Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 9 - París, je t'aime - full transcript

A wardrobe emergency sends Raúl, Jonás and Manolito on a rescue mission to Paris. Clara accepts an invitation from Sergio for dinner for two.

-Get him!
-He's getting away!

Don't let him get away.

-It wasn't me!
-It wasn't you?

Do you have any idea what you've done?

-You'll kill him, Paco.
-That's the point.

-How could you, Carmela?

-How could you?
-How could I what?

Bed someone else.

Look, Paco...

The day I cheat on you with another man,
which I hope I never do,

it'll be with a real man,
not that loser.

-You see.
-I'm too much for him to handle.


Another possibility is that this wimp
is involved with Azucena or Rafeal.

-I'm not going to take the rap for him.
-Are you serious?

But that's none of your business anyway.

Francisco, if the misunderstanding
has been resolved,

-let's get back to business.
-We have no business.

Carmela was almost exposed.
Let's go.

Wait a minute, what I'm proposing
has nothing to do with Velvet.

-Mrs. Cortés...
-I need to get ready for the Olympia.

And I won't authorize the publication
of my photos in the bikinis.

Good afternoon.

-What on earth is going on?
-We weren't properly prepared.

It's my fault, I designed that dress.

That dress was beautiful, Jonás.

-It was until the ass ripped.

-What do you mean the ass ripped?
-Mon Dieu.

You can always give it
another shot, right?

We don't have enough fabric
to make it again, Pedro.

Don't worry, it's like Emilio always said:
Keep moving forward, never look back.

-There, there.

Gather everyone in the meeting room, now.

-I'm so sorry.
-There, there.

-Don't worry.
-That's enough.

Don't worry.

Take it easy.

She wouldn't even speak to me.

We've lost the show
and the bikini collection.


So now I'm going to have
to clear up your mess, am I?


What are you trying to say, lady?

That we've lost the ad campaign
because you weren't up to the job.

And Carmela Cortés agrees with me.

So will Bahía now they don't have
a campaign for their launch.

Listen up, honey,

I couldn't give a damn about Bahía
or your line of bikinis.

All I care about is Velvet,
which stands to lose the most after this.

As far as I'm aware
you haven't spent a dime.

He's right,
I'm the only one who's spent anything.

-Good afternoon.
-Let's all just calm down.

It's true we've hit a bump in the road,

but it's also true that we're a team.

A great team.

If we work together,
I'm sure we can find a solution for this.

Firing someone might be a solution.

This company needs
to make an example of someone.

That isn't your responsibility though.

All due respect, sir,

but Ana and Alberto
would never have said something like that.

I don't know
what Ana and Alberto would say,

what I do know is what return my bank
is expecting from this investment.

And if we don't achieve that
you'll not only have lost the Olympia,

but also the franchise venture
that Ana has planned.

That's enough threats, Father.

They're not threats,
stop acting like a kid.

What I'm trying to say is
if Barcelona isn't a success,

it means that the success of Velvet Madrid
cannot be repeated.

And Ana Rivera will have to wave goodbye
to her plans.

Very well.

In that case,
if I'm the only problem here,

I'll get going.

I quit Velvet Collection.

This isn't right.

Don't even think about quitting.
We've gotten through worse than this.

I've really screwed up this time.

And that jerk is right...

Velvet is at risk and it's my fault.

I knew that dress would be trouble.

Right, no more tears.

How often do things go wrong
when we try something new?

Too often.

I'm done.

Come here.

Come on.

Don't get upset, Raúl.

We can do this together, Raúl.

And I'll tell you something,
without you none of this would even exist.

You always say we have
to do everything for love.

Love gives us second chances.

Let's try again.

-Anyway, Paris isn't too far away.
-Let's go to Paris.

For love?

-And what about Godó?
-Leave him to me.

-Lets go to Paris.
-Come on.

This is a business
and we should be treating it like one.

So enough of this garbage
about Velvet being a family.

It is a family,

you just don't know what that is.

Sergio, your father's right,
they're not taking this seriously.

I've worked for Bahía for years
and never dealt with anything like it.

Elena, the guy we just fired is a genius.

One any other company would have fired
long before now.

If I was running Velvet,
it'd be a very different--

I'm sure you'd do a great job,

but for now I'm still in charge.

So let's not get carried away.

I wouldn't dream
of taking your place, Clara.

-You could have fooled me.

Jonás and Raúl are going to try
and make a new wardrobe for Mrs. Cortés.

If that's a success
we can turn our attention to the bikinis.

All we need is 24 hours.

Fine, you have it.
If it doesn't work, I'll ring Ana myself.

I hope you're not suggesting
that I might be Plan B.

You already are Plan B.

Shall we meet at 10 p.m. at the Rialto?


-Of course.

Ladies, gentlemen,
I have a lot of work to do.


Pedro, I need you to come to Manresa later

-and bring what we need for packing.
-Of course, I'll come with the boys.

-Marie, brings irons we might need them.

Come on, there's no time to lose.

You guys, come with me.

Today you'll be learning
how to manage a crisis.

Come as you are.

-Oh, Manuel, it's so exciting!

-Where are you going?
-We'll leave without you, Inés!

Your father is organizing the staff.

-What's happened?
-We've lost Carmela Cortés. Go find him!

Can I come in?

I just heard, how are you?

I had the chance to prove myself
to my father and look what happened.

He's a jerk.

Apparently he was involved with her
and her husband found out.

So what?
You're giving up?

You can't give up.

Carmela doesn't know
he's your dad

and I just heard that De la Riva
is putting the wheels back into motion.

You have to do the same.

Let's go to Paris.

Are you crazy, Lourdes?

I haven't got any money.

My parents will pay
and nobody has to know.

Maybe not,
but I can't go to Paris with you.

Don't tell me the ball is in my court,
if you won’t return it.

I'm leaving, Manuel.

I'll wait for you in Paris.

-Who was it?
-Nobody, ma'am.

There was nobody there
when I opened the door.

There was just this envelope.

Thank you, Montse.

My mind is made up.

I'm stronger than I've ever been.

-This is the psychologist's report.
-I'd like to help you, Macarena,

but you know
Eduard has to sign everything off.

-We can't do anything without his say so.
-But that money is mine, not his.

My parents' fortune belongs to me.

I understand that times are changing

and there are more and more women
trying to make their own way,

but my hands are tied, really.

You're married
and all of this belongs to Godó.

Don't you get it?

I need a way to be independent of him

and not lose everything when I leave here.

Let me have a think about it.

Whatever you do,
it can't be by the book

because the law is clear.

Thank you, Serafín.

I'm willing to face the consequences.

I know you advised my mother
in a similar matter.

She was one-of-a-kind

and she fought for her independence
to the last.

Help me to do the same...

-and to win it.
-Don't leave the family home, just yet.

It could be used against you.

Give me a few days
and I'll come back to see you.

Thank you, Serafín.

Thank you so much.

I just...

I don't get what she meant
when she said I'd be Plan B.

She didn't actually say that.

-It was you who said it.
-Yes, she did.

Then she arranged
to go on a date with you.

No one mentioned anything about a date.

It was pretty obvious.

"10 p.m. at the Rialto",
what else would it be?

Do I need to remind you
who left who at the altar?

Just take it easy, please.

We just need
to go over some stuff together.

And you couldn't do that
any other time?

Will you trust me, please?

I don't want to lose you.

-Will you call me when you get home?
-Of course I will.

Now, get going.
I need to take care of all of this.

Go on.


If you do the front page,

she won't be able to leave you.
The social pressure will be too much.

Believe me it's the only way
to save your marriage.

She'll feel more tied to you than ever.

Would we be able to see the questions
before the shoot?

Leave that to me.

The important thing is that the public
get to know a new side of Eduard Godó.

A more humane side.

For them to see that,
after your near-death experience,

your priorities have changed

and you've realized what
the most important thing is to you.

Your family.

You're amazing, Quique.

I'll remind you I sold a type of brandy
with only a horse, a blond and a beach.

You didn't have Brigitte Bardot,
but it wasn't bad.

The brandy I mean.

I told you I didn't want to be disturbed.

Hello, Enrique.

Hello, Macarena.

Hi, Macarena,
we were just talking about you.

-How are you, son?

Can we talk alone?


I'm glad to see you doing your part
to make this joint venture a success.

Is this what you call a joint venture?

Could you stoop any lower?

Did you hire a private detective?

You should be ashamed.

Crying over your marriage
in front of your children

judging my infidelity all these years,
when it was you who left.

That's enough, Macarena.

Dinner and gifts only days ago...

and now this?

-Where did those photos come from?
-That doesn't matter.

What matters is how many Petrogal shares
you'll give me to keep this quiet.

You're blackmailing me?

This is your chance to keep fooling people

that you're the great guy
you pretend to be.


In that case,
you have to do something for me too.

We're going to do an interview together.

I want you smiling and happy by my side.

And nice and still, Macarena.

Stop what you're doing
and switch off the machines.

Come here and listen, please.

We have an order to complete
which takes priority over everything else.

We have less than 12 hours
to complete it

and we cannot fail.

But these ladies have their work hours.

If these ladies don't give it their all
along with us, this afternoon,

it's likely they won't have work hours,
or a salary,

because we'll all be out on the street.

Diplomatic as ever, Raúl.

Ladies, today we have to give it our all.

We know we're working with
the best team of dressmakers in Spain,

that's why we're sure, that together,
we can do this.

I know I might seem aggressive
and hot-headed,

but I am a lover of fashion, as you know.

So I am asking you that, today,
you help me to keep that affair alive.


we're going to make the most remarkable
flamenco dress the world has ever seen.

And every single stitch
will bear your mark.

I'm with you, Mr. De la Riva.

So am I.


Thank you.
Let's get to work.



Let me take a look, Jonás.

Let's see.

-Is it the original?

-Are there any more?


The fabric is caught,
we'll have to take the machine apart.

No, because we might break it.
What are we going to do?

Okay, just don't panic.

One machine has broken
but the other 49 can do the job.

This is the fabric we chose
and it’s stuck in the machine, Pedro.

-We have to take it apart!
-How are we going to do that?

-Break it?
-We have to do something.

I don't know, then.

Does anyone have that book thing
so that we can fix it?

-The manual!
-Yes, the manual!

Do you have the manual for this machine?

Look, here it is.

-Is that German?


My God.

I speak German.

-Are you sure you don't want anything?
-I'm sure.

You've got your interview.

Let's go, Sergio.


How did it go?

Unexpectedly, but it's done.

I don't know if I can translate this,
there's some very technical language.

But Inés,
you're the only person who can...

who can do this.

Believe in yourself.

Now, more than ever.

You know something,

the first time I saw Inés

I said to myself,
"she's a gift from up above...

and she was sent by Rita".


you're the only one who can do this.

That's it.

Believe in yourself.


Okay, I'll give it a shot.

Don't worry, Marie will be your hands.
Just translate.

We're here with you.


Let's begin.
It says here that in the part underneath,

there should be a small relay.

There should be a small relay underneath.

How small?

I don't know, it says kleine
which means small.

She doesn't know it just says kleine.

-Be careful.
-I think I have it.

You have to release that
before you free the fabric.

Release that before you free the fabric.



Next, take the needle

and pull it back 45 degrees,

until you hear a click.
And that's it.

-Is that it?
-I think so.

-It's out?

-It's out!
-It's out? It's out!

-It's out, you did it!

-You did it!
-I did it.

-It's out!
-What a thrill!

Are we making this dress or not?

-Yes, quickly.
-Let's go!

Careful, careful.

-Lay it out, carefully.
-Be careful.

-Very carefully.
-It's in.

We don't have another one.
Don't wrinkle it.

-Relax, Raúl.

Put it a bit further in.

You go to Paris?
Come on!

All I'm saying is that
I'd be more useful in Paris than here.

Do you happen to speak French?

-Do you sew?

-Are you going to dance then?

-No, but it would make me happy to--
-I don't care how happy it'd make you.

The ones going to Paris
have a reason to be there.

I lived in Germany, which is next door.

I live in Spain which is also next door,
and I'm staying in Spain.

Stop talking baloney
and help me with this.

-What I'm trying to say--
-Don't say anything.

Leave me alone, just for a little while.

You can go to Paris on your honeymoon.


-What's wrong?
-When anyone mentions the wedding I...

-I'm fine.

But why did you...

Your wedding day should be
the happiest day of your...

What's wrong with you?

I'm fine.
Let's go and load the truck.

Grab those things, it's getting late.

Now all you have to do is take it to Paris
and see the look on The Empress' mush.

-She's going to love it.

Yes but you need to leave now,
it'll take you all night to get there.

Don't worry,
Raúl will drive some of the way.

Who? Me?

Are you crazy?
I haven't driven in 15 years!

I can't drive the whole way.

I'm not going to put your life at risk,
and certainly not my own.

-Anyway, me drive? How uncivilized.
-We're leaving in ten.

I think it's all there:
the hangers, the irons...

-Is that everything?
-You drive, right?

-Yes, do you need someone to go to Paris?
-Yes, because I can't drive all night.

He can't drive, I'll drive.

-He's just a kid.
-What about the twins?

They'll be at home waiting.
Come on, Manuel.

Wait a minute.
Be really careful, okay?


Don't drive too fast
and don't overtake on curves.

-Give me a kiss.

Safe trip.

-That boy is a worry.
-Don't worry, I'll take care of him.

Right... Can I...

Can I speak to you both?

Of course.

How do I...

I don't know how to say this.

What's this?

It's for you.


It was Rita's.

It meant a lot to her and I want you...

I want you to have it.

It brought us happiness...

and I want to share that.

-No, cuz, we can't accept this.

This will help me to...

move on,
like you're always saying I should.

I love you, cuz.

I love you too.

Thank you, Pedro.

Promise me something, though.

-That we'll use it?
-And be happy.

Really happy.

-Okay, man.
-Anyway, I'm going.

Does it fit?

I have a ring.

And I have you.


-Where are you? I have to go.
-Here, you can't leave without this.

-Of course.
-That's right!

You have to tell customs it's for a show
and you're not selling it.

-It's getting late, you won't make it.
-I'm so nervous!

-Give me a kiss.

-Everything's ready, Raúl. Safe trip.

Goodbye, darlings!

To Paris!

Don't let there be any more days
like this one.

-What's up with you?
-Paloma already knows.

-I'm engaged.
-No way!

-Yes way.
-No way!

-Yes way!


Come on, bed time.
It's late.

-I'm ready, Dad.
-Are you now? Give me your glasses.

Has the Tooth Fairy been?

Smart guy.

-Have you said your prayers?
-Yes, we prayed for Mom.

Good boys.

What if I told you...

-I'm going to put Mom's stuff away?
-Her photos?

No, not the photos.
She'll always be there, it's just...

I might put her clothes away

and her robe, her toothbrush...

Is that okay?


-What about you?
-If there's more space in the closet,

I can put the skateboard
I got off Grandma in there.

I'm putting my comic books in there, then.

You can put whatever you want in it,
there's loads of room.


Right, get to sleep.



"To the love of my life...

this will be my final letter.

As much as it hurts,
I have to try and accept that you're gone,

though you'll always be in my heart.

For three years now
I've dreamed of holding you again,

kissing you again,
hearing your gentle reproach,

your crazy ideas and your exasperation.

I miss you so much, my love,

that I still don't know how
to go it alone.

You always said you should never give up

and even now you're making me be brave,

but you know I was never a hero.

So I'm asking you to help me,
because I don't think I can do it alone.

You gave me the best of you...

two wonderful children

and more love than anyone could ever give.

Goodbye, my love.

Until we meet again

and we're happy together once more.

I love you.

Forever yours,


The check, please.

I'm sorry we just got finished up
with Operation Cortés.

-You look beautiful.
-Thank you.

-Do you want something to drink?

A red vermouth, please.

-Shall we go through to the private area?

I have a knot in my stomach,
because I feel like we forgot something.

It's because of the way
this chump is driving.

If you wanted to wake me up, job done.

-Where did you get your license?
-In Frankfurt.

Are the cars there not stick?
You're just changing the gears randomly.

Change up or you'll break the engine.

Step on the clutch.
Go on!

-I've never driven one like this.
-Leave him alone,

-you're making him nervous.

-Did we pick up the dancer's shirts?
-They're in the trunk.

-And the brooch for Carmela's dress?
-It's in the jewelry box.

-And the gold thread in case we need to--
-Raúl, enough!

Stop, Manolito.
They're flashing you.

It's customs, they make me so nervous.

For the love of God,
switch with me, please.

Can't you see he's nervous.
Just pull over.

Open the window, Manuel.

-I don't understand French.
-Who cares?

If he asks anything, I'll answer.
Give him our passports.

-Bonsoir, monsieur.


What a fright.

-Permis de conduire.
-What did he say?

He's asking for your license.

Give it to him.

The sooner you show it to him,
the sooner we can go.

I don't have it.

For goodness' sake.

What do you mean?

For the love of God,
make out that you're looking for it.

Only you would leave it in Barcelona.

No, it's not in Barcelona.
I lied, I don't have one.

Monsieur, le permis de conduire.

I am going to kill you...
Monsieur le gendarmerie.


-This is unbelievable.
-[Speaking in French]

How was I supposed to know
this was the border.

So it's the border's fault?

My God.

We aren't going to get there in time.

We just won't.

-Start the truck.

-Start the truck.
-I can't, Uncle Jonás is there.

It's okay, we'll come back for him.

-I'm not starting the truck.
-You got us into this, you can get us out.

Velvet is not losing the franchise deal
and I'm not losing The Needle.


Hey, come back!

I'm not convinced
that they will get to Paris,

but imagine they do,

-Carmela might avoid seeing them--
-They're going to do it.

I'm sure of it.

You know, I thought that if you agreed
to come out for dinner with me,

we'd talk about stuff other than work.

Of course!

-Or not. I mean, Sergio--
-Look, Clara...

I asked you here tonight,

because the other day I heard
that things aren't going well...


Yes, Mateo.
And I thought that me and you...

My darling.

Sorry, I haven't seen her for ages.

-Nice to meet you.
-How's it going?

Have we met?

Yes, at the funeral.

You might not remember
but you hit my car.

Shall I ask them to pull up a chair?

Well, we're just finishing up,
but sure.

I don't want to interrupt.

Paloma said you were here.
I'll wait at the bar, if you like?

I'm going to the restroom.

I still can't believe it.

It's not looking good,
so let's go on the run!

-You really are dumber than a post.
-It was Mr. De la Riva's idea.



What did you want me to do?

We had to get there,
it was the only thing that mattered.

Just wait until your dad finds out.

Okay, fine.
I'm an idiot, but I'm an idiot in love.

I also did this for love.

Inés is really going to want
to marry a convict.

-No, I'm crazy about Lourdes Otegui.
-You have got to be kidding me!

You don't get any choice,
these things just happen!

Love is not something you can predict.

It hides and then jumps out
when you least expect it.

Isn't that what you were saying?

-It smells like boiled cauliflower here.

Let go of my hand...


We'll be out of here by tomorrow,
we're not going anywhere today.

Move up.

It does smell of cauliflower.

-Shut up.
-Shut up.

Here you go, thanks.

It's a pity, we'll have to get to know
each other another time.

-I'm sure we will.
-You're leaving?

Yes, I just remembered
I have to pick my mom up from the theater.

-I don’t know how I forgot.
-She won't be waiting for you, will she?


Don't worry, I can still make it.

-A pleasure to meet you, Mateo.

Take care.

And you and I...

-We'll talk about this another time.


-He seems nice but a bit weird, right?
-Shall we go?

Thank you.

I could kill you.

Don't get mad,
I've been dying to see you.

You can't just disappear and then come--

Come and make love to you
like I'd never been away?

-You're an idiot.
-Yes, I am.

But do you know what?
I've been dreaming of this.

-Bonjour, monsieur.

-Oh, cuz!
-[speaking in French]

Cuz, it's Jonás.

I'm so happy to hear your voice.

Never mind that, just listen carefully.

-We're being held at customs.
-What do you mean?

-What's happened?
-That doesn't matter.

You need to speak to Clara.

-No, to Sergio.
-With Sergio.

-Or Marie, she's French.
-Shut up.

Speak to Sergio or whoever you need to,

but get us out of here,
or it's bye-bye Carmela Cortés and Velvet.

We've been detained, Dad.

Of course,
but I'll have to explain what happened.

It's just a big misunderstanding,
we'll explain later.

That's probably for the best,
I can't understand what you're saying.

Cuz, concentrate.

You need to get us out of here.

Right, ok.
I'll go right now and speak to...

-No, cuz!

Votre conversation est terminée.

-Excuse me, nothing is finished here.

I can't believe it.

-C'est sufi, eh!


-Oh, it's you, Pedro. What's up?
-They've been detained.

Mr. De la Riva, Jonás and my son
are being held at customs.

Don't worry that's quite normal.

There are always long queues at customs.

No, you don't understand
what I'm telling you.

They've been arrested.

What do you mean arrested?

-What did they do?
-I don't know.

They said it was a misunderstanding

and to tell Clara or Mr. Godó
to get them out of there.

-Okay, just take it easy.

-I'm sure we can fix this.

And I know how.


-Her mom works for the French embassy.

-She'll have contacts and know what to do.

-I'm so worried...
-Don't be.

-Deep breaths.

I'll just go with you.


Who works for the embassy?

I didn't ask,
just in case it's all a mistake.

-Run for it.

Get in.
Have we got everything?

To Paris!

How's it going, Empress?

The doors of the theatre are now open.

-Are there a lot of people?
-Half of them won't even get in.

I'm not going out there.

-Not like this.
-Come on, don't freak out.

-We've performed in worse.
-You might have,

but I perform in nothing but the best.

-I'm not going out wearing this crap.

We need to think of something.

What if I dress like a man?

Like a man?

It would be a real shame
when you have something this stunning.

What are you doing here?

Haven't you done enough damage?

Let me fix this, please.


This is my way of saying sorry...

and of recognizing your art.

Good God, almighty!

De la Riva...

if I ever flash anyone again,
you will be buried here in Paris.


Right, everybody out.
The Empress needs to get ready.

You too.

He won't bite, go on.

What a relief.

That's it, Pedro! Olé!

Go on, Carmela! Olé!

What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be dancing?

I don't want to dance again,
unless it's with you.

Olé...such art.

Why are you here?

You told me to make a move.

Well, here I am.


forgive me.





Subtitles by: Francesca Maguire