V (2009–2011): Season 2, Episode 5 - Concordia - full transcript

Anna uses her newest gift to mankind, "Concordia," as a cover to hide an invading fleet of breeding vessels that will be used to ensure the perpetuation of Visitors for future generations. Meanwhile, Eli Cohn tries to convince Erica and the Fifth Column that the "Concordia" gala is the perfect time to assassinate Anna.

Previously on V...

Fifth Column has claimed responsibility

for the peace ambassadors murders
earlier this morning.

Cohn is out of control.

- That could have been Tyler.
- I want you to get close to Eli Cohn.

- You will help me destroy them.
- We're all on the same side.

Unlike you,
we don't kill innocent people.

Church officials have issued
a statement

condemning all anti-V rhetoric
from clergy worldwide.

I'm not gonna stop speaking out.

It's priests like him that are inciting
the Fifth Column.

This is the house of God!

That's Tyler's phone.
I feel like I'm losing him. I need help.

I did what I had to do
to protect our species.

Welcome to the future, Chad...

our future, man and Visitor.

This... is Concordia.


Interesting name.

From your Roman mythology,

meaning a peaceful
and harmonious coexistence.

Man and Visitor
working side by side

to build thousands
of these centers,

creating jobs and supporting
prosperity across the world.

Concordia will employ massive
numbers of men and women.

Humans will be constructing
the buildings,

staffing the centers
of learning and technology.

We've made agreements
with nations around the world

to build Concordia on land

that is currently abandoned
or in disrepair.

So Concordia is like a...

A worldwide
urban renewal project.


I'll be hosting a gala tonight
here in New York

to formally announce Concordia,

and tomorrow,

a renaissance begins
across the entire planet.

We will celebrate our future,

shared by mankind and Visitors...


This is the house of God!

This is Joe. Leave a message.

Joe, it's me. I need to see you.

It's about our son.

Hey, you.

Happy Birthday.

Thanks, Mom.


Well, it always tastes
better than it looks.

Breakfast birthday cake...
Evans family tradition.

Yeah, well,
when we were a family.

Oh, I'm... I'm sorry, Mom.
I... I just... I don't know.

I thought that maybe Dad
would call by now, that's all.

Hey, it's okay. He will.
It's early, right?

Have a piece of cake.

Um, actually, I have to meet Lisa

at the peace ambassador center.

Tyler, they're killing
peace ambassadors...

Kids your age.

Mom, I'm not a kid anymore.

You're right.

You're a man now.

Listen, I need you to remember
that there are consequences

for the choices we make.

You may be eighteen,
but I am still your mother.

I will always be here for you.

Thanks, Mom.

Thomas, as my chief engineer,

I'm relying on you to make sure

- that Concordia stays on schedule.
- It is, my Queen.

Landing sites have been selected

for every ship in the fleet in
preparation for our invasion.


With the release of red rain,

the human women are almost
ready for breeding.

As soon as Joshua is able
to eradicate the human soul,

we can proceed.

I fear tonight's gala
is a tempting target

for the Fifth Column.
A disturbance could hinder

public acceptance of Concordia
and delay our plans.

The Fifth Column and Eli Cohn
will not be a problem.

Ryan Nichols
will make sure of that.

You wanted to see me.

- Yeah. Thanks for coming.
- I don't understand.

I thought you were with,
uh, Agent Evans.

I am, but she doesn't know I'm here.

I want this to be kept private, Eli,
just between us.

So what do you want from me?

I have a daughter.

Anna's holding her hostage
up on that ship.

And the only way I can get
her back is to take Anna down.

Our group is too small
to do it alone.

You have a bigger network.

We need to work together
so we can strike hard.

Well, Erica made it very clear
that her cooperation last time

was a one-shot deal,

that our ideological viewpoints
of this fight

are diametrically opposed.

Use me.

I can bridge both sides.

She trusts you?



As the head of
the FBI Fifth Column task force,

she could be quite helpful.

You call her.
Get your team together.


We're taking Anna down for good.

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We get the wiretap
on Father Landry yet?

Not yet. Judge has the papers.

Evans, Bolling,
clear your schedules.

You're running security for
Anna's big shindig tonight.

Guest list.

Paul, it's gonna take weeks
to run this many names.

Hey, uh, isn't that your ex?

Yeah. A problem with Tyler.

I had to bring in
the heavy artillery.

Heard about you two.
Sorry it didn't work out.

Federal officer
married to a civilian...

It's always tough.

Runs a little deeper than that.

I'll only be a minute.

- Hi.
- Hey.

What's going on with Tyler?

It will be easier to explain
after I show you this.

They've been here for decades, Joe.

Anna's waging a war
against mankind,

and for some reason,
she's targeting our son.

- I know it's a lot to grasp.
- Yeah.

Yeah, it's a hell of a lot.

This, um, missing ladder

within Ty's D.N.A...
Why would they do that?

We think that they wanna
put something else in there...

- Something not from you or me.
- This is crazy.

The high levels of phosphorus
in my blood, the preeclampsia...

The Visitors did that.

They have been messing with
Tyler since before he was born.

And what does...
What does Tyler know about all this?

Nothing, and we can't tell him.

If Anna ever thought
that he knew,

his life would be in danger.

And then you let...
You let him date one of them?

We can trust Lisa.

Who else knows
about the Visitors,

- about what they really are?
- There's a small group of us.

We have to be careful
who we tell.

I need your help.

What do you think I can do
and why do you think I can help?

The one thing that Tyler wants
more than anything else

is his family back together.

And that is the one thing
that Anna can't give him.

I need you with me, Joe.

Lisa, what are you doing?

It's for Tyler.

Today is his eighteenth birthday.

It would raise suspicion if his girlfriend
didn't give him a present.

Now that Tyler is eighteen,

he will no longer be bound
to do as his parents command.

He'll be able to make
his own choices,

and we must make sure
he chooses us.

How can we be sure he'll do that?

Because I can give him
something humanity cannot...

A future.

Interesting piece
this morning, Chad.

You really think
this Concordia project

is all world peace,
jobs for everyone,

chicken in every pot?

Anna hasn't promised anything
she didn't deliver so far.

Well, all the same, a lot of people
are asking hard questions about her,

but not you.

I'm not sure you're the guy to do it.

What's that supposed to mean, Neil?

A few months ago, everybody and
their mother was drinking the V kool-aid.

Now people aren't so sure.
Ratings are slipping.

I wanna change the format
of Prime Focus...

add a, uh, critical voice
to face off against you.

- A kind of point/counterpoint?
- Exactly.

We're bringing in talent from Boston,
Philly, and D.C. this afternoon.

I'd like you to screen-test if somebody
looks promising.

Whatever you need.

I'm surprised you're good
with this.

Didn't figure you'd be
so willing to share a spotlight.

Bring 'em on.

Going one-on-one with the other side
is only gonna make me look better.


- Hey.
- Happy Birthday.

Oh. Thanks.

I wanted to get you something

that will always
remind you of us.

I love it...

And you.



Yesterday at the church...

Tyler. Hey.

Lisa, you remember Tyler's dad?

Hi, Kiddo.

Happy Birthday.

Look, I know things didn't go...

too well last time.
I've been...

I've been talking to your mom,

and I've been thinking about it
so much since I saw you last.

You might not believe it,
but when I turned eighteen,

I... I just...
I was so much like you. I...

My old man...
He wasn't there for me either.

Sound familiar?

- Go ahead.
- Open it.

Just, uh, open it up.

After graduation,
I set out on that route

on that '82 Harley shovelhead.

Couple months on the road
by myself,

and it was the best time
of my life

because I found out
who I really was.

The bike's yours.

I restored it for you myself.

But that's not a real gift.

This is.

You have a couple of months

between high school and college,
and I thought...

We both want for you to take
some time to yourself,

think about your future.

I will worry...

Every second that you're gone,

but... Make the trip.

- And we'll be here for you when you get back.
- Yeah.

I want another chance, Ty.

Tyler is too important.

With our plans accelerated,
we need him here now.

We must make sure he's ready.

Can we stop him?

He appears to be giving
his parents' gift

serious consideration.

But he has yet to see my gift.

I've only got a minute.

Kendrick has me working
security for Anna's gala,

celebrate her latest "gift."

What if I told you
that we can ensure that Anna

never gave another "gift"
to Earth?

- I went to see Eli Cohn.
- Without telling us.

Yeah, last time I checked,
we're all Fifth Column.

Let's hear him out.

Eli wants our help...

To assassinate Anna.

- How?
- A bomb.

He wouldn't tell me more
until he knows that we're in.

We're not. He's insane!
The collateral damage alone...

Which is exactly why he needs us.

With you handling security,
we can minimize the collateral...

Minimize? Ryan, we're talking
about three hundred innocent people.

No, no, Eli's right.
Now's the time to strike.

We know exactly where
Anna's gonna be,

and you're handling security.

We may never get another
opportunity like this again.

Lisa would be queen.

I'd get my daughter back,

and Tyler...

Tyler would be safe.

Eli's giving us a chance,
and I'm taking it...

- With or without you.
- Then you mean without me, too.

I'm with the lizard.

As much as I would love
to take Anna out,

I can't agree to this.

Erica, we can end this war

in one swift blow.
This is our shot.

Yeah, and how many innocents
go with her?

Don't do this, Ryan.

Don't put me
in a position tonight

where I have to make a choice.

Because if I have to...

I will take you down.

What just happened in there?

We can't fall apart, not now.

I am not the one
who changed the game plan.

Every day, Anna's grip on Tyler
grows stronger and stronger.

You said it yourself, Jack...
No innocent lives.

Look, I know it wasn't easy.

We made the right choice.

Erica, I...

Joe. Yeah.

Where are you?

I'll be right there.

- What's going on?
- Tyler got a call from Anna.

Said she had
a birthday gift for him.

Erica, what a surprise.

I thought you would be busy
with preparations for tonight.

I am. Uh, Joe called.
He said Tyler was so excited.

I wanted us to all come up here,
see this gift as a family.

I'm Joe Evans.
I'm Tyler's father.

Erica tells me that you've taken
quite an interest in our son.

Tyler's special...

Which is why I wanted to present

this very important
birthday gift to him.

I'd like you to meet Thomas,
my chief engineer.

Pleasure to meet you, Tyler.

Mr. and Mrs. Evans.

Wait. So you, like, uh,
designed the ship?

I did.

Anna tells me that you
are the perfect candidate

to become part of Concordia.

How would you like to be

the first human to pilot
one of our shuttles?

Happy Birthday, Tyler.

Thank... Thank you.

Mother, how generous of you.

You will live here,

and I will personally
oversee your training.

- For how long?
- He's got school.

We'll work around
his school schedule.

Soon enough, you'll be
at the controls of your own shuttle.

Thank you so much.

- Would you like a tour of the cockpit?
- Yeah.


Thank you, Anna, uh,

for giving our son
this incredible opportunity.

Thank you for allowing me
to play a role in his life.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I must prepare for tonight.

I don't know what it means,

but my mother said
with Concordia starting,

whatever she needs Tyler for,
she needs him now.

Every plan she has

pulls him farther and farther
away from us.

How are we gonna protect him now?

Come on, Kerry.

You've gotta admit
that Concordia,

with cutting-edge technology,
dynamic learning opportunities,

and real jobs in a harsh economy

is a home run for the Visitors.

When newcomers arrive
on your shores,

- you have to be careful...
- Beware of Greeks bearing gifts?

Exactly. The Trojan horse
filled with soldiers,

smallpox-infected blankets
for the Native Americans...

These "gifts" didn't work out
too well for the recipients, did they?

But Anna has demonstrated
the utility of her gifts.

We have clean air
and revitalized deserts to prove it.

And I'm sure the Native Americans
were warm in their blankets

they started dying in them.

Cut. That was great.

The public deserves
to hear both sides.

It's good TV.

job's yours if you want it.

Hey. You've been gone a long time.

- Everything okay with Ty?
- Yeah. He hasn't seen his dad for a while.

I wanted to be there for him,
but I am up to speed.

- Let's get the briefing started.
- Great.

Nice to see you again, Marcus.

All right, people.

With the recent increase
in Fifth Column attacks,

protocol tonight
will be security level one.

If I may,
Assistant Director Kendrick...

Before we begin, Anna would like
to say a few words.

I'd like to thank the entire FBI

and most especially
the Fifth Column task force

for agreeing to provide security
at this very important event.

We're happy to assist
any way we can.

Thank you, Agent Evans.
I know pulling together security

on such short notice
is no easy task.

Don't worry, Anna.

Everyone in this room has
only one goal: Your safety.

You changed your mind
about the assassination. Why?

Anna's plans for Tyler
have accelerated,

and like Hobbes said,
we have an opportunity

we may not get again.

I'm glad to see you're coming
around to my way of thinking.

But we do it our way.

Without risking any innocent lives...
No bombs.

We use a sharpshooter.
Hobbes can make the shot.

Our team has to be
perfectly coordinated,

because all eyes will be on us.

And media from all around the world.

We will have metal detectors
at the security checkpoints

and an ion scanner that will detect

microscopic residue
of explosives from clothing.

And we'll have a hard-line perimeter

- that no one will get through.
- The event was organized last-minute,

creating vulnerabilities we can
exploit if we work together.

I'm only gonna have one shot
to take Anna down.

Tell me where to place it.

To the right of her sternum.

Opposite side of the human heart.

The perimeter...
It's too far out.

Shot's gonna have to come
from inside.

- Okay, so how does he get in?
- Hobbes?

Well, Father,
if you bring a noisy rabble

to the west of... here,

since you've joined me
on the FBI bad boy list,

Erica's gonna have to send
agents to deal with you.

They'll pull them
from the security line,

leaving a hole for Hobbes
to get inside.

Once there, I'll give him
access into the building.

I know that speaking out
against the Visitors

will directly contradict
your orders from the Vatican.

We're all putting everything
on the line to stop Anna. I'm just...

You can count on me.

Shot's too important.
You're gonna need a spotter... me.

And my men are gonna be
among your rabble,

making sure that the cops
have a nice, long time

away from their posts.

Good. Our team's working
as one... for tonight.

your security officers informed me

that Anna's personal safety will
be handled by Visitor guards.

That is correct.
Anna will never be left unprotected.

- Anna's guards will know me by sight.
- Which is why you're not gonna be there.

Anyone spots you, we're toast.

Okay, what about Chad?
He'll be covering the event.

Should we... Should we tell him?

The fewer people
who know about this,

the less chance we have
of getting caught.

Disposable, untraceable.

All information flows through me.

We toss them when we're done.
You ready for this?



It's a nice plan.
May just work.


Any questions?

No, you and your team
have been very thorough.

Knowing you're in charge,
Agent Evans,

I'm sure Anna will feel
much safer.

Marcus tells me everything is ready
for tonight's announcement.

And Concordia's structures
will be completed

by the time the effects
of red sky

have readied the humans
for breeding.

Your design is commendable.

They'll never know
its true purpose

until it's too late.

The landing function
is interwoven

into the building's

Once the cloaked ships set down,

the next phase of the invasion
may begin.

Then our soldiers can collect their women
and prepare them for what's to come.

The humans think they're
building their future,

when in fact,

they're digging their own graves.

Do you remember the day that
we brought him home from the...


- You never dressed like that for work before.
- Thanks for noticing.

Heard anything from Ty?

Um... He called.

He's staying overnight with Lisa.

At least I know she won't
let anything happen to him.

Look... Just, um...

Be careful.


I will.

Listen, you have
a long drive back.

Did, uh... Do you wanna
crash on the couch?

You sure?


Your daughter likes to be held.

- Look how happy she is.
- I got word you wanted to see me.

What is it, Ryan?

Torn by your decision?

Don't be.

Choosing your daughter
over the humans was the right thing to do.

But you have to keep up
your end of the bargain.

What else do you want?

You have infiltrated
the Fifth Column.

I wanna know if there are any
threats against us for tonight.

I purposely announced
the gala last minute

so there wouldn't be time
to coordinate any violence.

There's nothing
that I'm aware of.

I'm not deep enough
to be privileged with that information.

Get in deeper.

Her disease is getting worse.
Poor thing.

Only my bliss and my bliss alone
can alleviate her pain.

Then do it.

Don't let her suffer.

There, there.

All better...

For now.

I bet the President couldn't
set up such a big party so fast.

Welcome to Anna's world.

Whatever she wants to happen...


What are you doing here?

Talked Neil to getting me
on the list.

Thought if I'm going to be covering Anna,
I shouldn't miss it.

Think you can get me
an introduction?

It's an honor to meet you, Anna.
Would you mind if I asked you

one question off the record?


Ask anything you wish.

You gave us the healing centers
and then red rain,

and you cleaned our oceans

and you brought life
back to our deserts,

but what's the real purpose
behind all this generosity?

I don't understand your question.

Well, sometimes when people
are given things

they didn't ask for,

there's a larger motive
behind it.

In human culture, perhaps,

but we've never given
anything that wasn't needed.

Ask Chad.

We are of peace... Always.

Thank you, Anna.
Great party.

The presentation will begin soon.
I hope you enjoy it.

All right, it's a go.

Keep it peaceful!
But keep it strong, okay?

- Come on!
- V's, go home! V's, go home!

Father Landry's organizing
some protesters at the east gate.

Requesting backup.

- I just got a...
- I know. It's a protest.

- South quadrant. The good Father Landry.
- Peel off a couple of our guys, shut it down

- before it gets out of control.
- I'm on my way.

Let's go.

V's, go home! V's, go home!

V's, go home!

V's, go home! V's, go home!

V's, go home! V's, go home!
V's, go home!

What do you got?

We've got a situation.
We're gonna need everybody down here.

It's a celebration
unlike any other tonight,

as Visitor High Commander Anna
prepares to present

her latest gift to humanity...

Anna is making her way
to the podium now.

Only my bliss can alleviate her pain.

Ladies and gentlemen,

here to launch the Concordia Project,
please welcome to the podium

High Commander Anna.

Ryan Nichols just reported in.

The Fifth Column is positioned
to assassinate you.

We must proceed.

No. I will take your place.
You are the target, not me.

What's happening?
I don't like this.

Marcus said something to Anna.
I think someone tipped them off.

Anna wishes to thank you all for coming.

However, she elected not
to speak tonight

and asked that I take her place.

We need to abort.

We have a shot at Marcus.

That is not the plan.

Tell her Erica if we can't cut
the head off the beast,

we can at least rob it
of its right hand.

We're never gonna have
this opportunity again.

We've gotta take the shot.

To exemplify Concordia's spirit
of cooperation

between Visitors and humans,

I would like to introduce to you
an extraordinary young man...

It's war, Erica. No retreat.

Think of what they have planned
for your son... For humanity.

Fine. Do it. Now.

The first human to ever
pilot a V shuttle...

Tyler Evans.

Abort, abort!
Hobbes can make the shot.

No, not if it means
risking my son's life.

Your son's life is at risk
if we don't take the shot.

We're taking it.
Tell her that I've got this.

Let me get him out of there.

When you have a clear shot,
take it.

A clear shot. Confirm.

Clear shot.



Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome Tyler's mother,
Special Agent Erica Evans.

This is a special moment...

the first human shuttle pilot

and Erica, head of
the Fifth Column task force,

a key figure
in protecting our presence

on this lovely planet.

Needless to say,

the Evans family is a model
of what Concordia stands for.

We've gotta get out of here now!

Joshua said that Marcus is alive,

but his condition is critical.

His injuries were deep
and intricate

and despite
our healing technologies,

he may not survive.

Concordia must move forward
despite this setback.

I need someone I can trust
at my side

to take Marcus' place.

Thank you, Thomas.

Tyler has informed us that he
will not be joining our program

as we had hoped.

I know that he was vital
to your plan.

Tyler's important to us.
He's the one Lisa has chosen.

But he's not our only option.

There are others.

I'm so glad you decided not
to do the shuttle program, Ty.

We got a lot
of catching up to do.

You know...

When I saw the blood hit Mom,

all I could think was...

I don't wanna lose you guys.


Prepare to be amazed.


Thanks, Mom.

Happy Birthday, Tyler.

Make a wish.

You're lucky you even
have a job right now.

You know that?
You and Evans both.

What the hell happened tonight?

I don't know.

But I can think of a few
colorful things to call it.

I have a theory.

Let's hear it.

I gave Erica a lot of rope today,
and she took it.

Yeah, I've seen it.

Yeah, but you haven't
seen this one.

It was taken this morning

when she was supposed
to be with her kid.

Surveillance unit had it for me
when I got back here tonight.

What's your point?

This wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald
in the school book depository.

It was a highly coordinated plan,

multiple parties acting together.

Father's Landry protest
was no coincidence.

It was a planned distraction.

Now I let him go because
I wanna catch a bigger fish.

What are you saying, Chris?

It's a request
to the Justice Department

for a formal investigation
into Special Agent Erica Evans.

I don't like it either, Paul.

But we can't ignore this
any longer.

I heard all about
what you did tonight, Jack.

You know what the consequences
are for something like this.

The Vatican was clear.

I only did and said
what I believe in.

I don't understand.
You'll be laicized.

You'll never wear the collar again.

They can take my collar.

But they can't take my faith.

You lied to me.

You knew about the assassination
attempt before I left.

It may cost Marcus' life.

I'm sorry, Anna.
You were right.

I don't have anyone. Okay?

That's why I warned you.
That's why I saved your life.

Now please.

Bliss my daughter.

I'll give you whatever you want,
whoever you want.


You will.

Thank you...

My Queen.

Marcus' condition
remains unknown at this time

following the attempt
on his life earlier tonight.

Stay tuned to WNT
for continuing live coverage

of all of the events
surrounding tonight's gala.

Who the hell tipped Anna off?

There were only two people
who had the information

and the means to alert Anna.

Oh, correction.

One person...

And one reptile.

And I damn well know
it wasn't Erica.


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