Vera (2011–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Young Gods - full transcript

Gideon Frane plunges to his death in a lake, a human torch though it transpires that he was poisoned which drove him mad, accidentally immolating himself. An anonymous letter 'You Will Burn in Hell' leads to an ex-girlfriend Izzy following stalking complaints but, though her friend Kit admits to sending the letter, Vera eliminates him as a murder suspect. Gideon's former headmistress Vivienne Ripman tells Vera he was one of a group of 'golden lads and lasses' but an ex-girlfriend Amanda disappeared after a suicide attempt and another friend, Jamie, became a drug addict. Amanda contacts Vera to clear herself - she is now a nun at a convent whose head, Sister Benedict, has happy memories of teaching Vera. Jamie is located and is almost the victim of the same poison fed to Gideon. Vera notes that Colin Culvert, a teacher at Gideon's school, died in a car crash in 2007 and that Jamie, an heir to a fortune,has donated all his money to a charity researching spina bifida, a condition one of Colin's children has. Vera deduces that somebody close to Colin blamed Gideon and Jamie for his death and is exacting revenge.

What are you, a girl?

Come on. Play something real, man.

Ah, that's it.

Sssh! There's someone...


Right you are.


He's come off that edge
into the water.

A bunch of sixth formers on a
residential at the activity centre
saw it happen.

Tried to get him out,
couldn't find him in the dark.

Divers pulled him out this morning.

And he was burning?
Give us a bell around lunchtime.

I'll have more for you then.

New phone -
you've got your own ringtone.



Fire burns upwards.

Lowest point of burning
gives you the point of ignition.

In this case - here.

Burnt from the feet up -
no wonder jumped.

Must have been in agony.


Gideon Frane. Extreme sports
fanatic. 25 years of age.

Parents live abroad. They've been
informed. No siblings, no partner.

Well, how come
we've got so much on him so fast?

All the intel's come from the fella
who runs the place - Jim McKinnon.

He ID'd the body.

Cannot stop talking,
according to Kenny, with the shock.

Or guilt.

No, his alibi's good.

Aye. According to Kenny.

Is there anything else
you remember a all?

That's all I saw, really.
It happened pretty quick.

How's she handling herself -
Shep? Good.

I reckon the military police's loss
is our gain. Oh, aye.

We've got statements from the kids
who witnessed it.

Same story from everyone.
They heard an altercation
and then saw him... on fire.

School's keen on letting
the parents take them home.

And you thought you'd
spend your first day

learning how the coffee machine
works, right?

Private school, is it?
Yeah, St Finan's.

They had the whole place booked out
for the sixth form.

What was Gideon Frane doing here?

Apparently, he invested money
in the centre a while back.

He spent all his time off here.
He even kept a yurt in the grounds.

You know,
one of those Mongolian tents.

Time off from what?
Investment banking.

Hm. Well, let's go meet
Kenny's talkative friend.

We were going under.
Bailiffs literally... at the door.

So Gideon saved your centre
from ruin.

Oh, no question. No question.

It wasn't just the money,
it was the ideas.

Turf 'N' Surf.

Treetop adventures,
along with coast-steering, diving.

We were planning a via ferrata.
Make Coniston look like
a kids' playground.

Yeah, and you last saw Mr Frane?

Tuesday evening, seven o'clock.
1900 hours.

I know because I was meeting
some friends in a pub
and was running late.

I asked if he wanted to come but he
said he was going back to the yurt.

The thing is, I know it's
going to come out so I'd rather
tell you guys now.

Nothing hidden or concealed,
like I said to your man.

I'd rather lay it all out,
everything. And then you'll know.

Know what, Mr McKinnon?

The planning office said no.

After everything Gideon had done
for us, I was scared to tell him.

So... I put it up anyway.

The yurt?

It's illegal.

Only got to see a police officer
and they start confessing to anything

from losing a library book
to cheating on their missus.

We're gonna be hours sifting through
that lot.

Still, I'll check out that
investment of Gideon's. Right.

Make sure there's no motive in it.

It looks like a fight.

But what set him alight?

So the fight starts inside the yurt
and then moves outside.

And then either accidentally
or on purpose,

Gideon's assailant gets him
into the fire pit.

No, his shoes weren't burnt.

Maybe he wasn't in it long enough
for his shoes to burn, you know.

Just for his combat trousers
to take light.

Wasn't she at the adventure centre?

Hello, love.

I'm Detective Chief Inspector
Vera Stanhope

from the Northumberland
and City Police.

We were just up at Craith.

I thought everyone was being
picked up by their parents.

I didn't want to bother me mam.
Be fine on the bus.

We can give you a lift.
What way you going?

It's... it's really kind of you,
but... I'm still a bit shaky.


I was planning on having a cry
at the back of the bus.

You don't have to be worried about
crying in here, love.

My sergeant does it al the time.

Come on.

Hop in the back.

Here you are, love.

Ah, I don't blame you.

It's a difficult thing.
It will take a while to settle.

It was just so sudden.
We heard him shouting and then...

it probably only lasted a few

It's coming up on the left.

Do you want us to come in with you?
Let your mum know what happened?

I'll talk to her later.

When the little ones are in their

Ruben, run. Run fast, she's coming
after us.

How many times has Mam told you?
It's a road!

I'm really sorry. Thanks again for
the lift.

Was Alex there?
Did he like your hair?

Where's their mother?
They could have been killed.

Maybe she's at work.

Can't all be your Celine -

homemade fairy cakes,
towels that match the soap.

There's no need to sneer.

I'm not.

I'm just saying,
17-year-old girl witnesses a murder.

She has to get the bus home cos she
doesn't want to bother her mam.

Maybe it's not a murder.

Till we've got something concrete to
go on, it could be anything.

Accident, misadventure
or spontaneous human combustion.



Whoa! Whoo!


Gideon Frane.

Now we know who he was,
what he did for a living,

and that he loved extreme sports.

What we don't know
is how and why he came to be alight.

But more importantly,
we don't know who he was arguing with

before he appeared on fire
on the edge of the cliff, so...

Where do we start looking?

Investment banker?
Nobody's favourite profession at the

There's something about burning.
It's personal, sadistic.

People hate bankers as a group,
not as individuals.

Well, all the same...
Mark, get on to the FIO.

Let's check out any groups,

activists who might have
targeted someone like Frane.

What about Jim McKinnon? The money
that Gideon invested in the centre.

No, I checked. There's nothing
going on there. I'm with Joe.

Even if this was just a fight
that took a wrong turn,
I think it's personal.

So, let's keep coming at this
from both angles.

Personal and professional.

Joe, Kenny, I want to know
who was in the vicinity of
that adventure centre.

Teachers, pupils, centre workers.
Dog walkers, stargazers, everyone.

And, Shep, I want to know who he
worked with,
who he socialised with.

Who he slept with.

McKinnon said he didn't have a
partner. Maybe not a partner, but...

if I was built like that
I'd not be wasting time.

Get back to McKinnon, then.

That interview -
that was a station record.

That man can talk for England
and breathe through his arse.

Get him talking about
Gideon Frane's sex life, then.

Now, come on, everyone, let's give
ourselves something to go on.



Has Kenny done something to
his hair? Mm-hm. New woman.


Lungs, full of water. He drowned.

I blame the coat. It's polyester and
duck down.

Went up like a Roman candle
and took in water like a sponge.

Might as well have gone swimming
in a burning duvet.

Not that I've ever tried, mind.

Flaming bedding,
that's a bit niche even for me.

Would he survived without the water,
without the drowning?

First and second-degree burns
over 60% of his body, it's doubtful.

I need to know why he was burning,

I need to know if I'm looking at
accident or intention.

Doing my best for you.

♪ Cos I'd catch a grenade for you,

♪ Throw my hand on a blade for you,
Vera... ♪

Yeah, I'll call you.


Joe? Kenny got a name
out of Jim McKinnon.

Gideon Frane used to date
a girl called Izzy

about a year back, a hairdresser.

I think I've tracked her down.

City Centre Salon. Apparently,
it's a late-night opening tonight.

Northumberland and City Police.

We were hoping to have a word
with one of your stylists - Izzy?

I'll see if she's free.
Thanks, love.

Hey. What have you done
to your hand?

Cor, here, look at that.

Sausages - all full of bloody water
these days.

Can't put them near an oil pan.

What are you doing frying stuff?
You what?

The doctor gave you
all of those diet sheets.

Are you like this at home?

Cos the kids will be leaving
as soon as they've scraped up the bus

Can I help you?


Izzy, I'm Vera Stanhope,
Northumberland and City Police.

This is my sergeant Joe Ashworth.

I believe you used to date a man
called Gideon Frane. Is that right?

Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Have you had any contact with him
since you stopped seeing him?

Are you being funny?

My file must be a foot thick
with all the incidents I've logged.

Isn't that why you're here?

No, I think, er...
we're at crossed purposes here, pet.

We're investigating the death
in suspicious circumstances of Gideon

We were wondering if you might be
to help us with our inquiries.

Gideon... Gideon's dead?


Oh, thank God.

Oh, thank God.

97 incidents over a 12-month period.

Low-level harassment
escalating to abusive messages,
threats and criminal damage

Izzy was so scared, she moved out.

Been sleeping on a friend's sofa
the last nine months.

So why wasn't Gideon Frane arrested?
No proof.

Never any witnesses.
No CCTV evidence.

Never used a phone that
could be tracked back to him.

He knew what he was doing.
Well, maybe he's done it before.

We ran him through the computer.
Nothing prior to this.

Oh, well, Izzy's got friends,

Someone more isolated
might not have come forward.

Shep, see what you can dig up
on any previous relationships.

She was so let down.

Aye, well, they say they were
building a case.

Aye, maybe towards the end,
but, I mean, look at all this.

Nobody took her seriously
for months. Be fair.

"Complainant reported ex-boyfriend
followed her to and from work."

Wasn't breaking any laws -
what could they do?

But she's reporting incident after
incident and nobody made the link.

Nobody saw there was
a pattern forming.

That's why it escalated,
because he knew no-one was
gonna do anything about it.

And? What?

It's just in a situation like this,

you can kind of see why someone
would want to take matters
into their own hands.

- Hm.
- So what's her alibi?

I told you that when you came into

We'd just like to go through it in a
bit more detail.

The night before last...?

I was at the flat with Kit.
Was there anyone else with you?

No, just me and Izzy,
watching telly.

Anything good?
Not really.

But we had a drink. Had
a laugh, you know.

How long have you lived at Kit's?

Ever since psycho boy
drowned her cat in a bucket

and left it on the doorstop as a
birthday present.

Not that anyone could prove it was
of course.

Sweetest girl in the world.
She'd do anything for anyone -

and she ends up with him.

Still, it's a big thing opening
your door to a friend like that.

Well, somebody had to help.

Christ knows you lot
weren't doing anything.

Shocking, really. Makes us wonder
why we pay our taxes.

Why'd they split up?

I erm...

I found out he was seeing other

Any names?

I don't think he asked their names.

Wasn't that kind of seeing.

I went the doctor's.

I thought maybe I'd picked up an
from the swimming pool.


A doctor put me right, anyway.

I was going to confront Gideon,
but when it came to it I just cried.

It's pathetic.

So you broke it off.

And then?

At first, I...

I thought it was because he wanted
me back.

You know, he wanted that second

That's when I realised...

He couldn't stand the fact
it was her doing the leaving.

He couldn't stand
not being able to control her.

He really was a worthless
piece of shit.


So is there anything else
you want to tell us?

I like your friend's hair.

House to house, Kenny.

I want every door near that flat
knocked on.

I want that alibi either
firmed up or shot down.

Right you are, ma'am.
What about Tinkerbell and his friend?

And you wonder why
he thinks we're the enemy.

Joe, with me.


Laceration across the hallucis

Now, whatever did it
took a chip out his shin bone as well

so we're talking an impact of some

But... here's the thing.

Fragment of combat trouser
retrieved from inside the gash.

Now, the sharp-eyed among you
will note that it shows no sign
of burning,

meaning it was pushed into the flesh
before the fire took hold.

From which the discerning and
logical mind...
Stop grandstanding, Billy.

I'm not in the mood. Whatever
did that also set him alight.

An impact of some force.

So they either hit him with it,
threw it at him... What?

What is it? I'd say something with
a sharp metal edge.

As for the fuel...

His clothes were made from
petrochemical textiles.

They'll contain the same
constituents as most accelerants,

so... be hard to identify any traces
even if he hadn't been in the water.

Yeah. OK, Joe, get on to CSI,

see if they've found anything
in the vicinity of the yurt

that fits the bill. All right?

You want me to put something
on that for you?

What? No, I'd think you were
laying me out.

Actually, Billy, you know, you're
not looking so clever yourself.

Too many late nights?

Just off me food. Happens once in a

You know, one case in a while.

With fire it's almost always
the smoke that kills them.

Couple of lungfuls
and it's "Good night, Vienna".

Burns come post mortem. But...

he was alive.

Well... if it helps...

they say he wasn't one
of life's best.

"Worthless piece of shit"
was the phrase used. Hm.

Yeah, well, same could be said
of me.

In fact, I think I've got it
in writing.

No, it's about the flesh.

The nerves, the pain.

So, no, it doesn't help,
but thanks, anyway.

CSI haven't found anything
that matches that description.

Right, well, they didn't know
what they were looking for, did they?


Thrown at him hard enough to chip a

Now the lamp oil would have ignited
on impact.

This is now a murder investigation.

So what have you got for me?

Something happened at Gideon's bank
a few days ago.

It might be unrelated but...

I got nothing on Gideon

He didn't stand out as being
any more ruthless than the next man.

But one of his colleagues mentioned
an attempted mugging a few days ago.

So I got tapes off security.

No, it looks like an internet hoax.
Yeti fighting the Big Foot.

Wait a minute. Something's wrong
here. Take it back.

Look at that.

It looks like the mugger's
calling him.

Now why would a mugger do that,
make his presence known?

Lose the element of surprise.


They told me to come straight up.

I think I've got something.

I've been opening whatever's arrived
for Gideon.

I didn't think that this one
would be any different.

Shall I...
I thought there might be prints.

Hey, give it us here.

It's been in the post,
it's probably been handled
by half the country.

Well done.

"You will burn in hell."
What is that, a threat? A prophecy?

A warning?

What's this?
Frozen peas.

For my hand, last night.

Oh, sit on my hat, man.
A bit of damp's not gonna hurt you.

Gum residue at the top.
Definitely torn from a pad.

Can you tell if anything was written
on the page above?

There's something there,
but the indentations are too shallow.

I think it's time for my favourite
magic trick.

Well, well, well. Kit O'Dowd.

It's all right, pet,
we know the way.

How are you?
Oh, I'm great.

This is me... coming quietly.

The notepad it was written on was
last used to write a letter

to your landlord
complaining about the boiler.

He ought to be prosecuted -
the rent he charges!

So do you do recognise this?

Did you send it?

He was texting her,

saying he was gonna get her

And all the police said was,
"Keep logging the incidents."

You lot - what are you even for?

Cheeky bloody sod.

Would you mind taking
your shirt off for me, pet?

I'll tell the papers you said that.


Where did you get them bruises?

We have you on CCTV in the
underground car park of the office
where Gideon Frane worked.

Thought we weren't doing enough?

Thought you'd take matters
into your own hands?

What did you say to him?
I told him to leave Izzy alone.



I didn't tell her.
I didn't want to upset her.

Did you kill Gideon Frane?

I wish.


I didn't.

Have you seen the kit I pack at

I got a cut-throat razor!

I use scissors that could take your
ear off.

What would I bother bloody
burning a man to death?

What's all this, then?

I wanted to scare him.

Specific, though. "You will burn..."
" hell."

It wasn't meant to be literal.
It was Biblical.

Hellfire and damnation.
Judgment Day.

Oh, so you're a religious man,
are you, Mr O'Dowd?

It just fitted. I don't know why.

Maybe because of his background,
St Finan's being a church school.

Gideon Frane went to St Finan's?

I just wanted him to feel like
someone was watching.

Like someone knew.

I just wanted him to stop.

Joe, get yourself in front of the
magistrate. I want a warrant
to search his flat.


Why are we bothering with
the magistrate?

He's got the motive,
an unproven alibi.

And he's admitted to sending him
a malicious communication.

Why do we not just arrest him?

I don't want to blow it by
jumping the gun.

When we've got concrete evidence

linking him to the death of Gideon
Frane, then we'll make an arrest.

In the meantime he's free to go.

So, go on.

Oh, here he is, Mr Hint of a Tint.

And I thought I was the only gay
in the village.

Get out.

But don't leave the country.
Don't even leave the town.

We will be talking to you again.

So, what? That's it?

I'm not under arrest?

If it was up to me, sunshine...

Ma'am? You asked me to look into
Gideon Frane's past relationships.

Do I pursue that or are we standing
down all lines of inquiry except
Kit O'Dowd?

No, pursue it. It might be worth
going right back.

Gideon Frane went to St Finan's.

Same school as the kids at the lake.

Joe, when you've got the warrant,

tell the search team we're
looking for traces of lamp oil,
and soil from the woods.

Anything to put Kit O'Dowd
at the scene.

What are you doing if we need to
find you? Research.

They finished searching
Kit O'Dowd's flat. Nothing.

Shut the door.
Don't let all the heat out.

Look, I don't think he did it.

He made a silly threat
with a random choice of words.

And now he realises
no one is gonna believe

he had nothing to do
with Gideon's death.

That's why he's acting all jumpy.

I mean, I'd be scared, wouldn't you?

You didn't expect to find anything
in that flat. Hm.

You don't think he did it any more
than I do? No.

Cheeky little bugger,
but I don't think he killed anyone.

Have you got any milk?
No, I'm watching my cholesterol.

So if you don't think he did it,
why'd you search the flat?

We can't rule him out just because
you and me don't fancy him for it.

And Kenny's right - more than
reasonable grounds for suspicion.

I mean, "You will burn..."

If we're going to eliminate him...

we need proof positive that he wasn't
there when Gideon was killed.

- That still looks sore.
- Yeah.

You know, when a kid's hurt themself
it's amazing how quickly it heals.

You can almost watch it happen.

Tonight I told Celine
I'd look after myself.

I was gonna get a takeaway.
What do you fancy?

No, you're all right.
Erm... I've already eaten.

What did they think
they were going to find
when they got to Gideon's yurt?

A man catches fire,
goes over the cliff, then drowns.

If you're planning to commit murder,

that's leaving an awful lot
to chance.

What was his plan?

Where's the washing-up?

You said you'd eaten.
Where's the plates, the pans?

That's it, isn't it?
That's your evening meal.

I've been busy. Was planning to do
some shopping tomorrow, as it happens

not that it's any of your business.

When are you gonna get yourself
organised? Get something delivered.

When are you gonna
take care of yourself?

And when are you gonna
get off my case?

Telling me what to do
under my own roof.

Oh, go home, will you?
I've got work to do.

Every witness at the quarry talked
about hearing an argument.
An altercation.

Every witness, except one.

Ruthie Culvert.
The girl we gave a lift to. Yeah.

She said she heard him shouting.
Not them, him.

Get in.

DI Vera Stanhope,
Northumberland and City Police.

And this is my sergeant,
Joe Ashworth.

Could we come in, Mrs Culvert?

It's about yesterday.

My dad was police. CID.

Retired now. He's just picking
Ruthie up from school.

He'll be back in a minute.

Saturday morning school.
There's keen.

She can't afford to slack off
if she wants to keep the scholarship.

St Finan's do scholarships,
do they?

We could never have afforded it

I lost my husband just
before Max was born.

Dad helps out so we manage, but...

you know, it's all held together
with chewing gum and string.

Yeah, I know how you feel.

Oh, hello again, love. We were
wondering if we could have a word?

It's hard to remember.

Everyone's talked so much about it

You forget what's your own memory
and what's someone else's.

But you stand by what you said, hm?

You didn't hear an argument,
just a single voice shouting?

He sounded angry.


I don't know.
Maybe it was two voices.

I'm really sorry. I can't help you.

No, don't be daft. You've been
a real help.

Oi, stop it. What are you doing?

What's that?
Leave me alone. I'll be fine.


About what happened
at the adventure centre, is it?

Now, you of all people should know
we're not at liberty... Is it ex-CID?

Look... It really upset Ruthie.

She didn't wanna worry her mother.
She came to me.

I was hoping her statement
would be the end of it.

We just wanted to go over a few

Yes, still, it stirs things up.

Maybe a good idea
to see if she's all right.

Oh, and you might want to give
your daughter a hand.

One of them's got something
stuck in his hair.

Feral, the lot of them.
You should put them in a zoo.

How can anyone live in that chaos?
I wouldn't be able to think.

Before you say anything, Celine
buys soap to go with the towels,
not the other way around.

It's an impulse, isn't it?
Tidy things up, make them neat.

Smooth over the inconsistencies.

If something doesn't make sense,

you adjust it mentally
so that it does.

It's not even conscious.

All of them... Hearing something
they thought was there.

But not her. Not Ruthie.

We've been picking away
and picking away at this,

and this is the first time we've got
something we can really grab
hold of -

one voice, arguing.

Well, what if the other voice didn't
carry? It was a woman or a child.

Or a phone call.


Is there any chance at all
that Gideon Frane could have
caused that injury himself

He'd have to have been
throwing himself around some.

Yeah, but theoretically?

Erm... theoretically,
if he lashed out hard enough
and the lantern was there,

aye, it's possible.

Why would he start chucking himself

Alcohol, psychotropic drugs.

If he was a user,
we'd have heard about it by now.

Gideon Frane's phone records?

Nothing yet.

Kit and Izzy's alibi -
just checked out.

There's something else.

The professional complaint
against Gideon was a dead end,
but I looked at St Finan's.

Gideon Frane didn't just go there -
he was head boy.

Look at this.


This was his girlfriend,
Manda Adelaide.

And this is her...

after she broke up with him.

Suicide attempt, apparently.
Threw herself down the stairs.

So where's she now?
No one knows.

After that she dropped out of
school, dropped out fo her exams.

Basically she disappeared.

It's the same head teacher now
as when Gideon was at school.

Doctor Ripman.

Although apparently
it's school tradition

to call the head "the Master".

Jessie would love it here.

On a sergeant's salary?
Dream on, love.

I don't know, Jessie's a bright girl.

You know, if they offered
a scholarship.

Ooh, beats me why anyone
would want one.

Bloody Hogwarts.

Excuse me, love. Do you happen to
know where we might find "the

In there.
Thanks, love.

Ah, nothing. You know...

Head teacher's office.

So sorry to have kept you waiting.

Dr Ripman?

Don't tell me
you were expecting a man?

How very unsisterly of you.

Ah, well, "the Master" had
me confused.

DCI Stanhope,
Northumberland and City Police.

This is my sergeant.
Vivienne Ripman.

DS Ashworth.

No, the title is just
a matter of tradition.

When I was appointed,
the governors hummed and hawed,

and in the end suggested I might like
to call myself "the Mistress".

I ask you!

With 800 teenage boys

all finely tuned to the slightest
sexual nuance.

I stuck with Master, started
admitting girls. Problem solved.

How may I help you?
Gideon Frane.

Yes. Of course.

Gideon was one of that rare breed
who really do seem to have it all.

Fine mind, academic prowess,
superb athlete.

Did he ever get into any trouble?

I once relieved him of
a pack of Marlboro Lights,

but other than that... exemplary.

Hence the Head of School.
It was a big honour that, was it?

Oh, yes. Gideon wasn't always able
to join his parents for holidays.

The school became his security.
He valued that.

Was it a coincidence
your sixth formers

went to the adventure centre
he'd invested in?

Not at all. I make a point

of supporting
the ventures of ex-alumni.

Oh, the old school tie, eh?

Let's say my eye is always on the
next set of sixth form internships.

I'm curious as to why you think
Gideon's school career

might have any bearing on his death.

Actually, we were interested in
a girlfriend he had at the time.

Manda Adelaide.

Oh, yes, they were quite a pair,
those two.

That phrase from Shakespeare -
"Golden lads and girls" -
always made me think of them.

Oh, doesn't sound so golden to me,

Dropping out, suicide attempt.

Manda was one of those high-flyers
who never quite find their wings.

It happens sometimes.

I felt it personally in her case

because she was in the first intake
of girls to the school.

My girls, I suppose.

She could have blazed very bright.
Terrible waste.


Do you know what happened to her?

I'm afraid she didn't keep links
with the school

Well, what about this lad?

Who's he?
Jamie Levinson.

Any ideas where we might find him?

The last I heard, Acklington Prison.

Drugs offences. He was expelled.

A serious and unprovoked attack
on another pupil.

Gideon Frane, as a matter of fact.

Any idea what was behind it?

Affairs of the heart
tend to loom large at that age.

You think Manda was involved?
Speculation only, but yes.

That was my inference at the time.

I'm afraid that's my cue.
Chemistry with the lower sixth.

Er... just one more thing, love.

We passed a plaque on the wall
down there - the Frane Wing.

That wouldn't have anything to do
with Gideon Frane, would it?

It was endowed by his family.

We owe many of our facilities
to the generosity of ex-alumni.

As you said, old school tie.

An entire wing?

Don't tell me that doesn't buy you
a head boy-ship and more.

You think Gideon killed his

and then Dr Ripman covered it up
in exchange for some new classrooms?

No. But the first woman ever
to be appointed head.

She must have had an awful lot to

And even more... to lose.


All right, we'll take it. All right.


Someone called the incident hotline.

Said they've got information
about Gideon Frane.

A nun.
A nun?

Calling from an outreach project
for abused woman.

What was her name again?
Claire. Sister Claire.

We understand you have
some information for us, Sister...


Information about Gideon Frane?

When I heard there was
a murder investigation,

I thought you might come
looking for me.

And you'd be right, Manda...


We should go somewhere else.

Some of the children
are nervous of men.

Can I have three teas, mate?
Yeah. I'll bring them over.

Sure. If she says anything about the
doughnuts, tell her you've run out.

So it was a genuine suicide attempt.

I was very unhappy at the time.
Because of Gideon?

Gideon was part of it. Why did it
end between the two of you?

He brought out the worst of me.
I got sick of not liking myself.

Now, you said you had
some information for us, love.

I suppose I'm the information.

Well, me not being dead.

Oh. Why would we think you would be?

When I got myself back on my feet
I took a degree in psychology.

Our ministry's rooted in the idea
that we're in the world
to serve the world

so I'm studying for another now in
social work.

Gideon was never violent towards me
but... he was controlling.

He liked to dominate.

He could very easily become someone
who did that kind of harm.

He had the profile.

I didn't want you to waste
your time looking for me.

Looking at back then for answers.

Thanks, love.

Just let us know if you want
any doughnuts.

I'm not lying to a nun.

Have you er... had any contact
with Jamie Levinson?

No. No, not for a long time.

Well, I don't know about your man

back there not wanting to
lie to a nun,

but she's not telling us the truth.

Not the whole truth anyway.


Vera Stanhope.

Yeah, I know,
you'd think I'd be dead by now.


Sister Benedict?
Vera Stanhope.

Now I know it's something tremendous
that you do but you'll have to
remind me.

I'm 800 years old, you see,
and I can't remember a thing.

Police. It's the police.

Police. Of course.
This is my sergeant.

Joe Ashworth. That marvellous
questioning mind she had.

I always knew she'd either end up
in the law or fighting it.

That time they tried to kick you out
of St Anselm's and I said,

"You will not. We want that child
on the side of the angels."

Oh. And here you are.

Here you are.


Does she treat you well? Because
she was a great favourite with me.

But those forthright ways of hers

used to alarm some of the more
sensitive children.

Well, I know my place. She does the
thinking, I do the legwork.


Oh, I'm sorry. Duty calls.

Oh, of course, but come and see me.

And bring your sergeant. He'll want
to know about all your escapades.

We've been trying to reach you.
It's Billy. He's found something.

It's not something we routinely
screen for. You need to be looking.

It didn't occur to me until
you asked if he could have
got that injury himself.

And there it is.

Causes visual disturbances,
unsteady gait, hallucinations.

Could be arguing
with someone who's not there?

Very possibly fighting them as well.

According to tradition makes you hot
as a hare, blind as a bat,

dry as a bone, mad as a hatter.

And you're sure?
Absolutely 100%, copper bottom.

Anything else you want to throw at
it - Gideon Frane was poisoned.

Atropine - comes from deadly

And in the quantity Gideon Frane
was given would have proved fatal.

If he hadn't drowned first.

Do we know how he took it?
Well, it's bitter.

So it must have been disguised.

There was tonic water and vodka in
the yurt.

They're checking both to see
if either might have been the source.

He would have been confused,
possibly hallucinating.

Comes out of the yurt,
shouting and thrashing about.

Kicks the lamp, catches fire...

and then terrified and burning,
jumps off the cliff into the water.

Hold on, if someone got into his tent
to spike a bottle of vodka,

they could have done that anytime.

So all bets are off as far
as alibis are concerned.

So does that mean
we're bringing in Kit O'Dowd again?

Do you know what?
I just don't fancy him for it.

But I tell you who has got
qualifications in chemistry,

and God knows what else
plastered all over her walls...

Dr Ripman.
Dr Ripman.

Now, Gideon Frane, Manda Adelaide,
Jamie Levinson, and Doctor Ripman.

Now there's something connecting
these four.

Maybe to do with school, maybe not.

Now, these two aren't talking.

He can't talk.

So I'd say the man we need to
find... is him.

I'm here to advise you
that we're no longer looking at you

in connection with the death of
Gideon Frane.

And they sent you
all the way here to tell me that?

Look, I came on the hard man
telling you we wanted to question you

I just... wanted to put the record

So... this is an apology?

Hey. Not from me, son!

I'm not the one making the personal

And, by the way, this is a quality
home product.

Oh, sit down.

I'm not letting you walk out of here
like this.

Somebody might think I did it.

I've found him.

I've found him! Jamie Levinson, I've
found him!

Dr Ripman said he'd done time
in Acklington for drugs.

She was wrong about the prison,
or she was lying.

But she was right about the offence.

His record said
he was trying to come clean.

So I went round all the drugs rehab
until I found him.

Hm. Thinking and legwork. Huh.

"Golden lads and girls..."

You know it's about death.
What is?

Mr Levinson!

"Golden lads and girls
must all as chimney sweepers come to

I looked it up.

They use it at funerals.
Mr Levinson!

It's boarded up.

People kept breaking in so I nailed

You have to come in the back.

Gideon? Jesus.

I'm not supposed to be drinking.


You hadn't heard, then?

I don't really keep up with things.

Sorry, do you want...? No, it's a
bit... early in the day for me.

Oh... well, thanks. He's driving.

Ah, you're all right.
I'll find one.

When was the last time you saw him?

Not for years. Not since school.

Actually, that's what
we wanted to talk to you about.

School. Thanks.

Is the boss in?

Erm... no, she's out with Joe. Why?

Ah, it's nothing that can't wait.

Looking good, Kenny.
Ah, well, I'm a good-looking boy.

So you remember nothing?

Is that what you're saying, nothing
at all
about your last two years at school?

I've had difficulties... with

Memory problems. Do you remember
attacking Gideon Frane?

Attack? No.

It was a fight.
Well, what about?

What were you fighting over?

I'm sorry, I don't...

Did it involve Amanda Adelaide?

Or is that something else
Dr Ripman has misled us about?


Well, it was her told us
you went for Gideon.

A serious and unprovoked assault.

No, I...

- Hey, sit down.
- That's bitter.




Vera. Vera!

Vera, it's OK!

It's OK, Vera. Stay with me.


Stay with me.

Stay with me! Vera!

24 hours under observation?
I barely touched the bloody stuff.

Well, you collapsed in front of us.

Oh, well, apparently,
atropine and angina don't mix.

I'm not taking you out of here.

It's a poison. You were poisoned.

Look. Gideon Frane - murder.

Jamie Levinson - attempted murder.

I haven't got 24 hours to waste,
sitting in here.


Why don't you just give it
a few hours?

If you're feeling all right then,
discharge yourself.

Drop of water.

It'll be no different.
You can run things from in here.

Just say what you need us to do.


Dr Ripman!

Now, she had you down as the dumb
sidekick, so... play up to that.

Get her to lower her guard.

See what you can get out of
her about atropine.

Anything you can find on Jamie

Why is it that someone whose family
has the money to send him

to St Finan's is living in
that sort of squalor, hm?

And get Kenny to bring me in a

Listen, I need to borrow your car.
Are you not done bothering me yet?

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that I came
here in an ambulance with you.

So I've left my car up there.


I can't stand being fussed over.

Well, give him credit for having the

No one else would dare.

I know what it is. I know how it

At a pinch I could probably
produce it,

although I'd have to look up
the method.

Are you suggesting I did?

We just need to check it out.

You being a chemist,
having the expertise.

I doubt it requires a PhD in organic

If street drug traders can
synthesize MDMA,

they ought to be able to
produce atropine.

Most of my A level chemistry class
could probably manage it.

The wonders of education. I didn't
know what deadly nightshade looked
like until I went on Google Images.

So you have no idea why anyone
would want to poison Gideon Frane?


Or Jamie Levinson?
I'm afraid not.

We spoke to him about
his days at school.

He didn't seem to remember much.

I'm sorry, nothing springs to mind
which might be relevant.

Obviously, if anything occurs...

How would you go about
getting a scholarship
to a place like this?

Aren't you a little old?
No, my daughter.

She's bright as a button.
There's an entrance exam.

The school secretary
can give you details.

I warn you, competition is fierce.

I bet it is.

Other schools would sell their soul

for the kind of results
you get here.

Results that are built on hard work
and superlative teaching.

How are you feeling?


Oh, I've had some rough brews
in my time, but... oh, that...

It wasn't your fault.

Was it?

I don't know how it got there.

I haven't even been drinking.

Not for weeks.

So someone put it there. Hm?

People come and go.

Friends of friends of friends.

I don't always know...

So your husband taught at
St Finan's, Mrs Culvert?

That's how he knew
it was a good school.

Always was, but Vivienne Ripman
took it into another league.

Did he ever talk about her,
say what he thought of her?

Not really. There's a lot of
pressure on staff and pupils.

Colin said he just wanted to leave
it all behind when he came home.

There, that's enough. I think just
let it take care of itself
for a while.

Dad was always the same about work.

Drew a line under it as soon
as he walked in through the door.

What about you?

No, I'm not the strong, silent type.
My wife can't shut me up.

So what happened to your husband?
Car crash.

Him and Ruthie.
I was lucky not to lose her too.

It must be hard however it happens,

when it comes all of a sudden...
it must knock you off your feet.

It's like being hit with a wrecking

There was the kids, I was pregnant

and then Max was born with spina

Well, how do you manage?
I'm not sure I do.

But here we all are, anyway. You
live the life you've got, don't you?

It's not like I'm on my own. Ruthie
takes an awful lot on her shoulders.

And Dad ferrying the kids around,

making sure they don't go
without treats.

I still miss Colin, though.

I still miss him.

I took your advice.
Waited a couple of hours

and had a chat with
one of the doctors.

Very reasonable young man. Saw my
side of the situation... eventually.

There'll be a call from the hospital

as soon as Jamie Levinson
is fit to be interviewed.

Make sure I hear about it.

Joe - Dr Ripman. What have you got?

Well, nothing on the atropine.

But she got really edgy
when she realised we'd been
speaking to Jamie Levinson.

And there was something else.

I was firing stuff
out there, playing battleships?

I mentioned the exam results,
them being top of the league tables.

Yeah, and?
Well, it definitely hit.

She just iced over,
you could feel the temperature drop.

But the real find came afterwards.
You know that school honours board?

Well, next to it there's one for
teachers that were killed in service
at the school.

They're mostly during the war,

but one teacher died the same year
that Gideon Frane was Head Boy,

Manda Adelaide tried to kill herself
and Jamie Levinson got expelled.

Yeah? What's the chronology?

I don't know.
I'm still working on it.

But that teacher was
Ruthie Culvert's dad.

Ma'am? Sorry. You
asked us to look at Jamie Levinson.

I've got something.

It's not just the family that have
money, he's personally wealthy.

I mean seriously monied.
Massive annual income from a trust.

Well, where is it?
The man lives like a sewer rat.

Can't spend it all on drugs and

He gives it all away to
a kids' charity.

What charity?

Parada. Helps families affected by
spina bifida.

Ruthie's brother.

This isn't a conspiracy.

Jamie, Manda...

This is atonement.

You lied to us.

Didn't want us wasting time looking
back then for answers -
you are a liar.

It's all about back then
and you knew it.

Jamie Levinson is in intensive care.

He was poisoned the same way
as Gideon.


No. No.

You thought... he'd done it.

You thought Jamie killed Gideon.

I was trying to find him, to talk to

I wanted him to have the chance
to do the right thing,

to come forward of his own accord.

If he hadn't, I would have come to
I would have told you.

Told us what?
Is he going to be all right?

Told us what?


Seven years ago,
you, Jamie, Gideon Frane

and a teacher called Colin Culvert...

Now, what happened?

It was about results, wasn't it?
It was about exam results.

Gideon cheated.

An A level he was taking a year

Mr Culvert found out and took it to
the head.

Our year we were... her creatures.

The first cohort she'd seen
all the way through the school,

A-stars all the way.

Especially Gideon.

Maybe she didn't want to lose his
for the league tables.

Maybe she had her sights set
on a new wing, I don't know.

What, she covered it up?

Let him get away with it?

After that... Gideon knew whatever
he did, he was protected.

It's not hard to bully a teacher.

Not if you're popular,
and Gideon was.

Why did you and Jamie get involved?
You know what it's like at that age.

You and your friends against the

We thought Mr Culvert just had it in
for Gideon, picking on him.

That we were the plucky underdogs
fighting back.

We thought we were the heroes of the

Mr Culvert started drinking.

You could smell it on his breath,
in class, under the mints.

He kept a bottle in his bag
and we used to top it up with other

You can imagine.

One day after school,
we went back to his classroom
to collect some things and...

Gideon started taunting him
about the drinking

and how he was gonna tell the head,

and Mr Culvert just...

Mr Culvert just...

just broke.

He started crying.

We'd never seen a teacher cry
before. We thought it was funny.

We thought he deserved it
for what he'd done to Gideon.

He crashed on the way home.

I don't even remember
the last thing we said to him.

I remember we were laughing and...

that as were leaving,
there was this noise.

She must have been there
the whole time. We just hadn't seen.

His daughter.

The look on her face.
I've seen it since then.

With kids I've worked with.


Mrs Culvert.

Mary, love.

Now, when your husband was killed,
Ruthie was in the car?

She doesn't remember much.
It's probably just as well.

Right. Well, we need to see her,
Is she about?


What's the matter?
Has something happened?

No, just a couple of questions,

Ruthie! Ruthie!

She's gone.

Ruthie Culvert.
Intelligence have put out an APW,

so the airports, railways
and ferry ports are aware.

Her photo's also gone out on the
police briefing.

We have officers with
Jamie Levinson at the hospital

and with Sister Claire, who we think
could also be a potential target.

Ruthie Culvert
is now our prime suspect

but she is also young and vulnerable.

Now, come on. We want her found.

What have we got?
A team's talking to her friends.

We've got trained officers with her
brothers. I wanna visit her mam.

Why now?

Her father died seven years ago.
Why now?

Opportunity. The sixth form
visiting the adventure centre.

Ruthie finding out Gideon Frane
was involved.

She could have found Gideon Frane at
any point over the last seven years.

Maybe at ten she was too young
to pull off murder, but 14, 15?

No, something triggered this.

Something happened.
Something's changed.


Her hair.

I meant to say, it just slipped my
mind, it's just a detail but...

Kit O'Dowd mentioned that
a lot of kids from St Finan's

get their hair done at his salon.

She can never afford their prices.

Her mam said the granddad
used to help out,

make sure the kids didn't miss out -
maybe it was a treat.


Get on to the salon.
Check their appointments.

See if there was any chance she could
have heard what Gideon was up to.

So he hounds her father to death. Hm.

Seven years later, she finds out
he's doing it again to somebody else.

No contrition, no remorse.

In fact, if anything, the experience
has made him more confident.

He think he's untouchable.

Now, I can see why Ruthie
wouldn't be able to live with that.

And where's the but?
Why go for Jamie?

Hm? I mean, anyone can see
from looking at the man,

he never walked away from that day.

He's been living a penance every

The officers interviewing her
friends just checked in - nothing!

Nobody's got a clue
where she might have gone.

Well, someone knows. They might not
realise it, but someone knows.

I already told you.
I don't know where she's gone.

Mrs Culvert...
She couldn't have done this.

I know all parents probably say this
but I know... Ruthie didn't do this.

Anything at all you can remember
from what happened in that classroom?

Hm? I mean, something else
Ruthie might have seen?

Something her father said?

And she's had absolutely no contact
with you at all?


I'm sorry.

It's all right. I know it's not a
social visit.

But I hope you find her - the girl
who's run away.

Me too.

Remember when you did the same?

Straight out of the head's office
and over the fields and far away.

Poor little mite.

Aye, well, nothing poor about it.

I just didn't fancy the leathering
I was due for not wearing my
uniform right.

You still hanging on to that story
after all this time?

It was your father went off after
those birds.

Left you on your own.

Stayed away longer than he planned,
I suppose.

You'd run out of clean uniform.
You'd run out of everything.

Eating peas out of a can
when I came round.

It wasn't the strap
you were running from.

You just didn't want your dad
getting in trouble.


I don't think it is her.

I don't think it's Ruthie.
I think she's protecting someone.

Joe, are you there?

Yeah. No, I'm... still here.

Just give me a second.

I think I know who.

After your husband died,
was there a special place

Ruthie used to go with your dad?

I know it wasn't you.

I'm sorry, pet.

When did you realise...

it was your granddad?


I think maybe I always knew.

I was just trying not to.

You came asking about what I heard
at the quarry...

and Granddad was walking past
the window.

And I just knew.

There's this hairdresser's
everyone goes to.

I heard one of them talking.

Crying... about Gideon Frane.

About what he was doing...
I know, love. I know.

He wouldn't have done
it if I hadn't told him.

But I've always told him everything.

Ever since Dad...

Would you confirm for the tape,
please, that you are Ronald Devreux?

25 years, sitting where you are now.

Retired early to be there for my

And because I couldn't take the
sight of one more smug bastard

walking out of the court
with his finger in the air

and a swagger in his step.

Yeah. Yeah, I'm Ronald Devreux

and I killed Gideon Frane.

Tell me about Jamie Levinson.

That was unintentional.

You put a whisky bottle full of
atropine in his cupboard.

For you to find, not him to drink.

Oh, planting evidence.

I was hoping if I gave you
a credible enough collar,

you wouldn't look elsewhere.

That's a bit of a risk
given his history of substance

I've got good contacts.

I had it on good authority
he'd given up drinking.

The alcohol...

glasses were for methadone.

But that's probation officers for
you, a bunch of bloody optimists.

I knew my son-in-law was having
trouble at work

and from a few hints he dropped,
I had an idea as to why.

After he died, and after
Ruthie told me what she'd seen,

I put two and two together.

So, I told Dr Ripman
I was going to hold her to account.

Go to the governors with
the fact that she'd covered up
Gideon Frane's cheating.

She said if I started muck-raking,

she said there'd be no death in
service benefit
paid out for Colin,

no pension.

He er... He was drunk at the wheel.

And er... the small print, you know,
I'd managed to bury that

as far as the inquest went, but she

So there we both were.
Each pointing a gun at the other's

And Ruthie's scholarship?
She got that with her own brain.

She was only ten when it happened.
She didn't know the full story.

She didn't know what Dr Ripman had

Her mother doesn't know anything.

Oh, interview rooms.

Stale air and bad coffee. I miss it.

Interview formally concluded at

Thank you for your cooperation.

I have no interest in fighting these

I won't be standing trial.


Pack-a-day man most of my life.

Six months, they said.

And you and I both know that

with the criminal justice system
in this country,

it will be twice that before this
gets near a court.

Yeah, they gave me
the news the same day

I picked Ruthie up
from the hairdresser's.

It felt like kismet.

And you thought this would help them
after you've gone?

They didn't need it. You did.

Don't you sometimes want it?

It wasn't justice.

That was murder.
And yes, sometimes I do.

But I wouldn't want to live in
a world that would let me take it.

Where is everyone?
Gone to the pub.

Why don't you come?
Kenny's bringing his new woman.

Someone should warn her.

No, you're all right, erm...
I've got plans.

Paperwork, you know?

I'm glad you're settling so well,
fitting in.

Well, it's a good team,
good atmosphere. Hm.

Comes from the top.

Here you are.
Cheers, mate.

Ah, you beauty.


Hey, darling.

Shep, this is Lindsey.
Nice to meet you.

Lindsey, Shep. What do you want
to drink? Gin and tonic, please.

Gin and tonic, please, as well.


Vera Stanhope!