V (2009–2011): Season 2, Episode 3 - Laid Bare - full transcript

Erica learns her partner, Malik, is a Visitor and must fight for her life - literally - to stop Anna from finding out she's Fifth Column. Meanwhile, Anna learns that Malik is missing and ...

Previously on V:

MAN: I wanna be sure, Father,
that this is the right thing to do.

It's time to fight.

Fifth Column is a bigger threat
than anticipated.

We have the weapon
to fight them: Ryan.

You think you can control him?

ANNA: We have his child.
She's sick. I can ease her suffering.

- All you have to do is join us again.
- Okay.

Thank you.
Your queen will be pleased.

I think that FBI Agent Erica Evans
is in danger.

You're out of options here.



Come on. Come on. Come on!




- Jack?
- Erica!

- Erica. Are you okay?
- Yeah.

- How did you find me?
- Knew you were tracking leads...

...on the suicide bombers.
We saw the wreckage.

Look at me. Look at me. Okay.

- What happened?
- Malik's a Visitor.

- I'll be damned.
ERICA: Yeah.

JACK: Let me help you.
ERICA: Okay.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

- You okay?
- I'm fine.


No. Do not kill her.

Keep her alive. We need answers.

Anything and everything
she knows about Anna's plans.

Take her back to your place.
I'll meet you there.

- What about you?
- I gotta call this in.

- What are you doing?
- Giving you a story.

Get her into the truck.


Don't be alarmed, Lisa.

Mother, what's happening to me?

ANNA: Your body is preparing you
for your birthright. To be queen.

My skin, it's moving.

It's your breeding skin.
It's begun to grow.

Over the next few months,
as it forms...

...you'll become fertile.
You'll undergo many changes.

Changes that will permit our race
to endure.

- What kind of changes?
- The emergence of your true nature.

Your primal instinct.

It happened to me,
and my mother helped me through it.

And before she died, I promised her...

...that I would mold you
into a great leader.

How will I know if I'm ready?

I'll teach you to lead
in my own image.

You'll become just like me.

Lisa's breeding skin
has begun to grow.

- Everything's right on schedule.
- So you've come to gloat.

Her fertility will ensure our survival.

And yet you're concerned.

What would I have
to be concerned about?

The warning I gave you
about Lisa's betrayal.

I can see it on your face,
working on you. Suspicion.

Remember when
your breeding skin began to grow.

- That's when you first betrayed me.
- You were weak.

I did what I had to do
to protect our species.

- So will Lisa, if you're not careful.
- No.

Because I'll do for her
what you never did for me.

Teach her to rule.

Prepare her for what's to come.

In the meantime, daughter,
watch your back.

As I had to learn the hard way.

The more you think
you're helping your child...

...the more you push them away.

You got nothing
on the guys who did this?

I told you, it was dark,
they were wearing masks.

They pulled next to us, shot the tires.
Next thing I knew, I was upside down.

It's a miracle you survived.
I'm surprised those Fifth Column nut jobs...

...didn't kill you.
- Well, they took Malik. I need to find her.

- We were headed for that lead...
- Dead end. We checked the farm.

No lead to the bombers. Go home.

- You're off the case.
- Paul.

Evans, it's standard operating procedure,
and you know it. Don't worry.

I'll find Malik.

I just received a report that
Agent Malik has been abducted.

The FBI suspects the Fifth Column.

They've begun an investigation
into her disappearance.

The true nature of the work that she was
doing for us must not be exposed.

Take some trackers and retrieve any
evidence she may have left behind.

What about the Fifth Column?
Finding those who took her?

I have it under control.


Look, Ryan, your daughter's
not in pain anymore.

You did it on purpose, didn't you?

You made her sick
to force me to help you.

Of course not. I helped her,
and will continue to, as I promised.

So now you want me to do my part.

- What do you want?
ANNA: One of my children...

...has gone missing. Sarita Malik.

She was co-head of the FBI
Anti-V Terrorism Unit.

We believe the Fifth Column took her.

I want you to find her
and identify those responsible.

- It'll take time.
- Bring me names by tonight.

My bliss will wear off by then.

I know you don't wanna see
your daughter suffer, Ryan.

Neither do I.

What are you really saying, Sid?

Normal DNA looks like this.

- Okay.
- And Tyler's DNA...


...Iooks like this.

Half the ladder's been stripped.

- How can he survive?
- I don't know...

...but he's made it this far
without symptoms.

A missing piece?
What does that mean?

The V's wanted that space
to be empty.

For what?

Why empty anything out?

To put something else in.

Oh, God.

They messed with my son.
They corrupted Tyler's DNA.

- What? How do you know?
- Sid confirmed it.

They must've done it
when I was pregnant.

Wouldrt Tyler have shown
some signs, symptoms?

How's something
like this even possible?

Of course it's not possible.
Neither are giant spaceships.

- Why would they do this?
- That's what we need to find out.

I can take samples from Ryan...

...but without DNA comparisons from
a female V's reproductive system...

...we'll still only have half the picture.

I wouldn't do that. She has fangs.

And a tail too.

Females can just rip it out
whenever they have to.

We were following a lead on Eli Cohn.

- Malik decided to show me her true self.
- We still gonna hit that farm up?

If radical Fifth Column were there,
they are long gone by now.

You're a traitor. Anna will make you pay
for turning against her.

What do you say, Erica?

Time to get some answers?

Hold up. You need
to understand something, okay?

Visitors have a high threshold for pain.
You wanna torture her into talking?

There's really only one way.

It's to skin her.

You won't have much time.
Skinning her is gonna kill her.

She'll live maybe a half-hour, tops.

That's enough time.

I only need one answer.

What they did to my son.

I know you wanna find out
about Tyler, Erica.

- What makes you think she knows?
- My first partner, now Malik.

Two V partners can't be a coincidence.

They got close to me
to get close to Tyler.

Hold up. You told me yourself
Malik was in the Bureau...

...before you were partners.

- Meaning what?
- Meaning that her original assignment...

...probably had nothing to do with you.
Or your son.

So let's find out what she's
been doing here all this time.

My mom was attacked
by Fifth Column.

I keep trying to help her,
but she won't let me.

She's an FBI Agent, Tyler.
I'm sure she can protect herself.

I keep trying to warn her
about this priest, Jack Landry...

...but she won't listen to me.

Well, I'm listening.

Tell me.

Why do you think
this priest is a threat?

He might be connected
to the Fifth Column.

His anti-V sermons
are all over the Net.

The suicide bomber who blew up
the Healing Centers went to his parish.

I think you need to approach this
differently, Tyler.

You need to help your mother
if she won't help herself.

Hey, guys. Check this out.

Looks like we're not the only ones
interested in Malik.

I put a lipstick camera in the tree.

Trackers. They're trying
to pick up on Malik's scent.

- Marcus is with them.
- Whatever Malik was working on...

...it's important to Anna.
And that makes it important to us.

Where does she live, her apartment?

- Kendrick sent agents.
- They didn't find anything.

How do you know?

They wouldn't know where
or how to look.

Let's go.

Nice place Malik's got.

Lots of security.

Gotta know
who's knocking on your door.

- What are we looking for?
- Safe box.

Every sleeper has one.

Hey, Ryan. Check it out.

This number's been used
more than the other ones.

This could be it.

I wondered what that was for.

Contingency cash.

- Look at all this.
- Look at all this law-enforcement ID.

Great Britain. We've got Canada,
we have Pakistan.

V tech. This'll come in handy.

What does this have to do
with her assignment?

This could tell us.

Who are all those people?

These dates go back years, way
before Malik was working with you.

We'll run the names through
the Bureau database when we get back.

Maybe we'll find something that will
help us figure out what Malik was doing.

Hey. We've got visitors.

Foil. I need some tin foil.

We've gotta erase our scent.

Okay. Come on, Ryan.

Let's do it.

Thank you for coming, Chad.

I'm sorry it's been so long
since we've spoken.

I've been busy.

I know.

I heard about your close call with
the Fifth Column suicide bomber.


Luckily, Agent Evans
was there to stop her.

So, what can I do for you, Anna?

Well, as you've experienced

...despite general goodwill
on the part of mankind...

...a few small pockets of hostility
still remain.

Residual skepticism
from the whole Red Sky affair.

You played God.

That didn't sit well with some people,
particularly people of faith.

That's why I called you here.
I need your help.

Do you know anything
about this man?

Not much.

The guy who hit the Healing Center
was one of his parishioners.

The police interviewed him,
determined that he wasrt involved.

He's local.
Not much of a profile otherwise.

Perhaps that should change.

I'd like for you to provide a forum
for his voice to be heard.

You want me to interview this guy?

Millions of people watch my show.

Why would you give a fringe voice
that kind of exposure?

I believe every voice, no matter how small,
deserves to have a forum.

Every point of view
should be presented.

Isn't that the basis
of good journalism?

You're making a mistake.
She singled you out.

- She's got an ulterior motive.
- You can control the interview.

- Edit it. Protect me.
- Lf she's got a bull's-eye on you, I can't.

Like you said, she already does.
This interview will raise my profile.

The bigger I get,
the harder a target I become.

I'm not afraid of her, Chad.

You should be.

I'm gonna take the risk.
Are you with me or not?

Whatever Malik's assignment was,
we'll find it in here.

These people fell off the grid.

There's no financial activity,
there's no utilities, no current address.

They're homeless. Runaways.

People Anna can make disappear
and no one will notice.

So wait, Anna's doing
alien abductions? As in:

If she's abducting people here, she's
doing it everywhere. All over the world.

The only way that we can stop Anna
is to get a step ahead of her.

We need to figure out her plan.

This is the key to eliminating
the greatest threat...

...to the survival of our species,
the human soul.

How is the human soul a threat?

It exerts a powerful influence
over humans.

If we don't eliminate it,
our plans will fail.

JOSHUA: There are some commonly held
notions among humans.

The soul is eternal.
After death, it leaves the body.

This machine is engineered
to locate and extract it.

I'm ready to begin trial runs.

However, as test subjects
will not survive the process...

...we'll need more than we've ever
needed before. Hundreds of thousands.

How are you progressing?

Fortunately, despite
Agent Malik's disappearance...

...it appears our test subjects
will still arrive on schedule.




You okay?

I think that, deep down,
I wanted Malik's assignment to be Tyler.

Finally get some answers.

If Malik won't give us answers,
maybe her body will.

- With Science Boy on the case.
- That'd be Science Man.

Hey, guys, let me show you this.
See, these dates in here...

...they're dated in the past, right?
Except for this one. Sophie Allen.

It's dated today.

Maybe those are the dates
they were taken.

- Then she's next in line.
- Lf we can find Sophie, we can stop this.

We can keep Anna
from taking anyone else.

Who are those people?
What do you want with Sophie Allen?


How many more of them are there?

More than you can imagine.

There's a work address in here
for her mother.

Let's go.

To be continued.

Hey, Father, your interview
will make tonight's news.

I came by to see
if you wanted to watch it, but...

It's okay, Chad.
Why don't you stay for the service?

I want to address the violence
of the last few days...

...that shed the blood of innocent
people at the Healing Center.

As you know,
I've spoken out against the Visitors...

...declaring them false gods,
calling them intruders.

And while I stand by these claims...

...we must never forget
what defines us.

My wife was killed
in the suicide bombing yesterday.

It wasrt the V's who killed her,
it was their enemies.

People like you.

It's okay. It's okay.

- I am so sorry for your loss.
- Yeah?

What does that get me? No amount
of talk is gonna bring my wife back.

Or their loved ones.
Come on. Stand up, please.

This isn't the time for this.

Or the place.
Please, show some respect.

Respect? People are dead
because of this jerk.

MAN 1:
Hey, hey.

No, no, no. Wait. No.

No, no, no.


MAN 2: Stop.
MAN 3: Come on.

I understand your anger.
Believe me, I do.

- Oh, you...
- Yes, I do.

I'm the one with your wife's blood
on my hands, not them.

You wanna blame someone,
you blame me.

You wanna fight...

...you fight me.

Betty Allen? FBI.

- Am I in some kind of trouble?
- We're worried your daughter might be.

I'm here unofficially. As a mother.

- You're here about Sophie?
- I have a friend who works with teens...

...at a counseling center.
Sophie was a regular...

...but she's missed her appointments.

I'm not sure I can help.
Sophie ran away six months ago.

I haven't seen her since.

Do you have any leads?
Any, uh, addresses? Friends?

- Phone numbers?
- She got caught up with older kids.

They werert the best influence.
I tried to talk to her, but...

You misstep, and misstep...

...and you realize you're losing them.

But it's too late.
You've lost them already.

I have a teenager.
I feel that way sometimes too.

If you think of anything
that might help us find her...

...please call me.

- Thanks.
- Wait.

You're the first people
to come and ask about her.

I've tried everything to find her.

The police can't help me
because she's over 18.

You're a mother. You understand.

You, do you have any children?

A daughter.

Then you know how I feel.

Help me. Please.

Thank you, Betty.

Any luck with Sophie's mom?

Malik is the only one with answers.

Then let's get them.

Wait. You said skinning her will kill her.
I still need her as a test subject.

So we'll serve her up carved up
on a platter.

No. I need her alive.

These samples I've taken,
they're degrading fast.

It's a defense mechanism. If we're
taken or killed, we can't be studied.

I need more time. If she dies,
any insight her body can give us...

...about the Visitors,
or Tyler, will die with her.

It's your son.

It's gotta be your call.

I saw your interview. Fine work.

Not sure it'll have the effect
you hoped for.

It'll have the exact effect
I hoped for.

I wanted the world to pay attention to him
so they would pay attention to this.

So despite your opposition
to the V's...

... you don't condone this recent rash
of violence against them?

Correct. I'm not a proponent
of violence of any kind.

Against anyone.
Certainly not against my fellow man.

You wanna fight...

... you fight me.

Hang on a minute.

That's only half the story.

I was there.
Jack Landry calmed that crowd down.

Unfortunately, that's not what the rest of
the world is gonna see on your Internet.

A duplicitous priest committing
violence in a house of worship.

This sort of story seems
to spread rapidly.

Well done. You helped expose
a man who will be brought down...

...by this violent truth.

If Sophie is still out there...

...she's our best chance for stopping
these abductions.

Erica, nobody will judge you
if you pick Tyler.

How can I put my kid's life
before so many others?

Sometimes you just...

You just gotta protect your own.

One last time.

Where's Sophie?

Skin her.


I know what you're thinking.

That you can stay strong, die before
you tell us what we wanna know.


There's two options here, love.

This'll keep you alive.

Another 10 or so hours
of good hard fun.

Or option number two,
a sedative.

This'll put you right to beddy-bye,
let you die peacefully.

But personally,
I vote to keep you alive.


How can you do this
to one of your own?

He may be a Visitor,
but he is nothing like you.

I promise you this...

...you will never find that girl.


- Aah!
ERICA: Answers.

Ryan, that's enough.



Answers. Now.

We can end this.

Ed Cantrill.

He poses as a driver
for the Midnight Samaritan...

...delivering food to the homeless.

That's how he finds his victims.

- Where?
- New Jersey.

Lonergan Farms.

A shuttle.



You... You saw the date.

It's tonight.

My son, Tyler.

What do you know
about Anna's plans for him?


I don't know anything else.

I swear to you.

Give her the sedative.


Ryan. It's the van.






I got it.

Don't do it. Don't do it.



Help me.


Help me.

- Sophie.
SOPHIE: What's happening?

It's over. Okay, sweetheart?
You're gonna be okay.

She's been drugged.
It's a failsafe in case she escaped.

- She won't remember a thing.
- Sophie, we're gonna take you home.

There could be more out there.

Take her to the car.


Hey. Hear that?

No. Those are the missing people.


There's nothing we can do now.

How's my daughter doing?

Are you instructing her as I directed?

She's proving to be a quick learner.

We're ready to test our first subject.


Even when it makes no sense to fight,
they do.


Water, muscle, bone, tissue.

Each will be removed from the corpus,
taking the subject to the brink of death.

What remains, the last substance
in his dying breath...

...that should be the soul.


Joshua, stop.

Is something wrong?



It is only one life.

Nothing compared to
the future of our species.

You must learn that
in order to be queen.

Continue the experiment.

No, not you, Joshua. Lisa.

Please. Don't.

Help me.


Look into his eyes.

Look into his soul. Now take it.





ERICA: You're gonna be okay, Sophie.
You're very brave.

You guys...

...what happened to me?
I can't remember anything.

You were abducted.
And now you're safe.

That is all that you need to know.
The rest of it is just a bad dream.

We promised your mother
we'd bring you home.


Feels good, doesn't it?

- We only saved one.
- To that mother, one is everything.

This is what we're fighting for.
To keep our children safe.

We have to savor these wins.

I wish I could.


We're gonna get your daughter back.

- I know.
ERICA: Good.

Because if we lose hope,
we lose this fight.

You wanna fight...

... you fight me.

It's gone viral.

Anna had me build you up
so she could tear you down.

I knew Anna would try and manipulate
my interview somehow, but this...

The guy who started the fight...

...I saw his eyes. He wasrt human.

Anna must've planted him there.

I never told you
this was gonna be easy.

Look, maybe I can
put out another piece.

Show people the truth.

They've seen what she wanted them to see.
It's okay. I'll weather this storm.

You're on Anna's radar.

That is not an easy storm to weather.
Believe me, I've been there.

Maybe not. But I choose to have faith.

- It's all I can rely on now.
- You're a brave man, Father.

So are you.

And despite what's happened today,
you have to stay close to Anna.

- That's your role in this fight.
- Even if it costs you yours?

What happens then?

The Fifth Column will hold strong.

As long as we have men like you
fighting with us.

It's time you met the others.

CHAD: It's good to see you again,
Agent Evans.

How's the Fifth Column Task Force?

My day job. Call me Erica.

Thank you for the tip on Malik.

It was a gutsy thing,
sticking your neck out like that.

It was the least I could do.

You saved my ass
from that suicide bomber.

I don't know. I don't like this.
He's burned us before.

- Give him a chance.
- No. He's right.

I have burned you.

But I'm here to make amends.

Use me.

My position with Anna.
I know her better than anyone.

- I can help.
- Anna only tells you...

...what she wants you to know.
You have no idea what she's capable of.

Or who she really is.

- Oh, my God.
- This is what they look like.

Anna looks like this underneath?

Well, what do they want?

Why don't they just kill everybody
and take over?

Because they want us.

Chad, you sure you're ready for this?

You did a wonderful thing today.

Capturing that footage
on your cell phone.

I'm glad you told me to go.

Now the world can see what
a threat the Jack Landrys are.

And more people like you
will help us.

That's all that I want.

I know.

So does Lisa.
You'll continue to watch out for us.

I will.

Good. But please be careful.

You're not just a friend, Tyler.
You're like a son to me.



Come in.

What's the matter? What happened?


Talk to me.

I can't do this.

I'm not like you.

I'm a Visitor.

Okay, you listen to me.
It's gonna be all right, okay?

Whatever it is, just tell me.
Talk to me.

My mother.

She's trying to change me.

She can't change what's inside you.

I don't have anyone to talk to.

Yes, you do.

Lisa, you have me.



It's okay. Shh, shh, shh.

I proved you wrong today, Mother.

I tested Lisa, and she passed.

As you passed all my tests?

Watch her. Carefully.

I'm watching her every move.

I tried to make you like me once too.

But you and I were
always quite different.

Caution was not,
has never been, your nature.

Caution may not be my strong suit,
but foresight is.


You're going to need it.

She's so peaceful when I give her bliss,
isn't she?

So, what did you discover today?

I found the Fifth Column.

I know who took Malik.

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