V-Wars (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - It's Not Enough to Have Lived - full transcript

Desmond's health worsens, forcing Luther down a dangerous path. Later, Luther receives a surprising offer and Michael lays down the law.

- Dr. Swann, they need you.
- I'm working.

They've brought in a gunshot victim,
multiple wounds.

You have other doctors on staff.

This relates only to you.

Why bring him here? Why not Mohawk Valley?

He's very important to this case, Doctor.
Only you can save him.

You can see the urgency of this.

I'll need you to leave.

Bullets didn't work.
They were only administrative.

I'm glad we worked this out.

I recognize you.

You're not a doctor.

You're my killer.

I'm both now...

and you don't need a doctor.

You were agitated.


How is he?

The same.

His temperature's just under 105.

We don't have time to let the fever break.

- I can swab Dez and test for the prion.
- No. It's me.

You know, I just realized the other day.

I went to med school with a guy
a lot like you, Paul Permucci.

He could've gone anywhere in medicine,
but he had an older brother in Albany.

He was a junkie. Died.

- Yikes.
- That was it.

Paul quit research, moved up here,
went to work in addiction.

Why are we talking about him?

Because what I'm gonna ask is huge.

How huge?

If Dez tests positive for the prion...

Paul's place, it could be a safe house.

If Dez turns...

he has proper facilities.

It's near Albany. DNS will never find us.

What do you mean, "us"?

God, I'm so sorry, Teresa.

If Dez and I escape and you stay here,
it will not be good for you.

What do you mean, "not gonna be good"?

If we leave and you stay...

they can arrest you,

hold you indefinitely.

As in forever?

They'll say it's a national emergency.


I know.

But we can go to Paul's.

Where I'll be a felon.

A motherfucking fugitive accessory
to kidnapping!

So, you're coming?

Uh, well, I'm not staying here!


We'll be safe. I promise.

Dani, you awake?



You okay?

It's still sore.

This'll help.


What is that shit?

Organic lichen.

Bloods heal quick,
but this makes it quicker.

- Here...
- I never saw you as a caring type.

My mother was a nurse.

My mother made soup.

This is worse.

so he's positive for the prion.

But until we test
for the NH47 predator gene,

you don't know that he'll turn for sure.


Hey, buddy. Here, bud, here.

Here, you gotta stay hydrated, kiddo.

Little sips.

Little sips.


I don't want to be a vampire.

- You won't be.
- You don't know that, Dad.

Jess was a vampire.

You had to kill her.

The same could happen to me.

But it won't happen to you.

Why not, Dad?

Why not?

You don't know that for sure.

I'll be right back, bud.

- I'm sorry I said that. I'm just scared.
- Yeah. Me too.

But Dez is right.

This is all my fault.

It's not your fault.
Just call your friend Paul.

They capture every call, in and out.

So how do we get out of here?

We say Dez has an abscessed tooth.

That'll explain the fever,
possible sepsis.

They'll let him out.

You're a fascist.

You can't sleep all day.

Uh, can and do. I'm 19.

I brought coffee.


Oh, fuck.




You are a fascist.

And you're all over the news. Big night.

Eleven cops and vigilantes.

- You kill them all yourself?
- Hell, no.

I'm watching my figure.

- Friends?
- They took two each. I had the rest.

Never do anything by accident.

Don't just kill to feed,
kill for a purpose,

anticipate the effect... make it count.

You're getting smarter.
You know that, right?

Actually, yeah.

- I think I am.
- Ugh.

I hate it when people grow.

Come on, splash some water on your face.
Let's get to work.

Why would Michael Fayne blow up O'Hagan?

Maybe they're building a myth.

Make him seem more powerful
before they kill him.

Jergy, you impress me.

Oh, I'm good for more than just sex,
you know.

They're selling a giant lie.

- So what's our move?
- They personalized Fayne.

We should personalize somebody
in their joint.

We take away their mystery,
we take away their power.

There was this guy
who interrogated me with O'Hagan.

He seemed senior. Do you have
police sketch software on your laptop?

Only the latest,
which renders a 3-D image,

and it was a free download.

Well, at least it was for me, anyway.

Think it'll work
with that face-recognizing thing?

It should, yes.

♪ I know I said
I wouldn’t let it get to me ♪

♪ I guess I lied ♪

Where the fuck have you been?

Chased that vampire bitch all night.

- Yeah, you kill her?
- No, I lost her.

♪ I changed my mind ♪

When I got back, Dixon was dead.
What happened?

Well, the word is, um...
a large-caliber weapon happened.

You do that, Jimmy?

What the fuck would I do that for?

I don't know. You tell me.

I'm not stupid.

We're down to five functioning bodies.

- We needed him.
- Fuckin' right we needed him.

I'm running out of soldiers here.
I'm a general!

I need my fucking army to kill vampires!

I'm Joan of Arc!
What, am I supposed to just surrender? Hm?

More prospects.

I need more prospects.

Oh, yeah, I need more prospects.
But who's the man to trust, right, Jimmy?

I mean, even you.

I know jack shit about you.

Where the fuck are you from?

- Saskatchewan.
- Saskatchewan.

- You got a green card?
- We don't recognize your borders.

That's a good answer.

- You an Indian?
- Full-blooded.

- Plains Cree.
- You a Whiskey Jack?

You trying to say Weesageechak?

No, I speak white man.

I said Whiskey Jack,
and that's the word for "trickster."


are you a trickster?


Are youse up to tricks?

Huh, Jimmy?

Fuckin' relax, man. I love you!

Dude, I'm promoting you, full patch!

- We're gonna have a big ceremony tonight.
- Holy hell, Bobby! What can I say?

No problem. I mean, you're twice as smart
as all the guys here. You know that.

You're a trickster.

Whatever you say, Bobby.

I'll see you tonight.

That one's got a real knack
for survival, huh?

Yeah, he's slick.

Forget the vampire bitch.

Even Monster couldn't kill him.

What do you mean?

I mean he's a fuckin' blood walker.

He's a Blood.

I can smell it.

So, what do you wanna do?

I wanna have a little party for him...

and I wanna kill him.

Gonna light him up.

Oh, what? Is that okay with you,
little brother?


Whatever you say, Bobby.

That's what I say.

But if I turn into a vampire,

I might try to kill you like Jess did.

I got sick. I didn't turn.

- That's you.
- That's most people.


Don't ever think
I'm better off without you.


- You understand me?
- Yeah.

Where are we going?

Someplace safe.

If we get out of here.

We'll get out of here.

Ah, you should take a look at this.
It's an audit of all DNS phones.

Page 37.

Swann called a cop's phone.

After the cop was killed by Michael Fayne.

Dr. Swann?
They want to see you right away.




Uh, just give me a minute.

I have orders
to take you to General May.

Okay. Coming.

- Dad, don't go, please!
- Come here.

Take him to Permucci.
236 Kantola Road, Duanesburg.

Dr. Paul Permucci.

Got it.

I love you, bud.


Ready for an adventure?


Yeah. Me either.

- Feelin' better?
- Yeah.

Lichen. Who knew?

I'm happy you're here.

Happy we found you.

My good luck.


you fish?

What do you think?


You've always been full of surprises.

How do you cope?

Have you ever had a greater rush?

Hunger when you don't feed
and the guilt when you do.

I deal with it.

It's who we've become.

It's not like we chose it.



I communicated with Fayne.

I begged him to turn himself in.

- I was afraid he'd kill our whole team.
- Why didn't you tell us?

- Because nothing came of it.
- You helped a killer.

So you are not just off this team,
but you are going to jail.

Doctor, can we have the room, please?

Uh... Yeah, uh, sure.

Dr. Swann is not going to jail.
We still need him.

- For what?
- To find the predator gene.

That's not a suggestion, General.
It's how we are going to play it.

- What kind of name is Calix?
- Google him.

You won't find a thing,
but I have found something great.

It's a story of human ineptitude.

What isn't?

Last year, Chinese hackers discovered
that to save money,

the US government store all personnel data
on unsecured computers.

Niklos's personal cell number.

I do see the advantage
in having you obsessed with me.

Let's shake him up a little.

Hey! I need to show you something.

What's this?

It was in my mail.

You recognize Alex Waide?

Yeah, a goth wannabe from Elmira,

who actually turned and wound up joining.

Yeah, and fucked up big-time.

Him and his friends tore up
a funeral yesterday.

They killed kids. They didn't even feed.

Tell him I wanna be reasonable.

We'll even video them
so everyone can see it was fair.

Oh, God.

Oh, God, no.

We've mirrored Swann's computer.
Take a look at what he's doing.

Genetic profiles.

Correct. The one on the left
belongs to Michael Fayne,

which he has compared to his son's profile

and they are identical
in one particular way.

I'm waiting.

The NH47 gene.

If the boy's exposed to the prion,
he will become a Blood.

Judging from the look on Dr. Swann's face,
I'd say he's already been exposed.

Holy shit.

But I'm not misunderstanding this, right?

This does give us a way to predict
who will transform and who won't?

Yes. It's the, uh...

it's the Holy Grail.


Dr. Permucci?


Oh, sorry to frighten you.

Dr. Permucci?


- Are you open now?
- We're closed Wednesdays.

Is it for you or the kid?

Uh... we're not addicts, and he's 11.

I've seen users at 11.

Okay. Uh, Dr. Luther Swann sent us.

Luther! Hell, it's been years.

How's he doing?

Oh, he's fine, but this is his son, Dez.

- He's not...
- Not feeling so well, are you?



He's, uh... he's got a bit of a fever.

Luther was in the first outbreak.

He didn't turn,
but while he was contagious,

he could've spread it.

This thing is spreading everywhere,

and you're worried... Dez might have it.


Okay. Um...

Why don't you, uh...
step into my exam room,

and I'll just wash up and...

get a few things.

Do you like baseball?

- No.
- Good.

It's boring.

Thank you so much, Doctor.


Why would a methadone clinic
be closed on a Wednesday?

Something's wrong.



Uh... We gotta go.

- Where?
- Anywhere.


I'm always scaring you.

Yeah. You know,
I was thinking that you were right,

- and Dez really needs to be in a hospital.
- That's not an option anymore.

Normally, I use the bags, but...

right now,

when you're like this, so close...

I hear the blood in you so loudly.

Run, Dez!

Hey. Come in.

Pfft! This is the gang.


You know Michael Fayne, Patient Zero.

Ava said you wanted to talk.

Your attack on the funeral.


Yeah, that was fun.

You have the protection
of Blood Nation, my alliance.

And this is appreciated.

As long as the rules of engagement
with humans are kept.

This isn't random, it's survival.
This was explained to you.

- Come on. It was nothing.
- You won't do anything like that again.

Oh, really?


We have clear goals.

We don't want the humans terrified,

but we do need them nervous
and anxious to get along.

I mean, think about it.
If we're just unpredictable monsters,

if their women and children
are being slaughtered by Bloods,

they will come for us.

And that's a bad thing.

'Cause it's too soon.
We don't have the numbers...


So what are you gonna do about it?


I'm gonna show the humans...

that we take care of our own problems.

This way, they'll see
that Bloods do the right thing.

Oh, no, come on, now.

Come on, we're on your side!

Look how goddamn pretty this is, eh? Olé!

Guys, let's do this, okay?


As our mission to save our kind
is becoming very urgent,

it's my pleasure...

No, it's my duty

to welcome our newest recruit
into our ranks.

Y'all know, Jimmy.


Fucking hanger-on Jimmy.

Associate Jimmy.

Piece of shit at the bottom
of the totem pole Jimmy.

No more, Jimmy.

Now you're one of us.

Because there's a great urgency
to the challenges we're facing.

There are fuckin' vampires everywhere.

Welcome, Jimmy.

You're family now.

This is for you.

It's time to die, trickster!

Oh, shit!

- Oh, shit!
- Hold up.

Hold up!

Lower your fucking guns.

My crazy fuckin' brother was gonna
get us all killed, and you know it.

You one of them?

No. I'm not a fuckin' vampire.

Of course not.

I thought about killing him myself.

But... brother thing, you know?


We're square.

Just get on your ride and disappear.

I'm quittin' the FBI
if I get another assignment like that.

You won't.

I just need you to find this guy.

Total civilian.

Not dangerous at all.

Good to see the Bureau's as accurate
as ever. Any clue where I start?

That's the tricky part.

DNS has him.


We estimate between four
and six thousand Bloods as of today.

And Dr. Swann believes that they must feed
every two or three days.

Our research says
every five to eight days.

Well, any number is unacceptable.

The kill numbers are what's revealing,

Our guess is that over 30 percent
of Bloods aren't killing anyone.

They're avoiding it at all costs.

They're sourcing human blood from morgues
and from clinics.

- All of them violently, Madam Senator.
- And from family members

who are donating their own blood.

But that can only happen once the Bloods
have control of their drive to kill.

Surely you're not suggesting

that we turn our backs
against the vast majority of people

who are clinging to their humanity,
desperate for a cure?

Yes, ma'am. Yes, that's true.

How's Dr. Swann progressing?

Well, he feels he may have something
at the end of the month.

Thank God.

We've built up team after team,
and still no results.

Well, Dr. Swann had a head start
and personal expertise.

Then why don't you share him with us?

Senator, I am, uh, just a soldier
in the chain of command.

Ask people further up,
and I will support you.

I'll do that.

Thank you, General.

Come in.

Sir, security reports that Swann's son
left the facility yesterday at 3:00 p.m.

Swann's here.

The boy was with Teresa Tangorra, sir.

She reported a medical emergency.

They let her go.

All right, that's a 12-hour lead time.
Get me Swann.

Security breach.
Dr. Swann is headed for the east exit.

Stop there, Swann!

Don't move!

Where are they, Dr. Swann?

Where is your son?

Fuck you.


Lock him up.

Okay. Let's go.

May I come in?

How's the lip?


General May doesn't have any kids.
To him, your escape attempt was personal.

That's... that's just how he is.
You made your point, though.


That I'm bad at the hero shit?

No. That you will die for what you want.

There's no peace in you, Dr. Swann.

If you're wondering if we take a man
like you seriously here at the DNS,

the answer is yes.

Doesn't do me any good.

Don't assume that. Not at all.

We know about Dez.

We know that he'll become a Blood
very soon, if he hasn't already,

and we know that you've isolated
the predator gene,

which will enable us
to identify those at risk of turning.

So, May is hunting my son
and anyone with the wrong DNA.

Yes, but...

here's what you need to understand.

I can't have that.

General May thinks he knows what to do.

I don't have any illusions like that.
I'm where Claire O'Hagan was.

I simply don't know yet.

So I've decided the best thing to do
is to get you out of here.

Get... get me out?

You realize everything you're saying
right now is being recorded, right?

Oh, yes, well, uh...

let's just say this
particular conversation is off the record.

How... how would you get me out?

Well, I wouldn't do it right this instant.

I mean, it's... just after noon,
you're confined in here.

There's a guard at the door.

No, I was thinking I would drive you out
when there was less attention,

uh, say around ten o'clock this evening.

Wh... why would you do that?

Because I trust that you will come back,
Dr. Swann.

I trust that
when General May is reassigned,

and wiser people are put in place,

that you'll see that we are your best bet
to deal with this crisis.

I'm not making any fuckin' deals.

- You'll never know where Dez is.
- I don't need to.

He's just sick right now.
Go take care of him.

All right.

I'll tell you the way as we go.

No one else knows.


What about the...

uh, the guard?

There won't be any guard.

See you tonight.

You having second thoughts?

Niklos can wait for me.

Establishing the dominant position again,
aren't you?

You say that like you're tired of it.

I'm never tired of it.

Okay. He's got the idea.

He's not some local cop with a hard-on
for you, Kaylee. He's DNS.

You think he blew up his boss.
I mean, come on.

He blew up O'Hagan for sure.

You have no proof.

If he shows up, I do.

But you are very sweet, Jergen.

Be right back.

She said Jergen.


I'm not waiting for your grand entrance.

If I leave, you are hiring
a very expensive law firm.

You murdered Claire O'Hagan.

May's gonna know that you helped me.

- If that is indeed what you're doing.
- I am helping you, and he will know, yes,

but, fortunately, I enjoy the support
of people further up the chain.

He aware of that?

I'm not sure.

I can't believe
he fucking stood me up.

I'll fucking kill him.

Showed up here just to be stood up
by this little fucking cock.

Goddamn, you fucking mess with me,
you little small dick,

fucking piece of sh...


Jergen, I'm so...

There's nothing around.

That's the idea.

I walk from here. You drive away.

The countryside is dangerous.

Obviously, I'm relying on your honor here.

I'm just telling you to be careful,

Now, I have no reason to keep you
any longer, but your son is going to turn.

Yes, well, uh... you've done
great work for us, everything we asked.

Thank you.

Don't let them do anything stupid.

Good night, Dr. Swann, and good luck.

Good night. Thank you.

I dropped him a quarter mile back
with only one road to walk.

County Four into Duanesburg.

Report in when it's done.