V (2009–2011): Season 2, Episode 2 - Serpent's Tooth - full transcript

Anna and Diana square off in the dark bowels of the Mothership - Diana has been down there for 15 years and not had a single glimpse of Anna. Meanwhile, Erica has Tyler's blood analyzed, and learns the V's did something sinister to her when she was pregnant with him.

Previously on V...

We will not betray you.
We are of peace. Always.

I'm pleased the baby survived.

The mother however, did not.

You killed her, didn't you?

Ryan Nichols has returned to earth.

What makes you sure you can
control him this time?

We have his child.

At some point, Ryan's gonna have
to make a choice, his daughter or us.

Joshua, do you remember

I remember nothing.

Hello, mother.

15 years.

15 years and not
a single glimpse of you,

not since you put me down here.

I had no choice.

Your human skin was
infecting you with emotion,

weakening you.

So you had to seize power
from me before your time,

tell everyone I was dead,

bury me down here
like a dirty little secret.

I did what I felt I had to do
to protect our species.

I never imagined
that it would take so long.

Take so long for what?

For you to admit
that you felt human emotion.

Don't be ridiculous.

Then why are you here?

Scientific curiosity.

Our top medical officers
continue to work

on isolating and eradicating
human emotion.

To no avail.

You've lived in your human skin
twice as long as I have.

You've been down here stewing
in emotion all this time.

And you want to know
what I've learned, don't you?

When the humans set off
the first atomic bomb,

it shone across the universe
like a brilliant flare.

Another potential home world
for our species.

So I came here and moved
secretly among these people,

to see if interbreeding
was possible.

But then I realized

that it would never work here.

If you proceed
with interbreeding.

You will have
a generation of V's

who listen to their emotions,
follow their hearts,

and refuse to bow
to their queen.

I will have human emotion
under control

before interbreeding
takes place.

My plan will still take hold.

Lisa's just entering
her cycle of fertility.

So all rests
on Lisa's shoulders?

You're infertile.

She is the only one
able to lay eggs,

but she cannot do it here
on earth.

I will make it work here.

The next viable planet
is too far away, isn't it?

It's earth or nothing.

Hey, Lisa.

Joshua's alive.

They managed to heal him
before he died.

Oh, my God.

Anna has him.

Has she gotten any names
out of him?

Not yet. He... he claims
he doesn't remember anything

about killing the soldier eggs.

He doesn't even remember
being in Fifth Column.

I can't tell if it's an act
to protect us or...

You have to find out
what he remembers...

our names, our... our faces...

I need you to find out from him

if he remembers

any experimentation done
on pregnant women

as long as 18, 20 years ago.

You were pregnant then.


What does that mean about you?


Hey, hon.


I missed you,
so I came to see you.

Hey. Nice look, Ty.

Yeah, I cut myself shaving.

Well, you gotta stop using
that bowie knife.

- You wanna go?
- Sure.

- Bye. Have fun.
- Bye.

I need you to analyze
this blood sample.

Whoa. Don't you people
ever just say "hello"?

I'm sorry, Sid. I am very glad
that you're on board.

You are an excellent resource.

Soldiers are studly.
Scientists are resources.

I need to find out
what they did to me, my son.

You said that
if you had blood samples,

you could figure out if they
messed with Tyler in utero.

You have mine.
Please take his.

Are you sure
you wanna go down this path?

If it were your kid,

what would you do?

Thank you.

There is no greater loss
than a parent losing a child.

Let the grace of God fall on
Valerie Stevens...

Her beloved parents,

and her unborn baby.

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens...

You did this to her.
You did it.

She had a heart condition.

She should never
have gotten pregnant.

She should never have had
to go to the V's and their healing centers.

I thought with their technology
that that would be best.

Look at you.
You're not even crying.

Don't you have a heart?

Don't you have a soul?

I'm sorry for your loss.

Go! Just go.

Ryan Nichols?

Anna wanted you to have this...

To see your daughter.

With Anna revealing red sky
to be a gift to humans,

by and large,
the visitors are once again

being embraced the world over.

Healing centers reopen this
morning from Delhi to Nairobi.

And as this line of participants
in Manhattan attest,

people are once again eager
to take advantage

of all that Anna
and the visitors have to offer.

You're watching WNT. I'm Chad
Decker. We'll be right back.

A moment, Mr. Decker?

- I'd like you to meet Eileen Rounick.
- Hello.

She will be the first mother
to have her baby

delivered entirely
with v technology.

I thought you might like
to interview her to underscore

the good works we hope
to continue here on earth.

Happy to.

It's nice to meet you, Eileen.

Oh. It's pretty cool
to see you in person.

I mean,
I watch you all the time.

30 seconds, Chad.

So this is incredibly brave
of you.


Yeah. I've... I've interviewed
a few moms-to-be

about having their babies
born in there,

and... and no matter how good
the technology is,

they're still new to this,
to... to human childbirth.

So if something goes wrong...

Well, these moms
just didn't wanna risk

their babies being the first,
you know?

- Really?
- Chad, we're just about ready.

Here you go. All right.

I mean, you know some moms.

There's just no talking to them

when their kid's safety's
at stake.

Five, four, three...

Forgive me, father,
for I have sinned.

I remember you, my son.

You stopped coming to services.

Did you lose your faith?


With the V's here,

I didn't know what to think,
like so many others.

And the red sky came...

And I wanted answers.

And then I...

Heard your sermons again,

on the Internet.

And I found the answers
I was seeking.

I'm pleased my words
had an impact on you.

You said that it was
a war for our souls,

us versus the V's.

I want to be sure, father,

that this is
the right thing to do.

I believe in my heart
that the answer is "yes."

It's time to fight.

Then that gives me great peace.

Look! He's got a bomb!

At 3:00 Greenwich Mean Time,

suicide bombers hit healing and peace
ambassador centers on six continents.

An international
terrorist network.

Hundreds of dead worldwide,

17 here, including the bomber,
who's an unknown male.

We managed to pull this
off a surveillance camera.

Resolution's for crap,

- but at least it gives us an area code.
- And the body?

Well, head and limbs are
pretty much blown off,

- but we recovered half the torso.
- Oh, lucky day.

They're attacking humans.

It doesn't really fit
the Fifth Column M.O.

- They're anti-V, not antihuman.
- Well, the e-mail they sent

claiming credit
for the explosion

features a nice little doctrine
outlining their aims.

They think red sky was the first volley

in a battle against humanity,

and they're willing to do anything to throw
a wrench in the visitors' plans.

Well, what plans?

Oh, eat our brains,
kidnap our young.

Who the hell knows
what kind of fantasies

these whack jobs dream up?
One thing that's clear...

All they really care about is
blowing a hole in Anna's agenda.

- 29 holes.
- The end justifies the means.

Clearly, Fifth Column's
not concerned with collateral damage.

Looks like the timer reset.

Pull out every stop.

Find out who lit this fuse.

Thank you, Agent Malik.

The queen will be pleased.

The Fifth Column's
coordinated suicide bombings

at peace ambassador centers
across the globe

have left authorities
in 29 cities...

Agent Malik delivered this
from the crime scene.

Once we run the reconstruction,

we should be able
to lift a print

and point her quickly towards
the bomber's allies,

- ahead of the FBI.
- I want them caught and brought to me.

As they will be. This tactical
escalation is troubling.

Fifth Column is growing
more aggressive.

29 bombings, Marcus...

One in each of our cities.

We've never been attacked
on this scale.

an international spectacle.

Fifth Column is proving to be
a bigger threat than anticipated.

We have just the weapon
to fight them... Ryan Nichols.

One V.

The same V I sent to kill
John may so many years ago.

When it came
to pursuing Fifth Column,

- there was no one like Ryan.
- Until he turned against us.

- He turned once. He can be turned again.
- He resisted your bliss.

What makes you think
you can control him?

Because I have something
more powerful than bliss.

Why are you putting skin
on the baby?

To prey on Ryan's loss.

Every time he looks at this
child, he will think of Valerie.

I believe it's hungry.

She wants her mother.

She has me.

There's no greater bond than a nurturing
mother and her child.

I can use this bond with her

to help control him.

Beautiful, isn't she?
She even has her mother's eyes.

What the hell are you doing?
Why'd you put skin on her?

I did it for you, Ryan.

Don't you wanna be
with your baby someday?

Maybe even have her with you
on earth?

Now with the skin,
it's possible.

If I do what?

All you have to do is help
protect your own kind.

Then you get everything
you want.

Don't you want to hold
your daughter, Ryan?

When the timer
goes down to zero,

- another one goes off.
- In all 29 cities?

No. The timer was set
for each city,

but New York is
the only one that reset.

- We have to stop these people.
- Stop them? We need to recruit them.

You condone this?

There's no arguing
it was effective.

They wreaked havoc
on Anna's plans.

Now by killing a few humans,
they could save millions.

That's pretty good bang
for the buck.

We are talking about lives,

Not to mention,
this brought down serious heat

on fifth column all around
the world, including us.

Us? We're what, we're...
we're four people.

We need an army,
and these guys have one.

He's right.
It's all over the news.

They're well-equipped,
they're organized,

they're on to the red sky,
too, which means

we gotta find out their sources,
what they know.

Now we may not like
their tactics,

but they're a weapon.

So the question is...

Do you want that weapon
in Anna's hands

or in ours?

They're willing to kill humans
to save humans.

That's crazy.

We can't win an all-out war
against the V's,

not until we're ready.
You know this.

I am not saying they didn't
cross the line, okay? They did.

But if we could get to them,

talk them into approaching
this war our way...

They have a global network.

Isn't that what we want?
What we've been after?

In the meantime, I'm not letting
them kill any more people.

Fair enough.

- What do you got on the bomber?
- Just this.

He's a librarian...
Will Maybree.

I took his confession
this morning.

He said...

He said I inspired him.

I didn't understand.
I-I didn't... I didn't... No.

I never thought he would...
was planning on killing...

Of course not. Of course
you didn't. We... we know that.

You can help here, Jack.
We need to get his address.

Somewhere in Hell's Kitchen.
It'd be in the parish records.

Okay. Hobbes and I will head
towards midtown.

- Ryan, go with Jack.
- Mm-hmm.

Get the address A.S.A.P.
The FBI has that photo.

They're circulating it as we speak.
We have a window, but it is shrinking fast.

After this morning's attacks,

we've increased our efforts
at identifying Fifth Column.

I've put Joshua
in the memory chamber

to see if he remembers
his fellow traitors.

Has there been any progress?

You seem concerned, Lisa.

Of course I am, mother.

I want to make sure we find the traitors
before they can do anything else.

Start with his last memories
and work backward...

his final act.

If anyone helped him destroy my eggs,
their face should appear.

The last thing he remembers

is his takedown at the hands
of Erica Evans.

It seems
the near-death experience

wiped out
all other recent memory,

included his recollections
of Fifth Column.

The last thing Joshua remembers
is that he's a devoted V.

Is the memory loss permanent?

No. There's a lot of damage,
but there are memory fragments.

Eventually, I'll be able
to reconstruct them.

Uncover who he was working with.

I want those names.

I wanna know
who else betrayed me.

You found
will Maybree's address?

Yeah. I just sent it
to Erica and Hobbes.

Look, I have to, uh,
to get to the healing center.

There's a vigil at the site
of the bombing.

You okay, Jack?

I was gonna ask you
the same thing.

You know that bombing
wasn't your fault.

How could it have been
your fault?

The humans, they...
they love guilt, don't they?

They blame themselves,
blame other people.

When things go wrong,
they just wallow in emotion.

And you'd rather...

Act, yeah. Fight. Just...

Just do something.

Look, Ryan, I know that...

Val's funeral was this morning,

and I get that anger
is easier than grief.

So you can get all pissed off at what
we're dealing with and go after them.

We can do that, and we will.

But you can't carry all this
into that fight.

- Yeah? How come I can't?
- Because if you shut it out,

you'll lose sight of what
you're really fighting for.

There's gotta be a clue here
somewhere to what the bomber was doing.

Not your average librarian.

- Toggle initiator.
- The backup.

And this? 3 mil, static-resistant,
high-impedance wire.

- Signature of our Israeli friends.
- Mossad.

Yeah, clearly, your librarian
didn't make this bomb.

We find our Israeli, we find
our Fifth Column radicals.

Something was tacked up here.
Look at the holes.

Like this.


Okay. Targets.

The healing center and...

- The apex building?
- Every other bomb went off

at a healing
or peace ambassador center.

What is so special
about this building?


- What are you doing?
- I'm calling it in.

- Thousands of people work there.
- We know the target.

All we have to do is
position ourselves there,

intercept these guys,
and make contact.

If you make that call, a swarm
of feebs will scare 'em off.

- We'll lose our shot at this crew.
- It is too risky.

We make one mistake,
thousands of people die.

- We will find another way to track them down.
- Just like a woman, eh?

Why save time when you can
take the scenic route?

I want allies
as much as you do,

but that is a building
full of innocents.

Now get your hand off my wrist.

In times of danger,
times of grief... of loss,

we can turn only
to our essential humanity.

For what are we
if we let go of that,

if we lose sight of the part
of us that differentiates us?

We must be comforted

by the light of God
inside each of our souls.

Let's bow our heads in silence.

I always knew humans could be
manipulated by their emotions.

But it's also what
gives them power, isn't it?


No more games, mother.

You'll tell me everything you know
about human emotion and how to defeat it.

You really wanna
play games, mother?

'Cause there's plenty more immolation
pills where that came from.

All right.

I'll tell you.

But first,
there's something I want.

Keep moving, please. Move.
We need you to exit the building.

We got bomb squads sweeping
every floor,

but it'll take at least 20 minutes
to finish the evacuation

and another hour to clear
the building for explosives.

No, I don't have enough time for that.

We need to find the target
within the target.

- Do you have a list of tenants?
- Just got it.

...Taking drastic precautions.

These include
heightened states of security,

body scanning,
and bomb-sniffing dogs.

But will these additional
security measures be...

- WNT. 12th floor?
- Already been cleared.

- They're working top down.
- ...Worldwide scale.

He's Anna's mouthpiece.

He survived
the first explosion.

He's the reason
that the timer was reset.

Chad Decker is the target.

Sure. Why don't you guys
go set up inside?

I'll be right there.

Could you make it out to...

Chad! Down!

Oh! Oh!

Get her hand.
Don't move!

As you requested, mother.

I first heard this music
on earth.

No, I didn't hear it.

I felt it.

I carried it around in my head.

For 15 years,
it was my only companion.

Tell me the key
to human emotion.

You're listening to it,

Heartache, pain, sorrow.

I felt it all.

And still,
where it strikes me...

It's even deeper.

Don't just listen.


Within it, such beauty.

And yet it is called

"Sadness of Soul."

Is that what I'm looking for?
What makes humans human?

The soul?

You said at the vigil that we need
to turn to our essential humanity,

to the light in our souls.

Now I have human skin.
I feel.

But I need you
to tell me something.

Do I have a soul?

Every creature can feel
the grace of God.

I don't.

You're not letting yourself.

My words have done
so much damage today.

Let me do some good.
Let me help you more.

How can I find comfort
if I don't have a soul?

Ryan, you do have a soul.

How do you know that?

Because you wouldn't feel
this way if you didn't.

The soul is what lies beneath.

It is the core of all humans.

It is the wellspring
of emotion.

I always dismissed it
as fantasy.

It can't be looked at
solely with a scientific mind.

It's too complex.

Nothing is too complex
for our technology.

I will isolate it
in the medical bay.

Not in a lab.

Not there.

It's here.

Where is it, then?

The soul's not a thing, Ryan.
It can't be found.

It can't be put in a test tube
or a body.

And it can never
be destroyed.

The soul is the single greatest
threat to our species.

If it's there, I'll find it,

and I'll destroy it.

Why is the bomb reconstruction
from this morning's attack

taking so long?

It's done, but it was useless.
It yielded no prints.

But I found something
of value...

a fabric thread stuck
in the bomb fragment.

- And you sourced it.
- To a fabric produced

at a particular factory
in Singapore.

Nine U.S. importers
bought this in the past year,

but only one operates
on the east coast.

Five Brothers Textiles.

Five brothers.
A code for Fifth Column.

Who is behind this company?

Eli Cohn, Israeli descent,
former Mossad agent.

He owns many small businesses,

cleverly hidden within shell
corporations all over the world.

Contact Agent Malik.

Make sure she finds Mr. Cohn
before the FBI does

and that she brings him
directly to us.

Melanie Singer.

First, we get a librarian.
Now we got a secretary.

From Flushing.
Let's break her.

You know, we don't need
three of us in there.

Why don't I peel out,
look into Singer's background?


After you, Evans.

Did you ever wish you could go
back in time, take things back?

Rewind, rethink things?

I had to take action
against the V's.

You don't understand
what they're up to.

Edify us.

Stopping me is not
gonna solve anything.

At dawn, that timer resets.

Not if you tell us
what we need to know...


If you think I'm gonna
tell you anything,

you're underestimating me.

Melanie, a lot of people
are scared of the visitors.

But if you don't help us,

your Fifth Column friends
are in serious danger.

The FBI is on edge. There are
a lot of itchy trigger fingers.

Now, I am the point man
on this for the moment.

And if you talk to us
right now,

I can get
to your friends first...

Maybe avoid a bloodbath.

We need answers, Melanie.
Please help us.

I never met anyone.

It was all done
through chat rooms and stuff.

When I was ready, they came
to pick me up in a van,

blindfolded me,

brought me somewhere to give me
the explosives.

Do you remember anything
about the trip? Um...

The route?
Uh, sounds? Anything?

I heard a lot of trucks.
I think a barge whistle.

Wherever it was,
it may have been by the water.

Get on it.

I'll take her from here.

About bloody time.

I called my hook. I've got
a list of possible ex-Mossad

with last-knowns in Manhattan.
Two dozen names.

I was waiting
for your FBI brain

to help me narrow it down.

Anything by the water?

Right, there's one of them.

Eli Cohn, owns a textile company
right on the Hudson.

I'll meet you there.
We're a step ahead.



Okay. Whose blood is that?

Your partner's.

- Malik?
- Yeah.

Did she see me?

I don't know.

Okay. We gotta split.


Ryan continues to resist me.

You underestimated his resolve.

No. He underestimated mine.
Make it sick.

Give it a chronic pain that only
my bliss can alleviate.

No parent can stand by and watch
while their child suffers.

If he wants to be human,

I'll make sure he suffers
like a human.


Feel my warmth, Ryan.

Ryan, what's wrong?

Feel my comfort.

No. No.

It's okay.

Your baby is in terrible pain.

I can ease her suffering,

as I can ease yours.

- Let me in, Ryan.
- I can't.

- Let me fill your emptiness.
- I can't do this.

- No, I can't do this!
- It's okay, Ryan.

The more I feel,
the more Anna can hurt me.

Just pray with me.
The soul... it is a blessing.

No. No, it's also a curse.

I can't... No.


Evans. Glad you're here.

Follow me.
You're not gonna believe this.

Hey, sorry.
I was across town.

Right through here.

Quite the fashion statement.

Blank passports.

High-quality work.

China, New Zealand, Russia.

29 cities and now this.

So how widespread
is this thing?

They've got the models,
the components,

the paper operation.

They're shipping people

This was ground zero.

What was missing?


At Maybree's place?
What was missing?

Uh, I don't know.
This is not a good time.

A car. I found
that registration renewal,

but the garage was empty.
He drove to the healing center.

He left his car
on a side street.

I checked out the last
destinations on his nav system.

All pretty
normal-looking stuff.

Except... it saved the route
to a place in Ossining.

Text it to me.
I'll meet you there.

You got it.

That was Tyler.

He's really freaked out
with the bombing.

I need to go home.

C.S.U.'s processing the scene.

I'll call you
if anything comes up.


I found this shipping label
in the back,

to a farm in Ossining, of all
places. Could be something.

Okay. I'll check it out.

Malik, go with her.

I want both of you
to check it out.


Forgive me, father,
for I have sinned.

I failed to comfort
a friend in need.

And I used my words, the words
of God, to inspire violence.

The blood of innocents
is on my hands.

I need to know...
Where do I go from here?

Show me a sign.

I thought I was a member
of the Fifth Column now, not a target.

I was almost killed today.

Sources say the first bomber
worshipped here.

I'm a priest, Chad.
I gave a sermon.

I never intended for anyone
to take it that far.

Yeah, well, we don't always know
the impact we're gonna have, do we?

I think that FBI agent,
Erica Evans, is in danger.

I'm not sure who
you're talking about.

I saw her here, with you.
She's in danger.

Evans' partner.

Last time I checked, turning over stolen
evidence to the V's is outside agency regs.

Warn her...

Or there'll be more
blood on your hands.

So that was Tyler
who called before, huh?

Yeah. With everything
that's been going on,

he's been really concerned
about my safety.

Hmm. It is a dangerous job.

What were you doing
across town?

- Sorry? - You told Kendrick you were
across town before the warehouse.

Oh. Right. I was...

Checking Melanie Singer's
apartment for clues.

Well, good.
What did you find?

Nothing worth reporting.

You know, a cop
said that he saw someone

looking a lot like you
driving away from the warehouse

just before he arrived.

Must have been mistaken.


Pull over. Now!

- Pull over, Evans.
- Calm down.

You're out of options here.

Let me see her.

As a hybrid, she contracted
an unforeseen disease

that even our doctors
have no answers for.

She's sick, Ryan.
She's in terrible pain.

I can see
you're suffering, too.

I know you think
you've changed.

But let me tell you,

you have no soul, Ryan.
You will never have a soul.

But you can have
something better.

You can receive my bliss,

as can your daughter.
I can ease her suffering.

I can ease your suffering.

What do you want me to do?

All you have to do
is join us again.

You were one of us.

Let me help you, Ryan.

Let me help your daughter.

Just don't let her suffer.
I'll do what you want me to do.

Get it out of here.


I've reviewed your research
into human emotion at length.

After you turned Fifth Column,

it appears you sabotaged
your results.

I will begin anew
immediately, my queen.

What if I told you there was
a source for human emotion...a repository?

The soul.

Then I will devote myself
to rooting it out,

so you can destroy it.

My chief medical officer
knows what to look for now.

I will succeed
where you failed.

I wouldn't be so sure,

After all,
you're running out of time.

Soon enough,
you'll lose control.

And I promise you this...

One day, you'll feel the sting
of your daughter's betrayal,

as I have felt yours.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.