V-Wars (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Cold Cold Ground - full transcript

As Michael and his followers settle into new accommodations, a tough-talking general takes control of the DNS. Also, Luther witnesses a brutal act.



No! They're coming!


Please help me!

- They're coming! Please!
- What the fuck?

Open this door!

Hurry! They're here, please!

Please! Please let me in! Open the door!

Hurry! They're here!

Let me in!

Please let me in! They're coming!

This is our new home, people.

Let's make the most of it.

- General.
- What do we know so far?

We have bits
of a detonator cell phone trigger.

Professional work, sir.

This way.

Listen up.
This is General William May,

who'll be taking over
Director O'Hagan's post.

Thank you, agent.

- We have a security detail here?
- Yes, sir.

Who was coordinating
O'Hagan's travel this evening?

Held for questioning, get him outta here.

Now, I'm gonna need data
from every cell tower in the area.

Show me all calls within a few minutes
either side of detonation.

We'll run them through our database.

Sir, I know it's a formality,

but we can't access those
without a court order.

I am your court order, agent.

Now, I am assuming that each of you

will be able to brief me
on what it is you do around here

and where the fuck you were tonight.


You awake?

They tell me you saved my life.


Maybe saved you a few burn treatments.

Always tell the better story.

In any case, thank you.

You would have survived anyway.

Don't be a dick about it.
Just take my thanks.


She's dead, isn't she?

It wasn't survivable.

I've known her for so many years.

She was...

Forgive me.

I understand.

You were the, um...

you were the last person
to speak with her.

I know.

What was it about?


She told me that I was going to be working
more closely with you, actually.

Well, I guess we should...

respect her wishes.

Rest up, Doctor.

Feel better.

General, we've located
the detonation device.

The car bomb was set off by a cell phone
belonging to a Gregory Lowe Sutton.

- Who's Mr. Sutton?
- Police officer.

He was murdered
by Michael Fayne two days ago,

but the trigger call was from his phone.

We have the tower he routed through.

All right, then set up a 200-mile radius.

Roadblocks, highways, county roads.

We're taking Fayne down,
and I want updates every 20 minutes.

Excuse me, sir.

- My name's Dr. Luther Swann. I was...
- Yes, I know who you are.

This disease,
it makes people do... incredible things,

but it does not make them experts
in explosives.

That is why we now assume
that Fayne had help. Thank you.

I know him.
I know him better than I know anyone.

He's just trying to survive, sir.

The man you knew is gone, Doctor.
All right?

I disagree, General.

I do not believe
these people are beyond saving.

Then you get back to your lab,
you find a cure,

and stop wasting my time.

I'll be making a statement about
Claire O'Hagan's death in the morning.

I'll also notify the public
that Fayne is spreading a disease

that causes psychotic behavior.

Hey, it's Mila.

I'm not around right now.

Leave me a message,
and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


You need anything else?

Stay and talk, Josh.

I'd like that.

Have you fed?

Yeah, I just did.

So give her to me.

She has enough toxin in her.

She might OD.

There are others in the house.

Yeah, gagged and unconscious.

I'm fucking starving.

Too bad. You can't have her.



Incredibly, it seems to be morning.

Like you've never worked 20 hours before.

Maybe we need to do trials on antibodies
to fight the prions.

No, no, no, no.

People have been trying to come up
with antiprion compounds for years.

The answer is in the genetics.

Isolate the gene that's causing
the mutation in people who turn.

That's how we'll stop this.

After you get some sleep?

People are waiting for this.

We interrupt for a joint statement
from the Department of Defense

and National Security
from Seneca, New York.

Good morning.
My name is General William May,

and I'm Acting Director
of the Department of National Security.

As you may know,

we have been working around the clock
with local law enforcement

to track and capture
the fugitive serial killer Michael Fayne.

But last night,
the conflict entered a new phase

when our Region Two Secretary
was murdered in a car bomb attack

orchestrated by Mr. Fayne.

Claire O'Hagan was
a distinguished public servant.

She was 38 years old,

a graduate
of the United States Air Force Academy,

and a mother of three.

Additionally, the CDC has confirmed
that Michael Fayne is the carrier

of an unknown
and highly infectious disease

that causes psychosis
and eventual homicidal outbursts.

I can also confirm that Mr. Fayne
is no longer acting alone,

but rather is in collusion
with numerous and murderous associates

that have also become infected
with this horrible disease.

Our enemies,
which hold to the name "Bloods,"

who slaughter indiscriminately,
will learn that we do not fear them.

On the contrary,

we will respond to their violence
in full measure.

As they sow, so shall they reap.

Fuckin' A, they'll reap.

Starting now,
we have a special response team in place

to round up and detain
any and all individuals

who show signs of infection.

It's totally unconstitutional.

We have also set up
a telephone access line,

and we encourage the public to contact us

with any additional information
at the number on your screen.

We understand the difficulties
of turning friends and family members in,

so I stress
that all tips will be kept anonymous

for your safety and security.

So our nation is counting on all of you
to come forward and identify these cowards

who slaughter our children
and our loved ones.

Make no mistake, this is terrorism.

- But it is an entirely new form.
- What?

Ordinary law enforcement
will not be enough.

But in the end, we will prevail,

as we always have.

God bless America,
and God bless every one of you.

He's talking about camps.

- We don't know that.
- Internment camps

- to imprison innocent people.
- Who are committing mass murder.

- They have a disease!
- That leads them to feed on human beings.

Dr. Swann, there is no world
where we don't stop that.

Oh, God.

That net's too wide.
You'll catch ones that'll never turn.

- I have to tell people.
- They won't allow you.

- I have to make this stop.
- You wanna prevent this?

Well, obviously.

Then you give me something to work with.
I know the general.

You get me something to bring to him,
something with hope.

You find that gene.

I won't allow DNA to imprison people.

Well, without the DNA,
you won't be able to find a cure, so...

Who would you like
to see arrested, Doctor?

The whole world,
or just the ones that murder us?

DNS Hotline. Hello?


I wanna thank everybody
for comin' here today.

Now, many of you represent different kinds
of Bloods from different places.

I know it's dangerous
to move around, but...

this is gonna be worth it,

for all of you.

Does anyone have any questions
before we start?


Why the fuck would we wanna join you?
You generate so much heat.

Because I generate so much heat,
that's why.

I'm Patient Zero, folks.

The original badass Blood.

I drive high numbers.

Numbers are security.
Security is safe feeding.

The deal in Blood Nation is simple.

Take pride, give help, don't kill kids.

That's all you have to do.

Each of you represents others.

In some cases, many others.

I'm expanding on these three points

so you can bring 'em to your people
and make a decision on membership.


- together, we are stronger.
- Yeah!

Blood Nation strong!

Nothing new yet, Doctor.

That's not why I'm here.
The general needs you.

- That's not the impression I got.
- I didn't say he knows it yet.

He's got himself some new toys.
He's going to need his vampire expert.

Well, then I'm gonna need mine.

All right, everybody, listen up.

A tip came in about this location.

Infrared shows four on the third floor,

two on the second,
with three points of entry.

It's our guess
that the green dots are captives

since they're not movin' around much.

It's a Verdulak.

A what?

A... a variant of the predator gene.
They don't kill people.

They inject...
an addictive biological narcotic.

It keeps their victims docile.

That's the Verdulak.

The red one. Definitely.

- How do you know?
- 'Cause the heat signature's higher.

That says "apex predator."

And these two are, um...
They're sluggish and low-temp.

Their toxin must act like heroin.
That drops temperature, too.

Yeah, they're just waiting to be fed on.

Well, I say we just deploy.

Bring Dr. Swann with us.
He needs to keep learning all the time.

And get him a vest and a gun.

Oh... oh, no.
I... I won't carry a gun, no way.

Then don't go. It's your choice.


I found where DNS is working out of.

It's off the I-9.

Looks like they're ready to move out.

Okay, stay on them,
let us know where to meet up with you.

Yeah, okay.

The Feds are gonna lead us
right to those blood suckers.

We don't wanna draw any shit
from the Feds.

Oh, don't be so bashful.

Come on, put on your killing shoes, boy.

Ahem. Dr. Swann.

You ever fired a gun before?

Uh, yeah, once.

This thing right here will kill an ox.

So stay in the back and don't shoot.

- You got that, Doogie?
- Yeah.

Yes, I do.

All right, everybody. Move out!

- Unit three, be advised we're in pursuit...
- We're here now.

- Okay, stand by to move.
- Copy.

Unit two, stand by. Do you copy?

Unit command, we're in position.

There's something out there.

- DNS, freeze!
- Go, go, go, go!

Nobody move! She's unresponsive!

On your knees!

Hands! Let me see your hands!

- Ma'am, you have to get down!
- Clear!

- Let's go!
- Back on radio.

Okay, all clear here.

We're clear. Keep moving.

I am a doctor. I will help you.

Unit two, stand by. Do you copy?

- Yeah. Unit two in position.
- Moving in.

This is two. I got three bodies.

Copy that.

Keep it tight here. Watch the windows.

Okay. Stand by to move.

- Hello?
- Ma'am, you have to get down!

Is someone there?


I'm a doctor.

I can help you.

Son of a bitch.

- Move! Another down here!
- Shit!

- All right, boys, movin' in!
- Hold your fire!

Hold your fire! Capture only!

Watch it, watch it!

- Move on him now! Move on him!
- All right! Let's go! Get him!

Mask! Mask!

Capture only! Wait!

The whole point of this thing
was not to fucking kill anybody!

Get this thing outta here.



Gentle, now.


Sir? Sir, can you hear me?

Oh, man.

We have to get these people
to the lab immediately.

Nobody cares about these blood junkies.

I do. Very much so.

Well, you can put your people on the bus.

Control that thing.

You good on your own?


No, I'm not.

'Cause you won't fire a gun.

I have five victims here
that need medical help.

- I'll give you one man.
- Okay.

- Heller!
- Sir.

You ride on the bus with Doogie over here.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Now get that thing in the APC!

Let's get them on the bus.

- Careful. You're gonna be okay.
- All right, boys. Moving out!


I got you. Okay. You're okay.

You're safe now.


Now you get that bus movin'.

Move out!

Look... look, I'm...

I'm a doctor.

- I can help make you better.
- Like that's what I fuckin' want.

I need to feed.

You seem nice.

You don't wanna do this.


Come on, Doc.

Oh, you're gonna love it.

You hear that?


Oh, you will.

Oh, shit.

Fuck! Jammed. Piece of shit.

You can run, but you can't hide,
vampire bitch!

Jimmy, you go find her. Kill that Blood.

- We don't know she's a Blood.
- Come on, no human takes rounds like that.

Come on, she can fuckin' run, Jimmy!
You'd better go!


Ah, lookee here.

Who do we got in there?

Dr. Luther Swann.

I'm a... medical researcher.

Ah, you look scared. Are you scared?

I'm gonna come down now.

Please don't shoot.

I'm with DNS.

We had a Blood on board.

Killed two of us.


Where is it now?

Well, you told one of your men
to go get it.

I told Jimmy.

Yeah. Let me confirm that.


Hey, Jimmy?

Jimmy, you catch her yet?
No. I mean, what the hell?

He'll get back to us.

Until then,
why don't you get them off the bus?

Oh, these, uh... these aren't Bloods.

These are victims.

Oh. Yeah.

Walker, will you get them off the bus
and line them up, please?

That's not necessary.

These... these people are harmless.

We'll see about that.


Okay. Let's both take a deep breath.

Look, I really need a night off
from this shit.

So this is where we are.

This is a large-caliber weapon.
I'm insanely trained to use it.

And you're already wounded.

If we escalate this thing,
who do you think dies?

Hey, Doc?

What's with their eyes, you know?

Kinda look a bit freaky.

This predator doesn't... kill.

She just sucks blood and injects a toxin.

Ah, okay. Okay.

So she just...

She just sucks blood, huh?


But she did bite them, right?

So, uh...

that means they're gonna turn too.

No, no. They won't. They...



Jimmy, you missed it!


I was born for this shit!

Let's ride.

They weren't vampires.

They had the juice in 'em.
Better to be safe than sorry.

You shot four...

innocent people.

- What do we do with this guy?
- Huh...

He's not a vamp, but still...

Eh, kill him, I guess.

Kill him?

Oh, it's okay, little brother.
You don't have to do it. Dixon, you're up.


I'm not a vampire.

Yeah, but you saw us.

That's good enough for me.

Two minutes. Give him
a bullet in the head, okay, Dixon?

- Hey.
- Huh?

Get on your knees!




I have a son.

Shut the fuck up!

I can kill you one round to the heart,
or 20 in the balls!



I... I...

I need a doctor.

I need a doctor.

You piece of shit!

I am a doctor.

Forgot I had a gun.

You remembered in time.

I can't even shoot you.

I don't have any bullets left.

That gun?

Seven rounds.

Not six.


Who are you?

Good fuckin' question.

You ever did that before?


How's it feel?

I don't know.

If it's any consolation...

it gets easier.


Hey, kiddo.

What happened?

- I'm okay.
- No, you're not.

You said you'd be safe.

I know.

I know.

What a day.

Thirty-three meetings, 400 new members.

I mean, this is just the beginning.

And what do you want from this?

Oh, you know, at my age
you need stuff for your résumé, so...


I don't know.

Look, my dad was...

all alone.

He worked his ass off for me,

and then he got sick.

I did my best to keep it a secret,
to keep him safe.

I had to lock him in the basement
when he had to feed

and brought him cow's blood.

Well, we know that won't work.

I found out.

And then they shot him.

He never got the chance
to understand it all.

No, but you will.

Yeah, if I live long enough.

It gets easier to survive once
you learn to control the urge to kill.

How long does that take?


it's different for everyone,
I'm sure, but for me, a few days?

I could feel the change.

It was a relief.

I hated being out of control.

I'd like you to be my executive.


Officer. Second in command.

Are you fucking new? I'm 19.

And you're not scared of anything.

You don't put limits on yourself.
You live by the code.

I was absent that day.

Blood pride, help everyone,
don't kill kids.

That does sound... familiar.

You have a great crew with you.

Anyone you need to kill, you kill.

Like the guys that killed my father?

Anyone who hurts Bloods.

I believe I could be down with that.


We're gonna do great things together, Av.

- Wait, just one more thing.
- Sure.

I need to get a video out to the world.

I know just the place to send it.

See, everything has a weak point.

In this case,
local cops take the dead guy's phone.

DNS takes the phone from them
and wipes the inventory record.

I'm so bored.

Now, local cops tend to erase data
but not file tables.

We can track them.

The DNS steals the phone,
the phone triggers the explosion...

And we tie in the DNS
because they actually did it.

Oh, hello! The new secure link is working.

Someone just sent us a video file.

Oh, great. More hot tips from goths
in their basement.

Hello, world. What's up?
Michael Fayne with you.




Michael. I need Michael Fayne.

- Yeah.
- Hey, found a wounded Blood.

- She's asking for you.
- Bring her in to me.

You need to eat. You look like shit.

What have you been doing for food
if you don't hunt?

Blood banks.

Oh, my God, that's so depressing.

You're telling me
you've never had it fresh?

Girl, I'm about to change your life.

I don't wanna kill people.

It's just the way it is now.

Besides, these are homeless people.

No one's gonna miss them.

Look at him. We're doing him a favor.

You can do this, okay?


Follow me.

Just have to get the first one
out of the way. It gets easier.

It even gets kind of fucking awesome.

What the fuck?

Shot twice, but she's okay.

She's a Blood for sure.

Holy shit! Dani?

Dani. Hi.

You remember me?

Of course I remember you.
And how you snore so damn loud.

Okay. Wait.

- I'm gonna pick you up now, okay?
- Okay.

Okay? All right.

Come on.

All right. I wanna show you my new place.

Yeah. I've been thinkin' about you.

Look at this.

Just summarize, please.

I'm exhausted.

We have three transformations, right?

Fayne, Jess, and the dentist.

And then someone
who didn't transform. You.

Yeah, so?

So, I cross-typed for genetic mutations
among the four of you.


- It's a gene related to...
- Are you thirsty, Teresa?

Do you want some water?

They're listening.
It's a gene related to what?

Uh, hereditary cardiomyopathy.

- NH47.
- That's rare.

So I tried to find it among people
who turned against people who didn't.

Let me guess.


- Fayne, the dentist, they have the gene.
- Right.

But not me.

- So, someone gets exposed to the prion...
- And they're gonna transform,

they need this gene variant inside them.

You can test for it in an hour,
and it's not even expensive.

Luther, this is big.

I mean, out of everyone who gets exposed,
this could tell us who will transform.

This could lead to a cure.

Take this. Encrypt the results right now.

- Show it to no one.
- Why?

Because you're telling the government
who will transform and who will not.

People can be singled out,
they could be killed.

- No one would do that.
- They absolutely would do that.

I know that now.

Never trust them.


Oh, shit. It's May.

I have to go. Can you watch Dez?

- Yeah, of course.
- Encrypt it. Now.

Good evening.

My name is Michael Fayne.

A lot has been said about me
over the past couple of weeks.

Now I'd like to say a few things myself.

My people and I are not terrorists.

We are living, breathing beings
with our own human species...

and as much right to live as anyone else.

You get a trace on this?

Went through pi encrypt,
but the file's direct message won't track.

In spite of that right to live,

we're being slaughtered on all sides.

We have the right to defend ourselves.

And through our organization,
Blood Nation,

we will.

Horrible as it will be,

this war is also necessary

and natural.

We all must accept that.

But rest assured,
my Blood brothers and sisters,

our species will prevail.

Find out who's putting this out there.

We are a new species
still finding our way.

An improved species.

Faster, stronger, smarter,

and capable of defending ourselves
and our loved ones.

When humans first appeared,
Neanderthals and Denisovans were doomed.

Humans reigned alone on this planet
for 42,000 years.

You've had a pretty good run, I'd say.

Sir, something's happening.
You need to see this.

We've got no video on this yet,

but authorities in upstate New York
report at least 11 and up to 15 people

may be dead tonight in a series of attacks

similar to the so-called
"vampire killings."

The victims of these attacks

are mostly involved
in counter-vampire measures,

either in police work
or community patrols,

along with their spouses.

- Children were unharmed...
- Put that fucker back on!

To my fellow Bloods hiding in the shadows,
it is time to step out into the light.

It is time to be proud of what you are.

Our family's growing daily.

Be a part of Blood Nation.
Join us in this movement.

Humanity's strength is numbers,

but its weakness is
their inability to cooperate.

We must unite.

And if you have any qualms
with some of our methods,

please, remember this.

Humans have always taken
whatever they need

at the expense
of every other creature on Earth.

We are the revelation
of humanity's truest color.

That color is red,
the red of Blood Nation.

We'll kill them all.

How close are you
to knowing who's going to turn?

Not very.

I am losing the ability
to protect you... and yours.

You need to find out
who's going to turn, Doctor,

if only for your own good.

Get some sleep.
We'll get back to it tomorrow.

I've been trying to reach you.
He's been like this since you left.

Like what?

Hey, bud.

Dad, I don't... I don't feel good.

- What's his temperature?
- 104.5.

We don't know what it is.

It's prions. I've had it.

- It doesn't mean he'll turn. Not for sure.
- Dad!

I'm here, bud.

I'm here.