Vagabond (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - Episode #1.14 - full transcript

When Oh Song-mi disappears, Dal-geon and Hae-ri realise there's more to the situation. Meanwhile, Hong Sun-jo takes advantage of the crisis.


You know how it works.
You used to sit where I am.

I won't bother asking.
Write down everything you know.

About what?

Everything you know
about Director An and Secretary Yun.


you know what we do here.

We work for the sake of our nation.

I've been told it was for our nation,

so I just followed the orders.

Fabricating evidence,
twisting the truth,

and killing the innocent.

Is it all for our nation's sake?

Are you a moron?

You have also followed orders
to kill people.

My opinion doesn't matter
when following orders.

That's our definition

of patriotism and fate.

I heard you asked Yun Han-gi
for the Director General position?

-Who told you that?
-"Patriotism and fate"?

My ass, you bastard.

You're just a fucking swindler.

A fucking scumbag who sold out

his company and colleagues.

I didn't ask for that position!

-Yun Han-gi--
-I told you!

Don't tell me.
Fucking write everything down there!

Who told you about the position offer?


You just sounded him out?

Everyone knows it's what he wants.

It was an easy move.

Go Hae-ri is here.


-I'm okay.
-Are you sure?

Hi, welcome back.

Go Hae-ri.

Thank you, sir.

Good job.

Go check your office.
Everything's ready for you.

Before that,
I need to say hello to some people.

Don't be discouraged.

Cheer up!


What would we have done without you?


The hardest order to follow is

to come back alive.

You completed the most important mission.

They'd be proud of you.

Oh, what can we do for Dal-geon?

We should get him a wife.
He's hit the age.

You're not a virgin, are you?

That was completely unnecessary.

Look at him blushing!

-You are, aren't you?

He's really red.

-Stop it!
-I'm so sorry!

-Where are you going?
-To the toilet.


Me, too! Hey, me too!

-One at a time.
-Sit, stay seated! Hey!

-Hi. Nice to meet you guys.

We're sitting down again now.

Sit here, you!

-Hey, you punk!
-Do that later. Sit.

Hey, you punk!


Who is this?

Who are you?

Turn around.

Stay where you are.

What's this clip about?

It's from Jessica.


Min Jae-sik secretly took it from the NIS.

Why did she send it to me?

She wants you to visit her.

You can ask her that question in person.

I'm done being a messenger.

The ball is in your court, now.

Hae-ri Go, where are you?

At the office.

I told you it was my first day back.

We need to meet now. I'll come over.

Is everything okay?

I'll tell you in person.

What are you doing?

What do you mean?

After talking to Dal-geon,
you're acting weird.

This happened to be in my purse,
so I'm just trying it on.

And it's not a crime wearing make-up.

Girl, you look very pretty, though.

What if Dal-geon falls
head over heels for you?

Jeez, don't worry.

I'm used to that kind of situation.

Silly girl.

You're wearing make-up.

Perfume, too?
Did you have a special plan?

Not at all.

This is my daily look.

By the way,

where are we going?

Are you taking me out on a date,

or going for a drive, or something?

Check out the most recent clip.

What is it?

Where did you get it?

And it was from Jessica?

Yes, to Cha Dal-geon.

I don't get it.
It'd be used against her in court.

That's why we're on our way to meet her.

Can you see the guy behind Hoon?

-Yeah, zoom in.

He's called Jerome.

He crashed the plane with Kim Woo-gi.

Please do a background check.


I don't want to see you
more than necessary,

so let's make this quick.

Why did you send the clip?

I've never ordered the plane crash.

We aren't here
to listen to your ridiculous excuse.

Whether you believe it or not,

what I'm about to tell you is very true.

If it weren't you, why did you
make a hell of a mess to kill us?

Because we needed
to get that F-X plan at any cost.

Why did you kill your VP, Michael?

I didn't.

He didn't kill himself, either.

That's why it's odd.

If I neither killed him
nor he killed himself, then...

Are you saying a third party did it?

That's why I have kept the clip till now.

To find out who killed Michael.

As you can see,

I can't do anything in this situation.

That's why I sent it to you.

You need to find out

who's that terrorist.

Have you ever seen Michael's girlfriend?

She's a photography major,

and I heard she's Japanese.


That's all I know. I've never seen her.

You sound pretty convincing
but you are still guilty.

Did you know
that O Sang-mi has been released?


The court must be out of its mind.

How could this happen?

A series of strange things
are happening right now.

What if

the truth you know

isn't actually true?

There's no trace of O Sang-mi at home.
What shall we do?

Then why did you climb over the wall
when you could've used the gate?

Why are you mad at me?
I didn't hide her away.


Find out where she might be.

You find out.

You asked for a job
because you got nowhere to go.

Prove your worth!

You're so hot-tempered.

It'd be faster to find a needle
in a haystack. How am I supposed to--

What's wrong?

My, my.
Aren't they underlings from the NIS?

Those bastards
must've smelled something out.



Stay down.



You people think

I can be pushed around
because I'm a woman?

Let me make it clear.
Transfer the money now.


Three days?

Why? Do you think
you can find me in three days?

In your dreams!

I will give you three days, but...

unless I have 20 billion won till then,

I'll fucking expose everything you did.


It's three days.

O Sang-mi has disappeared?

We're asking around her acquaintances,

but it's not easy.

Then Jessica might be telling the truth.

John & Mark was found responsible,

but things don't add up.

Let's look into these three points.
First, who pulled strings to release O.

Second, who Michael's girlfriend is.

Last, whom Jerome works for.

Let's unravel one by one.

We're going to meet Kim Woo-gi first.

Which prison is he in?

He's not in prison.

-Then where?
-In a mental hospital for drug addiction.

Where is that place?

No. 114 is missing.

No. 114 is missing.

No. 114 is missing.

-Find him now!

Find him!

Where is he?

If we lose him, we're dead.

Let me go!

Get the fuck off me! No, no!

No! Get off me!


-Hold him tight.


No, no!


I got a call.
You are from the NIS?

Correct. Can we meet
Kim Woo-gi for our investigation?

Well, actually, he had to be sedated
because he had a fit.

It'll take a while for him to wake up.

We'll wait.

No problem.

I feel intimidated.
Maybe because it's a mental hospital?

What shall I do?

Give Kim a stimulant to wake him up.

Yes, sir.

Kim Woo-gi, wake up!

Cha Dal-geon is here.

If you tell him anything,

consider yourself dead.

His condition seems worse than before.

Do you give him morphine?

We don't use any drugs here.

You can talk to him now.

You don't need to be here.

It can be dangerous
since he's very delusional.

Don't worry. We can handle it.

Okay, then.

I have a few questions.

Can you answer me?

You knew
O Sang-mi would be released, didn't you?

Are you sure
the one who had Michael killed is Jessica?

You said his girlfriend
introduced you to him, right?

That's what you said.

If it wasn't Jessica who killed Michael,

it could be his girlfriend.

Tell us what you know.

If it was she who killed him,
you'd know why.

I know nothing!

I know nothing! Nothing!




-Okay, I understand.
-I don't know.

Then tell us anything

about Jerome.

Back in Morocco,
you said he approached you on purpose.

You clearly said
he got you to start taking drugs.

That asshole tried to kill you
right after the crash,

so, you had to run--

Hey, calm down! Kim Woo-gi!

What are you doing?
This is a mental hospital.

You mustn't provoke him!

-We didn't!
-You should leave.

I'm sorry.

Let's go, Dal-geon.

Help me.

They are going to kill me.

Here we go, again.

-Let's move him for treatment.
-Yes, sir.

Please move aside.

-Get up.

Let's go.

Jerome is here!


The fucker is here, you moron!

-Take him now!
-Yes, sir. Get out!

Jerome will approach you soon!

Get the fuck off me! Get off me!

When he has a fit,
he talks all kinds of gibberish.

You walked a lot today. How are your legs?

They feel a little stiff, but it's okay.

He wasn't that bad when he was with us.

You don't say.
He's supposed to be better with treatment.

Mental hospitals these days are
well maintained.

Why is he locked up
in a place like this?

Samael has given you a last chance.

His Korean name is Park Su-chan.

He was left at an orphanage
upon his birth.

He was adopted to France when he was five

but he was disowned when he was 12.

He was in jail
for assault, drug, and burglary

and released at age 22.

After that,

there's no record of him.

Is that all we got on Jerome?

Yes. I think...

we need to operate Vagabond.

Oh yes. I don't know
if he sells dogs or chicken,

but we can ask
that man in the chicken place.

He's such a good hacker.

Who is the judge
that approved O Sang-mi's release?

It's Chief Judge An Seung-tae.

I don't think he acted alone.

Find out the high-profile politicians
he associates with.



Every Korean mother
has the same look on her face.

It's like she's been withered
by devoting her life to her children.

Anyway, it's a face of love and sorrow.

You were also raised
by a single mother in the countryside?

The ones with a poor and lonely childhood

usually turn brutal
when they start to have desires.

The same goes for the President.

“Korea, a powerful and rich nation”?

That's only a masquerade.

It's all about his sheer self-interest.

Nothing more, nothing less.
You know that, don't you?

What are you trying to say?

There's nothing in your tablet PC.

Where did you hide
the secrets about the President?

Why are you

interested in them, sir?

To get rid of the masquerade,

to weed out the self-interests,

and finally to make Korea
a truly powerful nation.

Someone put
charcoal briquette in my car.

Was that you?

What's important now is

that you're still alive.

The one who took me to the hospital

was you, too?

Because you couldn't find

what you wanted in my tablet PC?

I don't need any other evidence,

but the 500 million dollars
from John & Mark.

All I need is
to reveal the account in Singapore.

Then the chaff like Jeong Gook-pyo
will be blown away,

and a new history of Korea will begin.

Don't you still grasp what I'm saying?

I'm giving you

a new opportunity
to be the hero of a new history.


are you really?

For now, there won't be
a further investigation on you.

Call me when you're done thinking.

Who are you really?

A patriot.

A real patriot

unlike Jeong Gook-pyo.

Who is it?

I don't know.


Is this Cha Dal-geon?

Yes, who is it?

It's been a while.
I'm Prime Minister Hong Sun-jo.

I'd like you to come
to Hotel Hyperion by four o'clock.

What's this about?

It's an important matter.
I'd really like you to come.

Okay, see you then.


I don't see why he wants to see me.

Me neither.

He's known
to be a yes man to the President.

Yes, you should listen to it.

Oh, Dal-geon!



You guys are all here.

Did the Prime Minster call you, too?


Looks like there'll be a press conference.

"A Press conference"?

Is Hong holding a press conference?

Yes, and it's going to start soon.

He didn't mention anything about it.

It's so out of the blue.

It's the President.

The person you're trying to reach...

What the hell is this?

Did he just fucking ignore my call?

What's going on?

What's this about?

I know you are busy,
so let me cut to the chase.

I want you to listen
to this recording first.

Soon, they might come to arrest you.

What are you talking about?
No one can arrest me!

If Secretary Yun or Minister Park

mentions your name--

They will never do that!

How much did Jeong Gook-pyo take from us?
No less than 500 million dollars.

Over 500 billion won!

Do you think they'll talk
when that would destroy the Blue House?

No way.

The President won't let them.

Then, are you proceeding with the deal?

The head office is acting strange.

I have to make this deal work
if I want to survive.

-The President is bribed?
-What are they saying?

I don't understand...

I don't know.

The woman in the recording is

Jessica Lee,

the director of John & Mark Asia.

-It's that woman.
-Wait a minute.

Do you have any other evidence
other than this recording?

Yes, I've recently discovered

that John & Mark
invested 500 million dollars

in the trading company
called Deep Blue in Singapore.

And the money was transferred
to a secret account in an Arabian bank.

So, the trading company Deep blue is--

Yes, it's a shell company
and it belongs to

President Jeong Gook-pyo for sure.


I'm Song Yu-seop from JB News.

What the hell is he saying?

I'll call you one by one.
Okay, the second row.

Any proof that its owner
is the President?

I believe Senior Secretary Yun has it.

The President tried to dump
all the responsibility to Yun.

He sort of used him as a human shield.

I assume

that's why Yun took the extreme measure.

How are you going to prove your claim
when Yun is in a coma?

I'm earnestly praying he will wake up.

And also, I'd like to make a promise
to my fellow Koreans

that I will never give up.

There was an irregularity
behind the B357 crash,

and its mastermind is not Secretary Yun,
but President Jeong Gook-pyo.

And I will prove my claim at any cost.

Motherfucking bastard!

Mr. President, are you alright?

I'll call the doctor.

No. Just water.

Give me a glass of water.

Yes, Ms. Chu.

You're very close to the President,
calling each other brother.

What is your reason
to drop a bombshell like this?

The bereaved families.

I'm sorry, but would you mind standing up?

While trying to bring
Kim Woo-gi back here,

Mr. Cha

must've had urges
to take his revenge several times

and maybe to kill him.

I believe the other families
felt the same way.

However, they risked their lives

to save Kim.


Where did that courage come from?

It's because

they believed in Korea.

In fact, it's because

they couldn't give up on that belief.

Now the nation and the law,

the government and the judicial branch

must respond to their beliefs.

As a governmental official,

I am deeply sorry.

It's our fault. Please forgive us.

And thank you so much
for believing in Korea.

We'll do better now.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

We'll do better now.

Thank you for trusting Korea.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

We'll do better now.

You said Yun Han-gi was a vegetable?

The doctors said he would never wake up.

Arrange an emergency meeting
with the chief secretaries.

-Yes, sir.

Before that,

I need to see Yun Han-gi.

I'm sorry.

I'll arrange it.

We'll do better now.

Hong Sun-jo,

are you plotting a coup against me?

We'll do better from now on.

It's me, Secretary Ha.
Put me through to the Prime Minister.

I want to be alone with him.
You guys stay here.

My request is simple.

Just have a deep sleep for a decade.

I hope the world will be better by then.

When you wake up,

I'll give you a big gift.

In the meantime,
you mustn't ever wake up, Han-gi.


Everyone is praising
the Prime Minister today.

You don't seem happy.

I think the Prime Minister

put on a show by using us.

You could be right.

Have a drink, sir.

The judge who released O Sang-mi
is An Seung-tae,

and he's very close to Hong Sun-jo.

Are you saying Hong released O?

We can't rule out the possibility.

Judge An is very political,

and he's good friends with Hong.

I don't get why
they released O Sang-mi.

Shouldn't we be investigating?

We're already on it.

It's covert, so keep quiet.

The press conference today
was also out of the blue.

The President's right-hand man
dropping a bombshell like that?

If the sitting President had to step down,

who'd benefit from it the most?

That'd be the Prime Minister

because he could become
the acting President.

The plane crash occurred
due to an irregularity,

but also because of a political issue.

What about Jerome?
Have you found out something?



Is this for real?

This crazy man has broken
into the CIA, too!

But what if we can't find him here?

Then we'll hack the MI6 in the UK.

After that, the FSB in Russia,
Mossad in Israel,

the CIRO in Japan,

the DGSE in France,
and the BND in Germany.

Can he really break
into all those intelligence services?

Some I can't.

It might take a while,
but he'll succeed eight out of ten times.

If we still can't find Jerome,
there's no way to find him.

What's wrong? Your back hurts?

No, I'm fine.

Told you not to overdo it.

Hop on my back.

My gosh. Never mind. I'm fine.

Don't be stubborn.
It's hard to catch a cab here.

I'm really fine.

Oh, come on!

I might be heavy.

Oh, do you remember the reporter,
Jo Bu-yeong?

Why do you mention him?

Mr. Jo! What happened?
Who did this to you?

Mr. Jo?

I thought I was mistaken,

but something doesn't add up.

Wasn't he from Pyeonghwa Daily?

Let's go there tomorrow.


You need to rest. I can go by myself.

You're scared
I'll ask for another piggy-back?

No, I'm not.

It's just that you're heavy.


Okay, then.

We'll go together.

This reminds me of my dad.

He used to carry me like this.

Just ask me.

I'll carry you whenever you want.


Mr. Jo Bu-yeong?

He passed away.

Hasn't the killer been caught yet?

"The killer"?

He died of a car accident.

"A car accident"?

Not a homicide?

I'm afraid you're mistaken.

He died in New Zealand
due to a sudden car acceleration.

His family has sued the car company.

Are they city desk reporters?

-But I can't see Mr. Jo here.

This is him right here.

He's Mr. Jo Bu-yeong?

That's not him.

Yes. that's Mr. Jo.

Are you sure?

Of course. He was my co-worker.

So, you're going back to the US?

Yes, on tonight's flight.

It's not much, but use it on your trip.

It's okay. I just followed orders.

Don't refuse the Prime Minister's gift.

I shouldn't, but...

Thank you.

By the way, I've heard

Samael holds you in high regard.

I heard he'd visit Seoul soon.

Have you met him in person?

No, I haven't had that honor yet.

You did good. Let's keep in touch.

Okay, I'll be in touch.

Why are you lingering?

I want to get a ride with my uncle.

I told you not to call me uncle.

Your father and I are not

I know our family tree's messed up,
but you're still my uncle.

Anyway, you did good, too.

More than good.

Thanks to the video clips
and recordings I gave you,

you'll be the owner of the Blue House.

Yun Han-gi hasn't made up his mind yet.

It's only a matter of time.

He's fallen from senior secretary
to a third wheel.

Anyway, Dynamic hit a jackpot.

They'll have the F-X plan for themselves.

I won't give it to them that easily.

They'll have to pay for it.

Edward is not easy to deal with.

A rebate?

He won't even budge an inch.

I'm not Jeong Gook-pyo.

Wait and see how I deal with him.

The President is having a meeting
with reporters.

Is he now?

Did he say 500 million dollars?

How much is that in Korean won?
50 billion won?

It's over 500 billion.


I can't believe my ears.

All I have
is an apartment in Hongeun-dong.

Its price has risen a bit,
so maybe it's worth 500 million won now.

I mean, how many zeros did he add to that?

You are also well aware

that my creed
is honesty and non-possession.

Why do you think Prime Minister Hong
held that press conference?

Isn't the answer kind of obvious?

He might have conspired with forces

who'd love to scratch my reputation.

Anyway, there's no other explanation
than that it's about political slander.

I want to know why, too.

Do you know the company called
Deep Blue in Singapore?

Isn't that the name of a new whiskey?

Yun Han-gi is said to have
a secret account in an Arabian bank.

Then Mr. Yun is a bad person,

having an account I know nothing about.

How is your chief editor's health?

He's doing great. I'll tell him you asked.

Prime Minister Hong is here.

You are fired effective immediately.

If you fire me,

the people will think my claims are true.

Once the National Assembly votes
for your dismissal,

I'll just follow their result.

Then I can get rid of you
without your filthy blood on my hands.

They will move to impeach you, too.

What? "Impeach me"?

Do you think
you're capable of that?

If the people demand it,

the Constitutional Court
will have to decide.

It's not about my capability at all.

Why are you doing this?

What is your problem with me?

Your incompetence, irresponsibility,

lies, and greed...

I can't let you deceive
the nation any more,

so I've decided to step up.

Fuck, Hong Sun-jo!

Did I do it all by myself?

Whether they're
groundless rumors or fake news,

you told me those bubbles
could be made easily.

When the bubbles are gone,
everyone will believe they are true.

That's what you advised me.

And now you're pretending to be righteous?

You're despicable!


Do you know what your biggest mistake is?

For playing the President,

you're too old

and too worn out.

Secretary Seo!

Arrange a meeting
with the three party leaders right now.

Yes, sir.

You just committed treason.

How dare you
fight against the Korean President?


Let's wait and see
who'll fucking die first.

When is he meeting the party leaders?

I'm checking their schedules.

See to it that I meet them before he does.

You got it, sir.

Am I meeting the bereaved tonight?

-You need to leave now.
-Okay, let's go.

Prime Minister Hong has just arrived.

I know you've had a lonely fight

because of the government's indifference.

But until this case is thoroughly solved,

I plan to keep in touch with you.

Please feel free to tell me your opinions.

Thank you, sir.

There was a reporter
who cast doubts on John & Mark,

but he was murdered right in front of me.

I know nothing about that.
What's his name?

He was called Jo Bu-yeong.

But later I found out

he was neither a reporter nor dead.

I don't quite understand what you mean.

That's the point.

We now know the real culprit,

but there are things happening
that don't make sense.

You said his name was Jo Bu-yeong, right?

Can you walk my secretary through it?

I'd like to look into it.

Why did you release O?

O Sang-mi was released?

This is news to me, too.

I believe you know Judge An Seung-tae.

He's said to be
a close acquaintance of yours.

He's the one who released her.

Just because we're close,
it doesn't mean--

When Mr. Jeong Gook-pyo is impeached,

you'll be the acting President, right?

If I'm not dismissed by then,

based on constitutional procedures,
yes, I'll have to fill in.

Anyway, you must be hungry.

-Let's order some food.
-Yes, sir.

How do you do?

Who are you?

I'm Edward, President of Dynamic.

I've contacted you a few times

but never been able to reach you,
so here I am.

If you're here for the F-X plan,

you should meet the President.

There are things to discuss,
so if you spare some time--

Talking to me won't do you any good.

I'm telling you
to help you save your time.

Mr. Park.

Oh, Mr. Cha.

What brings you here?

So you're saying O Sang-mi is missing?

The NIS is trying to find her,

but she's disappeared.

And you assume

Prime Minister Hong is behind it all?

Because it's true he released O.

If what you assume is true,

O got something on Hong.

Jessica claimed
that she didn't kill Michael.

Did you meet her?

She sent me a video clip
that shows the terrorist's face.

What else did she say?

That the truth we believe

might not be true.

What a nerve!

Don't be fooled
by her vile tongue, Dal-geon.

This is Cha Dal-geon.

This is O Sang-mi.

What's wrong?

It's O Sang-mi.

Where are you now?

Can we meet right away?

Actually, we must meet.

What do you want?

They are after me.
They're trying to kill me.

Ms. O, calm down.
Tell me where you are.

I'll go there.

I'm at Gojan-dong...

I know where that is.

It's not that far from here. Stay put.

My husband threatened them.


It's them who did it.

They're trying to kill me
because I have the evidence.

What evidence?

Who are these people?

Hello? Ms. O Sang-mi?

Ms. O Sang-mi?

Ms. O Sang-mi?

Please excuse me.

Call me when you meet her.


Is this the police station?

I need your help.

Ms. O Sang-mi?

Ms. O Sang-mi!

Ms. O Sang-mi!

Ms. O Sang-mi?

Ms. O Sang-mi?

Ms. O Sang-mi!

Ms. O, where are you?

Ms. O Sang-mi!

Ms. O Sang-mi!

Ms. O Sang-mi!

Ms. O, where are you?

Ms. O Sang-mi!

Can you hear me?

Long time no see, Cha Dal-geon.

You son of a bitch!

Subtitle translation by
Jean S. Kim