V: The Final Battle (1984): Season 1, Episode 3 - Part Three - full transcript

Donovan turns himself over to the aliens in order to save his son. Diana hears her colleagues are plotting against her.

[theme music]

[music continues]

[train honking]

[train honking in distance]

[baby cooing]

It's okay.
That's a girl.

Come on.


You shouldn't be up yet.

[baby cooing]

Your father said you'd always
liked the name Elizabeth.

I like that name.



Is that the other one?

Robin, you should
be resting now. Come on.

No, I wanna see it!

[grunting continues]


Oh, God.

Oh-oh, God!

- I'll take you back to your room.
- [screaming]


- [Juliet] It's gonna be fine.
- [Robin] I'm not gonna be fine!

That thing's my baby!



- Where are we?
- This is where we get off!

Great. In what?

In these.


What, are you joking?

We're gonna skydive outta here?

That's right.
It's our only chance.

Do you realize
how many miles up we are?

As a matter of fact, I do.

[Martin] There's no other choice.
We don't have time to debate.

Got a better idea.

Let's work our way
back to the landing bay,

grab a fighter and cruise home.

Get back here!
Put that thing on.

I want the ship cordoned off,

searched section by section.

I want Donovan
and that traitor found!

Is that the sound of panic
in your voice, Diana?

The situation is under control.

Oh, under control, you say?

One of your most trusted
leftenants has betrayed you,

escaped right under your nose
with the leader of the Resistance,

and you have the gall to tell me
things are under control?

They will be captured

and dealt with appropriately.

Oh, I hope so.


I'll be forced
to strip you of your command.

Is that clear?

Quite clear.

[robotic tone]
Do I have to draw you a picture?

[Diana] Carry out my orders

Very well.

You know, I don't understand why you're
making such a fuss about this, Donovan.

In our service, young cadets
are required to do this

in their very first weeks
of training.

All right. What do I do?

Well, just lower yourself
over the edge.

The force of air in the chute
will take care of the rest.

Well, when we land, if we land

you'll come with me, join us?

Oh, no.

My network has spread to Earth.

I can do more good down there.
Now go!

- Cadets really do this?
- No.

Sounded good, though, didn't it?


[instrumental music]

- [Juliet] It's just like human skin.
- [Willie] it is strange.

We do not shed our skin
until we have six years.

[sighs] That's just fascinating,
she's only a week old

and she's the size
of a two-year-old.

- It's not normal.
- Is she all right?

Well, as far as I can tell,
she's fine.

Julie, Willie,
you better come quick.


He's getting worse.

I just...
I don't know what to do.

I've tried everything
I could think of.


[Willie] I too have done all
that I know how.

I have the fear he is dying.

Oh, Willie. Please,
can't you do something?

[dramatic music]

I am sorry.


[somber music]

[baby crying]

It's the first time
she's ever cried.

[baby crying]

[crying continues]

[dramatic music]


Hey, Julie, come here.
Take a look at this.

It's a blood sample
from the baby reptile's corpse.

- [Juliet] It's teaming with bacteria.'
- Yeah.

And this one..

Is the bacterium
from Willie's GI tract.

hmm. Mm-hmm.

And... that one.

Oh, this is good ol' E. Coli,

it's found in every one of us.

The baby reptile
seems to be a hybrid of the two.

Right... and I'll bet you, this hybrid
is the bacterium that killed him.

I'm gonna do some more tests.

Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?

Julie, this is it.

This is the breakthrough
we've been looking for,

a bacterium the Visitors
have no defense against.

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chattering]

Where is she?



[dramatic music]

[music continues]

[Katie screaming]

[dramatic music]

- Oh, my God!
- Katie!

Oh, my God!

Her face, it's all swollen.

She spat venom on her!

[music continues]


One, one thousand

two, one thousand,
three, one thousand,

four, one thousand,

five, one thousand,
six, one thousand,

seven, one thousand,
eight, one thousand,

nine, one thousand,
ten, one thousand.

Come on, Katie.

One, one thousand,
two, one thousand...


[Juliet] She's coming around.
Come on, sweetheart.

harmony, get the oxygen.


- Okay, honey.
- Katie?

[Katie coughs]


[intense music]

Someone oughta kill
that damn monster.

- [Juliet] Robert, easy.
- She's your granddaughter.

[tense music]

It's good of you
to take time out for us

from your busy schedule, John.

I think this is
very important to you.

[door closes]

You don't know how it pains me
to say this, John...

because I'm
genuinely fond of Diana.

But after the fiasco
with Donovan,

I can keep silent no longer.

She has become a liability
to our mission.

I'll relieve you now.

- But I'm on duty until...
- You're dismissed.

[John through mic]
You're talking about my most valued aide.

[Pamela through mic] Yes, and
she's done wonders in her own field,

the scientific area.

But her attempt of running
a military operation

is an unmitigated disaster.

[John through mic]
Aren't you being a bit harsh?

[Pamela through mic]
She foolishly trusted Kristine.

She allowed Julie and Donovan
to slip through her fingers.

And worst of all,

she exposed you to public humiliation
in the medical center.

That was your responsibility.

You can't expect a professional

to do his job
with a rank amateur

constantly interfering
with every decision.

I'm sick of this bickering.

I couldn't agree more.

And we must focus our attention
on these rebels.

They've turned the most elementary
sort of operation into a nightmare.

One that'll
soon be over, however.

I've planted a spy
in the Resistance.

And I will personally coordinate
the offensive against them.

We will rid you of this nuisance
once and for all.

And what of Diana?

[Pamela through mic]
I've given orders confining her

strictly to scientific

where, I'm sure, her record
will continue to be superb.

[John through mic]
Very well.

All I can say is...

I had better see some results.

- [John] And soon.
- Of course.

[door open]

[door closes]

You wanna come into the lab
and help me out?

- Sure.
- Okay.

Julie! Sean!

[instrumental music]


I knew you'd come back.

Come here.

Oh. You look taller.

Are you okay?
Did they hurt you?

- No. How about you?
- Yeah.

They kept me from you.

I bet I know what you'd
like to do right now.


Play some baseball
with your old man.

I don't like baseball.

- Since when? You love baseball!
- No, I don't.

I think it stinks.

But it's always
been your favorite.

Take it easy, Mike.
He's been through a lot.

It's gonna take time.

I guess you're right.

Maybe I'm rushing him.

- Brief him on the bacteria.
- Sure.

We discovered
this hybrid bacterium.

It's what killed
the baby reptile.

Now, it's also found
in Elizabeth's GI tract

but it doesn't
seem to affect her.

How does it affect us?

We don't know, we don't even know
if it's dangerous to the Visitors.

[Juliet] The twin was a mixture
of the two species.

So what we've got is something
as potentially dangerous as nerve gas...

or as harmless as baby food.

That's right.

- We need to test this stuff.
- A lot.


It is time to feed them.

Okay, go on.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- No way!
- Why not?

Oh, come on, even you wouldn't
do something like that.

In a cage, out of cage,
what's the difference?

Why not?


- [Mike] Is that the stuff?
- [Robert] That's it.

[Mike] Well, we'll find
some other way of testing it.

[Daniel laughs]

All right, champagne and caviar.

Nothing is too good for us.
Right, Brian?

[piano music]

To the rewards of leadership.

Yeah, all right.

All right.

[music continues]

[doorbell rings]

Maggie, could you
go get that, please?

See, Brian, you get some power

and all of a sudden
you have lots of friends.

Hello there. Got a delivery
for a Daniel Bernstein.

Right this way.

[Caleb] Hey, we got two cases of, uh,
California Brut.

Who's gonna sign for it?

Hey, the good times
don't stop coming, do they?

[robotic tone]
I didn't order this.

Well, I-I didn't, either.

- Maggie?
- Shut up.

Yeah, we get upset
when somebody tries to refuse delivery.


But not at all inferior.

[bottle shattering]

You're the punk
that killed Ruby.


You like hurting
little old ladies, hey, punk?

She was a spy.

And, uh,
I'm proud of what I did.

- Are you gonna kill him?
- As many times as I can.

No, no. I got a better idea.


[dramatic music]

That's it?

Trust me.

[dramatic music]

[crickets chirping]


[telephone ringing]

Yes, who is this?

[Caleb on phone]
Uh, never mind who this is.

Just listen.

I just saw
one of your men captured

and I know who it was
who set him up.

All right. Tell me about it.

His name is Daniel Bernstein.

[Caleb on phone]
I saw the whole thing.

[line disconnects]

[imitates a gunshot]

[gate closes]

Hey, what's that there?
The catch of the day?

We stopped
the one that got away.

[dramatic music]

Here you go, one live lizard.

Hopefully not for too long.

- Robert!
- Get him out of here.

- Get him out of here!
- [Juliet] Robert!

Take it easy, take it easy.
Take it...

[music continues]

I'm not afraid of you.

Then you're as dumb as you look.

- Take him to the lab.
- [Mike speaking indistinctly]

Robin, Robin, tell these people
I mean them no harm.

You know that! I love you!

Yeah, she's crazy
about you too, buddy.

[music continues]

[crickets chirping]


- [Steven] Daniel.
- [Daniel] Please, Steven, no more.

Look, I am sorry about all this.

[laughs] Oh, Steven,
I didn't do anything.

I was set up.

- That girl, um...
- What girl?

Maggie Blodgett...

from the hospital,
you know, that nurse?

We checked.

There's no nurse by that name
registered at the hospital.

Uh, but you saw her!

You know, I think
there's the possibility here

that you just might have seen
the chance to advance

with Brian gone.

Brian was my friend.

The ambitious have no friends.

I'm not ambitious.

Ah... I think you are.

[breathing heavily]

What are you gonna do with me?

Transfer you.

Give you the opportunity
to reflect...


To think.

I'll do whatever
you want, Steven, um...

I just thought, um...

- What?
- [Daniel] Well, I...

nothing, just I-I didn't know
what you were gonna do with me.

That's all.

What are you gonna
do with me, Steven?

Send you where you'll
serve us well.

- Where's that?
- Where else?

On a serving platter.


Stev... Steven, no!


[dramatic music]

[lock clicks]

[music continues]

Robin. Robin.

I knew you would come.

The child...
is she your sister?

This is your daughter, Brian.

This is Elizabeth.

My daughter?

Our daughter.

- I'm glad, Robin.
- Why?

The three of us.

We'll be together,
away from this place,

away from everyone.

- Where will we go?
- Wherever you want.

Wherever you want.


just so long as we're together.

I don't care where we go, Robin.

[dramatic music]

Look. Look.

She knows I'm her father!

Let me out of here, Robin.
Let me... let me hold her.


[music continues]

[glass shattering]

What's this?

[gas hissing]


[robotic tone]
What have you done, Robin?

[choking continues]


[dramatic music]

Julie! Donovan!

Robin's used the toxin...
in the lab!


[music continues]


Robin, let's go.


- Where's my baby?
- It's okay.

She's with Father Andrew.
It's all right, she's fine.

he took her outside, it's okay.

Well, we found out
what it does to them.

I wonder what it does to us.

[ham] Too bad we didn't bring
that little brown shirt back with us.

Now we're gonna have to find
another guinea pig.

[Mike] We can't just pick somebody
out at random, that'd be murder.

[ham] There's plenty of
collaborators out there.

- How about your mother?
- That's a cheap...


- Where's the key?
- She's got it.




You fool.

We needed an answer.


[Juliet laughing]

Looks like we got our hands
on some real red dynamite.

[bird chirping]

[robotic tone]
Cages are very unpleasant, aren't they?

[bones breaking]

- [birds chirping]
- [wings fluttering]

I bring a caller for you, Diana.


He claims to be
an emissary of peace.

Bring him in.

I'm Father Andrew Doyle, Diana.

I'm a Roman Catholic priest.

And this is Elizabeth.

[Father Andrew] She's our first
interplanetary child.

This is Robin Maxwell's child?

[Father Andrew]

Her growth is unprecedented.

Do you think it's dangerous?

She seems quite healthy.

I'll have her examined.

You risk a great deal
by bringing her here.

Oh, Elizabeth's
an extraordinary child, Diana.

She's a symbol
of the universal unity

of all God's children.

[Father Andrew]
I think she can help bring peace

between our two peoples.

Or perhaps you're afraid
that your people might kill her.

Yes, there was that factor.

[Father Andrew]
Look at her.

She's proof we're made
of the same genetic stuff.

Surely this child demonstrates

that... harvesting
human beings for food...

is nothing short of cannibalism.

An argument for another time.

Meanwhile, accept
my hospitality.

You'll be all right, Elizabeth.

God bless you.

[robotic tone]
Leave her with me.

And see that the priest
is treated well.

I shall.

And what are we to do with you?

[dramatic music]

[Chris] I'm getting awful tired
of moving.

This place sure beats that jail.

[music continues]

You know, I never figured
the padre for going AWOL.

He always struck me as being
a real stand-up guy, you know?

You know, if you start believing in this
peace on Earth, goodwill stuff...

there's no telling
how screwed up you're gonna get.

Robin, why don't you
come on down to the lab

and help me out, all right?

Don't feel like it.

[sighs] Well, you can't
sit in this room all day.

Could you please
just leave me alone?

Look, I know how you feel, but...

You always say that!

You have no idea how I feel!

All right, then why don't we
talk about it, okay?

How could Father Andrew
steal my baby?

After what happened to Brian,

he was afraid for Elizabeth.

I would never hurt her.

But he wasn't sure of that.

I wasn't so sure of that, Robin.

I didn't realize how much...

I loved her till she was gone.

Look, we're gonna do
everything we can

to get her back.
I promise you that.

Even if we get her back,

how can I face her?

I killed her father.

How do I explain that to her?

You don't.
That's, that's the war.

That's... that's part of the war!

It had nothing to do
with the war.

I hated him so much

because of the way he used me.
I killed him!

Doesn't that make me a murderer?

No. I mean, I-I don't know.

We were gonna use
the toxin on him!

That's no answer!

L-I don't have
any answers, Robin!

Not now, not anymore!


there are some things
in life that we do

that later...
we deeply regret.

I wanted to kill Elizabeth once.


I just keep seeing his face.

I can't forget his face.

[instrumental music]

- I love you, Daddy.
- I love you too.

I know I haven't told you
in so long.

[music continues]

- How's it going?
- Good.

I think I'll have it
in about a week.


- I'll catch you later.
- [Juliet] Okay.

Hey, kiddo. How you doing?

Hi. What's Julie doing?

She's developing a pill
so that the Visitors

who are our friends won't
be affected by the red toxin.

- You mean, the Fifth Column?
- That's right.

Aren't the Fifth Column
traitors to their own people?

Well, that's one way
of looking at it

but... what their people
are doing is wrong.

Hey, you wanna go outside and

learn how to pitch like
Fernando Valenzuela?

No, I'll stay here.


Just handling this stuff
gives me the shakes.

Don't worry.

They said it's not
harmful to humans.

Hey, man, that's what
they said about DDT,

Agent Orange, dio...

Okay, okay, I got the message.

Hey, guys. How's it going?

Oh, excellent.

The first shipment is going to the other
Resistance fighters today.

What do you mean?

I thought we agreed not to ship the toxin
until the pills were ready.

Ham ordered us to do it today.

He did, huh?

[intense music]


I thought we'd agreed
not to ship this toxin

until we developed a vaccine.

You may wanna leave
some of them alive, I don't.

We couldn't have gotten
as far as we did

without the help of Martin
and the others.

I'm not gonna pay 'em back
by killing 'em.


You know, if you
let them live, Gooder...

...they're gonna breed.

I prefer them to you.

I may bring the neighborhood
down, but they'll eat it.

Let's unpack this stuff.

The shipment's going.
Okay, move it out.

This shipment's not going


[dramatic music]


Think we should stop it?

No, they're grown. Let 'em go.




[music continues]




Come on, guys, knock it off!


[music continues]




[panting continues]

I didn't know...

you felt so strongly
about all this.

The truck stays.

[keyboard keys clacking]

- Pretanama.
- It's not in our destiny.

- Pretanama.
- No!

[door opens]

[door closes]

- You sent for me?
- Yes.

I'm worried about a Fifth Column

assassination attempt
on Father Andrew.

I want you to double his guard.

I'll relay your request
to Pamela immediately.

This is not a request, captain.

This is a command.

I'm sorry, I thought you knew.

Pamela issued orders
this morning that any security

or military commands from you
had to be cleared through her.

I see.

You may leave, captain.

[door opens]

[door closes]

Very nice, dear.

But remember...

what you work
so hard to build...

others take great pleasure
in tearing down.


You must never
give them the chance.

[crickets chirping]

[dramatic music]

This is dangerous
for both of us.

I had to see you.

You and your people have embarked onto
something that could prove disastrous.

- What are you talking about?
- This weapon you working...

- How do you know about that?
- Listen to me!

If they lose...

the mothership can be turned
into a thermal nuclear device

with the power
to destroy the Earth.

They'll take what they have
and annihilate the rest.

You sure about this?
It's not an empty threat?

I've seen it.

I've seen them use it.

- I'll tell the others.
- You tell them to stop!

We'll be in contact.


we owe you much.

I speak for us all.

Hold it, hold it, the man
just presented his side of the argument!

There is no argument!

We either win or we lose!
There's no in-between.

[Robert] No, no, because we're not talking
about just the people here in this room!

Look, be real clear, people.

If we lose,
then the whole damn world loses!

[Juliet] We're not fighting
the same war anymore.

The rules have changed now.

It's escalated
way out of control.

Yeah, see, war has a tendency
to do that, ma'am.

What I'm saying is
we're not fighting

a guerrilla war anymore.

We are facing the certainty
of nuclear destruction.

[ham] We've been living with
that threat for over 40 years.

That was the threat.

This is the reality.

- They'll nuke us.
- Oh, this is crazy.

Not long ago I was a gardener.

She was a student, uh,
he used to work in a factory.

Here were are, trying to figure
out the fate of the world.

No, we're the only ones
capable of winning this war.

We better decide to do it.

I'm not prepared to risk the lives
of three billion people!

How dare we even
have this debate

after the Visitors killed
Mark and they killed Ruby

and they killed your wife
and they killed your son?

They've made life a living hell
for all of us.

- That's right.
- We've all suffered.

No one in this room
needs to be reminded of that.

We all want
quick and easy vengeance.

This isn't revenge!

This is a one-way ticket
to oblivion!

The Visitors came here
to suck us dry.

And when they're finished with
this planet,

they're gonna take it like an empty
beer can and toss it over their shoulder.

Nobody's calling them
good guys, Tyler.

[Juliet] Nobody's appealing
to their better nature.

You can't win a war
if you're extinct!

We've got to think
of another way!

There is no other way.

There's no time.


if Martin knows
about the Red Dust,

then you can believe
that Diana does too.

And if she doesn't,
then she will in a few days.

Hey... I mean, as raggedy and as ordinary
as this little bunch is...

we're the last shot
before the buzzer.

Last is exactly right.

Now, if we attack...

if we attack, at least
we have a fighting chance.

We do nothing and we've signed
this planet's death warrant.

Well, I hate to say it,
but for once in my life,

I have to agree with Tyler.

I say we attack.

I thought
this was a secret ballot.

I'm sorry.

I've never felt more strongly

about anything
in my entire life.

Yeah. Let's vote.

Let's vote.

[indistinct chattering]

[birds squawking]

[indistinct chattering]

[dramatic music]

So by a narrow margin...

ones who voted

for the attack have won.

Personally, I think that we
just voted for Armageddon...

but I will abide
by the decision.


All right.

Tyler's gonna
distribute the toxin.

he'll lead the ground assault.

I'll be in charge of the raid
on Diana's ship.

Okay, Tyler.

The plan is basically
a simple one.

We're gonna simultaneously hit
all the air bases across the country,

then use the jets
to disperse the toxins.

[ham] Chris here has detailed plans
of all the air bases.

And after we've handed them out to you,
you'll all be broken up into groups,

so just hold your places
until we get to you, okay?

That's it.

[intense music]

- Hi, Julie.
- Hi.

Were you just
listening by the door?

Uh, no, I was just
looking for my dad.

- [Sean] Is he in there?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah, he's in there.

I'll tell him
you're looking for him.


[waves crashing]

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How's guard duty?
- Hmm, boring.

Mike, I'm worried about Sean.

Oh, he seems fine to me.

He said the Fifth Column
were traitors

and he doesn't like
baseball anymore.

What are you getting at?

Well, he was on Diana's ship
for an awful long time.

I know that.

Well, you know what they
do to people up there.

What they did to me.

You saying
they converted my son?

Mike, I'm really sorry.

And it just kills me to be
the one to have to tell you this,

but maybe it's true.

Oh, no, you don't.

They had him asleep.
That's all. He's fine.

I caught him spying on us
outside the conference room.

Oh, that's enough.

If anybody's been converted
around here, it's you!

- Mike, that's not fair.
- No?

Well, let me tell you something.

Don't ever make me choose
between my son and you.

You'll lose...

every time.

Leave us.


what do you think?

I found your Bible...

very intriguing, Andrew.

Oh, I'm so pleased
to hear you say that, Diana.

Perhaps, you'd allow me
to bring the word of God

to your planet?

You would abandon your world

to bring these teachings
to ours?

Oh, I'd consider that
a unique privilege.

I'm sure that you would have as profound
an effect on my people

as you've had on yours.

Oh, well,
I'm only the spokesman.

- He writes the words.
- Hmm.

You're too humble.

[robotic tone] I have found
new strength of purpose

because of our time together.

And I thank you for that.

This praise was unexpected

coming from one so self-assured.


You've shown me
that I have vulnerabilities.

I never allowed myself
to experience them before.

I never knew they existed.

And I won't allow them
to exist anymore.



[dramatic music]

my dear priest...

are exploitable weaknesses.


[dramatic music]

Look, I'd rather fight you... again

than have to tell you
what I have to tell you.

And I don't wanna fight you.

Your son's been converted.

[ham] He never had a chance.
You know that, don't you?

I know it's rotten for you...

but maybe not
for what we've got to do.

If we change our plan of attack,

I think we can use him.

Yo, yo, go easy
on the dust, dudes.

Gonna do you no good
to snort it here.

[man laughs]


Look, pop, will you give me
a break, please, huh?

I'm just joking with the guys.
I didn't mean anything by it.

Right away you assume I'm
gonna come down on you, right?

Isn't that the way
it's always been, huh?

Perhaps so.

I disagreed with what
you said at the meeting.

So what's new?

You said it well.

I was damn proud of you, son.

[instrumental music]



[music continues]

[peaceful music]

[indistinct chattering]

- Hey, Sean, come here a second.
- Not now, Dad. I gotta run.

- I gotta catch Polly!
- Come here a minute.

I just wanna tell you something.

- I love you, Sean.
- I know, Dad.


however things might change
in the future or...

get really crazy...

I want you to know
that I'll still love you

more than anybody
in the whole world.

Sure, Dad. I really gotta go.

[music continues]

[Eleanor] it was very clever of you
to get away, dear.

What have you learned
about the weapon?

It's some kind of germ.
I don't know.

What are they planning
to do with it, darling?

They're gonna use a bunch of jets
to spray the stuff in the air.

Sean, where are they
gonna get the jets?

From Air Force bases.

- They're gonna steal them.
- A common thief.

Isn't that just
like your father?

[robotic tone]
Do they really think that a few jets

can spray enough of these germs
to do any harm?

They're not doing it alone.

They've got friends
in other cities.

They're gonna attack Air Force
bases all around the country,

all at the same time.

[sighs] When are they planning
to do all this, honey?

Can I have some cake?


It's not polite
to change the subject, dear.

But I'm still hungry.

Of course, you can have
a piece of cake, darling,

as soon as you
answer the question.

The raid's set for tomorrow,
at dawn.

- Are you sure?
- I'm positive.

Here's your cake, darling.

Isn't he a good boy?

- He's going to like it here.
- I'm sure he is.

I'll see you later, Eleanor.

Good-bye, Sean.

[spacecraft whirring]

[indistinct chattering]

[Martin] It's good
to see you again, Julie.

- Martin.
- Hello, Donovan.

Did you just stop by
to get some directions?

We brought weapons and uniforms.

- We're with you now.
- Good.

Well, considering your plan,
we had no choice.

Why don't you give me a minute
and I'll think of something?

At least there won't be rats
in the dorm anymore.

I apologize
for their rudeness, Martin.

[Juliet] I hope that
we can all be friends.

[robotic tone] With some of you
we'll never be friends.

Let me introduce you
to our team.

This... is Robert.

[indistinct chattering]


- [Pamela over radio] Yes?
- I'd like to speak to you.

I'm busy right now.

It's about the rebel raids.

[Pamela] How did you find out
about those raids?

That's classified information.

I'm entitled to know
about the raids.

The intelligence comes
from a source that I created.

You're entitled to information that
pertains to the scientific mission,

nothing more.

Then you're not taking
the boy's report seriously.

It's not standard practice
to base troop movements

on the tattling's
of a ten-year-old Earthling.

I converted him myself.
The information is reliable.

I have serious doubts
about your conversion process.

however, I'll have someone look into it.

When? The raids
are planned for tomorrow.

You scientific types
are so easily ruffled.

And your military types
are so predictable.


You rely on cunning, intrigue.

I prefer the direct approach.

Don't worry, dear Pamela.

[Diana] I'll do my scientific best
to command your fleet.

And tomorrow
I'll destroy the rebels.

[intense music]

Consider this
an early retirement.


- We're ready when you are.
- Okay, come on.

This pill, it is safe?

Well, the good news, Willie,
is that it's safe.

The bad news is that we don't know
how long the protection lasts.

We'll survive.


Well, I've tasted worse.


[seagulls squawking]

[instrumental music]

Thinking about tomorrow?

Thinking about Sean.

You don't know how rotten I feel

to have had to be
the one to tell you.


I don't blame you.

I'm sorry for what
I said to you.


And you shouldn't blame
Sean, either.

He's not a traitor or a spy,

he's just a little boy

who couldn't fight back
like I did.

I don't blame him.

I blame them.


You think
they'll believe his story?

I hope so.

[music continues]

[man on radio]
This is Baker flight commander

reporting departure
to Edwards Air Force Base

on schedule.

Security forces in G sector
report they are ready.

Good. Proceed.

[man on radio]
Denver squadron reporting

full deployment at China Lake.

[man on radio] K-sector commander
reporting to mothership...

[indistinct chattering on radio]

Why is Pamela deploying
so many troops to Earth?

[robotic tone]
Pamela's dead.

She was careless in choosing
a Fifth Columnist as her guard.

I'm in charge now.

How dare you deploy troops
without my authority!

Pamela had begun preparations
before she was killed.

I'm simply carrying out
her orders.

The rebels are mounting
a nationwide series of raids.

We have the opportunity to wipe out
their entire network in one blow.

That's ridiculous.

What could they possibly hope
to accomplish

by raiding Air Force bases?

Their jets are useless
against our fighters.

[Diana] They plan to disperse
a toxic biological weapon.

I thought you'd inoculated us

against all Earthly bacteria
and viruses.

[Diana] They apparently think
they've developed a new one.

- Is that possible?
- Perhaps.

But don't worry.

We're going to ensure that
their toxin never sees the light of day.


You've amassed quite an army.

I want this victory
to be absolutely decisive.

That shouldn't be too difficult.

And if we fail...
there's always this.

[machine beeps]

[intense music]

I hope we never have
to use this.

[music continues]

[indistinct chattering]

[Martin] This is your high
and low power right here.

And this controls
the three sizes on your scope.

- Is there a safety anywhere?
- Yeah, it's right down here.

Hey, slick,
don't blow your foot off.

No. And here.

- I'm prepared for this.
- Okay.

- Good.
- You gonna be okay?

I'll be fine, thanks.

- [Sancho] No, here.
- Oh.

I've got to go
check the other squad.

- Yeah, okay.
- Is there anything you need?

No, we got it.

[instrumental music]

- Good luck.
- You too.

Good luck!

[music continues]

[engine turns over]

[robotic tone]
Where are they?

Where are they?

I expected them
to attack by dawn,

and take full advantage
of the light.

I wonder what they're up to.

Those Earthlings are stupid.
That makes them unpredictable.

[dramatic music]

[indistinct chattering]

[flame roaring]

Come on, let's move it!

Go ahead.

[music continues]

Release time is 1100.

If you make 10,000 feet
before then, just hold on.

We gotta give the others a chance
to reach master control, okay?


[music continues]


Come on! Go!

[music continues]

[spacecraft droning]

[man on radio] Tanker triple-oh-28,
establish radio contact.

[Martin on radio]
This is Tanker trpile-oh-28,

requesting permission
to land and refuel.

You're not listed in
our support squadron, triple-oh-28.

We've been activated
by the auxiliary squadron...

to help service
the current offensive on Earth.

We have code seven orders to refuel
and return immediately.

[man on radio]
Hold on.

Tanker triple-oh-28,

permission to land
and refuel granted.

[instrumental music]

[spacecraft droning]

Tanker captain triple-oh-28,

bring your flight log
to the controller's booth immediately.

[man on speaker] Tanker captain
triple-oh-28 to the controller's booth.

[intense music]

[clears throat] [robotic tone] Tanker
triple-oh-28 checking in.

We've lost contact
with the landing bay.

Go to your backup system.






- [guard] Don't let them escape!
- [gunshots]


[gunshots continue]


Cover me!

[gunshots continue]

Keep going.

[gunshots continue]


Search 'em!

Caleb, that's the download hose,
there's the vent.


- [Martin] The rest of you...
- Let's go.

Let's get these bodies out of here!

You two, give me a hand here.

Put it right on the front porch.

No problem.

[weapon fires]


[people screaming]

[intense music]



Okay, three degrees left.

[weapon fires]







Nice shot.

[Eleanor] Steven, what are you doing?
Are we leaving?

- You've gotta help me.
- What can I do?

Tell them I surrender.
Tell 'em anything!

I will.

Don't shoot. Don't shoot!

I'm one of you!

Hold it! Hold your fire!

Their leader is here!

He's been holding me prisoner!



Let's go!


[dramatic music]



Say goodnight, hotshot.



- You're late.
- Nice to see you too, lady.

Here, this will protect
you from the toxin.

What's that thing?

Our most advanced decoder,
a last resort,

in case Diana decides
to arm the doomsday machine.

This way.

This is the main air vent.

From here we can reach
the rest of the ship.

It's gonna take a while.
It's a big ship.


Yeah, go ahead, shoot it!

[machine whirring]

What's going on here?

Where are the other
security guards?

Testing the ventilation
system sensors.

I wasn't informed
of any ventilation tests.

Let me see your passes.

[robotic tone]
here, I've got one.

[tense music]

[gas hissing]



What's that?

Sensors detect
a foreign substance

in the ventilation system.

What kind of foreign substance?

The rebels have come aboard.

They're trying to feed toxin
into the air supply.

And the bulk of our troops
are down on Earth.

Don't worry, I'm going to shut
off the contaminants in the outer sectors

and put the master control
in the auxiliary system.

It's completely self-contained

and impenetrable
from the outside.


Then we'll round them up
and be done with them.


[man on PA] We have a defense alert
on the mothership.

All troops proceed
to battle stations immediately.

Code nine orders
to secure the landing bay

and outer corridors.

Repeat, we have a code nine
defense alert.

- They know.
- We're gonna have to hurry.

Halt! Identify yourselves!



All right, hurry up!

We gotta take off
as soon as possible.

- What's the matter here?
- It's jammed.

We gotta switch
to the other tank.

[dramatic music]

[Martin] Hurry up.
We're behind schedule.

The troops will be
here any second.

- [Caleb] Okay, we're ready.
- Ready!



Take cover!



Is there another way
out of here?


Why aren't they dying?

They must've discovered
your people in the landing bay.

Without that red dust
we're done.

This plan was ill-considered
from the beginning.

[gunshots in distance]

Don't die, harmony.

You've gotta go, Willie.

It's not safe.

Please, Harmony.

I love you.



No, I-I won't leave you here.

Commander, I want you to return

with as many troops as you can muster
within three minutes.

[commander over comms]
Right. We're on our way.

[Diana] The rebels are pinned down
in the corridor

and the landing bay.

They don't stand a chance.

[instrumental music]

Haul down that flag!

I can't. It's stuck!

Gimme that.

Get back.




We did it!

Yeah, but did they do it?

This could be
a very short celebration.


Get on it, Caleb.


[triumphant music]


Get 'em! Finish them off!

[all gagging]

It's almost 1100, let's go!

[robotic tone]
We'll never make it in time.

[music continues]

They've got master control
sealed up.

We have to go through here.


[man on radio]
There are thousands of balloons

all over the area.

Yes, I saw them.
What are they doing?

[man on radio]
Nothing. They're just rising.

Why would someone release
thousands of balloons and just let...

[man on radio]
Diana, are you still there?

What about the other

[man on radio]
They've all sighted balloons.

All over the planet.

Keep me informed.



They don't actually
think these balloons

are gonna divert us
from the airfields, do they?

Don't you understand yet?

The Air Force bases
were the diversion.

They're not using the jets
to disperse the toxin.

- It's in the balloons.
- How primitive.

Even millions of balloons
could hardly deliver

enough toxin to do much harm.

Don't you see?

All they need is a small amount

to spread into the planet's food
and water chain.

[Diana] Because it's a bacteria,
it will multiply.

Very quickly everything on this
Earth will be poison to us.

You just shot one down.

You started a chain reaction
that will kill us all.

They knew we would.
They're much cleverer than I thought.

A fatal miscalculation
for all of us.

Don't worry,
you'll be safe here.

I don't relish the idea

of spending the rest
of my life in here with you.

Damn them!

[instrumental music]

Look up there!

- What is it?
- What is it?

[music continues]

[spacecraft droning]

[music continues]

[bell tolling]

[man on TV] This is Simon Vander,
reporting from Rome,

where hundreds of thousands
of people have gathered here in St. Peters

to celebrate our apparent victory
over the Visitors.

Similar reports are pouring
in from around the globe.

[Simon continues] Everywhere
people are filling the streets to taste

their first breath of freedom
in a very long time.

Since early this morning when
the first flotilla of balloons

was spotted over
the western United States,

there has been a growing
worldwide sense of excitement

unparalleled since the end
of the Second World War.

[instrumental music]

In New York today,
one million people line the streets

to watch the New York
mothership rise above

the Statue of Liberty
and fly off into space.

But we have reports
from Los Angeles

that the mothership
there has not left.

And there are persistent rumors
it may have been left behind

as some kind of ultimate weapon.

A meeting of
the National Security Council

has been called
at The White House

for later this afternoon.

[indistinct chattering]

Our ships are safely
out of orbit. We must hurry.

We'll leave, but first we'll scatter
their precious Earth to the four winds.

We've lost.

Don't you understand, Diana?
It's over.

Or can't your vanity
handle reality?

[intense music]




- [Juliet] What's wrong?
- They've jammed the door.

Blow it.

[intense music]

Six, five, four,

three, two...


- They're breaking through.
- Give me your key.


I'll not be part
of this obscene destruction.


What's holding this
thing together?

It's a special alloy
from our planet.

We need another charge.


Give me your key.

Now, get back.


[automated message]
This machine is now armed.

Five minutes
until critical mass.

Pamela said you were ambitious,

but she underestimated you.

You stupid, feeble man.

If it hadn't been for me,
you'd still be trying to decide

where to land on this planet.

You and your petty,
idiotic intrigue,

wondering who was in charge.

I was in charge!

I directed this entire operation

while you made pretty speeches.

I had the power
and you wore the crown.

Oh, the crown.

It's yours now, Diana.

Enjoy your reign.

Queen of a poisoned realm.


[dramatic music]


[automated message]
Four minutes until critical mass.

Come, Elizabeth.
It's time to go.



Go on. Go on.

Get back to the landing bay.
Get our people off this ship.

[Mike] Martin, get us out of the
Earth's atmosphere, quick.

We'll never make it.

We won't be able
to get up enough power.

Try dammit.

If we can find the program code
maybe we can stop it.

Has anybody ever disarmed
one of these things before?



[automated message]
Three minutes until critical mass.

We're on optimum power.

[Martin] We'll break apart before
we clear the Earth's atmosphere.

Keep going, Martin.
It's our only chance.

Few more minutes
of this and we'll disintegrate.



- [automated message] Two minutes.
- Nothing. I'm getting nothing.

The decision is irreversible.

We can't give up. Let me try.

We're losing power!

Two engines have failed.

Keep going!

- There's nothing more can I do!
- Try!

[dramatic music]


[automated message]
One minute until critical mass.


Julie, you must listen to me.

Stay where you are.
Don't move.

[intense music]

Be careful, Julie.
The monster's here.

If you move, he'll find you.

Don't move, Julie.

If you stand still you're safe.


[automated message]
We have achieved critical mass.

Thirty seconds until detonation.
Thirty seconds.

[alarm blaring]

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[triumphant music]

[music continues]


What does that mean?

It means peace.

[dramatic music]


take us home.

[triumphant music]

[music continues]

[theme music]

[music continues]

[music continues]