Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 10 - El último adiós - full transcript

Mateo springs a life-changing surprise on Clara. Pedro gets a mysterious visitor. Jonás and Marie's big day arrives. A much-changed Patricia returns.

Hey you!

What a fine mood you're in.

En garde.

I'm in no mood for games.

-You can't say that after last night.

After all this time without even a call,
what do you want me to do?

I'm sorry, I was so busy but I'm here now.
That's what matters.

Why don't we repeat
the magic of last night?

Because one magical night isn't enough.
This is real life we're talking about.

-Our life, together.
-What about it?

We don't have one.

I want to be by your side
and not waiting for you.

So do I, that's why I've come for you.

Come for me?

Don't you believe me?

-The city of love.

-That's Paris.
-Wait until we get there.

What are you talking about?

I can't just take a vacation,

because you didn't tell me
before buying the tickets.

You're right, it can't be easy.

I don't get it then.

We're not going on vacation,
we're going to live there.

What are you saying?

Rupert Murdoch, an Australian media mogul,
has bought an English newspaper

and he wants to hire me.

It's an offer I can't refuse.

I can choose my own team,
they're paying for my house,

the kids' school.
We have to do this.


What's wrong?

All this time not seeing you
I thought I'd lost you...

and when you finally show up
you want to treat me like luggage.

That's not true, I wanted to surprise you.

But I also have goals and ambitions.

Do you know how hard it is for women
to get where I've gotten to?

How impressive it is
to go from being a sales assistant

-to the manager of the store?
-It's amazing, but I'm not saying--

That I should leave behind
all I've achieved

to be a housewife in England
and look after your children?

Waiting for you to get home from work?

That's if you come home
and you're not in some investigation.

You're not being fair,
your ambitions are just as important.

Look me in the eyes and tell me
you haven't already said yes.

That you told him
you had to speak to me first.

Opportunity only knocks once.

You said it...

And this one has already gone.

-I want to be alone!

-I'll get it!
-I'll get it!

-Get it!


-How is my son?
-How did it go at the Olympia?

They were clapping for ten minutes.

The press is saying wonderful things
about Carmela and the clothes.

Give me that.

-Marry me, right away.
-What do you mean marry you?

You're marrying Marie.

How many times are you going to ask?

-I've organized the reception.
-Did you show Marie?

No, it's a surprise for her.

-No surprises at the wedding.
-Be quiet.

-We're on our way back.
-How's my son?

-Manuel is...
-My love.

-Should I have my wedding dress?
-You're taking your time.

I'll start designing it today.

-You're going to make it?
-Oui, Monsieur.

You won't see it
until we're at the church.

-I love you.
-Me too.

Au revoir.

Cheer up.

Pedro Infantes?

Excuse me, I'm looking for Pedro...

-I'm so sorry.
-No... don't worry.

I don't know where my head is at.

Dear me.


-Is this...
-Yes, it's her.

We're about to launch
our first swimwear line

and we have chosen
the best model to launch it with.

-Are you the manager of this store?
-Who me? No!


you never know.
Anything is possible at Velvet.

Nice to meet you.

Excuse me!

What do you think you're doing?

I'm sorry, I came to deliver this package
and I don't know what happened.

Deliveries are through the back door.

Good morning.

Are you...

You never told me how it went with Mateo.

Don't tell me,
he caught you with Sergio.

I knew when he turned up
with that bunch of flowers.

I shouldn't have told him,
it was my fault.

It's not your fault, Paloma.

-He's moving to London.

Is it definite?

He tried to make out
that it was for both of us,

but he's really going
to further his own career prospects

and I'll be able to go for afternoon tea.

Well, London is a place
full of opportunities, as well.

But I already have
a great opportunity here.

I know I could get a job there,
but I don't want to leave Spain.

I don't see why
I should give everything up for him.

But if you're giving it up for love...

He could do the same.

You're right about that,

but I don't know if men
are prepared to do that type of thing.

Speaking of men...

A very happy Raúl called,
he's staying with The Needle a few days.

He also told me some very good news.

Carmela has authorized her photos
for the catalog.

Finally, some good news!

-I know.
-I'm going to call Sergio and tell him.

A little closer together, please.

Yes, Montse?

-There's a call for Master Sergio.
-Not right now.

-Who is it?
-It's Miss Montesinos from the store.

Tell Clara he'll call back.


We're almost done.
Just one more.

Now, if you can all look at your parents.

Can we also get some smiles, please.

That's all.
Thank you very much.

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to the store.
I need to get up-to-speed on Paris.

Keep me informed, son.


I'm assuming
you're going to explain all of this.

One minute you're kicking me out,
the next we're taking a family portrait.

That's life, son.

What matters now is
that we're more united than ever,

so I thought you could move back in.

-Is it true you've resigned from Petrogal?
-It is.

I've sold my shares and left the company.

-We both have.
-We've both sold our shares.

Why are we the last ones to know?

We were going to tell you today.

It's nothing to do with you,
it was the board.

Your mother and I think it's what's best
for the family, right now.

Well, I'm just glad
that we're still a real family.

Of course we are, darling.

I want to apologize
for my behavior over the last few days.

You're right, Mom.
I've no right to judge you.

We'll talk about it
when things have calmed down.

I think the best for all of us
is to leave the past in the past.

This report is to bring back
our family unity

and for everyone to see us together.

I'll be right back.

I'm sorry, I couldn't get here any sooner.

Carmela has authorized
the photos for the catalog.

Wow... Well done.

"Wow, well done..."

-Aren't you happy?
-I knew that Raúl would fix everything.

How are things with Mateo?

We might be moving to London.

He's been offered a really great job.

What about you?

-Are you going to leave me alone in this?
-You've learned a lot.

You told me nobody should ever give up
their dreams for someone else's career.

-Am I interrupting?
-No, not at all.

I was just about to come find you.
Shall we?


Let's go.

We'll be under the microscope,
so we should consider each step carefully.

I think we should be launching a campaign,
as soon as possible.

Right now Carmela is agreeable,

but who's to say
she won't change her mind again?

That's not happening.

We need an impressive ad
to launch tomorrow or the day after, tops.

That's just not doable,
we haven't even hired an agency.

There's one here, isn't there?

No way,
I refuse to work with Enrique Otegui.

You know I dislike Enrique
just as much as you do,

but I think Elena's right.

We need a campaign, yesterday.
He's here, so he can help us out.

-Don't say I didn't warn you.
-The problem is we're already behind.

Everyone has launched their swimwear.

But none of them have bikinis,
that's what's new.

What's new is it's the first time
that Velvet has launched a swimwear line.

That's the big news.

We could have a party.

With a theme related
to the beach and heat.

-A tropical theme?
-Why not.

We could have a bar serving exotic drinks,

like margaritas and daiquiris.

-I love Piña Coladas!
-What a surprise.

-Do you have something to say?

It just might be a little common,
for want of a better word.


Clara, honey, rest assured
that if this comes from my agency

it'll be anything but common.

And I'll need to use some window displays.

-How many?
-All of them?

How long do you need
to get it up and running?

It would be ideal to have it done
for June 21st.

The first day of summer, I like it.

Send us over a proposal
and we'll close the deal.

Well, seeing as I'm a friend
of your father's...

For that very reason.

I don't trust my father's friends.

Anything else?

No, we'll wait and see those figures.

-Nice flowers.
-Do you like them?

And what do you think
of the other seven bunches?

What are those for?

They're all for you.

This is true love.

By the way...

After my mom made that call
to the embassy

don't you think you should thank her?

Of course, it's already taken care of.

I don't know if you remember, Paloma,
I asked you to order some flowers.

No, I mean you not the store.

Shall I walk you out
and we can talk about this properly?


They're lovely.

We'll talk later, Clara.

I don't know what to do.

I think you need to be honest,

and tell him how you feel
without getting mad.

I'm sure you can fix this together.

Anyway, Mateo is a great guy.

He's waiting for you at the Rialto.

He was here?

He came before
but he asked me not to bother you.

So get to the Rialto and fix this.

What did you think?


Nobody can question
the state of the Godó family, now.

Don't get over-excited.

Make sure you have a contingency plan,
just in case.

Trust me, that won't be necessary.

I'll be getting the interview questions,
this afternoon.

-We can prepare the answers, if you like.
-Sure, call me when you've heard.

Before I forget, I've had a great idea
for the campaign for your new wine.

I won't reveal anything yet, but...

you'll be amazed.

It's been a long time
since anyone surprised me.

-In a good way, I mean.
-That's because you didn't know me.

We'll speak later, son.

I hope you have a minute for me, now.

I do.
What is it?

I won't authorize those photos

until you give me my share
of the Petrogal money.

As is your right.

You can call Godino
to check that the number is right.

-I already checked.
-You did?

-I confirmed the agreed price.
-I don't believe it.

-What will you do with all that money?
-That's none of your business.

It should be, Macarena.

For your own good.

The florists here must be raising a glass
to your health.

Thank you for the flowers.

You're welcome.

Shall we go somewhere more private?

I don’t want you to think
that you don't matter to me.

Long-distance is complicated
and I haven't been around,

but we don't have a conventional marriage.

We're best friends
and I respect you as a woman.

-I've respected your hopes and dreams--
-But I want more.

Not just to be your friend,
but your reason for being.

The one you can't live without.

I want all of that
but without having to sacrifice my career,

or the person I am,
the one you fell in love with.

I love you.

I need you.

That's why I want you by my side,
in London or wherever.

And what if that's here?

If you need me that much,
stay in Barcelona with me.

-So this is it?
-Maybe not.

Maybe we just need some time apart
to rediscover what we had.

We've done this--

-It's different now, I don't want this.
-Me neither.

But neither of us is prepared to give in.

-I love you.
-Me too.


To prove that I do trust you.

Thank you...


Well, I'm going to head in
to see how the party preparation is going.

-I'm inside if you need anything.

You know this is absurd right?

You've been avoiding me all week.

So what happened in Paris
stays in Paris, right?

-That's a real shame.
-That's right, Lourdes.

It is a shame.

I don't want it to stay in Paris,

or for you to go back to London
and forget all about me.

I love you and I'll give up everything
for you if you stay.

It's not that easy though, is it.

You think it'll be easy
for me to leave Inés?

I brought her here to marry me,
but I'd give that up for you.

Excuse me...

-I'm looking for Pedro Infantes.
-Just one moment, I'll be right with you.

It's very important.

-Wait for me in the fitting rooms.
-Okay, sorry.

Thank you.

It's your turn to make a move, Lourdes.

Hello, Pedro, I'm Diana.
I'm so sorry about Rita.

I've cried so much
for you and Rita, Pedro.

I'm so sorry you lost Rita, Pedro.

Excuse me?

Sorry, they said someone
was looking for me,

-but I must be confused, sorry.

Yes, that's me.
Do we know each other?

-We do?
-No, not at all.

No, no, it's just...

your clients speak very highly of you.

Well, I always try to give
the best service,

but I didn't know that I was famous here.

Do you need help with something?
Do you need a dress fitting?

-You do?

Actually, no.
I'm here to help you.

I've brought something
which belongs to you.

Thank you.

-What is it?
-Your letters to Rita.

And why do you have my wife's letters?

Well, I work in a mail room
in the middle of nowhere,

where they send all the letter
which cannot be returned to sender.

I've been receiving your letters
for a long time now.

These are just my favorites.

Are you saying...

-that you read my letters?

Only because I was looking for an address,
like I always do.

But by the time you finally mentioned
Velvet Department store,

it was already too late.

Too late for what?

Oh, right.

So at first,
I thought Rita was still alive...

So I was putting all of my efforts
into finding her in any way possible.

So when I discovered
that she had passed away,


I realized that you were writing them
in order to...

feel close to her.

So I figured I shouldn't return them.

So why are you bringing these now?

Because I got the last one.

The one where you say goodbye to her.

I can't live without them now.



-Sorry, I didn't realize...
-I was just leaving.

-You must be Jonás.
-That's right.

Have we met?



Sorry, I'm complicating things as usual.

It was great to meet you.

-I won't take up any more of your time.

Who was she?

-Wait a second.
-Hey, I haven't got a second.



-Do you want to go for a coffee?
-Now? With you?


I'd love to.

Okay, give me...

one second, okay?

Will you tell me what's going on?

I get married in two hours
and I'm alone in the studio.

I need to go and a have a coffee
with that woman.

-The thing is...

she's brought me Rita's letters.

Come on, cuz.
I thought you were starting to move on.

I know, it's just...

that girl...

I think she really needs me.

You've got half an hour
or I'll never speak to you again.

-I promise.
-Go on then.

-Shall we?

Well, well, well,
you never fail to surprise me, Daddy.

Where did you get all...

Why are my suitcases here?

It'd seem your mom pushed
your trip forward.

You have to go straight to the airport
from the party.

You must be pleased
you're finally getting rid of me.

That's what you think.

I guess you'll be begging me
to stay, then?

You've been missing me for 16 years.

This is a big day for us both.

Let's not waste it.

I brought this so you could see
the final colors.

See you later.


What's wrong?
Are you alright?

I just want to help.

It's nothing, thanks.

I'm leaving earlier than expected
and just thinking of going back...

In that case, have a safe trip

and I hope everything works out.

Hey, Lourdes...

have you seen Manuel?

Safe flight, I'll see you soon.

-Are you alright?

I've never been anywhere like this.

-Like what?
-So pretty.

-I didn't--
-I guess--


I should apologize.

I had no right to read the letters,
especially when there was no recipient.

Well, there was,
but I couldn't forward them to her.

To an actual address, I mean.
There wasn't...

Do you want to talk about her?

I want to talk...

-about you.
-About me?

How long have you worked
at the office where...

It's actually called
the Dead Letter Office.


But they bring me to life, you know?
Because I don’t really have one.

We all have a past, you know?

But not many people
would dare to write about theirs

and it stays locked up, deep inside.

I guess I like to think
that I'm helping people with something.

And who is... helping you?

It's getting late, I should go.


I'm really glad to have met you.



-What's wrong?
-I just took Mateo to the airport.

-He's gone.
-I'm so sorry, Clara.

No, I'm sorry.

-I don't want to spoil your day.
-Don't worry.

You've both made a difficult decision,
I understand.

Well, let's not talk about it today.

-Who is it?
-Marie? It's Sergio.

-Come in.
-Are you sure?

I'm sorry to bother you today of all days,
but I can't find Paloma.

The catalogs!
I completely forgot.

No, I'm really sorry to intrude,

-but they're really important for tonight.
-No, of course they are.

-I can bring them for you later.
-Don't worry.

-Just tell me where to get them from.
-They're in my name.

It's fine, I'll bring them to the party.

-Can I see the wedding dress, Marie?
-Of course.

Thank you.

You decided to stay in Barcelona then?


Just so you know, I'm happy you did.

You're an incredible woman.

-He doesn't deserve you.
-He still loves me even if he did leave.


I'd love it if you came to the party.

I think it's down to Elena that
it's the same night as Jonás' wedding.

It had to be tonight
for maximum media coverage, Clara.

In that case, I hope it goes really well.


Stop pacing up and down
you're making us nervous.

-Leave him alone, we're all nervous.
-Do you need to go pee-pee?

Don't talk to me like one of the twins.

-And the twins?

Oh, I left them with the doorman.

-I'm sure they're making mischief.
-I'd have liked them to be here.

-I know but--
-Are you the groom?

-No, that's him.
-I'm the groom, Father.

We have enough with one wedding.

Well, there will be another one.
His girlfriend has come from Germany...

I won't give you my life story.
Pedro Infantes.

My son, Manuel.

-The groom, Jonás.
-Nice to meet you.

So you're having another wedding soon?

Well, we'll be having this one
and then later...

Right, Manuel?

-Where's the bathroom?
-You see!

Of course, my son.
Go to the vestry at the back.

-The bathroom is behind it.
-Thank you.

-What's up with him?
-Who knows.

To Inés...

and to Lourdes,

who's stolen my heart.

And to the Infantes family,

who these things always happen to.

-Is the bride here?
-What do you mean?

-Where are you going?
-I can't see her.

-Why are you running off.
-I'm nervous.

-Don't worry.
-Thank God you're here.

I'll always be here for you.

Long live the bride and groom

Long live the bride and groom

-My little Jay!

Did you think I wouldn't come
to your wedding?

You're the apple of my eye!

So here I am!

You look so handsome and stylish.

Long live the bride and groom!

Long live the bride and groom

-They're congratulating my son.
-No, that's not him!

This is hilarious.

This is the groom!

My goodness.

I just want you to know
that not a day has gone by

that I haven't called Pedro from Paris

to oversee every minute detail
of this wedding.

I really appreciate it.

What do you think of the venue?
Isn't it great?

-I knew you'd love it.
-Why are these guys here?

This is my wedding gift.

A shot-gun wedding without music
is no wedding at all.

Let's go, boys!

No, no, no!

Wait there, please.

I'm talking to you.

-This isn't part of our liturgy!
-Listen, Father...

My friend would be very upset,

if you don't allow him to embellish
this holy ceremony a little bit.

I'm not against it but--

A man with eyes like yours
couldn't have that on his conscience.

Break it up.

We don't want you getting carried away.

No profane music, okay?

-"Propane"? I don't know what that is.
-You have my word, I promise.

You were very close
to the Gorgio in black.

Have you lost your mind?

He's a priest!

-He took a vow of celibacy.
-No vow is going to fool me!

Don't start, please.

-Don't start.

Raúl, I'm really grateful for all of this

but I don't know
if it's going to be too much.

If I can say just something,

I think the idea is really original,
but my Rita always said

the bride should be the main attraction
and she won't be.

It was going to be so lovely...

-No, you're totally right.
-Wait a minute...

I'll take care of them,
you just get people into their seats

and empty the aisle.

They're wonderful, marvelous people!

-They'll do whatever you ask them to.
-Perhaps we should...

-Have you been drinking?
-Of course! Just a little.

-You look so handsome.
-So do you.

How is everything?
It all looks beautiful.

Oh, Maribel!

-You're radiant.
-Thank you.

-We'll wait inside.

-You look beautiful.

-Trés belle.

Prepareda, ma fille?

-On y va.

-Wasn't he with you?
-No, he was...

Where's the groom?

He's not here.
We don't know where he is.

-What should we do?
-I don't know. Sit down.

My God.

-What should we do?
-My God.

How can the bride be here
before the groom?

This can't be happening.

Where is the groom?

What do you mean no?

Don't worry, honey,

If I didn't have you

Tell me what would I do

You're like water

Flowing over the arid ground

-And like a blazing torch...
-Merci, François.


...That over time fades and dies...

You look stunning.

Thank you.

...And like a cloud in the sky...

-You're so handsome.

...That can't stay there anymore

-Come to me and say anything...

Come on!

...Get mad with me

But don't leave me

I'm used to feeling you with me

Feeling your sweet, sweet love

Witnessing anything you want me to

We are gathered here today,

to join this man and woman
in holy matrimony.

To marry Jonás and Marie.


Do you take Marie
to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Do you promise to love and respect her

for richer or for poorer,
for better or for worse,

in sickness and in health,

as long as you both shall live?

I do.


Do you take Jonás
as your lawfully wedded husband?

Do you promise to love and respect him

for better or for worse,

for richer or for poorer,

in sickness and in health,
as long as you both shall live?

I do.

I now pronounce you

husband and wife!


Three cheers for the bride and groom!


-Three cheers for the bride and groom!


Calm your soul
and do not give into temptation.

Let the free spirit influence you.

Be ever faithful to Guru Maharishi.

Maharishi Guru.

It's what we in marketing
call 'positioning'.

Longer words for shorter-lived ideas.

Eduard you've been producing
a high-quality, sparkling wine for years

which the French won't accept
as Champagne.

But why would we want it to be?

It's time start appreciating
Spanish products.

The problem with calling it Cava
is nobody knows what it is,

so I keep calling it Champagne.

That's where I come in.

I need to make everyone aware
that we have a sparkling wine

which can compete with Champagne.

Well, if you think it's possible
to do that...

How could I think
that you wouldn’t be capable?

Go for it, Quique.


Patty Shamira, gust of wind,
soul of the ocean.

Have you been at a costume party?

I won't judge you, Enrique.

Your soul is still struggling,
I can feel it.

Mine is being guided by nature
and the light of the Universe.


Are you pulling my leg?

I was punished harshly
by the excesses of my previous life.

In India I found a teacher
who showed me my true identity.

I am finally at peace
with my inner self.

So, what?
You now believe in reincarnation?

Can I guess which animal you used to be?

You're really missing the point, Enrique.

You're probably right about that.

And what brings you from India
to this sinful wasteland?

I didn't think I'd see you again.

My healing experience,
my doctrine and my book:

Illumination through Tantric Sex.

Well, I have to admit
it's a subject that you have mastered.

You're wrong, Enrique.

I'm not the girl I used to be.

To understand life and its mysteries,

you must forsake physical pleasure

and connect with the universe.

My body is a temple.

Are you okay, Patricia?

-You're not part of a cult, are you?
-Call me Patty.

I'm better than ever.

Make my book a success.

It's the only way I can free others
of the oppression of their carnal ways,

and help them to grow spiritually.

I'll do what I can...



I wanted you to have this.


I want to thank you
for everything you've done.

Soon it'll be your turn
and I can return the favor.

Thank you, Marie.
I'm dreaming about that day.

This means so much to me, really.

Thank you.

-They're beautiful.
-I know.

-Hurry up and show them to Manuel.


Thank you.

[singing in French]

Hey, cuz.

To your happiness.

And to yours.


Are you okay?

Truthfully, I am.

You know, today I felt...

something special.

-For which one of Marie's friends?
-Don't be stupid.

I felt like Rita was watching over me

and guiding me to the right path.

What path?

I don't know,

but I think I received...

a sign.

Signs are there to be followed.

To signs.

To signs.

Go and attend to your guests.

You know I could marry you, right now.

Love you!



I've decided to stay.

I don't know what my parent's will say,

but I'm not going back to London.





-I'm here!
-And do you know...

-if in the end...
-No, I came alone.


This is going great,
I'm having a wonderful time!

You know the only thing missing?

-I'll go check on everything.
-Sure, thanks.

-Look, we're stuck together.


I think...

I've shown you
that I finally know what I want.

You know what that is?

-Look, this isn't the time or the place.

Who cares about time and place?
I'm confessing my love.

-It's you and I've changed.

Let's do something.

-Close your eyes.

-Close your eyes.
-I won't.

-Come on, close them.
-Not here.

-Do it for me.


Open them for a second.

-Close them again.

-Elena, please.
-Okay, open them.

I was saving this for our wedding night,

but we all know how that went.


I love you.

You're the love of my life,
I can't live without you. Sergio...

Will you marry me?

-He called me a gypsy.

He said that I'm ridiculous.

I swear on everything you hold dear,
I'm going to kill you.

-Rafael, leave it alone!
-Get out of the way!

-I'm going to cut him!


My name is Macarena Rey,
I'm Sergio's mom.

I need to speak to Clara Montesinos,
I want to buy into Velvet.

Subtitles by: Francesca Maguire