V-Wars (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Night Is Darkening Round Me - full transcript

Suddenly on his own, Desmond calls on his mother for help. Danika urges Michael to think bigger. Mila tries using her strength for good.

[dance music playing]

[woman laughs] Sammy's Pizza's still open.
You wanna go?

I'm starving.



[scoffs] Can we help you?

- Run.
- [woman] What the fuck?

Do you know her?

[gasps] Ow...

- [grunts]
- [gasps] What are you doing?

Look at him.

- [snarls]
- [Mila] Run! Run!

[woman screams]


[both grunt]



[Mila] You know, I have a sister like you.


[dog barking]

[owl hoots]





Ah, shit.






No. What...




I'm sorry.

[cicadas chirping]

[distant train horn blows]

[birds calling]


[line ringing]

[Rachel] Hello?

Hey, it's Dez.

I need help.



[dog barking]







- [yelling]
- [snarling]

[blood dripping]

[Luther panting]


[engine revs]

[Rachel] Dez!


Hi, my baby! Hi!

Hi! Oh, God, I love you so much.

Oh, God, you feel so warm. Are you okay?

Oh, my God!

Let's go home.

Let's go home, okay?


Mm! Let's go home. Okay.


[Michael] The government's
taken the gloves off.

This is literally life and death.

You join with us...

or die alone.

Remember, people...

none of us asked for this...

but if we fight together, we survive.

- [woman] Yeah. Yeah!
- [man] Right.

- [woman] Yeah.
- How many we got?

About 40. Told you it was small.

Nothing's small.

You could go see that group
in Waterford now.

It's probably worth about 100.

I told Danika I'd hunt with her.
It won't take long.

[Rachel] Sweetie, you must be hungry.
Can I get you anything?

I'm not hungry.

- I'm cold.
- Okay.

Look at this. Do you remember this?

Your cat and mouse blankie.

You used to love to hold the little mouse
close to you at bedtime

to make sure the cat couldn't get him.

- Do you remember that?
- No.

Well, of course.
I mean, you were so little. [chuckles]

Oh... honey.

You aren't cold, you're...

you're burning up.

I'm gonna get you some water.
You'll be feeling better in no time.


[sighs shakily]





[siren blaring]

[lighter clicks]

We need to speak about
the quarantine operation.

[man] It will be voted on
at the committee hearings.

We need to move before then.


We won't be able to rein in the Bloods
much longer.

There are, uh... remote areas
that are no-go zones already.

Is the first facility ready?

And functioning, off the books.

We need authorization to make it official.

The committee hearings are scheduled.

It will come into our discussions.

In the meantime, do what you have to do.


[phone rings]


[man] No confirmation on Dr. Swann.

The resource you sent didn't check in.

Get to that clinic, find out why.


[brush scrubbing]

- Hello?
- [gasps]


Wh-what happened here?

Uh... what they call a cluster.

High vampire rate.
Everybody's scared. [chuckles]

But you're out here.

I couldn't stand lookin' at it.

They attacked the neighbors last night.

Huh. Bloods can't help 'emselves,
no more'n a bear. [chuckles]

Yes... [sighs]

it was people.

You mean vigilantes?

I don't know who told them
the folks in that house were bloodsuckers.

Most of 'em weren't... [sighs]

but they killed a couple last night
all the same.

Then this morning,
the meat wagon drove up. [chuckles]

- What's the meat wagon?
- Big armored truck thing.

Comes around and kills vampires.
Anyone in the family, they take away.

They took two of my cousins last week.
God only knows where.

I'm very sorry to hear that.

I'm also looking for someone.

A... a small boy about this tall,
red hair.

He one of them?

Uh... I'm not sure.


I'm s-sorry to bother you, but...

there is one thing I need.

[phone rings]

- Hello?
- It's Luther.

Please, just listen. It's urgent.


Have you heard from Dez?

Has he been in touch?

Now you want him to be in touch?

You didn't seem to care for it
when I was in touch.

You're the one involved
in all this awful business.

You're the one taking him
who knows where.

Okay, Rach.

Exposing him to who knows what.

This is not the time.

I'd say it's exactly the time.

You've lost him, haven't you?

You're so busy doing all this stuff
that's so important,

trying to save the goddamn world,

you couldn't even save your own family.

If he shows up there...

I'll keep him safe.

Something you clearly aren't
capable of doing.

[hangs up]

[horns honking]

[phone rings]

- Yes?
- [man] I'm at the clinic.

Teresa Tangorra
and the asset you sent are dead.

There's no sign of Swann or the boy.

- [woman] Let me go!
- [man] Please don't!

- Come.
- No!

[man] Leave him alone!

- Out. Out we go. Come on.
- No, please!

- [radio chatter]
- [man] No, don't!

- [woman] Don't touch him!
- [man] Please!

- Stop!
- Hey!

- [woman screams] No!
- [gunfire]

[woman sobbing]

- Dad! Dad!
- Hey! Get that kid!

Come on.

Now! Get in the truck!


- [soldier] That's enough!
- [woman crying]


[boy] Come on! Dad!




[officer] Nothing personal.



[Luther] Shit. He's bleeding out.

He was gonna kill you.

We need to do something.


- [silenced shots]
- [yelps]

- Huh?
- It's time to go, Doc.


- [church bell tolls]
- [man] We're watching all transit hubs.

Swann's home's been swept.
No sign of the boy.

[Dr. Niklos]
The boy has a non-custodial parent.

His birth mother.

Here, Rachel Thompson, 1480 Hullford Road.

[man] I'll send someone immediately.

The boy could be a predator by now,

so when you get him and his father,
take them immediately to the new facility.

Yes, sir.

You think we could head
for the Waterford group by nine?

- Sure.
- You shouldn't go, Michael.


Typical lazy Verdulak.

He's the leader. He needs to be visible.

Sure, but not in person. They should
only ever see the king from a distance.

He closes deals when he's there.

Forty people at a time?
That's how many you got last night, right?

Maybe more.

- So what would you do?
- [Dani] Deal with thousands...

not dozens.

And you never put the buyer and the seller
in the same room.

That's why you have someone like me
in between them.

Well, I still wanna dictate terms.


but on a bigger scale.

We need to make you a legend.
Why waste your time with the small shit?

We have to make you rare,
then the legend grows.

What do you think?

Sounds okay.

But since when is she an adviser?

Helps to be right.

Hi, sweetie, how are you feeling?

I'm hungry.

Why don't you sit down?

Come here.

Let me feel you.

Your fever's gone.

- You're feeling better.
- I feel like myself again.


That's so great.

Me too.

[knock at door]

[man] Rachel Thompson?


Stay here.

Rachel Thompson.


Who is it?

Department of National Security, ma'am.

Open the door, please.

Can I help you?

Ms. Thompson, I'm here to speak to you
about your son, Desmond Swann.

There's grave concern
for his health and welfare.

- He isn't here.
- I'd like to take a look around.

Now's really not a good time.

Ma'am, I'm gonna have
to search the premises.

- Desmond?
- [gasps]

[agent choking]


- Mom...
- Dez, It's time to leave.

- Why?
- Big step, big step.

Don't look down.


[sighs] I've been ready for this.
Everything's gonna be okay.

You go get in the car, all right?

Go on.


[Luther] So how did you find me?

- [Jimmy] Here.
- Oh, thank you.

The call to your ex-wife
was picked up by our agents.

[Luther drinks]


I guess General May
is gonna want me back, huh?

[Jimmy] Not my problem.

[Luther] You don't report
to General May at DNS?

Or Dr. Niklos?

I don't report to them.


Then who the hell are you?

Special Agent Saint, FBI.


So, you're working with DNS?

No. FBI got frozen out completely.

DNS owns the show for now.

They have a detainment facility in the
area and are rounding up all the Bloods.

Gonna wipe them out.

But people like you and my boss
want to save all the Bloods.

We met, you and me, once.

I remember.

You killed that...


He had it comin'.

This is my truck.

Yeah, and?

I'm taking you with me.

No, you're not.

Listen to me,

I just broke out of a goddamn DNS facility
so I could find my son.

His name is Dez, okay?

He's 11 years old. He's a little boy.

Oh, come on, man. He's been sick.

Really sick the last few days.

I'm sure he's at his mother's house.
He has to be.

And I swear I'll go right with you,

but I'm just asking you
just to make just one stop to get Dez.

Just one stop.

Come on, man.

That's not possible.

I'm gonna suggest
we put these weapons down.

What's your name?


You got kids, Jimmy?

[Luther] Hm?

I'm a real commodity around here, Jimmy,

and your only job is to keep me alive.

So I asked you a question.

Do you have kids?

You'd do anything for them, right?

You'd die for them.


but I would never take myself
off the board, though.

'Cause they need me.

If I take you in, you don't see Dez,
at least not for now.

But if you pull that trigger,

you still don't see Dez,

and it's forever.

You're not gonna do that.


So give me the gun.



[Luther exhales]

Where did you say your kid was?

[engine ticking]


- [sizzling]
- [shrieks]



[knocking at door]

Who is it?

[woman] Seneca Police!

See, they always open the door faster
to a woman's voice.

Sorry, can I help you?

Are you Mila Dubov?


[man] I've been lookin' for you.


It's what I do with missing people.

You left your apartment.
Your friends didn't know where you were.

Neither did your sister.

Well, I just needed to get out
of that neighborhood.

How come?

Didn't feel safe.

You must have known you'd cause a fuss.
People were concerned.

Well, I mean,
it's strange times, Detective.

Are you sure you're okay?


Thank you for asking.

- It's my job.
- Right, I know.

I mean, I'm interested, concerned,
you know? [chuckles]


Listen, I'd offer you a drink,
but I only have water.

[man] Miss Dubov,
do you know where your sister is?


[man] See, that's the thing.

First, you disappear...

and now she's missing.

[cicadas chirping]

- [laughs]
- [Michael] Hey.

How long have you known Ava?

Well, it depends how you count.

Mm, in normal terms...

not that long,

but it feels like years.

Hm. Yeah.

It does kind of change your worldview,
going through this thing.

You've always been predatory.

You just changed targets.
Blood instead of money.

I still give them something in return.

Oh, I don't need any of that Verdulak
dope, just in case you're sellin'.


[tuts] Okay.


What do you miss most about...

you know, before you changed?

I don't know.

Walkin' into a bar
and knowin' I'll come out alive,

and so will everyone else.

I miss chicken tikka.

[both laughing]

- Yeah, I miss food, period.
- [chuckles] Mm.

And people.

I'm people.

Or, at least, I was.

Yeah, I mean, people that...

I share a history with.

People I could always trust, you know?

So trust is a big thing for you?

Okay. Let me rephrase my question.

How well do you know Ava?

[man] We've rounded up 204
since yesterday.

Should get another 80 overnight.

All right, well, forget the 80 overnight.

I want your men looking for Luther Swann
and his son Desmond.

Yes, sir.

Monitor all phone calls
and credit card payments.

We have intel that the son is a Blood.

So he'll have to be taken down.

[distant train horn blares]

[man on radio] ...fire killed 11 people
at a mountain cabin yesterday,

- including school and college students...
- Can I help you?

- The local coroner would not...
- Got somethin' on your face.

- ...said there were no survivors.
- Somethin' red.

- The fire broke out...
- We don't rent to Bloods.

We're not Bloods.

[Rachel] We just need a room.

- I need a shower.
- The two-storey cabin sat

on a site off a winding two-lane road...

I'll get you towels,
and I'll count 'em in the morning.

...among what remained of the cabin's
frame and foundation...

Accusing me of being dishonest?


- I'm not.
- I know.

- ...cause has not yet been determined...
- Shoot a guy, yeah,

but you're not dishonest.

Weather calling for mild temperatures
for the evening, with a low...


...tomorrow with a high of 63...

[birds calling softly]

What the hell?






Is this yours?

Oh, fuck!

- [snarls]
- [shrieks]

- [screams]
- [growls]

[Ava] Brock!


Get off her, Brock.

Option one, I kill you.

Option two, Fayne does.

That's worse.


We feed on sanctioned hunts.
We're out in the name of Blood Nation.

What am I supposed to do? I'm starving.

You're supposed to be on patrol
against vigilantes.

- If Fayne finds out...
- Fayne? Michael Fayne?

Dude, you have to take me to Fayne.

I'm ReveLeaks.
I wrote about Michael Fayne.

I am the one who sent his video
to your site.

Then you know that I can help him.

[knocking at door]


Detective Chambers.

I, um... I had more questions.

You said if I had any more questions,
you said anytime.

I... I did. Yeah.

No, but I... I just, um...

- I just...
- You just wanted an excuse to pop by?

Um... Can I...
can I buy you a drink, maybe?

No, you can't.

But you could come in for one.

I can walk by myself.

Do you ever shut up?

I wanna see Fayne. Now!

Yeah, as soon as I find him.

Shit! I knew you didn't know him.


You're lucky I don't kill you.


You know, nobody knows that she's here.

- So?
- Think it through.

[Kaylee gasping]


[Dez] Hurry up, Mom.
Pizza should be here soon.

[shower running]

[key scrabbling]

[door rattling]

[door opens]

[distant siren wailing]




- [groans]
- [growling]


- You're coming with me.
- No!






[Luther] Damn it!

DNS have been here.

[Jimmy] Gunshot.

Oh, God. Dez!




That meat wagon they use,
where does it take people?

Concealed detention facility.
Totally secure.

That place is the key.

It's the center
of everything they're doing.

- Let's go there.
- Sorry, no!

And it might be my last chance
of gettin' my boy back.


So I guess I should think about... going?




[Kaylee, muffled screaming] Help!





Give me that.

Let me test it out.



One lick.



- Don't get greedy.
- [growls]

We've got all night.



- Mm-hm.
- [sobbing]

Fear is so fucking hot.

[screams] Help!


[man] Get back! Everybody, move back!

[man 2] Get back. Stop it here.

Clear the area.

[man 3] That's right, too,
get out of there now!

[man 4] Hold up now, hold up!

Let 'em get away.

- [man 5] This way!
- [radio chatter]

[man 6] Move it!

[man 7] Move, move!

[Jimmy] Holy shit.

Didn't expect this.

Most of them look sick.

Are they all infected?

Requires a genetic cofactor.
Not all of them have it.

[Jimmy] How do they know who does?

[man 8] Yes, but why
are you doing this to us?

They don't.

[man] Check south perimeter,
south perimeter.

- [Jimmy] This isn't just quarantine.
- [Luther] No.

It's an internment camp.

I mean, this is one step away
from mass executions.

[man] Need backup at gate three!!


Oh, my God. It's him.

He doesn't look sick.

[man] Do you speak English?
Move! Over there. Come on.

So he didn't turn?

He has the predator gene, Jimmy.

So he's a Blood?

I don't know...

but he looks healthy to me.

I gotta go get him.

I can't let you do that.

They will kill you.

I'm going to get my son.