V (2009–2011): Season 2, Episode 4 - Unholy Alliance - full transcript

After the radical faction of the Fifth Column murders three Peace Ambassadors, Erica goes on a mission to hunt down their leader, Eli Cohn, a former Mossad agent. Meanwhile, as Jack and ...

Previously on V...

Sarita Malik has gone missing.

Find her
and identify who's responsible.

They corrupted Tyler's DNA.

What do you know
about Anna's plans for him?

- Nothing.
- Skin her.

Tried to warn my mom about this priest,
but she won't listen to me.

Anna would try
manipulate my interview,

but this...

It's okay, Chad.
The 5th Column holds strong.

It's time you met the others.

- What did you discover?
- I found the 5th Column.

Three peace ambassadors were found
when they opened the PA center,

throats slit.

Probably murdered
in the middle of the night.

- They're waiting for us to ID them.
- Tyler works here.

Oh, my God.

It's not him.

It's not him.

The Italians did this to Mussolini
at the end of World War II.

They strung him up
to brand him a traitor.

Somebody in 5th Column
is a student of history.

They've claimed credit already.

First, coordinated suicide bombings
around the world,

now this.

- He's fine.
- Mom!

- Don't look.
- What happened?

I was supposed to be there.

- Those are my friends.
- I know.

Ty, trust me.

I'm gonna find out who did this.

You got the night with your daughter
as we agreed.

Now it's morning.

The 5th Column has acted again,
killing three of my peace ambassadors.

Find out who's responsible for this
and for the abduction of Sarita Malik.

My bliss has alleviated her pain,

but it will wear off soon.

A man named Eli Cohn.

He commands the faction
that has Malik.

Find them.

Your daughter's so peaceful
when she's not in pain.

With Malik still missing
and this triple homicide,

they're sticking me
with some hotshot from DC.

Another set of eyes on us...

And we still haven't dumped
what's left of lady lizard.

We can't just get rid of Malik.
The bureau is all over this case.

Until they close it,

theycould turn to me,
which means us.

It's not getting any easier,

not until we stop Eli Cohn
and his radical faction.

He's right.
Cohn's out of control.

That could've been Tyler
with this throat slit.

But it wasn't.

We take out Cohn,
we lose a huge asset...

his army,
his international connections.

I'm not saying we don't need the help,
just not his help.

We are fighting two enemies here.

Him and Anna.

You said the FBI's got no leads
on his whereabouts.

Cohn's ex-Mossad. He's a ghost.

A ghost who is pulling kids off
of the street and killing them.

I'm not waiting for my kid
to be next.

We'll find Cohn.

What if we let him find us?

The suicide bomber...
his friends attend my church.

Now some of them
may be Cohn's people, too.

Now what if...

What if I let them know
I'm ready to meet their boss?

Take this down to forensics.
See if you can get a match.

Yes, sir.

Ty's home okay?

He's freaked out, but hanging in.
About this new partner.

- I don't have time for someone new.
- This is the director's go-to guy.

You already know him.

Chris Bolling.

Erica Evans.

You're the hotshot agent from DC?

Standards are slipping.

They took their time
to put us together.

After the trouble
we got into in the academy?

I don't remember any trouble.

I hope you don't mind I'm here.

No, it's okay.

I am glad to have you.

I dove right in.

I looked at what you've got on
5th Column, and I noticed something.

You mind?

Took a step back,
looked at it from a wide angle,

asked myself, "What sticks out?"


Everywhere I look,

this guy keeps popping up...
Jack Landry.

The good father
might be able to tell us

about the peace ambassador murders.

Topping headlines today,

5th Column,

the anti-V terrorist group

for the suicide bombings
in each of the 29 cities

where visitor ships are present,

has now claimed responsibility
for the peace ambassador murders

in New York City
earlier this morning.

In addition to the escalation

of violence against the visitors,

a growing number
of religious figures

have begun speaking out
against the V's.

It remains uncertain as to whether

they will ultimately urge
acceptance or dissent.

Among those leaders,
cardinal Janusz Wolichek

has been heading up
the discussions at the Vatican,

but as of yet, no answers.

We should help this cardinal Wolichek
in his search for answers.

Thank you for coming
on such short notice.

It's nice to have someone like you
whom I can trust.

You still haven't told me
where we go.

It's a surprise.


we're already here.

2x01- Red Rain -

Les L?zards

This is Chad Decker, reporting live

from St. Peter's Square
in Vatican City,

where in just a few moments,
I will join Anna

as she meets
with cardinal secretary of state,

Janusz Wolichek,

to discuss the possibility

of inviting missionaries
onboard mother ships

to teach the visitors

about humanity's preeminent
religious institutions.

Welcome, Anna.

On behalf of his holiness,
I welcome you to the Vatican.

Thank you, cardinal.

I'm humbled
by your esteemed presence.

This way, please.

Thank you so much for coming.

Watch your step.

Thank you for coming.

Much more outspoken than usual.

Yeah, I'm fed up.

Can't help but feel it's time to...

It's time to do something.

Starting to sound a lot
like the 5th Column there.

Maybe so.

But more and more,
I get what they are trying to do.

How's Tyler handling what happened?

As well as can be expected.
Thank you for asking.

Not to get awkward,

but I heard about your two partners
both missing.

It's been a couple of months.

- Should I be worried?
- Depends. You're a Mets fan?

If it'll keep me from going missing,
I'll be whatever you want me to be.

When was the last time
you talked to this priest?

We hauled him in a few weeks ago,
put him through the wringer.

I got the same vibe
that you did at first.

The guy's got a big mouth,
but he's harmless.

Father Landry?


Evans, is it?

This is Agent Bolling.

We'd like to ask you a few questions
about the peace ambassador murders.

I heard. It's a...

a tragedy.

Most of this 5th Column violence

done by a guy named Eli Cohn.

FBI's been monitoring him.
Ever heard of him?

Reason we ask is...

when it comes to 5th Column,
your name keeps popping up.


How exactly does it keep popping up?

You were a person of interest
in the shuttle shoot-down.

The healing center suicide bomber
claims your words as his inspiration.

Like any man of faith,
I speak from my heart.

That doesn't mean I'm advocating
violence or that I'm a threat.

But you're no saint.

Your army jacket credits you
with two kills of combatants in Iraq.

That's not exactly the usual thing
for a chaplain, is it?

I did what I had to do
to protect fallen soldiers.

Military past,
outspoken against the Vs...

Take away the collar, father, you fit
the 5fth Column profile pretty good.

But I do have a collar...

and a homily to write.

Unless you have anything more,
you can see yourselves out.

Waste of time.

You're kidding, right?

He's hiding something.

It has been my pleasure
to welcome many a visiting dignitary,

but never one
as charming nor certainly as...

exotic as you.

You flatter me, your eminence.

I cannot tell you how much the prospect
of introducing your religion

to my people excites me.

Introducing the Visitors to our faith
is an exciting prospect for us as well.

I'm so pleased to hear that.

Before you go,
there is one more thing.

This morning in New York,
three peace ambassadors were killed.

The perpetrators, the same group
that bombed our healing centers,

cited inspiration from one
of your parish priests.

I'm sure you would agree
priests shouldn't use their position

to speak out in hate
against any single group.

Certainly not.

You will understand that before I can
recommend your religion,

I must ask
that you issue a strong condemnation

of all your clergy

who engage in any form
of anti-visitor rhetoric...

An unconditional condemnation,
of course.

All I can offer, Anna,

is that I will bring your request
to the college.

That's all I can ask for,
your eminence.

That ring that priest wears...
I've seen it before...

When I was younger.

Find out everything you can
about him.

I've been keeping
an eye on you, father.

I'm glad you finally expressed interest
in befriending our cause.

It's time we met.

There's a vacant lot
on 6th and Kittridge.

Be there at 3:00 today.

- I'll know if you're not alone.
- Israeli. It's gotta be Cohn.

Finally got a bead on him.

Nice work,
setting yourself up as bait.

So Cohn's hooked.
How are we gonna get to him?

First meeting,
Cohn's gonna be extra careful.

He'll have his men sweep Jack
for tracking devices.

There's no way humanly possible
for us to trail him.

So says the human.

V tracking I used
when I was a sleeper...

It's undetectable
by human technology.

... to be part
of this potentially historic union

between the Catholic Church
and the Visitors.

In light of recent anti-V violence,

this couldn't have come
at a better time.

"In light
of recent anti-v violence."

Cohn is playing right
into Anna's hands.

He's giving her exactly
the ammunition that she needs.

If Anna succeeds, that's a billion
catholics supporting the lizards.

Now we're gonna need some friends,
even ones like Cohn.

We need to listen to this guy.

He killed three more innocents
this morning.

He lost that option.

17 dead at the healing center,
three more this morning...

I'm not waiting for the next one.


A moment?

These works of art...

They're quite beautiful.

They are.

I often like to be here alone
with my thoughts,

or as alone as...

one can be in the presence
of such magnificent work.

This image is quite disturbing.
What does it represent?

The underworld.


Where the unrepentant
are sent upon their death.

Satan, a fallen angel,

is surrounded by the souls
of the damned.

I find it curious you believe the soul
can survive the death of the body.

That is the cornerstone
of our faith...

That the soul is immortal,

meant for everlasting life.

The human soul interests you?

Indeed. Very much.

For example,

do you believe the body
can exist without the soul?

It is the soul that makes us human.

Without it,

we would be nothing
more than animals.

Tyler, you've gotta stop
looking at this.

You're just driving yourself crazy.

It's priests like him
that are inciting the 5th Column.

My friends are dead because of it.

I'm not a proponent of violence
of any kind, against anyone,

certainly not...

Let's get away
from all this for a while, okay?

Let's go do something.

You're right.
I shouldn't just sit here.

I should do something.

Tyler, where are you going?

Payback for my friends
who were killed this morning,

starting with father Jack Landry.

Tyler, you don't even know
that he's responsible.

He's preaching anti-V hate.
That's good enough.

Going in by yourself
is dangerous, Jack.

You okay with that?

Like you said this morning,
I fit the profile for this thing.

Why didn't you tell me about Iraq?
Two kills?

Talking about it...

isn't going to undo it.

Your new partner's good,
which is not good for us.

No, it's not.
He's one of the best.

Magnesium compound.

It'll help us track you.

Locked and loaded.

Let's do this.

This is where Cohn said to meet.

Where the hell is he?

Surprise, surprise, father?

Not really.

Sorry, but we gotta take precaution.

He's clean. Let's go!

He's headed south.

Tyler, this isn't right.
We shouldn't be here.

It's time we sent them
a message of our own.

- You're scaring me.
- Why?

For standing up for you,
for the Visitors? Right?

Tyler, stop!

This is the house of God!

Your suspicions about Moreau
were correct.

He is one of us...
a sleeper.

And he failed
to identify himself to me.

What else do you know?

He was dispatched to earth
by the previous queen, your mother.

His last contact was 15 years ago.
According to this,

his assignment was to study human
emotion and its effect on our species.

After these years, I wonder what he's
learned about emotions and the soul.

Make sure he returns with us
when we leave.

The college is prepared
to render its decision.

She's here.

I am sorry,

but after careful deliberation
with the full college of cardinals,

we will not condemn those clergy
who feel called upon to...

speak their minds.

Your eminence,
distinguished company,

in this short time
I have been among humans,

I've come to understand
the simple power that faith holds.

But its simplicity
is also its weakness.

Why do over a billion followers

look to you and your church
for answers?

Because the answers lie here.

Because they believe
the answers lie here.

And why do they believe that?

Their faith requires it.

But their faith in your institution

is born from proof.

Countless moments, large and small,

over the centuries,
that fuel their faith...

You call them miracles.

Our gifts to the people of Earth...

the healing centers, blue energy,

red rain...

merely products
of highly advance science.

But also viewed as miracles by many.

It would be tragic

for centuries of faith
to suddenly turn from you to me,

all because I can be mistaken
for someone with answers.

Believe me,

that's not something I want.

But how many more miracles
do you think it would take

for your followers to look to me?

One a day?


I only ask that you re-evaluate
your decision...

In the name of faith, of course.

We've just received word
that the college of cardinals

has voted unanimously
to welcome the Visitors

as potential members of the church

and will issue a statement shortly
condemning all anti-V rhetoric

among its clergy.

Anna now looks forward to meeting
with leaders from other major religions,

hoping for a similar welcome.

Your eminence.

- Excuse me.
- Mr. Decker, what do you need?

There was a priest
by your side earlier.

I wanted to say good-bye,
but I can't find him.

Yes, Father Moreau.
I have been informed

that he's volunteered to be the first
missionary amongst the Visitors.

He's leaving with Anna.

Hello, father Landry.

I'm Eli Cohn.

Fire in the hole!

Drop your weapon.
Step away.

Three against one, mate.
Make the smart move.

I got a good shot on him, Erica.

What, you don't think
I do my homework?

No FBI flak.

Obviously off the grid on this one.

And since I'm not dead...

You must be 5th Column.

We're all on the same side,
are we not?

- That's what we're here to find out.
- Difference is...

Unlike you, we don't kill innocent.

They're not innocent people.
They're collaborators.

So that's your answer...
to murder your own kind?

There are some things
you just don't do, even in war.

This isn't like any war
we've ever fought.

You see, Anna...
She needs our cooperation.

That's the only way
she can use us for breeding.

- How do you know this?
- How do you know it?

18 years ago,

my wife suffered through
a difficult pregnancy.

She delivered a healthy boy, but...

he died suddenly.

He was only a few months old.

I wouldn't accept
that there was no explanation,

so I investigated her doctor,
and come to find out,

he's been working with the Visitors.

They did something to my wife
when she was pregnant.

They did something to my son.

I'm not a monster, Erica.

- You know who I am.
- Of course,

as does the world.

You claim to be a true friend
to Anna and the Visitors,

spreading their message
like a prophet.

I noticed how you reacted
to Anna today.

You were bothered by her presence
at the Vatican, weren't you?

As were you.

I don't understand.

I was told that you volunteered
to be the first missionary.

That was a story that Anna created.

Who are you?

Just a faithful soul.

It's more than that, isn't it?

Let me help you.

My fate is already sealed.

But yours is not.

Whatever feelings you have
about Anna, trust them.

Keep up your fight.

God be with you.

What information have you
extracted from his memory?

None, I'm afraid.
He seems to possess

some inner strength that allows him

to fight memory retrieval.

Leave me.

Both of you.

You've been infected
by human emotion.

Is that why
you didn't identify yourself to me?

I was given explicit orders
to report only to my queen.

I am your queen.

All this time,

you've been studying
human emotions and the soul.

I demand that you tell me
everything you've discovered.

I would only tell Diana
what I've learned.

You wanna see your queen?

She's in hell...

Like other souls of the damned.

Maybe we can work
something out here.

This doesn't have
to end badly for you.

Doesn't have to end badly
for any of us if you join me.

Anna was at the Vatican today.
She's making big moves.

- We need to do the same.
- Big moves?

Like the three kids you strung up?
More suicide bombers?

How many more innocent souls
do you plan to take?

My faith taught me
to value every soul.

But... in this kind of war...

I've had to learn to adapt...


make sacrifices.
And so will you.

You know what?
Maybe we can use this guy.

Malik's body.


You want someone responsible
for this peace ambassador murders.

We need someone to pin Malik's death on
and close the investigation.

- Two birds with one stone.
- Yeah.

He's right, Erica.

There's a way we can cement
this new bond of ours.

We have no bond.

I will give you the two men
who killed the peace ambassadors.

You can use them as scapegoats
for your partner's disappearance.

They'll be in this cabin here
tonight at 9:00 ready to take the fall.

- Why would they do that?
- I already told you, father. Sacrifice.

We have a deal?

Go to your queen.


I thought that you were dead,
my queen.

Make him tell us
what he knows about the soul.

It's okay.

Tell me what you know.

Yes, my queen.

Years ago, you tasked me
with determining the risk

of human emotion
contaminating our species.

Among all those
that we have bred with,

it is now my determination

that the human soul is truly unique.

It is not a curse.

But it is the greatest gift
our species has ever found.

We must not run from it.

We must embrace it

and make it part of us.

For 15 years,

I have been confined in this place.

All those years,
I've never lost hope.

Never lost the will to live.

It was the soul
that sustained you, my queen.

And if protected,
it'll sustain our species in the future.


I will use what you know
to eradicate the soul.

When you're being skinned

inch by inch,
you'll tell me everything.

Indeed, I probably would.

I am grateful
that it will be you, my queen.

What have you done?

I gave a loyal servant
the honorable death he deserved.

He's right, daughter.

The soul is not a curse.

It is a blessing,

and we must not deny
our species this gift.

Congratulations, mother.

You just killed your only ally.

I refuse to believe
that our only chance to stop Anna lies

in joining up
with someone like Eli Cohn.

Time to start believing, father.

Our merry little band
just ain't cutting it.

I don't like him
any more than you do, all right?

But if we could use him
to tie up Malik's death

and blame it on somebody else,

that's an offer we can't pass up.

We have to close
the Malik investigation,

and I want the men who murdered
those peace ambassadors.

It's always
that first bite of the apple.

My God.

What happened?

Anybody hurt?

Three teenagers.

Happened so quick,
I didn't see anything.

- What'd the police say?
- I didn't call the authorities.

I didn't wanna bring
any more attention on to you.


It's your anti-V rhetoric
that's turned our church

into a target.

You did this.


Kendrick said you were back.

Thank you for covering me.

I got to spend some time with Tyler.

Look, Erica,

we're not just partners.
We're friends.

It is nice
to have someone that I can...


Did you get anywhere
in our investigation?

I'm going
after the surveillance warrants.


It's gonna take a couple of days.

Five Brothers Textiles.

That's the suicide bomber
investigation, yeah?

Yeah. It's the last place
Malik and I were checking out

before she was abducted.

I did what you suggested.

I took a step back
and I gave old evidence

a fresh, wide-angle look.

This... this stuck out.

- A receipt?
- On the other side, there's a number,

I thought it was an address
or a partial phone number, but...

"wide angle" got me thinking.

I put the number
through a substitution cipher, and...

I got a hit on the result
with the tri-state DMV.

It's a plate number for a blue van.

at the peace ambassador murders

ID'd a blue van leaving the scene.

I got the address, too.

It's a cabin.
Upstate New York.

Wide angle.

FBI! Get down!

Get down!


Oh, my God. Malik.

I'm sorry.

Your partner deserved better.


I wasn't able
to get Malik out alive.

And the 5th Column who killed her?

An anonymous call,
pointed the FBI in the right direction.

Malik's true identity
was not compromised?

She never broke.

I disposed of her remains,
and I brought that back for proof.

Now bliss my daughter.

Not yet.

We had a deal.

I still need something from you.

Getting this brought you
in proximity to Eli Cohn, correct?

- Correct.
- Good.

I want you to get close to him.

Get him to trust you.

You want Cohn so bad,

why don't you take him out yourself?

I don't want just him.

I want all of them.

I want you
to infiltrate his organization,

become my eyes and ears.

And when the time comes,

you will help me destroy them all.

Need a hand?

With vandalism, no.

But with this...

... coming off the heels
of Anna's visit to the Vatican,

church officials
have issued a statement

condemning all anti-V rhetoric
from clergy worldwide.

Effective immediately,
the Vatican pledges

that intolerance
against the visitors

will be dealt
with swiftly and severely.

Are you gonna be okay?

Probably not,

because I'm not gonna stop
speaking out.

That's Tyler's phone.

This is the house of God!

This is the house of God!

I'm so sorry, Jack.

- This is not the boy that I raised.
- I know.

I feel like I'm losing him.

I need help.

I'll do anything I can.

Any problem pushing through
that surveillance order?

I pulled footage from every camera
near Jack Landry's church.

You asked me to tell you if I noticed
anything suspicious about Erica Evans.

Said she hadn't spoken to him in weeks.
This was taken, four days ago.

You gonna be okay
with this assignment?

I know you two are friends.

That's why you asked for me,
isn't it?