V (2009–2011): Season 2, Episode 1 - Red Rain - full transcript

Anna has unleashed Red Sky on the planet. With the world on the brink of war and chaos all around, is there anyone who can stand up to her? Meanwhile, Ryan has been kept in isolation on the...

My name is Anna.
Don't be frightened.

We are of peace.

It is important
that you don't get involved

with the visitors.

A human is carrying a visitor baby.

I'm pleased the baby survived.
The mother, however, did not.

You're a visitor.

There's others like me.
They're called the 5th Column.

I want you
to investigate the Fifth Column.

- We have to crush them.
- We need more soldiers.

- An army.
- I'll make one.

Anna's V soldier eggs
are about to hatch.

I have a plan.

There is a war at hand.
Let "V" stand for "Victory."

You're experiencing human emotion.

- Do you know what you've done?
- They must pay.

Mom, what is this?

What did you do to us?

Why did you do this?

You killed my children,
so I killed yours.

This is virtually impossible
in this situation.

I just wanna make sure
that if forensics has new data,

that we get it.

Didn't I send you home?
Go get some sleep.

Four days since red sky,
no bottom in sight.

And I should go home?

- Anyone cleared a meeting with Anna?
- Negative.

World leaders continue to reach out,
but her majesty Anna remains silent.

Guess on her planet
that's a show of power.

Unfortunately, on ours,
silence means guilt.

There's still no proof
the visitors are behind this.

Either way, we need to get up there,

talk to them, find out.

The longer we wait
to answer the humans' questions,

the sooner they could reach it
on their own.

Even if the humans determine
its composition,

they'll never be able to discern
its true purpose.


I have been monitoring the work
of their top environmental scientists.

There is one, a Dr. Ellis Watts...

whose research is approaching
dangerous proximity

to the truth.

Eliminate him.

There is another matter to discuss.

The captains of the 29 ships
were caught off guard

by the sudden release of red sky.

They're concerned that you yourself
have been affected by human emotion,

that you're losing control,
your ability to rule...


Do you also feel
that I'm losing control?

Of course not, my queen.

Set up a holo-conference
with the captains immediately.

The captains are already en route,

to see you in person.

Notify me when they've arrived.


My queen,

there's a situation
with the prisoner.

Don't worry.
I'm gonna get you outta here.

I promise.

You disappoint me.

Even after you rebelled against me,
I brought you back.

I offered you everything.

A home, I gave you bliss.
Yet you continue to resist.

I don't want to your bliss.

- I want to see my daughter.
- No, you want to take her.

Away from this prison,

before you kill her,
like you did her mother.

You've done nothing
but run tests on me.

- Who knows what you're doing to her?
- I'm trying to discover how she...

a miracle,

the first hybrid baby
between human and V was born.

She was born

out of something
you will never understand...


If it's humans you love so much,

you should be with them.

Take him down to earth.
He's never to return.

Your daughter

stays with me.

It's been two months since the arrival
of Anna and the visitors.

Earth's first contact
with alien life

captured the hope and imagination
of the entire world,

but now a very different tone...

Acceptance and gratitude
over such gifts

as healing centers and blue energy

replaced by anger and civil unrest.

Reports of rioting
continue to flow in,

and we've now received word

that officials in Washington
are scrambling to mobilize the military

in case of all-out war.

Here on the streets of Manhattan,

some citizens have begun
stocking up on food,

water, and medical supplies,

dreading that we may be
inching closer to disaster.

As a result of this,
some have sought sanctuary

in houses of worship,

praying for answers of any kind
from either God or Anna.

In response to the rioting
in the streets,

some citizens have begun stockpiling
guns and ammunition.

As one New Yorker remarked,

"if Anna's bringing Armageddon,

"I'm going out fighting."

Eyewitnesses report

that the Visitor
Peace Ambassador Center

has become a powder keg
waiting to explode,

as remaining visitors on the ground,
fearing for their safety,

prepare to board the last shuttles
back to the mother ship.

It is safe to say that relations
between visitors and humans

are all but shattered.

And still with no word
from the visitors

and world leaders stymied
by their silence,

the question remains.

Is there anyone
who can stand up to Anna?

We've gotta get to Anna.

There's nothing we can do.

At least not through
official channels.

You know what?

You're right.

I'm wrecked.

I'm gonna go home.

Do it on my own.

Ryan Nichols has returned to earth.

You're questioning
why I released him.

We tested him and found nothing.

The answers about the hybrid
lie in the child itself.

- What if he joins Fifth Column?
- That's exactly what I want him to do.

His hatred towards me will drive him
into the heart of the Fifth Column.

Once there, we can use him
to destroy them from within.

He's rebelled against you
time and again.

You think
you can control him this time?

We have his child.

Four days, and we still have
no clue about red sky.

The only one with answers is Anna.

It's not like we can just ring
the lizard queen on her cell.

"Hello, Anna. Fifth Column here.
May we have a word?"

I need to get on that ship.

It's me.

Where have you been?

We were worried.

- I was up on the ship.
- Four days?

Doing what, having a family reunion?

No, I was a prisoner.

A soldier found Val
and took her up to the mother ship.

I did all I could.
I went up there after her.

Where's Val?


I'm sorry.

The baby?

Anna's got her.

I tried to get her out,
get her away...

But Anna caught me,

and she threw me off the ship.

Interesting story.

He shows up out of the blue,
and we're supposed to believe him?

If I would have sold you out, V soldiers
would have come through that door.

So she just let you go?

And now she wants nothing in return?

Mom, I'm at the Peace Ambassador Center.
They're rioting.

Stay put.
I will be right there.

There's a riot
at the Peace Ambassador Center.

Tyler's there.

I understand there are questions
amongst you

regarding the release
of the red sky.

I assure you
it was all part of my plan.

And no one,

human or visitor...

can comprehend the magnitude
of what is coming.

There's also concern

that I've been infected
by the human skin.

You have no cause for worry.

I have everything under control.

I'm so appreciative of your trust...

Your confidence...

Your loyalty.

I may wear this skin,

but I never forget
what we are beneath.

Team L?zards

2x01 - Red Rain -

Save our sky! Save our sky!

Mom, I was trying to get up
on the ship to see Lisa.

- It was the last shuttle up.
- It's okay. Just stay with me.

I'm gonna get you out of here, okay?

Back off. Back off!

Mom, I'm fine.
It's okay.

Let me see. Let me see.

Okay, look, you're hurt.

I'm gonna get you help.

Excuse me. Excuse me!

I'm Erica Evans, FBI,
Fifth Column task force.

Anna knows me.
This is my son Tyler.

He needs to get up on the ship.
He needs medical attention.

Anna will want to know.
She will want to help. Call her!

It's okay. It's okay.

Stay back!

Agent Evans.

I've been authorized
to bring your son up to the mother ship.

He's not going without me.

Agent Evans, we have to go now.

Are you sure
we're gonna be okay, father?

Yes. Yes. We're gonna be...

Please, take a seat.

Thank you, father.

What are you doing here?

Did you see what it's like outside?

The sky is bleeding.

I came to pray.

You're not welcome here,
not after what you've done.


What do you want?


I saw something on the ship.

Anna's torturing the live aboards

with some kind of needle machine.

They're put into it, and...

I helped get them up there.

I promoted
the "Live Aboard" program.

People thought
the healing centers were safe

because they saw Chad Decker's
aneurysm get healed.

News flash, father...
Anna gave me that aneurysm.

People trusted me,
and I used that trust

exactly the way Anna wanted me to.

I'm not sure
how I can help you, Chad,

or if I want to.

Father, please.

Give me another chance.

A chance to fight
with the 5th Column.

You're not asking for another chance.
You're asking for forgiveness.

Only God can offer you that.

You want my trust?

Earn it.

You'll be okay.

Thank you.

Mrs. Evans, is he all right?

Don't worry. Tyler's gonna be fine.
It looks worse than it is.

I needed an excuse to get up
on the ship to see you.

What is happening?
First the sky turns red, now the rain.

- What the hell is your mother doing?
- I don't know.

We need your help.

Joshua was our most
important ally on the ship.

With him dead...

Without someone up here,
the 5th Column doesn't stand a chance.

The only one besides my mother
who might know about the red sky,

is Marcus.

See what you can find out.

I'll do my best, Mrs. Evans.

Thank you.

Mom, I'm fine.

You could have been seriously hurt.

We wanted to take all precautions,

leave nothing to chance.

Thank you for letting him up
on the ship.

Every being in the universe understands
a mother's pain when her child suffers.

You would have done the same.

I would.

There are other mothers down there.

- Excuse me?
- Have you seen what's happening?

People are panicking, my son took
a blow to the head, the sky...

It's raining red.

The whole world needs answers.

Why are you hiding?

I came here to check on your son,
not to be questioned.

Now that I know he's okay.


My job is to protect you.

How the hell am I supposed to do that
if I don't know what you're doing?

You want to know what red sky is?
I'll show you.




don't be frightened.

I'm aware of your concerns.

The time for answers has come.

Red sky and red rain
are not to be feared.

Just the opposite.

Like the healing centers
and blue energy...

That is why I was forced to wait
until I had proof,

to show you what it truly is.

Red sky is a gift

to mankind,

a gift of a new beginning.

Red sky will heal your oceans,

make fertile your barren lands,

and reverse global warming.

It will undo a century of damage

and give earth a new beginning.

We came in peace,
and you welcomed us.

We will not betray you.

We are of peace.


I hope your concerns
have been addressed.

They have, Anna.
Thank you.

Mom, don't you think
you should apologize to Anna?

No apology necessary, Erica.

You've been a good friend to me.

We should go.

Actually, I think
I'm gonna stay up here for a bit.

Me and Lisa haven't seen
each other in a while, so...

Don't worry, Erica.
Next to my daughter,

Tyler's the most important thing
to me.

I'll keep my eye on him.

Have fun.

Good-bye, Mrs. Evans.

A scientist, Dr. Ellis Watts,
New York State University.

Lisa, a moment.

You're to perform your duties
with Tyler...

all of them.

You haven't seen each other
for four days.

Tyler should know
how happy you are to see him.

Of course, mother.

Well, that was one hell
of a show Anna put on.

She's covering up something big.

Dr. Watts' office is inside.
He may know what it is.

We better be careful,
because if this guy's on Anna's radar,

we never know
what we could be walking into.

You stay outside, watch our backs,
let us know if a tail shows up?

Can I help you?

We're looking for Dr. Watts.

- Sorry. He's not here.
- Do you know where he is?

Skies turned blue.
I'd check the putting green.

I'm his associate, Dr. Sidney Miller.
Is there anything I could help you with?

It's a tracker.

He reports us back to Anna,
it's all over with.


- Ease up!
- Get off me, Hobbes!

- What happened?
- Somebody's got anger issues.

What the hell was that?
That did not just happen.

That was a visitor.

- He's after your boss, Dr. Watts.
- I thought the V's were of peace.

That's what they want you to think.

If that thing would have
gotten to your boss,

there'd be nothing left but pieces.

That thing, that visitor...

I don't think
it was after Dr. Watts.

I think it was after me.

We need to take this inside.

Come on.

Why do you think the visitors
are after you and not Dr. Watts?

I think it's just easier
if I show you.

A few years ago,
I was on a research dig in New Mexico.

Found a mass grave site,
a crater loaded with bodies.

Really creepy.

Based on carbon dating,

this site was at least 50 years old.
All the bones I found were human.

Except for these.

I named him Alpha.

Yeah, it's one of us.

That's crazy.
So that's you underneath?

I mean, is this a suit of some kind?

The skin's organic.

It's real, just like yours.

The V's used the human DNA to
replicate it, so there's no suspicion.

Enough about this visitor.
Let's talk about that one.

Sure. I ran every test on him,
DNA, carbon dating. Everything I tried,

it all came back inconclusive.

I mean, my only theory
was that it came from...

Does anybody else know
about Alpha or about this place?

This is my private lab.

All of this research.

All of this
information about the visitors.

- We need him.
- What?

What do you mean, need me?
Need me for what?

- For the war.
- Against the visitors.

Everything that has happened
since their arrival has been plotted.

The healing centers,
the blue energy...

It is all part of their plan
against us.

Red sky is not Anna's latest gift.
It is her latest weapon.

And we do need you.

We need your help
to figure out the truth.

- Look, I'm not a soldier.
- I know.

We don't need your fists.
We need your brain.

And if you say "no," we'll kill you.

Relax. I'm kidding.


Like it or not,

you're one of us now.

What is it, Chad?

Proof you can trust me.

You need to show this
to the people you're working with.

It first happened
a few days after I arrived.

On "Live Aboard"?


I was excited at first.
We all were.

But then the nightmares began.
They were terrible.

I know they were just dreams,
but they felt so real.

I couldn't move.

There were lights and needles.

Hundreds of needles
all over my body.

I've interviewed nearly 20 women.
Children, too.

Each of them experienced
the very same nightmare.

Every story exactly the same.
All of them live aboards.

That's the machine that I saw.

That's what the V's are doing
to the live aboards,

to innocent people, our people,

and I'm gonna stop it.


I'm gonna broadcast this tape.

I have to do something.
What else am I supposed to do?

Use this, father.

Use me in your fight.

- I really missed you.
- Me, too.

My mother wouldn't let me
contact anyone.

I know.

I was worried.

I thought that maybe you didn't want
to be with me anymore.

Lisa has performed well.

She'll make an excellent queen.

One day.

Where are we
with the next step of the plan?

Everything is back on track.

But there is one matter
we need to discuss.

The soldiers.

Your children who survived
the 5th Column bombing.

Their condition has taken a turn.

You need to see them.

Soon the levels of phosphorous in humans
will be substantial enough.

Red sky may be gone,

but its impact will endure.

Anna's a lizard?
That sucks, she's so hot.

I joke when I'm nervous.

I want to get back to why they went
after Dr. Watts and not you.

Did he know about Alpha?

No one does.
If I showed this thing to Watts,

he'd either steal it
or laugh me out of the room.

- So why was Watts on their radar?
- I don't know.

The compound.

From my tests,
I discovered one within Alpha.

I couldn't identify it.
And then, when red sky happened,

that same compound showed up in it.

I had to use a computer in Watts' lab
to complete the analysis,

I logged on using his ID.

That's why they thought
it was Watts.

They must have thought
it was his work,

but he didn't know what it was.
No one does.

Show us everything you have
on the red sky compound.

Yeah, sure.

Beats me what the hell it is.
I know it's not from earth.

You're right. It's not.

That compound
is a form of phosphorous.

A high concentrate only found
on our home planet.

Why phosphorous?

The V's need phosphorous
to reproduce.

It forms a protective shell
around our eggs.

Val needed it to.

To carry our baby.

Anna dumps red rain on us,
and now it's in everything,

the soil, the air we breathe,
the water we drink.

They're changing our planet.
They're changing us, our bodies.

Why would the visitors want elevated
levels of phosphorous inside humans?

For breeding.

First they want to invade us,
then they want to shag us?

What's wrong?

When I was pregnant with my son,
I had preeclampsia.

My doctor ran some tests, and...

she found something
that she had never seen before.

I had abnormally high amounts

of phosphorous in my blood.

You said that phosphorous
allows the visitors to breed.

And Alpha is proof

that the visitors have been here
for longer than we knew.

You don't really think that...

What are you suggesting?

Is it possible they experimented on me
when I was pregnant?

I don't know.

How could you find out?

I'd have to run some blood tests.

On you and your son.

Do it.

You wanted to see me, mother?

Your work with Tyler
was very Convincing.

It is key now more than ever
that you maintain your control over him.

I understand.

Tyler is essential to our future.

No one must interfere.

Neither human nor visitor.


There are traitors among us,

but soon they won't be a problem.

Our medical technicians
have revived Joshua.

The traitor will finally
be able to talk.

The pain was horrible,

like nothing I'd ever felt before.

The needles...

They just dug in, piercing.

Chad Decker interviewed
nearly 20 live aboards.

They say the same thing.

My God, the live aboards,
The V's are experimenting on them?

Chad wants to go public,
expose Anna to the world.

He wants to join us.

The best thing he can do
is preserve his access.

He's closer to her than any human.

We can use him.

I don't think he's gonna do that.
He's terrified of her.

What if it backfires?

- That I don't know.
- It's a risk I'm willing to take.

My daughter is up there.

We will do whatever it takes

to find your daughter
and to bring her back.

I swear.

I gotta go.

- Can you let me out?
- Yeah.

I'm worried about him.

- We can trust Ryan.
- I know, but ask yourself this.

What would you be willing to do
for Tyler if Anna had him?

At some point,
Ryan's gonna have to make a choice.

His daughter or us.

You're alive.

I was afraid.

I don't know
if I can do this without you.

Do what?

This behavior isn't befitting
a future queen.

Do you remember anything
that happened to you?

That you were shot?
Any of it?

I remember nothing.

More popular every day, father.

- You talk to the Fifth Column?
- You can't broadcast that report.

So I'm supposed to do what,

sit back and do nothing
while more innocent people get hurt?

- I have to expose them.
- And then what?

Those mother ships can overpower
our military in the blink of an eye.

We need to be strategic.

When we throw our first punch,
it needs to be a knockout blow.

Okay, then you tell me
how I can help take Anna down.

By keeping your relationship.

I can't do that,
not after knowing what I know.

You have access to Anna and the ship.
None of us do.

We need you up there.

As a spy?

As a member of the Fifth Column.

This is what you wanted.


Of the 12 soldiers that survived,
only 6 remain.

Their core temperatures
are stabilized,

but the trauma they sustained
was great.

They'll live,

but they will be flawed.

These soldiers, my children,

caused my prior outburst of emotion.

Never again.

Hello, mother.