Vera (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Changing Tides - full transcript

With Joe now promoted Vera and her new sergeant, Aiden Healy, investigate a fatal explosion at a caravan park which killed Deena Viner, sister of the park's owner Jim. Deena and her friend Sally had been part of the stag night party for Ryan, boyfriend of Jim's daughter Claire, and, after evidence that Sally had slept with Ryan, Claire tells Vera he was growing cannabis in the caravan that was destroyed. Sally and Ryan both benefit financially from Deena's death but Deena was also involved with Ryan's teen-aged brother Riley who has no alibi for the murder. The mystery deepens when Vera is told that Deena was killed and then placed in the caravan before it blew up. With the park in financial difficulties largely caused by Deena and a resentful resident in the trailer next door Vera has several likely suspects before she can solve the case.


~ Quick! Run, run!
~ Keep going!

~ Kenny.
~ Ma'am.

~ How many?
~ Er... only the one.

~ Well, only one so far.
~ Right.

Head count a priority,
mate, fast as we can.

This is DCI Stanhope.
Ma'am, this is DS...

~ I know who you are.
~ Great to meet you.

~ How did you find Galway?
~ Oh, you know, green.

~ So, who's in charge here?
~ Bloke in the white helmet.

No, I meant of the caravan park.

~ Oh, we're tracking down the owner.
~ Right.

Well, fast as you can, then,
mate. Top priority: blues.

I've already been shouted
at by Forensics.

Soon as you can.

Ah, I was gonna introduce you.

~ How was, er...?
~ Oh, you know.

Do we know the ID of the deceased?

Not yet. We're matching
it to the guest list.

So... a holidaymaker?

Well, not for sure. It's about
20-80 residents to guests.

Right, good. Well done.

So all in hand, then?

Yeah, we're on fire, aren't we?

So to speak.

Er, the message she left was a bit
muffled, so it's... Adrian what?

No, Aiden.



~ I'm guessing this one's the body.
~ Yep. She had no chance.

~ She?
~ Oh, they can tell, from what I gather.

And there was no-one
in either of these?

No, he's on an early delivery, luckily.
We've gone to pick him up.

~ So, was there an explosion?
~ Yeah.

Water's heated by an LPG tank. Boom!

~ They know what triggered that?
~ We do.

This one.

If you'd like to step through
to the kitchen diner, madam.

Might not want to inhale.


No wonder you're all so relaxed.

Have Fire confirmed this as the source?
Given me a 'highly likely'.

They think a spark was carried
from here to the others.

How much is this? Personal supply
plus some for your mates?

Yeah, this level of wattage
on the system says amateurs.

I mean, what moron would leave
500 watts by an LPG tank?

The kind of moron that wants
to cause an explosion.

Just go for the tank
direct, wouldn't you?

~ Why would you wait for a burn-out?
~ Give you a chance to get out.

You're thinking deliberate?

No, I'm thinking... I don't know.

Bar a crack of lightning, could
have been anything set it off.


I wouldn't just yet.

I know female. That's about it.

I got female.

~ Age?
~ Over 20, best guess.

So, died before or during the fire?

Well, the body was found in bed.
There's no sign she tried to escape.

There's no apparent blood stains,
no obvious trauma wounds.

Unless they're on the other side, it
looks like during the fire she was...

Can you get to the underside now?

~ No, that's not possible.
~ Got you.

Leave you to it, then.

Right, treat as a major incident,
suspicious until we find otherwise.

No more bodies on site, they reckon.

Canisters in every one.

Could have wiped out the whole place.

~ Close shave.
~ Not for someone, it wasn't.

Not for someone.

Any intelligence on drug dealing?

Not on the radar as yet, but just
been on the phone to Community.

CSOs were up here last night
to support noise abatement.

Stag party gone wild.

~ Did we bag this lot up?
~ I'll find out.

Do you want it processed for DNA?

~ Yeah. Why not?
~ Oh, my. What on earth...?

~ Who's that? Is that the owner?
~ Er, no.

Owner's en route from Netherfield.

That fella's just back from his shift to
find himself homeless. He lived next door.

This tree was a memorial for my wife.

'Ey, I'm sorry, love.

This was our place. Look at it.

20 years up in smoke.

Ah, well, at least
you're in one piece.

They kept me awake so I went into
work early. I never do that.

What's this? The stag party?

I'd shouted at them, but...

If they hadn't...

~ Is it their bonfire? Is that what it was?
~ We don't know, love.

~ Do you know who they were?
~ Er...

I'd know 'em by sight
if I saw a picture.

Yeah. Did you know the deceased?

~ You what?
~ 'Ey, I'm sorry, love.

Your neighbour?

What? No.

No, no, there are no
neighbours this side.

We found a body, a woman.

~ Who?
~ Dunno.

I thought we'd just lost things.

Well, I'm sorry for the
things you've lost, sir.

This way, sir, please.

Right, check with his company what time
blokey here started his deliveries.

We're gonna need
descriptions of the stags.

Is that him owns the park?

Yeah, he's been at Netherfield Hall.
Jim Viner. Daughter's Claire.

~ Netherfield? Is that that spa place?
~ Spa and golf, I think.


~ Mr Viner, DCI Vera Stanhope.
~ Did a guest die? Is that right?

Er, there has been
a fatality, sir, yes.

But those two I don't even let.

They haven't had the upgrade.

~ It's not Malcolm, is it?
~ No, he's been accounted for.

He was on an early shift.

Matching to the guest list, the person
we couldn't place is Sally MacCarrol.

Oh, no, Sally's not a guest.

~ She lives here. Do you want me to ring her?
~ Please, love.

~ Have you asked Deena?
~ Who's Deena?

My sister. She'll know. Come on.


Are you awake?

Where's her stuff?

Dad, what if she took herself
off into a chalet?

She couldn't have. That was all talk.

Still voicemail, I'm afraid.

Dad, Sally's not picking up either.

All done.

OK, let's not panic. They're probably
just both down the Metro.

Is it possible either of them could
have gone off somewhere together?

Last-minute sort of thing?

Actually, yeah, that's a
good thought. Could be that.

So them being absent isn't
really out of character?

No. I mean, they're both single.
They both stop out sometimes.

This is them, if it helps.

~ Oh.
~ That one's Deena.

~ The one on the left.
~ Right. So she's what?

~ Late 20s?
~ 34.

~ Can I hang on to this, love?
~ Yeah.

How long have they been mates?

Er, well, since Sally came,
so that's about eight months.

Do either of them work on Sundays?

Well, Sally might. She's a carer.
I've the name somewhere.

But Deena doesn't. She...

She helps here sometimes
with the changeovers,

but she doesn't have a...
you know, a job job.

So she's unemployed?

Now, why do you think she might
have moved into a chalet?

Well, she just talked about it.

Yeah, but she wanted a deluxe
job, not to slum it up the hill.

Yeah, but it's possible she could
have moved into an empty one.

Well, it's possible, yeah, but...

Try her again, Claire.

Have you got a stag party
staying at the park?

~ We're not on that circuit, thank God.
~ Only we had reports of one kicking off.

~ Unless it were Ryan's lot.
~ No, they were going into town.

Who's Ryan?

Her fella. His stag was last night.

They're not gonna
come here, are they?

He DJs on the side. He
can get in anywhere.

~ Well, have you spoken to him, love?
~ I've left messages.

He's probably sleeping it off.

Look, can I not just see this body
and get it over and done with?

We'd rather deal with
it via DNA, sir.

And I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to ask,

is there anything you can tell
us that might help us with ID?

Well, what about her bracelet?

It... it's got a bird on it.

We got it for her 30th.
She never takes it off.

Why didn't you ask
about the cannabis?

Because I want to
see if they tell me.

~ Are you new to murder?
~ No.

Been on firearms, gun crime, drugs.

~ Plenty of bodies.
~ Oh.

This it?

Yeah, that's a bird.

Do you want me to break
it to the family?

No, I don't, not without DNA confirmation,
not when there's another person missing.

These things may be ten a penny.
She might have given it to her mate.

The day she died? That's
a bit of a coincidence?

Aye. And so is moving into
a chalet that gets burnt down.


They're going to cut out the wall there.
That's the only way we can get her out.


Hang on. That's the
outside of the door.

Someone had locked her in.

First priority, the lass
on the right here.

Sally MacCarrol, missing person.

Now, we've got teams scouring
the nearby undergrowth,

so fingers crossed we
don't find another body.

Now, the other first priority...

is the lass here, possible
murder inquiry.

Now, this is Deena Viner,

thought to be the body found
in the burnt-out chalet.

Cause of death as yet unknown.

Actually, Marcus just called. Blood's
carboxylated indicating smoke inhalation.

~ So died in the fire.
~ He won't say until he's
in the lungs, but yeah.

Right, so cause of death:
smoke inhalation.

Cause of the fire: thought to be a burn-out
from a lighting rig in the adjacent chalet,

being used as a cannabis factory.

I say factory, I mean
cottage industry.

However, she was locked in.

Why and by whom?

Who had access to the keys?

Does that mean the burn-out
was deliberate?

And who was growing the
cannabis? And who knew?

~ Where are we with the stags?
~ Groom is Ryan Synnott.

Ryan Synnott? That
the daughter's bloke?

Yeah. Dad owns the Seven Sisters
pub. Lives there, by Mileside Beach.

~ That's not trouble, is it, Ken?
~ No.

Stag party are staying there, but they
got a minibus up country early doors.

~ Any other background?
~ Other noise complaints,
handled by the council.

And the owner of the
caravan park, Jim,

was spoken to by Community
about six months back.

Spoken to? What does that
mean when it's at home?

It just says, 'Spoken to
on Parkinthorpe Cliffs.'

No other info.

It's a site for al-fresco lovemaking.

Oh, trust you. Go there
often, do you, Kenny?

Check it out. I'll be right.

Owner and daughter were out of town
for the duration, weren't they?

Er, car doesn't budge from Netherfield Hall
from Friday lunch until we pick 'em up.

Hotel's got him on the Wi-Fi in his room
and the daughter's in the bar until two.

Doesn't matter. It's bound
to be an insurance jobby.

Nine out of ten fires
are all about money.

Now, you have a point.

Kenny, check the family,
the money, the business.

~ Hm?
~ Ma'am.

~ What about CCTV? Anything?
~ Oh, yes.

Cameras in reception.

That's all we've got of her.

Pack of paracetamol, half empty.

This is, what, 12 hours
before she died?

Looks happy enough, doesn't she?

Ma'am, the stags are
on Hattington Sands.

Right. Come on, Sergeant.

We're going to the beach.

Come out!

~ Come out!
~ Get out!

Come on!

There were about five of them. One
of them I've seen about quite a bit.

Look, I don't want to tell tales,
but his name's Ryan Synnott.

Goes out with Jim's
daughter, I think.

Did you see Deena at
all? Or Sally MacCarrol?


No, I wouldn't have called the police if I'd
seen Deena with them, cos I'm fond of her.

Is that why they burnt me down?

Huh. Cos I called you lot.

~ Well, is Claire all right?
~ I think they're pretty shocked.

She tried ringing me. I just
thought she were fussing.

Was it a regular?

Well, Claire's Aunt Deena is unaccounted
for, as is her friend, a Sally MacCarrol.

Yeah, they were with us.
We met them at the pub.

Well... So, can you say
where you last saw them?

Yeah, it was at the park.

Um... We met them there
after the Sisters.

Right. So it was definitely
your lot, then, the bonfire.

We must have left it burning.

~ I'm so sorry. Is it my fault?
~ That's what we're trying to find out.

How did you get that?

Brained myself showing off
in the pool, ended up in A&E.

Look, if I left it to burn,
if it's my fault...

~ We're nice lads, not yobs.
~ How much had you been drinking?

Started downstairs at
the Sisters about eight.

Then, after closing, moved on
to the caravan park, so a lot.

Why not go to town?
Wasn't that the plan?

We bumped into some lasses Ryan
knew. It was one of their ideas.

Seemed better than some sweaty club.

Did you go up to the park
for any other reason?

No, um...

Deena just kept nagging
us so we just gave in.

How much had she been drinking?

To be honest, she can
be pretty hyper, so...

It's hard to say. It wasn't
anything mental, though.

The guy that got upset,
he was just overreacting.

Deena went off somewhere.

Sally went to bed. I went home.

And the rest just took Ben to A&E.

So, you might have been the last
person to see Sally or Deena alive.

No, um...

~ Sally's not dead.
~ How do you know that?

Does this... Does this
have to come out?

Excuse me.

~ Claire, what are you doing?
~ Riley, move!

Claire. Claire, hey, wait!

~ Claire...
~ Don't.

Uh-oh. She's beaten us to it.

Claire, wait.

Claire, are you all
right? Look at me.

Sally's up there.

She's... She's fine.

It's Ryan.

I don't want to talk to him.

~ And you are?
~ I'm Riley.

He's Ryan's brother.


We'll get you a car home, love.

Where are you heading?

Back to the park.

Meanwhile, holidaymakers
in the park have suggested

the body of a woman was found

not long after the fire service
brought the blaze under control.

Sally MacCarrol?

DCI Vera Stanhope. Can we
have a little chat, love?

It's not Deena, is it?

Well, we're still awaiting
DNA confirmation on the body.

But I checked in on her.

It said she was on Mileside Beach
eight o'clock this morning.

Look it up.

Well, the person we found
was dead before that.

I've got this app. I made her put it
on in Ibiza in case we got separated.

Oh, look. She's here somewhere.

~ She'll have come to find me.
~ Well, ring it.


Don't touch.

~ Whose room is this?
~ Er, Ryan's.

And was Deena in here
with you at any point?

No, we were in the bar.

How did this get here, then?

Pathology have got a confirm
on the DNA. It's her.

Sorry, love.

Who else has access
to the chalet keys?

All the staff plus me
and Claire and Deena.

And Sally. She mucks in occasionally.

~ They're in a cabinet.
~ We'll have to take that
away for examination.

~ When did you arrive at the hotel?
~ We left here Friday morning.

It was a two-night thing. We're
having the wedding there.

Claire gets a freebie.

A weekend for the bride and
the mother of the bride.

My wife's not around,
so... so I went.

~ Where is your wife?
~ Died 2003.

I told Claire two
nights was too much.

What happened?


They've done the DNA.

It's her.


Are we sure it's not a mix-up?
Because why she was up there...

I'm sorry, sir.

It's our belief that
your sister has died.

Oh, Dad.

It's OK. I'm all right.

Right, get on to a magistrate. I
want that pub thoroughly searched.

See if we can link anything
more than the phone to Ryan.

~ OK.
~ Oh, Bethany, have we checked the insurance?

Yeah, it's public liability only.
He won't get back a penny.

~ What are you doing, love?
~ I'm sorry. I know you're busy.

~ But I need to know something.
~ Right. What's that?

Was it electrics? The fire?

No. Why do you ask?

Well, Ryan keeps his stuff in there.

My dad don't know but I let him.

What do you mean, exactly? Stuff?

He grows weed.

And if it set something off,

I don't want to cover for him.

Right. Thanks, love.

Motive. What have we got?

Ryan Synnott let it burn out to destroy
it. Deena was collateral damage.

~ You don't destroy a personal supply.
~ Maybe he panicked when the PC showed up.

What? To the crack squad
at noise abatement? Nah.

I don't buy it. Anyway,
why was she locked in?

~ I dunno. You tell us.
~ Deena knew too much.

~ About what?
~ About the pair of 'em, their affair.

~ Well, who says she gave a damn?
~ Deena was her auntie.

That means nothing.
Not her mam, is it?

However, one of the stags, Ben,

said she was gobbing off about
people cheating on her.

~ Now he tells us. Any other nuggets?
~ She gets shirty about it.

They lock her in to shut her up. Go and do
the dirty, forget they've left the lights on.

~ Oh, full of theories, aren't you?
~ Someone's got to be.

~ Bethany, you can go and interview Ryan.
~ Yeah?

And get me the blood results
on alcohol levels.

Mark, DNA on the key.

And you can get down to this hospice
Sally claims to have worked at.

~ Can I not come and interview her?
~ No, you cannot.

We need some background on the
woman. Somebody's got to do it.

~ Anything specific?
~ If we knew that, we wouldn't have to look.

~ She doesn't like them cheeky.
~ I'll bear that in mind.

Oh, don't worry. First three
years are the hardest.

Oh... Dad.

Just give me a minute.

Had you planned it,
the lads coming back?

No. Sort of.

She knew the stags
would be at the pub.

She wanted to have a pool
party, like we did in Ibiza.

So you hadn't arranged it
with the lads beforehand?


She talked 'em into it.

We came back. A bit
of skinny-dipping.

Then I lost track of her.

~ I thought she'd crashed out.
~ Did you know she'd moved into a chalet?


~ I think she wanted her own space.
~ Why's that?

Just to have it, I think.

I mean, Jim's a nice bloke, but...

.. he hovered.

That's the word she used.

I don't think it was
a big issue, though.


So, you went skinny-dipping,
she disappeared and then what?

You went back to the pub
with Ryan. Is that right?

It was a one-off.

We haven't been seeing
each other or anything.

Did Deena know what you were up to?

~ Yeah.
~ What did she think about that?

She turned a blind eye.

She was hacked off with Jim and Claire
for not taking her to the hotel.

How much had she been drinking?

She wasn't a big drinker.

I've got witnesses saying
she was all over the shop.

~ I don't think it was the booze.
~ Cannabis?

No, no. God, no.

She was feeling rough so I gave
her some of my migraine tablets.

They're quite strong.
That and a Night Nurse.

She was dead set on going out.

I think...

Maybe it reacted with something.

Did you know she'd already dosed
herself up on paracetamol?


No, I didn't.

Is that why she didn't wake up?

Who said she didn't wake up, love?

Good morning.

We spoke earlier. I'm
here to see the warden.

DS Healy?

I understand Sally MacCarrol
was an employee of yours.

Yes, that's right. For a while, yes.

~ How long was she here for?
~ Well, now...

sadly we had to let her
go about eight months ago.

She said she was NVQ
qualified and she wasn't.

Right. So she was sacked?

No, um...

One of the patients she was caring
for left her some money.

It wasn't a huge amount but...

the family seemed to think that
something untoward had gone on.

It soured the atmosphere.

~ So, what happened to the money?
~ I asked her to return it.

She refused. We parted company.

~ Thank you. Thank you for your time.
~ OK.

There's no significant
alcohol intake.

Right. So what was making her
act up? Was it the medication?

Mm, it's not really psychotropic.

It's there, but at a low level.

~ What about other recreational?
~ No, no trace.

Ah, come on, Marcus.

You're one of the few I can rely
on to come up with the goods.

Oh, I've gone up the league, then.

Well, how's Joe getting on?

Oh, he doesn't want
me checking up on him.

He's got Celine to do that.

Nah, he's moved on.

So, can I at least have
confirmation, cause of death?

All right.

I knew the tanks were risky. I'm
sorry. I thought I'd been careful.

Why was this in your room?

She just left it at the bar.
I was just gonna pass it on.

But the app puts her phone
on the beach at 8am.

I wouldn't know anything about
that. I was surfing at the time.

Oh, so it just returned itself to your
room, put itself back in the drawer?

I mean, I know they're
clever, but teleportation?

Well, then, I'd have
to say, 'No comment.'

I'll be with you in a jiffy, pet.

He's sorry. He said he was careful
cos he knew it was risky.

Oh, so that's all right, then.

~ Has he fessed up?
~ No, he's just given it 'no comment'.

Is he protecting someone?

Well, ask him about him and Sally.
Maybe it runs deeper than a one-off.

Ma'am, there's a partial
match for Sally on the key,

but also for other people who had
access plus persons unknown, so...

So you're telling me
nothing? Brilliant.

Ma'am, DS Healy on line one.

Who? Oh, what does he want?


She's done a regular cash payment to
both an S MacCarrol and an R Synnott.

Kenny, you were right.
Fire, always money.

Plus, she wrote to the
manager here a while back

saying to give Sally access to her bank
account in the event of her death.

So was I right to send
you down there or what?

Get it all back here.

You're welcome.

Was it for weed?

~ No, I don't sell it.
~ So, why was she giving you money?

~ We've seen her bank statements.
~ I didn't know that she was.

I don't find that plausible, Ryan.

~ Are you protecting someone?
~ No.

~ Are you protecting Sally?
~ No.

Why was she giving you money?

She was helping me out.

Only, in this letter
she wrote to the bank

she asked for it to continue
in the event of her death.

There was nothing in that. No,
that was just her being daft.

Well, that's a big gesture.
Only known her eight months.

That's just what she was like.

So, what was on her mind, do
you think, when she wrote this?

In my last job...

a patient had left
me some money and...

she knew it had helped me out
so she was just copying that.


Did she know you got the sack?


~ I felt ashamed.
~ Plus you were unqualified, of course.

Now, here's a thing.

Someone had locked
Deena into her chalet.


Mm. Yeah.

~ No!
~ Yes.

~ Who?
~ Well, you tell me, love.

Well, it wasn't me.
Why would I do that?

Well, one reason might be so you
could cop off with Ryan undisturbed.

~ I wouldn't do that.
~ Or another reason might be

you locked her in to keep her safe,

stop her legging it to the pool
while you were copping off.

~ I still wouldn't do that.
~ Wouldn't you, love?

She was my mate.

The money Deena gets once a month,
not from work, a trust fund?

A trust fund?

~ Not millionaires, are they?
~ What, a lottery win?

DS Healy?

I knew you'd find something.

~ Well done.
~ You got enough to charge either of them?

Well, that depends what Mark
has for us from Forensics.

Well, they can't pretend it was
an accident. That's one thing.

Traces of accelerant, probably petrol,
found in front of the chalets.

OK, I'll get samples from
all suspect vehicles.

~ Right, and their clothes from the night.
~ Ma'am.

No, hang on, hang on.


That means it wasn't a
slow burn, as we thought.

I mean, the fire could only have
been started 20 minutes before
the fire brigade were called.

~ So after six.
~ Right.

So who can we place at
the park around six, hm?

~ Apart from 500 holidaymakers.
~ Couldn't say for definite.

I mean, the time line from
the stags has inconsistencies.

Have we got any witness at
all who wasn't off their face?

Was there a designated driver?

Hello, love.

The boss is out. He's back at five.

Are you the driver of the
stag do from Seven Sisters?

~ Yeah.
~ Overnight booking, that correct?

So, where did you go after
leaving the caravan park

and dropping them back at the pub?

Um, A&E.

The tall one hit himself on the pool.

~ Did they all go?
~ Yeah, all of them.

No, no, not the one who
was getting... You know.

~ The one with the girl.
~ Do you know where they went?

Yeah, I dropped 'em off at the pub.

Did you see them again after that?

Yeah, yeah, in the window.

~ The others woke 'em up to get back in.
~ And what time was that?

Well, I was back here
for 6:45, so 6am-ish.

How were they as a group?

Compared to what I've
seen? Small fry.

Bit of a spray, invoice for the
damage. There's no harm done.

Yeah, it's...

Well, it's my insurance, in case
the boss thinks it was my fault.

It's here somewhere.

There you go.

Come on, pool party!

~ 10:30. Is that right?
~ Yeah.

Five minutes later, she was here.

~ Go on, get out of my sight. I hate you!
~ Did you see who she was talking to?

No, I just wanted her to get down.

She starts crying. Normally,
the groom's the one in tears.

And did she say what
she was upset about?

Break-up with her boyfriend.

~ I don't think it was serious.
~ How did we miss a boyfriend?

How did we miss a boyfriend, hm?

The family never mentioned one.

~ Mates didn't mention one.
~ Driver could be wrong.

Why conceal it from your friends
and family? She's a grown woman.

Grown woman? She was bouncing
off the top of a limo.

She's 34, still living
with her brother.

I mean, that's a bit...

.. odd, isn't it?

Even these days.

Then there's that letter
she wrote to the bank.

What do you want to do with Sally and Ryan?
Release or keep for another 24 hours?

Well, we can't place
them at the fire.

So get Kenny to release her and charge
him for intent to supply cannabis.

~ Have we checked Facebook?
~ The boffins are on it.

Password on everything thus far
has been Effron, so with any luck.

Ask Sally MacCarrol if Deena
has a boyfriend under wraps.

And get him to press Marcus
for sexual activity.

Hear that? Don't think
she meant it that way.

They found two tickets for the
cinema on her phone, Friday week.

~ Edwards has gone down there.
~ Right, well, anything to build a picture.

It doesn't give us the why, though, does it?
I mean, why kill some girl out on the lash?

Listen, it's not easy getting
into the head of a killer.

They don't think the way we do.

~ That's the problem.
~ Actually...

You're gonna hear this, so
I should probably tell you.

A couple of years back...
I shot a dealer.

~ Yeah, I know you did.
~ Oh, waiting to see if I'd tell you?

~ You're getting the hang of it.
~ He had a gun.

I know, I read the report.
Self-defence, proportionate force.

Not that we let the criminals
get away with that, mind.

You coming or what?

Deena could have been
lying, of course.

Or the limo driver could have
got the wrong end of the stick.

Anyway, let's keep pushing with the
accelerant, see what that gives us.

~ What?
~ The cinema ticket bloke
recognised the photo.

Said she comes regular as clockwork,
once a week, with her little brother.

With her little brother?

What happened to the boyfriend?

~ Are you sure?
~ That's what he said.

He said they watch all the new releases
the day they come out. Big fans.

And did Deena tell him it was her
little brother or was that just
the ticket fella's assumption?

What she said. I double-checked.

Er, a list of Deena's
text messages, ma'am.

Brace yourself. I believe they're
what they call saucy.

Well, I don't know what it
is you're reading, Kenny.

'Glad you liked it. There's
more if you want it.'

Mind like a sewer.

'Glad you liked it.'
What's it? A gift?

12th. Did she buy anything
on the 12th?

There's an email showing a
receipt from an online store.

Electrical goods, £344.

Well, get onto the store,
see what costs £344.

Xbox or iPad.

One-nil to the overgrown schoolboy!

That cash transfer to R Synnott,
how do we know that's Ryan?

~ We don't.
~ We don't.

Riley's in there and there's a barman that
said he'll be his responsible adult.

~ Yeah, well, he'll do.
~ Yeah, the boffins have played a blinder.

2:30am she changes
her Facebook status

on her laptop in the chalet.

'In a relationship
with Riley Synnott.'


Gets deleted off her mobile
0800 the next day.

I just thought, the statement
Malcolm Raggert gave me,

where he describes a lad, 17-ish,
on site at about 4am.

Right. Get Raggert in to do an ID.

~ Ma'am.
~ Thanks, Ken.

So, do you want to tell
us about Deena Viner?

We were just mates, really.

We'd see films and stuff.

It was just a laugh.

Why was she putting money
into your bank account?

I was... I was giving
her driving lessons.

17? You got a licence?


~ Why didn't she pay cash?
~ I'm saving up to go travelling.

Driving lessons? Kept that
quiet. It's first we've heard.

Yeah, well, she said
not to tell her brother.

~ Why?
~ I don't know.

She said she weren't
allowed to drive.

~ Why not?
~ I dunno. I didn't ask.

I just...

I just took the money.

Why did she tell people you
were her little brother?

I don't know.

It was, um...

It was just a joke,
you know. She's...

Oh, I can't describe it. She's...

She's funny, in a good way.

Tell us about Facebook.

I think she put a little
message on there for you.

All of a sudden, puff, it's gone.

I deleted it.

What did you do with the phone?

I put it in Ryan's room
to give to Claire.

Have a little look at this.

~ Get out! Go on, get out of my sight!
~ Now, who's she shouting at?

I've asked all the others but
none of them seem to know.

She invited me back with her.

Said she wanted to show me
she'd got her own place.

I wasn't... I wasn't
sure if she meant...

you know, but I had
to put her straight.

All right? She's too old.

I was... I was just being nice.

I was... I was just
helping her driving.

Do you recognise any of these lads?

Anything there?

~ Go back.
~ OK.

That's the lad there.

~ You sure?
~ Yeah.

~ You at the stag do?
~ No.


Only I've got a witness saying
he saw you at the caravan park.

~ So were you at the stag do at the bonfire?
~ Yeah... yeah.

I... Well...

No, I wasn't invited.

Um... I went up later to
give her her phone back.

Oh, that's nice of you.
What time was that?

About... About six-ish.

Six-ish? That's a bit early
for a lad your age, isn't it?

I wanted to apologise.

And did you?

No. No, no.

I looked for her.

I knew she'd moved into
this cabin up the hill.

When I knocked, it was
just some old bloke.

What, Malcolm Raggert?

I don't know his name. He...

He just shouted at me and said
he'd call you lot again.

There's... There's really
nothing else to tell you.

He sees she's put it on
Facebook. He freaks out.

He goes back to the caravan park.
There's a massive confrontation.

Nicks her phone, torches the place.

What, kills her in
anger cos of Facebook?

Humiliation, loss of face.

Oh, come on, he's a teenager. This
stuff's life or death to 'em.

He'd have had to have gone all
the way back to the caravan park,

found some chalet he's never clapped
eyes on before, get the accelerant.

Too much planning for
heat of the moment.

Well, it works if we can prove
he's lying about the time.

Ma'am, Marcus wants you at the lab.

He has to show you something.

Ma'am, do you want to bring in Riley?

Look, I could stretch to heat of the
moment if it was a knife or whatever.

But even with the time
gap... Nah, leave him be.

Cause of death, please. And don't
tell me hit by a bolt of lightning.

Well, I've ruled out that. That's
as much as you're getting for now.

~ Glad we made the trip.
~ However...

I found this metal
plate in her skull.

The scar tissue covered it, so
I missed it first time round.

~ Have we got the GP records?
~ Pfff! What do you think?

I'll chase them.

So, when was that put there?
Week ago? Month ago? What?

I'd say decades.

So, at some point, she
sustained... a what?

A significant head injury.

That no-one has told us about.


Well, as bombshells
go, I've had worse.

That's not the bombshell.

~ There's no smoke in the lungs.
~ I thought the blood results -

I know, but she was sat before
a bonfire, wasn't she?

Look, I said I'd not confirm
until I was 100% sure.

What are you telling me?

Dead before the fire?

Dead before the fire.

Now, the fire didn't kill her but that
doesn't mean the fire was unrelated.

And until we have cause of death,
everything is back in play.

What's the intelligence on this brother?
I remember workaholic. Anything else?

Well, he's not making much
of a profit by the looks.

Wage bill's gone down to zero
since... eight months back.

What? The park's fully booked.

Doesn't matter. He's not
covering his overheads.

I might know why. I just got
an ear-bashing from Licensing.

They wanted to know if booze
was being sold during the fire.

Why do they want to know that?

They took away his alcohol
permit eight months back.

~ Rubbish! There's a bar there, brand-new.
~ Doesn't matter.

No longer allowed
to sell, apparently.

Well, there's your profit margin.

Licence was revoked for underage
drinking after noise issues.

They're on a final
warning for closure.

Hang on. There's a receipt
in Deena's file.

300 quid, booze at a cash and carry.

400 quid, swimming pool suppliers.

Let me have a look at that.

So, was he selling booze on the QT?

She's bailing the business
out on the card.

Does that put him in the frame?

Not really, especially as he's
30 miles away from the scene.

He's got nothing to gain
as there's no insurance.

He's right. Here.

Unless Deena was the insurance. Didn't
you say she had a trust fund?

There's a lawyer in town. She's
getting us the paperwork.

Still, your own sister. You'd
have to be pretty desperate.

Ma'am? Er, sorry, there's
an enquiry to Community

about the encounter with
Jim on Parkinthorpe Cliffs.

It's a known suicide spot.

Oh, not just for lovers, then, Kenny?

Now, the family didn't disclose
Deena's head injury.

Is that significant?

Here, I've found her neurologist.

Private practice paid
for by the brother, Jim.


Let's go and see him, then.

~ Deena Viner had a head injury.
~ Yes, a motorbike smash.

Ripped half of her skull.
That's her, isn't it?

~ When was the smash?
~ I was an SHO, so it would
have been late '90s.

Seen her probably once a year since.

Was she on the bike or hit by one?

That I wouldn't know. But
just let me just check.

Would there have been
any lasting damage?

There was some impairment, not
life-changing, but I would say
definitely left her with delay.

~ What, like learning difficulties?
~ No, not that extreme.

She might strike you
as immature, perhaps.

It damaged the part of the
brain that controls impulses.

~ How do you mean?
~ Well, she might have gambled

or displayed inappropriate behaviour
but nothing immediately obvious.

Why, has she got herself
into trouble?

Damages to the frontal lobes.

Ah, coma for three weeks.

Fell off the motorbike.

Is there anything else you can tell
us that we can cross-reference?

I mean, presumably she
was riding pillion?

Picked up by paramedics at
a caravan park on the coast.

~ Does that help?
~ Yeah, that sort of thing.

Driver also treated for a broken arm.

Her brother, Jim Viner.

I suppose, if he was her carer, could
that give him motive to kill her?

Got too much, couldn't cope
with the responsibility.

Well, Sally said he hovered.
Does that fit?

It does if he became resentful.

He would have felt guilty at least.

Could that trust fund be
compo for the bike accident?

Now, that is a good thought.

Well done that man.

Let's go and ask the family
some difficult questions.

No, go on, you enjoy yourselves.

Only a murder scene.

Ah, shut up, they've paid for their holiday.
They want their money's worth. I would.

Did you enjoy yours?

That wasn't a holiday.
It was a funeral.

Auntie Vera.

I tell you, seeing your name in giant
chrysanths is a bit depressing.

I'm sorry. Were you close?

No, not really.

She used to make me go spudding.
That was my dad's idea of a holiday.

Oh, right.

Did you get coal for Christmas too?

Yeah, had to dig for
that ourselves an' all.

~ Get out!
~ No, Dad!
~ Hold on, is that them?

~ Leave it, Dad.
~ Clear off, now!

Dad, leave it. Dad!

~ No, stop!
~ You set foot in here again, I'll kill you!


Wedding's off.

What can you tell me
about Deena's accident?

I were only four, so
I don't know about it.

Did it not get talked about?

~ I think everyone just wanted to move on.
~ How did it affect her?

My mum said a couple of times it
changed her, made her an handful.

But they were just pleased
she survived the coma.

Look, it's not a secret or anything,
so why do you need to know?

We're just trying to build a picture.

She were just...

She were just Deena.

Tell me about the incident, when
you lost your booze licence.

That were my fault.

I put her on the bar. She got
overexcited, couldn't handle it.

~ How old were the drinkers?
~ 17, so not kids, just...

She preferred younger people,
not in an odd way.

She just liked their company.
Felt more herself, I think.

Get drunk with teenage lads,
go skinny-dipping, whatever.

Anyway, one of the mums found out, thought
it were inappropriate, complained.

How did your dad feel about it all?


It were all too much for him.

He tried to kill himself.

He thinks I don't know that.

But I do.

It just strikes me as odd
you didn't mention it.

I just find people make
assumptions, think she's barmy.

You don't think it impacted
on the way she behaved?

Not really.

Is that what the medics think?

They only want to see problems,
not how far she's come.


Apart from the driving,
she led a normal life.

She had mates.

She worked. She went on holidays.

She was just a lovely,
sweet, kind person.

But wasn't it her behaviour
lost you your licence?

~ She'd just get carried away, that's all.
~ Well, that must have hurt financially.

No bar? Ooh!

It wasn't ideal, I'll give you that.

Did you ever use her cards or
ask her to help you financially?

No, never.

I would never do that.
Her money was her money.

Only there's a couple of recent
transactions on her credit card.

400 quid, pool supplies.

500 pounds cash and carry.

~ Hm? What do you think of that?
~ Right.

20 quid, 20 quid.

30 quid.

50 quid.

Her beer for her mates for
her sodding pool party.

Dad, what's going on?

She reckons I've been dipping into
Deena's trust fund for this.

Are you barking?

Dad would never touch
her money. Never.

~ Calm down.
~ No.

Is this what you lot do?
Just pick on the relatives?

He's been asking me all-sorts.

DS Ashworth's just
doing his job, love.

Well, it doesn't look like it.

He's bereaved!

My life's been completely
blown apart.

And you lot just swan in
and stamp all over us.

~ That's enough, Claire.
~ The more you tell us, the easier it'll be.

Well, ask the lawyer.
She'll tell you.

He couldn't touch her money,
even if he wanted to.

Somehow, Jim gets wind of
a party at the caravan park.

Sees Deena's brought
yet more trouble.

Thinks it's the end anyway, so decides
to cut his losses, do her in.

Kills her rather than
himself, you mean?

Yeah, well, his suicide attempt and
the business put on a final warning,

that does tally time-wise.

Must have been pretty desperate.

Yeah, well, didn't
jump, though, did he?

Maybe he thought of another way.

But how did he get cross country?

His car doesn't budge
from the hotel car park.

Have we checked vehicle flow?

Yeah, there's a Megane that
stops on the embankment

on the dual carriageway
down the hill.

We're doing resolutions
on the plate, but...

What about her, the daughter?

Well, again the hotel says that she
was on the dance floor till 2am.

Yeah, well, that doesn't mean anything. She
could have had an accomplice at the scene.

~ Let's get on to dad's phone.
~ Oh, it's just...

Look, I'm sorry. This
is just how it is, love.

Two steps forward, one step back.

Find the bullet. Ballistics
match it to the weapon.

~ Fingerprint it and you're sorted.
~ Oh, well.

Who's DS Ashworth?


Oh, he's... He's the old you.

'Ey, I'm sorry. Did I...

No, doesn't matter. Where is he now?

Oh, big promotion.

Nice house next to an 'outstanding'.
Another girl on the way.

Oh, yeah? I'll stick with you, then.

Let's see what this
solicitor has to say.

Oh, known the family a while, then?

I drew up the original agreements
when the parents got elderly.

~ The money's the money from their house.
~ Oh, right.

We thought it was compensation.

So, could Deena access the fund herself
or did it go straight into her account?

The latter.

What if she wanted more?

She could consult with the trustees
but we're a pretty tight-fisted lot.

~ Who are the trustees?
~ Myself and a couple of family friends.

~ And is Jim next of kin -
~ Malcolm and Lesley Raggert?

Is that Malcolm Raggert, who
lives at the caravan park?

I believe it is, yes.

He moved there full time
after his wife died.

~ And when was that?
~ Eight, nine months ago.

How did she die?

Pneumonia? Septicaemia?
One of the two.

One of those horrifying 'go into hospital,
six weeks later, you're dead' things.

And are Jim and Malcolm still
friends, as far as you know?

As far as I know. They definitely
were when we drew this up.

Thanks, love.

Kenny, tell her. We picked up Malcolm
Raggert at work the day of the fire.

~ Yep. Uniform found him there.
~ The first thing we did
after we secured the scene.

Yeah, but did you check
what time he got there?

No, we brought him in
as a victim of crime.

Now, after I spoke to Raggert, I
specifically asked you to double-check.

~ Did you do that?
~ No, I... I went with you to the family.


Pull up his statement.

Read it back to me.

'Blaring music. I remonstrated
with partygoers.

I was awoken by a boy in a red
jacket knocking on my door.

Left for work around 4:30.'

And what time did Riley
say he was there, hm?

After six.

Find me Raggert.

Right, find him.

Excuse me.

You know I just want to check a little
discrepancy on your statement.

You told us you left for an
early delivery round at 4:30.

Only we've a witness reckons he
saw you at the park nearer six.

~ What witness?
~ That young lad you picked out for us.

The one you said you spoke to.


Yeah, I'm so... I'm sorry.

I was confused. Yeah...

Nearer six is probably
more likely, yeah.

Just borrowed this from your van.

Oh, look at that.


Well, look at that.

It says here you clocked
in to the depot at 7:50.

So, would that tally with
what you're telling me now?

That you left for work later than
what you said in your statement.


Well, like I said, you know, nearer
six is probably more likely.

Yeah, well, that's that.

So, why do you think you made
a mistake in your statement?

I were thrown.

You know, given the
circumstances and everything.


Ma'am. Malcolm clear it up for you?

Oh, yes. Lying through
his teeth, of course.

He's coming in to go
through his statement.

Right. This is, er... Jim's mobile.

He gets five messages on Malcolm's
number between midnight and 4am.

None of them answered.

Also, he's not been paying his rent.

Been living here free for
the last eight months.

Eight months? It's all hanging
round this eight months, isn't it?

Deena goes and loses their licence.

Jim goes to the edge.

Mr Viner?

Sorry. Um... It's just we understand

Mr Raggert made several calls to you.

I know, about the noise.

My phone was off.

If I'd have picked it up,
I'd have come running.

Hm. Why was your phone off?

I needed a break.

~ Why do you waive Mr Raggert's rent?
~ He was struggling.

He wasn't really able to function.

You know, after his wife died.
He had to take a delivery job.

Do you expect anything in return?

~ No. No, I don't.
~ No?

~ Are you sure?
~ What's this in aid of?

You don't think Malcolm
did it, do you?


~ No, he's not a suspect at the moment.
~ He told me he was at work.
~ Why?

Do you think he should be a suspect?

I don't know.

~ I couldn't say.
~ How close are you?

He gets tetchy with me
occasionally, but...

we're mates.

What's my finances got
to do with anything?

Well, I'm just trying to establish if
you felt indebted to him in any way.

I don't.

No? Well, he supported
you when your wife died.

~ You were a trustee for his sister.
~ So?

So, did the pair of you hatch a plot
to get the park out of trouble?

Hm? You do his dirty
work while he was away.

That's ridiculous. Absolutely not.

Help out your oldest mate
in his hour of need.

No, no way. Look, I don't
even like the fella.

Honest to God, he's the last person
I'd help out with anything.

That supposed to make me
less suspicious, is it?

Only he told me you
were on good terms.

So what's he done to
get your back up, hm?


Raving lunatics, thugs.

People copping off
in the pool, drugs.

You know there were drugs there, don't
you? I mean, it ruined everything.

Right, keeping it simple, Malcolm's
in a rage about the noise.

Deena's the ringleader.

He can't sleep.

He gets woken up by Riley, loses
his rag and boom, torchio.

Let's just see what they
say rather than us guess.

~ You do it yourself, you know.
~ Yeah, well, that is entirely different.

Mr Synnott?

Could we have a word, love?

We've just got a couple more questions
about Saturday night at the bonfire.

Where were you when Malcolm came out?

I was just having a chill-out by
the fire. I was talking to Sal.


Malcolm just starts freaking out.

~ Starts saying he's gonna ring you lot.
~ Yeah, go on.

Well, Deena comes back from the pool.

We tell her he's threatening
to call the cops.

And then she starts kicking off
about Ryan cheating on Claire.

It wasn't like that. He's got
the wrong end of the stick.

Oh, for crying out loud,
Ry! Somebody's died.

Yeah, I know. She wasn't
having a go at me.

She was just arsed at Malcolm.

He'd er... been a bit of a killjoy.

That's wishful thinking, mate.

She was banging on about
people playing around,

said she wanted to
have it out with him.


Right, let's push Raggert on whether
or not he talked to Deena.

Er, this is Jade, the PCSO who was
on patrol at Parkinthorpe Cliffs.

Oh, Jim Viner, the talking-to.

Just tell the DCI what you told me.

Are you sure it was the same man, love?
It was a while back, eight months.

I remember it cos I was on my own.

It's only my second jumper.

Did he say he was going to jump?

He did seem very down.

He told me his wife had
just died suddenly.

No, not his wife, his partner.

Did he say her name?


Just that she was the love of his
life and he wanted to be with her.

Did he happen to mention
how she died, love?

~ Er...
~ Was it pneumonia?

That's it, pneumonia.

That's good. That's very good.

So you were having an affair
with Lesley Raggert.

I thought no-one knew.

It's not something I want
people to know about.

Big thing to keep to yourself,
though, isn't it?

I mean, not letting on,
even after she died.

Nearly took you over
the edge, didn't it?

It was the keeping up appearances.

I couldn't handle it.

I'd lost...

Well, she was like a second
wife, in some ways.


And you just kept it between
the two of you. Is that right?

We both had other people
who needed us.

We thought...

you know, maybe in
the future, sometime.

But it turned out there wasn't one.

Do you think Malcolm knew?

~ Well, Deena thought he did.
~ Yeah, but what do you think?

Well, he asked me to read
at Lesley's funeral,

thanked me for being
such a good friend.

He'd have had to have been off
his rocker to do that if he knew.

I think Deena might have told
him the night of the fire.


Do you think that's possible?

I suppose.

I suppose it's all my fault,
then, really, isn't it?

~ I can't recall anything.
~ Can't you?

Only we've a witness saying

she kicked off after you called
the police, wanted to have it out.

So, did Deena come and talk to you?

~ Maybe briefly.
~ And said what?

~ I didn't listen. She was drunk.
~ Oh, you remember that.

Did she tell you your wife had been cheating
on you with your old mate Jim?

She repeated a rumour, yeah.

Oh, a rumour.

It was something people had said before
but I don't think it was true.

Yeah, well, even so, how did
you feel when she said it?

Upset, obviously.

We were all friends. It's not nice
when people cast aspersions.

You told me before
you didn't like him.

That was because he let things slide.

That caravan park was our sanctuary.

When Lesley got ill, that
was where she wanted to be.

~ Anything on Raggert's van?
~ Just started on it.

~ What's that in the corner?
~ What, that?


Is it petrol?

Yes, it is.

~ But it's empty.
~ I want prints ASAP.

Right, then, Mr Raggert...

If we find this was used
to start the fire...

And we will find out.
We can match it.

.. it'll be much, and I mean much,
better for you if you come clean.

I didn't know Deena
had moved down there.

She was there two days.
You didn't notice?

Not gonna torch my own stuff, am I?

You might, if you felt deceived,
if something precious was ruined.

I wasn't deceived. I didn't want
to live next-door to a drug den.

~ Oh, so is this you admitting
to starting the fire?
~ I didn't say that.

It was by the kids'
playground, for God's sake.

Oh, so you were being
community-minded? Very nice.

So, why not complain
to your old mate Jim?

Well, if he wasn't gonna
fix my hot water,

he was hardly gonna deal
with drug dealers, was he?

I'm sorry, love. I don't believe you.

You see, I think you were
rattled by the rumour

and you started the fire to
stop the rumour spreading.

Get back at your old mate
and silence Deena for good.

All right!

Maybe I did start the fire.

I didn't know anyone was in there.

Somebody had to act.

I wanted to get rid of
the drugs, not kill Deena.


So how, hm?

~ How did you kill her?
~ Is that a trick question?

No, no. How did she die?

I don't understand.

I told you, I started the fire.

I just... I went mad for a moment.

The noise, the disrespect.

It just sent me over the edge.

Update ASAP.

Look, here.

He's just admitted to killing her,
for the sake of the caravan park.

~ Fantastic.
~ Hm.

The only thing is, he's insisting
it was the fire that did it.

They can't link him to
the key. They've tried.

They Quasared all round the cabinet
again but still nothing.

The Megane that stopped for about
30 seconds on the A road,

it was too dark to see if a passenger got
out, but we've finally tracked it backwards.

It came from Netherfield
Hall, about 4am.


That's Claire's car.

~ Are you all right, love?
~ No. It's my dad. I can't get hold of him.


I'm scared he's going
to kill himself.

Right, and ANPR. I want him found.

He's tried it before.

Yeah, thanks, Kenny. No, it's
all right, love. We'll find him.

Now, just think. Is there anywhere
else he might have gone?

~ I don't know.
~ Well, have a little think.

Ma'am, major incident at Abbey Point.
Fella's got himself up on the wall.


Let me go! Get off!

~ Hey, boss!
~ Come on.

Mr Viner.

Jim, love, come on down.
There's no need for this.

Come on, love. Come on.
There's no need for this.

Hey, boss! Vera, get back!

No, Vera!

We can sort this out.

~ I'm sorry.
~ No, come on, love.


Look, we can sort anything out.

My dad used to come up here.

Nick the birds' eggs.

There's protected species
nesting here.

Dad, please!

You hear that? That's your daughter.

If you do this, she's going
to see everything and...

she doesn't deserve that, love.


Lesley wouldn't want that.

~ Dad!
~ Now, come on, love.

Hey, boss. Boss!

Here, help me out here,
love, will you?

Give us a hand.

That's it, love.

Now, you come with me, love.

Come on, Jim. That's it.

~ That's it, love.
~ Give us your hand.

Come on. That's it.


That's it. Ma'am.

Come on.

And I thought my old
lot were macho idiots.

We'll interview him first
thing in the morning.

And get him a psych evaluation.

Get someone a psych evaluation.

I heard that.

They've tracked the Megane
to an address in Jesmond.

~ Kenny's heading there now.
~ Right, good.

And where's Marcus on cause of death?

He's struggling. Says it might be
impossible, state the body's in.

Did the fire department put out the bonfire
or was it the stags themselves?

It's Bethany. Wants to know if we're charging
Malcolm with murder or manslaughter.

Murder! You don't set fire to a caravan
park full of gas canisters and people

and then get surprised
when someone gets hurt.

Those LPG heaters weren't sound,
were they? Hadn't had the upgrade.



Hot water.

Malcolm complained about hot water.

Now, Forensics bagged
up that rubbish.

~ Right?
~ Yeah.

~ All the empties?
~ It's at the lab.


What are we looking for?


Look. 'Netherfield Hotel.'

Can I have the prints on this,
love? Front of the queue.

Where's Ryan?


Ryan, love.

Just want to ask you a couple
of questions about your stag do.

Now, how much had you drunk?

~ A lot.
~ Ah. A lot of champagne?

~ No.
~ I think you had champagne.

No, we didn't. We didn't
have any bubbly.

~ Did the girls have champagne?
~ No, not that I'm aware of.

Did you see a bottle, though?

It's hard to say. I mean, I was...

That's all right, love.

I don't think you did have champagne.

But you told my DC here
that you'd been careful.

But why had you been careful?

Well, I knew the
electrics were dicey.

The heaters, the whole thing, it
were just... It was a bad idea.

How do you mean, exactly,
with the heaters?

They could leak gas. Used to get
a headache when I went in there.

Did you share that information
with anyone, love?


The blood results.


Now, could that be from exposure
to a lower level of carbon monoxide
over a longer period,

rather than a quick
fix from the bonfire?

Could be, but she'd
have known about it.

She would have had headaches
and flu-like symptoms...


Hence the paracetamol. Has
someone fessed up, then?

Oh, not yet, Marcus.

Not yet.

Mr Raggert.

When Jim didn't return your
calls, what did you do?

~ Called Claire.
~ Did you speak to her?

Left a message.

Told her Ryan was on the loose
with a lot of half-naked girls.

Fat lot of good that did.

None of them give a damn
about my suffering.



The Megane driver was a guest
at a wedding in Netherfield.

'She saw Claire trying
to drink-drive.'

'Er, yeah, she offered her a lift
home and dropped her on the A road.'

Thanks, Ken.

Netherfield Hotel.

Must have brought it back with me.

Only we sent this for forensic examination
before you arrived back on the Sunday.

So... how did it get there?

I think you came back earlier that morning
because you heard Ryan was there.

~ Is that correct?
~ Yes.

But there was no-one there, so
I just tidied up and I left.

~ Did you see Deena? Or talk to her?
~ No.

~ She were asleep in her chalet.
~ Why not tell us that?

Was that because you'd locked her in?

Only we've got your DNA on the key.

I use that key all the time.

~ Did you lock her in?
~ (Yes.)

~ Louder, please.
~ Yes!

But just because I were worried
that she were off her face.

~ I thought she would hurt herself.
~ Oh.

Is it my fault she didn't escape?

Oh, she was dead before
the fire started, love.

Carbon monoxide.

~ Water heaters.
~ That's awful.

~ Mm.
~ Poor Deena.

If I'd have known, I'd have...

Oh, please don't tell my dad.

~ He'll blame himself.
~ Well, ultimately, he'll blame you, love,

because we know Ryan warned
you of the danger.

I forgot.

You were drunk, your fiance
cavorting behind your back.

Yet again Deena scuppers
it all for you.

One weekend away and there's police
and drugs, sex in the pool.

You thought it was
game over, didn't you?

Well, yeah.

But it's a business.

I care but I wouldn't
kill someone over it.

No, I meant game over for your dad.

You thought it would
push him over the edge.

You thought it was a close
thing last time, didn't you?

When she lost him his licence.

Well, that's what you
told my sergeant here.

I didn't switch anything
on in the cabin.

Did you warn her of the danger?


Did you wake her up while she
was sleeping in the chalet?

Did you do anything at all to help
her get out, even though you knew?

See, you could have saved her life.

Did you choose to do so?

I didn't.


Was her behaviour so
bad she deserved to die?


It wasn't a punishment.

I did it to help my dad.

Years he'd felt responsible for her.

Years she'd played up.

When I saw how they'd trashed
the place, I'd just had enough.

The ingratitude, after all
he'd done to put her first.

Mm, always put you second.

No, not just me.

My mum, when she were alive.

Deena's always been a burden.


I don't think she'd have suffered.

~ It's painless, isn't it?
~ Not really.

It causes seizures in the brain.
It would have been painful.

I were just scared for my dad.

Anyway, you got it all wrong, love.

Deena's behaviour... Oh, your
dad could cope with that.

No, that's not why he tried to
kill himself eight months ago.

No, he was having a relationship
with Lesley Raggert.


It was her dying that
pushed him to the brink.

You killed your Auntie
Deena for nothing, pet.



Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Come on.

Cornettos are on me.

Here you are, love.

Um, Aiden, you...

And we should notify someone
about that lie on her CV.

~ I've already emailed them.
~ Oh? Well done.

Not sure I want her looking
after me in my dotage.

I'm not sure she'd want to
look after you in your dotage.


I'm sorry.

For mucking us about with Malcolm.
It won't happen again.

Better not.

Oh, get over yourself.

You're new. It's normal to
wade in with your size nines.

~ They've all done it.
~ What, your DSes?

All bar none.

Anyway, you was having a bit of a tough
time before you came to us, so...

I'll give you the benefit
of the doubt.

Are you going to have to
go and explain yourself?

You know, official walk off a cliff?

Oh, I expect there'll be some
sort of refresher course.

I'll just send you.