Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Do you think everything will work out?

I couldn't have found
a better person than you

to take care of all of this
or deal with Godó.

You're going to do this,
for the Velvet Girls.

You'll have to come visit.

You think I'd miss
the chance to see New York?

Well, if not... I'll be back.

I hope so.
Give my love to Alberto.

-I will.

To the other Alberto as well, if you must.

-I love you.
-Me too.

My God, there's more?

Leave them...

wherever you can.


Ana! How are you?
How was the trip?

You know how it is. Trying to get used
to it a little at a time.

You should see it here, it's chaotic.

Of course, everything is still on track.
We open to the public this afternoon.

It's going to be another success,
you'll see.

How are you all?
How are the two Albertos?

Of course, no problem.
Give them my love.

I'll call tomorrow
to tell you how it went.

Thank you, take care.

-How do I look?
-As pretty as a picture, cuz.

-What's the time?
-You have ten minutes, stop worrying.

-Only ten minutes?

Stop stressing, cuz.
It'll be a piece of cake.

-That's easy for you to say.
-For me? You haven’t put your braces on!

Get in the car and tell her how you feel.
That's it, end of story.

-What should I say?
-"I'm crazy about you, baby.

I'm madly in love with you.

You're the moth to my flame."

-Be serious, cuz.

You've never loved anyone
as much as you love this woman.

You have to stay in Barcelona
as you'd miss the Paella too much,

and you want her to stay.

-I don't know if I can take the plunge.
-The plunge?

You either throw yourself in headfirst,
or stay stuck in the kid's pool.

-I'm embarrassed.
-About what?

-What if she doesn't like me?
-Then why is she here?

To see the sights and--

Don't be absurd,
here are the keys to my car.

It's no Ferrari, but it'll do.

Get in and say, "I love and adore you,
I want you to be my wife."

-That's it.

I might be getting ahead of myself.

-Just a little. Wish me luck.
-Good luck, cuz.

It's going to be great.

-Fix your hair!

"Hello, Rita, my love.

How are you? You won't believe this
but my cousin, Jonás, is in love.

You read that right.

Gee, the altar, the trip to Valencia....

Do you remember our honeymoon?

What fun we had.

I want you to know
I miss you very, very, very much, Rita.

I'll write again tomorrow,
I have to go to the store now.

Sending you a big kiss, wherever you are.
I love you".

Most people prefer the window seat,
but not me.

What good are the views
if you fall asleep?

Tell me to stay.

Tell me to stay.

...If it's between the aisle and the view
I know which one I'd choose.

The aisle, for sure.

You idiot, ask her to stay.
What are you waiting for?

Say it now.
Ask her to stay!

Well, I hope
this part of the trip is... long.

Really long.

-Ask her to stay
-Ask me to stay.

Come on.


I... We're here.

-That was fast.
-Too fast?

-Yes... No!
-It was? Oh, it wasn't.

Imagine we couldn't get your bags out.

-Where are you going to go without that?

-You'll have to stay here.


What I mean is,
I can't travel without my luggage.

No, you can't.

Stay here with me.


Stay here with me.

I don't want you to give up your career,
but I think Velvet could be good for you.

Only if you want.
I had to give it a shot.

-If not I'll ship your bags--

-No, don't send it or no, you won't stay?
-Yes, I will stay.

-You'll stay?

-You're staying?

-She's staying.
-For work.

-For work, of course.

For work.

-Shall we go?
-Yeah, sure.



Don't you think we're jumping the gun
opening today?

Aren't you the super boss
who can run Velvet

with no idea about fashion?

-Maybe I jumped the gun a little.
-Clearly, but it's too late to back out.

Who mentioned backing out?

Come on, you have a lot to learn
and not a lot of time to learn it.

-By this afternoon, will I--

By this afternoon
you'll still be clueless,

but don't worry
I'll make sure it isn't obvious.

Or that it isn't as obvious, at least.

Long time no see, Enrique.

You have no idea how entirely horrible
it is to see you again.

Now that I have seen you,
don't even think about it!

-That studio is mine.
-I wouldn't be so sure.

-I'm looking for a photography studio.
-Oh, really?

I've heard Mount Tibidabo
has some great views.

Look, this is my atelier,
the eye of the creative storm,

the origin of Spanish fashion.

So kindly go and find another space
to play at being an artist.

This isn’t a game.

I have a multi-million peseta business
and that studio has good lighting.

My God,
the things I have to put up with...

Go figure something else out.
You're an expert at that.

Now, I'm going back to work.

Don't get comfortable, this isn't over.

I'm well aware that you will do your best
to drive me insane,

but listen very carefully, Enrique.
You won't get anything past me.

Now I'll go get that school up and running
as it really will make millions.

-Don't be a--
-Best of luck to you.

Good morning.

Okay, take a seat.

You're all here as you think
you're talented and it's possible you are.

However, in order to reach the top,
like I have,

you need something more.

Work-ethic, innovation

and, most importantly,

my approval.

From now on you should consider yourselves

as one tiny little thread
in the great loom of hopeful applicants

sitting this entrance exam, every day.

So, put the effort in,
hand over your imagination

and surprise me.

Something which, if I'm being honest,
is pretty hard to achieve.

The exam involves
designing cocktail attire

and you'll have...
Where do you think you're going?

Who? Me?

-I don’t see anyone else standing there.
-I'm sorry, I overslept.

Never mind formalities...

Bold as brass, no excuses.

He overslept.

Very well, have a seat.

But you will have 15 minutes less
to complete the exam.

-The same time you wasted in bed.
-Whatever you say, sir.

And you'll design two proposals
instead of one, like them.

Let's see if your pencil is as quick
as your tongue.

Let's get to work.
You have an hour.

Three, two, one... Sew!

What's wrong?

-What happened?
-I don't understand.

They told me the job was mine.

-I was so happy, too.
-That's what happens in this country,

people pull strings everywhere.

-Maybe we shouldn't have come.
-Don't be silly, don't say that.

I was so happy at the school
with the kids.

They listened to me there.
I'm nobody here.

What do you mean?
You're everything to me.

-Well, then...

Let's go back to Germany.


What about our future, Inés?
The wedding.

I can't be a kept woman, Manuel.

I need to work and be independent.

-Why did I study, otherwise?
-I know.

But you have to understand,
I can't leave my father right now.

I know.

-Maybe I should go--
-No. Absolutely not.

You know no matter where I am,
I won't stop loving you, right?

Stop, this sounds like goodbye.

Look, let's just give it a try.

Let's give it one more shot
and if it doesn't work out

I'll book the return trip, myself.

Promise to give it a few more days.

-Darn it...
-Promise me.

-Just a few days?
-Just a few days.


-Ich liebe dich.
-Ich liebe dich.

-Ich liebe dich.
-Ich liebe dich.

They said they were going to decorate...

They're all talk and no action, here.

Put that mannequin back, Miss Nogues.

-Well, well...

Where were you? Us breaking our backs
while you take a break.

-You have to help me.
-What's new. Where were you?

Dad, Inés wants to go back to Germany.

-What did you do?
-Nothing! She can't find a job.

-She's starting a factory job, next week.
-She was, but someone pulled some strings.

-This country is a disgrace!
-That's what I said, but she's leaving.

She's not going anywhere, man.

Everything she has is here:
you, her family, the kids.

I said that too,
but once she gets an idea in her head...

That's how she got
the highest grades at school.

-The school!
-Yes, she wants to go back--

I'm talking about De la Riva's school.
I can ask him for a favor.

You just said pulling strings
was disgraceful.

Don't jerk around.
Do you want her to stay?

-Of course I do.
-That's settled, I'll talk to De la Riva.

He won't pay her, of course,
but with the experience she'll gain

as well as her dedication
and determination,

she'll be Doña Blanca's right-hand woman
in no time.

-Now what's wrong?
-I wish you'd talk about me like that.

Go on, get back to work.
Drama queen.


Pencils down, please.
Pencil down, miss.

Pencil down.

Make sure you've put your full names
at the top of the paper.

Thank you for your time.

You may leave.

All that fuss for nothing.

Good morning, Mr. De la Riva.

Isn't it just.

I think I've found the first student
for my school.

I think you need more than one student
to have a school.

I think you'll need quite a few students,
if you don't mind me saying so.

I assume you aren’t here just
to tell me how to run my school?

Do you know what you're asking?
I've never given preferential treatment.

It's just these are special circumstances.

Inés is my future daughter-in-law.
She's like one of my own, you get that.

Do you get that we're talking about a girl
with no experience or natural ability?

But she always puts in 110%,
no matter where she is.

Pedro, Ana Rivera wants
to franchise Velvet

and convert it into
a globally recognizable brand.

Do you think that's achieved
doing friends favors?

No, I don't want to ruin Ana's vision,

it's just wherever you put Inés,

-she'll give it 110%. No doubt.
-You don't get it, do you?

If I do this for Inés,

after subjecting everyone else
to rigorous testing,

-I'd be going against my principles.
-I'll vouch for her, you know that.

You're not just asking me for a favor,

you're asking me to be someone I'm not.

I really respect you.

And I'm sure people doing you favors
has gotten you where you are.

In a good position.

I'm where I've always been.

But I didn't mean to put you
in an awkward position, sorry.



-I'll think about it.

-I didn't say yes.

I said I'll think about it.

-Thank you so much.
-Go on, get out of here.

-But seriously--
-I know, I know.

Thank you!

Deliveries are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We label the goods
to workshop standards.

If you need silk
speak to the warehouse manager and...

-Here we have Raúl.
-Who is on his way for a drink.

These are the studios.

That's the school, pattern design,
cutting and dressmaking.

Regarding pattern design...

-Am I going too fast?
-Are you always like this?

-Excuse me?
-Nothing. Please, go on.

But you understand what we do here right?

If I had to guess... Clothes?

Something else I won't mention to Ana.

Listen, I didn't stay in Barcelona
to have my time wasted.

-Not interested? Show yourself the door.
-I'm sorry.

I'm interested it's just a lot to take in.

It's all new
and I'm having trouble taking it all in.

Don't take it to heart, it’s how I am.

Men and their lies.

Women and their snubs.

The big day arrives...
her the center of attention, obviously,

and him waiting at the altar
for two hours.

-You were left at the altar?
-Excuse me, but it's not funny.

-That would be a yes, then.
-Can we continue this riveting tour?

I'm sorry, I--

You were just saying you haven’t come here
to waste time, right?

Fine, follow me.

Clara, thank goodness I found you both!

It's your father, Sergio.
He just called to say he's on his way.

-Is the paperwork ready?

Yes, of course.

I'll double check it
in case he changed anything, though.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-He's not so bad, Godó Jr.
-He's just a kid.

If you say so, but I'd give him a whirl.

-Did you know he was left at the altar?

-How do you know?
-He told me.

-Totally out of the blue.
-The poor thing.

-It's an unjust world we live in.
-It seems that he's just enough for you.

Now stop crushing on him
and tell me,

-what's happening with Enrique's agency?
-Oh yeah...

Hey, Enrique is pretty hot too,
don't you think?

I won't even tell you how many things
are wrong with what you just said.

-Enrique, what are you doing here?
-Mr. Godó.

Don't tell me my son
couldn't come down to meet me.

Don't blame the kid,
blame the one who raised him.

They probably aren't expecting you.

That looks really good. Very stylish.

The best home for a label
as daring and risqué as Giuliano.

Are you all settled in?

I'm still waiting for the dark room,
it should be ready tomorrow.

I've been thinking about our little chat
at the Rialto

and I think the best way
for you to get to know me professionally,

-is for us to work side-by-side.
-What are you getting at?

I had thought
that with your support

I'd have access to the best clients
in Barcelona, but I realized...

that you're the best client.

You never give up, do you.

It's a rare occasion, I admit.

-What are you thinking?
-That you should use me for the new Cava.

Those are big words.

I won't charge you.

I have to admit, I like your arrogance.

Let me think about what you can do for me.

Now, if you don't mind.
I have to close a deal.

You know where to find me.

As you know, son,
we're here to sign the loan paperwork.

I take it they're the same as our copies?

It's weird seeing him
on the other side of the table.

How time flies.

Shall we get on with it?

Yes, everything in there
is what we already agreed to.

First of all, I want to thank you
for the faith you're putting in us.

No other bank would have been
so generous with the amount.

I'm pleased you see it that way,
Clara, honey,

as it's because
of the unprecedented stakes

that the bank has decided to impose
a unique condition.

The bank? Or you?

The bank, me...

Me, the bank...

I'm looking out for both of our interests.

-And what is it?
-That someone with the right expertise

supervises all the transactions
you make with the money.

That way we all have peace of mind.

The thing is, that's my job.
To make the best decisions for Velvet.

It might seem like your job,
but with from an unbiased perspective.

-Impartiality is important in business.
-This is outrageous.

-Who's the supervisor?

Me, of course.

Would you leave us alone
for a moment, Clara?

No, I won't.
Mr. Godó--

-It'll only be a minute.

It's private.

-I'll be outside.
-Thank you.

Stop taking things so personally, Sergi,
this is just business.

That's exactly why
I don't want you calling me Sergi.

You're right, this is my business

and you want to come
and supervise me like some kid.

Where've you been hiding this side of you,
I've never seen it before.

Don't start, Father.
I won't bite.

Were you expecting special treatment, son?

-Excuse me?
-This is serious business, Sergi.

Please behave as the situation dictates.

Let's sign the contracts, Sergi.
We can celebrate at home, later.


I won't let you run Velvet.

Finished talking to Daddy?

I know him and he won't back down on this.
We either accept or he won't sign.

Are you serious?
No, we can't let that happen.

Everything is in motion
and I already made purchases.

-We need that money.
-I'll try getting it somewhere else.

I have payments going out tomorrow.

I know I can fix this,
I just need 24 hours.

The news your father granted us the loan
has been in the press.

That took more than 24 hours.

I came here to run the store,
not work under my father.

-What if you can't fix it?
-I will.

And if you can't?

I won't tell Ana the store has gone under
the same day it opens.

You won't have to, I promise.

Fine, you have 24 hours.
But if you fail, you're out.


I have a lot to do,
I can't spend the whole morning here.

You'll understand that what you're asking
is a little unexpected, Mr. Godó.

I feel I should to speak to Ana about it.

I take Ana to be
a very smart person, Clara.

And someone
a lot more business-savvy than my son.

We can make a deal
if you change your mind.

I will not risk that amount of money
without a guarantee.

I totally understand, but you must admit
Velvet is a stable brand.

You're right about that,
but the franchise is still a venture.

And even more so, when the person
at the helm has no experience.

-Is there any way you'd change your mind?
-No, you'd do well to change yours.

We won't take up anymore
of your time, then.

Thanks for coming.

Good luck with the opening.

-Good afternoon.
-I'm looking for Mrs. Macarena Rey.

Thank you, I'll take it from here.

-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.

I'm sorry do we know each other?

I'm Emilio Lopez's widow.

Please, come in.

-Don't stand out there.
-Thank you.

I'm sorry for just turning up,

but I found something of yours
in Emilio's things

that I thought you'd want.

-May I?
-Of course, it's yours.


I drove myself crazy looking for it
in the fitting rooms.

-That was more than--
-More than 30 years ago, I know.

He probably put it away thinking
he'd see you again, someday.

I know that...

he loved you very much.

That he loved and respected you.

So much so,
that he broke his own strict rules.

And for him that was a very big deal.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

It's not easy.

And I've probably made things worse.

Forgive me.

When you make a decision,

you often don't think
about the consequences for everyone else.

I just wish you'd done it earlier.

He'd loved to have known
he had a son.

I've spent years stuck in a life
I have no escape from, Blanca.

And Sergio deserved
the same opportunities as his siblings.

In some ways,
Eduard is a good father to him.

From what I can tell,
that hasn't been enough.

Why would you have told your son,

Sometimes, as women,
we allow men to make us

into vulnerable weaklings,

when the reality is quite the contrary.

If you'd allow me a piece of advice,

I think that now you've been brave enough
to take this first step,

you should keep fighting
for your happiness.

It's what Emilio did, every day.

Sometimes things aren't so simple.

If they're worth it they never are.

And now I really must get going.


The department store
is opening its doors today.

-I've loved meeting you.
-Me too.

-Shall I walk you out?

Godó Jr. isn't quite the kid
you thought he was, huh?

I wish he'd grab my waist life that.

-If it isn’t the woman of the hour.

How's it all going?

-How's the inauguration?
-You should see it!

The turnout is incredible.

The new guy seems to be settling in.
I'm looking at his front page.

-He's really starting in style.
-We'll see.

-Are you okay?
-Yes, of course.

It’s always the same at the beginning.
When do you get here?

I wanted to talk to you about that.

I don’t think I can come up this week.

-How come?
-We're about to blow the lid off

one of the biggest corruption cases,
to date.

I'm going to get myself in some trouble,
so you can investigate me too.


-you promised me you'd put us first.
-And I am.

How couldn't I?
Don't worry.

Take care of the launch
and next week you'll be home.

-Let's hope so.
-Mr. Ruiz...

I have to go.

-It's fine.
-Hey, one more thing.

-I love you.

Me too.

Have a good afternoon.

I'm here to see the manager.

Close your mouth, you'll stay that way.

-But you're... you are...
-The Empress.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

If my wife Rita were here,
I don't know what she would do.

Neither do I, what I do know is
that I need to see the manager.

The manager...

There are so many of you.
Wait here.

Did he say when he'd be back?

No, but give him a chance,
he only just went out.

-I'm freaking out.
-You're freaking out? I'm freaking out!

-I was just with The Empress.

She wants to talk to the manager
and the manageress.

-The Empress of Austria?
-Oh, sure.

What do you mean?
We don't have an empress.

I'm talking about Carmela Cortés.
The Flamenco dancer, La Morena,

-The Carmela Cortés?
-The very one.

-She's here in the store?
-She's downstairs.

The Cortés family, the Heredias,
one or two of the Montoyas...

Hey, wait for me!

Here we go.

That's right.


My God!

-Come on.


-That's right, baby!
-Go, Carmela!


-Olé, olé!

Such artists, olé.

-This is art.

Silence, please, this is no place for...

Miss, please this is no place for dancing.

-Now, come on. That's enough.
-Look at how he claps! Someone echo him.


Please... That is enough!

Olé, olé, olé, olé!

That's some power, son!

What is going on?

That's the flamenco dancer,
The Empress.

-I'm Carmela Cortés.

And I'm here to place an order.

-She's my sister.

Please, don't start that again.

I'm not going anywhere
until this is sorted.

When did you hire a flamenco group
for the inauguration?

-I didn't, I don't know why they're here.
-You're De la Riva.

A legendary artist, like me.

Something like that.

In that case, we'll get along just fine.

Hi, I'm Clara, the manager.

I'd be happy to attend to you
in the privacy of my office.

-Come on.
-Let's go.

-Where are they going? Your office?
-No, no, no.

-Just a moment.
-All of them?

-Why do they go everywhere together?
-I don't know.


My God, The Empress!

I've seen Gypsy Passionsix times.

I'm more into comedies,
I've never seen it.


-You'd love it.

-I'm shaking all over.
-Don't fall over.

It sounds good, Sergio.

There should be no problem
putting the wheels in motion.

-I knew I could count on you, sir.
-Anyone would do the same

-with such a financially sound project.
-Don't be so sure.

We're aware it's a lot of money

and I must admit
if you hadn't entered the Spanish market

we'd have no alternative.

Apart from your father, of course.

Sure... apart from him.

Well, then.

Hey, how could the press leak that story
if it isn't true?

You know what reporters can be like.

Me doing business with my father
sells more newspapers.

Yeah... anyway.

I'll go and inspect the paperwork.

I'd better leave it finished today
if you need it first thing tomorrow.

I really appreciate it, sir.

-It was a pleasure seeing you again.

Take it easy, please.


It's my brother The Needle's idea.

And what is The Needle's idea
if I might ask.

I do nothing
without thinking it through.

So I want the wardrobe
for my new show...


-To be designed by Velcro.


Well, if you tell us a little
about what it is you want,

-we'll see if we can be of service.
-Listen carefully.

-We'll be starting the tour with a bang.
-A huge one.

We're only going to be
at the Olympia in Paris!

Olé, olé, olé.

And seeing as I intend to wow,

I can't turn up at the Olympia
in any old thing.

Not me, my group
or the mother that bore me.

God rest her soul.

Okay, the only thing you should know
is we don't do this type of dressmaking.

-It doesn't matter.
-A minor detail.

You're renowned in France, De la Riva,
I've heard it myself.

-No other Spaniard is on a level with you.

Apart from you-know-who.

Who do you mean?

The one they call... Jay.

Unfortunately, Miss Empress and Co.,

my current commitments mean
that I am unable to take on

-an order such as yours.

As tempting as it is, good day.

Listen here, I've got something to say.

Nobody has ever said no to me.

In that case...

someone has to be the first.

Are you really telling me
you're going to pass up on this chance?

Thank you for coming.

-Nice meeting you.
-Likewise, sugar.

How'd it go?

That jackass said that he's too busy.

Mr. De la Riva will think about it.
End of conversation.

Everyone home, it's getting late.

-Alright, let's go.
-Come on.

See you soon, then!

It's so exciting to think the dresses
for The Empress' new show

-will be designed here!
-Really? And who's designing them?

You won't believe this
I think I just saw--

-Carmela Cortés.
-Carmela Cortés.

She wants Don Raul
to design the wardrobe

-for her new show at the Olympia in Paris.
-That's great.

Now, Raúl...

I think we should at least consider this.

I understand she's not your style,
but you can't deny she's a crowd-pleaser.

As well as being a national icon.

-She's much more than just some hillbilly.
-Look, guys...

I have created a following for my designs

and I didn’t come this far
to have to start designing frocks.

Mermaid gowns...

I don't care if they're mermaids
or meringues.

Raúl de la Riva
doesn't design bullfighting costumes,

overalls, or bathrobes.

And he certainly
doesn't design flamenco outfits!

Don Raul...


I think we should take Raúl
to see Carmela dance.

Yeah, I'm really in the mood for Flamenco.

I assume you're going to tell me
how it went?

We're signing the paperwork
tomorrow morning.

-What? Are you serious?
-I swear.


-So, are we going to the show or not?
-I'm not sure about that.

We should celebrate
our first deal together, right?

-Me and you?
-Of course. Who else would it be?

We can also ask Raúl, so he can witness
Carmela's immense talent.

-I don't know...
-Come on, you can't say no to me.

-Okay, fine.

I'll get you from the hotel bar at 10 p.m.

Will you let Raúl know?

-See you later, then.

Good afternoon, sir.

-Manuel said--

-Draw what?
-A cocktail dress.

Let's see what you've got.

The best part is the cocktail.

Let's talk fabric.

There are a lot, right?

Okay, let's see
if you can help me out a little, here.

I haven't got all day
and I'm trying to help you.

-Tell me, what are your strengths?
-I am very eager to learn.

I also have a lot of will power
and, at times, the patience of a saint.

Just what I'm going to need.

What about your future?
What do you see there?

I see a young,

beautiful woman,

wearing a white dress

at a beautiful ranch...

on the arm of the man she loves.


I see you dream about a dress.

A wedding dress. The most beautiful one
that anyone's ever worn.

Very good.

-That will be your final project.

From tomorrow you'll be a student here.

And start applying yourself
or your classmates will discover you.

-No buts. Don't you want to study here?

-Of course!
-Good, well listen up.

I'm opening the doors of Velvet to you,
but you only get one chance.

What you have to do now
is prove to me that you're up to the task.

You can go.

-Thank you so much, Mr. De la Riva.

-Thank you, professor.

Right! Thank you, professor.

Really, thank you so much.

Let's call a spade a spade.

-Keep your voice down. What’s up?

-What's going on?
-Mr. De la Riva accepted me!

-I got in.
-I can't believe--

This is incredible!
Kiss me!

-That's not all.

I'm going to design my wedding dress.
Know what that means?

No, I don't.

I'm going to draw it, sew it
and put it on to walk up the aisle

-and you have to be there waiting.
-Of course I will.

We're going to start planning, tomorrow.

-The wedding, the party, dates, all of it.
-I'm so happy!

So am I, my love!

-I'm going to go see Raúl de la Riva...
-No, let's go.

-Okay, let's go.
-Come on.

-Some days never seem to end.
-You're telling me.

Doña Blanca...

I was waiting until closing
to give you this.

I'd like you to have it.

No, I can't...

-I can't accept that, ma'am.
-Please, take it.

I found it among his things
and I know he'd love you to have it.

But don't you also want
to enjoy these memories?

It helps me knowing that his things are
where they ought to be.

Well, the other day something arrived
with the boxes from Madrid.

A box which...

belongs to you.

It must have gotten mixed in
during the move.

Thank you.

-Right, well I'll just...
-Sure, I'll close up, thank you.

Doña Blanca...

I'll never take it off.

-Sleep well.

"My wishes".

-It wasn't possible.


I was just telling Francisco here,

that this is the best vintage we've had
since buying the winery.

I can attest to that.

Come in, son.
Come join us.

We're on the second bottle.

I wasn't expecting to see you, sir.

I actually came to see your father.

I never say no to a glass of fine wine.


I can't compete with the conditions
that Godó Banking has offered you.

How could you?

I didn't do anything.

Francisco asked me to shed some light
on a few things, so I did.

I should probably go.

Some things should be dealt with
in private.

See you tomorrow.

-At the Petrogal board meeting.
-Thank you, Francisco.

For your visit
and for treating my son so well.

-You still have so much to learn, son.
-Have you any idea what you just did?

-You just buried a vital deal for Velvet.
-You should be happy, Sergio.

I stopped you making a huge mistake
getting involved with a foreign bank.

It's my life and my decision, father.

And you're spurning the very business

that's put food in your belly
all these years.

-And all because you're so stubborn!
-I'm done.

I'm done.

I don't have to put up with this.


What are you doing?

I'm leaving.

I'm tired of his self-importance
and him humiliating me.

Listen to me, Sergio.

Look at me, honey.

This isn't the right time.

Yes it is, Mom.

He's rejected me my entire life.

And if it's because he's not my real dad,
I can't do anything to change that.

How long have you known that, son?

Subtitles: Francesca Maguire