Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 2, Episode 10 - Felices fiestas - full transcript

If you marry me
Marta can come live with you.

I can't let you do something like that,
it's too much.

No, it isn't.

It's for you.

For your daughter.

For us.

I never thought
I'd utter these words ever again.

But I love you.

And I want to marry you.

To make a family with you.

It wouldn't be difficult
with so many children.

Diana Pastor...

will you marry me?

Yes. Yes, I will.

-We'll call your mom about trains.

How wonderful!

-Do you like it?
-I love it. It's fabulous.

We've never dressed a queen before.

What do you think, Juliette?

I don't want to go.

-The dress.

I'm tired of always being treated
like a child.

Being sent back and forth.
Is nobody going to ask what I want?

Look, Juliette...


Let me talk to her.

Don't take this the wrong way.

We're not trying to run your life
we just want to help.

I don't need help.
I know perfectly well what I want!

So, what do you want?
Maybe we can help if you let us in.

Did you hear?

What... What are you doing, Juliette?

Put that down, please.

I'll speak to Marie. I'm sure
we can fix this. Just put it down.

Take it easy.

-Don't do anything stupid.

I know what I'm doing, leave me alone.

-Please, honey.
-I won't go back.

-And this is the only way to avoid it.
-No, please.



Juliette! Juliette!




Juliette! What are you doing?

Please, stop!

You're just like my mom,
always looking the other way.

-All for the sake of appearances.

What do you mean?

We should be a respectable family,
but we're despicable.

And you two are the same.

You disgust me!

I don't know what your mom did
but we can fix it.

-That's a lie.
-Put the scissors down.

Put them down!

It wasn't the professor.

He had nothing to do with it.

-What are you talking about?
-It was my father who abused me.

There, there.

It's alright.

-Paloma, have Sergio or Macarena called?

Not yet.

-You look amazing.
-Thank you, Paloma.

Are you going out?

I'm meeting Omar for dinner,
like we agreed, right?

-Pretend nothing has changed.

Well, no. I mean...

Behave like nothing has changed.

-And nothing means nothing.
-Exactly. Nothing.

Don't mind me,
but nothing about this is clear.

Don't worry,
I can take care of myself.

If you need me, call me.
Whatever time it is.

Of course.

-Well, I don't want to be late.

-Let me know if they call.
-Of course.

But you don't have to pretend with me.

-You like every last thing about her.
-Excuse me?

Come with me to the balcony.

A wonderful night, a beautiful woman...

What more could a man want?

This will be unforgettable.

James Bond has nothing on her.

I just hope this is over soon.

-Is everything okay?

-I'm just nervous about the presentation.
-Don't worry, everything will be fine.

Just enjoy dinner.

To the consulate.

I wouldn't wait too long.

To tell her how I felt.

Where the hell are you, Sergio?

-I'll keep a watch.

-Have you got it?
-Not yet.

I think it's this one.

Let me see.

Is something wrong?

I'm checking it only has dad's name
and nobody else can be framed.

Just his signature.

That will be Eduard, you have to go.

-I won't leave you alone, Mom.
-You have to get it to Mateo.

-Come with me.
-I have to stay or he'll be suspicious.


Go out of the window. The window!

-Be careful, Mom.
-I will, go!

-I didn't hear you pull up.
-Give me it.

-Give you what?
-Don't act the fool, Macarena.

The keycard for the safe.

You never gave it to me.

So you sent
your accomplice to steal it.

-Yes, Doña Blanca.

I know she took it
when she went to clean my jacket.

-You're crazy, nobody stole anything.
-I'll search you.

Please, let go of me.
Let go of me, Eduard!


-Iranian consulate.
-This is Godó.

-I must speak with the ambassador.
-I'm sorry but he has a guest with him

-and has asked not to be disturbed.
-It's very important.

I'm sorry, I can't help you.

I can tell him you called
when he's finished.

As soon as you can.
Tell him it's a matter concerning him.

-I'll tell him as soon as I can.
-Thank you.

-Can I go?
-Not yet.

You're holding me against my will.
This is kidnap.

You're still my wife.

This isn't kidnap, Macarena,
it's a request from your husband.

If you give me the card, you can leave.

-Sit down.
-I'm go--

Will you please behave yourself!

You're a disgrace.

Me? You're the one who sold me out.
My own wife.

Don't kid yourself.

You're the only one responsible
for what's happening.

I'll be fine, but what will be said
about the mess you've got me in?

Don't try to intimidate me.

It won't work anymore.

I'll speak to your mom.

You can't do anything.

All she does is cries and cries.

She's worried about what people will say.

My father is still a very powerful man.

-You have to report him.


-I can't Aunt Marie, he's my father.
-He's a monster.

I don't want to go back.

Not to report him.
I don't want to go home.

I'll see what I can do from here.

No! It's a write off.
We have to remake the whole piece.

-We have to remake the dress.

-But it's for tomorrow and we've--
-I'll think of something.

Please, leave. I need to focus.
Get out of here!

-Get out!

I don't know what to do.

-How is she?
-She's calmed down.

I don't get how my sister
could hide something like this.

-My God.
-There, there.

I'm so sorry, Uncle Jonás.

I didn’t know what else to do.

I'm so ashamed of what I did, truly.

Forgive me.

I'm sorry you had
to go through all of this.

I want to repair the damage I did.
Please, let me help you.

I'll call the consulate,
we won't be ready.

-What? Of course we will.
-There isn't time.

We've done the impossible before.
Remember the theatre company?

-Les Miserables. My fingers bled that day.
-You see?

We have four meters of fabric,
we can replace the damaged areas.

-We don't have to start over.

Maybe we can cover the patches
with samples Cara brought.


You know what you need for that?
The dressmakers you just sent away.

I'm an idiot.

-Let's get to work.
-Let's go.

Don Mateo, you need to relax.
Would you like a chamomile tea?

I've got it.

This contract proves
Omar is betraying the crown.

-Are there any other names on here?
-No, only my...

Only Godó's.

I'm sorry,
this must be really hard for you.

But you're doing the right thing.
Paloma, tell the magazine I'm on my way.

-What for?
-I'll tell them myself.

-Can I do anything for you?

Don't worry, Paloma. Thank you.

If I might, I want to remind you
of what Don Mateo just said.

You're doing the right thing.

The right thing? Do you really think so?

I'm betraying the man
who raised me, Paloma.

When this contract gets out...

it'll be over for him.

Everything will be fine, you'll see.


What's with your face?

Aren't you happy to see me?

I've had a hard day.

-Why are you here at this hour?

Because I haven't heard
from you since yesterday.

I know I gave you until today,
but when I didn't hear I came looking.

Not that you deserve it.

Well, I'm sorry.

-You're right.

-We have to talk.

Not today.

I'm sorry, but I'm tired.

I don't know why but ever since I got back
I have the feeling I'm not your priority.

-Maybe I don't matter to you anymore.
-You know that's not true.

-It doesn't seem that way.
-You wanted to go.

Did I say anything? Stop you? No.

Now you want to launch your collection
here, with Godó, behind my back.

-And then I catch you with Omar.
-Hey, hey, hey.

This is because your little friend
Clara didn't want my line.

This has nothing to do with Clara,
it's about your behavior.

You don't seem to care
about what anyone else wants,

only what you want.

You're calling me selfish?
I really can't believe that.

Don't you see we're arguing more?


-Don't make a big deal of it.

I think we're rushing this wedding.

What do you mean?

I love you as much as ever.
This is just cold feet.

That's all.

Don't you think we should have
some time to think or...

Was four years not long enough?

Let's just relax.

Let's go and have dinner, just you and me,
and we can forget this. Okay?




Let's go.

I never imagined
we'd come here for dinner.

Don't you like it?

The consulate or the caviar?

The Beluga was brought
from Iran this morning.

-There was no need.
-Too much is not enough for you.

Could I have a little more Champagne?

Are you alright?

What are you thinking?

About the press conference tomorrow.
I want it to be perfect.

-Won't it be?
-Of course, it's just...

There are always surprises
and I had to rush off to this dinner.


I guess it's my fault now.

I'm sorry to interrupt,
but it's an important matter.

-Everything okay?

I have to make a call.

Why don't you go through.

-What's happened?


I hope this is important,
I'm having dinner.

It is. The contract for our
oil sale agreement has disappeared.

-What do you man "disappeared"?
-I came home a while ago

and the safe was open.
Someone forced it.

-What else did they take?
-There was nothing else connecting us.

I know that already. Answer the question.
Did they just take the contract?

Whoever it was knew exactly
what they were looking for.

-Did you report it?
-No, do you think I'm stupid?


I'll take care of it.

What are you going to do?
This involves me too.

-You'll see.

I hope you appreciate me
not giving you up.

The key.



Open the door! Omar!

Open up. Open the door.

Open it. Omar!



Let go of me! Omar!

Let go of me!

What did they say?
When will he be arrested?

Tomorrow during the presentation.
They'll catch him totally off guard.

It'll be quite the event.

More so when we publish
what we've got on the jewel trafficking.

So, they're going to publish it? Don Ma--

Sweet mother of God.

Maybe we should call the cops.

Where are you going?

Don Mateo, where are you going?
There might be somebody in there.

There's nobody.

Come see this.

Give me back what's mine
at the presentation,

or risk your most valued possession."

We should probably call the cops,
Don Mateo.

-That scumbag won't scare me with a note.
-A note? A note?

The ambassador is a dangerous man.

-He could have us gunned down.
-He won't lay a hand on us.

We have the crown on our side.

I'd feel better
if the Virgin Mary was on our side.

I'll inform the secret service.

How will I explain this to the landlord?

Are you okay?

Thank you.

Thank you, my friend.

For everything
you've given me over the years.

-You've given me so much, Pedro.

So many things.

Many things I, mistakenly,
took for granted.

You've always taken care of me.
And worried about me.

Demonstrated your love
and friendship so many times.

-Those drops sure affected you yesterday.
-God, yesterday!


-What a trip.

I tripped.

I took a long trip.

Very far away.

I went to the deepest part of my being.

And you know what?

I don't want to be who I was before.

Come with me to the studio.
I have something to tell you all.

I have to admit, this is now
a dress worthy of an empress.

Yes. In the end,
if it hadn't been for Juliette...

Everything happens for a reason.


How are you, Mr. De la Riva?

I'm great.


-Better than ever.
-You gave us such a fright yesterday.

I know.

Why didn't you wait
and come straight to the presentation?

And not give it the final touches?
He wouldn't be the great Raúl De la Riva.

That's what I wanted to talk about.

-It was a joke, Raúl.
-No, Jonás.

No. You're right.

Raúl De la Riva exists only for,
and because of, success.

He has had the good fortune
to meet some marvelous and talented people

on this journey.

People who've become his family,

his best friends,

and his confidants.

That's why,
because of everything I've lived through

and the wonderful things you've given me,
I think it's time--

Mr. De la Riva...



Yes, Pedro.

It's time for me to go.


But... why?

Doña Blanca,
my life has pretty much revolved around me

and only me.

And I'm tired of me.

It's time to change course.

Anyway, I'm sure you understand me
better than anyone, right?

Yes, of course I understand you.

And we'll always be here
for anything you need.

I know.

And what will you do?

I'm sure you'll find this pretty funny.
I'm going to Africa.


There's a little town...

one of many,

that has nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Not even clothes.

-So, I'm going to help them.
-Have you thought this through, Raúl?

There are loads of bugs there.
Africa isn't ready for you.

But I'm ready for Africa, Jonás.

I'm ready for whatever comes my way.
The decision is made.

I want to help people who have nothing,
not even food to eat.

And I'll develop my creativity
by helping others.

Helping others is what
has made me happiest.

I have more than enough money.

I don't need this money.
I want to be free of myself...

and help those who need it.

Those are beautiful words.

The experience will change your life.

Come now. I'm saying goodbye to fashion...

dressing a queen!

What more could you want?

-Dressing a queen!
-That's very true.

Don't I get a hug?

Are you okay?


Raúl De la Riva has said he's leaving.

Where is she?


-Thank you for looking after me.
-And to you for looking after me.

You're my greatest work.

Mr. De la Riva.

I can't find Clara.
I wish you the best of luck.

-We're really going to miss you.
-And I'll miss you.

Take care of my home.

We'll really miss you.

Behave yourself.

That's for Clara.
Though I hope to see her before I go.

Mr. De la Riva...

thank you for everything.

Safe trip.

Where is Elvis? We've been waiting
over an hour for the guy.

Calm down, Carmela, the flight
must have been delayed or something.

But don't worry,
I'll take care of this personally.

I'm very calm, I just need you
to tell me where I'm going to dance.

That's the other issue.

We had been going to do it
here at the store,

but it seems the future Empress of Iran
is coming here today,

-and of course, both--
-The only empress is my Carmela.

Don't go overboard.

Queen and Lady of Flamenco.

-Olé Carmela Cortés!
-What an artist!

-One moment.
-Lord above!

-I think I've fixed things.
-Thank Goodness.

It's taken a woman to put things right.

What's happening, doll?

Well, we definitely won't be able
to film the commercial today.

But we could make this morning
a sort of fabulous rehearsal.

Rehearsal? What goddam rehearsal?

Listen, honey, rehearsals only happen
over my dead body.

-Do I look dead to you?

-There you go then.
-Well, I'm sorry,

but we weren't counting on this.
The idea was to do it together.

Enrique, I'll be charging you for today.

I swear it.

Everybody outside.

You won't let me down, Carmela.
We had a deal.

I'm not the one
who's let anyone down here.

I'll make you big.

Elvis isn't coming.

He's on his honeymoon.

These things happen.

And his agent didn't say anything
until the last minute.

-An unapologetic crook.

And I guess Bárbara knew nothing
about all of this.

And obviously, neither did Elvis.

You made it up to get
my part of the business.

How dare you say something like that.
You scammed me first.

-What happened to the money?
-What money?

With the three million pesetas we paid.

Well, he said he'll come through
when he has space in his schedule.

When he has space?

That's just great.

The thing is, this is a commercial.

It has an air date.

Everyone will be toasting
with Cava this Christmas.

So come up with a great idea
or there will be trouble.

-Don't threaten me, Enrique.
-I'm not threatening you.

It's just that Eduard Godó paid
three million pesetas

to have Elvis Presley.

So either you get Elvis Presley here,
or you find someone better.

Or what?

Or I'll take out your other eye.


-Where's Clara?
-I don't know.

-I've been waiting all morning.
-The queen's almost here.

-Did something happen?
-Not that I know of.

Jonás said he had a long night,
but the dress is finished.

-The queen just arrived.
-Is Clara with her?

-I thought she was with you.
-We haven't spoken since yesterday.

-Us neither.
-What if something has happened?

-She's never late for an appointment.
-She was with Omar yesterday.

No! Oh my God.

This way, Your Majesty.

We've adapted the showroom
so you can change comfortably.

-And in privacy.
-That wasn't necessary.

It would have been impossible to change
in a fitting room with that cape.

-If you don't mind, I'll show you the way.
-Of course.

Excellency, I've prepared a room
for you to wait away from the press.

-Until the queen--
-I want to see Mr. Lagasca.

-I'm not sure if he's here right now.
-I'll be in Club Godó.

-But Your Excellency...
-Is there a problem?


I'll go and look for him now.

I'll look now.

Pedro, have you seen Clara?

-What about Omar?

-He's looking for you.
-Where is he?

He's said he'd wait for you at Club Godó.

-Has something happened?
-Don't worry.

-Your Excellency.
-Where's Clara?

-I already thought you were behind this.
-You have Clara. Where is she?

-I want my contract back.
-Where is Clara?

-I see we understand each other.
-Tell me where she is or I'll kill you.

That's enough!

-We won't get anywhere like this.
-Smart guy.

Mr. Lagasca, let's start over.

Where is my contract with Godó?

He has nothing to do with this.

-I have it.
-Don't take me for a fool.

Mr. Ahmadí, I have more reason
to go against my father.


Give it to me then.

I don't have it on me.

It's 11:45 a.m.

If I don't have it by 12:15,
you can kiss Clara goodbye.

Mateo! Stop!

You have 30 minutes, no more.

-What's going on?
-Not now.

-We have to give him it.
-How do we know he'll keep his word?

-Do you trust him?
-No, but we don't have a choice.

-I'm going to the consulate.

What the hell is going on?

Need I remind you, Clara is family.

-Mateo, please.
-Omar is using Clara as a bargaining chip.

-Excuse me?
-It's a long story,

but we have 28 minutes
to get her out.

-If she's even there.
-We have to call the cops.

There's no time to call the cops.
Sergio, inform the Secret Service.

I'm going to the consulate.


-To the Iranian consulate.

-You know I wouldn't leave you alone.


We should have called the cops.

-So? What's the plan?
-I have no idea.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

-Come on.
-Right... You've killed him. He's dead.

Look out!

Where did you learn to fight like that?

Watch out!

Don't move!




-Clara... Come on.


-Help him.


-There's still no news of Mateo.
-Go back inside, please.

-Everything should continue as planned.
-Of course.






-Here at Godó we wish you...
-Happy holidays!


Bravo! I loved it.

-Everything worked out in the end.
-Eduard Godó?

I'm sorry, but we're busy filming.

Well, I'm very sorry,
but Mr. Godó is under arrest.

-What is this, Enrique?

-No, but...
-You don't need to cuff me. Let go.

Enrique... Enrique!



Come on, boys.
Go and play in the garden.

-Oh, man.
-Come on, get!

What I don't get is how you got
into the Iranian consulate

like some sort of superhero.

-I don't know.
-You could have died.

-Weren't you scared?
-I was crapping my pants, cuz.

But if I had to compare,
I'd say I'm more afraid right now.

-My knees are knocking together, look.
-Look at me.

What did you expect? You're an Infantes.

they're knocking for joy.

I think that it's about...

about time, right?

Look at what you've done.
I said I didn't want a big wedding.

-We're doing this right.
-Sure, but what if Raúl finds out?

-I'm not going to tell him, are you?

-By the way, have we heard from him?
-Clara is in touch.

She says he's acclimatizing.


You look wonderful.

And you didn't want a big wedding.

Well, these are special circumstances.

Even more reason to celebrate.

You make a wonderful couple.
I haven't seen Pedro this happy in ages.

We wish you all the luck in the world.
I'm sure you'll have it.

-Thank you.
-So? Are you ready?

Yes. I think so. Well...

-The bouquet?

-Yes, let's go. The bouquet.
-The bouquet.


Why are we here? If we had to go
to every employee's wedding,

-we'd never do anything else.
-Don't we have enough problems already?

That's what I mean.

We'll wait for them to say, "I do",
then we can escape.

Be quiet, they'll hear you.

I was whispering.

I could see you surrounded
by kids for a second.

Does it hurt?


I thought I'd lost you.

-Is that what you wanted?

Clara, I...

I know I've said this many time before
and it's always because I believe it.

What if we start over?

Let's take a risk.

What about the papers?

-The annulment papers, I mean.
-Maybe that was our mistake.

Thinking marriage was for us.

I have to admit you're right.

My goodness, what a lack of class.

-In front of everyone.

That's enough.

-Didn't you want an excuse to go?

Well, you've got it.

It's over.


I'm done.

I love you and I've tried to make it work,
but it's clearly not going to.

I'm not marrying you.


I'm sorry...

but I can't.

I'm sorry.

You're beautiful.

And very nervous.

My children...

We're gathered here today,

to celebrate the union of Pedro
and Diana in holy matrimony.

I, Pedro...

take you, Diana...

to be my lawful wife.

I promise to love you...

today and every day.

I, Diana, take you, Pedro,
as my lawful husband.

And I promise to love
and respect you today and every day.


You may kiss the bride.

Three cheers for the bride and groom!

Subtitle translation by Francesca Maguire