Vera (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - On Harbour Street - full transcript

Joe and his little girl Jessie are on a train when Jessie notices that another passenger, elderly Margaret Kraszewski, has been killed with a single stab wound. Vera visits the coastal town of Mardle, where Margaret lodged with singer Kate Darrow, her two children and boyfriend Stuart. They all praise Margaret as an almost saintly woman and are amazed that anybody would want to kill her. Margaret volunteered at a women's hostel and when Dee, an alcoholic prostitute who lived there, is also found dead Vera suspects a connection, especially as Margaret wanted to report something to the police just before she died. Pub landlady Valerie Furlow tells Vera that Margaret and Dee were good friends who once lived together in the same house on Harbour Street. She believes that Margaret's Polish husband was violent to her and, as he disappeared suddenly thirty years ago, Vera wonders if he was murdered. The chief beneficiary from Margaret's will proves to be Dee and Vera learns that years ago Dee was a rape victim whom certain people set out to avenge. Now another rape victim provides a clue to Margaret's killer.

# All things bright and

# All creatures great and small

# All things wise and wonderful

# The Lord God made them all

Come on, love. Hurry up.

Come on. We're gonna miss the train.

I thought Mum said we were getting a

We're too good for the train now,
are we?

Here, take that. That'll tide you
over till dinner.

Thanks, Dad.
And, anyway, it's early.

So with a bit of luck, we might have
the train to ourself, eh?

Hey. Watch what you're doing, will

Sorry, mate.
It's OK. Doesn't matter.

Are you all right?



Not too hot?

We regret to inform you
that this train is no longer in service.

There is a rail replacement service
waiting for you outside the station.

Come on.

Do we get the bus now?

Let me just call your mum.

Come on.


They need to wake up the lady.

It's OK. The guard'll find her. Come
on. What if they don't?

Go on, then, just be quick.

I'm watching you, Jess.
Quick as you can!


Jess? Jessie?


Hey! Open up!

She was a woman in her sixties.

Oh, come on, star witness.
You can do better than that.

All right.

Jessie thinks she boarded the train
same time we did.

How many times...

Jessie. My eldest.
Yes. I know that.

I just didn't know you had her with

She sings in the choir up at St


No. Nothing yet.


She's got stab wounds to the lower

What is it they say in training?
Muggers tend to confront you.

Well, she's cash rich. So not a

Any fights on the train?
It wouldn't surprise us.

They were all out this evening.

Margaret who?

Margaret Krasz... Kraszewski?

Central Station to Mardle.

She's a bit posh for Mardle, isn't

I'm gonna have to talk to your lass.


Yeah, I know. But just wait till
morning, will you?

As a favour.

Come on, love.

Hey, you know I hate to ask, love.

But I gather our Jessie
saw the victim get on the train.

Look, I told him to get a taxi.
But you know our Joe.

Nothing comes between him and a £10

My mistake.

Lock him up, somebody!

Cases like this, always the off-duty

Who's this?

Marcus Summer. The new guy.

See you tomorrow, pet.

Lucky fella.

The body's on the train,
if you'd care to take a look.


Give your brother a shout, will you?
I've got guests in the conservatory.


Oi! What you doing?

Are you doing his maths homework
again? No.

It's just this once.

How will he get on if you keep doing
his homework for him?

Anyway, how did you get so rich?

That is hilarious.
Who'd let him loose on a baby?

How will you get by
if you don't do your own work?

Can you just get off my back,

At least read a book. It won't kill
you. I read.

Yeah? Read that.

Bathroom freshener.
It's the same difference.

Give us that money.
Give us me money!

Pack it in, the pair of you!

Serves you right.

Kate Darrow?

I'll give the kids a lift in.
They missed the bus.

Second time this week. You're on a
hat trick. Don't blame me!

The music teacher here forgot his
coffin! Double bass. Sorry.

Want me to stay?

No, no. It's fine.

All right. I'll call you.

All right, come on, then, you two!

I can't tell the kids just yet.
They were very fond of Margaret.

Is that your husband?
Stuart? No he's my fiance.

He's a teacher at the kids' school.

Kate, why don't you show us
Margaret's room?

Sure. Yeah.

I was left the house ten years ago,
by an aunt, after my husband died.

Margaret was sort of sitting tenant.

It was her bright idea
to turn it into a guest house.

They'd extended the train line.
People said Mardle was on the up.

How long was Margaret living here?

Oh, since forever.


She was my anchor.

She helped with the accounts -
book-keeping was her thing -

and practically raised the kids when
I was off running for world's worst mum.

Ryan used to call her "Mam", as they

She wasn't Polish or anything.

No. She married a fella from
Krakow... before my time.

It... It didn't last.
Oh, is he still local?

I don't think so.

Have you any idea why Margaret was heading
into town, who she was seeing, or...?

No. I didn't know she'd gone out.

Did she talk to you about anything on
her mind?

Any trouble she might be in? Hm?

It was an accident, though, right?

Well, we don't know yet.

Anyway, there was never any trouble
Margaret couldn't sort out.

If you didn't find her here,
she was at Holypool House.

A shelter for vulnerable women -
Margaret's flock.

Chloe says that's where
I'll end up.

She had such nice manners -

She made you feel very safe up here.

Are we decent?

I heard voices.
This is George.

George is one of our most loyal
guests. "One of"?

I've been coming here how long?
Eight... Eight years, George.

Margaret never raised her voice.

Always the most tremendous help if

This outward calm and generosity,

Well... I always liked to think of
her as some sort of Cold War spy -

an air of things held back.

Perhaps it was just the name -

Well, that's my stock in trade, you
see - spy novels.

George is a rep for a publishers,
aren't you, love?

Yes. Words are my world.

I've been up in Scotland, doing my

Back home to Northants after
luncheon. George.

Oh, I'm so stupid.

You sit yourself down, love.
I'll put the kettle on.


You don't know why Margaret
went into town yesterday?

No. No, no.

Oh, erm... here's my card,
if for any reason...

So what do you think?
Move out here with the kids?

More room? Fresh air?

You're joking! Don't be so tight.
Come on, just give us a drink!

Come on. No! I'm gonna have to ask
you to leave.

Margaret Kraszewski. What was she
doing, stuck in that house 30-odd years?

Something about that set-up feels
very weird.

What? Weird eerie or what?

Weird... Well, familiar.

Don't be so tight!

The train?

Gary, would you put the lady out,

Come on.
Get off me!

Get off me!
Come on, out.

It's a crap pub, anyway!

Take your coat with you.

I'm sorry I'm not much use.

Well, we'll get Shep to round up the
alibis of the family and the guests.

Will do.

You sleep on the sofa?


It was the futon, actually.

How is erm...

Yeah, Jessie.

She'll get there.

We will have to talk to her.


I know.

Any sign of a struggle?

Single incision... here.

Long, slim blade.

She'd have felt it. No great

Subcutaneous fat closes over the
wound, so not much bleeding.

Not much to see.

Oh, and you got your murder weapon
yet? Nope.

OK. Well, the wound has a little
kink in it.

In the flesh.

So did the blade.

Murder weapon has a kink?
Partially broken edge.

But how do you stab someone in the
back who's sitting down?

That, my love, is a riddle wrapped
in a mystery... in a... How does it go?

Enigma... inside an enigma.

That's right.
Your welcome.

Anything else?


First in the pancreas,
then spread to the bowel.

So, game over.
She was into the last weeks.

Thank you.

What you looking so pleased about?

he's better than the last one, isn't

It's all right. Hey.

Jess. Jess.

Did they find it?


Love, wake up.

It's just a bad dream.

Just a nasty dream. That's all.


She was so cold.

Hey, you remember me, love?



You had questions?

That woman on the train, love.

You saw her, didn't you?

Was there anyone with her?



She smiled at me.

What, love?

She smiled at me.

She was...
Cold. I know.

What am I looking at?
It's the kids' mobile phone footage.

Is that her?

Alive at 7:51.

The train just left Central Station.

So Margaret was stabbed

somewhere between Central Station
and Partlington.

So... crowded train...

Then what happened?

What, some pisshead after her seat?

Got in the way of a fight? Mm?

Wrong place, wrong time?

Mistaken identity?

Then knife went into her lower back,
so she'd need to be standing.

Ma'am, lab report.
Six-inch lock-knife.

Some kids found it in an estuary
near Mardle.

Their mam brought it in this
morning. And?

Well, it's got a broken edge.
It's a physical fit?

Yeah. It's a perfect match.



So potentially a local.

It's a small town...
so they may have known her.

And our victim has an ex-husband.

Pavel Kraszewski. I want him found.

I mean, where was he?
Did they get on?

Kenny, chase up the murder weapon.

Ah, you'll want to hear this.

So let me just get this straight.

My victim was here, Thursday, to see

You're quite correct. It's all
logged here. Oh, aye.

Here she is. Signed in at five to

Then, as you can see, she left...
Signed out at twenty to six.

So, she sat here in our reception
for 45 minutes and left without...

Sorry... As I said, I were on
training at the time, doing my IT skills.

Um... Obviously, I did arrange for a follow-up
appointment but the lady didn't attend.

So it was... No, pet, she was
held up - at the morgue.

So how was it?

What, sorry?
The course? The IT?

Oh, yeah. That were really good.
It was in one ear, out the other.

So you've no idea
why Margaret made that appointment?

Erm... No, I don't.


But she'd have phoned the station
to make the appointment?


So your lot would have recorded the

For training purposes.

Yes, I believe they would.


Shall I get it?
Take a wild guess.

And, can I ask, what's the
nature of the appointment?

I... I can't say over the

It's just it would help if you need to talk
to anyone with the right experience.

Oh, if we could just sit
down, I think, go through our options...

Very well...
And anything that's said...

Will be taken in strictest

She came into town to talk to us.


Local killer, targeted attack,

Someone stabbed her because of...

Aye, for whatever it was she was
going to say?

It's a hypothesis.
Or sheer bloody coincidence.

She doesn't sound like I thought she

Yeah? What does she sound like?


Let's see what they say at this
woman's shelter.

Right, then. Who wants the

No, wait there. Just wait a second.
I'm gonna make you one. Don't worry.

A pound each. Includes free raffle

No concessions, I'm afraid.

Jane Robinson?

Can you manage for a bit, love?

How many people have you got here?
We take all comers.

Any women with no home to go to.

Even vulnerable youngsters
like our Emily here.

Hello, love.
Just out of foster care.

We're learning to stand up to peer

And all that entails.


No, you're all right, thanks.
No, go on. I'll have it, love. Thanks.

Do they know?

About poor Margaret?

Some of them were quite dependent,
which I don't encourage.

Why not?

Here... Go do your worst.

I'm just gonna do one, OK?

Just one.

Get off!

Why do you have to be an idiot?

# White summer moon

# Went on shining all summer day...

I don't believe it. White Summer

# White summer moon

# And all the ghosts came out to

# And I see it when I look at you

# There's something in your eyes...

It's a fiver a pop.
All proceeds go to this place.

It's Mum's comeback CD.

You must be very proud.

One way of putting it.

It's so good to get her out of the
house. She's taken it very hard.

I bet you all have.
It's more the shock.

Ryan was always her favourite.

Much good it did him.
There weren't any favourites.

Yeah, right.
Says the man who hardly knew her.

OK, fair point. Go on, get lost.

Margaret? Well, If there was trouble,
she wouldn't make a song and dance.

Though I must say, these past weeks,
she did seem more than usually het up.


One of my women - Dee Sinton.

First we had money going missing
from pockets.

Next thing after that, I discovered

She'd been having cards printed, you

She actually printed our
phone-number - here at the house -

so I handed her back to social

..which Margaret saw as some great

Ah, well, it can't be easy.
Why are you here? Just get off!

Stay away!
What's up with you?

What now?
Come on. What's up with you? Oi?

# Burning all night...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Oh, if we knew why she came into the

Something on her conscience
the killer wanted to keep buried?

Last confession?

But what?

What are you smiling at?

You sure you weren't brought up a

No higher beings for me, pet.
Except raptors.


So I worked out why Kate Darrow
seemed so familiar yesterday.


Katie Guthrie. White Summer Moon.

It's her. It's the same woman.
Celine loves that song.

Has she got an alibi?

She was rehearsing in the city.
Stuart gave her a lift home.

Oh, so what's this?
Your special song, is it?

No. We don't have a special song.


New CD. You'll be wanting the
afternoon off.

Well, I'm sorry, pet.

I'm impounding this music...
for police purposes.

Where are we going, anyway?

Round up the last of Margaret's


She'll be up on the roof -
falling off, with any luck.

Excuse us, love.

DCI Vera Stanhope.

DS Joe Ashworth.

Margaret Kraszewski.


Oh, aye. Yeah.

Could you tell us what you were
doing on Thursday evening?


Wh... What?
Today's Sunday, love.

So three nights ago...


City. I met a fella.


He'll vouch for you, will he?

Oh, aye. Yeah. Yeah.

You got a number?


How'd you get home, love?

Bus? Train?

Who says I got home?

I can't help it if the lads like
what I do for 'em, now, can I?

Did you know her well, would you say?



We were old friends, yeah.

When was the last time you saw her?
Couple of weeks back.

Did she say anything to you
about going to the police at all?


I already told that slag up at
Holypool. I'm no thief.

Ah... This is the missing money?

I said to her I was brought up
honest and decent, with dignity.

Listen. This is my card. If you...

Where's she going?

You all right, love?

Lend us a quid, eh? For the bus?

Going somewhere nice?

Places to be, folks to meet.
Oh. Early start?

Give her a quid.

Good luck, love.

What are you drawing, love?

It's the lady... The lady on the

What's that?

Her coat.

But she wasn't wearing a coat.

Is that why she was cold?

Someone had taken her coat?

Hi, darling? You all right?

Come on, look lively! Listen to Joe.

Dee Sinton lied to us. She was on
that train. She must've been.

She went home wearing the victim's

So is that what this was?
A fight over a coat?

Edwards, how are we doing
with the murder weapon?

Dead end so far.

It's a standard lock knife.
The spec's at least ten years old.

Would Dee have carried a knife?
Protection? Ma'am. We've got her.

So how is your Jess?

Celine's keeping her off school for
a bit. Yeah?

Family Liaison put us in touch with
a counsellor.

Oh. We're OK with that?

- Course. If it helps.
- Look, just give us the coat!

What's going on? I'll stop grabbing
you if you give it to us!

She's in there. She won't come out.
Stop grabbing my arm!

Cooperate. All right, love,
that's enough. Out you come.

This fellow here in a uniform,
come on, give him your coat.

There's a good girl.

We've had a hell of a job finding

Been half way round Mardle.

Where are you going now, love?
Anything to get away from you!

There's nothing for you up there,

Just leave me alone.

Here you are, pet. Take this.

I'm not wearing that.
It stinks of jellyfish.

Is she with you two?

She was up by the spit this morning.
Looking a bit worse for wear.

How did she come by that shiner?

She can talk for herself.

Banged me head.


Ooh. What have we here?

Thursday evening, you met Margaret on
the train.

Aye, if you say so.

Why didn't you say so before?

I was, hungry. I can't think when
I'm hungry.


There you go, love.

I'm not eating your litter.

You met Margaret on the train
and went home wearing her coat.

I was cold. She gave it me.
Oh, I find that hard to believe.

If you knew her...

She was a proper lady.

You followed her onto the train -
Margaret, your friend.

You had this stupid fight...

You were as high as a kite,
your head full of

that white powder
you had in your pocket.

I never even seen that before.
I don't know what that is.

So you couldn't be held to account because
you didn't know what you were doing.

She gave me her coat.

She was always looking out for folk.

OK, she gave you the coat. Then what?

She got out.


No. She was still on the train.

Kenny. Get her a sandwich, will you?


Oh, hello love.

No, that's all right. I'll come over.

Sorry about the din. It's my son.

His way of working things through, I

You had something for me?

This came and it looked

And you thought of me. Thanks.

And we're moving on.

With Stuart?
Yes. Yeah.

Closer to town. For the kids.

Mm-hm. New school. Better group
of friends, hopefully.

With all this going on...
Well, something snapped.

We'll need somebody to manage this place,
but I'll be glad to see the back of it.

Never really felt like mine.

She kept us here, I suppose.

Mm. She never would have moved.

Too many memories.

If you've got time,
I could show you something.


I was clearing out some drawers...

and I came across... this.

Stuart said not to bother you with

When was this?

Mid '80s, I reckon.

Well, well.

Margaret. Stunning, isn't she?


Look. Do you recognise him?

Oh, it's the boat man.
That's right.

Malcolm Kenrich.

And who's this?

Uh... Val Furlow. She used to run the
Schooner. The pub.

And Margaret's husband, Pavel?

He was off the scene by then.
So who's this?

I think that must be Ricky Furlow.

He used to help his mum at the pub.



I heard your CD on the way over...

Oh, yes?
Oh, it's uh...

I'm sorry. I don't mean to pry but...

..there's a song on it...

"God help this house..."
"..the mood he's in."


I didn't have the best of marriages.

He hit you?

Well... He didn't like me singing in
the band.

Or independence of any kind, really.

I never stood up to him.

My "invisible wall" Margaret calls

Called it.

Anyway, he's dead now.

He died on the rigs.

Ryan was six, Chloe four.


I don't think I would have picked up
the guitar again if it wasn't for Stuart.

Sorry. How did we get onto this?

Oh, no. No, I just wondered...

I mean, you look at Margaret...

..the world at her feet,

and she spends her whole life here in

Devoted her life to her flock.

Yeah. Strange, isn't it?


Memories, I suppose.

Was that your connection?

Was she... "knocked about" by her
husband, as it were?

She came into the station
the day she died.


Missed her appointment, though.

And I just wondered,
maybe she confided in you.

We've not been able to trace the husband.
There's no record of them being divorced.

It's a puzzle.
Well, she was a very private person.

"Cold War spy."

Ah, come on. Help me here.

She hated him. Pavel. She hated him.

He was abusive?

Physically abusive?

I wonder what happened to him.
May I borrow this?

Forensics drew a blank
in Dee Sinton's flat.

No blood spatter on the clothes.
Nothing to link her with a knife attack.

What about the coat?
No blood spatter. No puncture wound.

It's not even torn.

So, do we charge her? We can get her
with the possession?


Let her go.

What about the ex-husband, Pavel?
I want him found, priority.

Aye, we're looking into that.

There's no Pavel Kraszewski in the

We could broaden the search, if you

Yes, I like.

He was violent to her. Do you

Someone must know where he is.


It's me, love.


It's a simple enough question.
Did she fall or was she pushed?

Definitely one of the two.

No witnesses.

Not yet.

If she was pushed, you would have
seen him, surely.

No, I was too late.

She was dead before I got here.

Any prints on the cash?
On the twenties?

Yeah, in the bedsit.
Er, Joe.

There's plenty. We're looking for
matches now.

How much was there?
60 quid.

So with 37 from the off-licence

that's nigh on 100 quid.


You do know how she made her living,
that woman? Mm?

Ten quid, five quid a go,
one drink at a time.

So how come she's got 100? Hm?

Who gave her that money?

Should have charged her with

Then she wouldn't be stuck here
with a pin through her, would she?

So what happens now?
Low profile.

With any luck, she'll eat her own fist, and
that'll leave us free to get on with our day.

What did you just call me?

No, I didn't. I'm sorry.

"Ma'am"? God in heaven, Joe.

Look, things are just a bit mental

Time, Joe.

Oh, shit.
I've got our daughter with me.

We're ready for her appointment
with a counsellor and you're not here.

Will you put her on?
See ya.

Come on, love.

Where's dad?
He'll catch us up.

This wasn't just some charity case.

This was a real friendship
going back 30 years.

I mean, Dee. Look at her.

She looks like
she's on her way to Sunday school.

So how did that...

..turn into this, hm?


I gotta go.


What? Simple as that? No catch?

What am I, a bully?

Hey, you can dump it all on me
if it makes you feel any better.

But, end of the day,
it's not me keeps you here.

You're here cos you want to be.

Half the stuff he had up here - I
can't tell you.

I've bagged it up with the toxic

Autopsy. Come on. I've got to get

I'm moving all my stuff in.

My predecessor...

Sit down, please.

Well, he was one hell of a guy.

What was he? A boy racer type?

Who, Billy?

Old man with delusions of Steve

Towering Inferno?



Big sip. That's it.

Death by natural causes.

She fell off a roof!

She was on a bender. Tank full of
booze. No sign of any struggle.

Not even.

Massive coronary, victim staggers
off the roof head first,

didn't even try and break her fall.

I'll need a second opinion.

Course you will.

Oh. Thanks.

You not drinking?

I've only got the one mug.

Well, here you go. Go on.

I'll be gone in a tick.

To your woman.

To Dee.

You didn't know her?
Oh, hardly.

She was a lost cause.

I shouldn't really care, should I?

Bloody hooligans.

Do I know you?

Holypool, lemonade.

Who are your mates?

What do you care?
You're not my mother.

Hey, that's enough of that.
I'm sick of people!

I'm sick of people trying to run my

Calm down, love. Here you are. Eat.

No chance. I'm on a diet.

Good for you. No, it's good to look
after your figure. It's very nice.


Anyway, who'd want to run your life?

Need their head looking at.

Oh. Lady up at Holypool?


Aye. Her and... that...

Who? Margaret?

Didn't we think much of her?
No, we didn't.

Ah, never trust a do-gooder, eh?

Always making people do stuff and...

What stuff?


What stuff?

You know... You trust them, you open
up to them.

In the end, they just use you.

There are people you can trust.

You want me to come in with you?

No, I don't need you!

Hey, if you need my help, love.
Boy trouble. Thanks very much.


Ma'am... that invoice from Margaret's

I've gotten hold of him.

And she made a will.

She had 50,000 saved.

What was that? Family money?

The family had nothing to do with
her after she married her husband.

No, I got the impression she saved
it up.

She did some book-keeping, I think
she said?


So, 10,000 to her friend, Kate

"An investment in musical talent."

Nothing for the kids? Chloe and Ryan?

No. She didn't mention them. Why?

No reason. Go on.

Ten more to Holypool House.

The charity. Yeah, I know.

And 30,000 to a Deirdre Sinton.


"To Deidre Sinton... a friend I once

I was hoping you could tell me, to
be honest.

The money was to be handled by a
third party,

to administer funds on behalf, and

.. "do what he can to assist her."

So who was the third party?

Next para down.

Malcolm Kenrich.

Ryan? Where's Malcolm?

He's gone to the island.

Shouldn't you be at school?
What's it to you?

Oh, nothing at all, pet. You carry

Well, I'm not waiting.

Hello, there!

Have you got a minute?

Oh, Christ.

Margaret said once,
could I keep an eye on Dee.

And that's it.

Well, you're in her will.

News to me.

You should get back.
Tide's going out.

Did you know she was ill at all?

No. I hardly knew her. I told you.

And Ryan?

She asked you to keep an eye on him
an' all?

No, no, man. That was Kate. His mam.


Steady him, I suppose.

Boy's without a father.

I do what I can.
Try to keep him occupied.

Wait here.

Margaret's murder, Thursday

I was out and about.
Up the estuary, working.

Fishing bait?
Logan. Aye.

50,000 that woman had salted away.

Where from? Do you know?

No idea. Like I say, I hardly...
Hardly knew her.

Yet here you are, the pair of you,
30 years ago.

Where'd you get this?

And Dee?

Look, she's there an' all.

Shy thing.

I should've...

I should've kept a better eye on
her. Mm.

What's her story, Malcolm?
What happened to her?

I'll tell you one thing.

That black eye she had.

She didn't walk into any old
lamppost, did she?

What, someone gave her a slap? Who?

I saw her getting out of a car.

Whose car?

# Happy birthday to you

# Happy birthday to you

# Happy birthday, dear George

# Happy birthday to you

Come on, birthday boy.

Dee Sinton. I swear. I didn't kill her.
I swear. I swear.

And I'm supposed to take you at your

I mean, the last time I saw you,
you told us you were... What was it?

Home. Norwich, wasn't it?

Northants. I did...

I set off...

I called Sandra at Wetherby -
the motorway stop.

She said, "Don't come home.
I don't want to see you.

I'm moving out, you see."

12 years. Now this.

So I turn the car round.
I'm back into town by tea.

Where you bump into Dee Sinton.

"Buy us a drink." It was oddly reassuring
to see someone in a worse pickle.

So why do you hit her, George?


I was just trying to do a good deed,
just trying to get her home in one piece.

My God, I had no designs on that
creature. As I told her.

At which point, she became pretty


I may have struck out in

And the next day?

Mm? Come on.

You gave her £100.

Your prints are all over the money,

Well, I...

I didn't want a misunderstanding
being blown out of proportion.

Oh, hush money?

Like in one of your spy novels?


Ah, here we are.

£100 drawn from a cash machine...

eight minutes past four, yesterday

She went straight down the off

..drank 40 quid's worth of booze...
heart went pop.

Now she'd dead.

I feel sick again.

Stick him in the cells.
Charge him with assault.

And check his alibi for the night of
Margaret's death.

Will do, ma'am.

Look at them.

Old friends.

"A friend I once hurt."



Valerie Furlow. The old landlady at
the Schooner Inn.

Still living, apparently.


I don't see. It's some old
photograph. What does it prove?

Go on, spit it out.

But Dee Sinton's got no bearing on
the murder.

She was a drunk with a bad heart.
So what?

Oh, come on. Ring the buzzer.

Valerie Furlow?
Where is she?

The what, love?
The nurse.

Always late.

Sour black lass.

No, I'm DCI Vera Stanhope, love.

This is DS Ashworth.

Now, you used to run the Schooner
Inn. Here you are.

This here your son?

So where's Ricky now?

Looking right at you.

Oh, OK.

So where is he now?

We lost touch.

Margaret Kraszewski? Remember her?

Oh, much admired.

She liked that.

I hear she turned into Mother

Well, somebody's got to do it.

And her pet mouse.

Ah, well, that's Dee Sinton.

You'd have known her back in the day.


She and Margaret friends?
And neighbours.

What? She used to live on Harbour
Street, near Margaret?

Yeah, she had digs in the same
house, on the ground floor.

She was on a typing course.
Somewhere in town, I think it were.

What happened to Dee?

Did she get hurt in some way?

Because of Margaret?

It was all long ago.

Why, what's wrong?

Margaret has been murdered.

She had a husband we're trying to


Mm. Pavel.

I heard he used to knock her about a

Did he?

Well, these foreign fellas...

Know where I might find him?

Cleared off, I expect, like half
this town.

Thanks, love.


This photo.

Who took it? Do you remember?

Young lad. Big curly locks.

One of Margaret's callers, you might

A name?

Musician fella. Had a great big
double bass.

Big as a bloody coffin.


You first met her... when?


Ah, she worked as a... She was...

A prostitute?
Well, that's not a word I would use.

She had a small group of people
who she saw.

Look, I know how that sounds,
out loud, as it were...

Yeah, but you used to visit her... as
it were?


Up in... the same room...


That was her little joke.

Her working name.

Mrs T was in Downing Street,
so "Margaret" was off-limits.

So we called her Marianne.

Anyhow, six months rolled by
and the visits ended.

And then, God, years later, I met

And then she said she lived out in

I had no idea Margaret would still
be here.

And Margaret never let on?
No. No, she wouldn't!

Kate would've been destroyed.

You're not gonna tell her?

No. Best coming from you, pet.

A sex worker? Aw, bless, he's all
shocked, aren't you, pet?

At least we know how she saved the

There's no way that's why
she was going to the police?

Get her past out in the open before
she died?

The way I see it is we've got
a real link here, haven't we?

Oh, have we?
Well, they were both tarts, weren't they?

Oh, so suddenly there's
a woman-hater on the loose?

A killer of prostitutes.

Jack the Ripper... slummin' it in

Anyway, isn't it you lot keep
reminding me Dee died of a heart attack?

OK. Stuart. Mm?

Night of Margaret's death, where was

He was working late at the school.

He drove Kate home from the city
about 8:30.

Play that again.

Look at her.

What if...

Is it possible...

she could already be dead?

What? I mean, look at her?

If she's...

Oh, God, if she's dead sat there...
She wasn't stabbed at Partlington.

No, stabbed before.

Dee said Margaret got off the train.

But what if she just switched

She gets on my carriage...
Yeah, having already been stabbed.

What was it the pathologist said?
She'd hardly feel it.

Right, so in goes the knife...


..her legs start to go from under

stranger gives up his seat...

..she sits down and the train goes


Jess said she looked at her.

She was dying, wasn't she?

Rebecca Shepherd.
Get yourself home, Joe. Go on.

Where are you going?

Right, next question, Kenny.

Why did she switch carriages?

It was crowded?

Or she saw somebody?

She was being followed?

Ma'am. Margaret's husband.
Pavel Kraszewski.

What? On the phone?
Uh... not quite.

This is DCI Stanhope.

This is Pavel's brother, Mr
Walter... Valta. Valta Kraszewski.

Well, thanks for your help, Valta.

So, you filed a missing persons report
for your brother Pavel in March 2008?


I promised my mother after I come to
England, I make enquiries,

so I make this report.

Nothing. No news.

So when was the last time
your family heard from Pavel?

Not since '85.

We get... We get postcard.


He says he is married to
a beautiful English girl... family is rich.

We never hear from him again.

Was that typical?

No. He would always ring once a
year, on my mother's birthday.

After '85, he stopped calling.

So... you gonna find him... or not?

Was he a violent man, would you say,
your brother?

How should I know?

Ask his wife.

We'll find him.

No, he's missing.

He used to beat up his wife
and then he goes missing.

So you think Margaret kills her husband
and dumps the body, all on her tod?

This is based on what?

Maybe she had help.

'And can I ask, what's the nature
of the appointment?'

'I... I can't say over the phone.'

'It's just it would help if you need to
talk to anyone with the right experience.'

'Oh, if we could just sit down, I
think, go through our options...'

It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.

I've got you.


'That was our little joke, her
working name.'


Oh, Mr Kenrich!

Your relationship with that woman...
With Margaret?

No, not Margaret.


Mary Ann. You named your boat after

The woman you hardly knew.
She was a beauty.

You two...?
We were better than that.

She was the love of my life.

I'd have swum naked round Spence
Island if she'd have asked me to.

You go ahead, pet, if the spirit
moves you.

Eh, you were so keen
to get me off the island, weren't you?

Is that where he is?


Pavel? I told you, I hardly knew the

Oh, well, suit yourself.

The boat's on its way.

Kenny, stay with Mr Kenrich.
Keep him warm till we need him.



I've been meaning to ask you.

Did you ever... way back in the day,

take a poacher over to the island...

..looking for birds' eggs - terns,
most likely?

A poacher?



You're Hector's lass, aren't you?

That was quick.

They're all moving in together.
Something "snapped", apparently.

He hasn't told her yet, has he?
About Margaret?

Shh. Keep your voice down.
He can hear you.

Look, I know you're sore about
moving, but... it'll be fun.



You want a hand?


What was all that about Hector?

Oh, aeons ago, me and me dad
came out here one night, in a boat.

This wildlife officer followed us,
trying to catch him in the act.

Not that Hector cared.
Thrill of the chase, you see.

How old were you?
Oh... Seven?


He fell out of a tree.

Who did?

The old man.

Head for the chapel.

We need to search in the chapel.



Kate, I'm so sorry.

Say something.

We had a fight.


Who's that, mate?

I don't know me own strength.
That's the trouble.

Still... No regrets.

He was a bad man.

He wanted her.

Thought he knew what she needed.

Fella like him, no chance.

Who? Her husband?

Freedom - that's all she ever

He hated that.

He kept on trying to break her.

In the end...

he broke her friend instead, didn't

Her "pet mouse". Dee.

He hurt her.

This man, he... raped her?


And, Dee, well...
she was never right after that.

And Margaret...

..she blames herself.

"Tell him.

Tell that man to leave us alone."
That's what she said.

It's the station. Hello?

Tell the boss we traced him.

No, we just dug him up.

We traced Pavel Kraszewski.

What's that?
Margaret's husband.

Listen, Joe.

I just spoke to him five minutes

This knife... Where'd you get it?

I'll ask the questions. Sit down.

Is that what killed her?

Sit down!

Hey, I said sit down.


Pavel Kaszewski. It's the same man.

Same birth date. Same place.

He went to Canada to get remarried and
never divorced his first wife, Margaret.

Two wives.

No wonder he wasn't exactly busting
to get in touch.

When did he leave Mardle?

October '84.

So when this was taken...

..he was long gone.

So who did we just dig up,
if that's not Pavel Kraszewski?

So where's Ricky now?

Get hold of Kenny.
I just tried him.

Well, try harder.

What's he...?

The pick-up's gone.

Come on!



Oh, please, no!

I want DC Lockhart found,
and I want him found now!



Is there anyone there?
Police. Open up.

It's all right, son. I'm looking for
my mate. Only, he's hurt.

He's got grey hair. Have you seen

I gave him his tea.


Kenny. Kenny.


Kenny, love, wake up.

Kenny, I need you to wake up!

It's Vera.

It's all right, love.
You're going to be all right.

But, Kenny, I need you to stay awake.

Talk to me, Kenny. Come on. Talk to

The knife...

The knife?

It was his?

No... But he recognised it?
Stay awake, Kenny.

He knew whose knife it was?

Get in the car.

So Malcolm Kenrich killed a man
for Margaret, she went to the police
to confess to his murder?

What, and he kills her
to stop her from telling the truth?


What? You squeamish?

Here. Get over to Val Furlow.

See if we can get a positive ID
on that body on Spence Island.

Hey, where are you going?

Come here, you!
Get off me!


Come here!

'It's just it would help if you need to
talk to anyone with the right experience.'

'Oh, if we could just sit down, I
think, go through our options...'

'..go through our options...'

Our options?

'And anything that's said...'
'Will be taken...'

Shep, I need a support team.

Are you on your own?
That's right. I've found Malcolm's car.

Edge of the marshland.
The coast road. I've got it!

And get somebody up to Holypool House
quick as you can!

Will do.

So who was with you, Margaret,
when you came into the station?


Come here, you bastard!

I can see you!



Get off me!


No more, Malcolm!

No more! Enough!


Are you OK, Ryan?


She loved you!

That sad cow never gave a toss
for anyone but herself!

He killed her. It was his knife.

Are you mental? Some old biddy?
I wasn't afraid of her.

What's this?


He's no killer.

Not yet at any rate.

Come on.

I'm sorry. I can't let you touch it.

Is this your son's?


And Ricky wanted to pimp for


Something about that woman
woke something up in him.

She made him mad,
not like my lad at all.

And one day he just disappeared
off the face of the world.

I said to myself, "He'll have gone
down south." It was easier that way.

You didn't report him missing.

Truth is, it was easier with him

Thank you.

Funny... last Christmas, I thought I
heard him on the step,

his voice - loud, low, like his

A few grand-kiddies...
That would have been nice.

No Stuart?

No. We're having...

It's just me and the kids tonight.


It's Finn's. Their father.


So, Malcolm... I expect you'll want
to know why he was after your lad.

He jumped to the wrong conclusion,

There was a bad man in Mardle,
back in the day.

You pointed him out to me
in the photograph.

Ricky Furlow?

Well, he hurt someone very close to

Dee. Yes, the rape.

Oh, Margaret told you?

Well, Margaret, you see,

she was convinced
that history was repeating itself.

Ryan... Look, he has his weaknesses,

He fell in with the wrong crowd.

He had 200 quid in his pocket,
selling drugs.

And that's not all, is it?


You spinning me that lie
about Margaret's violent husband.

No, Margaret came to the police
station to tell us about Ryan.

And she wasn't alone, was she?

"Can we sit down, sort out our


Margaret said that my son...

..raped that child.

Yeah, and you didn't believe her?
Of course I didn't believe her.

Do you want to know the truth about
Margaret? Yes, I do.

She was my best friend but she couldn't
handle the fact that he was my son, not hers.

She was dying and she couldn't let
him go.

She'd sooner kill his whole future

Margaret told you she was going to
the police?

Yeah, sure she did.
And you followed her into town.

You saw her and Emily
go into the police station.

You saw her come out and you followed

She saw me on the platform...

..and she just walked away.

I called after her,
"Don't you walk away from me!"

She didn't tell you she hadn't said anything
to the police, hadn't made a statement?

No. That's... She walked away.

She kept her head down
and she walked away.

But you had the knife.

Ryan... Ryan had been showing off
with it the week before.

I confiscated it and...

I didn't know it was in my hand

You stabbed her?


And she... She just walked away,

and she got on the train and she sat

And smiled.

And you got on the next train
back into the city?


And Dee?



She remembered seeing me on the

She told George.

Loyal to the last.

He paid her a few quid to keep her

Whose idea was that? His or yours?


So she spent the money on booze...

got drunk, fell off a roof?

So it all worked out in the end,
didn't it?



So, um...

..whatever you want...

..can we do it quietly, please?

Uniform on their way?

We can sit in and wait, if you like.

You know, Ryan...

..I swear to God...

..he didn't harm that poor girl.

He told me.

You never said how it ended.

What's that?

You're seven years old, on that island... it's
dark and your old man fell out of a tree.

Yeah, well, that's it.

What, there's no punchline?

My dad couldn't walk.

We stayed out all night, under a

Then this young fella -
Malcolm it must've been -

rowed us back in the morning.

Then me dad, when we got to the

..he reached out, took my hand... I was in charge.

And then...

..I grew up.

Here you go. A little something for
your Jessie.

Thank you.
Does she like fudge?


Here he is, the walking wounded.

You lot still here?

Bloody hell, Kenny! How's the head?
Have you brain damage, Kenny?

It's not permanent, is it, mate?
See? What did I tell you?

You old goat. Who's this?
This is my daughter.

I've got two of each.

Marnie... various people I work with.

Oh, well, hello, love.

Good for you, Kenny.

Who was she?

She was just an old lady
who gave up her coat.

Only if you're ready.