V: The Final Battle (1984): Season 1, Episode 1 - Part One - full transcript

[theme music]

[music continues]

[heavy breathing]

[instrumental music]

[dramatic music]






Mike, take it easy.

Oh, sorry.

- Is it time?
- In 10-20 minutes.


I dreamt they killed him.

Who, Sean?

Did you get any sleep?

I'm all right.

[gun clicks]

Hey, let's go.

Robert's in the lab,
wants to see you.

- Okay.
- Great. Another lizard show.

You sure got a lot of complaints,
but I haven't heard any cures.

I think we're wasting a lot
of time with lab experiments

that aren't getting us anywhere.

You got any better ideas?

I'd guarantee you one thing

we're not gonna come up
with any super weapon.

It may be manpowered.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Remember that group you
spoke to the whole night?

- Yeah.
- Well, now we got some volunteers.

Well, uh, that's great

but it's gonna take more
than just manpower.

What it's going
to take is unity.

You're not real big on unity,
are you, Donovan?

I'm used to workin' alone.

Well, get un-used to it.
We're a team.


[instrumental music]

- How's our production?
- Right on schedule.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[whistle blowing]

All right. Let's open it up.

[indistinct chattering]

Step down, please.

- [man] What's this all about?
- Watch your step.

[man] They got me up
in the middle of the night.

[woman on PA] Welcome to Visitor
Orientation Center Number Nine.

Please move quickly
but safely inside the center

where all your questions
will be answered.

We appreciate your cooperation.

The cleansing spray
is completely harmless

and for our protection only.

Have a pleasant stay.


[machine whirring]

[instrumental music]

[whispering indistinctly]

[truck engine rumbling]

I followed them here

the night they took my husband.

Check your watch.

- 12:18.
- Two minutes.

My husband hid me.
He saved my life.

What is this place?

Jenny, stay here.

[instrumental music]

[intense music]

Oh, my God.

It's a processing plant.

Shipping food.

Well, we're gonna close
this little supermarket down.

- [chain rattles]
- [exhales]

Let's go.

You miss that sucker up in that
tower and we're lizard bait.

I won't miss him.

- I'll take the two on the left.
- Say when.

[instrumental music]


[woman on PA] Alert, alert,
we have an emergency...

- hold the line a moment.
- [people shouting]


Let's go! Let's go!

Go! Go! Go!


[rebel] Our bullets are
just bouncing off!


Aim for the legs!



Be still.

Stand off.

Fall back!

Let's get outta here!

Our wounded.


Careful. She's badly wounded.

Go! Go! Go!

You can start it up again now.

Start the line.


Your security measures
have proven quite effective.

I should hope so.

There's not much glory
in rousting this rabble.

[indistinct chattering]

All wounded into the infirmary!

- Go!
- Come on!

Easy, easy.

There you go.

- I got him.
- I got him.

Carry on.

All right, keep her head up.

Come on, move your truck.

[man] All right, clear,
clear some tables off.

We need some supplies.

Send your supplies.

[man] I'm gonna need
a splint over here.

Come on, baby. Come on, baby.

Come on. Hang on. Hang on.

- Julie, where do you want him?
- Bed number two.

We gotta get some
fluids into that guy

before he goes into shock.

Robin, get some hemostats
and clamp those bleeders.

You never taught me
how to do that.

Never mind, I'll do it.
You get the lV

and put some D5 LR
into that guy.

- Where's Father Andrew?
- He's outside. He's busy.

- We're all busy.
- He's givin' last rites.

[insects chirping]

Through this holy anointing

may the Lord pardon all your sins.

In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Donovan. They mustn't win.

They can't.

They won't.

Promise me.

I promise.

[melancholic music]

All right, let's get her inside.

Easy now.

I hit that trooper square in
the chest. Didn't even faze him.

They've improved their armor.

Donovan's laser weapon's
the only one

that has any effect on them.

And that's
the only one we've got.

I hit one ten yards away
with an M-16

and all it did was
just knock him down.

We're running around
in circles down here.

This defeat is gonna cost us
if we don't turn it around.

What do you mean?

People up there would help us

if they thought
there was a chance.

[Mike] These hit-and-run raids
are useless.

We need a bonanza.

We need an event.

What do you mean "we", huh?
Since when did you join up?

Never mind that. He's right.

What does a priest know
about war strategy?

[sighs] Only what the South African
guerrillas taught me.

Donovan's got a point.

Let's just deal with what
we can handle at the moment.

To survive.

We need supplies
and we need a real doctor.

I wonder if the Visitors
look just like this

when they take off
their body suits.

- Don't be stupid.
- I bet they do.

Everybody knows that
they're big reptiles.

- They are not.
- They are, too.

They are not lizards!

They are, they're just
big, ugly creepy lizards

just like this.

Stop it, Polly!

- Give him a kiss.
- Stop it!

- He loves you.
- Robin!

What's the matter?
Why is your sister so upset?

I don't know.

I didn't do anything.

[crying softly]

[knocks on door]

Robin, Polly's just teasing.

Look, she is frustrated,
just like the rest of us.

Kids tease
and grown-ups get mean.

Oh, baby. I wanna help.

I wanna say the right thing.

Tell me who he is and I'll get in touch
with the baby's father.

Really, I just wanna
help. That's all.

I know.

I just don't wanna have
anything to do with him.

It was just an accident.


Oh, baby.


We're gonna see this
thing through together.

[instrumental music]


[eerie music]


[instrumental music]

[woman on PA]
Docking crew, prepare for arrival

of supreme commander's craft.

Flight crew, stand by
for off-loading personnel.

Security escort,
report to Shuttle Craft 93.

Now preparing for
departure in Bay 6.

No, Diana, I don't understand.

You promised me interviews
with the President,

the Secretary of State
over two months ago.

I know, Kristine.

The bureaucracy
drives me crazy, too.

Kristine! What
a pleasant surprise.

Good to see you, John.

- Diana.
- Welcome to Los Angeles, John.

What perfect timing.

Kristine was just
requesting an interview

with the President of
the United States again.

Indeed, I thought my people
had taken care of that.

I'll see to it myself, Kristine.

In the meantime,
I bring good news.


You've been accorded
a very special privilege.

You'll carry
the exclusive coverage

of one of the most important
announcements of a lifetime.

Of all time.

Well, thank you.

Well, naturally,
I'm-I'm quite grateful, but

could you give me some idea
what it might be?

Soon, my dear, very soon.

[robotic tone]
We'll keep you informed.

In the meantime,
I've given orders

that you are to be
accorded every hospitality.

Trust me, this event at
the Los Angeles Medical Center

will be the highlight
of your career.

[wind whooshing]

Get down, it's
lizard city in there.

What's goin' on?

Looks like Disneyland.

Must be some sort of convention.

[Juliet] Let's get our medical supplies
and get outta here.

I want communication posts
set up.

You'll coordinate surveillance

with each of you
commanding designated sectors.

Any breach of security

will be dealt with
in the severest manner.

My men are aware of that, Diana.

All right. Move out.

Well, well, well.

Look like you
got kicked upstairs.

Yeah, I'm youth leader now.

No kiddin'. Good for you.

Charge of the entire LA chapter

of the Friends of the Visitors.

Got security clearance.

No kiddin', huh?
Pretty tough job, huh?

Lot of pressure.

I got what you want.

Little pop. Keep you on top.

Don't get greedy in there, okay?

- [knocks on car]
- [laughs] Never do.

Uh, Tom, I think you
should light the hallway

because Diana has placed
us as part of the entourage.

So you can follow
with a Minicam, all right?

Dr. Walker! Excuse me.

Dr. Walker.

Kristine Walsh,

we met in Palm Springs,
Gerald Ford's.

Oh, I've been such an admirer
of yours, I wanted to see...

I remember you, Miss Walsh.
You were a newswoman.

Well, I'm still a newswoman.

No, Miss Walsh,
I don't know what you are

but you're certainly
not a newswoman.

At best, a press secretary.
At worst, a collaborator.

I don't know what you've
been told, Dr. Walker

but I'm just doing my job.

Oh, familiar words.

I wonder how many
times that phrase

was used at
the Nuremberg Trials.

That is insulting and untrue.

Miss Walsh, I'll tell
you what is untrue.

It is untrue that you're working
for a benevolent regime.

It is untrue that you're
an impartial journalist.

What's true is that
fascists have taken over

our planet and you're
their minister of propaganda.

You're a discredit
to your profession.

You've allowed personal ambition
to corrupt your integrity.

You no longer
have credibility, good day.

[woman on PA]
Dr. Kaufman to OR.

Dr. Kaufman to OR, please.

- [inhales]
- hm.

Gary, man,
check out those wimps.

You know, those are
hotshot intellectuals, see.

They're probably
gonna graduate med school

and marry sorority queens.

- Sorority queen.
- [laughing]

Excuse me.

I bet that you doctors

operate on each other, right?

See, uh, school's
a bunch of crap.

Do you like me?

Uh, I don't think he likes me.


[robotic tone] Get down there.
Do as you're told.

[intense music]

That's better, yeah.

[Daniel] You look
very comfortable down there.

Why don't you stay
there for a while?

And while you're down there

why don't, um,
you clean my boots?

No, no.
No, no, no.

Not that way.

Lick 'em.






I'm looking for little mousies.



[mouse squeaking]



[robotic tone] Just what the hell
do you think you're doing?

[robotic tone]

Don't you ever do
anything so stupid again.

The humans must never
see us eat, never!

[robotic tone]
Dr. Walker.

We've been waiting for you.

Don't ask me to do
this again, Julie.

I can't guarantee that, Fred.

They're tightening security,
it's getting too dangerous.

No picnic for us either.

Yeah, but I'm not a resistance
fighter, I'm a doctor.

[Juliet] We need doctors, Fred.
We need you.

[Fred] I'm too scared,
I'm-I'm sorry. I got a family.

Look, man, what's
goin' on out here?

The place is crawlin'
with lizards.

Nobody's sure, they're
keeping it hushed up.

But there's a rumor that
John's going to visit.

You sure?

That's what I heard.

I want the plans
of the hospital.

Oh, I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

L-I don't know, I mean,
medicine that's one thing...

Look, man, if we lose

the whole shootin' match
is lost.

Now, we may not be much,
but we're all you got

between the life you had and
the one you're not gonna have.

- I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you.


I trust you'll
have the President

ready for the interview.

And soon.

It would be much easier
if I was supervising

the conversion process

But tough as he is, I'm told
he'll be ours in a day or two.

It's taking too long, Diana.

Conversion can be a long
and difficult process, John.

- It can't be rushed.
- Kristine is losing faith in us.

It's not as simple
to tap their mind

as it is their water resources.

One mistake and our
Nobel Laureate Dr. Walker

will be a babbling idiot.

[machine beeping]

[instrumental music]

Brian, this is incredible.

I've never known people
lived in places like this.

[chuckles] Well, perhaps one day
you will live like this.

Yeah, I know I will.

This way.

[Kristine on TV]
...Colorado River to supply

all of southern California.

On a brighter note,
in an exclusive interview

with this reporter,
recorded earlier this morning

John, the Supreme Commander
of the Visitors...

That woman gives new meaning
to the word smooth.

- You mean, slippery.
- Donovan's the expert.

Yes, Kristine, I've chosen
the Los Angeles Medical Center

as the site for my announcement.

I... I really don't want
to say much more about it

at this time except that

this announcement concerns

a major medical breakthrough
we've made.

A breakthrough that will relieve

untold suffering on your planet.

Our gift to you.

I'm telling you,
people, this is it.

This is the big event
Donovan has been talking about.

And I'm telling
you it's too big.

Security on this thing's
gonna be maximum plus.

There will be more heat
than at the mayor's funeral.

Nobody said we have
to kick down the doors.

Ruby, what have you
heard about the passes

for the medical center?

They're some kind
of special passes

and they won't be issued
till the last moment.

- How special?
- Can you get us one?

I don't think so.

I have very limited access
at Security headquarters

and Steven said that passes

will be impossible to duplicate.

Anything can be duplicated.

Look, if we can expose
their supreme commander

on national television...


I mean tear his phony face off

right in front of the cameras,

we stand a chance of turning
this war around for good.

- Mark, you're a cop.
- Ex-cop.

- Elias, you're a hood.
- Ex-hood.

Well, together the two
of you oughta be able

to come up with
the best counterfeiter around.


- Dan Pascal?
- Yeah.

if he's still alive, [chuckles]

- Find him.
- All right, we'll try. Come on.

[indistinct chattering]

- Is that straight?
- Yeah.

[indistinct chattering]

[siren wailing]

[tires screeching]

Look out!


[tires squealing]


Nobody moves!

- [man on loudspeaker] Stand back.
- All right, pick them up.

- Clear the street.
- [man on loudspeaker] Stay back.

Stay back.

- Move on. Move on. Let's go.
- All right, come on, let's go.

It's all over now. Move on.

[indistinct chattering]

Clear the area.

Clear the area,
this is police business.

Clear the streets.

Clear the area, this
is police business, clear...

- [Mike] Martin?
- Yes.

- Where's my son?
- He's in Section 34, Donovan.

- But we can't get to him.
- You've got to.

- You got a picture of him?
- I'll get you one.

What else do you need?

Weapons. Uniforms.

That's too risky.

We have our
own movement, I told you that,

our network is spreading.

While you're spreading up there
we're dyin' down here.

[Mike] We lose, you lose.
We need each other.

I can't
get you weapons, Donovan.

- They're all accounted for.
- Then get us uniforms.

All right.

Look, Donovan, I know
what you're up against.

But I can't jeopardize
our movement.

I want to help you,
but the least slip...

We'll never get
a better opportunity.

This could change the
entire complexion of the war.

Just what is it you're planning?

It's better that you
don't know. Not yet.

For your own safety.
And for ours.

I want my son back, Martin.

[door closes]

This way.


Ah, Kristine.

Thank you for coming in
before your broadcast.

I want you to meet
your guest before the show.

Mm, splendid. Who is it?

One of the most honorable and
respected men in your country.

And I am delighted to say,
a regular booster for us.

I know how pleased he is to be
appearing with you tonight.

Kristine Walsh, what a pleasure.

I wonder if you remember
that we met once before.

Gerald Ford's home?

[Dr. Walker] We played bridge,
I think after golf.

You and Betty made a six club bid
I would've thought impossible,

but you
carried it off brilliantly.

Gave us quite a bridge lesson.

L-I do want to take this
opportunity to tell you, too,

what a wonderful job
we all think you're doing.

It's so important that
we have people like you.

[instrumental music]

- Well, well, well.
- Hi.

What's goin' on here?

Oh, heavy security stuff,
very hush-hush. Shh.

- You know? [Chuckles]
- [laughs]

So, um, how about it?

I don't even know your name.

I'm Daniel. What's yours?

- I'm Maggie.
- Hi, Maggie.

So how about what?


Um, gettin' together.

If you're talking about
a date, I'm interested.

If you're referring to something
more horizontal, I'm not.

At least not yet.

[Robert] Maggie's just made
contact with Daniel.

- We've got a problem.
- What kind of problem?

There's no way we can
get one of those passes.

Not only that, if one is missing

they'll change the whole lot.

You mean, we've got to steal one,

counterfeit it and put it back
before they know it's missing?

That's right.

houdini couldn't pull that off.

- Uh, maybe I can.
- How?

My mother.

[insects chirping]


Hey! Anybody ready for another?

- Not me, thanks.
- I've had enough.

I think we all have.

Think for yourself.


- [instrumental music]
- [safe clicking]

- You all right?
- So far, so good.

Dan, old man, nothing less than
your best or we're dead, okay?

Hey, nobody told Picasso
how to paint, lay off.

[machine whirring]

[music continues]

Tell Mr. Dupres we're
sitting down to dinner.

Yes, ma'am.

Come on. Come on.


Okay, go.

[indistinct chattering]

Pardon, ma'am, Mr. Dupres seemed
to be somewhat indisposed.

Would you excuse me
for a moment, please?

Yes, of course.

Dinner is served.

Your company has
spoiled my appetite.

Then go to bed. I won't have you
lying about like some derelict.

Very well, madam.




Is everything all right, Eleanor?

Just fine, thank you.

[intense music]

[safe clicking]

[Arthur Dupres]
Not so fast.

You're making my head swim.


[sighs] Tell the gentleman
I'll be right down.

Yes, ma'am.

- [Juliet] Where is he?
- He's still inside.

Look, I'll go
back for him, okay?

- No, you can't.
- Why?

Because we can't risk
everything for just one person

no matter who it is.

We gotta go.

Let's go!

[truck engine revving]

[music continues]

Stop right there!

Hello, mother.


This is a charming photograph
for our family album.

What are you doing
sneaking around here?

I'm warning you!

I'm not gonna shoot
it out with you, mother.

That's what I'm doing here.

Look at us. This is crazy.

Why have you forced
me into this position?

Because you said it
could never happen here.

But we woke up one morning
and we were in a fascist state.

Those of us who respect
law and order are free.

[Eleanor] It's criminals like
you who cry "Fascist."

You're just as free
as the leash you're on.

You tug it too hard,
they'll hang you by it.

- Goodnight, mother.
- Don't test me, Michael!

- I'm warning you.
- You'd shoot your own son?


- [intense music]
- [ladder clatters]


It was my son.
How could he? How could he?

[robotic tone]
Downstairs! Search the grounds!

Get him.


[dog barking]


- Not back?
- No, not yet.

Well, you did the right thing.

You couldn't risk
the whole mission.

I don't know how many more of
these decisions I can handle.


- Becomes easier.
- [chuckling] I doubt that.

You know, while I was in Africa

I was armed.

One day, this soldier
came into my church.

There was a family hiding there.

Suspected guerrillas,
that's what he said.


It was a 10-year-old boy,
a 12-year-old girl and their mother.

[dog barking]

Well, he was gonna shoot them.


So I had to decide whether
I was gonna let him do that.

You killed him?

God forgive me.
Right in my own church.

[dogs barking]


Oh, hey, leave
a couple ribs intact.

Oh, I was so worried about you.


You were? How worried?

L-I was, uh, I just as worried

as... as I would be
if anybody that...

You're a little
more concerned about me?

You got an awfully high opinion
of yourself, don't you?

I'm beginning to get
a pretty high opinion of you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

[Father Andrew]
Congratulations on getting back.

- Thanks.
- [Elias] hey, what happened?

Your moms invite you for dinner?

She insisted.


[woman, robotic tone]
Is this how your Earth girl makes love?

[man, robotic tone]
She was young. I was her first.

I think she loves you. Look.

The way she looks at you.

She believes everything
you're whispering to her.

I'd rather not think
about the experience.

Why don't you show me?

Are you serious?

[instrumental music]

[music continues]


[robotic tone]
Miss Walsh, there's a message for you.

[reading indistinctly]

[airplane engine roaring]



You used to call me Mike.

[sighs] I wondered why your stepfather
would wanna see me.

It's a dirty trick.

I wasn't sure you'd come
if you knew it was me.

I sure as hell wouldn't have.

You top their most wanted list,
they'll kill you on sight.

You're worried for me
or for yourself?

- What do you want, Mike?
- They took my son.

I want him back.

- Sean?
- Yeah.

They took him
and the whole town.

- Are they dead?
- Not quite.

They're packed away
somewhere aboard your ship.

What are you talking about?

People, packed
in cocoons for shipping

in a state near death,
like suspended animation.

- What for?
- Food.

- No.
- It's true.

Why do you think they've
increased our rations?

They're fattening us up.

I want you to take
this and find Sean.

He's in something
called Section 34.


I'll do what I can.

But, you stay out of sight,
I'm not kidding.

They'll do anything to get you.

Try and get word to you.


This is for you, Mike.

Don't go looking for an ally.

[horse neighing]

[robotic tone]
What are you doing off the trail?

It's Donovan!

[dramatic music]

[horse neighing]



[music continues]

Laser blasts below.

Two mounted guards in pursuit.

Now heading for intercept.

[music continues]

[lasers firing]


- [screams]
- [horse neighs]


[music continues]


I don't care,
you jeopardized everything

when you acted on your own.

You put your trust in a traitor.

What the hell do you expect
me to do? They've got my boy.

I expect you to think of us
before you think of yourself!

You risked all of us, Donovan.
You don't even care about us.

That's not true.

You don't understand it.

it has nothing to do with you.

Mike, we need you.

I need you.

But unless you can
give us your best,

you should go before
you really hurt us.

[woman on PA] Flight crews,
prepare for incoming cargo ships.

Downloading in Bay 7.

Tanker approaching
departure area.




[instrumental music]




[music continues]

Just a minute.

Uh. Steven.

What are you doing here?

I'm lost.

- All right. Let's try it one more time.
- [birds chirping]

What were you doing
in a restricted area?

I told you I was lost.

What is this all about?

I caught her outside
the special section.

I'm sure there's an explanation.

Well, she has yet to provide
me with a satisfactory one.

Take her into my lab.

I don't know what
you're plotting

in that twisted mind of yours.

Don't speak to me like that.

I am chief of security,

You're using her
to discredit me.

She's your recruit,
your associate, your... friend.

I have no friends
among those people.

If she betrays us,

I'm afraid it's your judgment
that must be questioned.

- I will speak to her myself.
- Why not leave it to me?

My men are experts
at interrogation.

I said I'll handle it.

Very well.

But from now on...

I'll be keeping an eye on her.


Leave us.

[robotic tone] You placed me in
an awkward position.

You know, I'd never do anything

purposely to put
you in a bad light.

I just made a wrong turn.

Of course, you did.

But you must be very careful.

I am a woman of some authority

and therefore I have enemies.

Enemies who would use anyone

or anything to hurt me.

We mustn't give them
the slightest opportunity.

No, of course not.

The consequences could
be most unfortunate.

[instrumental music]

- Willie.
- Harmony!

I am, I'm glad to
be looking at you.

Yes. I'm happy to see you too.

See, yes.

To see you.

I waited for you at the usual
place, but you weren't there.

Oh, they... they moved me.

Change hours I must work.

They moved many of us here.

Why so many?

I'm just a worker.
They tell me small.

- [chuckles
- Small?

- Little. They tell you little.
- Oh, little.


It's the same thing
on this planet, you know.

The low man's always
the last to know.

I want to touch you, but...

I know.

I wanna be with you, Willie.

[singing indistinctly]

[woman on PA] Doctor Raymond
to Radiology or dial 133, please.

Doctor Raymond, 133.

[singing continues]

Doctor O'Brien, you're
needed at Station 15.

- Let's review it one more time.
- Yes, sir.

We'll have three rings
of security for the event.

Outside, we'll be protected
by the special passes.

Inside our troops and security
forces will fully command

the lobby
and adjacent corridors.

And, finally, there are
the new security doors

to make the lobby
impenetrable at your command.

Lovely plan,
even if it is my own.

[woman on PA]
Donald Croft, 12B.

I don't want you dealing drugs.

It's a dirty war out there, Pop.

Dealin' opens up
doors around here.

Elias, I've heard
your excuses before.

It's not an excuse.

I mean, anything that we do
that can put the lizards

and their bootlickers on ice,
it's gotta help us.

Let's get on with it.

[seagulls crying]

Hello, Mike.

I envy you.
The riches of your planet.

[Mike sighs]

We're gonna need
your help at the hospital.

Yeah, well, I think
that plan's just about

as foolhardy as sending
Kristine into Section 34.

What does that
have to do with you?

Donovan, our
fifth column network

is based on the mothership.

Security now is so tight,
we can barely function.

We're gonna expose John
on national television.

We need you to keep the mothership
from cutting off our transmission.

Ah, you'll never
get it on the air.

Steven's gonna stop you
at the front door.

We've counterfeited the passes.

All right.

Let's say you do get inside

you and your people don't stand
a chance against his troops.

We're be prepared for that.
We'll handle 'em.

Donovan, this scheme is so reckless.
It's ill-conceived.

It may be, but it's
the only chance we've got.

Maybe we can wake people
up to what's going on.

We don't have a prayer
without your help.


All right.

Somehow that picture
will stay on the air.


There is just one more thing.

Oh, with you there always is.


We're gonna need some
help gettin' out of there.


And I suppose you have a plan
all figured out, huh?

You bet I have.

Don't be so negative, Martin.
You'll give yourself an ulcer.

[Mike chuckles]

[instrumental music]


[gun cocking]


- Uh, s-s-sorry.
- So am I.

Uh, we won't say of this.

You bet you won't.

- You're behaving like them.
- They killed my wife!

- And my partner!
- He didn't kill anyone.

He's a technician,
he's not a fighter.

What the hell is this?

Oh, please.
He didn't do anything.

Come on, he's one of them.

He may be one of them,
but he saved my life.

Well, we need information
from him and I'm gonna get it.

[Elias] Like back at the force,
huh, Mark?

Take him in the back room, ask him
a few questions with your nightstick?

Whoa, you want a piece of him,
you gotta come through me.

[Juliet] Mark, we're supposed to be
fighting the Visitors, not each other.

She's right.
We're the Resistance.

Not vigilantes in a lynch mob.

You're a biologist, Robert.

You're dedicated to preserving life,
not taking it.

All life but this kind.

Robert, you wanted a specimen,
well, now you've got it.

Good. Then let's use him.

Mark, bring him in the lab.


It's a totally different

- [Robert] how about platelets?
- [Juliet] No, I don't see any at all.

Awful lot of plasma
in there. Take a look at it.

Yeah, I see.



I was just wondering

do you know a Visitor
youth leader named Brian?

Oh, no. Uh, I am sorry,
I do not.

Are you sure?

I am sure.

Oh, when is your baby coming?

Oh, well...

I could not help but to notice
the patch around your neck.

[Willie] It is nearly all
the way around.

[dramatic music]

Now keep your mind
on your work, okay?



Have they done
anything to Willie?

Just some, uh,
humane blood tests, that's all.

You're wrong about him.

I mean, he could never
hurt anybody. He's nice.

Well, you must like reptiles
then, huh?

That's not true.

I don't believe those stories
about them being lizards.

Didn't you see that tape
that Donovan shot?

I saw a whole special report
that Kristine Walsh did.

It's all makeup that
the terrorists do.

You know,
like in a horror movie.

- You really believe that?
- Yeah.

Come here.
Come here.

I hope you got a strong stomach.

[instrumental music]

What are you doing?

Now ask him about the other
propaganda lies.

Ask him why they're here.

Is it true?

Come on.
Tell her.

It is truth.

[music continues]



Martin said they've been
immunized against

all known Earth diseases.

He doesn't appear to exhibit
any allergic reaction at all.

- Here, Dad.
- Thank you.

[intense music]


You have to get rid of it.

What, what are you
talking about?

I want an abortion
and I want it now!

- Now, we talked about that...
- I don't care! I don't care!

I don't want it.
You have to get rid of it!

You don't understand!

- Please, now, come on. Cut it out.
- It's one of them!

- Robin! Robin!
- Nigel, watch him!

Doesn't matter!
I resent your presence.

I resent what you have to say.

This happens to be a family
decision. Stay out of it!

This is the very first
mating between our race

and a species
from another world.

I think, it's too important
to leave the decision

to a 17-year-old girl
and her distraught father.

I don't care about that.
I'm telling you people.

No one's gonna experiment
on my daughter...

Take it easy, Robert.

There are crucial moral
and humanitarian

principles at stake.

I don't want it!

It's not gonna be a baby.

It's gonna be some
horrible thing.

Robin, are you absolutely
sure about that?

Brian's the only one
I ever slept with.

You can't make the girl
go through this

for some high minded notion.

- Abortion is murder.
- This is different.

Maggie, the principle's
the same.

We've heard those
arguments before.

They're old arguments
for an old issue.

We're dealing with
something entirely new.

He's right. There's so much
that we don't know.

There's never been a
conception like this before.

Robin, an abortion could
be very, very dangerous.

I don't care.

I'd rather die
than have this thing.

Look, this baby could turn out
to be a ray of hope.

A symbol of peace
between our species.

The potential is just
too great to be ignored.

So are the dangers.

We can't take responsibility
for Robin, it's her body.

It's her decision.

I want it gone.


[Juliet] Okay, sweetheart, this is about
as uncomfortable as it's gonna get.

[Robin] I don't care how much it hurts.
Just get rid of it.

[machine beeping]

Where's Fred?

I don't know.

We're gonna have to
start without him.

Honey, I'm gonna make a small
incision in your abdomen

and send a camera down there
to take a look

so I can see what
I'm doing, okay?

Why aren't you just doing
a regular abortion?

It's okay, honey.
It's called a laparoscopy.

It's a brand new technique
and it's real safe.

All right, it won't
take that long.

Besides, when's the last time
you got to see yourself on a TV?

Okay, doctor, the patient
and I are ready.

Whenever you are.

Go ahead.

[instrumental music]

Take a look at that.

Robin, we're gonna have to put you
out for a little while, okay?

Why, what's the matter?

Nothing, it's fine.
Everything's fine.

- Tell me what's wrong?
- Robin.

We're just gonna sedate you
for a little bit. It's... it's really okay.

- Right?
- Right, that's right.

It's okay.

[machine beeping]

Okay, now breathe deeply, Robin.

That's it.

[instrumental music]

[Juliet] I'm seeing lots of
strands of wispy fibers.

God, they're threaded
throughout the abdominal cavity.

Oh, my God, it's growing
through the uterine wall.

It's tapped directly into the
bladder and the liver.

[machine beeping steadily]

- Where were you?
- They're stopping everybody.

Double checking IDs.

How's the fetus?
Can you make out any features?


I've never seen
anything like this.

The sac is opaque, gelatinous.

Those fibers are running around
like 100 umbilical cords.

Hand me the micro scissors.
I'm gonna try and cut it.

[breathing sharply]

[machine beeping faster]

Body temp's down four degrees,
heart rate up one thirty.

[beeping slowing down]

All right, that's better,
that's better already.

Okay, we're gonna try again.

[breathing heavily]

[beeping faster]

She's slipping again.

Body temp down four degrees.

[beeping slowing down]

Okay, now it's normal again.

It's gonna kill her
before it lets us take it out.

Stop it, just stop it.
We're not doing it anymore.

[Juliet] She's going to have to carry
this baby, full term,

and we're gonna
have to deliver it.

[indistinct chatter]

[Juliet sighs, sniffs]

I'm afraid I'm not, um,
real good company right now.

That bad, huh?


I'm just...

I'm just sick and tired of it.

I'm tired of trying to be some
kind of guerrilla leader.

Guerrilla, what is that?

Trying to pull
everybody together.

Trying to pull myself
off as a doctor,

as if I really know
what I'm doing.


You know what, I just can't
handle it anymore.

Just let somebody else do it.

Well, you're pretty much
the whole show in there.

There isn't anybody else.

But, you know what, that girl
could've died in there

because I don't know...



Nobody expects you to know
everything, except you.

Guess that's pretty
arrogant, huh?

I wouldn't know.

I'm too self-centered to notice.


[instrumental music]

- [buzzing]
- [indistinct chatter]

[Kristine on TV]
This is Kristine Walsh,

reporting from
the Los Angeles Medical Center.

That's right, you are looking at
the hottest ticket in America right now.

Invitation only.

Never have I seen such a celebrity-studded
audience under one roof.

Absolutely everybody
who is remotely anybody is here tonight.

We've spotted luminaries
from virtually every field.

World-renowned doctors,
politicians, movie stars,

athletes, royalty from
around the globe.

All have come to
Los Angeles Medical Center

to be present for John's
historic announcement.

I understand there's not
a single available limo

anywhere in town tonight.

Nor is there an
off duty policemen.

Security is naturally
very tight here

outside the Medical Center.

[indistinct chatter]

[machine whirring]

Good evening, Steven.

- That won't be necessary.
- No, I insist.

I know it's going
to be a wonderful night.

- [machine whirring]
- if it is, it's due largely to you.

Could we go in, please?

Just a minute.
Let me see that.

[instrumental music]

[machine whirring]

- Go right in.
- Thank you.

[man] The passes are okay.
Everyone knows what to do.

- [laughter]
- Let's go.

[indistinct chatter]

The party's on.

I think I'll go upstairs
and check out the hors d'oeuvres.

Good idea.

[indistinct chatter]

- How's the shrimp?
- Looks fine to me.

- Will you be all right here?
- Fine.

The cake looks good.
I think I'll try some.


[woman on PA]
All cameras are transmitting.

We have complete coverage of
the event on video and audio.

Transmit to all ships. Repeat.
Transmit to all ships.

[indistinct chatter]


Okay, Tom, on three.
Three, two...

This is for America
and the world.

This reporter has just been
given permission by Diana,

one of John's most trusted aids,

to make an exclusive

to all of you
not fortunate enough

to attend here in person.


John will give this planet

an infallible vaccine
which resists

all forms of cancer.

I repeat, a vaccine
which prevents

all forms of cancer.

This truly is a
historical night.

Excitement is building...

As soon as Father Andrews makes
his move, I'll give you the word.

And I'll shut the lobby
front, back and sides.

[report continues indistinctly]

- Would you mind not doing that?
- What?

- Oh.
- Thank you.

[Kristine on TV]
Ladies and gentlemen.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I give you
the Supreme Commander.

[audience applauding]

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Good evening to all of you.

It gives us Visitors
great pleasure to be here

this evening at
these ceremonies.

Because it gives us an
opportunity to repay

the wonderful hospitality
the people of Earth

have shown us
ever since we arrived here.

You've all done
everything you can

to help us collect
the resources we need

to save the people
of our planet.

It seems only fair
that we reciprocate.

[audience applauding]


We've got a fire in Bay 6.

Get an extinguisher over here.

That's it.
Right here, right here.

[instrumental music]

[audience applauding]

Thank you. Thank you.

[John] I'm honored to announce
that beginning tomorrow,

the doors will be
open at this hospital.

And within weeks,
at hospitals around the world.


[machine gunfire]

[people screaming]


[gunfire continues]

Get the laser torch.
And more troops!

Keep taping this.

All right, pretty face.
Grab some air.

[gunfire continues]

Everybody freeze!

The Visitors
are not our friends.

They've come to rape
our planet and kill us.

They are not who
they appear to be.

[crowd screaming]

This is not science fiction.

This is what they are.

It's a trick.
It's just a trick.

Stop that transmission!

- Stop this transmission!
- I don't understand.

There's something wrong.

- All right.
- Yeah.

[laser firing]

Let's go.

Go, go.

[people shouting]



[people screaming]

Wait! Secure this room,
nobody in or out.

You, you.
Control this crowd.

[gunfire continues]

Come on!
Let's go!

Go to the squad ship,
you'll be safer there.

Diana, what's the
meaning of this?

Get on the air and show viewers

that what they've seen
is a terrorist hoax. Now.


[all screaming]


[dramatic music]

Ladies and gentleman, you have just seen
a terrorist attack on the hospital.

But it wasn't terrorism.
It was resistance.

Resistance to the monsters

who are trying to take
over this planet.

You see them as they really are.

Reptiles. They must be fought.
They must be defeated...


[people shouting]


Blow it.


[man screaming]

[dramatic music]

[indistinct shouting]

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.

[music continues]

Let's go.

Shut it.


Come on.

Shut it.

[gunfire continues]

The hell are you doing?

We gotta get her back.

It's too late.

I'm not leaving her.

You've got to.

There's no way to get her back.

You get away from me.

Enough, there's more
than one life at stake.

I don't care.

Yes, you do.

Donovan, come on.



Where are they?

We lost 'em, sir.
I can't understand...

Idiot. Reinforce our positions
around the perimeter.

They must never leave
these grounds.

Yes, sir.


[indistinct whispering]

[instrumental music]


You're all surrounded.

Get inside the squad ship.


One false move
and you're all dead.

Hurry, hurry.

Come on you, move!

[music continues]

Tell Steven the rebels
have been captured.

We're taking them
up to the mothership.

Rebels captured and taken
to the mothership.

Right, report to me
when they arrive.

The rebels have been captured.

They're being transported
to the mothership.

- Where's John?
- Where no one can see him.

Your security measures
have been non-existent.

And you have been
criminally negligent

and will be held accountable.


Anyone need a ride home?

[people cheering]

[instrumental music]

[engine starts]

[indistinct chattering]

- Robin.
- I need Julie, where's Julie?

- We don't know yet.
- You don't know?

- We'll get her back.
- She's the only doctor we've got.

- We'll get her back.
- It's all right, honey.

- But now...
- Come on. I promise.

What do we do now?

We got no choice,
let's go for it.

[siren blaring]



- [thudding]
- [siren continues]

Stop that van.

Wait a minute.
Stop! Halt!

- [gunshot]
- [crashing]

Stop, stop.


- [footsteps approaching]
- [Juliet] Oh, my God.

Come on, come on.

Hurry, hurry.

Get out!
Get out!


This is a prize.

Almost worth the price
we paid tonight.

Good work, Daniel.


I wish we had more like you.

Oh, yes.

Congratulations on
selling out your people

to a bunch of night-crawlers.


[dramatic music]

You need an attitude
adjustment, my dear.

And it will be my pleasure
to give it to you.

Put her aboard my ship.
If you can manage that.

[music continues]

[John on TV] The visitors are
particularly proud

of this evening's ceremonies

since it gives us a chance to
repay the wonderful hospitality

the people of Earth have shown
us ever since we arrived here.

You've all done everything you
can to help us collect

the resources we need.

You believe they're trying
to pull off this fake as the real thing?

- Ah, America will buy it too.
- They sure will.

I mean who would believe lizards
would invent a cure for cancer?

[Caleb] This moving's a waste of time.
Julie'Il never talk.

Yeah? If they can cure cancer,
they can extract information.

...and painless vaccine for a disease
which afflicts millions of people...


[crowd applauding]

What you have just seen
is the real broadcast

given by John,
the Visitors' supreme commander.

I'm sure I speak for all
the peace-loving people

with whom I share gratitude

that the Visitors
have given to us

far more than they have
asked from us.

I'm Eleanor Dupres from
the Los Angeles Medical Center.

[indistinct chatter]

- How was that?
- Perfect.

- As long as you're pleased.
- We're very pleased.

- Steven, I'll see you later.
- You sure will.

- [laughs] Bye.
- Thank you.

- You're very accessible.
- When it's useful.

You made us very accessible
last night.

If Diana hadn't covered your
bungling of the affair

with this bit of instant

our credibility
would be all but destroyed.

The rebels will be
exterminated by nightfall.

We've gotten information we needed.

We're about to launch a major
attack on their headquarters.

They'll be a memory
within hours.

[dramatic music]


[machine beeping]

Her history suggests she's going
to be a very difficult subject.

[Diana] I'll break her.
She's going to be my masterpiece.


[Juliet groaning]

[continues groaning]

[music continues]

[theme music]

[music continues]