V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 12 - Red Sky - full transcript

Erica decides they need to make a statement about their opposition to the Vs. They decide to go aboard the mother ship and destroy Anna's eggs which are about to hatch and produce her army of warriors. She has an opportunity to get aboard the spacecraft when Tyler once again raises the issue of joining the live aboard program and Anna and Lisa invite them for dinner. Father Jack makes his opposition to the Vs known, much to Father Travis' dismay. Chad Decker once again plays a part in exposing a fifth columnist but comes to the realization that Anna has been using him. Kyle learns why the Vs have framed him. After the attack, Anna has a surprising reaction and takes swift action.

Previously on V:

-Are others like you fighting Anna?
RYAN: They're called the Fifth Column.

Crush them before they become
a great threat.

If you're Fifth Column,
things are about to get very bad.

A human female is carrying
a Visitor baby. Find them.

You've been looking for me.
I found what you're really looking for.

-Joshua said you pass the empathy test.

Because one day,
I'll ask a favor from you.

If my mother's eggs are allowed to hatch...

...those soldiers will destroy
the Fifth Column.

Yes, they will.




You're doing great, Val. Keep breathing.

LEAH: You're 2 centimeters.

This baby's coming.
Can I get you anything?

-Yeah, a glass of water. I'm thirsty.




No! Aah!

You have a look. What's up?

-I wanna talk to you about Live Aboard.

I get that you're not crazy about
the idea, believe me.

But it's important to me.

And I understand your concern about me
moving up there, and so does Anna.

-She even invited us up for dinner.

I mean, just me, you, Lisa and Anna.




-Take your food.
-Oh, yeah.

-I love you.
-You too.


Jack, it's Erica.

Get everyone to the church. I have a plan.


-Where's Ryan?
-I'm not sure.

What's going on? Why'd you call us here?

Tyler's joining the Live Aboard program.
I can't stop him, but I can stop Anna.

I don't understand.

Ryan told us Anna's V soldier eggs
are about to hatch.

If she has thousands of V soldiers
at her disposal....

-We're dead.
-We are out of time. This is it.

You suggest we storm the ship,
kill all the eggs?

That is exactly what I'm suggesting.

-My kind of plan. Like your spunk.
-None of us have been there.

-We don't know where the eggs are.
-No, we don't. Joshua does.

It's never gonna happen.
We had a plan to take out the eggs.

Since the shuttle was shot down,
Anna's practically locked down the ship.

-There has to be something we can do.
-Two ways into the incubation chamber:

a guarded corridor and an entrance
in Anna's private quarters.

-Not even I can get in there anymore.

Anna invited Tyler and me onto
her ship for dinner.

-Too dangerous.
-Create a diversion to get Anna out...

...so that Erica's got time to get
to the eggs.

Dinner's at 7.

You'll need an explosive
to destroy the eggs.

Now we're talking. What kind?


I have to go.
Contact me when everything's set up.

We need to know you'll be here,
if we risk everything on our end.

We will.

Marcus released another wave of guards.
They're searching everyone.

You gotta get rid of the comms device.
They find it on you, we'll all be exposed.

You haven't returned our calls. You okay?

I needed my line to be free.

-My baby's being born.

Waiting for Dr. Pearlman to give me
a call, but haven't heard from her.

What's going on?

Erica's been invited up to the ship.
She's gonna destroy Anna's soldier eggs.

-Are you serious?

I'm going with you.
You're gonna need my help.

Ryan, I think you should stay here,
in case Val or the baby need you.

Once you get there, then what?
Anna's never gonna let you out of her sight.

Joshua's planning a diversion.

Anna will be pulled away for safety.
Then she'll make her move.

What about Marcus? He's her watchdog.
Can't pull this off under his nose.

I can get Marcus off the ship.

Well, top of the V's most-wanted list.
Makes me excellent bait.

Okay, well, to do this, Erica's
gonna need the layout of the ship.

Every detail you can remember.

MARCUS: The armada of ships from our
home planet have arrived ahead of schedule.

They're within striking range of Earth.

Keep them cloaked and at bay.

We don't want them revealed
until we're ready for the next stage.

Tyler's mother is joining you tonight
for dinner as planned?

With Agent Evans as my ally
on the ground and my newborn army...

...the humans won't know what hit them.

We got a problem.

-The comms device isn't working.
JACK: What?

We're supposed to confirm with Joshua
we're a go.

If we can't reach him, you're not going.

Well, we could try skywriting.


-I could go to Chad Decker.

Anna's lapdog?
I prefer the skywriting idea.

Unless someone has a better idea,
I don't see we have a choice.

Chad is the one who went to Anna
with our plans to blow up the shuttle.

Chad is the one who went on air
to convince people...

...to follow her, to keep her here.
What makes you think you can trust him?

I don't.

That's why we'll have him deliver
a message he and she won't understand.

Look, we're covered either way.

He doesn't go to Anna,
he'll deliver the message, we're a go.

If he takes it right to her?

Then Anna gets her hands on a message
that means nothing to her.


Ryan, they got Val.

It all happened so fast.
You've gotta find her.


Anna has my baby.
Tell her Ryan Nichols is here.

You don't have clearance.


Get off me.

Let him aboard.

I wanna talk to him.

He's dangerous.

Why don't we destroy him
like any other traitor?

He was able to resist my bliss.

He fell in love with a human
and turned Fifth Column.

You don't understand
what we have in him.

-An enemy.
-lnsight into our enemy.

The very thing that fuels humans.


That's exactly why we have to
study him up close.

If we can turn him back to us,
we can turn anyone.


Your call sounded urgent.
What can I do for you?

Yes, I was given this message
from one of my parishioners.

Needs to be delivered to the mothership.
You have access.

Delivered to who, exactly?

I don't know. If you agree to help,
you're to leave it in the medical bay.

You're saying there are Visitors
who are part of the Fifth Column?

Yes, Chad. Even her own kind
are turning on Anna now.

This message.

I'm guessing it isn't a Hallmark card.

-I wouldn't know. I'm just a messenger.
-I'm tired of playing games, Father.

The Fifth Column blew up a shuttle
full of innocent human beings.

All I've seen Fifth Column do
is hurt people.

They're lies, Chad.

The shuttle shoot-down was a setup.

Anna wants to paint the Fifth Column
as terrorists, gather public support.

And thanks to you, she succeeded.

Please, Chad.

-What is it, Joshua?

That favor you owe me?
It's time to repay it.

At 7:00, we'll create a diversion...

...so your mother's eggs can
be destroyed before they hatch.


Those soldiers are bred for destruction,

To kill humans.

Here, take this.

Joshua, you're asking me
to betray my mother...

...to murder my own kind.

I'm sorry.

I can't.

You know she has a plan for Tyler,
the humans.

It's time for you to decide which side
you're really on.

Get off me.

Where is she?

Valerie's here.

And she's safe for now.

I just wish you would've come
to me sooner.

Valerie's pregnancy is exceedingly risky.
It's a miracle.

-So you kidnapped her?
ANNA: To save her.

If we'd have asked,
would you have let me?

-She could've died down there.
-You're lying.

You don't care about saving her.

All you wanna do is run tests,
like she's a lab rat.

You can fight us
or you can help us fight to save her life.

It's your choice.




I'm so glad you're here. Oh.

-We have to get out of here.
-You don't have to be afraid, okay?

-But you warned me about the Visitors.
RYAN: We don't have a choice now.

Because your pregnancy is just really
complicated, it's dangerous.

We need their technology
to deliver the baby.


Oh, it's coming, Ryan. I'm scared.

Val, I'm so sorry
for what I put you through.

I'm sorry I left.

I love you.

I don't wanna do this alone. Any of it.

You don't have to. I'm here now.
Everything is gonna be okay.


Her vitals are dropping. Baby's crowning.
You'll have to wait outside.

It's okay. It's okay.

-Are you sure?
-Yes. Please, let them save the baby.

I'll be right outside.

If you ask me, we need to send you up
to that UFO more often.

ERlCA: Is that the explosive?

The bomb you'll use to scramble
the bitch's eggs is a next-gen gel explosive.

Unlike nitrates and peroxides,
it gives off no signature.

Even alien technology won't
pick this puppy up.

What's with the handbag?

Oh, I'm just gonna hide it
in the lining here.

And it's a clutch, not a handbag.

-What's the initiator?
-You got your cell phone?


You slip it in here, like so.

You set the timer, and boom.


Marcus will be off the ship by 1900.

He's second in command.
How are you gonna get him off the ship?

I'm gonna grab a gecko
by the Peace Ambassador Center.

Have him get a message to the ship
to set a meeting with Marcus.

And then I'll ambush their ambush.

That sounds dangerous.

I've walked away from much worse.


Erica, you be careful.

Like you said,
Anna has an agenda too, okay?

Where did you get this?

From an intermediary.

The same source who gave me
the information about the shuttle.

I'm keeping an eye on him. I'm close to
finding out who's behind the message.

Fifth Column.

My instructions were to leave
this envelope in the medical lab.

There are Visitors working with
the Fifth Column?


My people are loyal and of peace.

This message must have been intended
for the Live Aboard humans.

It seems we've been infiltrated,
even up here.

Deliver this as instructed.

I just don't wanna see anyone else
get hurt.

Don't worry, Chad.

As soon as we stop the Fifth Column,
nobody else will.

Put the gun down, Mr. Hobbes.

We have a lot to talk about.

I believe you have something for me
as well. Parker's research.

Half of Parker's research.

I kept the other half in a safe place.

You like to play games, Mr. Hobbes?

Now, you really think I'm gonna show up
here without an insurance policy?

You want the other half?
I want answers.

-Why did you frame me?
-Because I'd like to hire you.

And what makes you think
I'd ever work for you?

Because you already have been,
for years.

Shall we talk, Mr. Hobbes?

-Ready for dinner?
-Yeah, I'm ready.

Don't embarrass me?



Welcome aboard, Agent Evans.

There are no firearms or any personal
items allowed in Anna's private quarters.

-Your bag.
-You don't trust me with my purse?

Mom, they're just trying to be safe.

What if I get a call from work?

You can keep your phone.
I'm sorry, ma'am. It's our policy.

Erica, Tyler.

Welcome to the ship.

Thank you for inviting us to your home.

I'm thrilled you could make it.

-Hello, Mrs. Evans.
-Hello, Lisa. It's lovely to see you.

Please. I'll join you in a moment.
I have a matter I need to attend to.

Mr. Decker.

How can I help you?

I was told to deliver something here
from a friend of yours on the ground.


I don't have any friends on the ground.

I think you must have the wrong person.

My mistake.

Must be for someone else.

What if that was from Erica?
Why didn't you take it?

Chad Decker is Anna's willing pawn.
He can't be trusted.

Warn the others not to engage with Decker.
Anna may be using him...

-...to weed out Fifth Column.
-lsn't time.

I can send out a message
to everyone at once.

I'll erase it quickly
so it can't be tracked back to them.

-What choice do we have?
-Do it.


Why'd you use me?

You are a man with a history of selling
your loyalty to the highest bidder.

We want to continue to retain
your services.

-To do what?
-lnfiltrate a terrorist group...

...known as the Fifth Column.

And if I say no?

You won't.

Heh. Well, I got the research
you so desperately want.

I got the leverage here, chief, not you.

We play by my rules or I walk out of here
and you'll never find me.

Well, we may not be able to find you.

But we found her.

Now let's talk about the Fifth Column,
shall we?


Track down everyone that message
was sent to.

Put him with the others when
you find them. Anna will deal with you.

This was for you.

You set us up.

They'll all be caught.


They'll be skinned alive.

You're lying. Anna would never do that.

No, Chad.

You've been fooled
like the rest of the humans.

The Fifth Column is trying
to save humanity.

She lied to you.

Anna didn't cure your aneurism.
She gave you one.

I don't believe you.

There's a door to a restricted corridor
50 feet from Anna's executive suite...

...where they take the Live Aboards.

What you see there will answer
all your questions.

This is your homily for tonight,
then, is it?

The Visitors as false prophets.

Do you think that's wise...

...speaking out against them
after all the good they've done?

I've been quiet about my feelings
about the V's for too long, Father.

-They're dangerous.

People are worshipping them
instead of God.

Growing dependent on them.

This is my opportunity
to speak my mind from my pulpit.

It's more than an opportunity.
It's an obligation.

Jack, the Visitors are a miracle.

How can you be sure that Anna
isn't sent by our Lord?

That the Visitors aren't his handiwork?

You told me I lost touch with
my parishioners...

...because I haven't spoken
from my heart.

This is what's in my heart.

I want you to speak to them,
but not like that.

I will not allow a message of hate
to be preached from my pulpit.

Write a different homily.

And if I don't?

This is still my church, Jack.

Speak out against the Visitors...

...and you are no longer welcome here.


-That's it. Okay.
TECH: Breathe.

I got it.

-One more push.

That's it.




My baby. I wanna see my baby.

Both the baby and mother are stable.

I'm pleased the baby survived.

The mother, however, did not.



Must be challenging being
a single mother, isn't it?

Well, it can be difficult at times,
but it's worth every minute.

Head of the task force, a teenage son.

-How do you do it all?
-Same as you, I guess.

Lots of worrying.

Okay, I am sure that the Visitors
have overprotective mothers too, right?

We do.
We just show our feelings differently.

Erica, I want you to know
that you have nothing to worry about.

We're gonna take wonderful care of Tyler
when he comes to Live Aboard.

-Think it's safe with the Fifth Column?
-Mom, come on.

I'm sorry.

Between the two of us,
I'm sure we'll make certain it's safe.

But this is a social occasion.
May I pour you some more?

Oh, I'd love that. Thank you.


Oh, I'm sorry.

It's work. Please excuse me.

-Of course.
ERlCA: Yes?

Ah, Lisa. I was just looking for my purse.

No, you weren't.

I know why you're here.

It's that way.

And you'll need this.

-It's a Blue Energy grenade.

It will freeze the eggs.

Twist the top to activate.

Place it in the center of the pool
and get out as fast as you can.

There was supposed to be a diversion.
What happened?

-I don't know.

No. You'll be gone too long.
It will cast suspicion.

Go back inside.

I'll figure something out.

Good luck.

-Joshua, what happened?

We were set up by Chad Decker.

Everyone's been rounded up.
Get me out, I can cause a diversion.

You were right.

I had to choose which side I'm on,
and I did.

I gave Erica the Blue Energy grenade.

How do I get you out of here?

I placed a bug in the med-lab security
system in case I needed to disable it.

The code is "John May lives."

What are you going to do?

Whatever I have to.

Go back to dinner. I'll wait 15 minutes
to cause the diversion...

...so you're not suspected.

You're very brave, Joshua.

Thank you...

...my queen.



Your ship is beautiful,
but you must get homesick.

I know I would.

It's been difficult, yes.

GUARD: High commander,
we need to move you to a secure location.

ANNA: What's happened?
-Fifth Column. We're being attacked.

-Tell Marcus to return to the ship.
-I can help. I need my gun.

-It's okay. She's an ally.
-Follow me.


Here's to your children's future, Anna.


V 1 : Oh, my God!
V 2: Stop!

Move, move, move!



Stop. It's done.

Now, how do I get you out of here?

There can be no suspicion
you're Fifth Column.

-You have to kill me.
-No, I won't. Come on.

I'm dead anyway, Erica.

You have to do this for all of us.

We both know that.



Come on.



ANNA: Thank you.
Shooting that terrorist saved many lives.

ERlCA: To protect the Visitors,
that's my job now, Anna.

-Get a look at the shooter?
-Pillars were in the way.

I saw he had a V uniform.

-He wasn't a V. He was a human.

My security team reported
that a human infiltrated the ship...

...and stole a V uniform.
They're still gathering the details.

Anna, I'm sorry.
If there's anything I can do....

Excuse me.

Thank you for delivering
that message.

We're hoping it'll help us expose
more Fifth Column.

I would hate to see them
drive you away.

They won't.

And thank you for your loyalty.

You've trusted us with your career
and your health.

Without us, you'd lose everything.

Anna, thank you for an eventful evening.

-I hope we can do it again sometime.
-You can count on it.


You killed her, didn't you?

You said yourself, I have use for her.

Why would I kill her?

We did everything we could
to keep her alive.

If you'd come earlier, we could've used
our technology to save her life.

This is what I was trying
to protect you from.

Human emotion.

I'm so sorry you lost her.

But now....

Now you have me.


You made it back in one piece.

-Good on you.

I couldn't have done it
if Marcus was there.

I didn't think you'd come through.

Guess I was wrong.

You wouldn't be the first.

JACK: There's a story in the Bible
about a man who loses his way...

...only to find it again.

I'm here today to tell you
that I am that man.

I was lost, but now...

...now I am found.

I lost the courage to tell you the truth.

That you need to choose
who you are going to follow.

The V's or God.

Because you can't serve two masters.

I know some of you are confused.

But we must stand for what we believe.

We must reaffirm our devotion to God
and renounce the V's as false prophets.

Even a single Judas in our midst
can defeat us.


There is a war upon us.

A war for our souls.

You are not alone.

You will never be alone.

No pain.

No heartache.

No human emotion.

Just peace.

My peace.

But with love...

... hope and faith,
we can overcome anything.

Who among you will join me?

Let V no longer stand for Visitor.

Let V stand for victory.

TRAVlS: I told you not to preach
that message in my church.

I'll speak my heart.

If you don't let me do it here,
I'll do it somewhere else.

Jack, this will end badly.

Now there's someone I'd like you
to meet.


Welcome home.

I just found out.

We believe it was Joshua.

As your chief medical officer...

...he must have gained access to your
private chambers and planted a bomb.

We had everything completely locked down.
He couldn't have done this alone.

Find out who else is responsible,
at whatever cost.

Are they all...dead?

Only 12 soldiers survived.

Their core temperatures were
severely affected.

We don't know how many will make it.



What's happening to me?

I believe you're experiencing
your first human emotion.


MARCUS: This is terrible, to be sure,
but we must not act rashly.

They must pay.

This is too soon.
If we initiate the sequence now....



Do you know what you've done?




Welcome back.

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