V: The Final Battle (1984): Season 1, Episode 2 - Part Two - full transcript

Donovan is reunited with his son and joins the international Resistance headed by Ham Tyler and Chris Farber.

[theme music]

[music continues]

[indistinct chatter]

[camera shutter clicking]

- Here.
- Pass it.

[indistinct chatter]

Little help, please...

[camera clicking]

Are you looking for something,
my friend?

Move the M-16
or I'll make you eat it.

Hey, Mark, come here.

Okay, no more pictures.

You're in my way, piglet.

You got
a nasty mouth on you, pal.

You and me,
we're going for a walk.

Come on, let's go.

In about five seconds,
you're gonna be cloud-dancing.

[indistinct chatter]

They're all bottlenecked
in there, front and back.

Place isn't a camp, it's a tomb.

Come here, Slick.

Mr. Macho Man,
I wanna talk to your boss.

[gate whirring]


What's the matter with you?
I told you. This is embarrassing.

Don't even think about it.

Got a stand-off here.

Anybody ever clean this dump?

I don't know about you,
you should have looked.

You should have looked,
I told you.

Hey, come on, huh?

All right.

What happened here?



Well, I guess I should've
known you'd crawl out

from under some munitions dump
sooner or later.

How you doing, Gooder?

That's short for do-gooder.

It's a little nickname
he's got for me.

Oh, we've met before.

Laos, El Salvador, you name it.

He blows it up,
I cover it with a camera...

and the folks back home
hate him for it.

I want you to meet ham Tyler...

master of covert operations,

and bad relations.

This is Chris Farber,
my associate.

And you people are doomed.

Doomed? What's he saying?

[ship droning]

If you haven't told us
the truth, Pascal,

you've forged your last ticket.

It's the truth. I swear it is.

We'll find them there.

Gooder's got you believing
that with little muscle

and God on your side,
you can pull the bad guys down.

Now, that kinda thinking's
gonna get you dead.

It's time you let the
professionals do their job.

Well, that sounds familiar.

Look, Donovan, I didn't come
here to fence with you.

We don't have time.

I'm here to tell you
there's a world network.

And from now on
you do what you're told.

Now, wait a minute, pal...

Shut up.

You people got
real lucky last night

and pulled off a nice stunt.

Without proper leadership

you're gonna get
hung out to dry.

Now, we're organized
and we have a plan, and...

we have a new kind of ammo
that'll cut those lizards in two.

Now, you can stay independent
and get wiped out,

or you can join the organization
and really help

hammer-punch these lizards
back off the planet.

Choice is up to you.

You heard what Donovan said.
Guy's a warmonger.

Getting people killed
turns him on...

Don't you ever say that.

Donovan may hate my guts,

but he'll tell you I know what I'm doing.

You know, we're not killers
like you, Tyler.

We may be bumping into
each other down here,

but we're a unit and we've made
more noise than you have.

They know we're here.

Which brings me
to my next point...

Donovan! Everybody.
That was Ruby.

The Visitors, they're on their way.
We gotta get outta here.

[intense music]

[indistinct chatter]

[siren wailing]

[man] All right,
they're in that building.

[indistinct shouting]

This is all we got.

All right, Gooder,
get your people out of here.

You set the charges,
I'll cover you.

You got a Teflon load in this?

You bet.

All right.

[music continues]

All right, let's go. Move, move.


[music continues]


He's in here. Move, come on.


[gun clicks]

[music continues]



- You having fun?
- [laughs]


- Need another mag.
- You got it.

[music continues]


It's getting
real busy out there.

I'm almost finished.

[music continues]

Good luck, brother, I'm gone.


[water running]

[building creaking]

Now that's a waste
of good luggage.

[instrumental music]




[dramatic music]

Thank you for coming.

My pleasure.

What did you want
to see me about?

A favor.

Just ask.

This is a photograph
of my grandson.

I'd like him back.

He's been... detained.

Consider it done.

Thank you.

I too have a favor to ask.


Since Kristine Walsh's
unfortunate demise

the position of world
spokesperson has been vacant.

I think you should fill it.

Oh. Well.

I... Well, certainly,
if you think I...

I do. The job is yours.
Now I must go.

Good-bye for now.

Good-bye and thank you.

- [door closes]
- isn't that wonderful news?

Stupid, greedy woman.

Sean is Mike Donovan's son.
Don't you understand?

They don't care about getting
your grandson back to you.

They'll use Sean to catch Mike.

I no longer consider
Michael my son.


This time you've
gone too far, Eleanor.

Even for a stomach
as strong as mine.

I'm leaving you.

Once you go out that door,
there's no coming back.

Thank God.

[instrumental music]

[door closes]

Hey, what is this place, anyway?

It's an old abandoned
movie ranch.

Are you hungry?
I have plenty of stuff.

Do you want some cheese?

Oh. Y-you can eat that,
can't you?

No, I am not hungry.

Why are you being
so nice to me, Harmony?

I lo... like you, Willie.

But you saw what I look like.


You wanna know something?

I didn't fall in love with
your looks in the first place.


No, I...

I guess I'm not
what you'd call a... an ox.

That's fox, you dope.




[dog barking]

We gotta talk to Martin.
I got a plan to spring Julie.

Forget about your lady friend.

We're not fighting this war
over your personal life.


She's our leader.

Was your leader. Past tense.

She's damaged goods now.

You don't know that.

I know that nobody survives
the conversion chambers.

They either own her
or her mind's been turned to Swiss cheese.

She's better off dead.

[ham] And we're better off
without her.

Don't push me too hard, Tyler.

Then face the facts.
Let them have her.

Well, we're gonna
get her back, Tyler

with or without your help.

You're not giving any orders
around here anymore, Gooder.

Oh, no?

Every man and woman
in this unit'll back me.

All right, we'll help you
get her back.

Then I'll find just how far
she's been turned around.

[Juliet groaning]

[machine beeping]

[Juliet groans]

How are her vital signs?

Be careful. She has a congenital
heart condition.

It's not especially dangerous.

With what you're about to do,

any physiological flaw
could become acute.

[man] She has a fear and loathing
of anything abandoned, deserted.

- [Diana] Why?
- [man] Early trauma.

[man] Something to do with
being followed, chased.

She hid in a deserted building.


Start with mood conversion,
mode one.

[switches click]

[machine whirring]

[Juliet groaning]

[breathing heavily]

[Juliet screaming]

Was she very young?

[man] Yes, between
five and eight years old.


[Juliet groaning]

[dramatic music]

[Juliet whimpering]

Give me breathing.
Heavy breathing.

[heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing continues]


Julie, it's Diana.

[Diana] Julie, let me help you
out of this place.

There's someone trying to hurt you.
Can you see him?

[instrumental music]

[distorted voice]



- [distorted voice] Come on.
- No, it's a lie.

You're a lie!

[distorted voice]


Go to conversion mode two.

[switches clicking]

[machine whirring]



[intense music]

[Juliet screams]


[Juliet screams]

her heart rhythms are irregular.

- I know what I'm doing.
- [Juliet screaming]


[monster growling]

You don't exist!

You're not there.

You're a mind game!

You're just a stupid mind game!

- [Diana] her mind is strong.
- [gasping]

She will be converted, damn her.

Go to conversion mode three.

- [switches clicking]
- [Juliet whimpering]

[machine whirring]

[whirring louder, faster]


I'm going to make all
those things go away.

I'm here to help.

Come to me. Reach out to me.

I want to help you, Julie.
Let me help you.





[Juliet groans]


Be careful, Diana.

[distorted voice]


[growling, moaning]



[Juliet screams]

[man] She's going
into cardiac arrest.

She's going to die!


[ham sighs]

Where's your little
gator friend?

Cool it with that talk.
He's one of us.

Gooder, you'll trust
just about anyone.

This whole setup stinks.

Just like a swamp gator.

Sneak up on you every time.

- Martin.
- [Ham sighs]

This person is one of us.

[Mike] I don't like him,
but I trust him.

I ask you to do the same.

Well, I trust you, Mike.

That's enough.

How's Julie?

Well, she hasn't broken yet...
but she will.

We've gotta get her out of this.

We need you and the other
Fifth Columnists to help.

I wish there was something
I could do, Mike

but under the circumstances...

Look, you do
as the man tells you

or I'm gonna turn you into
an hors d'oeuvre.

Are there many more
like this one?

Fortunately, selective breeding
keeps their number at a minimum.

All right.

I'll listen.
But I can you promise nothing.

Here's a picture of the boy.

- What's his name?
- That's not important.

I simply want him found.

Have your division conduct
a thorough search

of the mother ship
and report back to me.

Let's just say it's a little
surprise present for Diana.

Yes, sir.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

Attention, all personnel.

Squadron Commander Ship
has landed.

- Hello, Diana.
- Welcome, Commander.

The leader sends his greetings.

I'm afraid that you've
caught me by surprise.

It disturbs me that
I was not informed

earlier of your arrival.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Diana.

I hope I haven't
thrown you off schedule.

No, no, I would
have liked more time

to prepare a reception for you.

A reception befitting
a Supreme Commander.

Well, how very thoughtful of you.

The leader wants a schedule

and for that purpose I brought engineers
and other experts for a special project.

If it succeeds, we'll be able
to pump all the fresh water

from southern California
in the next 30 days.

[Diana] I should've been left
to handle that.

Well, it could become
a military issue.

An area in which I'm
fairly well versed.

I'm aware of that.

The Resistance has been
causing us some delays.

And, frankly,
jeopardizing our mission.

We were led to believe that
the rebels in this area

were disorganized and ineffective.

Steven is the only one
who has been ineffective

in dealing with the rebels.

However, I have captured
their leader and I...


It's not important
that we discuss that.

What is important
is that we do as we're told.

[instrumental music]

[Robin gasping]


Help. Help!


What's the matter?

Nothing. Go back to sleep.




[tense music]



Why're you still up?
What's the matter?

Robin's sick.

- Where is she?
- In the bathroom.

Oh, thanks, honey.

[eerie music]

[water bubbling]

[knocking on door]


- [knocking on door]
- Robin, it's Daddy, open the door.


[Robin sobbing]

It won't let me kill it.

It won't let me die.

And... it's turning me...

into one of them.

No, no.

[machine whirring]


[Juliet gasping]

[Juliet groans]


Diana, I warned you
of the seriousness of...

Yes, yes. Never mind.

Give me maximum.

[switches clicking]

[high-pitched beeping]





Let us stop the pain, Julie.

Let me help you.


Then run, Julie,
run for your life

Run faster, Julie, run faster.

[deep breathing]

[Juliet whimpering]


[no audio]





[man] Heart rhythm's
becoming irregular again.



[no audio]


Give me your hand, Julie.

Let me help you out of there.

Yes. Yes, mama. Mama! Yes.

[Juliet, sobbing]
Yes, yes, yes, yes...

- Tell me, Julie.
- [Juliet] Yes, help me.

Tell me what you want.

To be yours.

To be yours.

Just stop it, please.

help me.

- [whirring, beeping stop]
- [gasps]

[Juliet gasps]



[glass shattering]



[instrumental music]

He's dead.

They're lovely, don't you think?

A pity we don't have such
creatures on our planet.

Yes, they're lovely.

Do you think they might try
another assassination attempt?

Don't be ridiculous.

Donovan is dead.
Julie is almost converted.

The resistance movement is
crippled and in disarray.

[Diana] We have nothing
to fear from them.

Well, nevertheless I've given
orders to increase security.

I give the orders on my ship.

Your ship is but
one in my squadron.

You forget your rank, Diana.

I may not have your rank

but I have
the leader's special interest.

Which I might say is even
more desirable than rank.

Oh, I shouldn't rely too heavily
on that relationship with the leader.

That trap has seen
some very heavy traffic.

I don't believe you.

Diana, my dear

sex for favors
is as old as ambition.

And sex is
too fragile a foundation

to handle your ambition.

You seem to have managed.

Oh, that's because
I've managed my ambition.

You might take
a moment to reflect that

your lover

has sent you
56 trillion miles away.

Hardly, an indication
he can't bear not to see you.

Diana? I think you
should come with me.


I have something to show you.


One of us.

One of my own people
tried to kill me.

Fifth Column.


It's spread throughout the fleet,

every ship's
reporting incidents.

[robotic tone]
Not on this ship.

I'll have no traitors
on this ship.

I want a staff meeting
called for immediately.

With your permission,
of course, Pamela.

If I may...

I'd like to suggest
that we transfer

all of our important prisoners
to Earth security headquarters

till the ship can be secured.

He's right.

As long as this ship's
contaminated with them,

we're vulnerable.

[Steven] We have their leader,
we don't want to lose her.

I agree.

Yes, do it.

Is she, uh, always like that?

Like what?

On edge.

Frankly, yes.

Must be the strain
of her position.

Yes, must be.

We must offer her support.

We wouldn't want
to see her stumble. Would we?

No. No.
'Course not.

[crickets chirping]


This is incredible.

Sure have a lot of energy for
someone who works all the time.


I like my work.

Besides, they're startin' to trust me
with a lot of responsibility now.

Oh, yeah? Like what?

Like what? Well,
the big reception tomorrow

at security headquarters.

Twenty troopers.

All at my command.

That many? What's
the big occasion?


Steven and Diana are bringin'
down a bunch of prisoners

from the mother ship.

Now, they're not scheduled
to arrive till 2100 hours,

so I can see you after that.

[Maggie sighs]
Oh, only prisoners.

[yawning] I thought it was gonna
be something exciting.

Hey, we're talkin'
about Julie What's-her-face.

You know, the head
of the Resistance.

What's wrong? She's not
important enough for you, huh?

I guess so, I just...

I don't pay
much attention to politics.


'Cause you can give
all your attention to me.

I'm such a lucky girl, aren't I?

[Daniel chuckles]

[instrumental music]

Hey, man, I'm on your side now.

The hell are you doin'
sneaking up on me like that?

Hey, come on, man, I just
got a third degree burn

bringing you coffee,
come on, lighten up.

No, thanks.

Hey, it's not like she's sleepin' around
on you or somethin', you know,

she's just doin' what she has to do,

just like everybody else here.

Yeah, well, it doesn't
mean I gotta like it.

Nah, it doesn't mean
you gotta like it,

but it doesn't mean you gotta keep
whippin' yourself either, does it?

Just makes me crazy, man.

Thinkin' 'bout her touchin' him.

Hey, think about
the way Maggie feels.

Hey, this damn war is tough
on everybody here. All of us.

Hey, buddy, she needs
you to be strong for her.



[music continues]

- Thanks.
- If Martin's information is correct...

- here you go, gentlemen.
- It'll be all right.

I'm sure he's right.

Let's not waste it, okay?

Well, there's your new ammo.

Stuff rips right
through their armor.

Ham came through.

He always does.

Will you listen to me!?

If you can't handle it,
that's your problem.

There you go, kid.
You been practicin'?

No William Tell.

You'll do fine.

Here you go, new loads,
Teflon tips.

Big deal. Hey!

- I want to talk to you.
- About what?

You think what I do with Daniel
makes me a whore, don't you?

I don't know.

Yeah, well,
we'll talk when you decide.

Hey, we'll talk now!

- You best let her go, son.
- Hey, hit the road, pal.

Look here, my man,

you got any doubts
in your mind at all

that I couldn't change
your life right now?

Or even bring it to a close?

Better have a talk
with your friend.

He needs to grow up.

Are you as good as your makeup?

The New Yorker said

my Nurse in Romeo and Juliet
was the best since Edith Evans.

I saw Dame Edith do that.

You did?

Mm-hmm. In London,
a long time ago.

Why, you're not as
primitive as I thought you were.

Oh. Props.

Wrench is a little ugly,
but it'll do the job.

To the base of the skull.

What happened to you, Mr. Tyler?

[Ruby] How did you become
someone so dangerous?

You make it back safely, I'll
tell you the story of my life.

I have a hunch that's
worth coming back for.

On my signal, you pull the plug.

Blow up the power supply.

And turn off the lights.

This whole operation
is staged around you.

A star? At last.


Let's go.

[crickets chirping]

[Daniel] Hurry, Steven and Diana
will be arriving any moment.

I want everything perfect.

Get going.

Oh, pardon me.

Watch where you're going. Stop.

Do I know you from some place?

No. [Chuckles]

I'm just one of the help.

I guess it's not that important.

Carry on.

[indistinct chatter]

[gate whirring]

[dramatic music]

- [beeping]
- [lock clicks]

I hope Ruby makes it.

She'll be just fine.

You! Woman!

How did you open the elevator?
That's strictly off-limits.


Well, I have approval.

Told me to give
it a special cleaning.

For Steven and Diana.

Make it spotless, they said.

Let me see your authorization.

Oh, I have it here.

Ah, it's down here.

- Hurry up, old woman.
- Yes.


[guard screams]


We're almost down.

[music continues]

- Where's the old woman?
- Sir?

The old woman.
The cleaning lady.

I have no idea.

[Ruby over radio]
I'm in position.

All right, it's almost here.

Get ready, Ruby.


Now, hit Martin in the leg first
like he said.

[Mike] When he goes down,
that's our signal.

You know, from this distance,
I could almost cut him in half.

Anything more than a flesh wound
and you get the same.

Okay, Gooder.

[music continues]

- [muffled gunshot]
- [grunts]


- [muffled gunshot]
- [screams]



[tires screeching]





- [tires screeching]
- [guard] Stop!


You should be terminated
for this blunder.

You are a spy.

Who, me?

I was just down here working
when all of a sudden...

No, no, no.

You're lying, you're lying.

I saw you.

You come with me.


[intense music]

- I do know you.
- [Ruby] Yes.

You do know me.

But, you were lying to me.

W-w... did you think you
could outsmart me, huh? Huh?

- You're coming with me...
- And be a hero?

Let me go, Daniel.


I've known you all your life.

You were such a good boy,

you couldn't change
to be so without...


[somber music]

I don't believe it.

Wait a minute. Stop.


I said stop.

[intense music]

I'm warning you.

- Stop!
- [gunshot]

[melancholic music]

Our life in this world is short.

And often painful.

Its full meaning is
rarely made clear to us.

I dare say that none
of us here will live as fully

or die as heroically
as Ruby did.

[Father Andrew]
her loss...

is a grievous one.

Wounds us all to the heart.

We must find the strength...

to go on,

the strength to prevail over this
cruel and murderous foe.

Let's all rededicate
ourselves to that task

in Ruby's memory.

Now, please, all join me.

Let's share a moment of silence.

Pay our last respects

to our fallen comrade.

[machines whirring]

- You all right?
- Yeah.

What's your name?

Sean. Sean Donovan.

I know somebody who'll be very
happy to see you, Sean Donovan.

Martin got word to me when
I was on the ship,

and he said within 30 days, there
will be no water left in Los Angeles.

So unless we blow up
this pumping station,

right here, California's
gonna be one big desert.

Don't know if I'm ready
to trade my ride in for a camel.


[man, robotic tone]
Everybody freeze!

Slightest movement
and you'll be shot.

[doors creaking]

This little gizmo makes
your larynx reverberate.

Creates that sound they make.

We've only got a few of
them, so use them sparingly.

Are you always this
dramatic, Mr. Tyler?

I like to get
people's attention.

That way I don't have
to repeat myself.

Julie and I will test
'em at the pump station.

[Mike] Then we'll find out if
they fool the Visitors

as easily as they fool us.

You and her? This is
a reconnaissance mission.

Not a picnic in the park.

You're outta line.

This lady cannot be trusted,
she thinks like a lizard now.

- He...
- Whoa! Wait a minute.

- Easy.
- Now, relax!

I'm sorry, Julie.

But as much as we
might hate to admit it,

the man could have a point.

I led this unit for a long time
before Mr. Tyler showed up.

I refused to step down
because he's paranoid.

I'm okay.

Tell us about the chamber.

Tell us about what
you went through.

Tell us about
the secrets you told them.

I told them nothing.

We already lost
Ruby getting her back!

How high does the body count
have to get before you

find out who she really is.

Ruby gave her life to rescue me

and there's nothing
I can do to repay that.

But if I walk away now,
she died in vain.

And I've no intention
of doing that.

I say we stick with Julie.

I know I trust her
a lot more than I trust him.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, he's right, he's right.

Me, too.

[man] We come this far,
we ought to go all the way.

All right, that goes
for all of us.


Tyler, we need you.

We need your expertise.

So are you in or are you out?

We're in.

For now.

[robotic tone]

Engineering division.

[robotic tone] Checking for faults
in the support structure.

All right.

[robotic tone]
I'm all right.

[robotic tone]
Sure sound funny.

[water rushing]

[instrumental music]

Look at that.

They're sucking it dry.

- Let's go down there.
- Okay.

It's on a 24 hour cycle.

They're swallowing
a million gallons a second.


What are you doin' down there?

Checking for faults.

Move on.

[machines whirring]

[metallic clanging]

[whirring continues]

Move back.
Move back, I wanna get a shot.

[Juliet] Take a shot of that
panel right there.

[crickets chirping]

[brush clatters]

[door opens]

[chirping continues]

Where's everyone?

At dinner, I guess.

[Juliet sighs]

It's so strange,
being alone here.

I like that.

Mike, I'm really frightened.


I'm afraid they're winning.

They'll never get that far.

Not unless I help them and
I don't know I'm doing it.

What's wrong?

I just... I feel funny.

I'm not exactly in control.

I'm starting to use
my left hand.

I'm... I'm beginning to think
that maybe I really...

You're... you're not converted.

[tender music]

The fact that you
have doubts proves it.

- I don't know.
- I do.

You're a little shaken
right now.

Nobody could go through
what you did and not have scars.

But you beat 'em.

You're gonna be just fine.

I just wish it would all stop,

at least for a little while.


[music continues]

I'll keep an eye
on you for a while if...

you think that'll help.

Kinda getting the idea
you've been doing that anyway.

- You have?
- [chuckles] Yeah.

I didn't wanna push anything,
you know?


That's the first time
I've ever seen you stumble.

[music continues]

He looks okay.

You've had
minor surgery, Willie.

You're experiencing a drop
in body temperature.

That's why you're shivering,
do you understand?

- [woman] Oh!
- [clanging]

- [woman] Oh!
- It's Robin!


She's convulsing!


What are you gonna give her?

All I've got is Compazine.

- I know this.
- What?

What... y-you just had surgery.

You can't get out of bed.

Help me.

I can remedy her.

[Robin continues gasping]


What's the matter?

Get away from her!

He... he's trying to help.

[gasping continues]

[breathing heavily]

This is common among our females

when they are near their time.



[Mike] That's the tunnel
we'll be going through.

That laser beam has
a million volts tied up in it.

It'll be shut down
for just 12 minutes

while they do a switch
to the power grid in Oregon.

Anyone caught inside that tunnel
when that switch goes back on

will instantaneously be turned
into a charcoal briquette.


No! No.

No! No! No!



That was just some poor kid
that wandered onto the grounds by mistake.

We have 12 minutes to get in,

set the charges,
and get back out.

You explain the problem
with the explosives.

These are
experimental explosives.


[Robert chuckles]
That's terrific, good.

Look, I've been working on this
for some time.

Spot got the kinks out of it.

Well, what's the matter
with regular explosives?

Won't make it, lady.

See the machinery
we got to blow is too big.

[Chris] Take a trailerful
just to make a dent.

We needed something special.

This is it.

Similar to a nitroglycerin.

Which means you don't
shake it like a martini.

Now, and here's the kicker,

this stuff is stable only between
60 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

[Chris] So much as one degree
over or under that...

you're history.

This stuff will blow you
into next week.

[intense music]

[indistinct chattering]

You trust her?

Damn right.

That's good,
because she's your partner.

- You all loaded up?
- Y-yeah.

Hi there.


Are we talking today?

Sure, we're partners.

That's not what I mean.

What do you mean?

I miss you.


I miss you too.

[tender music]

Guess I acted like
a real jerk, huh?

I guess you did.

You don't have to agree
so fast, you know.

It just hurt real bad...

'cause I'm so crazy about you.

I'm crazy about you too.



Come on, let's move it.

You, uh...

crazy enough to marry me?

- I guess so.
- Yeah?

[music continues]

I said, move it!

Hold on.

Soon as we get back, okay?

- Sooner the better.
- [chuckles]

[engine turns over]

[machines whirring]

[intense music]

[whirring continues]

[music continues]

[electricity sparks]



[music continues]


[music continues]

Keep an eye
on your lady friend, Gooder.

I still don't trust her.

[laser beeping]

Five seconds.

Four... three... two... one.

Let's go.

[music continues]

Eleven minutes, 55 seconds.

I hear that.

[dramatic music]

[music continues]

Watch your temperature.


Check your gauges.

[machines whirring]

[intense music]


[whirring continues]

[music continues]



[music continues]


Is it hot in here
or am I just scared?

70 degrees and rising,
we better make this fast.

Or else get blown
to kingdom come.

71 degrees, maybe we better
plant this some place else.

No way!

I can play hardball
with Tyler any time.

Let's go.

Got eight minutes!

[music continues]

This stuff is starting
to bubble.

Just keep working.

What's your temperature reading?

I got 72 degrees.

[machines whirring]

[music continues]





[music continues]


They're up on the catwalk!

[alarm blaring]

[machine gunfire]

[gunshots continue]

[alarm continues blaring]

Elias! Let's go. Now!

[dramatic music]

All right, that's three minutes.

We're outta here.

Move it!

Come on, move it!

It's more than 72 degrees.
Will you stop it!

You're gonna blow us sky-high.

Just one more, baby. One more.

Okay, let's go.

[intense music]

Two minutes.

- Two minutes.
- Mike!

There they are!




[machine gunfire]

[music continues]

[gunshots continue]




[gunfire continues]

Get outta here!

Hey, cover me.

[music continues]

Look, I'm never gonna make it.
Now go!

Will you get her out of here?

I'll cover you.




[music continues]

I'm in.







[water rushing]


[water rushing]

[instrumental music]


[music continues]

[instrumental music]


How is she?

She'll be all right, in a while.

You know, they were planning
to get married.

- I didn't know.
- Yeah, nobody did.

You see, uh...

It's a real big mistake,
making plans like that,

the way things are.


Without something to live for,
people give up hope.

I'd like to get out
of this thing alive with my son,

lead some sort of
normal life again.

I'd like you to be part of it.

Oh, Mike, I, uh...

I can't... I can't even
think of that right now.

Let's walk.

I don't even know
what hand to use.

You know what, I have to concentrate
to use my right hand.

I don't even know
where I am from day to day.

They screwed me up so bad that I-l don't...
I don't even trust myself anymore.

- It'll pass.
- No, it won't pass!

Tyler was right.

L-I sh... I should just step down

before I really hurt somebody.

- Julie...
- [Polly] Mr. Donovan!

Mr. Donovan! Come quick.

[Polly, panting]

[man on TV]
We interrupt this program

to repeat the following
special bulletin.

We repeat,
this is a special bulletin.

[Diana on TV] This little boy
wandered into visit

our headquarters on Earth
and is looking for his daddy.

If anyone can help find
this boy's father,

the Visitors would be most grateful.

Any information at all
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

[man on TV] We will repeat
this special bulletin

every hour throughout the day.


He's my son.

[tense music]

[man on TV] We now return
to our regular program.

[dramatic music]

[tender music]

My little ploy worked
rather well, don't you think?

To a string of failures,
you have nothing to crow about.

Besides, his greatest value
is entirely my doing.

I didn't want it
this way, Gooder.

I know.

You better move
our headquarters.

I don't plan to talk, but...

- Okay.
- I know a place.

Keep it simple.

[ham] We have sharpshooters
in the hill.

Cut you guys down
to wallet-size.

Ha! You're loud...

and arrogant.

You must be the one
they call The Fixer.

You never mind who I am.

Send the boy, now!

[tender music]

We'll get you back.


Keep an eye on them.

Watch 'em real close.

[music continues]

You look good.

But you need a haircut.

- Dad, are...
- Uh-uh. I'll be okay.

Better go.

[somber music]


[music continues]


Wait outside.


You don't mind
this weather, do you?

- Only at night.
- You must not be a night owl.

It's good to have a friend.

I'm Oliver.

I'm afraid I don't bring
very good news.

- What do you mean?
- It would take an armed assault

to get you off this ship.

[Oliver] And that would jeopardize
the entire Fifth Column.

We can't afford that risk
for just one man.

- I'm sorry.
- I understand.

I don't think you do.

Diana... has developed
a powerful new truth serum

that's said to be foolproof
against your people.

And I know enough to expose
your whole Fifth Column

plus our entire
resistance movement.

Then you have no choice
but to kill me.

We're not executioners,
Mr. Donovan.

The choice must be your own.

I'm sorry, there's no other way.

[door whirring]



[intense music]

We can't let you
go to your deathbed

without making confession.

Can we, Mr. Donovan?

[Mike sighs]

Do you believe
in truth, Mr. Donovan?

Well... depends on who
I hear it from.



What color is your hair?



- [buzzing]
- [groans]

What color
is your hair, Mr. Donovan?



- Brown.
- [Diana] Yes.

A lovely shade of brown.

Tell me, Mr. Donovan...

the Fifth Column..

You know some of them.

Who is your contact?

[tense music]

[breathing heavily]




I know how you feel, Julie.

But he'll be back.
He'll find a way.

help! Aah!

Oh, my God. Her water's broke
and she's in labor.

Harmony, help me get her
up on the table.

- [Harmony] Julie, look at the color.
- On your side, sweetheart.

On your side. There you go.

Stay... stay on
your side. Careful.

That's right. Okay. Lean back.

Now breathe like we taught you!

In! Out.

Concentrate on your breathing.
We need Willie.

Okay. In! Out.

In! Out. That's a good girl.

In, out. There you go.

In, out.



This is a way out.


Come on, come on!

I gotta sit down,
I gotta sit down.

All right. But just for a minute.

The drugs are gonna
wear off soon.

How long are these tunnels?

They're bigger than
the New York subway system.

But that's not gonna stop
them from catching us

if we don't keep moving.
Let's go!

- Martin.
- Huh?

I'm sorry, I couldn't keep
my mouth shut back there.

I really fixed it for you.

It's not your fault.
It was just a matter of time.

[Robin groaning]

The cervix hasn't dilated.
She's still at five centimeters.

I don't like the reading
I'm getting on her vital signs.

We're gonna do
a Cesarean section.

- Do you know what that is, Robin?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, I'm gonna do
a spinal block.

[Juliet] Robert, Harmony, Willie,
I'm really gonna need your help.

Father Andrew, could you get
the surgical packs, please?

[Robin groaning]

[machine beeping]

[tense music]

Okay. We're ready.



Another clamp.

[music continues]

- [Juliet] how is she?
- [Robert] She's all right. Go ahead.

Okay, we're going in.

[baby crying]

It's a girl.

Is... she normal?

Oh, as far as I can see,
she's beautiful!

- [laughs] Can I see her?
- Yes, you can.

[baby crying]

Oh, there you go, grandpa.


Oh, Robin.

- [Robert] Oh, she's beautiful.
- [laughing]



- Julie!
- Give her a sedative!

It's okay.


Oh! God!

Oh, my God.

I think we're having twins.

- What is it?
- I don't know.


Oh, my God!


[theme music]

[music continues]