V (2009–2011): Season 2, Episode 7 - Birth Pangs - full transcript

Erica, seeking revenge against Anna, heads to Hong Kong to carry out a mission to strike a lethal blow against Anna. Meanwhile, Anna learns that Tyler's phosphorous level is too low - even after the Red Rain -- and he might become useless to her; and Lisa and Diana bond, beginning to form an alliance against Anna.

Previously on V...

How many times have I warned you
your hatred would cost you your faith?

The hostage has now been identified
as Erica Evans.

I have no illusions
I'm gonna walk out of here alive.

But you and John Fierro must.

You want me to leave?
Prove me right about you, Erica Evans.

You betrayed your friends.
I can never forgive you.

I have an assignment for you. Bring this
within 100 yards of Eli Cohn's building.

If you would've stopped the 5th Column,
then maybe Dad would be alive!

I can't tell you how sorry I am
about your father's death.

Thomas tells me you've adapted
nicely to life on the mother ship...

That you've embraced
the pilot training program.

Everything's been great up here.

Before one can begin
deep space flight,

all pilots must take
one final physical examination.

A formality, of course.

It all starts here.

The examination will assess Tyler's DNA
to assure that he's medically ready.

Have Joshua report back
with the results immediately.

Yes, my Queen.

everything's falling into place.

Eli Cohn and the 5th Column
have been obliterated.

Marcus will recover
from his injuries.

Concordia moves forward.

Soon, the landing sites for our breeding
ships can begin construction,

and with Tyler aboard,

we can begin
the next phase of interbreeding.

I'm surprised
you didn't bring a hatbox.

Don't worry.
I won't crowd your closet space.

I'll leave plenty of room
for all your cool black t-shirts.

Look, Hobbes...

Thanks for the offer
to let me stay here.

It's only temporary
until I can find a place.

Twelve years in the church,
and my life fits into two duffel bags.

What's the over-under on you two
killing each other within the week?

I've been trying to reach you.
You okay?

I'm fine. Thanks.

Have you talked to Tyler?

Not since Joe's funeral.
He's on the ship.

He won't return my calls.
I don't wanna talk about it. I'm sorry.

Who the hell is that?

That is Fierro... Eli's man.
I asked him to meet us here.

You gave him my address?

We need to trust this guy.

He is our only conduit to the army
we need to take Anna down.

You are still on bereavement leave.

Sure you ready
to jump back into this?

Anna wants a war.
I'm gonna give her one.

Let him in.

John Fierro,
this is Kyle Hobbes, Jack Landry...

My top lieutenants.

Good to meet you.

I walked through fire with Eli.

If he trusted you, then so do I.

I'm glad to hear it, because I am ready
to assume leadership of the 5th Column,

as Eli requested.

There's a small group
of trusted lieutenants.

Eli relied on them.

In the wake of his death, they're
gathering in Bangkok to strategize.

You need to be there.

Fake IDs have gotten me
in and out of the East a time or two.

I guess we're going to Bangkok.

How do we get started?

His vitals are excellent,

but his phosphorus levels
are not as high as they need to be.

Red Rain should have infused him with
enough phosphorus for interbreeding.

Every human's biology is unique.

Tyler's body appears to be rejecting
the surge of phosphorus.

a concentrated dose to him.

I cannot guarantee Tyler will absorb
enough to make him viable.

We may have to alter our plans.

Have the backup candidates
been tested?

Rafael, a young man from Barcelona.

He is our most promising.

Arrange for Rafael
to visit with Lisa.

What if she rejects him?

Lisa will breed
with whomever I tell her to.

You're gonna be a great pilot.


I passed my physical?

In fact, Thomas says you're ready
for your first overnight flight.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

Go get ready.

I'm counting on you.

It'll be easier to explore Rafael's
potential with him out of the way.

Administer the phosphorus injection
to Tyler and see how he responds.

And if his levels remain low?

Then unfortunately for him...

he's no longer of use to us.

Season 2 Episode 7
Birth Pangs

Les L?zards

We respected Eli,

but his decision to hand over leadership
was unilateral and unnecessary.

We already have many plans
in motion, Agent Evans,

including a strike
to avenge Eli's death.

The suicide bombings?

The attacks against innocent humans?

You're throwing pebbles at a giant.

- I told you this was a waste of time.
- Stop.

If we are going to defeat the V's,
we need to change tactics.

Eli died at the hands of the Visitors

because his plan didn't work.

We are going to bring
this war to Anna.

I have contacts on her ship...

access that you don't have...

That you will never have.

Eli chose her to lead.

We owe it to him
to give her a chance.

Present us with a plan.

Otherwise, leadership'll pass to someone
who's already proven their worth.

Tyler's very excited
about the pilot training program.

He leaves on his first
overnight trip tonight.

All of your plans
are coming together.

Tyler hasn't spoken
to his mother in over a week.

We are finally becoming his family.

In the meantime,

I have an assignment for you.

While Tyler is away,
you'll meet a young man named Rafael.

I want you to entertain him.

But what about Tyler?

If he senses my disloyalty to him,
it could upset everything.

My plans for Tyler
are none of your concern.

You will entertain Rafael.

Don't question me again.

How'd the meeting go?

Eli Cohn's lieutenants don't think
I have what it takes to lead them.

We fought this war
on our own before, Erica.

It's bigger than us now, Jack.

If we're going to defeat Anna,
we need an army to do it.

How do we do that?

We start by asking the big question.
Why are the Visitors here?

If we know what Anna wants,
we'll know how to stop her.

We know they want us for breeding.

But we don't know
what that actually means.

The live-aboards.

When I interviewed Anna last week,

she said the next batch of live-aboards
to come up will be the last.

If Anna's stopping live-aboards...

It means she got whatever she needed.
Question is, what?

There might be someone
who can help us find out...

Anna's daughter Lisa.
She's a friend.

Anna's daughter
is working against her?

Anna can never find out.

Get to Lisa.

Tell her I sent you.

Where are you in the DNA research?

I reached out to the global
scientific community.


Seems there were cases of other boys
with part of their DNA missing,

but so far, all the ones
I've found died as infants.

Keep looking. We need to find everything
we can about those other boys.

What did Eli tell you
about his son's death?

He had me investigate it.

So I started with the doctor
who delivered him... Avner Nizani.

- Were you able to find this Nizani?
- He's dead.

But I kept digging,
looked into his practice.

Turns out all the babies
that he delivered 18 years ago...

An unusually high number
of them died.

The cause of death was listed
as sudden infant death syndrome.

It's possible that those babies died
because their DNA was messed with.

They wouldn't have thought
to check for that.

I found a common link
between the babies who died...

All their mothers suffered
from pre-eclampsia.

Many of the mothers also were treated
by the same specialist... Dr. Veena Rai.

I know her.

- She treated me. I looked for her.
- But you couldn't find her?

- How did you know that?
- I couldn't either, but I reached out.

I enlisted help from
Eli's contacts around the world.

Any luck?

There's a cop in Hong Kong
that thinks he's found Dr. Rai.

If it is Rai, she might know what
the Visitors did to those boys and why.

I wanna talk to Dr. Rai.

We're going to Hong Kong.

Leave us.

Rafael is en route from Barcelona
as you requested.

According to his file,
his phosphorus levels are ideal.

You're one of
my most trusted advisers.

What I'm about to ask you
requires the utmost discretion.

I'm beginning to sense
a weakness in Lisa.

It's possible she's experiencing
human emotions.

What can I do to help, my Queen?

Lie to her.

Tell her your memory is returning...

That you recall what it's like
to experience human emotions.

Whatever she says or does,

report to me directly.

It's taken a week for you
to decide you can trust me?

I would have come sooner,
but my mother watches my every move.

You're under a great deal
of pressure as future queen.

What's troubling you, my dear?

A while ago,

my mother instructed me
to get close to a boy named Tyler.

Now she's ordered
I get close to someone else.

Why would she do that?

Another boy?

Anna must be changing her plans.

You care for this boy Tyler,
don't you?

Our species is not supposed
to have human emotions.

Embrace them, Lisa.

I had to learn the hard way.

Emotions can give you power

unlike anything else.

- If my mother ever knew, she'd...
- Throw you down here like she did me.

That's why she can never know
that you have feelings for Tyler...

For any human being.

What about the other boy?

I don't wanna be with him.

You shouldn't have to, Lisa.

But you must protect yourself.

You must convince Anna

that you are
the loyal and obedient daughter

she expects you to be.

Your safety

and our survival depend on it.

Chad Decker, WNT news.

My mother speaks very highly of you.

I've been meaning to talk to Anna about
doing an exclusive interview with you...

What it's like being the First Daughter.
It'd be a great piece.

Whatever my mother wants.

Erica Evans says
you might be able to help me.

And why would Mrs. Evans say that?

Because I'm working with her.

I don't know what you mean.

I know the truth, Lisa.

You helped Erica
destroy Anna's soldier eggs.

You wanna stop your mother...

just like I do.

What do you want from me?

I know the live-aboards
have been tortured.

You need to help us find out why.

Lives depend on it, Lisa.


May I have a word?

Joshua, what are you doing here?

As you know, when I was shot,
my memory was wiped clean.

Lately, some of it
has started to return.

I only remember fragments, but...

I do remember being 5th Column.

And feeling human emotion.

These memories seem so real.

I want to talk about them.
And I remember that I once did...

with you.

Obviously, you remember wrong.

Of course, my Queen.

Forgive me.

Are you kidding?

Hong Kong cops never heard
of a doughnut shop?

Chicken feet are a delicacy.

Fierro told us you've tracked down
someone Eli was looking for...

A Dr. Veena Rai.

Is this who you're looking for?

That's her.

She took a long time to find.

She's living under an assumed name
here in Hong Kong.

- Maybe we should pay her a visit.
- Rai lives in a highly secure building.

The police are wired
into apartment security.

I could give you access,
but not shut the system down.

I can.
Hacking's my specialty.

It's one specialty, anyway.

You'd only have a very short window.

The system does internal checks
every 15 minutes.

It sounds an alarm
if anything is amiss.

Just get us in. We need to find out
what Rai did to my son.

The Hong Kong PD
will never know we were there.


That was subtle.

We go on Chiang's signal.

All right. We're in.

Erica, we've tapped in.

The monitors will now go on a loop.

You've got 15 minutes
before the system automatically reboots.

Good to go.


Let's go.

Who do you think you are?

- I trusted you.
- What?

You treated me...

Me and my baby, eighteen years ago.

- You were supposed to take care of us!
- You're making a mistake!

I don't know who you are!

Get her hands.

She's a V.

Let me be very clear.

I am going to skin you slowly
from neck to tail

until you tell me everything
that you did to my son.

I'm gonna keep you alive

so that you feel every cut.

Tell me where your safe is.



The bedroom.

Show me.

Come on.
We've gotta move.

It's up there.

I like that one.
The lizard's safe.

Rai, what's the combination?

We got to move.

We're gonna need tools...

Power drill, flashlight,
whatever you can find.

Cops will be here soon.

- Flashlight!
- I got the drill.

Got to raise the pressure
on the inside

so it's higher
than it is on the outside.

Trick is not blowing up
the content in the process.

Pretty quick to slice and dice
back there, Agent Evans.

- How'd you know about Rai?
- I didn't.

I like this new you.

- That's very Mission: Impossible.
- Det-cord...

- I never leave home without it.
- Good thing.

Got that flashlight?

Here, your hands are small.

Let's jam it into that thing.

Now keep going.
All the way in...

- I got it.
- Keep going.

Like, half an inch exposed.

I'll take it from here, yeah.

It's a holo-device.
We found one in Malik's safe.


We've got two minutes.

Just hear me out, okay?

What are you gonna say, Ryan?
You lied to us.

- You betrayed us.
- I never gave your names to Anna.

Your actions killed dozens of people.

- Erica's ex-husband is dead.
- You don't think I know that?

Anna had my baby, Jack.

I made a mistake,
but there was nothing else I could do.

No, Ryan.
You could have told us the truth.

We didn't even know
you survived the bombing.

I have to get my baby away from Anna.

I need help.

Of all the people,
you would be the one that understands.

Everybody needs a second chance.

I'm not a priest anymore, Ryan.
It's not my job to absolve you.

Rai visited the same cities
over and over for 19 years.

There's 29 boys here.

In 29 cities.

Each one has a mother ship
parked over them.

They're there because of those boys.

Tyler's not the only one.

- If Anna has others...
- That means that Tyler...

My son... is expendable.

We'll figure it out, Erica.

We'll figure it out,
we'll stop her...

And we'll keep Tyler safe.

Any idea what these are?

Prenatal vitamins.

I took those when I was pregnant.


Why would a doctor
keep prenatal vitamins in a safe?

They wouldn't, unless they were trying
to hide something.

What the hell was that?

Welcome back.

I thought you were done
with the priest routine.

Well, it doesn't work like that.
Wherever I walk, He walks.

Try to keep Him contained
to your corner, eh?

Why? You afraid of what
He's gonna find in yours?

- How'd it go in Hong Kong?
- We found prenatal pills

with these freaky
metal bugs inside them.

Science boy's taking a look.


seems that.

Erica's kid isn't the only one
that Anna's keeping her eye on.

There are 28 more.


We'll be right there.

I found out why my mother
wanted the live-aboards.

I'm sending you information
that will explain it all.

Come here.
Look at this.

They must have programmed it
to go after DNA with a Y-chromosome.

That's why the pregnant mothers
and baby girls weren't affected.

We know what the V's did,
but we still don't know why.

They created empty space
inside the DNA to put something in.

- But what?
- I think I might know.

Lisa came through.

She downloaded
the live-aboards' medical files.

Anna isn't choosing
these live-aboards randomly.

She is inviting people up to the ship
who are exceptional...

Genetically exceptional.

"High fertility.
Elevated immunity.

"Longevity." And this part...

"Gene extraction complete."

Those dates must be when they put
the live-aboards into the machine.

She's stealing DNA
from the live-aboards.

She's not just stealing any DNA.
She is harvesting the best of the best.

That's awesome.

I mean, not awesome.

But it explains something
that's been driving me crazy.

This is from Alpha,
the V skeleton I found.

His DNA is a hundred times
more complex than normal DNA.

But then, there's this.
This is Malik's DNA.

It's 1,000 times more complex
than Alpha's.



The genetic evolution
from Alpha to Malik should have taken

5,000 years.
The V's did it in fifty.

Give it to us in English, Einstein.

This explains why the V's
didn't just annihilate us.

They need us alive.
They're stealing the best of our DNA.

They're using us
to fast-track their own evolution.

Rafael has arrived.

Did you approach Lisa like I asked?

I did.

She gave no indication
she's ever felt human emotion.

She could be testing you.

You may be right.

I saw Lisa looking
through medical files.

What files?

I don't know...

But she does not know that I saw her.

I was told this is
where I could find Lisa.

You must be Rafael.

I didn't know you had arrived.

A short time ago.

This ship...

It is quite impressive.

You've only seen a small part.

Once I show you the rest...

You'll never want to leave.

You're very handsome.

I can't do this.
I'm sorry.

You have to go.

Why did you send him away?

You directly disobeyed my orders.

I'm tired

of being told what to do.

I demand

you tell me what your plan is for me.

How dare you talk to me like that?

You want to strike me, don't you?

I do.

Then what's stopping you?

I didn't mean it.

I'm sorry, Mother.

Don't be.

Your breeding skin's fueling
the aggression you need to become Queen.

But you're not Queen yet,

and until you are,

you will do as I tell you.

The problem with Lisa may be
more serious than I first thought.

We cannot proceed
with interbreeding without Lisa.

You need to see something.

A Queen egg.

I had it preserved.

The last of my clutch.

If Lisa proves disloyal,
she can be replaced.

This egg is my only alternate
to interbreeding.

The survival of our species
may depend on it.

Can you hatch it safely?

- Yes.
- Then begin the process immediately.

But it will take years for the new Queen
to reach reproductive maturity.

Our accelerated growth experiments
have not proven successful.

Then run more.

The children from your final clutch
have all matured.

The only option would be...

The hybrid baby.

At birth, she did appear
more Visitor than human...

Our skin, our tail,

- our claws.
- Do it.

Such experimentation could result
in the hybrid's death.

Then she'll die serving her Queen.

It's possible the Visitors
have been doing this

all across the universe,

consuming the best
of every life-form they encounter

to create a superior, master species.

Now they're doing it on Earth.

And these boys fit in how?

Each of the 29 boys is missing
a part of their DNA.

There's a void.

We believe
that the V's plan to fill that void

using a mixture
of the genes they have stolen.

What happens
after they insert the new DNA?

I'll find out.

In just two days,
working with my team,

I have uncovered
a vital part of the V's plan.

Imagine what I could do with an army.

What you've discovered
is most impressive.

What's next?

Before I tell you, I need
to know that you trust me

unequivocally as leader
of the Fifth Column.

We're ready to follow you,
Agent Evans...

All of us.

Anna is about to welcome the final group
of live-aboards onto the ship.

We suspect
that once she gets their DNA,

she'll have what she needs to move on
to the next part of her plan.

We're going to stop that
from happening.

Tyler is proving
to be quite a capable pilot.


Check Tyler's
phosphorus levels immediately.

I'm still hopeful we can
move forward with him.

How did Lisa respond to Rafael?

Not as well as I would have liked.

I convinced him to stay
on the ship for now.

However, Lisa must be dealt with.

How are we progressing
with my backup plan?

We've initiated the experimentation
as you requested.

Perhaps you'd like to see
the results for yourself.

The hybrid survived
the aging experiment.

However, there was
an unforeseen side effect.

Her maturation has strengthened
her immune system.

Her body seems to have healed
itself of its chronic pain.

That means we no longer have
leverage over Ryan Nichols.

Where's my daughter?

Look at you.


Welcome back.

Eli Cohn is dead

and the Fifth Column
have been neutralized.

As a reward, you get to spend
a few hours with your daughter.

Thank you...

my Queen.

Excellent work, Joshua.

Ryan's cover has been compromised
within Fifth Column.

He is no longer of any use to us.

Arrange to have him eliminated...


There's nothing like that.
I mean, nothing.

I missed you.

I missed you, too, but I have to
go take a shower, because

Thomas is gonna teach me
how to download my flight report...

- You can't keep running away from me.
- What are you talking about?

I know you're holding in
your emotions.

Your father just died.

It's okay to be sad,

to feel.

You don't get it, Lisa.

I don't want to feel
anything anymore.

I just want to be a shuttle pilot

and forget about my past.

You were right.

I do care about Tyler.

He's the one I want to be with.

But I'm no longer sure
he wants to be with me.

I'm sure you will figure it out,
my dear.

I will help you.

I am so grateful that I found you.

You're the only one that understands
what I'm going through.

I learned a long time ago
what you have already seen,

and what your mother
refuses to recognize...

The good in human emotion.

Tyler used to care.
He used to feel.

Now I'm no longer sure.

I disobeyed her today.

I couldn't control my emotions.

Now I'm worried
she suspects I've changed.

You're on very dangerous
territory, my dear.

Your mother must suspect nothing.

Trust no one on the ship,

no one but me.

And you must keep
my presence a secret.

I won't tell anyone.

I promise.

I know you are afraid, my dear.

But everything will be okay.

Why are you doing this?

Because your mother never did.

What's this?

I'm all alone up here.

It's so we can always be in touch

and not risk my mother finding out.