Vera (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - The Deer Hunters - full transcript

Shane Thurgood, recently returned from Newcastle to his native village, is found dead of a single gunshot wound, a mile away from a burnt out van belonging to local poacher Linus Campion. Campion points the finger at gamekeeper Allen Barnes, father of his ex-wife Vanessa and of Clara Peyton, who is married to wealthy estate owner Will. Shane had come home to sell his late grandfather's farm to the Peytons but pulled out at the last minute, as he had fallen back in love with the countryside where he grew up and where Allen taught him to shoot. Shane had also written a successful novel, based on his relationship with the Barnes sisters when they were young and Vera looks to it for clues as to a murder motive, especially after Vanessa had visited him the day before his death to warn him to stop stalking Clara. However the death proves to be anything but calculated and concerned less with romance than with a long-standing rural tradition.

You give up?
Best of three.

OK, first to the quarry.


Oh... The rooks have had a go, then.

Any ID?
Yeah, driver's licence.

Shane Thurgood.
He's got a flat in the city centre.

Well, someone get over there, then.

So if the birds were having a go
at daybreak...

time of death?

Past peak of rigor mortis.

Chest split into clot and serum.

So less than 24, more than 12.

Would I be clutching at straws

to say cause of death
was shotgun wound to the sternum?

Biggish bullet to the liver,
no exit wound.

Soft-nosed round, then, eh?

Whoo, get you!
She told us.

Out here,
my money's on a hunting rifle.

We're looking for a cartridge,
yay big,

preferably with prints.

We'll do our best.

Wanna get a metal detector up here.
That'd help.

What about the car?

Well, we're trying to shift it
but the battery's gone.

What, left the lights on?
Aye, maybe.

So it came after dark. Hm.

What you got?

Ah... nothing.

The herd have been through here.

Can't see bugger all.

There's tyre tracks up the lane from
the victim's car and the quad bikes.


I found these house keys
in the jean pocket.

The quad tracks -
that's the kids, yes?


So the killer either travelled
with the victim...

..or came on his own two feet.


Oh, get over yourself, man!

It's animal feed.

Look, soya without the latte.


There's a bag of those pellets
in the car boot.

Say he's poaching.

Well, poachers don't live
in the city centre.

He's got the feed.

He's luring them for an ambush.

All right, so say he's got a gun.

Someone uses it against him.

He's taken it from the scene,

Well, it's worth a punt.

See if he's got a gun licence.

Not that that means anything.

And I want a thorough search
of the surrounding area.

Does that include Cumbria,

or just the half of Northumberland
we can see?

Cumbria? Never heard of it!

Did you see anyone
on the way up here?

Farmer? Hikers?

I don't think so.

Take your time, there's no hurry.

It's a blur, really.

What did you do
when you came across the body?

Rang Mam.

You didn't touch anything?

No way.
Ah, good girl.

And you've been here ever since?

Yeah, till Mam got here.

Nearly had a heart attack
when she rang.

So you called us
and then came up here?

Yes, I was just down the road.

I do breakfasts on the estate.

Oh. The season must be in full swing.

Very much so.

Do you recognise him at all?

Well, he... lives in the village,
doesn't he?

I know him. Shane Thurgood.
He lives at his granddad's place.

Oh, right.

So he can give us next of kin.

No, granddad's passed. Shane came
back to do the probate, I think.

How do you mean, came back?
He lived here as a kid.

Well, up till college or whatever.

But I can't say we were
on more than nodding terms.

Tyre tracks here, at least.

Lights are on.
Left in a hurry.

Right. Anything that can tell us
about Thurgood's family.

Ma'am, you should see this.

The door's been forced.

Break-in? It's got to be connected.

He's out poaching...
the killer finds him...

comes back here
to cover the evidence.

Or find something,
something they wanted.

Is it fur?

No, it's too long.

I think it's human hair.

Right, door-knocking
round the parish.

House-to-house, pub, post office,
if they've still got one.

All the usual standard questions.

Did they know him, what did he do,
and when did you last see him?

At this stage, let's say "missing".

Village folk believe anything?
Kenny's right, they'll all know.

Here we go - uses of hair.

Voodoo. Wig-making.

Crop protection.
Acts as a repellent.

Explains a lot, Ken.
Against deer.

They won't go near anything
that smells of people.

So if hair repels them
and fodder attracts,

confuse the beast,
you've got him where you want him.


With me.

Here we go.

OK... Joseph Thurgood.
Probate transfer.

Was Shane the only beneficiary?

We're trying to trace
his next of kin.

I'm pretty sure it was just him.

Obviously, Joe's son and
daughter-in-law predeceased him.

Shane's parents are dead?

Yes, collision on the A69.

He was nine, I think.

What was he like, granddad?

I think the polite term
is "curmudgeon".

Certainly not your first choice
to raise a bereaved child.

Did Shane have a partner?

If there was, they never came up.

So he was planning to live there

Oh, no, he said he was going to sell
it. He was pretty sure about that.

So did he instruct an agent?

He didn't need to.

Peyton's, the estate owners, offered
the asking price plus 20 per cent.

No one else got a look in.

And you were negotiating the deal?

I was. He pulled out.

No idea.

I presumed
he couldn't bear to part with it.

Nobby No-Mates,
as far as I can gather.

Well, you're not trying hard enough!

Beaky lot, round that way. Come on!

I'm telling you. There's not even
crackpots with conspiracy theories.

Well, it's changed since my day.

Any death guaranteed
someone saying it's witchcraft.

So if he's got no connections,

is it odd he wants to stay
all of a sudden?

Do the place up,
open a B&B, yoga courses.

That's why people move these days.

Biggest piece of bullet I can find.
Disintegrated in all directions.

So without the cartridge, we're
screwed on the ballistics front.

Pretty much.
Well, at a wild guess?

High-powered .308
with a soft-nosed round?

Ooh, he's been talking to Shep
and all, then.

From the damage I can tell you dum-
dum bullet, so probably homemade.

They're banned, aren't they?
Not against animals.

What about angle of entry,
range and all that?

Close range, two or three feet.
Not intending to miss.

Don't worry, first one's the worst.


Where he died,
I think it's his own land.

Have you got details of the probate?

Yeah, it's just here.


Yeah, it comes with
a few hundred acres of scrub.

Granddad's had it since the '50s.

If a deer comes on your land,
that's poaching?

Ma'am, Kenny's
inside the property in the town.

Will you put him through?

Kenny, what's the flat like?

Thurgood lives alone.

Not house proud.

What do the neighbours
have to say about him?

'He's a loner, but not unfriendly.'

They recognised him at the
newsagent, but first name only.

Did they tell you anything useful,
like his job?

'He claimed to be
some sort of novelist.'

What, as a hobby or published?

He had one published, apparently.
But I've never heard of him.

Oh, well, rules out children's books,
then, eh?



Bank account, credit cards,
all recent transactions.

How was he supporting himself?

And maintaining two properties?


How far's this from the murder site?

It's about a mile.

Still warm.

Probably torched last night.

No, I'd say the night before.

Busy place for the middle of nowhere.

Look at this.

More animal feed.
Casting further afield.

And they shot out the tyres.

SOCO picked up at least
six cartridge cases.

Champion, just need to find one
now at the murder scene.

Cor, he really went to town on this,
though, didn't he?

Hm. It wasn't a mistake,
that's for sure.

Is that hiding something
or just for the craic?

It's not much of a trophy, is it?

A clapped-out set of bull bars.

Shep, what have you got?

Well, number plate's local,
registered to a Linus Campion.

According to the PNC,
the vehicle was reported stolen.

This morning, first thing.

But I ran this Campion,
he's got form for twocking.

Insurance job.

So when did we last have contact
with this bloke?

He was brought in last year
for poaching.

What was that you were saying
about witchcraft?

Not for you, is it?

It's a scarecrow.

Don't tell me, pet.

Neighbourhood Watch?
Northumberland & City CID.

Sorry, I thought you were
noise patrol.

Could you turn that down, love?

So which one of you is Linus Campion?

What have I done now?

Do you know Shane Thurgood?
He's dead, isn't he?

Well, did you know Shane Thurgood?

Did when I was a kid. Why?

When did you last see him?
No idea.

Seen him out and about on the fells
a few times but he wasn't chatty.

What, not chatty with you
or not chatty in general?

A bit of both.

Did you see him Tuesday night?

So what were you doing?

Watching Thor on Netflix.
Have you seen it?

You selling any venison today?
Try your luck end of season.

Those crows out front.

What do you shoot them with?
A rifle.

I've got a licence.
Can I see it?

Chickens don't grow on trees.

Shut your noise, Hursty.

We don't want the nice lady
thinking you're daft.


Do you keep it in a secure locker?

Most of the time. What's this about?

You called about your missing truck.
Oh, yeah.

Well, we found it - burnt-out,
up the fell with a stag in the back,

shot by a rifle just like yours.

That sounds like poachers, then.

That's what we thought.

When did you notice it was missing?
You only called in this morning.

The truck was stolen, I reported it.

It's not that big a sin, is it?

Except your pick-up isn't insured,
Mr Campion.

Nor did it have an MOT,
which is a very serious offence.

So we'll continue this conversation
under caution in Newcastle. Come on.

Right, soft lad,
a few misdemeanours.

Campion, on the other hand...
Want a lever arch or box file?

The vet find anything in the stag?

No, same story.
Not enough bullet intact.

And the casings around the truck
don't match their rifles. Sorry.

We'll take Campion first.

Why report it stolen?
I mean, no tax, no nothing.

You're just putting your hand up
for a driving ban.

No comment.

It's not like you don't know
your way around a charge sheet.

No comment.

Still, poaching... just a slap
on the wrist these days, isn't it?

Does that mean you were worried about
getting done for something worse?

A lot worse?
Like what?

The murder of Shane Thurgood?

No comment.

Another "No comment".

Ma'am? Ballistics report.

Thank you, DC Shepherd.

What is it?

You've got a match to me,
haven't you?

He hasn't got mental health issues,
has he?

I don't want to end up
in front of a tribunal.

Nah, he's just an eejit.

Hursty's admitted he and Campion were
on the fells night of the murder.

And there's me just
doing an email for the insurers.

They both had rifles. So let's take
him back there, walk him through it.

Nice one, Shep.

Only came out for a couple of hinds.

There he is, dead as a yoyo.

We'd only gone
and shot a bleeding stag.

I was gutted, tears in my eyes.

We're very moved.

Then what? Nicked off?
Linus went ape at me.

And where was he?
There, playing at keeping lookout.

Swears he hears a vehicle.

So we shove it
in the back of the pick-up -

I mean, I shove it in,
doing all the donkeywork as per.

You're not gonna leave it
for the birds, are you?

Oh, no. So then what?

We load up the beast, all good.

And then, boom! It all kicks off.

What, shots?
Right by my ear.

For all his talk, he's not much
of a shot, that Barnes.

Peyton's head gamekeeper.


Will Peyton, Lord of the manor.

At least, he acts like it.

Didn't they bid on Shane's land?
I'll check.

You didn't see Shane Thurgood?

Are you sure?

Not on the moor?

Not on the way back?

And when we see the pick-up
getting torched, we split up,

made our way home separately.

Via the pub, obviously.

I'll send Edwards down the pub,
shall I? Yeah, right.

Of course, Campion
could've met Thurgood later.

Right. Coffee with milk.

Ponce-a-ccino with gingerbread.

And an application for a restraining
order for our Mr Campion.

It wasn't processed?

Close call. We let him off
with a stiff talking-to.

No wonder domestic violence
goes under reported.

Who's his missus?

A Vanessa Barnes.

That's Saskia and Louis's mam.

So they were your kids
found Shane's body?


Didn't mention it.
Thought you knew.

And you're separated from their mam.


Married young. What were you, 17?

Shotgun wedding.

Well, the marriage didn't go very
well at all from what we can see.

There's still a bit in there. It
sets the scanner off at airports.

Who shot you?

Allen Barnes. That's her dad.

What, the gamekeeper?
Proper nutter.

Said he'd aim properly next time
if I went near his daughter again.

Or my kids.

Sorry, Sass. I don't know
what's happening to your dad.


Not scared of Barnes, then.

Poacher's daughter.

Tough as old boots.


I think the police are here.

I'll deal with it.

Northumberland & City Police.

Wait a moment, please.

Take more than a dum-dum
to knock him out.

That one's not for shooting. That's
for stalking, following the trail.

"The Emperor Hadrian".

What kind of a daft name's that
to call an animal?

Couldn't agree more.

We call him Brian.
Were you looking for me?

And you are?
Clara Peyton.

DCI Vera Stanhope.
DS Joe Ashworth.

Is this about poor Shane?
Sorry, he's all over the village.

We'd like a word with your head
keeper, Allen Barnes.

I'm afraid he's out on the moor
with a client at the moment.

Dad's stalking, right?

Sorry, you're Allen Barnes' daughter?

Yeah, well, one of them.

I've a sister, Ness.
I think you've met her?

Aye, Sassi and Louis' mam?

So this is a family business, then?

I know. Old-fashioned
but it works for us.

Look, I'm sorry, but my dad never
takes his mobile with him, so...

Does he make an itinerary?

Our friend here
doesn't really have a routine.

We've not seen hide nor hair of him
for two months. He could be forever.

But I could take a number
and give you a ring as soon as...

No, don't you trouble yourself, love.

Is there somewhere we can wait?

Of course. Follow me.



How well did you know
Shane Thurgood?

Now or in the past?


In the past...

..we were in the same class
for ten years.

When Dad started training him, we -
Training him?

For what? To shoot?

To stalk, yes.

Well, he became
part of the furniture.

How do you mean?

Spent most of his time here.

I think that was avoiding his
grandfather more than being with us.

So really you'd consider him
to be a family friend?

As a teenager, yes.

But I wouldn't say we knew him now.

That's strange.
Your sister said she hardly knew him.


Well, I suppose it's all relative.

Police. Here about Shane.

Of course.
Mr Peyton.

Awful, awful news. How can we help?

Did you know there was trouble on
your land the night of the shooting?

What sort of trouble?

Some poachers had their truck
burnt out near the crime scene.

Right. And Shane was mixed up
in that, was he?

You know, I'm not sure
Dad was even out that night.

We have a witness says he was.

Right. Well,
I'm sure he can help, then.

Poachers are an occupational hazard.
We don't take them too seriously.

So could you show us
where your guns are kept?

Mind the step.

Joe, get all those vehicles checked.

Allen's HQ.

Mark, I need you
to run a few checks.

Guns are in the locker, obviously.

Could I have the key?
No. There's only one, as per.

And Dad never lets it
out of his sight, so...

That's blooding
after your first kill.

It looks more brutal than it is.

But keeping up tradition, I see.

Sass? She's not afraid of anything.

And the lad?

Where's he?

He's not quite made it
to the wall of fame.

When did you last see Shane Thurgood?

Eight or ten weeks ago.

We went to visit the farm.
He was there.

And you didn't see him again?

I did most of the negotiation
via email.

And you didn't meet during the sale?

No, Clara handled all the paperwork.

But you authorised
an increased offer twice.

Well, no, we both did.
I'm not the boss. Mm.

How did you feel
when the sale fell through?

Well, to be honest,
it was quite infuriating.

Not the old farm, obviously, it was
the land we really wanted to secure.

This place is massive.
Why d'you need the extra space?

Doesn't exactly enhance
the surroundings, does it?

How long's it been like this?

Too long.

I don't like to speak ill
of the dead,

but old Joe Thurgood
was running a scrap fiddle.

All this tat should, by law,
be properly disposed of.

The herd, in its wisdom, decided
this was the preferred route.

If you're in the stalking business
and this is the trail, you follow.

Wild beasts... contrary bunch.

What do the clients think
of an eyesore like this?

They're polite. It doesn't scream
bucolic, though, does it?

So we thank God we've got Emperor
Hadrian to balance things out.

So there's no trophy
for shooting the Emperor?

Lord, no.
He's worth much more alive.

People from all over the world
only see photos.

I've only seen him three times
and I market the fellow.

So poachers shooting your stag would
be more than an annoyance for you,

hm? They come across the Emperor...

could scupper your whole set-up.

Sassi said the rooks had got him.

How are the kids doing?
She's a toughie.

Tougher than the lad, anyhow.

Did you ever see him out on the moor,


In the distance.

So you didn't speak to him at all?

If I was out there,
I was with a client.

You don't charge by the hour
and then stop for small talk.

But you did know him
when he was a lad, right?

For a while.

He came to me.
I blooded him, toughened him up.

Into the family tradition, eh?
I did my best.

It didn't do much good.

Upbringing like he had...

..meant he was in on himself,
you know?

I mean, he was good-hearted.
But his mind was messed up.

I feared for him in the town,
I really did.

He did all right. Published author.

Was he any good, stalking?

Yes. He had an instinct
for the animals.

Oh, so was he with the poachers
you confronted?

Narrow it down for me.
Tuesday night.

They were shot at
and had their pick-up torched,

just a few miles
from where Shane was killed.

I can't see Linus Campion
pressing charges, can you?

No, but I might. Attempted murder.

I was just trying to scare them!

As for your question,
no, Shane wasn't with them.

Shane was shot with a hunting rifle.

Something with a soft-nosed round,
probably a .308.

Good. That means it's not my gun
you're looking for.

Well, we'll just get that confirmed
by Ballistics, if you don't mind.

Could you get Shep to come
and pick up Mr Barnes' rifles?

Be my guest.

Soft-noses are for clients.

You're not saying you shoot clean
with an ordinary bullet, Mr Barnes?

Only that'd be illegal, wouldn't it?

So was Shane part of the furniture
or a neighbour from hell?

Even a neighbour from hell,
you'd show an ounce of grief.

Louis is not playing happy families,
is he?

OK, what do we know about him?

Tragedy strikes, age 11.
Goes to live with his granddad.

Allen Barnes tries to take him
under his wing.

He shows promise in the field.

Lays his head down at the Peyton
Estate, thank you very much.

Then as soon as he's old enough, he
drops it all for a life in the city.

Now does that suggest something
happened here under Barnes's watch?

How did he manage for money?

Big charge debts on his plastic.

Living hand to mouth, then?
For some time, as far as I can see.

So it's all going down the pan
in Newcastle.

And then, stroke of luck,
granddad pegs it.

Comes home, sells the farm,
pays off his debts.

Needs to sell but changes his mind.

Why would you linger somewhere
that you weren't happy as a kid?

Oh, Joe...

..put old ghosts to rest...


Oh... why can't we put anyone
at the scene of the crime that night?

Why has no one come forward?

We've talked to all the locals.
They say he kept himself to himself.

Not in the village, Kenny,
in Newcastle.

You can't spend 20 years in the city
and not meet someone along the way,

make some human contact.

And what's his novel all about, eh?

Don't tell me, loneliness.

Well, there's no reviews on Amazon.

But it's on its way from
a second-hand place in Dunstable,

whatever that means.

Hm! Right, go home, Kenny.

You too, Joe. Go on.

Come on, give us another ten

It'll get us out of story time.
There's devotion for you.

I wouldn't mind but we're still
on The Philosopher's Stone.

Young man, head full of dreams.

Wants to be a novelist.

Has his first novel published - good.

And then what?


..were there other articles, short
stories, in that flat in Newcastle?

Nothing, ma'am.

That must rankle, mustn't it?

Make you feel down?

You will go home tonight, won't you,
get some kip?

Joe, I'm dead on my feet.

Good night, love.
Good night.

There's no reply.

Nothing since the first text.
What was she thinking?

She was thinking it was secured!
And that's my fault, is it?

Come here! Police!

Take it easy, all right?
Take it easy, relax.

Take it easy, OK?

We'll go down the stairs
one step at a time.

Ma'am? You OK?

Well, I'm dying of thirst
but apart from that...

Secure the flat.

You still here?
Get him down to the station!

He's says he's got a key.

Try it.

What were you looking for in there?

He rang me. He wanted
me to send up a reference book.

Rang you? When?

Tuesday morning. Call him, check.

How do you know Shane Thurgood?

He's my pot man. Well, was.

Sacked him. We're still mates,

Ask him!
We can't do that.

I'm afraid he's dead.

Found his body up on the fells.

I've got a copy of it here
somewhere. He signed it for me.

I'm guessing you can't
cos you're on duty.

Ah, no, go on, love. He's driving.


Thanks, Terry.

When did you last see him?

It was a while back.

But we emailed a bit.

What was the book
he wanted you to send him?

Some Celtic folklore one.

Said he couldn't get
what he needed on the internet.

Why didn't he pop into town
and fetch it himself?

I got the impression
he was trying to keep a low profile.

Owed various people various sums.

He owed me at least 500.

Anyone in particular?

Somebody called Don, I think.

Did he ever mention
selling his granddad's place?

Yeah. When he died,
it was like he'd won the lottery.

Not in a mean way,
but I don't think they were close.

And did he say why
he decided to pull out of the sale?

He said he'd fallen
back in love with the place.

He was a bit of a romantic
like that.

Poor guy.

So we've matched Barnes's bullet
casing to the truck shooting.

Now there's a surprise.

Still nothing ballistics wise
to link anyone to Thurgood's death.

In layman's terms we've got nowt.

Maybe you're right,
it does lie in the city.

Did you check the camera footage
from outside his street?

For when he was being done in
30 miles away?

Just check days before, days after.

No, I think Kenny's right.

The village - that's his world.

I read his novel.

Autobiography, more like.

It's all about out there,
it's like... it's got a hold on him.

And we're back to witchcraft.

Queen Mab, I Googled.
Celtic folklore.

Now, she pops up again
in Romeo and Juliet.

And this plot is a variation
on that theme.

But I'm making it sound
worse than it actually is.

So who was his Juliet?

Exactly. That's question number one.

Question two is: who is this Don
who's chasing him for money?

It could be Donald Colley. At least,

he's paying the money to the agents
for Thurgood's flat.

"Colley Press"?
So Don's his publisher?

Who is it?
Mr Colley?

Northumberland & City Police.

I need to see some ID.

That's terrible news.


Shane Thurgood's died.

That's a lot of effort wasted.

These are police.

He was shot in the chest.

Mab did well.

Folklorey stuff was going down
a storm back then.


The story was interesting,
a very powerful love story.

That was the crossover appeal.

There was a big marketing push
about it being autobiographical.

I wouldn't make too much of that.
He was always thin on the detail.

When was this?

When were the bombs in London?
It was around then.


We were keen to build momentum
but he got sidetracked. It happens.

A bit of success, they lose
incentive till the cash runs out.

A year or so ago he comes back,

pitched for a follow-up
but wanted an advance.

So you paid his rent?

He did a bit of bar work on the side
for living expenses but, yes,

the rent was our way of paying him
and giving him somewhere to write.

What was the follow-up like?
It never appeared.

He kept promising, but nothing.

Another personal book, he said,

though what exactly
he meant by that...

Promises - he was big on those.

But you continued to pay?
Well, yes...

It never reached a point
where writing off the loss

outweighed potential earnings
from a sequel.

That's frustrating for you.

Well, I wouldn't be in this business
if I wasn't used to authors, but...

Yes, yes, yes,
we were feeling very let down.

Well, nothing's been damaged.

Lucky for you lot.

We'll be holding on to the rifle
you used on the truck.

Impressive kit you've got here.

What are you, ex-army?
Military police.

Ever shot a man dead?

Me neither.

Now was he taking advantage
of their good nature?

Or was he planning to deliver?

Not exactly a motive for murder,
is it? A missed deadline?

Kenny, who else have they got
on their book?

Ah, you've got it. Jealous
rival claims he stole his story.

Yeah, you said nicked it off
Shakespeare. Should I look him up?

Just him, by the look of it.

He's their big seller.


That place is a tip.
They're not making any money.

Do a credit check,
Companies House and what have you.

And let's have another look
at our victim's bank statements.

I'm just leaving the estate now.

Thurgood spent a grand in the
Apple store in the Eldon centre.

Find out what he bought.
Will do.

It's got to be a computer
or a laptop, hasn't it?

Or seven iPhones.

But we didn't find anything
at the farmhouse, did we?

Unless that's what they took.

Well, our bookish friends
are being chased by the bailiffs.

Bunch of CCJs. They haven't paid
themselves a salary for two years.

Hm! OK.

Joe, go stick your foot in the
bailiffs' door. See how they like it.

Colley's? Yeah, I know 'em.

Sneaky so and so's.

She's a sly little madam, is missus.

Did you ever come across
a Shane Thurgood?

Did he ever pay up for them
or anything like that?

Don't recognise the name. Who is he?

He's one of their authors.
He lives up by the fell, Hepbridge.

The village I know. It's where I
gave her the notice of repossession.

She's been up there?
Yep. I followed Mrs Colley up.

Like a dog with a bone, me.

When was this?

Being broke isn't a crime.

I went round to check he was OK.

I admit I took the laptop
to look at -

That's theft.
But I wasn't stealing it.

You're not daft. You took it from the
property without the owner knowing.

He wouldn't have minded.

I was helping him.

Get Shep to call round to Mrs Colley.

Save you the trouble
of returning it yourself.

So er... what's it like, his new work?


and some magic beastie.

He said it was personal?

Possibly. There's not much to go on.

A few chapter notes, a few paras.

It was all a bit Lassie
for my taste.

Oh, you do sound bitter.

I am.

We put all our faith in him.

So you admit to taking the laptop.
Anything else?

Some notebooks.

Why'd you take those?

Did you think they'd be worth
something posthumously?

If that's an innuendo
I was involved in his death...

It's not an innuendo, love.

It's a direct question.

No, I didn't murder him,
for heaven's sake.

Yes, we thought we might be able to
make something from the notebooks.

They're all handwritten, of course.

Good luck with that.

I can't read a word of this.
Can you? Give it here.

"I never...

I never hurt no man for no...

good season"?


"I never hurt any man
for no good reason."


Oh, is it? Well, there you go,
then, Mr DC Clever Dick.

Get that typed up and stick it
on the computer, there's a love.

Don't go knocking it.
It's a big development, this one.


What am I looking at?

Footage outside the victim's flat
in Tyneside.

When's this taken?

24 hours before the time of death.

Let me guess - Barnes?

His daughter.

Sass, stop!

There we go. Not so bad, is it?
It's not funny!

Looking for your mam.

Yeah... she's somewhere.

You looking to be blooded, are you?

No chance I'm not interested.
Good for you.

Louis reckons he saw the Emperor.

Stands up like an idiot in assembly,
mouthing to the whole bloody school.

I saw him.

Why would the Emperor show his face
to a hummel like you?

Shut up!
I'm just saying what Dad said.

What's a hummel when it's at home?

It's a...
It's a stag without any antlers.

That's a popular term of abuse
round here, is it?

It's what they call me.

Here, wipe that muck off your face.

No school today?

Don't go to school.

Go to a centre.
Why, did you get chucked out?

Just sticking up for myself.

The bullies giving you grief,
were they?


They said I'd be safer
at the centre.

And what's the centre like?

What do you think?

That you'd rather be home here
with your family.

I like it outside.

Me too, love.

Gonna join the business?
No, thanks.

20 grand to hunt
some knackered old stag?

He's not even that massive.
And you've seen him, the Emperor?

So he claims.

Big imagination, this one.

You want me?
Yeah, just to check a few things.

Nothing urgent.

So it was just a coincidence?

Am I not allowed
to go to Newcastle now?

First you say you barely knew him,
barely on nodding terms.

Then it comes to light
he's practically one of the family!

You're on CCTV on his street
24 hours before he dies.

We're not jumping to conclusions.

You're not being straight with us.

Were you having an affair with him?

I'm happy being single, thanks.

Have you read his book?
Couldn't get through it.

Is the girl in it based on you?

The daft one who whines a lot? No.

I just went to talk to him.

I called.
He said he was at his flat.

Why was he there?
I thought he was settled here.

Picking up some "resources".

So what was on your mind?

Tell him to back off Clara.

He was stalking her.
Your sister?

Stalking's too strong a word.

That's just Ness being dramatic.

What was he doing?
Trying to win me over.

Gifts, poems, that sort of thing.

Was he in with a chance?
No. I'm married.

Are you the girl in his book?

Look, the book was sweet, but it
doesn't mean it's based on anything.

So if I asked, nobody'd remember
you two stepping out as teenagers?

Maybe we dated a bit, but at that
age, you date everyone, don't you?

Did your dad put a stop to you
and Shane

like he did your sister and Campion?

That's not all made up,
is it, the book?

The tyrannical father, lovers
torn apart. That's not fiction.

Are you the reason Shane pulled out
of the sale of the farm?


And was that all in vain?

I don't believe you.

It's a nice story, pet, but come on!

On a couple of occasions, I probably
responded more than I should have.

I was flattered.

Were you having an affair
when he died?

No, I stopped it.

Which is why he was trying
to get my attention,

which is why Ness intervened,
telling him to back off.

Would poaching catch your attention?
Get his own back?

No. He wouldn't hurt the herd.

He was a stalker, not a killer.

What do you think he was doing
on the moor?

Genuinely? No idea.

Where were you Tuesday night?

We were hosting a supper party.

We will have to verify that.

I know.

Is there any way that can be done
without Will finding out?

It's not our job to spare
people's feelings, you know.

It's not our job
to ruin marriages either.

Is there a way of asking
that without...

No. No, there's not,
I'm gonna have to ask.

Gives him a motive, doesn't it?


He might know. Guys normally do.

Thank you.

We do appreciate your discretion.

Well, we don't want to frighten off
the tourist trade.

Well, they're all intrigued.
We're in the wrong business -

we should host one of those
murder mystery weekends.

How is business?

Well... we survived the recession.

Learnt a few lessons.

Haven't we all?
All hands on deck, eh?

Yep. Kids up chimneys.

Do you think Shane Thurgood
was poaching?

Honestly - yes.

But I very much doubt Allen
had anything to do with his death.

Oh, no, that's not what I'm asking.

I'm sorry. I just assumed...

Surely Barnes wouldn't kill a man
just to save your business?

That's taking loyalty a bit too far.

At the end of the day,
Brian's just an attraction.

I often joke we'd be better off
with a rollercoaster.

Your nephew said he saw the Emperor.

Louis? Well...

I mean... pinch of salt there,
don't you think?

Said he was getting on a bit.
So what'll you do when he's gone?

Er... ask me another.

What was your relationship
with Shane Thurgood?

We didn't have one.

Never even spoken?

Why not?

I think he was in love with my wife.

It put me off him.

Were those feelings mutual?

I never asked.

I hope not.

I really hope not.

Where were you Tuesday night
when he died?

Tuesday night is curry night.

Ask any of the guests.

We were giving it our hostess
with the mostest.

I want every guest questioned again,
every second accounted for.

Did Peyton leave the meal
for a significant time,

either to go to the cellar for
something or out for a crafty smoke?

Anything that might suggest either he
or wifey had a window of opportunity.

What have we got?

The pages from the notebook
the victim was writing.

In that spidery script? Any good?
It's about a bully.

Is there anything in it for us,
anything to help?

Possibly. Look at the second page.

Page two.

"The King liked to dress up fine
and charm the ladies when he could,

but the boy had smelt the blood
on that man's clothes."


"He was sure some of it was his own."

A bit creepy.

Shane as a boy, with his granddad?
What, holed up in that cottage?

Look at them.

I think you were right. He knew.

Is that for our benefit,
do we think?

I'd say not.

OK. Let's just say it's not
the husband in a jealous rage.

What have we got?

Well, there's Barnes.

If Shane was stalking the stag
and seducing his daughter,

is that motive enough
for him to kill him?

A warning that went wrong?

He did it to Campion,
for laying hands on his other lass.

Aye, but that was domestic violence
and therefore entirely justified.

But Shane wasn't like that, was he,
by all accounts?

Wouldn't hurt an animal.

Where's Shep?

I'm here, I'm here.

Did you pick up that laptop
from the Colley's

or are you waiting till they delete
the hard drive?

I got sidetracked down the lab.
There's new evidence.

The tyre prints outside Shane's
cottage match Colley's car.

That's your new evidence? Also
match the head keeper's vehicle.

Half the village drive Land Rovers.
You drive one yourself!

What were you doing at his place,
Mr Barnes?

Why lie?

Why say you only saw him on the moor
once or twice?

What are you hiding from us?

I can see it must rankle, him coming
back after all these years.

Pupil turned master.

Shane was good.
A better tracker than I ever was.

But he wasn't a poacher.

His house - dirty great bag
of human hair.

What did he want that for,
if not to manipulate the herd?

Taking the Emperor off our land.

To get back at you?
No. So you confronted him.

Actually... I asked him
quite politely.

He said...

he'd got wind
of a change of strategy.

Go on.

Peyton Estates. Might look
like they're doing all right,

but the recession
knocked it out of them.

We know that.
You do?

I didn't. Did you know they were
putting the Emperor up for bounty?

This bloke from a German bank
offers 20K for him.

Will agreed, apparently.

Said they had to cash in before it
was too late.

"Simple economics of return
on an investment."

And they kept that from you?

Only one out of the loop,

So you're saying Thurgood
wasn't hunting the Emperor,

he was trying to protect it.

I don't kill men, Mrs Stanhope.

What about a man who was having
an affair with your daughter?

They re-kindled it, did they?
I thought they might.

Once again,

I can't see
what's under my own nose, can I?

So Thurgood was murdered here,
and less than a mile that way

you've got Allen Barnes
shooting at Linus Campion.

And a mile that way,

you've got Peyton quietly
contemplating his wife's infidelity.

And 21 diners say the Peytons had
their hands full serving vindaloo.

We know that Barnes hasn't an alibi.

We know that Barnes has a temper.

And we know that Barnes is a shot.

And yet still...
I think he's telling the truth.

So we're nowhere.

The middle of bloody nowhere.

Oh, where's the magic
when you need it?

Where's the bloody phone line
when you need it?

Who you trying to bloody call?

DC Bloody Shepherd,
see if she's picked up that...

You what?
That laptop...

Oh, f...

Come on!

We need to get back to the station.
Get on to Social Services.

Oh, how can I be so bloody stupid?

Oh. You gave me a fright.

Congratulations. You're on YouTube.

I could actually use a man about the
house... for about 12 minutes a day.

You had one. You threw him out,
remember? I know. I know that.

Not like that.

You're worse than Louis, you are.

You have to get a proper grip on it.
Oh, really? Says who?

See? Nothing to it.

Oh, busy, busy, busy.

You know, we had a witness
in here the other day.

Your dad, as it happens.

He wasn't very forthcoming. But he
caved in in the end, so I let him go.

And there you were, the little
welcoming party waiting outside.

I didn't think much of it
at the time.

He didn't think much of you either,
to be honest.

I'm sorry, love.
Have I touched a nerve?

Proper little daddy's girl.

Only, I'd have thought,
after what he did to your mam...

He wouldn't...
Wouldn't... what?

Hit you? Well, that's good.

So your mam had it coming, did she?

That's enough. I'll stop this
unless you formally charge her.

We understand. We didn't mean
to cause any offence, did we, ma'am?

No, we do understand.

I mean, having an abusive man
in the house will take its toll.

Being a daughter...

And being a daughter, you've
seen him at his worst, haven't you?

No matter how much
your mam tries to hide it.

So you know what the smart thing
to do is, love?

Don't know what you're on about.

Cut him loose, cut him out,
like a cancer!

Can I say that?
Say what you like.

But there's another part of you,
isn't there?

That says you're the only girl...

the only girl in the whole wide world
who can save him. Hm?

And believe me, love, you
wouldn't be the first to think that.

I think we've heard enough. Come on.

So you go out on your quad bikes,
you and your brother Louis.

You found this dead man.
You called us from the murder scene.


But there's no signal at the murder
scene, or anywhere near it.

So how did you do that,
make a call without a signal?

Sit down, love.

Mrs Jackson, please.

I called.
I know you did.

You called the emergency services.
I heard it. Well done.

But where did you make the call from?


So you went out on your bikes and saw
the dead body and then you went home.

Now, don't be frightened, love.

Just tell me, how long was it
before you made that call?

About an hour.
An hour?

And what did you do in that hour, hm?

It was for my dad.

What was for your dad?

Sassi, I'm sorry, love,
but I need to hear you say it.

What was for your dad?

He shot Shane Thurgood.

Come on, love, help us out here.

There. Under that tree.
Good girl.

OK, under the tree.

What were you thinking of?

We're gonna need to talk to your son.
Where is he?

No. Both of them?

Can't say till I've spoken to him.
But he hates his dad!

That's what you think.

Louis was always frightened of
Linus. He wouldn't protect him.

I want you to bring him into the
station, just so he can corroborate.

We've found the murder weapon,
Mr Campion.

No comment.
Oh, crumbs.

The weapon you used to shoot
and kill Shane Thurgood.

Nah, I'm not even listening to this.

We've got you in the fells,
in your truck, poaching.

I was in the area, so what?
Poaching - I already told you.

And an eyewitness
who saw you pull the trigger.


Hang on...
Are we talking about Sass here?

Did she put you up to this?
Why would you say that?

She came out with this crap the
other day. I put her straight.

Yes, I bet you did.

She didn't see me. She wasn't the
one who was up there, was she?

So who was?


My son.

I took him up to blood him in.

You took that lad poaching?

Why didn't you mention
any of this before?

He was hardly there.

He's having trouble at school.
He's soft. I thought it might help.

First chance he gets, jumps out the
truck and legs it into the night.

When was this? Around the time
his granddad shot up the truck.

He's the one you should be after.

Where'd he run off to in the middle
of the night, your son, hm? Any idea?

Into the hills, I dunno.
Back to his mam, no doubt.

Did he take a weapon?

So what?
He couldn't hit a barn door.

Has Ness Barnes
brought her son in yet?

She called to say she'd looked
everywhere, but couldn't find him.

Up here.

Has Louis turned up yet?


Now, Sassi, I need you to tell me
the truth.

Are you absolutely certain
you saw your dad kill Shane Thurgood?

You watched him pull that trigger?


..not... not me.


Louis told you
he saw your dad kill Shane?

He was in a state, to be honest.

He's always needed me
to look after him.

So Louis told you what he saw.

And then he told you to hide the gun,
as a secret, for your dad? Yeah.


Do you know where Louis is?

No... I don't know.



Any sign of the lad?
No. Nothing.

He's not at the murder site
or Thurgood's scrap yard.

There's a lot of land to cover,
and the temperature's dropping.

Excuse me!
I'm sorry. It's just -

there is somewhere
we used to go when we were small,

sort of scare each other
half to death.

Where's that, love?
At Auntie Clara's.


Sassi, hop in.

So, your brother and the Emperor.

Do you think Shane Thurgood
could have taken him to see it?

Do you think it's possible
they were friends?

It's possible.

Shane was writing a new book.

Here, read. Second page.

"The King liked to dress up fine
and charm the ladies when he could,

but the boy had smelt the blood
on that man's clothes."

"He was sure some of it
was his own."

Now you look at this.

Look here.

The blood on your dad's apron.

I thought he was writing the book
about himself,

but I now think he was writing
about somebody else.

My brother.


My dad.

I need everyone away from the house.

This is my livelihood.
Have you any idea what you're doing?

As I said, it's just
a precautionary measure. Jesus.

May I suggest we all repair
to the pavilion,

where my wife has prepared
a small surprise?

Just get everyone out of here.

Saskia, could Louis have got in here
without the grown-ups knowing?

Yeah, there's a back way, behind
the old kitchen. Thanks, love.


What you said before about the girl
who thinks she can save her dad?

Yes, love.
And did you?

Save him?
No, love, I didn't,

because in the end,
he didn't want saving.

They never do.

Ma'am? There's blood on the walls.

What the hell has he done?

Don't come any nearer!

Hey... I'm not tracking you here,
I'm just...

It's just... Your family
are all worried about you,

they just want to know you're safe.

You miss him, do you? Shane?

Don't come in!
All right, love.

No, I'll just stay here, then,
shall I?

I didn't mean it.

I know you didn't, lad.

Shane was the last person
you wanted to hurt.

He was your friend, wasn't he?

He taught you how to track the deer.

More than that.

He showed you the Emperor.

What was he like, hm?

Is he as big as they say?


Hard not to be believed...


They laughed at me.

What, at school?

Your family, your dad?


If just one person...
just one person

had stood up and said,
"I believe you...

..I believe in you..."

Can I come in, Louis?
I just want to see you're OK.

He was writing a book about you,
did you know that?

And him.

And any other kid
who felt the way you did.

I know you didn't mean to shoot him.

You were after an animal,
weren't you?

I just wanted people to believe me.

And there was Shane,
up on the moor that night,

trying to lead the Emperor
away to safety,

where no one could shoot him.

And there you were.

Now, what is the first rule
of hunting, hm?

Never grab the man with a gun, right?

Did he try to disarm you, love...
after you shot the stag?

He tried but...

..I fell back and it went off.

And I...


He was my friend.

Not your fault, son.

It was an accident.

A tragedy.

They'll have to believe us
now... won't they?

Yeah. They

What's it in aid of,
this mystery tour, anyway?

We are tracking the Emperor.

You what?
What's left of him.

Louis said he was up here somewhere.

How does it end, this book that
Thurgood was writing? Do we know?

Well, the boy drives the beast
over the border.

It's last seen in open country.

And then with one last shout
from the boy...

the animal runs... it runs.

Or did you just make that up?

What? Of course not.

Ask Edwards, he'll back me up.

There's your Emperor.

The fight in that thing.

How far are we from the murder scene?

About 12 miles.

12 miles it ran,
after that boy shot it.

12 miles.

Soft jury, he'll get off.
It's manslaughter.

He didn't mean to do it.
I know.


So nothing.

Come on.