Vera (2011–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Prodigal Son - full transcript

A man is stabbed to death outside a pub, his identity initially unknown though his unregistered car contains six thousand pounds in the boot. He was John Warnock, a former policeman recently returned home from London and working at Finches, a local brewery owned by Sam Hooper, boyfriend of John's sister Maggie, on whose farm John was staying. John was something of a ladies' man and married old flame Lisa Strachan was planning to elope with him. Her husband Ross, a violent man who had previously been arrested by John, is charged with assaulting him but was stealing lead from a church roof at the time of the murder and has an alibi. Vera learns that John had been hired to spy on Finches on behalf of a national firm anxious for a take-over but had been fired when no adverse evidence could be found and this was not the source of the six grand. It becomes apparent that John was blackmailing somebody, who eventually killed him but Vera finds that she has more than one suspect to choose from.

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Safe journey.


So, er... how did you get this?

I saved a drowning kitten.

I don't like men who fight.

But you like me, don't you?

Do you wanna go somewhere quieter?

I've got a flat round the corner.

Give us a sec to tell the others
where I'm at.

I'll wait for you outside.

You've pulled!

He's nice.

This flat of yours better have
decent heating
or my clothes are staying on.

Zip him up.

What have we got?
A stabbing.

There's no ID just yet.

A perfect end to the evening.

No phone, no wallet, no cash.

He did have a set of keys,
car and home.

We're sending them for prints.

See if there were any other muggings
around here last night.

He's 35 to 40.

He's having a drink in the bar.

He steps outside, meets some lass
that he just pulled.

He got knifed in the two minutes it
took her to come out and join him.

He died before the paramedics could
get here.


Control have got the main street

And the bar have got some inside
but there's nothing down here.

Stroke of luck for our killer,
or he knew what he was doing.

Nothing the other side of
the alley, either,

just side streets and
derelict flats.

So our killer comes in and out and
we haven't got a sighting.

Search team are looking for the
weapon. And the lass?

She's inside.

Janna Jeffries, a veterinary
student. She cannae stop crying.

Guilty conscience?
Trust me, she's not our killer.

You cry all you like, love.

I didn't. I never...

You didn't... stab him?

No, I wouldn't.

Of course you didn't.

So you were in here drinking, is
that right?

Having a bit of fun after a busy
day, nothing wrong with that.

And you met this fella?

He was nice.

What was his name?


John? That's good.

Anything else -
his full name, perhaps?

'Ey, I know it's a bit raw but
you're really helping me here.

Did John tell you anything else
about himself while you were

It wasn't that sort of chat.

He said he had a flat nearby.


A couple of minutes away.

Walking, taxi, what?

It was just something he said.

"I live nearby, let's go there for
a... cuddle, sort of thing."

Did you see anyone follow him out
when he left the bar ahead of you?


Did you see anyone outside
or hear anyone?

Someone running away, perhaps?

If you think of anything else,

Anything at all.

No weapon yet.

Have you got me a full name?

No, nothing more than a John.
He's a regular, though.

One of Janna's mates who was
out with her tonight,

Carrie Kinsdale, is a waitress.

Reckons she served him
in a restaurant

and he came onto her
a couple of months ago.

So a bit of a ladies' man?

That's what's coming through.

Regular face, always alone,
always on the pull.

No one knows his full name.

He told Janna he lived nearby.

Let's see those keys.

Do we recognise the make?

There's no logo. I've sent a photo
to Traffic to identify it.

If he lived nearby... maybe
he parked nearby.

The traffic boys reckon
it's likely to be a BMW 5 Series.

If it is, there's a registered
1,200 owners in Newcastle,

but only seven called John.

I like those odds.

Or it could be a 3 Series,

in which case we're looking
at another 16 Johns.

If it turns out to be...

We've found the car. Run these

Sierra, Whiskey, 11, Foxtrot,
Uniform, Tango.

It's a black BMW.


Now here he is...

our friend John.

Looking around...

and then he goes down the alley.

Does he know there's no CCTV
coverage down there?

Or is it a coincidence?

Now, why does he go down the alley?

Maybe he's seen somebody
he knows - the killer, maybe.

Here comes the vet, four minutes
seven seconds after he came out.

She's looking for her date.

Where is he?

Oh, there he is.

And down she goes.

And 28 seconds later...

The poor love, look at her.

Right, so who is he,
why was he stabbed?

The car you found's
not registered with DVLA.

At least, not with those plates.

That's dodgy.

And what about the 6,000 in notes
found in the boot?

Have Forensics lifted prints?
Not yet.

Data Recovery have made a start
on the mobile phones
but they all have prepaid SIMs.


The call logs have been wiped
from most of them.

But one has a call history to a
single number, made last November.

Whose number?
It's a mobile, no answer yet.

Generic voicemail.

A man with false plates on a car
that's full of surprises

gets stabbed down an alley
with no CCTV.

This isn't a random mugging.

A single stab in the back,
hit the abdominal aorta.

Professional job? Lovely bit of
work if it was. Very efficient.

It could also be that some
stab-happy mugger unintentionally
climbed the career ladder.

The knife? Three-inch standard
kitchen or pocket blade.

Which puts our chances of tracing
it at less than bugger all.

Except that the gods of pathology

have lobbed you several gifts
to keep you interested.


He's broken his collarbone, cracked
a couple of ribs a few months back.

How? Hard to say - he fell off
his bike or got into a fight...

I need a timeframe, Billy.

It's always tricky with bones.

Between eight and 11 weeks ago.

And he would have gone to A&E
with those injuries?

If only for the joys of opiates
and predatory nurses.

And any other news?

The knife left a slight oil residue
at the point of entry, eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus? Mostly in salt,
massage oil, I'll make you a list.

What's that doing on the knife?

Maybe someone used the oil and
knife in their line of work.


Psychotic aromatherapist?

'Ey, not seen the best bit.

And for this one, you will love me.

That's from his leg - old, old
injury. Knitted his broken femur.

Now, we're talking years ago here.

Kenny, job for you.

This was taken from the victim's

There's a serial number
and with any luck,

the NHS can give us a full name.

What else do we know? Diddly squat.

There's no match from Missing
Persons overnight.

There were three muggings
and six assaults in the vicinity.

I could chase those.

And lost property.

I mean, it'd be a miracle, but maybe
they found his phone and wallet.

And keep trying that mobile.

I want a name.


This witness, Carrie Kinsdale, the
waitress. Did you interview her?

No, Uniform. Why?

It might be worth getting a more
detailed statement at some stage.

Ma'am, sorry. I got a trace
from the mobile.

Agnes Lennox.
She thinks she knows where he lives.

I hardly knew him, really.

His phone records show
he called you quite a lot.

He chatted me up here,
we ended up going to his place.

That's how it carried on.

Not my finest hour.

Is it far?
No, not far.

So you were seeing each other?

That's a dignified way of
putting it.

We met three or four times -
never in the light.

When was the last time you saw him?

A month ago.
Although he kept calling long after.

And you didn't answer?

Well, loads of blokes are like that.

Ignore 'em, they go away eventually.

Got any idea why he had a phone
specifically for you?


Yours is the only number
he would call.

That doesn't surprise me.
He was a bit weird.

Weird? How?

There are rules to our type
of encounter.

A couple of texts is fine,
but a load of calls is out of order.

Know what he did for a living,
his full name perhaps?


We weren't conversationalists.

But... Look, this could be a bit
embarrassing for me at work.

I'm happy to help
but I'd appreciate your discretion.

You can call me on this number.

Oh, corporate lawyer?

Not as exciting as it sounds.

It's there, green door.

His flat.

Thanks, love.

He wasn't really my type but...

This is horrible.


No letters, not even a gas bill.

Like pinning a ghost to the wall.

Well, here's a surprise.

His name's John F Warnock, DC.

So what's he doing getting
stabbed on my patch?

John Francis Warnock.

Grew up on a farm in Sleekburn,
trained locally,

then spent 12 years with the
CID in London.

I spoke to the Met -
good record, well respected.

A proper copper.

But he didn't get promoted.

It's not everybody
that wants to climb the greasy pole.

Was he working a case here or what?

He was invalided out
nine months ago, sciatica.
He's a private citizen.

We think he came back home
about the same time.

Next of kin is Mabel Warnock, 74,
still listed at the farm.

Well, you lot have been busy!

He's one of us.
We'd do the same for you.

Until that happy day, Kenny...

check out his most recent cases,
see if anyone is holding a grudge.

He worked murders, rapes, robberies.

He's never a lead player so it's
unlikely it's a revenge attack.

He had secret SIMs, false plates, a
bag of notes.

And holding onto his warrant card.
He was up to something, keep digging.

I found some bank details.

Nothing suspicious so far.

Solid balance, a couple of big
payments I'm trying to trace.

And a monthly wage from Finches.

Finches the brewery?

He'd been working there for
five months.

Check that out.

Any news on the 6,000?

Not yet.

The NHS couldn't get a make
on the rod in his leg.

But I phoned the manufacturer,

who sold it to a hospital in
Bucharest over five years ago.

Bucharest? What's he doing busting
his leg in Bucharest?

Can I help you?
Is the owner around, love?

One more time on this leg.

We're looking for Mabel Warnock.

Yeah, that's good.

I'm afraid my mother passed away
in January.

I'm DCI Vera Stanhope,
Northumberland and City Police.

This is my sergeant, Joe Ashworth.

Could we have a word, love?

He'd only just come back to us.

12 years.

I wish I'd seen him more.

But we were always friends, you

How good to have him home.

My mam was dying.

He'd got his injury.

He needed to be back here.

Stabbed. Just why?

Well, we were hoping that you might
be able to help us with that.

We didn't really talk.
He was one of those.

Strong, uncommunicative.

And he could be a grumpy sod.

That comes with the job, I'm afraid,

I was hoping he was gonna become
more involved with us all.

I'm getting married.


My fiance, Sam, and his daughter,
they run the brewery.

We wondered why he was working
at Finches.

So it wasn't because he needed
the money or anything?

You get proper pensions, don't you?

And he had half of this place.

No, he only had to ask
if he needed that sort of help.

Oh, I understand he broke
a couple of ribs recently.

Do you know anything about that?

He turned up to my birthday
with his face punched in.

When was that?
January 5th.

Something had happened the night
before. I asked but...

he wouldn't say.

We're very sorry, love.

Do you think it's because of his...

He had a lot of girlfriends.

Did any of them have husbands,

I didn't know any of the details.

I just always wanted him
to settle down.

He was my baby brother!

Did it seem odd to you
he worked in a brewery?

Maggie was bringing him
back into the family.

What would you do if you were forced
into early retirement?

Take up skydiving. Don't you know me
at all?

He was a young lad,

it's not strange he'd want to get
back into employment.

But as a guard in a beer factory?

Maybe he wanted a quiet life.

That would account for the untraced
phones and the 6,000 in notes.

Maggie called me. I was about to
head over.


Well, we won't keep you long, Mr

Eva will be here in a minute.

She's much closer to all the staff.

Oh, your daughter works here?

Proper family firm.

No, I married into it.

Came for an interview in 1988,
fell for the boss's daughter.

I understand you're remarrying.

Er... yes.

My wife Jenny died 18 years ago.

Were you the sole beneficiary?

Yes - well, myself and Eva.
Just the two of you?


How did you get on with John?

Well, he wasn't here long.

I think he found me and Maggie

We were settling down,
he was playing the field.

Is it true about John?

I'm afraid so.

Dad, poor Maggie.

We'll do all we can to help.

Anything, of course.

I've already told the staff that
you might need to speak to them.

Well done.

Maybe you could show us where John
worked, just to kick us off?


So in the brew house
is where we extract the sugars

from some of Yorkshire's
premium malted barley.

Then we boil the brew
with the finest Kentish hops...

and ferment with Finches' own yeast.

Look, I'm not after a
guided tour, pet.

Bit of a coup for the company,

having a former detective
as a security guard.


Could he have been selling
your stock on the side?

You know, back of a lorry?
No way.

You seem very sure of his character.

I know the stock.

Exactly how much we produce
and how much we're owed.

What is your job?

Dad does strategy and I do
everything else.

But we've never had a problem
with theft.

That's lucky.

Did John have a locker?

So he was trying to get close to the
three of you by working here?

That was the idea.

He asked Maggie if he could come,
but then he never really took part.

More interested in his night life
than putting in a proper shift.

Yeah, I gathered he turned up to her
birthday after being in the wars.

A grown man getting into fights.

So it was a fight? I don't imagine
he fell of a bicycle, do you?

Shall I do it, love?

What was he doing at the quayside?

He was with a lass he'd met.

I gather he likes a bit of company.

Still, handsome fella.

Did he ever try it on with you?


Oh, what a lovely smell of beer.

What goes on in here, then, love?

These are the maturation vessels.

Basically, where we age the beer.

Where were you Tuesday night?

I was at a party with my dad and
Maggie over by the racecourse.

What, Gosforth?

There's a hotel attached.
It was a breeders' function.

That's a hot ticket.

It was a big night for Maggie,
lots of business networking.

We were just happy to support her.

But John wasn't there.

His sister's big night?


Well, if he turned up to her
birthday with his face smashed in,

maybe she didn't want him at
her networking night.

We need to find out what happened
on the 4th.

He bust his ribs, collarbone, face
and nobody knows how.

He's not the sort for an innocent

And I don't think Harper's his
biggest fan.

Get Shep down to the hospital,

talk to anyone who was on duty that

If it was a fight in the city
centre, we might have CCTV.

What's he doing hanging around in
bars, getting into scraps?

Maybe he's just bored.

He used to be a detective, all that
adrenaline, and now he's just here.

It doesn't square.


Ten minutes.

Someone just used Warnock's
credit card.

Ma'am, CCTV's just come in.

Oh, turn round, turn round.

What, do you know him?

Yeah, Reece. He's a street thief.

And I know where we'll find him.

This his hideout?


It's good to know we're pitting our
wits against a criminal genius!



Oi, stop!


Stay down! Stay there!

Oh, home from home.

I need to let my birds out.
They need exercising.

Recognise this fella?

Cos he was robbed
and fatally stabbed

outside Tuxedos, Tuesday night.


This your wallet?

You used his credit card
on Darnley Street at 15:34.

That's this dead bloke's card?


This dead bloke
is a former policeman.

So where were you, Tuesday 11:30pm?

I were nowhere near Tuxedos.
That's not what I asked.

I lifted his card,
OK, a couple of days ago.

Gonna tell us a story now?
Where's his wallet?

I never touched his wallet,
just his card.

I'd seen him use it at the quayside,
Monday evening.

Not interested in Monday. This is
a murder investigation, Reece.

I wouldn't kill a man.

We're just supposed to
take your word for it, are we?

Thank you.
You're welcome.


I need to talk to anyone who was
on duty on 4th January.

It's this way.

I've got no history of violence.

I've never used a knife.

All right, we'll see.

Go easy on him, he's not well.

Just a few questions about
your grandson Reece.

Where was he Tuesday night?


Every Tuesday and Friday, he stays
over when my daughter's on nights.

Could he have nipped out at all
at any time?


You seem very sure of that.

It's my chart, he has to fill it in.

Is this Reece's handwriting?

I can't be left in the night.

He was here.

He backed me up, yeah?

Told you. You didn't tell him
about the card, did you?

You'll be getting a date for
your court appearance.

And, 'ey... stay out of trouble.

You were all on duty on the 4th?

Do any of you remember
treating this man?

Oh, I remember him.

He was lush.


What is it with these women?

Has she got the right man?

Definitely. Came in about
22:15, she reckons.

So what had happened to him?

This is the good bit.
He wouldn't say at first.

Painkillers kick in, more chatty,

told her he was in a fight with
four blokes at the Bigg Market.

"Dispute over a woman" -
exact words.

We might have caught that on film.
Kenny, get it.

I have got other talents.

I managed to trace payments
to Warnock's account,

rental income he receives for a
property he owns in South London.


So... he gets beaten up on
4th January.

Ten weeks later, he's killed.

Is it because of this woman?
"Back off or you get stabbed"?

Who is she?
It might not be related at all.

He could've got beat up
over the woman

and stabbed for resisting robbery.

What about the 6,000 and
the mobiles?

Come on, we've got to fill this up!

All we've got are the calls to
the corporate lawyer Lennox

and a few bank transactions.

I spoke to the Met again.
Warnock's retirement
was convenient for both sides.

Nothing too serious, he got narkey
after he was passed over.

Not a team player.
But funnily enough,

that's how he broke his leg
five years ago.


It was a football tour to Romania,
a bad tackle.

He only got half his pension,
he was taking them to arbitration.

That's good to know.

And what about the search team
at his flat?

No phones, no computer,
no meaningful personal effects.

Two days dead.

We're more in the dark than he is!


Just a few more questions,
I'm afraid.

You know how it is, things come up.

No, I don't know how it is,

It's the first time I've had
a brother murdered.


I'm not coping very well.

Well, it's a difficult time.

I've been at the end of worse.

It's an impressive place you have

Yeah, it was a dairy once.

My dad tried beef and poultry

but you can't make a living out
of smallscale farming.

Well, you've certainly found a way
to make it work.

The tourists go mad for the riding

I could do you a discount if you're

She's not much of an equestrian.

My stallion Captain Bob
was in a whisky advert last year.

I think the fame's turned his head.

Those er... injuries your brother
had just before your birthday.

We think he got into a scrap
with four fellas

in an argument over a woman.

I never asked about his romances.

You disapproved?
No, he just never gave any details.

Thank goodness.

Well, thanks.

Oh, another thing.

There were no possessions to
speak of at his flat.

Did he keep any stuff here?

A few bits and pieces
from when he was younger.

Can we have a look?

That was the dining room
before my mam got ill.

How long was your mam ill?

For a year.

That must have been hard for you,

looking after her and taking
care of the stables.

I was happy to do it.

And John was down South
all that time?

He helped out when he could.
Here it is.

Player of the Year, Morpeth Boys.

Always a dirty side, that.

They kicked lumps out of you.

"John is an able and
diligent student.

We wish him every success
in his exams."

Is that an engagement ring?

She was in those photos a lot, too.

Who's this lass with John?


Really pretty girl.

Is that his girlfriend, fiancee?

All through school, talked of
getting married.

She's the one that got away.

OK, ta.

What's Edwards got to say
for himself?

He's been to the brewery.
No one knew Warnock well.

He'd keep quiet, put in his shift,
take his cheque.

Quiet? He's reckless!

Womanising, fights, broken legs at

And I still can't picture
him sitting behind Plexiglas,

on minimum wage,
counting barrels of beer all day.

Anyone been over to that hotel
at the racecourse yet?

Eva's alibi?
And Harper's and Maggie's.

Three for the price of one.
Worth checking.

You stopping here?


It might get taken away for scrap.

Cheeky bugger!

She's got magic toenails.

That's nice.

Right, girls, do you want to go
down the other end?

Take him down the other end, Denise.
Play with Denise.

See you later.

Little loves.

So you'd heard about John, then?

I didn't even know he was back
till I saw it on the news.

Mm, about nine months.

Didn't contact you?

He probably had plenty
more important things to do.

Well, you were very close before.

I probably thought I was madly
in love with him once.

I can't believe he's dead.

His sister told me you were
the one that got away.

We were good together.

And, yeah, sometimes I think,
you know, what might have been.

Do you?

It's all bright and easy
when you're young, eh?

Why didn't you get married?

John wanted to get to London
and that, but I wasn't so brave.

When was the last time you saw him?

It's been years.

It was all or nothing for us.

Well, you can't stay friends after.

Lisa, can you
come down here a minute?

That's my husband, I...

Lisa, will you get down here?

I'd better see what he wants.

That lorry from Russell's,
did they just dump all that?

I told them to take it to the shed.

They're asking about John Warnock.

Did you know him?
Not really.

We were all at secondary
but Lisa knew him best.

I said I've not seen him in years.

Do you not keep in touch
with any of his old schoolmates?

I don't think he had many.

No offence, like,
but he was a copper.

Have you still got friends from

Aye, some. I expect you were
popular, though, were you?

None of them are bothered about my
job. I don't know about your mates.

Hello, what's she want?

All right, love?

I wish I could be more help.

What's her husband's alibi again?

Said they were both in watching
the telly Tuesday night.

Well, run some checks on him,

We've got the Forensics report for
the traces found on the knife.

Two per cent eucalyptus is used in
lotions, lozenges, soap,
shampoos, vapour rubs,

dental hygiene products and
bio pesticides.

Five per cent can be used
in household cleaners,

as a parasite deterrent and...

Are you all right?

What are we doing here?

Carrie Kinsdale.

Number 127.

Oh, Janna's mate? The one that
Warnock tried to pick up.

What are we doing here?
Empty timeline.

Need to trace his movements.

Find out when he went to her

You're not coming?

No, I don't want to get in the
way of your charms.

Joe Ashworth, Northumberland
and City Police. Mind if I come in?


Edwards, what?


Edwards phoned.

There was an attempted takeover
at Finches back in October.

A big American hedge fund - PZV?

Been buying up lots of small
breweries round Europe.

But they didn't buy Finches.
Harper turned them down.

He didn't want to be the man
who sold out

after 150 years in the same family.

That's interesting, but Warnock
didn't start working there till

I know, but it's something to
chew on all the same.

You want to hear about Carrie

All right.

She served him at the restaurant
about five months ago.

He asked for her number
when the bill came.

Attractive, is she?

Aye, not too shabby,
but you know what he's like.

Quantity over quality.

Well, managed to resist him,
though, hm?

He was there with some woman,
some sort of business lunch.

Carrie thought he was tacky.

What's Warnock doing having
a business lunch?

The woman he was with
paid with some sort of company card.

Hastings & Purnell.

Not their regular clients.

Did she give a description
of this woman?

She was very vague -
blonde hair, early 30s,

wearing a suit. It could be anyone.


Lennox's business card.
Who does she work for?

Hastings & Purnell.

So what's she doing
having lunch with Warnock?

I mean, it was around the time
they were seeing each other.

That was night time only.

This is business.


There you are, love.

Woo-hoo, over here.


So Warnock was working for you
at Finches brewery?

I don't know what you mean.

This is thin ice.

Don't throw your career away.

I needed help with a client.

A very important client.

It was a stupid idea.

PZV were trying to buy the brewery.

Finches had rejected the first

It would've made the owners
a fortune

but you often get this issue
with a family firm.

Can I get you any drinks?

That'd be nice.
We're all right, thanks, love.

We really needed to secure
this deal.

There had to be a way to apply
legitimate business pressure
to make Harper reconsider.

We were gearing up for
another bid and...

You decided to play dirty.
Warnock was suggested to me.

He'd done this sort of thing before.

He said he'd probe for information
that could be used as leverage.

Information? What?

Credit arrangements, contract
details, that sort of thing.

What did he find?

The place is watertight.


Harper runs a brewery and he
doesn't even drink.

The whole idea was a dud.

And Warnock was enjoying himself
too much.

He loved the cloak and dagger.

Midnight meetings, cash in hand,
anonymous phones.

Oh, so you knew about the phones?

He had a different one for
every job.

Payment was 50s only,
brown envelope under the table.

It was ridiculous.

Yeah, we found as much in his car.

Was that money from you?

Must be from another job.

I called him off months ago.

So why would he carry on
working at the brewery?

Maybe the daughter? He said she had
a bit of a soft spot for him.

Someone's got something to

I've never been anywhere
as posh as this!

I'm Scottish - where I come from,
damp's a colour.

Right, so we've got loads of people
from all over the place.

You madam, hello.
You look quite prim and proper,

looking at me, trying to figure out
what breed of dog I am.

We've got the man here in the
purple. Hello, sir.

Do the '70s know you're missing?
It's nice to see you.

We've got the really young lady on
the end and the very posh sister.

Who's this coming in now? Hiya!

Look, everyone, the stripper's
arrived! Hello, sweetheart!

Come on, get the baby oil out.

We've got the fella here...

He's very jealous of my hair.
I can see you, sir.

He's like, "I'm gonna shave that
and wear it round the garden."


It's nice to open your home up.

Well, Dad thought about postponing

but it's the Finches' tradition.

I heard there was
an attempted takeover recently.

There's always people interested.

Each one offers more money
than the last.

Never thought about accepting?

And let them water the beer
and kick out half the workforce?

There's people here whose families
have worked with us for generations.

Oh, that's very admirable.

Now, we just wanted to ask you
about you and John.

Hello. Where are you from,
my dear? Newcastle.


There was no me and John.

Well, we know he was a bit
of a ladies' man.

You're a pretty lass.

It seems unlikely he wouldn't
set his cap...

He did ask but... I wasn't

He was too old.

And to be honest with you,
he was dull as well.

On and on about work all the time.

I've had better chat-up encounters.

I love that. Half of you didn't know
whether to cheer or boo, right?


So he left you alone after that,
did he?

Yeah, he did...

What's wrong?

Nothing, they're asking
about me and John.

You and John?

Don't worry about it.

It happens all the time. I turned
him down. It's not a big deal.

I'm always the last to know

I feel like I should apologise.

I'd have been upset if he hadn't.

Is it relevant to his murder?

It is if it turns out he was working
for one of your competitors.

Good night.

Sorry to interrupt your

Well, I've told you not to park
there, haven't I, love?

Ma'am, you're here. Oh, what's this,
belated push for promotion?

No, ma'am, there's...
Kenny, talk to the brewer.

There's something about the fella
makes my teeth itch.

There's folk in there.

She's just arrived.

She won't budge till she's
spoken to you.

Ross wasn't always like this

and children need their father
but it's...

It's not safe any more. He's...

If I tell you this, we can't go back
there. You have to do your job.

Well, I'm very good at my job, love.

Sit down.

I messed up with John
when we were young.

We were so good, a proper couple
starting out, and then...

What happened?

Some fella at a party.


John took off.
He didn't speak to me for years.

But he got in touch again recently?

He wanted to start over.

I didn't trust him at first,
thought he was trying to get even
with me after what I'd done to him.

How often did you see him?

As often as we could.

It wasn't just about the physical,
you know. It was more than that.

Were you planning to run away

He wanted me and the girls to come
to London. He had this flat.

And he was going to sell it
for something bigger

and then we could all
start over but...

I mean,
he hadn't thought it through.

We have a whole life here.
Schools, friends and...

And why would he want me
after what I'd done to him?

And Ross found out about
you and John?

It was the other way round.

John had found out
that Ross had been doing this.

He went to see him and...

And Ross and his lot
gave him such a kicking.

I wanted to tell you earlier.

I wanted to tell you everything

I think that... that he killed John.

But he was at home with you,
wasn't he?

Not until the early hours.

Oh, God, he hated him.

He hated him so much.

Not looking very clever for you,
is it?

Beating Warnock weeks before
he's killed.

Ah, you must remember. Four of you
onto one man. Very brave fight.

Who told you that?

Witnesses willing to testify.

He tried to steal my wife.

Who you love so much, you can't
keep your hands off her, big man.

You never told us before
about this dispute with Warnock.

Neither did you tell us
that Warnock had arrested you
three times back in the day.

Where were you Tuesday night?

At home.
I'm afraid that won't wash any more.

Alibi's fallen through.

DC Lockhart.

I'm arresting you under suspicion
of the murder of John Warnock.

You're not obliged to say anything

but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention when

Where's Lisa? Where are my kids?

Ah, they're safe, love.

Where are they?!
Hey, temper, temper.

Mind your head.

What if you don't find any proof?

Look, you've done the right thing.

I know what people think.

Ross used to be all right. It wasn't
his fault that I married him.

Well, it doesn't excuse
what he's been doing here.

I should have gone to London.

Hey, I wouldn't want to
uproot my family,

take us 300 miles down the road.

My daughter'd never forgive us
if I took her away from her mates.

I was frightened of Ross, though,
and what he'd do if we went.

You know what John was doing
at the brewery?

He was trying so hard
to earn us a fresh start.

You knew about his corporate jobs?

I just knew he was working every
hour everywhere to get money.

But he had money, though, didn't he?

He had his flat, the pension, half
the farm.

The farm was left to Maggie.

I thought he had half.
No, he wanted half.

But Maggie had done all the work.
John was gutted but...

he'd no right to it.

2,000 boxes of cigarettes?

I take it you're not going to claim
personal consumption?

They were on a boat we salvaged.

Yeah, I'm sure they must wash up
at your yard all the time

and you just fish 'em out,

doing your civic duty.

Like when you attacked Warnock.

Look, I didn't tell you
about me and him

because if you knew we had history
you'd fit his murder on me.

Not me, pet. Not without evidence.

Oh, so you're the one honest
copper, are you?

Your friend stuck loads of
false charges on me

when we were young
and no one stopped him.

Oh, is that the story you tell

For why you've never made anything
of your life, hm?

All John's fault?

Oh, but no, he was gone for 12

And you're still a criminal.

You just can't help yourself.

How do you feel about your wife
leaving you for another man?

She didn't leave me.
Ah, but she wanted to.

Until you knocked her back into

Did you know from the start
you were second best?

Hm? Handsome John had gone off to

and she had to settle for you every
morning over the cornflakes.

But then John waltzed back and it
was as if he'd never been away.

She was in love again.

Oh, you hadn't seen her like that
for years, had you?

But it wasn't for you.

Well, it's never been for you.

I didn't do it.

He was going to steal your wife
and your bairns...

Wouldn't have dared.
..take them to London.

You've no alibi,
but you do have a motive.

So you tell me why I shouldn't
think you killed the man

who properly loved your missus.


I wasn't at home but I wasn't
anywhere near the quayside either.

I was stealing lead.

Here we go, another story.

What, you think I want to
tell you this?

St Nicholas's, Thockrington.

Roofs, windows, stripped the lot.

Anyone with you?

Ah, so no one to corroborate?

That's where I was.

You've heard about the robbery
at the church

and now you're trying to
claim it as your own.

I've still got the lead.

That doesn't prove anything.

And I was seen at the church.

Who by?

I got a good look at him.

We reported the robbery too
but nobody came to talk to us.

Well, we're here now, love, and we
really appreciate your cooperation.

Can you confirm the time
you saw the thief?

11:55 on the dot.

There's been a spate of these
robberies locally.

I've started checking the church
each night.

He wasn't even masked.

Utterly brazen.

Do you recognise this fella, love?

I'd recognise that ugly basket

So I'll take that as a yes.

You understand that you've been
charged with a Section 11 theft
from a church

and assault along with two others
on John Warnock
and assault on your wife?

This sheet gives you your time
and date of your hearing.

We've also made an emergency
non-molestation order
without notice.

You're not to have any contact
with your wife or children.

I hope everything's in order here,

But just to be clear what we're
talking about,

if you even take breath near Lisa
or those kids, we will own you.

We're going to go paddling!

Well, we've charged him with theft.

And with assault on both yourself
and John.

And he's in custody now?

Well, he's been bailed, love,

but he's not allowed to contact
you or the bairns.

He has to report to the station
every day.

But I accused him of murder.
He'll find us, him or his mates.

We found you a safe house.

How long can we stay there?
As long as it takes.

Till you find somewhere
more permanent to settle.

It'll have to be away from
the North East.

Well, the main thing now is to keep
you safe.

No need for any rush decisions.

Come on, Mummy.
We're going to build a sandcastle.

Did you do that?

Well done. Brilliant.

Lisa, you know that flat of John's
down south...

I never went there. No, but you
were going to, to start over.

Well, it turns out it's yours.

He transferred it into your name
six months ago.

What? It's mine?


Really? Did you hear that, Denise?



Yay, yay.

Well, I'll leave you to it, love.

Thank you.

Come on, then.

You know that waitress that
I interviewed, Carrie?

Yeah, what about her?

Yeah, well, it turns out that her
given name was Cara, Cara Kinsdale.

That was the name of your sister,
wasn't it? Was it?

Is that her?

Well, she was very nice, anyway.

What's "nice"?

I just thought you might like
to know. Right, everyone.

Ross claimed that Warnock abused his
position, made false arrests.

So I want you to look into
his record again,

especially his behaviour
before moving to London.

Any lingering grudges.

What else have we got?

It's just something Lisa said.

She reckoned John never got half
the farm. That Maggie got the lot.

Well, Maggie definitely told us
he got half.

Well, apparently John was gutted.

Was she lying to us
or has Lisa got it wrong?

I've run those checks on Harper
and the others.

There's nothing on any of them.

And he keeps a very low profile.

Short of getting a warrant
to look at his phone,

we can't find any suspicious
link to Warnock.

What, the man who came
to spy on him,

sniffing around his only daughter?

But Eva did report a break-in
at the house

two weeks before Warnock was killed.

Never mentioned it.

Dialled 999.
Harper turned the officers back

when they arrived at the scene.

Why would he do that?

False alarm?

Or you didn't want the police
trampling round your house.

And the manager at the sport hotel,
plus several of the guests,

confirm Harper, Maggie and Eva at
the breeders' function all night.

And was the manager and the guests
with the three of them
for every single minute?

I can upload these for you.

Photographs from the dinner.

I could knit them together
to track their movements.

At first sight, it looks clean,

So why did Maggie lie to us,

tell us John got half the farm?

Right, she didn't tell us she got
the lot.

And her fiance didn't tell us
that he'd been robbed.

So what is it
they're trying to hide?

Is that them?

Looks like it.

Not a care in the world.



It's no big mystery.

Mam left the farm to me
and I gave John his share.

So had he and your mam fallen out?

She was cranky.

It wouldn't have surprised me
if she'd left the lot to him.

Or a dogs' home.

So when did you split it?

Quite recently, actually.

Just a few weeks before he died.

I can get you the paperwork
if you like.

Must be worth a few quid.

This place.

And you just gave him half?


Can't anyone act decently these days
without attracting suspicion?

It's all right, Sam.

I could see John's side.

I'd be upset if the shoe
was on the other foot.

So he was upset?

No. No, we sorted it all out.

Fair. Half and half.

You see? An unreasonably decent

So if you could get us
that paperwork, love,

so we can just be sure of our dates.

I won't be a minute.
Yeah, thanks.

Going to ask about the robbery?

No. We need to get the daughter
on her own for that.

She's the one who reported it.

Harper sent them away.

Hello, love.

We won't keep you long.

We just wanted to learn about
this burglary

you reported a couple of weeks back.

Why? You think it's significant
to John's death?

Ah, no. I don't think it's related.

But if I don't ask,
it'll only nag away at us.

Where'd the burglars get in?

Um... forced the window
in my dad's study upstairs.

Can we take a little peek?

Yeah, sure.

No alarms?

No, the circuit on that window's
been broken for years.

That's good to know,
if you were a thief.

So you called the police at 23:16?

But when the officers turned up
you sent them straight home.

Well, I phoned my dad and Maggie
to tell them what happened.

You weren't together?

Dad got here first.

Um, but, anyway,
by the time they came back

we realised nothing had been taken.

Nothing at all?
Hardly anything.

That's why Dad sent the police away.

Didn't want to waste their time.

Considerate of him.

In here, is it?


You still live at home?

Yeah. Wouldn't be fair to leave
my dad on his own.

So will you be moving out
when Maggie moves in?


I think so, after the wedding.

A new start for everyone.

It's so lovely to see my dad happy.

That's my mam and my dad.

And me.

How did your mam...

At 30 weeks.

I lost my baby brother too.

Oh, I'm sorry.
That's none of our business.

No, it's OK.
We hardly ever talk about it.

That's just our way of dealing
with things.

Well, that's as good a way as any.

Is that a tattoo?

Irish Army.

Oh, I didn't know your dad
was a soldier.

A long time ago.

I think he left when he was 21.

He doesn't have it now,
though, does he?

Removed it years ago.

I think it embarrassed him.


John was working against us, then?

That would seem to be the case.

He was put in Finches specifically
to spy on your firm.

Did you ever get a sense of that?

Well, he didn't break in here
if that's what you're saying.

You seem very sure.

He was with me.

You knew?

You're a pretty lass.
Chances are, John would have noticed.

What, and I'd be powerless
to resist?

You'd have been plenty of company.

How long were you together?

We were never together. We just...

met up every now and then.
Whenever he clicked his fingers.

Your dad would have been
happy with that.

He didn't know.

I'm not going to tell him, am I?

I should have told you,
though, I'm sorry.

Well, better late than never.

You knew he was seeing other women?

How do you feel about that?

It doesn't matter what I felt
any more.

Tell us about the night
of the murder.

To think I cried for him.

Tuesday night.

I was at the hotel, I've told you.

You can ask anyone. I was there
with my dad and Maggie.

I thought I could help him.

You said hardly anything was
taken in the robbery.

Just some cash from the kitchen
table, a couple of DVDs

and my laundry basket,
for some reason.

You mean like that one?

That's the replacement.
It's only 30 quid.

I can't understand
why someone would want it.

Get Kenny to check out Harper's

Starting with his time in
the Irish Army.

Meanwhile, let's go visit our
young pigeon fancier.

You, Warnock, Harper.

Full story, now.

He came to me. He knew what I did.

Wanted me to rob this house.

500 easy, he said.

What'd he want from the house?

Well, he was very choosy.

Only wanted personal stuff.
Old stuff.

Like what?

Old passports, diaries.
Had to be over 20 years.

And photos. That was the Holy Grail.

Looking into Harper's past.

I didn't ask questions.

Get what he wanted? There was
nothing. I was there for hours.

You got nothing?
None of that personal stuff.

There was a photo in the study went
back a bit.

The one with the mother and
the baby? Mm, and a tattoo.

I got a picture of it. Warnock
seemed very happy when he saw it.

But then he said
he's not going to pay me

because I didn't get him
enough stuff.

Ah, well, you swim with
the sharks, love.

Yeah, well, that's why
I nicked his card.

I didn't know he were gonna
get shanked.

Yeah, well, don't be down-hearted.
You got a lovely basket as a memento.

And you'll be getting a visit
from my DC.

Warnock stayed at the brewery
because he was onto Harper.

What's he got against Harper? He's
a detective, like a dog with a bone.

And once Lennox's put him on the
scent, he can't let go.

But why go to these lengths,

getting someone to break into
the man's house?

And what's he going to find
from old photos and passports?

Well, something to profit from.

Lisa told me he'd been working
every hour he could

to get money together for them.

But Ross had warned him off by then.

Would that stop you from thinking of
the love of your life?

Making enough money so you can make
a proper go of it next time.

OK. So what did he get on Harper?

He got the Irish Army.

The tattoo Harper had burnt
off his arm.

Well, so?
Oh, we've all got our secrets, Joe.

Even our teetotal brewer.
Kenny, what have you got?

Ma'am, I started
knitting together those photos
from the breeders' party.

There's just hundreds of all three
of them. Well, focus on Harper.

Right, no Sam Harper ever heard of
in the Irish Army.

Eva might have been wrong about
the tattoo. She was young.

No, she wasn't wrong.
He definitely served.

Well, make your mind up.

The Second Battalion of the
Eastern Command.

I sent them a photo
of our man in the brewery

and they mailed me back this.

Based in Dublin.

Spent two years in the Lebanon
as part of the peacekeeping force.

His real name, Kieran Murran.

Oh, I just caught you.

I wonder if we could have
a quick word.

I'm already late for a meeting.
I promise you we won't keep you

a moment longer than necessary,
Mr Murran.

I've been Sam Harper for 25 years.

The Murrans are a bad bunch.
I didn't want to be one of them.

As simple as that.

Say the name where I'm from
and someone will buy you a drink
or smash a glass in your face.

When did you leave the army,
Mr Murran?

I left the army in 1988.

I didn't want to go home,

so got on a boat and became
Sam Harper on the way.

Look, none of this was a
grand conspiracy.

None of it was thought through.

Oh, we'll see.

When I met Jenny and we had Eva,

I was even more determined
that the Murrans wouldn't find us.

So you've lied to Eva her
whole life.

Jenny knew who I was.
We decided to protect our daughter.

The women in my family, they drink,
fight, steal and kill themselves.

Now, if you know that's in your
genes, it can be self-fulfilling.

So was Warnock blackmailing
you over that? No.

You were the whole focus of his
being in the weeks before he died.

I had nothing to do with that
piece of dirt. Piece of dirt?

What I've discovered in the
last few days,

I'm not surprised he died
in the gutter.

But I was at a party, all night,
so please, leave me alone.

But he knew your big secret,
didn't he?

Here's my phone.

My computer, bank account details,
diaries, keys.

Go through the lot.
Waste as much time as you like.

You will not find anything
between me and that man.

Bag 'em up, DS Ashworth.

We've nothing to charge him
with... yet. But if he's done it...

We can't stop him running away
until we've got some evidence.

Ma'am, we've pieced together the
photos from the breeders' evening.

Warnock was killed at 11:33.

Now, Harper goes missing from these

between 11:22

and 11:58.

You wouldn't expect him to be in
every picture of the evening.

He jumped in his car, drove to the
quayside and stabbed Warnock?

All cos Warnock found out about
his false name?

Or that Harper's whole life is a

Look, it's four miles
from the hotel to the quayside.
Is there enough time?


Kenny, keep looking into
this Murran name.

Joe, let's get over there.

Yes, I'm afraid you'll find things
a little quiet today.

The racing has been abandoned
due to the weather.

Oh, well, that's a pity.

Here's me looking forward to a
little punt.


On duty?

You must be joking. On our wages?

And was this balcony open during the

It's the main selling point.

So any of the guests could have left
the party without being observed.

Yes. And there are several other
ways in and out as well.

This man was at the dinner.
Did you see him leave the hotel?

We're interested in the time frame
from say 11:30 to midnight.

That's Mr Harper. He's one of our

Yeah, and where was he
during that time?

We came out and had a smoke.

Mr Harper doesn't like Eva to know.
She thinks he's given up.

This family and its secrets...

So how long were you out here?

10, 15 minutes.

Harper didn't do it.
He didn't have time
to get to the quayside and back.

And where was Maggie
during all this?

And how long was she in here?

It can't have been more than
an hour or so.

She came up for a lie down.

She had a headache.

If he didn't blackmail Harper,
who else is he going to try?

The sister who suddenly coughed up
half the farm.

Read the ingredients.

Turps, codliver oil, eucalyptus.

Where do you want to do this?

Hoof oil?
Prevents sand cracks.

We found traces of eucalyptus
on your knife.

Some of the stones are hard to prise
out of the horses' shoes.

I'm not sorry I killed him.

I'm sorry I got caught.

I'm sorry for Sam. He deserves
better. But John...

Eva's just a young girl.
Hasn't even had a mother.

He was using her like she was
just another...

But this wasn't about Eva, was it?

We opened our arms,
made him part of the family,

and that's what he gave us
in return?

Mm. Closely spied on Sam.

Griped about the farm from the
minute he came home as well.

Four years it took my mother to die.

And I was there every long minute.

He couldn't bear that things had
turned out well for me.

He was meant to be the
success story.

And then he found out about
Sam's change of name?

Did he threaten to go public?

Would have ruined his business.

His competitors could have just...

This has just come through
from Dublin.

Oh, thanks.

What happens now?

I think someone cleaned John's flat
out after the murder.

I can't be certain but he must have
had a computer for his work.

Or notes that would have told us

what he'd been up to in
his last days.

But there was nothing.

Why would that be?


I wanted him away.

Out of our lives.

He had this thrill for making havoc.

Here we go.

One minute you're with the
people you love...

And the next...

Kept phoning. Pressurising me.

Half wasn't enough.

He wanted me to give him the lot,
sell the place straight away.


He was in a bar.
All these girls laughing.

It was just a game to him.
I was so angry.

He needed to be told.

The work knife was in my pocket.

I hadn't thought. It's always there.

I didn't go to kill him.

I was so angry.
He had a hook in our mouths

and he would never let us free.

And I don't know how
I came to do it.

I took his phone and his wallet
to make it look like a mugger.

You got the dirty end of the stick
for years. I can see that.

Up there with only your mother
for company.

But then you met Sam.

And Eva. Nice people.

A family.

But, you know,
John had found his family too.

He was hoping to settle down
with Lisa and the bairns.

Did you know that?


That's why he was extorting
money from you.

Nasty way to go about business
but his actions make sense.

Whereas yours...

I mean, why kill your brother
over a farm?

I told you.

He was threatening -
Ah, yeah.

Sam's change of name.

It would have ruined his firm,
his reputation.

But you're strong. Sam's wealthy.

Could have told him to take a hike,
do his worst.

You and Sam had each other.

You'd ride the storm.


John found something on Sam that
was worse than a change of name.

Poor old Kieran Murran.

No hope of doing anything good
in his life.

Not with his sort of family.

Especially his sort of father.

Brute of a man by all accounts.

Belted his son from dawn till dusk.

So you know what Kieran did?


He ran away to England.


But not before... having one last
word with his old man.

And here we are 30 years later
and he thinks he's got away with it.

Cos lucky for him, the police had
more important things to do

than pursue justice
for a brute like his father.

So Kieran Murran
became the respected brewer

we all know and love.

But John had no great plan.

No, he just happened to
sniff out the truth.

And that was the secret...

you were ready to kill for.

It has to end.

It was self-defence.

He would have killed me.

I've no doubt of that.

I'm sure.

Maggie ruined a life for what I did.

Kieran Murran, I'm arresting you
for the murder of your father
Francis John Murran.

You do not have to say anything

but it may harm your defence if you
fail to mention, when questioned,

something you later rely on
in court.

Hey, you want to come round to ours?

Celine's made a stew.
You don't want to miss it.

Next time, love.

But thank Celine for me.