Vera (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Protected - full transcript

As his father Alan celebrates his retirement from the family property firm David Kenworthy is found murdered on a beach several miles away. An immediate suspect is arcade owner Larry Crowe, seen arguing with David and who hates the Kenworthy family since his son fell to his death from their roof over thirty years ago. However he has an alibi. David's girlfriend Nicky accused him of keeping secrets from her, leading Vera to believe David was going to a clandestine meeting with his killer. Then Lorna, his sister, who has been estranged from her father for decades, arrives with her husband for the funeral and, after Alan has died of a heart attack, she admits to Vera the reason for her rift with her father and the true nature of her relationship with David. This in turn leads to the killer and their motive.

Come on, then!

One, two, three!

Wait for me!

# I'm on the right track, baby

# I was born this way...

# I'm on the right track, baby

# I was born this way...


Alan, come here, You're never gonna
guess who's here. Look, it's Jack.

Who is it? Come and see, it's a

# I'm on the right track, baby

# I was born this way...

# I'm on the right track, baby

# I was born this way...

Welcome. Welcome, everybody!

It's great that so many of you...

so many of you could...

Sit there.

Don't panic. Let's undo your tie.
I'll get you some water.

One, two, three, four, five, six...


Manual CPR.

One, two, three, four, five, six...


One, two, three, four, five, six...

Can you excuse me, love? Can I get
through? Thanks.

Excuse me.

Lads, excuse me. Can I get through,
please? Thank you.

I know, I know. I'll have a word.

Pound a shot, this is what you get.

Local or stag do? Town.

Card's linked to a flat up the

David Kenworthy.

It's being done out.

The neighbours reckon he's been
living with the parents. Darras Hall.

He's just a lad. You said he was

"Managing director, Kenworthy

Have you looked this up?

One for us, Marcus?


Multiple bruising from blunt trauma.

This one here.

Could've knocked him out before he
went over but...

Could have been conscious till the
cardiac arrest.

Look at this. Very nice.

Didn't get that down the market.

Not a robbery then.

If this is a falling out over a
spilt pint...

It's a family firm. Registered to
the Darras Hall address.

Right... Well, get Uniform up there.

Give 'em the death warning.

Weekend on the lash down Whitley

Right. Who found the body, love?
She's over there.

Excuse me.

Come on, lass.

A bit of a shock. You'll be all

Just while it's still fresh in your

I tried... with the blood but...

Well, you called for help. That was

I used his phone. My battery died.

Right, have you still got it? I gave
it to the ambulance man.

OK, fine, we'll chase it up.

How did he seem? Fine. Wished me
luck finding a fare.

That was only, what, 15 minutes

Could he speak at all? He made
noises but...

I just held his hand.

Had you see him on the street?


Oh, I just... I don't know. Maybe
just standing there?

He was in pain, I think.

Ma'am, they've made contact with the

Now, this is DC Lockhart. He's going
to be taking a statement.

He's one of our finest officers.

So anything you can remember, even
if it seems unimportant.

All right?

Will you...?

I don't know. Send my condolences?

OK, if you'd just like to start?

It's a retirement do. Stepmother told Uniform
they were expecting him back for it.


So it's dad, and her.

Anyone else?

Er... brother, I think.

Well, he's done well for himself -

Property. Get in early, the only way
is up.

Is there anyone else you'd like us
to inform?

Sorry. It's just...

The media have this phrase they use;
"named locally".

I'd rather we do that.

How do we even start?

Why him? A robbery... or what?

I don't know but we'll find out.

They just left him there? Don't.

OK? I should've gone to find him.

I knew something was wrong. I should

Just don't, Tom, it won't get us

I can't take it in.

When was the last time...? About
three, headed out.

Said he'd be back at five to pay the

But you don't know where he went?

Did he keep a diary, you know, to
note down appointments?

He's got a laptop. Well, we'll need
to take that.

When can I see him?

We'll be doing the postmortem first
thing. So, after that.

I want to go there. Whitley. Of

I mean, why... why Whitley?

Well, was there any connection? Mm?

Girlfriend? Friends? Work?

Dad? I've no idea.

It doesn't make any sense. This
whole thing was his idea.

Could your son be... a
bit... unreliable?

Not at all. He was our rock, wasn't

He was.


He was.

Well, thanks for you cooperation.

How'd they take it? Still in shock,
I think.

Right. A list of all the guests.

Everyone who was here, the time they
came and left.

Anyone with a connection to Whitley
Bay... and confirm the family were
here all night.

OK. Here.

Ooh, you're a lifesaver.

If she asks, be vague. What?

We're banned from going to anywhere
"dodgy". The kids love Whitley Bay.

Hi, love. Hiya.

Excuse me, sir.

We're appealing for witnesses for a
murder enquiry, if you can help?

Thank you.

Full force from behind.

- Surprise attack.
- No scuffle?

Force flips him over. Falls,
sustains wound at the front.

Mm. Not on his guard then?

Guy his age, have to be sure you'll
knock him out or he might fight back.

Mm. So could have been impulsive.
Does it have to have been a bloke?

Not necessarily. Tough chick with
big arms.

Last meal: chips with curry sauce.
Washed down with a bottle of red.

Right. Pubs, takeaways, CCTV.


Right. Erm...

See you later.

Anything else?

Carbon monoxide in the blood. Car

More like spent time with a heavy

Hm. What was he hit with?

Have to get back to you on that.
Come on, Marcus.

No. I won't commit. It could be anything.
Hockey stick, rifle butt...

Giant stick of rock.

Oh, don't tell me - most of the
witnesses off their heads.

Pretty much. But confirms the family
were there for the duration.


Kenny? Mobile?

Er... Paramedics are still looking.
Oh, for goodness' sake.

I can pull the call log off the
server but it'll mean a magistrate
getting out of bed on a Sunday.

That's a good a reason as any.

Most are trained on the street, not
the beach. We're still looking.

OK, right.

David Kenworthy, 37 years of age.

Same business as dad, made a packet
off those flats by the Sage.

So there's money sloshing about.

Currently living in the family home
while he's having a wet room installed.

Now that is an en-suite to the likes
of us.

Hen party saw him by the sea wall
and in the time it took to buy a kebab,

someone had knocked him of the wall
and onto the beach.

Now why was he in Whitley Bay? And
what was more important than his
dad's big send-off?

His Facebook says single.

Well, that means nothing, does it,

Any previous contact?

Er, no. Clean. Bar a
disqualification for speeding.

Oh, that's why there were no... no
car keys.

So how'd he get to Whitley Bay?

Come on. Come on.

The PC on the scene was with the
hate crime unit till last week.

He reckons there's been more than a
couple of attacks on the beach in
the last few months.

Oh, any witness statements? No, no,
just intelligence.

And it's mostly second-hand at that.

So no victims coming forward? No.

Is there a cruising site nearby?

Why would I know?

Well, get on to the websites, see if
he had a profile.

Ma'am. So he leaves the family home
at short notice.

Expected back, doesn't return. So
where did he go? Who did he meet?

Friends, family, rivals, lovers. I
want the lot.

Joe, with me.

Any pattern? Well, it's like you
say, second-hand.

All use a weapon. But most suggest a

This was more of an unprovoked

Or targeted strike.

Kenny. Search history on the laptop.

It shows him looking up sold land
values in Whitley Bay.

Spent about an hour on it, the
morning he died.

So not just here on a whim.

Alan's not been in the best of

The party was to celebrate, well...
Handing over the baton to David.

He's not interested.

I'm not. I'm leaving. Well, was

Were there any plans to develop, in

Not at all.

You seem very sure. Good money after

They saw eye to eye on that.

May I ask?


Was David gay?

I don't think so. No, I mean...

Not at all. Who's saying that?

He's had girlfriends in the past.
Anyone recently?

Who's been saying this? No one. I'm
just exploring.

This police work, is it? Innuendo?

She's just doing her job, love.
She's making accusations.

If I hear this repeated back to me,

I'm sorry. I've let things get to

It's not him. It's the medication.
Mood swings.

But if he was gay, might he have
kept it hidden?

He was cagey about his love life,
I'll say that.

I got a sense there might be someone but...
I think he would have told us two at least.

Excuse me.

Did any of the guests ask after your

Most of them. I said he was called to
an emergency at one of the properties.

Why not say you didn't know?

I didn't wanna worry anyone.

It was a business do. Hm.

You have to make it awkward, don't
you? Sorry. Bad habit.

Well, it makes sense. United front.
Keep up the reputation.

Yeah. Especially if you're being

Any luck? Yep. He was here last

Hello, love.

Yep, came in, bought the maxi. Is
that two portions or one?

It depends how hungry you are. I call it a
large to share but some people, you know.

So, meeting someone?

Was anyone with him? Did he speak to

There was an altercation. No, that's
wrong. More er... "had words with".

Who? Him next door. He'll be on your

Yeah. Larry Crowe. Found it. He was cautioned
last month for threatening behaviour.

Numerous reports of trouble outside,
some of it him.

Abusive to an officer, no
convictions. Thanks, Kenny.

Want Uniform round the back? Mm.
Never hurts to put the wind up.

Right. Every inch.

Oi! Can you get this opened up for

No. You need a warrant. Or we can
arrest you, if you prefer.

Oh, I see. You're just stitching me
up! Aye, that's right. Get the keys.


I know what you're doing! I'm not

Ma'am, we've found something.

What do you know!

It's been cleaned.


They've missed a bit.

The 37-year-old Newcastle resident was found
with substantial injuries by revellers.

Emergency medical attention at the
scene failed to save the man,

who police have now named as David

His family have asked for privacy.

I wasn't there. Well, the bat's gone
for analysis now.

What was the argument about?

There wasn't an argument. Well, we
heard different.

He was taking photos of this place.
I told him to leave off.

Why he was taking photos?

Hello. "Curiosity", he says, as if
I'm a bloody idiot.

He was sizing us up. You knew who he
was then?

Been hanging around these last few

Waiting to see what he can pick up for nothing.
Cos that's how they operate, the Kenworthys.

See a sign of weakness and they

So where did you go after you didn't
have an argument?

Came back here, mended the change

Do we arrest him?

No. Wait for the lab report. Have
you found where our victim was

He was drinking in a bar down the
road from 6:30. A taxi dropped him off.

Thank you. Drank alone till about
nine o'clock. Merlot.

What, just sat there on his own?
Apparently so.

When he should've been glad-handing.

What's that?

A cleaner found it. The receipt
matches with the victim's card details.


Dog Wit.

Food Britannia.

Whitley Bay.

He definitely had an interest in
this place.

What was he up to? Mm?

I mean, on the property side.

What was he not telling them?

Planning for when he was in charge.
What, behind his father's back?

Shep. I'm at the Kenworthy Offices.

From what they're saying here, money
in the bank, creditors paid on time.

What, it was all above board? Ah-ha.
Good employers, I think.

Though most seem to reckon they
played hardball in negotiations.

Well, look out for any business
rivalries, disgruntled sellers.

Maybe they made themselves
unpopular. Will do.

He spends weeks planning a party.

No explanation, comes here instead.

It's out of character of him not to
phone, so...

He didn't want them to know what he
was up to.

Or... he was making a point of not
going to the party.

Maybe that's all he was doing in
Whitley. Not being there.

Otherwise he'd have phoned, with an

Maybe. Or maybe he'd had a drink and
lost track of time.

Well, he'd have got the taxi,
wouldn't he?

I mean, is it odd? Maybe I'm reading

Or maybe he just thought the taxi
was a waste of money.

How is your Jess? Back at school OK?

Yeah. Celine thinks all the girls in
her year are a bad influence.

She's got us moving
catchment areas.

Couldn't lend us 30
grand, could you?

Kenny, tell me this is an update
from the lab.

I've just run the address of the
parents at Darras Hall.

There's a fatality in 1977. Burglar
fell off the roof.

A burglar named Patrick Crowe.

Well, it's not that common a name,
surely? Is there a coroner's report?

Ah, looking now.


Bring him in.

1977. Coroner records a verdict of
accidental death

in the case of a 15-year-old lad
named Patrick Crowe.

Your son Paddy, is in a bungled
robbery at Kenworthy's home.

Now why didn't you mention that?

Because you're all in his pocket.

Do I look like I'm taking
backhanders, love?

You did jack-all when it happened,
you'll do jack-all now. I cannot stand it.

Oh, so what should we have done?

Well, get him for murder. Who?

Who d'you think? Alan Kenworthy!

Hang on, hang on.

Take us through it - this burglary.

He never burgled anyone. That's the

So what was he doing on the roof?

That's what the Kenworthys hired him
for! He was a builder's apprentice.

That was his job, being on roofs.

Oh, I see. He was up there doing a bit
of practising, was he? At the boss's place?

You see? You've decided.

I've decided nothing. You give me
your version, then I'll decide.

There was a knock on the door. Two
coppers smirking.

"Your son's dead.

But it was his own fault, cos he's a
thief, so never mind."

Yeah, well, things weren't always
handled right.

Kenworthy says that he's caught him
breaking in

and he ran on some flat roof,
slipped, fell.

Accidental. So why don't you believe

Because he knew he'd been given a good
chance, so he wasn't gonna muck it up.

So what was he doing up there? Oh, I don't
know. I don't know. But it's not that.

Did you ask? Aye. Course.

I kicked off big time because I
wanted your lot to investigate.

Nobody listened. They just said I
was barmy.

And that drove me barmy. Drove the
wife barmy.

Where's she now?

Oh, she died about ten years ago.

We weren't together, you know, it
just ruined everything.

I was angry, you know?

You changed the name of the

Well, I couldn't stand any
reminders. I just wanted to move on.

But why lie?

Why say he was a thief if it was an

Why... just... Oh.

Why break our hearts twice?

Or maybe you just couldn't stomach
the truth.

No. He's not what he makes out, you
know, Kenworthy.

No. But nobody sees it. He's got you
all fooled.

So, what, you thought you'd get your
own back some 30-odd years later?

No, cos I wouldn't do that to
another person. Not even him.

Where's the lab got with the blood

Oh, why hurry? It's only a murder.
He's certainly got motive.

Yeah, he saw his chance and took it.

David sizing up the property. The
final insult? Loses it?

Brace yourself. What?

Paramedics reckon they've not got
the mobile.

Oh, brilliant. How many times the
tide gone out since then?

Oh, well, the provider are gonna send us...
Store fingerprints on the server, do they?

Think it through.

Right, we'll keep him until
forensics get back.

Who's got the statements from the

Celine, Joe.

Er... We're gonna look at a place. A

Oh, where? Tynemouth.

Oh. Very nice. Just to get a feel for
the area.

And I can come back in if you need

No. Lab might take hours. We'll
start in the morning. Go on.

It's a wreck. We can hardly afford
it I know. But the schools there...

You might bag yourself a bargain.

Put your own stamp on it, make the
place your own.

Well, you were right. It is a
bloodstain on the bat.

Well, it's like I've done this before.
Wait for it. Lab have got a match.

Well, of course, there's a blood

I had a run-in with a bloke last month.
Came at me with a broken pint pot.

I protected myself. Don't you check
your own records?

I know you've been cautioned for
violence. Self-defence.


There's nothing on me, no matter how
hard you try.

The blood stain is a match to our

Have you checked out that change
machine yet?

I'll do it now. Good.

Covered everything to the water's

See if the lifeguards saw anything
on Saturday.

Go right down to the end. OK, ma'am.

What time did Crowe leave the
chippie? Blokey reckons around 9:50.

And the girl found the body... The
call to 999 at 10:01.

That's 11 minutes. Aha.

I've got six witnesses saying he was
fixing the change machine when they
heard the sirens.

I'm not taking the word of a bunch
of gamblers.

Ma'am, he's logged a call to the

They've recorded it at 9:57 from
their office phone.

There's a transcript of the call.

He could have done it, if he was

But he didn't have the bat in the
chippie's, did he?

He'd have had to double back in,
what, six minutes?

It's not enough time. If he'd done
his best Usain Bolt.

He's nearly 70.

He leaves the chippie, right?

Then he legs it next door, gets the bat,
and then legs it all the way over here,

down to the beach - wallop! - and
then goes all the way back,

and strolls in as cool as a...

Nah. That's not gonna work.

So, if he's got an alibi...? How did
the victim's blood get on that bat?

Who else has access to your office?
No one.

There's only one key and I keep it
on me. Could someone have broken in?

No, cos I was in there phoning the
change machine people.

Did you give the key to someone? No.

Who are you protecting? I'm offering
you a lifeline here. Take it.

You've got an alibi, fine.

So who took the bat to get the
victim's blood on it?

I'm not saying it was someone else
when it wasn't.

In that case... Oh, here comes the

..I'm going to release you. Eh?

For now. But you remain a person of

Thank you.

Oh, listen. I know Kenworthy, he
controls people.

Like who? Who, other than you, has
got a problem with him?


Well, even his own kids were scared
of him. You could see it in their
little faces.

You knew him as a child? The
deceased? Not him. No.

But the older boy and the sister.
They used to come down here on the
sly to play the slots.

But they were messed up, the pair of
them. Frightened!

That's quite an allegation, you got
evidence to back it up?

What, my word not good enough for

I'd quit while you're ahead, pet.


I'm getting surveillance to check
out the arcade.

Find out who might've got into the
building. Good.

Did they mention a sister, the
Kenworthy family?

A sister? No, I don't think so. Get
on to it, Kenny.

Is there a name? Hm. Something

Oh. But she might have married.
So... something something.

I think they deserve an update,
don't you?

Some of the locals seem to think he
had plans to develop in Whitley.

Well, he didn't, because we don't.

Look, I know it's hard.

But is there any chance David could have
been doing things you weren't aware of?

What, like a drag act in Darlington?

Well, the woman goes from bad to

It just doesn't seem like David. He
was what you see is what you get.

He wouldn't sneak about.

What if something had changed?

Why was he drinking alone for three
hours? I just can't answer that.

He must've been confused or... I
don't know.

It doesn't make any sense to us.

One person who came to our attention
was a fella called Larry Crowe.

Aye? That name ring a bell?


Says his son worked for you before
he died.

Oh, an apprentice? Fell off a roof.

Is he looking for compo? Only we've
had more than one.

No, fell off the roof of this house.

What did he say? That I killed his

The man's a lunatic. He's said
something before, has he?

At the time, yes. He'd gone quiet
for the last few years.

Only you said you didn't have any
connection with Whitley Bay.

A fella with a grudge?

I thought he'd died.

Still, seems like the sort of thing
we might have needed to know.

Can you just admit it? Your memory's
not what it was.

It's why they've give us medication.
That's why I've been moved off my
own business.

He's supposed to avoid stress.

We attract rumours.

She's a gold digger, I'm a murderer.

David was up to God knows what.

It's jealousy, we can deal with it.

But this is just too much.

He's not eaten for two days, so can
we, please...?

Yeah. Yeah, OK. Just one last
question about family.

You have a daughter...

Lorna. What about her?

Well, is Lorna still alive? Only you
haven't mentioned her.

We're out of touch.

So do you know how I could contact

We fell out. I've... I've not seen

Oh, since God knows when.

Would Thomas know where she is?

No. Oh, well, I'd still like to talk
to him.

He's not here.

I don't know where he is.

He's with the priest. Making the

It could have slipped his mind. Do I
buy the doddery old fella act?

A bloke that age can be as wily as
anyone, believe me.

How long has Karen been around?

First wife passed in 1990. And they
married in 2002.

Hm. Not the new addition then. Not
the wicked stepmother swooping in.

Still, it's a bit of a gap. At least
ten years coping alone.

One teenager, and a couple of

That's Easy Street,

Finger's crossed.

Shep? Bloke in the bookshop - apparently
the victim said the books were a gift.

A gift? Hold on.

Not for him, the books.

Well, for the dad? To give them at
the party?

Well, that's a bit metrosexual for
him, isn't it? Cookery?

Well, I don't know.

And I found a list of the properties
they manage,

and the flats above the bookshop
were also part of that portfolio.

Well, maybe his trip was work-related.
Do we know who the tenants are?

They are a... family of six rehoused
from the Kingfisher.

Any contact with them? Uniform
knocked, but no answer.

Council tenants, though?

Yep. In fact, the company makes most of
their money letting to people on benefits.

Well, they don't parade that, do

Here's me thinking it's all luxury
apartments and grand designs.

Shep, get Uniform to knock again. -
Will do.

Ma'am. Yeah. Computer forensics.

He had an appointment in his
calendar on the Saturday afternoon.

An estate agent.

Yeah, she says she drove him to see
a new build out by the coast.

He didn't tell us that either, did

Concealing what he was up to on
dad's big day.

Or they didn't tell us.

Remember when this was all fields?

Ah, Nicky?

Er... You're not Becky and Dan, are

No, love. Can we come in?


Hm, very nice. Did he make you an

Er... no. They tend to go for
properties where they can add value.

So why did he come and see it then?

Well, I think it's a case of check out the
competition. The rental market's quite buoyant.

I suppose families can't afford a
deposit, can they?


Have you done a lot of work for the

Oh, well, I've managed a couple of
the rentals in the past.

Mm. How was that? Easy.

David's good at picking people that
are no trouble - was good.

It's my manager that's had the most
dealings with them.

So why'd he see you for this place?

Were you friendly?

We weren't boyfriend or girlfriend
or anything official.

But... we did...

Yeah, we had a connection. For how

On and off for the last six months.

Why keep it quiet?

They were big clients and, like I
say, it was never official.

And did you have "a connection" with
him here... on Saturday?


Why not?

If I'm honest, we had a row.


I told him I wanted more. You know,
a proper relationship.

He wasn't keen?

He said life was "too complicated"
or some such. Too much "stuff" going on.

Stuff? Exactly.

I just wanted to know where I stood.

I really liked him...

So, you had a row and then what?

He walked out. Slammed the door and
I never saw him again.

Were you invited to the party?

Er... yeah. But through work, not as
a couple.

I thought I'd make up to him there.

When he never showed up, what did
you do?

Drank the bar dry and puked in the
cab on the way home.

I'll get Shep to cross-check the
statements from the guests.

She's a canny lass. Why's he keeping
her at arm's length?

"Stuff". Still, it rules out

Bloody doesn't.

Becky and Dan.

It's all downhill from here, guys.

What do you want to live here for

There's no character, it's
completely isolated.

Wait a minute.

David doesn't drive. So if she
dumped him here...

How'd he get to Mileside?

I have been warned about data

Aye, just do it. It'll be fine.

Is this this fella who was killed?

Did you speak to him? No.

There you go. Did you see the driver
who picked him up?

Yes. Nice-looking girl.

Girl? What age?

Maybe early 50s?

Thanks, love. Ford Focus.
Registration number LV55 ZTE.

Just as quick as you can.

OK, as soon as you can. Sir.

Kenny, I want to place Karen at

The stepmother? Right.

Speed cameras, any time she used her
debit card.

Anything that will tell us she lied about
her whereabouts on Saturday afternoon.

OK, will do.

Oh, er... Ma'am?

Ma'am, there's a lady there who
wants to lay some flowers. Is that OK?

I'm DCI Vera Stanhope. I'm heading
the investigation.

Are you friends of the deceased?

Not exactly, no.

I'm Lorna. I'm his sister.

I think things are just hitting

Did you know David?

No. No. I didn't know any of them.

Things ran... pretty deep.

Would he have suffered?

No, love. No. He'd have been
unconscious throughout.

And he wasn't alone when he...?

I think a lot of people tried very
hard to save him.

Do you know when the funeral is?

Have you not been in touch with the

How'd you find out? Radio.

We do try to contact the relatives.
I'm sorry.

I don't think it's really sunk in.

I didn't see him for so long and

Had you been in touch? Yeah.

I'd seen him most weeks for the last
few months.

I saw him on Saturday. Before...

We sort of kept it quiet. I thought
you might not know.

Did you drive him from Monkseaton to

He sent me a message on Facebook,
about four months ago.

And it became a once-a-week thing?

Yeah. We'd come for chips in

Take me through Saturday.

Er... he called out of the blue.

Said he'd fallen out with a girl and
was stranded.

But why call you, not call a taxi?

Well, that's what I thought.

Ulterior motive. Tried to persuade
me to go to Dad's for some party.

Sprang it on me. I declined,

You know, he kept the fact he was seeing
you quiet from the rest of the family.

Do you know that?

Yeah. I asked him to.

He was disappointed, but it would've
all kicked off.

I didn't want Dad making him choose.

How do you mean?

Well, you're either on Dad's side or
you're not. I'm not!

Oh, why's that?

Because we don't get on.

Then what?

I went home, made the boys' tea.

Went to work.

Never saw him again.

Did you part on bad terms, love?

No. No, I think he understood.

Well, I'm going to need a contact
for your work, love. I'm sorry.

Of course.

What was he doing at Mileside?

Donkey work, to do with the property
he said.

Thomas had left him in the lurch, I

What, they'd had a disagreement?

Oh, no, I don't think so.

Mm. Thanks, love.

So how did he seem? You know, in

I got the impression he had a lot on
his shoulders.

But happy, mostly.

And how was his relationship with
your dad and his wife?

And, of course, your brother.

He wouldn't hear a word said against

I mean, if I thought there was a
feud, I'd be the first to say, but...

No, he just tried to convince me
that... Dad had mellowed.

That it was all Happy Families.

Just give me a minute.

Well, here's my direct line. And we'll try
and keep you in the loop as far as we can.

Much appreciated. Or she'll be at
the computer 24/7.

You know, she collapsed when she
heard the news.

Came back, heard it on the radio.
She was just curled up on the floor.

How do you mean came back?

She was with Val. They went out
after work for a drink.

Ma'am. Lorna Underwood. Works at a
rescue centre for stray dogs.

Yeah, ring her colleague Val and
confirm that they worked late then
went for a drink.

Erm... What?

Problem at the lab. Blood stain.

They're now reckoning there's no
match for David on there.

Oh, for pity's sake.

It's lucky we didn't charge him.

What? Contaminated samples? They
think so.

And whose cock-up's that? Ours or

They're looking into it. They've
sent you a diagram.

And they're very sorry.

No joy with the mobile,
I'm afraid. Aw, not you an' all.

Provider said that the data was
wiped at handset level.

It'll take 24 hours to get it off
the backup server.

Wiped? How?

Well, somebody could've found it on
a beach. Cleaned it up to sell it.

Right, check eBay. Check the girl.
Check everyone.

Check every drunk, every stag do,
the lot.

We've missed someone. Don't sit
down. Come on!

She said Thomas left David in the
lurch so what was he supposed to be
doing in Mileside?

We're looking for Thomas Kenworthy?

Er... He's not here.

Well, where is he?

He went to speak to a builder's
merchant, I think.

Which one? I don't know.

Well, let's go through them one by
one, shall we?

When was he last here?

I've haven't seen him since before
dinner time.


Where does he normally go?

Come on, come on. There's a pub.

He goes there. When he doesn't want
us to know he's been drinking.


He left about an hour ago. I tried
to take his keys off him, like, but
he wasn't having it.

Does he drink here a lot? Oh, aye.
Necks it back.

Play a bit of darts sometimes.
But... not social.

Where's your dartboard?

Got a room out the back.

Can I take a look? Well...

Ah, I'm not Health and Safety.

Oh, this takes me back.

Aye, well, keeps us in business.

When was he last in, before today?

Friday before the rush. That's
carbon monoxide.

Anyone with him?

Aye. His brother... the fella who

He come in to find him. You sure it
was him?

Oh, aye. Thomas was off his face, he
went for him!

There was a fight? I had to step in.

I bloody stink now.

Thomas Kenworthy. Six foot, dark
hair. Driving a Qashqai, we understand.

Ma'am. Yeah, Kenny, get on to plate

Run the brother's vehicle. Seems to
have gone AWOL.

Right. We've just had word from
family liaison.

The dad's been hospitalised. When?

Well, he was found collapsed at his
home. He's on his way to the cardiac
ward at the District.

Is his son with him? Couldn't say.

We're here for Alan Kenworthy. OK.
Er... lift to level minus one.

Follow the signs. Yeah, signs to
what, love?

Oh, mortuary.

Major cardiac event. Died in the

Just like that? It's not surprising,
man of his age.

Anyone with him? Apart from the
trauma team?

His wife, I think. But she's been
taken home.

Did anything about it strike you as
unusual? If it had, I'd have told you.

I'd like a postmortem. It'll be a

Ah, we'll do our own.

Get on to Marcus tell him to collect
the body and tell him it's urgent.
Thanks, love.

We've got plate recognition. Thomas'
car found up at Mileside.

Mileside? The bookshop?

Retracing David's footsteps?

Well, let's get after him. Break the

If he doesn't know already.

Hungry? Eurgh!

Get them to take this in.

Done a runner.

All ports warning? Aye!

These are addressed here.

Why did he collect the junk mail?

He's not here. There's no one here.

I think that's the point.

Come on.

I told the other officer. We went
for last orders then I dropped her back.

Nothing else?

I wouldn't lie for her, not to you
lot anyway.

I'll get it.

How much is this for a haircut?
Fine. I'll dye my own.

Oh, Michael, stop teasing your

Hey, tell him. How much is a lady's
cut and colour?

Hey, you're asking the wrong person,

It's what it costs. I'll do it.
It'll be good practice.

You are not becoming a hairdresser.

Karen Kenworthy spoke to Thomas.

She called into the office. Shep's
on her way out there.

We'll go via the office. Hey, have
you eaten?

I'll be all right!

He said he was on a bender. OK. What

Late, I was asleep. I told him about

He just hung up.

Rise and shine! What have we got?

Er... Shep's list of tenants. First
five all dead.

Well... What do we make of that? Hm?

Er... Serial killer?

Oh, well, that's the clear-up rate

It's a scam. Fictitious tenants.

Buy any old dump, then tell the
housing lot

you're putting up people they've lost
track of, or evicted or what have you.

Slips through the net. Did David

Well, maybe he found out.

Maybe that's why he didn't turn up
at the party. Knew it was a sham.

Have those texts come though yet?

Yeah, the most recent to time of
death was between the deceased's phone

and a pay-as-you-go that was bought in
the Northeast sometime in the last month.

Oh. Narrows it down.

How long before we get a name for
the recipient?

A different provider.

The magistrate is looking into it.

Find out if that pay-as-you-go was
paid for on a card.

Might speed things up. Yeah, it
might not.

Oh, we'll just give up now then,
shall we?

Listen to this.

Sender, 1900 hours. "You OK? Still
love you."

Now David replies... but not until

"Yeah, I'm in Whitley." Sender:
"I'll come and meet you."

"You OK?" I mean, that implies he was
upset beforehand, doesn't it? And with who?

A girl? The brother?

Sounds a bit mushy for bloke to
bloke, doesn't it?

- What about the sister? Hang on.
- "Where are you?"


Exclamation mark. Why the surprise?

Thought it was obvious? Where I'd
obviously be? Where I always am?

What? So, a regular meet, so the

Aye, but the sister's alibi checks

Shep's spoke to her colleague. She
was up there until about ten.

So not obvious. So why?

Marcus called. Have a nice chat, did

Very funny, Kenny. He left a message.
He'd like a call back, please.


Well, let's get over there.

Get the forensic accountants on to
their lettings transactions, will you?

Oh, words to strike fear into the
heart of any killer.

What were you thinking? Pillow on
the face?

That could trigger a heart attack,
couldn't it?

Mm. But then... so could a thick
build-up of plaque in the left ventricle.

Any bruising? Sign of a struggle?

Sorry. History of cardiac events,
long-time smoker.

High cholesterol. Liked to drink,
enlarged liver.

He's lucky he made it this far.

Nothing? No compression of the
teeth, no signs on the fingers.

Been at it since first light
but... nothing.

I'd convinced myself he'd been done

Am I the one who's getting

Well, there's no right answer to
that one, is there?

Look, maybe I'm just reading in.

I just feel he's casting a shadow.
You know?

I mean, if could we work out how dad
fits into...

Has anyone informed the daughter?

Nice area. Celine would like it

Mm. Not done bad for herself has
she, Lorna?

Oh, look at that. What does her
husband do again?

GP. Must do a bit of Botox on the
side, eh?

I'll go.


I'm sorry, love. Can we come in?

The boys are at home. Can I just
dispatch them first?


I'll just be a minute.

Come on, lads. Let's get you down to
the cricket club. Grab your kits.

Would you like tea of coffee? Oh,
no, no, thanks.

You all right? You're not gonna pass
out this time?

I'm fine. It's just the shock.

We were just concerned you didn't
hear via the media again.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

I should contact them, shouldn't I?
Well, that's up to you, pet.

Could you give me a number for
Thomas or whatshername, Karen?

Well, er... Thomas seems to have gone

Well, David said he'd started
drinking, after his divorce.

That he'd just go off on benders.

Do you know where? No, no, just that
he did.

This would've hit him very hard. He
worshipped Dad.

I've said umpteen times, "You've
moved on, make contact."

But she's always shut it down.

There's counselling if she wanted to
speak to someone, or if you...

No, thanks.

Do you know why she lost contact?

Something happened after their
mother died. That's all I know.

Never let the sun set. Never.

You get used to estrangement. Comes
a point it gets easier.

But from your own dad.

Ah, well, he still cast a shadow,
like I said.

Don't worry, won't happen to you.

Kenny? No, it's me, the good-looking

Plate recognition on the Qashqai?

We've got Thomas's car driving into
Darras Hall at 10:45,


He left the party?

It looks like it. I'm sorry.

How come we didn't see him leaving
the party?

I don't know. The guests might've
been diverted by the dad's collapse.

Or he made sure they didn't notice?


Place the Qashqai on the road to Whitley.
Anytime earlier and we've nailed him.

Already on it. Well, better late
than never.

Qashqai keys have just been found.
The coast road.

Right, they've found the keys to the
Qashqai. The coast road.

Do you want a search team down
there? I think we're gonna have to.

Sends David a text reassuring him.

David reveals his whereabouts.

So Thomas goes to Whitley, things
get heated.

You know, "You're on the fiddle."

There was no fight on the prom,
though? He didn't give him a chance.

Premeditated. Get in quick before
losing your bottle.

You'd have to be pretty set on doing

Well, dad doesn't rate him does he,

Could have been festering for years.
Jealousies, resentments building up.

Dad thinks he's a loser, or knows
he's bent.

Cuts him out the picture work-wise.

Or dad knows what's best for him.
Knows he can't cope.

Ah, come on! Where are you?

Crowe! Open up!

Go away. I wanna talk to you!

Leave me alone.


Crowe, open the door, I wanna talk
to you!

Crowe, I want a word with you. Come

Just clear off or I'll come out
there and see to you!

Mind your head.

What do you want with Crowe? Karen
said his name came up.

What was the feud about? Just know
that Dad hated him.

We've ruled Crowe out. He has an

Who from? Some crook down Whitley?

Oh, that's rich, seeing as you're
all on the fiddle.

Kenworthy Estates claiming housing
on that little lot.

Only half the people you're putting
up have passed away.

Or made up. Derelicts you're naming
as family homes.

Nice little margin on that.

Getting your own back, was it?

Dad didn't think you were up to it,
so thought you'd show him otherwise?

No. No?

David found out about your dodgy
dealings, dragged you out of the pub
Friday night.

Big fall out. He won't go to the
party because he knows it's a sham.

And you feel humiliated, don't you?
Seek him out.

But I was at the party, wasn't I?
Were you?

Well, your car wasn't seen in Darras
Hall until - when was it?

Quarter to 11. Quarter to 11. So
where had you been?

Whitley Bay?

No. Have words. Wallop.

I wasn't on the fiddle. David was.

Oh, that's nice. Blame the dead

Now what reason would he have to
cheat on his family?

The whole thing is about to go
belly-up. Desperate.

Dad lost his touch. He kept buying
any old rubbish that came on the market.

Stuff we couldn't have let without
major renovation.

David wouldn't confront him about it. He
said he had a plan to recoup the losses.

I didn't realise it was dodgy until
last week.

Still kept quiet about it, though,
didn't you?

I was trying to protect my dad.

David was the apple of his eye.

That make you jealous?

What? Not at all.

Not... at all.

Where did you go?

Drove around for a bit. In circles?

Till Karen called.

I don't believe you, pet.

Don't believe you.

OK... I'm lying.

You're right. I just wanted to get
my own back.

OK? Happy?

I just wanted to hurt him or at
least show him I wasn't pathetic.

Whilst someone knocked his head in,

I was trying to bang a girl who was
in love with him.

Just to prove myself.

And how long was he at yours?

We didn't actually... I was too

OK, we did, but... I'm not like that.

I... I just...

I was so hurt. I wanted to hurt
David back. It was just a stupid mistake.

Why did you lie to the police?

Look, I didn't tell you because I didn't want people
to think I didn't love him, because I did.

I really did.

Great. A couple of the statements
mention a girl sick all over the loos

and escorted out around nine

Seems to match her description.

I can check speed cameras around
hers to confirm but...

Do I let him go or...?

Hm. Go home.

I can manage.

You sure? Hm.

What about the criminal damage?

What about the damage? No, I wanna
drop it.

Well, for what it's worth, wasn't us
told him you were under suspicion.

You know I thought, when Kenworthy dies,
I'll feel this great weight lifted, but...

Aye, well, it can't be easy
something like that.

Yeah, well, they moved on, didn't

Had another kid, played happy

I lost everything.

Kenny. Ma'am?

How old was Lorna in 1977?

14. Oh, hang on.

Birthday last week. That means 15.

David bought the books and these
were a gift, weren't they?

We're giving them the best. More
storage isn't gonna change that.

It's not about storage. It's about

Peer group.

When did you become so snobby? It's
not snobby to want the best.

We went to a rough school and we



Yeah, OK. OK. I'm on my way.

Look, she wants me to go in. I'm

Listen, I know you just want the

But we're doing all right and we're
not divorced yet, are we?

I suppose not.

Come here.

This is what they need. Parents who
stick together.

Go on, go.

Did you change your plans at the
last minute? Arrange to meet him?

No, I was with Valerie at the
centre. I thought you'd checked this.

Aye, and we're checking again.

Well, good, because I didn't.

Who else might he have bought a
last-minute birthday present for?

I have no idea. Look, I don't know what
you're getting at, but I wouldn't hurt David.

I loved him. He was...

He wasn't your brother, was he,


He was your son.

His DNA.

The markers... show a strong overlap
with a man named Larry Crowe.

Which means David's real father...
is Larry Crowe's son Patrick.


Why don't you take me through it?

I'm sorry, ma'am. I need a word.

Yeah, mobile phone. Bought by credit
card in the name of Lorna Underwood
in Allenburn.

Now the first was sent from her house,
and the last one's from Whitley.

Has she got a motive? Mm.

Not losing a family twice.

He came to work for Dad in the May.

I wasn't supposed to talk to him or
any of the labourers, really.

Oh, bad influences from Whitley?

Wanted us to grow up better than
him, he said.

Attitude back then.

I do think Paddy loved me, though.

I know that sounds daft about a
15-year-old boy, but I do think he did.

But you got pregnant? Yeah.

Then what?

Dad wanted me to get rid. I wasn't having
any of it. I screamed the place down.

So he made an offer. David could grow up one
of the family if we never spoke about it.

Protect my reputation. Protect his,
more like.

Me and Mam went to Stoke for six

And when she came back she told
people David was a happy accident.

That was the deal. Put up and shut

That must have been hard.

At least he was there though, wasn't
he? At least I had him.

What happened when your mam died?

David was... so bereaved.

I just... I wanted him to know he
still had a mother.

Dad came down on that like a ton of

I had to leave. I couldn't bear it.

Does this have to come out? I mean, how do
I break something like this to my kids?

I gave up everything so David could
have a normal life.

Do you see? I could never harm him.

When did you tell him?

In the car to Mileside.

He kept going on and on about me going to
the party and how we could all reconcile.

How Dad had softened, and Karen had
been like a mum to him.

That tipped me over, I'm afraid.

How did he react?

Very angry. Upset with Dad.

Felt everything was a sham. Said he
couldn't face them.

And he threatened to put it all out
in the open.

Sort of, yeah.

Must have been terrifying.


Do you own a pay-as-you-go phone,
number ending 458?

Yes, but... Text deleted.

But the provider keeps them on the
server for 48 hours,

and here you are on your way to meet

Did you send those texts? Not that
one or these.

It's your phone. You use this one
just to contact David?

I didn't send this saying I was
coming to Whitley.

How did it get there? I don't know.

Someone must have got my phone

And who might that have been, love?

Was this him?

Yep. I told you. I said I gave it to
the doctor. He said he'd hand it in.

That was a good shot! Excellent.

Can I just say goodbye to my boys?
I'm sorry. I'm afraid not.


This is your idea of amusement
in Whitley, is it?

It was a mistake. Mistake?

And you stayed on at the scene to
try and put it right.

Yes. It wasn't my fault.

Why don't you tell me how it
happened? Sequence of events.

I mean, I know why it happened.

At a guess: You thought she was cheating
on you and that her mate was covering. Hm?

There was a change. About four
months ago.

She started spending all her time on
the laptop.

She was distracted, wouldn't look me
in the eye.

Something had happened. I'm not

Well, why not confront her? I think
I didn't want to know the answer.

And then I found this pay-as-you-go

and you don't have one of them

Well, I'm not mad, am I, for
assuming the worst, am I?

Saturday. What happened?

I got the feeling... was building up a head of steam
whatever it was.

She was distant. She told lies.


Like she was going down to the
kennels when she wasn't.

Saturday afternoon came and suddenly
she... announced that she was off.

"Oh, really? Where you going?"

"Kennels." "Right. Right."

And I found myself... following her.

And you saw her pick up a man you
didn't know?

It's not always been a bed of roses
between us... but the look on her face.

In all the years we've been together, I don't
think I've ever seen her look... so happy.

And it didn't cross your mind they
were related?

No. Why would it?

Whenever we talked about family, she always
shut me out. I learned that early on.

But I did know that there was
someone else.

She'd mentioned it over the years.
Some chappy in Whitley.

I knew there was a secret.

She was never honest.

If only... she'd just... been honest.

Mm. And you thought she'd revived it,
did you? Her and this chappy from Whitley?

Well, you hear about it, don't you?
They meet up on the internet again
and whatever and...

She sent him a message. That night.

She told him...

She told him that she loved him.

Well, that's it, I thought. You
know, I've gotta knock this on the head.

I've... gotta put a stop to this.

So you took her phone and lured him
into a trap?

I just wanted to talk to him. But
you took along a weapon.

I didn't know him. It was dark, I
was on my own.

Oh, I see. Self-defence?

Exactly! Yes!

I said to him, "Leave us alone," and
he got aggressive, started lashing

I was just defending myself.

Ah, come on. Really?

If you'd just spoken to him, he
could have put you right.

You could have been sat around
having a cosy little catch-up.

I'm so sorry.

How can I undo this?

You can't, love.

But I just want to keep my family

Well, that's one way of showing you
care. Kill her eldest son.

Oh, you really didn't know.

I'd invited Paddy over. We
thought Dad was away.

But Tom had told him.

It wasn't his fault. He was scared
of Dad.

I was too. He was tough.

I could hear him shouting and
swearing as he came up the stairs.

I panicked. Told Paddy to go out the

There was this flat roof. We'd sat
out there before. I thought it was safe.

Dad came in and started searching.

I denied it all but the window's
wide open.

Dad goes to climb out, says he's
gonna kill him.

I've got hold of Dad's legs, I'm
pleading with him.

Then there was just this scream.

I don't know if Paddy slipped or
lost his footing or...

Me and Dad were both inside. It was
an accident.

When we got to him, he was

I put my arms around him.

And then he...

When the ambulance came, Dad said
this thing about a burglary.

Said otherwise I'd be accused.

I shouldn't have gone along with it.
I should have...

He should have. He was the adult.
You were 15. You were a child.

You should have been protected.

So, how was that? Huh?


I just wish my ex-wife could've
heard it but...

Thank you. Ah, least we could do.

And he wasn't alone when he died.
That's one thing.

And he was trying to protect his

Maybe I'd have done the same thing.

Did cast a shadow. Who, dad?

Aye, Alan.

Oh, right. Erm...

Well, family life, complicated, I

Do you really need 30,000 to move

Nah, we'll be all right. Oh?

I've got a plan.

Did you used to come down here?

What, back in the olden days? The
old Spanish City?

Me dad's girlfriend used to do a
turn there.

Might bring the kids down here on