toby.


And I'm sure I saw make
the sign for "friend".


He said that he'd promised
Jack not to tell.

It was just their secret and...

He did meet Jack in the south field,

they became friends and they
used to talk by the old gate.


Sorry, sorry.

Daddy's just a little bit tired.


So how did they communicate?

Do ask him, could Jack sign?

He knew basic signs but...

.. Toby helped.

He helped teach him some more.

Anything else?

Yeah, he said Jack used
to buy him sweets...

We don't always allow sweets.

.. and one day he
would take him away.

We should call social services.

~ What for?
~ What for? He was grooming the boy.

No. No, I don't think he was.

What was it that Ben Marsh said?

Jack had discovered
something amazing.

~ Yeah. So?
~ Get in.

Patience, DCI Stanhope, I know you think
I'm a living, breathing Wikipedia...

Oh, come on, come on, Helen!


Jack Reeves attended Millerbridge
High School until 2007.


Just checking the staff list.

"Parker, Pilcher, Pryor..." Bingo!

So Karen Pryor was a teacher at Millerbridge
whilst Jack Reeves was a pupil there?

Yep, correct.

Karen wasn't a teacher here.

She wasn't?

No, she was our SENCO - our Special
Education Needs Coordinator.

What, so she didn't
teach Jack Reeves?

No, not formally.

You see, Jack wasn't statemented. I don't
think his parents acknowledged his problem.

But we have a policy here of allowing full
access to the curriculum for all children

and Jack thrived because of that.

Mrs Pryor was able to organise
some one-on-one sessions,

extra help during exams,
that sort of thing.

~ His problem?
~ For want of a better word, his disability.

Was he, by any chance,
hard of hearing?

Well, he rarely made a
fuss about it, but, yes.

Jack Reeves was partially deaf.

Thanks, Dr Moore.

~ Well, have you checked his notes?
~ I did.


The hearing loss isn't severe enough to
be flagged. He's not registered disabled.

Check Billy Reeves' notes. See
if he's got any hearing loss.

"William Michael Reeves."


~ A mild hearing loss in one ear.
~ The condition runs in the family, right?

So it's possible young
Toby is Jack Reeves's son.

~ Ma'am.
~ Thanks, Janet.

Oh, Mrs Pryor, thanks for coming in.

I wasn't aware I had a choice.

So, how old was Jack Reeves when
you began sexual relations with him?

Let's have a look.

According to our records,
he was 16, you were 26.

~ 25.
~ Right.

25. And he was a student of yours?

It only happened a couple of times.

Oh... I'd married Danny and...

.. I probably thought being a farmer's
wife was gonna be all Darling Buds Of May.

But I was bored.

I'd come home and there
was no-one to talk to.

I guess Jack was the same...

lonely, lost, a little bit broken.

So what happened?

We spent a lot of time together.

We were close.

I really liked him and
one day it just happened.

You tell your husband?


No, not straightaway, but...

.. when I fell pregnant I had to.

Danny can't have children.

Oh, right.

And this was in 2007?

So, is that why Danny evicted
the travellers off your land?

Yeah, we both didn't want Jack to find out,
so we thought that was the easiest solution.

I thought once Toby was born, it wouldn't
really matter who his real dad was.

Then he was diagnosed
with a hearing loss.

So you home-schooled
to keep him hidden?

I was trying to protect him.

How did Jack find out?

A couple of months ago, Danny's birthday
was at The Fox and Hounds.

I was leaving early
to take Toby home.

Rob was walking us to the car
and we bumped into Jack outside.

I hadn't seen him since school, so I
barely recognised him, but he knew me.

And as soon as he saw Toby...

.. I could see it in
his eyes, he knew.

And after that, did he contact you?

He came to the farm,
but Danny confronted him

and threatened to call the
police if he didn't leave.

That's the last I saw of him.

And Toby never mentioned seeing him?


Did Danny know where
Jack was staying?

No, I asked him.

I actually asked him
if he killed Jack.

What kind of wife does that?

This is our fault.

My fault.

I should've kept more of an eye on Toby.
I shouldn't have given him so much freedom.

How did your brother react when you told
him a traveller had fathered your child?

I didn't go into detail, I just...

I just told him a gypo
was bothering Karen.

Mm, then you and your brother
pay him a little visit?


Slurry pit your idea, was it?

You bought the earth from beneath his feet
eight years ago and this time... what?

Wipe him off the face of it for good?

For God's sake!


If I had, I would've buried him as
far away from the farm as possible,

somewhere where no-one would
ever find him, especially...

.. especially Toby.

Check his story with his brother.

I want all eyes on Danny Pryor.

Won't be long.

That's Sammy's fares
for the last two months.


The 12th of last month, he
had a fare up to Pryor's Farm.

~ That's four weeks ago.
~ Yeah, from St Paul's Church in Alnwick.

And "ZI", that's Zamir, right?

Oh, yeah. I need to
update that, don't I?

Yeah, so what happened
four weeks ago?

He suddenly switched to nights?

Oh, that happens a lot. They get
regular day work and ask to switch.

Thanks, love.

Regular day work.

What if Ilic saw something when he
was dropping off his fare at the farm?

I mean, he had OCD, so what's he
doing shovelling muck, anyway?

Work's work.

Yeah, but Goran said he was lazy.

Well, that's no wonder, he was working
two jobs. When did the man sleep?

So how come, a month back, he suddenly
starts getting regular shifts on the farm?

He was bribing Danny Pryor?

Danny doesn't hire the workforce.

Get in.



Mr Beqiri?

Got it, thanks. Ma'am?


He's not here.

We found his tractor
in the south field.

No Milosh, but there's some fresh
bike tracks on the footpath.

Right, check around the farm
and put out an all-ports.

And see what Helen's got on him.


I've got something!

Smashed up mobile phone.

Could be Ilic's.


~ A memory card.
~ Bingo!


No, no, no, you've
got this all wrong.

He's part of our family.
He eats with us.

He spent last Christmas
with us, for God's sake!

~ What was the date Zamir's cab was up here?
~ 12th.

What about his family? He wouldn't jeopardise
everything here. This is their home!

~ Mr Pryor...
~ They're coming next month!

He has no family!

We talked with the Kosovan
Embassy in London.

Milosh Beqiri's wife and son
were killed in a car crash

two years ago in Pristina.

I'm sorry.

Milosh was the driver.

Ma'am, here it is. Ilic
filmed the whole thing.


Oh, God.

I don't understand.

Maybe he wanted you to accept
him, to be his family.

Do you know where he is?

Is that Milosh Beqiri?


~ Does Danny know?
~ Yes.

You knew Jack Reeves
from the food bank?


Did you kill him?

Milosh? No!

Jack was a good man.

It was an accident.

What happened?

We were volunteering
at the food bank.

And the church supplied
a crate of beers.

We all had a bit too much.

Jack said he lived near the farm...

.. so we shared a taxi.

Zamir Ilic was the driver?


On the way, I told Jack
about my wife and son.

I told him they were
back in Pristina...

.. told him how I missed them.

He understood, he said,

he missed his son too.

And then he said his name.


I'd heard Karen and Danny
talking in the farmhouse

about a boy called Jack
who Karen used to know.

And I pieced it all together.

And then...

.. Jack told me how much it
hurt to be without his son.

And that moment... I saw it.

I saw the pain he was going to cause.

I said to him...

"You know what it's
like to lose a son,

to have someone you love
snatched away from you."

So I grabbed him around
his neck and I squeezed.

And Ilic...

Ilic stopped the car and he started
yelling at me to let him go.

So I did...

.. but Jack was dead.

What did Zamir Ilic do?

Did he help you dispose of the body?


He couldn't bear to touch it.

I carried it myself
to the slurry pit.

Ilic promised me he
wouldn't tell anyone.

In return, I'd find
him work on the farm.

And I did.

But when the body
resurfaced, I panicked.

I went to Ilic to try and scare
him off, but he told me he'd filmed
the whole thing on his phone.

For insurance, he said.

So you killed him too?

Things got out of hand.

Milosh Beqiri, I'm arresting you for the
murders of Jack Reeves and Zamir Ilic.

You do not have to say anything,

but it may harm your defence if you
fail to mention, when questioned,

something you later rely on in court.

One more thing.

Where did you get the gun?


I got it from Goran Vlasic.

Be sure to speak clearly.

Oh, don't worry, I'll shout
my name in his ear.

You going somewhere?

Not that it's any of your business.

Just for a few days.

So, where's Billy?

Over by the lake.

Nice spot.

No. No, ta.

If you're going to stand there, you might
as well have a drink with me. Here.

I heard you caught him.


Is that what you came to tell me?


.. and er...

.. to give you this.


We used to come up here, me
and Jackie, when he was a boy.

Used to walk down from that road there
and we'd sit here for hours, casting off.

This was our spot.

I heard about the boy.

Jack's boy.

The last time I saw Jack, he said
he had something to tell me.

Some news.

He said I'd be proud.

I should've listened.

Do you think they'll let me see him?

I don't know, pet.

Well, I could ask.


Maybe I could take him fishing.


Maybe he'd like that.

Are there still fish in there?

In there?


There never was.