Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 2 - Mucho más que un recuerdo - full transcript

After a suspicious Ana hears out Sergio's claims, Doña Blanca tells her of past events kept secret. Jonás arrives from Paris with a companion in tow.

Mother never mentioned him.

Until now.

Emilio was reliable and honest.

He wouldn't have abandoned his son.

-Wait a minute--
-Look, I know this sounds crazy...

but he didn't know.

And why would your mother wait
30 years to tell you?

I'm sorry, but there's no money for you.

That's not why I'm here.

I just want the other half
of this photograph.

She's been through a lot.

If your uncle kept the missing half,
her life would be worth something.

And so would mine.

In case you need anything...

Thank you.

-Who was that guy?
-What's going on, Ana?

Take it easy, you'll find a way.

You have no idea
what that idiot just did!

He's my main client.

23 percent of our revenue
just went down the drain!

-Nothing. Let's go inside.

He says he's Emilio's son.

-He says he only just found out.

That all he wants is the other half
of the photo.

I believe him.


Ana, your uncle was a good man.

Neither you nor I
could have hoped for any better.

But he had a life of his own, too.

More than 30 years ago,
before you came to Madrid,

your uncle had an affair
with a married woman.

-Who would have thought.
-It's a chapter of his life he cherished.

He never told me.

-He told me.
-Good lord...

Emilio was the serious
and disciplined man you all knew.

Not the type to open up easily.

That fragile and cautious woman
became his best client over time.

She would come by
to take her mind off other hardships.

She had come from Barcelona
to take care of her sick mother.

Her marriage had been over for a while.

For her Velvet was a distraction
and brought her happiness.

In time, something very special happened
between your uncle and her.

Until, one day,

she showed up at the store, heartbroken.

Her mother had died.

But the tears she cried

weren't only for her mother,
but for the end of her happiness.

Ana, I don't know if that man is
or isn't Emilio's son,

but I do know that his mother was the one
Emilio broke his own rules for.

Who is she?

-Good afternoon!
-Delighted to see you.

So good of you to come.

-How's it going, Pau?

I'm so happy to see you.

-Hi, Pau.
-It's a pleasure to see you again.

The pleasure is mine.


it's turning into a great party,
but you should come down.


-You look wonderful.
-Really? Thanks.

Mr. Planas, how are things?

How are you, Marta?

According to my friend
and wine connoisseur, Richard Pratt,

wines aren't simply pleasant
or unpleasant to the taste.

We, too, may or may not be
to the wine's taste.

A 1953 Château Lafite gave me
a hard time once.

-No, Pau. It's true.

Everything was right:
the vineyard, the year, my mood,

the experts' opinion...

but it just wasn't meant to be.

Now, it's not about magic.

According to my friend Richard,

even the PH-value
of your saliva has an influence.

It's pure chemistry.

In any case, that Château Lafite and I,
because of the PH or whatever it was,

didn't hit it off.

And that's when I decided that

my fate might lie in creating
a great sparkling wine.

Today, I'd like to present
the latest jewel of my vines:

The Godó Grand Reserve.

And leaving you
with the words of my friend Richard,

who spoke of wines
as if they were human beings,

I'd like to say it's as surprising
and lively as my own family,

subtle and delicate in appearance,

powerful and resounding on the tongue,

with the hint of acidity
you'd expect from a Godó

and so essential to success.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the new Godó Grand Reserve.


Ma'am... Master Sergio is on the phone.

Thank you, Elena.

You've had me worried, son.
Where are you?

-Your dad already gave the presentation.
-I had to wait to see Ana.

-Don't worry, I'm on my way home.
-How did it go?

It all went just fine.

-I'm sorry to put you through this.
-Don't say that.

It'll all turn out fine.

How were they with you?

Quite nice actually.

They said they'll call once they've found
the other half of the photograph.

They have my card.

That would be...

Promise me you'll drive carefully
on your way back.

But I just told Sebastian
to drive like a maniac.

Don't joke about it.

I'll be home for dinner.

-We'll be waiting.

I love you.

Me too.

-I'll be back to see you soon.
-Thank you for staying.

Drive carefully.

Don't worry.

I'm here if you need me for anything.

Let's go.
And I don't trust that guy one bit.

I'm going to miss you.

-I'll have to stay on a while.
-Of course, Ana needs you.

-And you don't?

All I need is your cute butt.

Be good.

You too.

Tell me where to install myself
or should I choose?

-Didn't you hear me?
-This way, guys.

You really can't move in today.

It's not possible,
I'm alone in the office... Hey!


Are you alright?

As it would appear you're determined
to move in no matter what,

-you go where I tell you, is that clear?
-Great and where would that be?

Close to me.
I'm not letting you out of my sight.

Let's go.

You can put your things in there.
At least for the time being.

-Where's the management suite?
-Why do you care?

Where are their offices?

You don't know who I am, do you?
You've no idea who you're talking to.

-Listen, girly--

Did you call me "girly"?

You can call me Paloma,

goddess, beautiful,

passionate, hot, fiery...

Anything but "girly."

-That's some attitude.
-You have no idea.

If you're a good boy
you can get anything from me,

but if you're a bad boy,

I am capable of such horrific things

that I block them out just to stay sane.

Thank you.

Let's drink to our family's success.

-No more, please.
-A Godó can never have too much Cava.

-Very good, son. That's lesson number one.
-We should wait for Sergio.

My darling,
life and champagne wait for no man.

He's done enough damage
missing today's event.

I spent the whole time
making excuses to our guests .

A very important matter
required his attention.

Sure, more important
than our company's future.


Let's toast to the press conference being
as successful as today.

I'm certain of it, Daddy.

Good evening.

People count the faults
of those who keep them waiting.

Hello, my dear.

Is something wrong?


-Not that I know of.


-Aren't you going to ask how it went?
-I don't have to.

I know it will have been a triumph.

Nothing can go wrong
with my sister in charge.

That's true.

I'd have liked to see you there.

I thought you knew
how important it was for the family.

-It wasn't my intention to miss it.
-Well, it's a shame.

I had thought about naming you
Head of Sales at the winery,

but as there are other matters
that need your attention,

Pau seems a better fit for the position.

-Eduard, it's not the right moment--
-Leave it, Mom.

It's fine, really.

Congratulations, Pau.

Although, to be honest,

I'm pretty sure my absence today
had nothing to do with the decision.

I actually heard it from Gorrino
a few days ago.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I'll leave you to your cozy dinner
and get some rest.

-Wait, Sergio--
-It's okay, I already ate.


Anyway, it's bad luck
not to finish the toast.


Yeah, it's Sergio.

I'm sorry to call so late,
but I wanted to tell you I'm leaving.


I appreciate it but I've made my decision.



I've had it up to here with you.

Enough is enough!

You're blocking the door!

-Is that Paloma?
-You can't stay here all night!

-What a shame...
-It's been three hours not one and a half.

Get that truck out of here now!

You heard the lady,
stack up the boxes and let's scram!

-Thank God you're here.
-What is it?

Enrique's here and driving me crazy.

Never mind, I'll tell you later.

I'm so sorry for your loss, ma'am.

-Thank you, Paloma.
-How's Ana?

I'm sure you can imagine.

The movers called when no one was here...

I totally forgot about the move.

Thanks so much
for taking care of everything.

It's no problem at all.

I told them to leave it
in the storage room.

-Will you come with me?

-Don't worry, it's all taken care of!
-Thank you very much.

Move it!

-How will we find that photograph?
-It won't be easy.

But if it is here it will be
with the things Emilio kept in his desk.

Let's start with those boxes.

It can't be with the clothes, Pedro.
Help us look in those boxes.


Holy Guacamole...

You never really know a person
until you know them, right?

Give me that!
They're Doña Blanca's personal things.

I was only saying... Sorry.

Well, well, Doña Blanca,

behind that serious exterior
there's a temptress.

-Mr. De la Riva...
-Here's the box with his photos.

Look Ana, It's from last Christmas,
do you remember?

Now what?

I have a cousin.


The wonderful Don Emilio,
surprising us until the very end!

Enough tears.

We have to get drunk in his honor!

I think Mr. De la Riva is right.

Yes, but we don't know where
to go out in Barcelona.

I'm sure Paloma will know.

Welcome to the Rialto!

It's fabulous.

Go wait in the VIP area,
I'll be right there with the drinks.


Is there anything that girl can't do?

Why else would I take her
everywhere I go?

Does that mean you're staying?

Well, let's just say I'm staying
as long as Ana needs me to.

I don't like being away
from Mr. Moustache for too long.

Oh, sweet love...
It couldn't be any other way!

Or else this wouldn't be Velvet,
right, honey?

-Thank you, Clara.
-Don't you dare thank me.

But what are we going to do about
all the candidates for financial director?

I wanted to talk to you all about that.

I don't have the strength
to keep going right now.

You can't give in, Ana.

You hear me?
Your uncle wouldn't let you.

What you need to do, right now,

is get on a plane back home
to your two Albertos.

Let them take care of you
and have a break, but only for a while.

Raúl is right.

You've fought too hard for this
to let it all go to waste.

There's still so much left to do.

We have no financial director,
no students for the school...

And who'll be Head of Personnel
in Barcelona now?

I will.

I'll do it.

If you'll let me, that is.

A change would do me good.

Thank you, Pedro.

-Emilio would be so proud.
-You'd really do that for me?


And for myself.

-Bravo, Pedro.
-I'd love it.

We've opened a new branch
of Velvet in Barcelona!

We're making history thanks to you.

I don't know how to thank you all
for everything.

Oh, I love this song.

It reminds me of all the men
in my life.


I'd like to propose a toast.

-To Don Emilio.
-May he guide us in this new adventure.

Isn't it wonderful, Marie.

Good morning,
I'm afraid the store is still closed,

but we'd be happy
to welcome you back soon.

Have a nice day.

-How can I help?

Manuel Infantes...

Uncle Jonás?

My goodness!

It's so good to see you,
Dad didn't say you were coming!


I'd like to introduce my nephew, Manuel.


-Nice to meet you.

She understands Spanish?

Where's your father?
I'm dying to see him.

Sure, come this way
and I'll show you the store, too.

It's amazing.

You see, Marie, Spain would give Paris
a run for its money.

And you, Manolito, how are things?

Well, I'm getting married, Uncle Jonás.

-You're what?
-You heard.

-I'm getting married.

-Your generation's always in such a hurry!
-Why wait when you're sure, right?

Of course.
So, how's your father?

He didn't sound great last time I called.

-I'm a little worried about him.
-He doesn’t really open up to me.

He probably doesn't want me to worry.

-But I wouldn't say he's doing great.
-I see.

It'll get better, little by little.

-And what about your fiancée?
-She's great.

We're having dinner with my dad,
want to come?

-Sure, okay.

-Marie, how do you like it?
-I love it.

-Me too.
-Shall we continue the tour?

So what's her name?

I don't how long
we'll be staying in Barcelona, Mother.

No, don't bring any food, really.
No, I don't want brisket.

No, really.

Look, I only have a minute,
put the boys on the line.

Don't whistle for them, Mother!

Who's that? Little Jorge?

How are you, my boy?

I really miss you too.

Yeah, you're going to love it here
in Barcelona.

Where's your brother? What do you mean,
you locked him in the barn?

You know your brother has claustrophobia,
get him out of there!

Listen, Jorge, I've got to go.

Right, yes, I love you.

I love your brother, too.
Tell him that! Bye!

Oh, I forgot to...


Manolito! Have you seen him?

I'll be sending that kid back to Germany
before we've even opened.

-Look at this grouch...



-What are you doing here?
-I couldn't get here any sooner.

We made all our connections
but couldn't make the funeral.

-Don't worry.
-We were in Lorraine when we heard.

-So you're... Can she understand?
-Yes, she can.

So you're Mari!
I'm Pedro, you're Mari.

It's Marie, not Mari.

Fine, Marie. Really...

Look at him!
A couple of years in Paris, and look!

-He's always talking about you.
-Professionally speaking.

-Sometimes it's not so professional, if--
-Come here, cuz!

Come here, my boy.
Group hug!

We Infantes men are very affectionate
until it gets too much,

then we just hit each other.

Jay didn't say
he had such a loving family.

-It's my artist's alias.

So now he's an artist?

It's just that here, at Velvet,
we call him Jonás.

-Didn't he say?
-Sure, it's just that in Paris...

I'm sure a lot goes on in Paris.

-Shall I show you the rest of the store?

In that case, right this way please!
I'll be right...

-Strictly professional, right?
-Yes and you don't have to talk like that.

-Are you laughing at me?

Either you go and sort
the Manresa delivery,

or there won't be a wedding.

So Jose Antonio will be
Head of Personnel in Madrid?

He can step in for Pedro.

He's the best clerk we've had in years.
I trust him.

And how do we structure Barcelona?

Well, we've talked it over and we think
the best plan is to have a flat hierarchy.


We don't really know what the new
financial director will be like.

So this is a way to keep the staff
and Pedro involved in important decisions,

and also ensure
that our Madrid philosophy remains intact.

Right, we're all part of Velvet!

Right, ma'am?

We don't want just anyone telling us
how to run the show.

I'm sorry, I'm a bit tired.

I'm happy with any decision you make.

Would you mind
if I checked on things in the studio?

I think keeping busy will do me good.


-Are you alright?
-Of course, don't worry.

I'd like to get back into a routine

and deal with the house stuff later.

-When is that Sergio coming?
-He said some time this morning.

"Happy first day at work, Doña Blanca.

Let's enjoy every tiny thing
our new future here in Barcelona brings.

With all my love, Emilio."

Are you alright?


Take this, please.

There, there.

Take it easy.

Can I do anything?

Ever since we got married,

he's sent me flowers every Monday.

And now he won't anymore.

Not anymore.

You must be Doña Blanca.

What are you doing here?
You shouldn't be working.

Mr. de la Riva needs the workshop
in perfect shape

for the entrance exams.

Let me help.

-No, I'll manage.
-No, really.

I know you don't know me from Adam,

but I've managed a studio in Paris
for over 10 years.

Trust me. Please.

I don't think we have time,
there's so many.

So many...

By golly, the hallway is packed
with good looking guys.

-Things are looking up.
-We're not looking for models,

we need a new financial director
for Velvet Collection.

I know, but we're also selling an image
and he'll have to be made public.

He'll speak at the fashion shows
and press conferences.

Would you prefer a troll?

And who knows,
maybe I'll fall in love again.

You're more concerned
about this than we are, now!

That's it.
Here we go.

-You're staying for the interviews?
-Of course.

I'll have to deal with him too, won't I?

Shall we start?
We're ready back here.

Bring them through.

What fun!

This way, please.

-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt,

-but there was no one--
-No worries, we were just finishing up.

Yeah, I'd say so.

No point in trying to squeeze blood
from a stone.

To be honest,
I wasn't sure you'd call.

-Me neither.
-Well, we're going to get out of here.

-Yes, we'll wait for you downstairs.

-Would you like a drink?

but I'd prefer to get to the point.

We found the other half of the photo
in my uncle's things.


-Thank you for coming.
-Enrique, it's been a long time.

-I was sorry about your father's passing.
-I appreciate that.

What brings you to Barcelona?

You might have heard
that I was awarded a Miracle,

one of the most prestigious
public relations awards.

Indeed, I try to keep
my finger on the pulse.

Congratulations, Quique.

But I'm assuming this encounter
has nothing to do with a brandy campaign.

-Or am I wrong?
-Of course not.

A sherry, please.

Let's get straight to point then,
shall we?

As charismatic as ever, Eduard.

I know who I'm dealing with, that's all.

What if I said the brand Giuliano

had given me the contract
for their Spanish marketing campaign,

and put me in charge of monitoring sales
at their outlet?



So I've decided to move here to Barcelona

and open a branch of my agency.

Inside Velvet's building.

And what if I said that
Giuliano considered it a smart move,

leaving Velvet no choice but to accept?


But my ambition doesn't end there.
I think we're similar in that respect.

I want all of Catalonia's
best PR accounts.

The ones I couldn't access from Madrid.


Call it what you will.

I'd like you to help me
get a foot in the door

and introduce Otegui Communications
to the heavyweights.

Spanish money shouldn't end up
in foreign PR hands.


So if I treat you
as if you were part of the family...

what's in it for me?

You tell me.

We'll just have to keep looking.

I won't settle for the best of a bad lot.

Chérie, you're so sexy
when you talk business.

-I'm serious.
-Me too.

I'll tell Paloma to give it another try.

Tell her she can start calling
the candidates for the entrance exam, too.

Let's see what I'm in for.

You didn't expect to be the only one
who'd come out of this deal winning?

I didn't think my line of business was
of interest to you.

Money is always of interest to me.

Besides, I barely know you professionally.

How do you expect me to introduce you?

What performance assurances
could I give them?

-Now, my track record--
-Is not irrelevant.

If it was you wouldn't be here
asking for my help.

Do yourself a favor, Enrique.

Think it over.

Well, if it isn't
Hubert Taffin de Givenchy himself!

-Mr. De la Riva, sir.

-You know, because of...
-This has nothing to do with my age.

It's from the stress
of affairs of the heart.

I should be calling you sir
now that you're famous

-and you've won every Gold Needle.
-I wouldn't say every one.

That's true,
I have the ones you didn't manage to win.

-I'm so glad to see you.
-Me too.

-And who's this beauty?
-Marie Leduc, my right hand.

I don't sew on a button without her.

I get the picture. Enchanté.

The pleasure is mine.

A French lady with perfect Spanish,
how can that be?

My Grandmother was Spanish
and my Dad wanted to keep that connection.

-He did well.
-She's been such a huge help.

She's a godsend.

Nothing less than impeccable!

You, Pierre Cardin,
I want to talk with you in private.


-Do you need anything, ma'am?
-No, I'm fine. See you later.

Okay, we'll be in my office.

This way, Jay.

-That's what they call you now, right?
-Oui, c'est moi!

-Thanks so much, Marie. For everything.
-It's been a pleasure.

It's all too recent.

I still don't understand Velvet
without him.

I know from Jay how strong you are.
You'll get through this.

-Yes, again.

Is there anything
you haven't already been through?

Why do I have
all the bad luck with men?

-I think you scare them.


-And you are?

Marie. I work with Jonás in Paris.

-I knew it, the sly old dog...
-Excuse me?

-Never mind.
-I'm Paloma, secretary to management.

-And I'm Clara.

Manager of Velvet in Madrid.

Look, we were just talking about guys

and since you don't know me,
maybe you can help.

What kind of a woman am I?
Dangerous? Threatening?

-Someone men would be afraid of?
-You don't have to answer that.

The thing is, she looks in the mirror
and still sees an innocent little girl.

-I'm being serious, Clara!
-So am I.

-Come on.
-I think you seem very real.


Marie, I think you and I
will get along just fine.

-Will you be staying a while?
-No, just for a few days.

-Let me show you Barcelona.
-I'd love that.

What do we have here?

Three beautiful damsels
looking for their knight?

-Hi Pedro.

Well, "Jay" is certainly
making his presence known.

I don't get the "Jay" thing at all.

But the guy brightens my day...
Don't tell him I said that, okay?

If you do,
he'll start behaving like an idiot.

Anyway, he's just...

an idiot.

He'll be leaving again, soon,

and I'll be... Never mind.


I don't know how we're going to cope.
We just have to accept...

that things have changed.

I'll go check if Ana needs anything.

We're going to be just fine
here in Barcelona, you'll see.

I thought he was better but...

when he told me about the letters...

it really concerned me.

-And he writes them every day?
-Every morning.

He sends them to Rita
in a stamped envelope without an address.

Anyway... I think being in Barcelona
is going to do him good.

A new city, new people,
and new responsibilities.

And I'll do everything I can
to make sure he's not alone.

-That there's always someone with him.
-I think it's time to come home.

-Pedro needs me.

Paris doesn't.

Now wait a minute, Jonás.

I never meant...
Your career is just getting started.

I know but if I move back, I can help him.

-I can have a career here, too.

Here, at Velvet?

-Well, if it's okay with you, I mean.
-Me? Well, of course!

Ana will have to decide, of course,

but what with the collection,
the school and Manresa

there's work for everyone.

That's what I think, at least.

-I'll work in the warehouse if I have to.
-Come on!

I've made my decision, I'm staying.

And the girl?

Are you just going
to fire the poor thing?

-Hey, cuz!

-Hi, Clara!
-Well, well...

-How are you?

Long time, no see,
since you became a world-famous designer!

-Following in the master's footsteps.
-Of course.

How wonderful to have you all here.

This calls for a major celebration.

-A few Manhattans before you leave?

I wanted to talk to you about that.

-What have you got planned?
-Yeah, what?

No, no, I was just thinking
of staying a bit longer.


Or should I say
I was thinking of staying, period.

I don't know what Ana will say
but for me it's time to return.

But, cuz, that's...
Don't you worry, Marie!

This is crazy, man.

-Life's short, you can come back anytime.

You're not in Paris,
so what am I doing there?

Thank you so much, cuz.

Excuse me a second.

I think he screwed up.


You don't have to say anything.

I always knew this day would come.

Pedro needs you.



I can't thank you enough
for all you've done over the years.

Honestly, I don't know
what I'll do without you.


Will you let me take you
to the station?


You know how bad I am with directions.

I might end up in Portugal,

or even back here, who knows.

-I'll go, you've got catching up to do.
-And you must be tired from the trip.

I'll go to the hotel.


-Should we go for dinner?
-Sure, you and me.

And Pedro.
And Manolito.

And Inés.

I'd already arranged it.

I am such an idiot!

And you're eavesdropping!

He was a wonderful person.

The kind you come across
once in a lifetime.

You're very lucky
to have had him in your life.

-I am.
-It’s a shame I can't say the same.

I'm very sorry you
never got to meet him, Sergio.

He made me feel like his daughter,

I can't imagine
what he would have been like with you.

Alright then.

I don't know how you want
to address this with Eduard...

No, Eduard can't know anything
about any of this.

Please, promise me you won't say a word.

I'm here to give my condolences to Ana.

-Whatever you want.
-I don't want anyone to know.

They've avoided a scandal for 32 years,
I won't be the one to make it public.

When do you leave?

I'm all set to leave tomorrow night,

but I need to find
a new financial director first.

It's strange discovering I have a cousin
so late in life.

Yes, but it's even stranger

finding out that your father
isn't really your father.


-Why are you here?

My heartfelt condolences, Ana.
So sorry I couldn't attend the funeral.

-Don't worry.
-I didn't expect to see you here.

I didn't know you knew each other.

I'm here to interview
for financial director.


I'm sorry,
I didn't realize you were in a meeting.

-I'll come back later.
-No, Sergio's ready for the interview.

The interview?

-Yes, We've been talking

and he's a perfect fit for the role.

If you want to go through to my office
you can finish the application forms.

-I'll be right up.

-Would you come with me then, Sergio?
-Of course.

-See you later, Father.

I don't know if I should be happy
or annoyed.

He didn't say a word
and I don't like that.

I hope you're okay with it.

Wouldn't it make things easier
if he took on the role?

Well, I guess so.

It's possible.

After all that's happened,
I wasn't sure you'd want to continue.

-I have my whole team behind me.
-You have me, too.

I also wanted to say that now,
or in the future,

I'd like to be able to share
a part of Velvet with you.

I want you to know that.

-It's something we can discuss.

-Can I walk you out?

This will relax you.

Thanks... but I need some air.

Pretty tense.

How many candidates
have you seen?

For the job?
30 or 35.

-What was the problem?
-They knew nothing about fashion.

Why's that important?

-Are you serious?

Will the financial director
be designing or sewing?

How will he value trends and purchases
if he only knows about figures?

He'll be able to with you at his side.

I'm so sorry, Sergio.

-He just left.
-Don't worry.

Let me give it a shot, Ana.

Let me run Velvet Collection.

Subtitles: Francesca Maguire