Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 4 - Cambio de rumbo - full transcript

Raúl runs into old flame Humberto. Sergio takes a drastic step to save Velvet. Enrique finds himself in charge of estranged daughter Lourdes, now 16.

We agreed to keep this quiet.

At least I now know what it is
about me you hate so much.

That's not true, son.

-I'm not your son.

I've spent my whole life trying
to win his affection, his approval...

his support,

and I never could.

At least now I know why.

Listen to me.

What does my show of affection
have to do

with me expecting you
to be a good person?

Well, it's a shame I didn't have anyone
to set me an example.

Sergio... Sergio!

Sergio... Sergio!

Let's just all calm down.

I'm done talking, Mom.

Thanks for everything.

-I'll come back for the rest of my things.
-Once again, you're making a mistake.

What a surprise.

It'd be impossible for you
to think otherwise, right, Mr. Godó?

-I should never have forgiven your affair.
-You never did.

That child was a daily reminder
that you were with another man.

-That you broke your vows.
-That I was happy for a time?

That there's more to this life
than you and your job?

That you weren't there for me,
when I needed you?

Is that what Sergio reminded you of?

You were also to blame.

My mistake was thinking
you'd accept him as your own.

I tried.

Believe me, I tried.

Not succeeding was my first failure.

You look beautiful.

No, no thank you.

-It's on the house.
-Thank you very much.

You'd have to be crazy or stupid

-to stand up a woman like you.

It's not a date,
but you're right about him being stupid.



Hey there, glamour boy.

Buy a carnation.
Something for your buttonhole.

No thanks, I don't like flowers.

Come here and give me your hand, then.
I'm going to read your fortune.


What is it?

You're going to bump into
someone very important, tonight.

Very important, indeed.

I'd settle for the people
who brought me to this dive.

A dive? This place?

This is where
the big names come to perform.

Heavyweights of the flamenco world.

Sure, like Muhammad Ali
but with high heels.

Shut up and get out of here.



Pour me another.
And get one for...

the gentleman.
Put it on my tab.

To friendship, De la Riva.

And to the agreement
we're going to set in stone.

Mr. Cortés...

Oh, Mr. Cortés is it?

You'll soon forget formalities.


About time!
I thought I'd never make it out alive.

I'm sorry, but Sergio stood me up.

This place is cute, isn't it.

This will be the end of me.

Goodbye Golden Needle,
see you later Legion of Honor,

hello disgraced Spaniard.

-It smells like cheap wine and feet.
-You're such a drama queen.

Oh, I don't know, this place is cute.

I have nothing against
these people, Clara,

but I sincerely doubt they get me.
Do you understand that?

And that Needle guy...
I don’t know if he wants to kiss me

or stab me, I have no idea!
Anyway, you're here...

and I really wasn't meant to design
traditional wear, so I'm out of here.

Don't you dare.
I'm not being stood up twice in one night.

I came to see Carmela Cortés
and I'm not leaving until I do.

Dear Lord.


You say it's a small apartment,
but it can't be really.

What with the twins,
Manuel, me and you...

-Well, me...
-Yes, you.

-Won't you be going?
-He's coming to ours to sleep and eat--

-I understand you, Pedro.
-You could have said.

It's no big deal,
I just don't want to be a bother.

-You know, privacy and stuff.

You already have your family.

And who is your family?
Do you have a French one, now?

Come on, we've seen each other naked, cuz.

I can see it now, cuz:

-"Infantes' Place, where the fun is at".
-I'll be in the restroom.


How are you, Pedro?

-Yeah, fine.

I'm talking about all the changes
and moving the kids.

I mean, if Rita were here it'd all be
a lot easier, because she...

she'd have everything fixed up in a jiffy.

I want to be there for you,
whenever you need me.


Thanks, I'll be in the restroom.

"Infantes' Place".
You must be losing it.

I'm laying the groundwork to win her over
and you're talking about family homes.

It should have a lot of light,
Raúl says it's important for energy flow.

-Are you listening?
-Manu wants kids.

I said, "Have as many as you want,
running riot around the house!"

-What I'm saying--
-For Marie.

Tell Marie to come too.
Come on!

She can come for lunch
and make herself at home.

I'm really happy she's here, cuz.
Give me a hug, because she's...

-I'm going to the bathroom.
-I'm happy too.


-I don't know why I'm here.
-To enjoy the show.

This is the moment
you've all been waiting for.

Here with you tonight,
the empress of Flamenco,

the queen of art,

the great Carmela Cortés!


-Now, let's have some Calo.

Calo, olé!

Let's go.



That's right!

Go on, beautiful.

Look at that!

-Feel that rhythm, ladies and gentlemen.

That's it, like you mean it!

Go on, Carmela!

-What an artist!
-That's it.




Sit down, you big queen.
We can't see.

I saw you, I saw you, I saw you

I saw your face and I fell for you

Again and again and again

I saw your face and I fell for you

I saw you, I saw you, I saw you

I saw your face and I fell for you

Again and again and again

I saw your face and I fell for you


Feel the rhythm!



Someone very important.

Very important, indeed.



It's been a long time.

-How's it been going?
-Yeah, pretty good.

Are you into flamenco now
or have you got a part in a musical?

Because nobody can out-dance you.

The choreographer, Rafael,
is a good friend of mine.

How good?
He hasn't stopped looking at me all night.

Enough to know
why they call him The Needle.

You always were smug.

Still hurts, does it?

She asked me to design her wardrobe
for the upcoming show.

-I'm here on business.
-Slumming it with the hicks?

Don't tell me someone got Raúl De la Riva
to leave his ivory tower.

Olé, olé,

look at these two darlings.

Hey, Rafael,

it's good to see you.

It was good to see you
and confirm you're the same as ever.

Goodbye, gentlemen.

Come on, he's not that good.

You kept him well hidden.

Come on, let's go inside.

-May I?
-Come in.

Excuse me, Miss Cortés,

I brought you flowers
because I'm a big fan of yours.

Azucena, honey,

fetch the gentleman a glass of water.

-There's water here.
-I'm sure he'd prefer sparkling.

Well, if there's a choice...


or large?

Large, we could be here a while.

You were epic.

The power, the force, the spirit...

Two months and no sign of you.

Well, this way it's even better
when we do see each other.

You're shameless.

You don't like conventional men.

-That's what the other one is for.
-Don't you dare mention Paco.

You're not half the man he is.

Allow me to convince you otherwise.

If you want something
you'll have to work for it.

Is that how you're going to play it?

I want you to do the poster
for my new show.

I need something big and original.

I'm playing the Olympia, in Paris,
next month.

Oh là là.

So, The Empress wants to negotiate

with her lover.

With one of many.

Do you know how much
Otegui Communications charge

to do an international campaign?

And if I do a striptease?

You've got a deal.




Sergio, are you alright?

Doña Blanca...

I must have fallen asleep.

Don't tell me you've been here all night?

-God, this is so embarrassing.
-Let's go inside, you could use a coffee.

Come on.

Thank you.

And you just left?

I think I was well within my rights,
don't you?

I understand finding out about Emilio
has turned your life upside down,

but I think you should think this through,

process what is happening
and then come to a decision.

Don't you agree?

Yes, but I feel like I've lost everything
by not having the chance to meet him.


was an extraordinary person,

he spent his life making sacrifices
for those he loved.

He never put himself first.

It was always his niece, me,

the employee who needed his help.

Anyone but him.

That was Emilio.

What you're trying to say
is that I'm being selfish, right?

No, what I'm trying to say
is that our actions have consequences,

and by leaving you're punishing
your mother as well as Godó.

I don't know if she told you that we met?

My mother?

I took her a necklace
I found in Emilio's things.

It's been a long time
since I saw someone so sad and alone.

If you leave home now...

I would never abandon my mother,
Doña Blanca.

And absolutely not because Godó.

He got what he wanted in the end.

To keep me out of Velvet.

-Talk to Clara, I'm sure she'll listen.
-That problem has no solution.

She made that clear.

Nobody said it would be easy.

But if you're really trying
to find your place,

show her you're prepared to work for it.

-Thanks for standing me up, last night.
-I'm sorry but something came up.

Would you care to elaborate?

International Bank won't loan me
the money, Clara.

I'm sure I can find another way
to fix all of this.

Don't you realize that your stupid ideas
only serve to put Velvet at risk?

This wasn't my fault.

I swear I'd made a deal with them,
but my father--

Do you know how many people
are relying on us?

How important it is
this all goes according to plan?

My father met with them behind my back
to put pressure on them.

Why don't you grow up?

You wouldn't sign with your father.

You had to do it all by your little self.

-And I can.

Do you really still think that?
Don't you understand who your father is?

-Let me fix this, Clara.

-Give me one day.

-I only need one day to fix all of this.
-We already made a deal.

Please, Clara.

You're fired.

I found all of them except for one girl

who has the weirdest name: Boheme.

She wrote that but it isn't her name.
And she is a he.

The most interesting one.
Come in.

-What are you doing here?

I'm here to help.
Clean, tidy, whatever you want.

For the love of God.
Get that will you.

Velvet Design School.

Yes, he's here.

I'll let him know.
They're waiting for you upstairs.

-Clara has called a management meeting.
-A meeting?

This can't be good.

Anyway... find that boy.

-What should I do?
-Keep out of the way.

What do you mean he's gone?
He's only been here a day.

Long enough to leave things hanging
in the balance.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we no longer have cash or credit.

What about Godó Banking?
I thought we'd signed with them.

We were going to sign with Godó Sr.,

but Godó Jr. came aboard
and now it might be off the table.

-Have you told Ana?
-I don't want to until this is fixed.

Maybe Sergio can help to fix this.

-It was him, after all, who--
-Sergio is out.

Wait a minute, I think everyone deserves
a second chance and that kid--

Didn't you hear me?
Sergio is gone.

He put the store and our futures at risk.
If you don't trust my decision, I'll go.

Nobody is saying that.
Can we all just take it easy?

Good. Well if there's nothing else,
I have to go.

I wanted to say something.

I'm afraid it has nothing to do with this
but I think you should know, now.

I'm leaving.

-But... where?
-What do you mean?

Calm down, I'm fine.

It'll only be for a while.

That box you found, Pedro,
the one that belonged to Emilio,

it contained a key and a letter.

It said that when he was no longer around,

he'd like someone to go and get
the few things he left in Havana.

It was a kind of will.

And I'd like to do that for him,
if you don't mind, of course.

How could we mind?

Do what you need to do, Blanca,
but don't be gone too long, please.

Thank you.

I had thought that girl Marie
could fill in for me, while I'm gone.

M... Marie?


That's a very good choice, she's perfect.

What I mean is,
she's perfect for the job.

Some people are perfect
and others aren't.

If she wasn't perfect for the job,
she wouldn't be a good choice.

Anyway, do you think
she's up to the job, Blanca?

I do.

In that case, if we all agree,
I'll go and let her know.

I need to get going, too.

-I'll give it one last shot with Godó.
-Good luck.

We're going to need it.

What's going on with Marie?

I find her name really funny.

It makes me cough
and I get confused and...

that's all.

This one and this one both look good.

It says, "Spacious, well-lit...".
-And expensive.

That doesn't matter.
If I have to help my cousin out I will.

You're so kind.

Doña Blanca.

-Do you have a second, Marie.

-How can I help?
-The thing is...

I have to go away for a while
for personal reasons

and I thought
that you could manage the studio.

Me? But I...

I can't think of anyone better
for the job. What do you say?

-It would make me very happy.
-That's it decided then.

You should look after this one,
she's one of a kind.

Professionally, I mean.
You make a really good team.

How about I explain
some of the outstanding issues?

Of course.

Inés will be here every day
and I don't want to see any canoodling.

-No kissing, nothing. Understood?
-But we're engaged, you know that.

-You still can't put a bun in her oven.
-What bun?

You never mind about any buns.

-It's a metaphor...

I found some apartments.
Let's see if you like any.

Why would I want this?
I don't want it.

There's no hurry, cuz. Really.

You're the one who's in a hurry.

-Remember? Manuel, the twins...
-No, no.

We have to wait,
I've just come from a meeting and...

-there are cash-flow problems.
-I'm sure it's no big deal.

-You can't live in a boarding house.
-I don't want it.

-Take a look, Manuel.
-Your turn.

-Take a look on your break.
-Break? I'm snowed under what with--

-Yeah, right.
-Of course, snowed under.

Get back to work.

Five minutes ago he was just a little kid
and now he's getting married.

If Rita were here...

She'd be very proud.

-And she'd tell you to snap out of it.
-I'm fine, it's just...

-I see her everywhere.
-Come help me with these patterns.

-You ever done pattern design?

It's easy, I'll show you.

As beautiful and punctual, as ever.
After you.

-I have good news for you.
-I'm all ears.

Ana has accepted your deal, Mr. Godó.

No need to be so formal
if you're just here to mess me around.

Nothing for me, thank you,

I'm not messing anyone around, Mr...
I mean, Eduard.

I'm aware International Bank denied
your loan application.

You and Miss Rivera are prepared
to accept our conditions

because we're your only option.

We're going to be partners,
let's not beat around the bush.

Well, if we're putting our cards
on the table,

we should be laying them all out,
don't you think?

And yes, you’re right.

As it stands,
your bank is our only option,

and you made sure of that.

-You're good at this, you know.
-Thank you.

So I'm surprised you allowed yourself
to be swayed by my son.

I don't question Ana's decisions.

If he's to run the store when I go back
to Madrid, he should feel at ease.

Will he be at ease, now?

I'm not sure you know,
but my son has left home.

It's a very unpleasant family situation.

-What will he think when he finds out?
-I didn't know.

Sergio only talks about issues
to do with work.

I'm glad to hear that.

Why isn't he here?

-I suppose--
-It's so easy

when you have Mommy to do
your dirty work.

That's always been
my son's biggest problem.

It's not about that.

I started this negotiation
and I wanted to finish it.

So, do we have a deal or not?

What is going on?

Yesterday you decided you were leaving
and now you want money.

-I thought you'd reconsidered.
-Last night was nothing to do with you,

but right now I need to prove to myself
I can evolve beyond this family.

To do that I need your support.

And you'll always have it.

But I won't encourage this madness,
I need to know what the money is for.

To finance Velvet Collection.

You'd risk your future on a business
where you've worked for two minutes?

I don't work there anymore, they fired me.

This doesn't make any sense.

I need you to trust me, Mom.

I can't do anything
without your siblings' say-so.

Yes, you can.

You can sell my Petrogal shares.
You don't need their permission.

I know you won't understand,
but I'm not signing those.

I won't let you throw away your future.

-Mom, I only--
-Don't argue.

You decided yesterday, now it's my turn.


I'll have to do it Godó-style, then.


I see your mother has signed this.

I assume you realise
that selling your family's shares

is a serious decision.

-We're talking about a lot of money.
-That's exactly why I want to sell them.

Even though
the market has experienced a drop?

-If you could wait--
-I'm sure you’re right, Rodrigo,

but I can't wait.

If you wouldn't mind...

Of course, Sergio.

I'm going to run some checks
and I'll be with you, momentarily.

Thank you very much.

I hear nothing from you for two years...

and now suddenly I can't get rid of you.

I have a problem.

Right... now I'm beginning to understand.

-I have to help these people.
-How did you get mixed up with Gypsies?

If you must know, Rafael saved my neck.

When he told me they needed money
for the show in Paris, I couldn't refuse.

You have to help me.

You can't owe these people anything, Raúl

When it's good it's great,
but get on their bad side...

You're so selfish.

Here, again, to look out
for your interests.

I thought us meeting yesterday was fate,
but clearly not.

I gave them your name.

Great, thank you so much.

How thoughtful of you.

-Forgive me if you thought I...
-No, don't you worry.

This is perfect, now there's no room
for misunderstandings.

Does that mean you'll help me?

Will The Empress have new clothes?




There is no singing or dancing
in my studio.

And from now on,
the only empress on this project is me.

-Thanks, but it's not my size.
-Miss, please--

Get your hands of me!

Look, there he is.

Look what I'm doing.

That's for being a jerk

and a creep.

-That's what you are!
-Have you lost--

-You're still a son of a--
-She's just having a bad day.

Get out of this department store!

Everyone get out!

-It wasn't me.
-Do you want me to hit you again?

Who else knew about
my tiny alcoholic episode?

Who knows, you know a lot of people.

Don't I just.

This was your revenge, wasn't it?

You were waiting for the ideal moment
to tell your scumbag reporter friends.

Well, just so you know,
I left the tennis player.

-Great time to come to London.
-You shouldn't have invited me.

Anyway, I got the impression you wanted
to impress them with my awards.

Don't make me laugh, Enrique.

You think you’re at the top of your game,
but believe me...

-you're pathetic.
-Just what the press is saying about you.

So to summarise you made that little scene
because you're all alone.


That little scene...

was about Lourdes.
Remember her? Your daughter?

-The insufferable 16-year-old girl?
-What about Lourdes?

It's Daddy's turn to deal with her.

I'm afraid that's not possible.

You know how my work is.

I was just contracted to do
Carmela Cortés' promotional campaign.

-Any idea what I've got to stay on top of?
-Carmela Cortés, I assume.

On top of, behind...

I assume you're sleeping with her?

I am right, lover boy?

You can act however you want,
but I'm not having her.

Yes, you are.

In fact, she'll be here presently.

What? No.

You're not going anywhere.

No, Barbara!

-She can't stay with me.
-Don't get upset, it's only for a month.

Just enough time for me
to have some touching up done.

-Look on the bright side.
-And what is that?

After spending time
with a father like you,

Lourdes will be a pussycat
by the time she comes home.

Good morning.

I see you're still hiring your secretaries
from the same brothel.

Send my regards to Clara, lover boy.
Ciao, ciao.

Did she just call me a whore?

I knew you'd be here.

How'd it go with
The Empress and her entourage?

I agreed to do it.

I should have said no, but...

-I'm never consistent.
-That's not true.

You're vain, intense,
over-the-top, temperamental,

but you have good intuition
and are usually right.

How are you doing?

It took me hours to fall asleep
then I dreamed about lines of credit.

Other than that...

Look... if I'm sure of one thing,
it's that we'll get through this.

I hope so.

I'm usually right.

-Have I done something wrong?
-You've done nothing, apple of my eye.

What you need to do
is pay attention to Inés, or else.

-Or else what?
-Inés is a good girl.

Look after her or she'll leave you.

-With respect, I'm also a catch.

-I have a lot to offer.
-Such as?

You're an Infantes, you're a nobody.

-You should start planning the wedding...
-I know what I'm doing. need to make me a Grandpa soon,
I want...

-...grandchildren. Hi.

How do you do? I'm Pedro Infantes,
personnel manager at the department store.

-Lourdes. Lourdes Otegui.

I'm Manuel... Infantes.
Manuel Infantes.

-A pleasure.

Can we help you with anything, miss?

I'm actually looking for my father,

but I'd much rather see
your selection of mini-skirts.

-Could you help me?

Of course, Miss Otegui.
I'll see who's available.

I'll find someone to help you.

-Is that alright?
-Can't you help me?

-No. Yes...

Have you rehearsed this?


Yes, of course we rehearse it.

We like to surprise our clients
with this little game.

-If you'd like to come with me...

I can attend to you.
I'm very knowledgeable.

-I can also give you a tour.
-What tour?

What tour is he going to give her?

-Where are you going?
-If you need anything just let me know.

She's really funny.

-Can you stop making eyes and chit-chat?
-But, why?

Because Inés is an angel
sent down from heaven by God,

and angels like Inés and Rita
are few and far between, get it?

-I'm just doing my job, Father.

Being helpful and attentive
just like you taught me.

-Nothing wrong with looking.
-Let me explain something.

There are angels and there are demons.

That girl is forbidden fruit,
you do not eat her.

-Do you understand?
-What are you talking about?

-Demons and forbidden fruit?
-This is a sin.

This is one of the deadly sins.
No jerking around.

I think I'll take this one.

In nomine Patris...

It looks fantastic,
you've made a wonderful decision.

-If you'd just like to take it off...
-Excuse me?

-Come again?

To take payment.

Instead of taking payment, take that.
I'll take it from here.

Let me know when you've undressed.

I mean, when you've changed, let me...

Let me...


Mr. Godó is here.

-Oh, God.
-Forget about God, get out there!

He begged me.

I knew you wouldn't see me, otherwise.

Can we talk alone, please?

Of course, I was just leaving.

Thank you.

You'll pay for this.

You didn't see him.
He was practically crying, I swear.

I got the money.

You can reject my father's proposal
if you want.

That's what you said the last time.

-Where did you get that?
-Is that really important?

-I owe you all this, Clara.

I hope you're not
causing yourself problems.

I did have problems,
but I'm starting to get free of them.

I'm sorry but I never asked for this.

I just wanted to prove I can deal
with my father and my own mistakes.

Forgive me.

I've never met a woman like you.

I wish you the best.

Mr. Godó really is
on his way up this time.

Thank you.

Have I ever told you
you get more beautiful every day?

-It must be the power.
-Power does help,

but if I'm not mistaken
I have the power here in my hands.

So, now we’ve revealed ourselves
to be two big rivals

who admire and respect one another,
I think we're missing something.

A signature.

Are we waiting for someone?

Good afternoon.


Don't go.

I don't want to do this without you.

I'm sorry,
I think I went overboard with you.

Say something.

Subtitles: Francesca Maguire