Vagabond (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript


It's been a while, Mr. Minister.

It's so hard to

get a hold of you.

You must be busy
with the bereaved families.

Soon, they will sign the agreement,

which will make your job a lot easier.

Some of them plan to sue Dynamic System.

That's why my salary is so high.
To prevent such a thing. Don't worry.

Why would I worry about you people?

People might misunderstand.

Please watch what you say.

It's won't be easy this time.

Even you...

can't turn the table.

Nothing is signed yet.

Want to bet?

I can bet anything on

where they'll sign.

What did you do to Minister Park?

Just a tiny bit
of what I've learned from you.

Haven't I taught you

that in our field,
you should never be certain.

The plane didn't crash alone.

You don't know?

The reputation you've built
in the business went down

to the bottom, too.

It's not too late
to give up the rebidding.

You don't want to go down deeper.

-Oh, General Bae!
-Oh, Jessica. Good to see you.

-You, too.
-I heard you scored big.

It's the talk of the town.

We just arrived. Where are you?

Let's start.


-I'm sorry.
-You should watch where you are going.

Who are you?

Who the hell are you?

What's wrong?

Plan B, now.

Open your fist.

Open your fucking fist!

-What's wrong with you?
-Don't move.



It's time to take off.

-You need to be in uniform.

-Are you okay?
-I'm sorry.

He's on medication for nervous breakdowns.


Get out of there.

-I'm sorry.

Stop being overdramatic.

Like you were in the Morocco airport.

Hae-ri Go!

Oh, my! How long has it been?

Hey. You look like you've had a good time.

Why you...

Oh, my. Mr. Cha Dal-geon?

Nice to meet you. I'm Gong Hwa-suk.
Hae-ri must've told you a lot about me.

No, she hasn't.

Oh, she hasn't. You are very direct.

Must be hungry.
What do you want for lunch?

Kimchi stew with loads of pork.

What about you, Dal-geon?

I'm not hungry.

"Not hungry"...

Let's get to my car first.

Let's go.

What the hell happened in Morocco?
Tell me. I want to know.

Where do I start?
I almost died and became a virgin ghost.

Yeah, right.
Lose the word "virgin" from that sentence.


Nice plan.

-Are you mocking me?
-Plan B.

The prey hasn't noticed yet.
You'll get your chance soon.

He's a stuntman, right?

What a nice little challenge he is.

It's good. Eat up.

-Did you bring what I asked?

Oh, that?

It's so strange.

There's no record of their jobs,
financial transactions, and calls.

What do you mean?

What about Kim Ho-sik who died in Morocco
and the co-pilot?

Yes, those two. There's nothing left
but their basic information.

Is the NIS that incompetent?

It's not that we can't...

Never mind.

Maybe somebody cleaned it up
before we got to it.

That's what I think, too.
We need to look into it.

Let's eat first.

What about the terrorist from the video?


...there is a slight problem,
so it'll take a while.

What? What problem?

Gosh, what are you doing?

Are you interrogating me?

Does he always look this scary?

You'll get used to it.



-I am curious.
-About what?

There must be a reason to crash the plane,

but I can't think of any.

I heard what happened to Hoon afterward,

and couldn't sleep for days.

I can't believe it.

Do you know
the families are gathering tonight?

If you don't want to go, I can go instead.


I'm listening.

They're going to talk about compensation.

Do you know anything about it?

You said you weren't his mom anymore.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm not doing this because of the money.

Do you know how much he missed you?

You never visited him
after abandoning him at the orphanage,

and now you want to be his mom?


It's not my business where you go,

but stay out of my sight.

Otherwise, I might destroy
your precious house...

...which you love more than Hoon.


Damn it.

Mr. Cha Dal-geon?

How do you do?

I'm Jo Bu-yeong,
a reporter for Pyeonghwa Daily.


I heard from the families
while interviewing them

that you claimed
the plane was attacked by a terrorist.


What do you want?

The day before the accident,

the airport police got a call
about the terrorist attack.

Unfortunately, a fire broke out
in the control room at the same time.

I just received a suspicious phone call.

There will be a terrorist attack on...

And the officer who got the call
lost consciousness out of the blue.

She's been brain-dead ever since,

but for some reason the police
is doing nothing and blocking the press.

Something's fishy, isn't it?

Strange things have happened to me, too.

That's why...

...I came to see you.

Can you tell me what happened in Morocco?

Mr. Cha, this case
has a very complicated background.

We need to find
as much evidence as possible

and put them all together

to see a clearer picture of the truth.

I need your help.

I'll do anything I can.

However, you can't tell anything
to the NIS people.

-The ladies you're with.

Aren't they with the NIS?

-Yes, but how do--
-Don't trust them.

With a reporter's gut and experience,
I'm telling you.

You can't trust anyone,

not even from law enforcement.

Cha Dal-geon!

That coffee shop down the street.
See you there.

Who is he?

Nobody. He asked directions.

How kind of you to take this long
to show him--

If we're done here, let's split.

Are you going home?

Let's go together.
You can't be too careful even in Korea.

I'll be glad
if those bastards try to mess with me.

Call me.

What a tough guy.

You two seem close.

Is it love born out of war
like Doctor Zhivago?

His way of talking,
personality, and attitude.

Everything is perfect.

Wow, that's deep.


Unbelievably and perfectly
not to my liking at all.

Every single little thing about him
isn't my thing.

Really? I didn't know.

Let's leave him, then.

Hold on. Pull over.

What's wrong?

He's way too kind.

Drinking coffee with him
to show directions?

You surely did go through
a series of bizarre things in Morocco.

It doesn't add up at all.

Who'd do such a terrible thing?

I think it's got to do with
the fighter bidding.

"The fighter bidding"?

The government has
a 10-billion-dollar fighter plan.

And the one that benefits the most
from this tragedy is...

John & Mark.

The strong candidate,
Dynamic is rumored to lose.


...everything that happened...

...was planned by John & Mark or whatever?

The question isn't about who,

but why.

However, it's only my speculation,
so it can be wrong.

I will know more
when I meet the informant.


As a matter of fact,
I'm going to meet someone

to learn more about the plane crash.

He has very important evidence
about the terrorist,

like you do.

Who is this informant?

Excuse me.

Yes, this is Jo speaking.

Oh, okay.

Alright. I can be there on time.

I will see you there.

Can I go with you?

I'm not sure.
He's very cautious about being exposed.

-Go after them.
-Really? Are you sure? Okay, then.

What kind of situation is this?

Why are those two men going into a motel?

I'm here.

Room 407?

I'm here alone. Don't worry.

I'll come right up.

Well, he is very anxious.

You go ahead and call me when it's okay.

Good idea. I'll call you soon.


Jeez, it's been 30 minutes already.

What are we doing here
while two men are in there?

Let's wait a bit more.

Wait for what?

Want to see how intimate they are?

I see why you and Cha are not compatible.

He doesn't seem to lean towards that side.

The person you're trying to reach...

Mr. Jo?

Mr. Jo?


Mr. Jo! What happened? Who did this?

Oh, no. Mr. Jo.

Mr. Jo... Mr. Jo!



Yes, someone is dying.

I think he's been stabbed.

The address is...
It's an unattended motel in Sinwon-dong.

It's called...

Yes, that's right. Come as quick--


-Chase that bike!

-Chase him!
-Chase him?

-Drive faster!
-Okay, gosh!

Just pass it through. Just go!

Why didn't you go?
You're a terrible driver!

Are you crazy?

If an accident occurred,
who'd be responsible?

Who is he?

Tell me what's going on.

There was a homicide.


Who is the victim?

A reporter for Pyeonghwa Daily.

He was following up
on a story of the crash

and came to meet an informant...

-Let's go back to the motel.


Gosh, what the heck is going on?

You got a call, right?

-Yes, about a homicide.
-I was the caller.

Follow me, please.




There's no one here.

-What's going on? There's no one.

What is this?

You said someone was killed.

Is this the right room?

Maybe a different one?

He was right here.

-Bleeding heavily.
-Are you messing with us?

You think I'm messing with you?

This card belongs to the victim.

And also, I have his--

I'm with the NIS.

The NIS?

Hwa-suk, show them your ID.

I don't have it.

-You don't?
-Who carries around an ID these days?

Anyway, we saw him coming here
with the reporter.

Check his ID with the newspaper
and check the CCTVs.

Also, call the Crime Scene Unit
for a Luminol test.

Go and check the CCTVs.


"Jo Bu-yeong"...

I'm looking for Jo Bu-yeong,
a city desk reporter.

I can't reach him.

Excuse me?

On vacation?

Alright, I see.

No, it's nothing.


He went on a vacation to New Zealand.

I'm telling you he's dead.

Those bastards disposed of his body!

I checked the CCTVs,
but no one checked in here.

Excuse me, officer.


I'm going to let it pass this time.

But if this happens again, you'll be
charged with obstruction of justice.

Got it?

Let's go.

What on earth is going on?

I can't decide
whether to believe him or not.

I believe him.

You do?

Things like this also happened in Morocco.

We don't need the police.
We'll find out ourselves.

I almost forgot.

What is this?

Jo gave me this before he died.

This is a flash drive.

Plug it in over there.

Doesn't it work?

Doesn't fit. The connector is destroyed.

-What if the data is destroyed, too?
-I'm not sure.

-Let's go to my place, first.

You two go ahead.

I'll catch up.

Where are you going?

You did well.

Next up is...

Mr. Park Kwang-deok,
would you like to try?

Me? Well...

Maybe later.

We're here

to heal your emotional scars.

You can speak freely
whatever comes to your mind.



do you remember?

As we couldn't have a wedding,

I bought you a gold ring instead.

But you were mad,

so I stupidly refunded it.

I should've put it on your finger.

I don't know what to do.

Because towards you and...

...our baby in your belly,

I feel so guilty.

I am so sorry.

How can I go on?

I miss you, Mi-seon.

I'm sorry.


What a surprise
to see you working so hard.

Solving this may be my ticket
to a transfer back to Korea.

Not only that!

You can be promoted by not one,
but two ranks.

I'll ask for a different position
like a desk job

where I can stay long and safe.

Wow, you have your own angle for this.

Because of your loyalty to Chief Gang,
you've been on the bad side of Chief Min.

I hope it works.


What are these?

Information about Kim Woo-gi.

The co-pilot of the B357.

I couldn't find it anywhere

and now here it is.

Making breakfast for you
wasn't a big deal,

but why was I grumpy about it?

Leaving socks everywhere
wasn't a big deal, either.

I regret it every day, honey.

That morning, too...

I can't. I can't do it anymore.

It's okay, Ms. O Sang-mi.


No pressure. Take your time.

What do you have?

Kim Woo-gi's life insurance policies
are worth...

nearly 5 billion Won.

He bought them six months ago,

and the beneficiary is...

his wife.

O Sang-mi might be an accomplice.

They owed loan sharks over 1 billion Won

but still paid 10 million
as a monthly premium

by taking out a bank loan.


Dal-geon, are you there?

-Thank you for your service.
-Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you
for giving us such a good opportunity.

I hope it helped.

I heard a lot about you from Ms. O.
You're an international lawyer, right?

-Let me give you my card.

Where's Kim Woo-gi?

What do you mean?

You know your husband...

Kim Woo-gi is alive.

What? What's wrong with you again?

Hey, Mr. Cha!

Where is that bastard?

Are you crazy?
What are you doing to our representative?

"Our representative"?

Is she representing the families?

Get out.
You don't deserve our group. Get out!

Get off me!
You're his accomplice, aren't you?

Where's Kim Woo-gi?

He's way out of line. Enough is enough!


-What? What is it?
-Can someone...

Kwang-deok, this is serious.

Oh, no! Dal-geon! Dal-geon, wake up!

Hurry up and call 911!

But we have to save this man!

Dal-geon, wake up!

-The ambulance is coming soon.
-I specialize in judo, so...

What's going on?

He passed out.

I threw him
for being such a pain in the ass.

We need...


Are you okay?

I'm Micky.

I believe you know me.

Where are we going?

Mr. Edward Park
wanted you to see a doctor.

I don't need a doctor.

Where is he now?

He's busy.

Why do you ask?

Tell him I found the culprit

who crashed the plane.

For now,

you'd better come to our office.


Let us handle the case

against Dynamic System.

Trials might take a year,

maybe over 10 years,
regardless of the result.

And the cost will be enormous.

Don't worry about the cost.

You can pay us when we win.

The pain you will face during the trials

can be unbearable.

That's right.

Trials might take long

while settling and getting compensation
will be quick.


What would you do with your guilt
for the loved ones who are gone?

The pain you might face
during the trials...

wouldn't be heavier than the guilt.

Somebody told me

the moment of decision

reveals the true self.

Whether you file a complaint
or settle with them,

it's up to you.

Why do we have to make that decision?

We'd rather not
make this kind of decision.

Oh, God...

You can say goodbye
to a settlement agreement.

It never occurred to me
you'd take their case.

Nice move.

You used to be my hero,
but now you can't even read my moves.

You'd better retire.


Well, do you like the equipment?

Everything is perfect here.

Cha Dal-geon has started to run his mouth
to the grieving families.

Get rid of him
before things get complicated.

I'm setting a stage.

You can't leave any trace of murder.

Come on.

You talk too much.

No wonder you're a lawyer.

When I'm done, I expect a heavy bonus

because my boys are heavy eaters.

Yo! Stop fucking eating and...

find out where he is.

"JM Pacific".

It's the airline
Kim Woo-gi used to work for

and it belongs to John & Mark.

O Sang-mi was a flight attendant there.

So when Kim Woo-gi
was in financial trouble,

this Jessica woman recruited him?

Yes, everything seems to point that way.

I'm sorry, Dal-geon.

I should've believed you back in Morocco.

I didn't know Jessica would be
as corrupt as this.

Do you know her well?

Her recruiter and mentor in this field...

was me.

For her,
the end always justified the means.

She grew dangerously ambitious

and eventually betrayed me
to go to John & Mark.

It's my fault.

I should've been more careful with her.

I really don't understand.

For this fighter plan thing,

they killed even civilians.

Is this normal in that business of yours?

A few years ago, hundreds of civilians
were killed in Chechnya

and John & Mark was in it, too.

It's top secret.

The US government
was wary of the world's reaction,

so they redacted the record.

Do you happen to have connections
with the Portugal police?

Why do you ask?

The vice president of John & Mark
killed himself in Portugal

on the day before the plane crash.

Something isn't right.
He's not a suicidal type at all.

What if he didn't get on with the plan
to crash the plane?

Isn't it possible

they killed him
and made it look like a suicide?

Yes, that's possible.

I have a friend
in the Portuguese intelligence service.

I'll have him look into it.

By the way, when you leave here,
do you intend to go back home?

Obviously, where else?

I have a place nearby

and I want you to use it
as a safe house for the time being.

Wow, now I'm frightened.

What about you?
What happened to your "long and safe"?


Right now?

I need to go to the office now.

Call me when you're done.

I don't think I can make it tonight.

-See you later.


It won't be uncomfortable for a few days.

If you need anything,

contact my secretary.

See you later.

Edward Park,

long time no see.

Do you know him?

He could've been my client,

but I said no.

He's a real son of a bitch.

Those people...

They are terrifying...

Mr. Kim!

Mr. Jo... Mr. Jo!

Your sister is on a huge case.

If I solve this, I can be back
to the headquarters and promoted.

Don't tell mom I'm here in Seoul.

Because it drives me nuts
that she always asks me for money.

I've got to go. Okay.

-How's it going with your report?
-I told you I'm smart.

The NIS will be shocked when they read it.


Wow, I didn't know you were a god.

A god of war to boot.

You wanted to be a martial arts director?

Start acting again.
It was what Hoon wanted.

Oh, sorry. Maybe I stepped out of line.

It's just that I remembered
what Hoon said in the video.

Do you want some ramen?

I make a mean ramen.

I'm okay.

You should rest. You must be tired.

Thank you.

For remembering Hoon.









I'm afraid I'm late.

-Is Mr. O here?
-Yes, he is.

-He's being very difficult.

That's what he does
as the opposition leader.

I'm sorry.
The civil liberty ceremony finished late.

Do something about the atmosphere here,
Prime Minister Hong.

It's been a while since I met Mr. O,

but he's being too difficult.

Senior Secretary Yun,
we need alcohol, not tea.

Dear Mr. O is known
for being a heavy drinker.

Forgive me.

My party's stance on the F-X plan
will not change.

We don't understand

why you have to choose John & Mark
and pay them 1 trillion won more.

Explain to him, Minister Park.

Why is John & Mark
your one and only choice?

Because its technology is worth its price.

Oh, simple.

Would this answer suffice?

According to the experts' opinion
we acquired,

Dynamic System's F70

is cheaper and superior.

In the test
of the National Defense Ministry,

John & Mark's Eagle Fighter
received a higher score.

Anyway, the opposition parties

won't agree on the supplementary budget.

You must be well aware of
what the public think about Dynamic

after the plane crash.

Think about
the next presidential election.

You have no business worrying about that.

It's totally ours.

You must know, Mr. O.

My first priority during my term
at the Blue House

is independent national defense.

"Jeong Gook-pyo is definitely
King Sejong the Great

of national defense
above all the other presidents."

That's what I want to hear.

You know my creed.

Honesty and non-possession.

Except for completing the long-range plan
of our national defense,

I have no ulterior motive,
not even this much.

Please work with us.

Getting a supplementary budget
won't be easy.

Sons of bitches.

It's like they have one agenda,
complaining about anything and everything.

Those bastards of the opposition parties.

I will get to them one by one.

We can solve it step by step.

Don't be too anxious.

What's the secret
for taming Minister Park?

He's a changed man now.

Do you want to know?

I hope you didn't share with him
something you shouldn't.

Enjoy these when you're bored.

-For your eyes only.
-Are you leaving?


How did he get these?

He's surely gifted in a peculiar way.

-It's been a while.
-How have you been?



Hello. Oh, no.




Didn't you apologize to Mr. Gi
for that incident?

How could I?
I've been too embarrassed to call him.

Are you stupid?
You'll run into him sooner or later.

I don't want to think about it.

You were the perpetrator,
and Gi was the victim.

You can't keep avoiding him.

-I don't want to hear it.

-I don't want to hear it.
-Don't want to hear what?

You, Gi Tae-ung!

Can't you hear me?

I said I was transferred overseas.

Far, far away to nowhere in Africa!

She's drunk.

What's wrong with her now?

So what? What do you want to say?

You are...



Gi Tae-ung is mine,

so he's off-limits to anyone.
I won't allow it.

Is that understood?


You're mine.

-You're mine.
-Do something now. Get her off.

-Girl, are you insanely drunk?

Sorry. Let's go home now. Let's go.

What the...


Girl, if it wasn't for me,

Gi would've beaten you to death.

Where's the torture room?

I need to be tortured by electricity
to get my memory erased.

Where is it? Where?

He's coming this way.

Stay if you want to keep your job.

Hi, Mr. Gi. Good morning.

It's been a while, Mr. Gi.

I got back from Morocco
the day before yesterday.

-Congratulations on your transfer--
-Do you still drink?

-Not any more, Sir.
-I wouldn't have sent you overseas.

You're right.

-I had such a hard time there.
-I'd have just fired you.

An agent who drinks herself to oblivion...

isn't qualified.

What the...

Wow, he can freeze the whole office.

Are you okay?

I'm good.

With my report today,

his arrogant attitude will change.

You're right. The NIS will go berserk.

I'll totally ignore any transfer offer
from the Inspection Team.

I can't pamper her anymore.
She's driving me nuts.

Where are you going?


Yes, Sir.

Was it Chief?

He must've read the report.
He sounds so happy.

One moment.

Go Hae-ri, good luck.

What? You got something to say?

Tell me why

we won't investigate.

First, there's insufficient evidence.

There are plenty of them.

I checked the phone conversation
between Kim Woo-gi and the terrorist.

Jo Bu-yeong, a reporter
for Pyeonghwa Daily--

Second, there aren't enough links
with John & Mark.

I'm not sure
if you read the report thoroughly.

Third, if John & Mark tries to sue us,

it'd be an international embarrassment.

The death toll is 211.
It's not the time to think about that!


I've got nowhere to go if I lose this job.

-Shut up!

I will directly report to the Director.

It's his order.

I beg your pardon?

It's the Director's direct order.

You'll be assigned to a different country.

Till then, make Cha Dal-geon
behave himself. You may go now.

Give me back the video evidence.

Why are you asking me?
Check with the Inspection Team.

You didn't even watch it?

I'm warning you.

If you ever open your mouth about it,

you'll be fired.

Keep that in mind.

Why do you hate so much having me here?

Get the hell out!


Drinking alone in daytime means
you have an alcohol problem.

I can't agree with
the Director's decision.

So what?

-What can you do about it?
-If Go Hae-ri is telling the truth...

we're neglecting our duty.

Don't you feel

ashamed of yourself?

Do you still think
we're the intelligence service?

Since the day Director An came,

we've become errand boys
for the Blue House.

Do you know what I do?

Replying to postings that criticize
the President and the government

with nothing but lies.

Kiss the Director's ass like Min Jae-sik.

Or settle to a shitty job like me
for a paycheck.

I can do neither of them,

so I should quit.

-It's Park Kwang-deok.

-I'm sorry about the other day.

Are you hurt or anything?

No. I'm fine.

Let's have lunch together. My treat.
Where are you now?

You don't have to.

I'm not mad.

I said I was not mad, for Pete's sake!



Okay, I'll see you in 30 minutes.

Our guest is going out.
Get the party ready.

Get the radio frequency.

I'm sorry about yesterday.

Let's not talk about it.
It's embarrassing.

As a martial artist,
I shouldn't have used force.

Can you cut it out already?

You said you need to be somewhere
around 3 o'clock.

Let's go near that place, then. Where to?

-Just go straight ahead.

Not yet?

It's on.

-Uh, what's wrong with this?
-Hit the brake now!

I, I am hitting it.

Hold on. What... What's wrong?

-I don't get it. It's a new car!
-Calm down. Take it easy.

Oh, no!

-I'll drive. Move to the backseat.
-Are you crazy? I can't switch seats now!

I'm a stuntman! Do as I say!

-Hold on. Grab the wheel.
-Go now!

Grab it! Oh, no!


Oh, no! Car, car! Whoa.

-Hold on tight.
-It's still a red light.

Don't you know
the program won't work in distance?

What the fuck is wrong with it?

That car keeps following us,
ignoring the lights.

-It's them trying to kill me.
-What? What did you say?

I told you it was an act of terrorism!
They're one of them!

Damn it.


As baby's breaths are beautiful

When together

Let's get together
And gently embrace each other

Into each small heart

Plant tender love

And let's make together

A beautiful world!


The phone's not working, either!
We can really die here!

Oh, Dal-geon! People! Oh no!

Quickly! People!

Jeez. What the...

Watch out!


You get out of the way!

God! No!

-Hold on!
-Damn it!

Do you know
who's the hardest to deal with?

Lucky sons of bitches.

What's going on? Tell me in full detail.

-You said you didn't believe me?
-No, I'll believe everything you say.

I believe you, okay?



Thank you.

John & Mark donates to
many other organizations as well.

Could it be to sweeten the F-X deal?

We don't want our good deeds to be known.
Please don't write about it.

What about an interview?

-Could you answer one question?
-I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


Subtitle translation by Jean S. Kim