Vagabond (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript

The plan to get Woo-gi safely to the courthouse takes an unanticipated turn and throws the Blue House into panic mode.

-Where are you?
-We're smuggling ourselves on a ship.

Give me the time and place
of your arrival.

On the 15th, at 9 a.m.

We'll be disembarking at Terminal No. 1.
The container number is KHCH 35679-19.

You're talking to Go Hae-ri, right?

Min Jae-sik is desperate
to catch you guys.

Where is Kim Woo-gi?

Did you ask for proof?

There is one.

A good one.

What is it?

A video file

of me and Michael making a deal.

If what Kim said is true,
it will turn this country upside down.

I hereby announce
that the new budget is approved.

Congratulations, sir.

Seal the deal with John & Mark right away.

Our people are calling for it.


The MND and John & Mark
already signed a deal.

But the trial hasn't even started.

How rotten are you guys?

As for the agreed amount,

you can send it to this account.

Send the money we prepared.

What happened here?

We are on the ocean. He can't escape.

Hey, Kim.

Don't move!

You must be bored in that cargo ship.
So how about we play a game?

-Go Hae-ri is turning herself in.
-Where are you?

We're in New Delhi, India.

Get me a ticket
for the earliest flight tomorrow.

Min has sharp eyes.

Be careful.

Come on, Go Hae-ri.

Do you think you can fool me?

We found Kim Woo-gi.

What the hell are you saying?
What do you mean our information leaked?

We were only talking to each other.

Why can't you understand?

He knew that we were tailing him,
from the start.


Something in there?

I found a monitoring system
inside your phone.

Where's Gi Tae-ung?

He's at Incheon Container Terminal No.1.


Don't arrest him.

Take him out...

at all costs.

A hearing for the compensation claim

filed against Dynamic
by the bereaved from the B357 crash

will be held this afternoon.

As it's not clear whether Kim Woo-gi,

Cha Dal-geon, and Go Hae-ri
will attend as witnesses,

there's a keen interest
in whom the court will be in favor of.



Can I see your ID?

Come on, we're the bereaved.

What's this checkup for?

Tell us why.

No one can get in without a proper ID.

-And take this off--
-What the hell?

Don't make a fuss. Just cooperate.

He's right.

Damn it.

Why isn't there any camera?

I guess no reporter has shown up.

The police are barricading outside
and keeping reporters out?

What kind of nation is this?

Is this what the Korean government does?

You seem to be in a good mood.

My insomnia seems to be gone.

I had such a good night's sleep
last night.

Congratulations on everything.

It's no use only talking at a desk

about justifications
and practical interests.

In the game of go, the first move
can be the last, and vice versa.

It's the same principle
in life and politics.

I should thank you for your input.

Then don't just say that.
Share some with me.

-Share what?
-The money, of course.

You have too much slush fund to spend.

"Slush fund"?

What are you talking about?

Come on,

it's not that big of a secret between us.

-From John & Mark--
-Prime Minister Hong.

I've stepped over the line.

Please forgive me, brother.

Is that money only for my wellbeing?

We can't be penniless
to maintain our regime.

What would become
of the future of Korean politics

if I just sat back after my term?

It'd be hopeless.

That's why I brought it up.

We can't brag about it to others,

it's nothing to be ashamed of between us.

You're drawing a big picture
for better politics in Korea,

so smudging some paints
won't be a big deal.

I'm worried about your health

because you care about
these trivial details.

I'm hungry. Are they coming yet?

Oh, okay.

Right after the interview
will be the breakfast meeting.

It won't be more than an hour,
then you have no schedule here.

Why don't you put on the jacket?

Do I make you feel uncomfortable?

I haven't been informed of any dress code.

The White House isn't like this.

Never talk about money to the President.

I've dealt with many Chiefs of States,
so stop worrying.

Mr. President is here.


Hello and welcome.

It's an honor to meet you.
I'm Jessica Lee.

Please sit.

I've heard a lot about you.

I knew you were competent
but didn't know you're beautiful.

Why, thank you.
You are charming, too, Mr. President.

Did you hear that?

She says I'm charming.

Well, of course.

You won the presidential election
because of that.

Anyway, thank you in advance
for your work with the F-X plan.

The pleasure is all mine.

Tie up the issue of the maintenance depot

and technology transfer.

Of course.

They are clearly stated in the contract.

I'm sorry to interrupt,

but breakfast is ready.

Do we have to go to the reception hall?


I'd like it to be set up here.

Yes, right away, sir.

It's Korean cuisine.

Hope you like it.

If you strip off my American citizenship,
I'm all Korean.

"Strip off"?

Thank you!

Mr. Gi!

Good job.

That prick...

Well done.

We can get to court in time,
if we move right now.

Let's go.

Get in!

It's from the container yard.

What's this?

This way!

-This way!

-Hey, Go Hae-ri.
-Give it to me.


Assholes! I'm going to kill them all!

Already tired?
Did you start drinking again?

My fucking knees hurt!


-Let me carry it.
-No, no!

-You go ahead first.

-Are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm good!

Kill them already!

The suckers have guns, too!

And you're scared of them?
Just keep shooting!


That car is ours, right?

Cover me while I get that back here.

Are you crazy? You'll be dead out there.

We'll be dead in here, too.

Calm down. Don't get worked up.

Do you have a better idea?

I'll do it. Cover me.


How fast do you run on a 100-meter race?

-13 seconds.
-Me? 12.4.

If we race, I'll beat you big time.

-Not the time for a competition!

Sons of bitches!

Holy shit! Do you carry a grenade?

Because I owe them!

It's time to pay back the shame I got
in Morocco.

-I'll cover you. Throw it in there.
-You got it.


-Son of a bitch!
-Fuck, fuck!

Get down!

Hey, where did that bullet come from?
Where? Where?

That was a sniper shot.

"A sniper"?

Who's the sniper?

-Are you sure you have a hand tremor?
-Just give me the coordinates.

Target, black beanie.

Distance, 388 meters.

Wind from left to right,
30 miles per hour.

Oh, jeez!

-What's wrong?

-Massage my hand.
-Gosh. Earlier, you had cramps in the leg!

Where the hell did the bullet come from?

Can you see the sniper?

-What the fuck is going on?
-Why? You know who that is?


Holy shit!

Cover me.

The wind has changed,
right to left, 10 miles.

Hae-ri, go!



Shit, get in!

Come on!

After them! Now!

Oh, no!

Chief, chief!


are you Miss or Mrs.?

If you know someone nice,
please set me up.

It's not that you couldn't...

-Any special reason you aren't married?
-It's true I couldn't.

Charming people like you
have made my standard too high.

I've heard the oil drilling project
in Kiria isn't going well.

It's an off-the-record project.

How do you know about it?

Oh, dear.
Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

I thought it was okay to talk about it
since King Abdullah told me himself.

Prime Minister Hong,
is that project not going well?

Are you in charge, Mr. Prime Minster?

I was going to tell you.
Let me brief you later.

Do you know

King Abdullah well?

At first, it was only for business,
but now we're friends.

Prime Minister Hong could use your help.

Use Jessica in our favor.

I've already found a partner
in that region.

I'll contact you when I need your help.

Sure. I'm always at your service.

Would you like some alcohol?

I'd love to.

You're meeting the three party leaders
after this, sir.

You shouldn't have arranged this meeting
here at the Blue House.

There are many
cozy and good restaurants out there.

Please have me invite you
to a good restaurant next time.

That's not a bad idea.

Who's the partner
of the Prime Minister?

-I don't know.
-Please find out who.

You're trying to bite
more than you can chew.

Go ahead.

Kim Woo-gi is heading to the court now.

We've been pursuing them
from the Incheon Port.

They're right there.

Get behind them.

We're catching up with them.

Oh, no!

-Watch out!
-They're behind us!


Closer, closer.



Watch out!

Don't lose them! Go!

Keep shooting!

Open the fucking window!


-Are you crazy?
-Come on!

-Are you crazy?
-Oh, no!

Keep following them.

-Damn it!

-Did I lose them?
-I think you did!

-Damn it.
-Good! High five!

-We didn't die!
-Just keep driving!

We didn't fucking die!

That fucking nutjob.

What happened?

We've lost them.

Cha Dal-geon is a stuntman alright.

He's driving like a maniac.

Call the police for backup.

Cha Dal-geon is here with Kim Woo-gi.


He's shaken off our team
and now he is going to court.

Inform the President.

We must stop them no matter what!

It's me, Mr. Hong. Where are you now?

Anyway, thank you.

You've gone beyond your party's interests

and showed what real patriotism is.

I saw the hope for our politics

when the supplementary budget
was approved.

Of course we should be bipartisan
when working together.

That's right.

I need to talk to you right now.

The party leaders are here. Let's--

I'm sorry, but please give us a moment.

What? Kim Woo-gi?

What the hell have you been doing?

You can scold me later,

but right now we need to stop him.

The B357 crash...

Did you orchestrate it?

Was it you who abetted the crash?

-I've got nothing to do with it.
-Then who was behind it?

The culprit is
John & Mark's vice president alone.

What I've been doing was
only to destroy the evidence.

Then why didn't you tell me earlier?

We've already signed the contract.
What the hell are we supposed to do?

It's not too late.

The slush fund in the bank in Singapore.

Give it back to John & Mark.

That money is... continue the genealogy of politics
for a thousand years in Korea.

Tell me what I need to do.

You need to move the police right now.

Get the police commissioner on the line.


The plate number, 65-jo-4990.
Dark blue SUV.

It's running away to Seoul from Incheon.

A total of five people.

All are suspects for the B357 crash...

...and they're armed with guns.

No need to capture them alive.

Keep me updated on what's going on.

Yes, sir.

Fucking retard.

-Please look here!

-What happened?
-Please explain what happened!

Please look here!



The court will open soon.


Any cars following us now?

I think we've lost them.

Pull over. I'll drive.

I'll keep driving.

What if your recklessness
causes an accident? It's all over, then!

Hae-ri Go, who do you
prefer for your driver?


Well, obviously...

Shit. Min is controlling even the police.

The police?

Well, bring it on, then.

I'm going to take that prick
to the court no matter what.

Spotting the vehicle with the number 4990.

The terror suspects are entering
Jungdong Route 17.

Requesting backup.

Let's go to be their backup, then.

Give us a moment.

You promised I wouldn't be detained.

You can't possibly expect me
to testify in favor of you now.

-You'll be released after the trial.
-Can you give your word?

If you break your promise again, I will--

Kim Woo-gi might show up at the court.

Then the trial

is useless.

Does he have any evidence?


I don't think so.

Are you sure?

He told me nothing about it.

Then all they got is his words.

That means we can win, right?

Because we have evidence.

If he doesn't show up at all,

it'd be best.


I've heard you always drink coffee
before trials.

I've figured
it might be your secret for winning.

"Break the routine
of the opposing lawyers."

I learned it from you.

And I see it's working.

"If the opposing lawyers do
something out of their routine,

it means they are nervous."

I think your routine is
more broken than mine.

All, rise!


Be seated.

The case number 2012,
the first civil collegial court 4576.

The trial for the B357 crash
compensation claim

now begins.

Are witnesses from both parties

all present?

-Ms. O Sang-mi is, but Mr. Kim Woo-gi--
-He'll be here soon.

Do you mean Kim Woo-gi will be here?

Yes, not only him,

but also Cha Dal-geon and Go Hae-ri.

-Cha Dal-geon, too?

The defense may call its first witness.

I call Mr. Park Kwang-deok to the stand.


-What's wrong with you?
-This is wrong!

Get it together!

Wake up! Kwang-deok, don't!

-You can't do this!
-You're mistaken!

-I can't believe it!


Do you have evidence

your husband, Kim Woo-gi,
was abetted by Dynamic?


What is it?

A secret bank account.

He used it to deal with Dynamic.

This is the bank transaction history
between Kim Woo-gi and Dynamic.

I knew it!


John & Mark fabricated the evidence!

You mean Dynamic! What's wrong with you?

Ui-jeong's dad, please stop being fooled!

It's you who's being fooled.

Have you been bribed by Dynamic?

What did you say?

How can you say such a thing?


Cha was said to be bribed by Dynamic, too!
Why are you defending him so much?

Be quiet! You know nothing!

-What do you know?

That's enough!


If you fail to heed my warning again,

I will issue a warrant
for contempt of court.

Go on.

There is five billion Won in this account.

Because only my husband
knows the password,

I can't access that money.

Your honor,

I'm submitting this transaction history
as evidence No. 12.


The bank accounts Kim used are
all secret accounts in Switzerland,

it's impossible to identify the owner.

Are you saying the witness
is perjuring herself?

Stop right there.

The court will take it as evidence.

The court will be in recess and come back
with the ruling at two o'clock.

-What the...
-What's going on?

Two more cars after us.

Damn it.

To the intersection
from District seven's office.

Requesting backup from nearby police.

After the intersection,
it's heading to the clearing.

Hurry with the barricades.

The execution order.

Is it from the President?

When armed terrorists
are roaming around the city,

what would you do?



Gosh, it's really on.

He's really good.

How did you break through
the NIS's impenetrable security?

I want you to capture this clip
and spread it with this info on SNS.


Wow, his fingers--

They're moving really fast!

What is he?

I'm Gye Jang-su.

Gae Jang-su?
Do you sell dogs in a chicken place?



Losing this trial means

we'll be losing all hope.

Then, stop being a pain in the ass.

He's right.

Kwang-deok, check this out.

There's a big fuss on the SNS.



Search "Kim Woo-gi" in real-time.
He's on the way here.


Why are the police chasing them,
not escorting them?

Click that one. That one.

-I'll be right back.
-Where are you going?

If the police catch them,
they'll fabricate the evidence for sure.

-I need to go help them.
-Wait, where are they?

I can find them through real-time search
with my phone. See you!

I'll come with you!

-Guys, aren't you coming with us?
-Do you really believe this prank?

If it were true,
there'd be an article about it.

That's what we've been saying!

They're covering up the truth.

Jeez, like talking to a wall!

Damn it. Kwang-deok!

Whom should we believe?

This recess takes forever!

Before Kim gets here, get the judge to
deliver the ruling by any means necessary!

I can't control the judge,

but maybe the Chief Justice can.

I'll ask Senior Secretary Yun.
Finish it ASAP.

Don't get so worked up.

This one shot will finish it all.


That's the last resort.

We won't use it until necessary,

but when we do, make it count.

I won't tolerate any mistake this time.


My ego hurts.

Yes, have you found a good spot?

-What do you have?
-It doesn't seem good at all.

Where are you?

The case number 2012,

the first civil collegial court 4576.

The court will deliver the ruling
of the first trial

of the B357 compensation claim.

Your Honor.

Go ahead.

Kim Woo-gi is on his way now.

The witness testimony is vital--

Kim Woo-gi is a witness for the plaintiff.

If he were on his way, I would know.

Yes, he's got a point.

Is he coming, or what?

We've waited long enough.
Please deliver the ruling.

It's from the Chief Justice.


-Mr. attorney for the defendant?
-Yes, your Honor.

Will 30 minutes do?

Yes, it will definitely do.

Now a chopper is on our tail.

What kind?

It's from a TV station.

Wow, finally we're on TV?
I'll show them a hell of a driving.

We've found them! Prep a live feed!

Ten minutes will do. You got it.


Please check the audio.
One, two. One, two.

Mr. O, it's Yun Han-gi.
Get the chopper out of there.

Don't pretend you know nothing!

Your news station has sent it!

What did you just say?

Broadcasting ethics?
Responsibility to report?

Listen, Mr. O.

We dug into you
when selecting the station CEO.

Your dirty deeds
from sexual harassment to bribery

were all covered up by me.

I'll say it one last time.

Turn the chopper around.

Are we there yet?

After the intersection turn right.

The police will be there, too.
Prepare yourselves.

What the hell is this?





What now?

Let's hang on.

They won't shoot us
when the TV chopper is up there.

You got a point.

What are all these?

That's them! The SUV over there!

What do you mean to stop broadcasting?

I'm not doing this to get a scoop.

There's armed police stopping Kim Woo-gi
from going to the court.

It's insane and it's not right.

If we don't report something like this,


Hello, sir! Sir...

Damn it!



That helicopter is leaving.

What? I don't understand. Why?

Oh, no. The chopper is turning back.


But why?

Someone is pressuring them.

Don't expect any help because we are...

...fighting against the Korean government.

I'm warning you!

Unless you drop your weapons
and come out--

Hey, Cha Dal-geon!

You're a fucking good driver.

Wow, nice spot.

Plain light, too.


the weather is too good to stink of blood.

Let's see.

The traffic is heavy in this area,
so we can't give you much time.

I'll give you 10 seconds
to drop your weapons and come out.

Or else, you will all be very dead.

When they're out,

shoot them all.


Don't be so surprised.
Didn't you get the order to fire?

I did, but isn't it only for an emergency?


What if your indecisive response
puts the officers in danger?

Will you take responsibility?

Okay, the countdown begins.







Do something!




-Come on!
-Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot, please!

My gosh...


Cha Dal-geon, don't be bullheaded.
Come out!



Give them the order.

Fire now.


Get down!

Oh, shit!

-Are they really firing?
-They're crazy!


Oh, my God!

Don't stop! Don't fucking stop!

Dal-geon, run!

Go now!

Get in!

Let's go!

Don't let them into the court!
Stop them! Go fucking after them!


What's wrong with the car?

-The court is right there. Run!
-Get out.

Get down!

Dal-geon, go!

Go now!

Hurry up!


Let's go!

Oh, God.

What if they end up being captured?

Are they really coming here now?

I don't know who to believe anymore.

Look over there!

Oh, my God. They are really here!

Good job, guys.

I dare you to come one step closer.

-What the hell?
-What is he doing with that gun?

God damn it.

Try to come closer, motherfuckers!

You evil bastards!

Get off me!

Get the fuck off me!

We'll open the way. You take Kim inside.

I'll leave him to you.

-Let go, you bastard!

Let's go!

We've got to go!


Where did that bullet come from?

A sniper!

Are you okay, Hae-ri?

Yes, I'm okay. We got to go now.

Let me go, you bastards!

-Let me go!
-Stop them!


What the hell are you doing?

I can't aim

because of the bereaved families.

It's not the time to think about that!

Shoot! Do it now!

For fuck's sake!

-Let's leave.

-Aren't you on a hunt?
-Get the gun, too.

What about the rest of the money?

I won't let you die of poverty.
Don't worry.

What the fuck did you do?
Why didn't you kill Kim Woo-gi?

We got a sniper here.

He's a pro.

What? Who sent the sniper?

Who do you think?
It's Edward, that fucking son of a bitch!

Get out of there for now.

Your Honor, 30 minutes have passed.

Oh, the watch is dead.

To drag it any longer--

Kim Woo-gi... present.

Subtitle translation by Jean S. Kim