V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 2 - There Is No Normal Anymore - full transcript

As the Visitors continue negotiations with the United States and other countries to establish diplomatic relations, opponents begin to slowly piece together the extent to which they have already infiltrated human society. FBI Agent Erica Evans is still reeling over the realization that her FBI partner of seven years was actually an alien. Her cover story for the warehouse shooting soon falls apart but she and her boss soon discover clues into the web of deceit that exists. They also realize that virtually anyone could be one of them. Erica is also worried about her son Tyler who is enamored with the Visitors and the pretty Lisa in particular. His response to a group of hecklers damages his chances of remaining in the aliens good books. Finally, TV journalist Chad Decker decides to get back at Anna and the Visitors by hosting an honest discussion on the pros and cons of opening diplomatic relations with them.

Previously on V:

My name is Anna
and I am the leader of my people.

They're the Visitors.

-You watching?
-Yeah, I'm watching.

You seem to be
what we consider attractive.

Not so bad yourself.

Whenever Anna has something significant
to say, we'd like her to say it through you.

They knew we were coming,
someone tipped them off.

-We need your help.
-I'm not gonna put my fianc?e at risk.

Welcome to the mother ship.
You heard about our new program?

ERlCA: You are obsessed with the Visitors.
-They call it spreading hope.

Take this and go to this address.
All the information's inside.

The Visitors didn't just get here,
they've been here for years.

They'll take over
unless we can stop them.

You were right to fight.
There's others out there like me, we'll help.

They have a big head start.

They're arming themselves
with the most powerful weapon out there.

-What big weapon?

I don't know who to trust anymore.

I can't get the image of Dale just lying there
out of my head.

What do we do now?

We help build a resistance. We recruit.

We have to be careful.

We'll be careful.

Are we the only ones who got away?

No, there were others.

JACK: What's going on?
-It's going to the warehouse.

JACK: What are they doing?
-They're cleaning up.

What? We have to do something.

No, it has to be anonymous.


911, what's your emergency?

Oh, my God, it's a massacre.

Please, please, they're killing people,
you have to come.

Slow down. Where are you?

It's a warehouse,
4400 Pier Avenue, Brooklyn.

-Please send the police.
-Let's go, we're sitting ducks out here.

I'm contacting dispatch now.
How many were killed?

I don't know, a lot.
Look, just send everyone that you've got.

Ma'am, don't hang up, I need to confirm
that address with you again.

-You're at 4400 Pier Avenue?
-Yes, how many times do I have to tell you?

I'm gonna stay with you on the line
until help arrives.

What's your name, ma'am?

Hang up. Hang up, hang up.

-They must've seen us.
-No, they intercepted the call.

-The Visitors, they traced the call.

-How's that possible?
-How is any of this possible?

Dale was my partner,
he was one of them.

He's been my partner for seven years,
long before the ship showed up.

Anyone could be a Visitor.

-Jack, go home.

Go home.
Act normal, pretend this never happened.

We can't walk away from this.

We can't attack it head on.
It's too dangerous.

I have to figure out what to do.

Go home.

Don't trust anyone.





Tyler, I thought you were....

Where have you been?

With Brandon.

-All night?

-My bike broke down.

You sure you're okay?

Ty, I need to talk to you about yesterday.

It is really important to me that you
don't get involved with the Visitors.

I know they're exciting
and kind of cool, but....

For me, can you do that?

Yeah, okay.

You're just saying that.


Yeah. I mean, if it's that big of a deal
to you, no more Visitor stuff.

You know, l....

I promise.


I need you to be safe.

-I am.

Can I go to bed now?


I love you, Ty.

After three weeks of evaluation...

...a decision on whether the U.S.
will establish ties...

...with the Visitors may come today.

The decision will be based in large part
on a recommendation...

...from the Visitor Threat Assessment
Joint Task Force.

Establishing relations
would grant the Visitors...

...full freedom of movement
within our borders.

There's been much debate
over the last few weeks....

Establishing ties with the Visitors
is a good thing, Jack.

More souls to save. You'll see.

Though high-ranking Visitors
have been granted....

Oh, the police came by last night.

Wanted to talk to you about that poor man
who was stabbed to death yesterday.

Said they'd be back this morning.

You left your gun in my car.



-Erica, it's Paul. Have you seen Dale?

No, not since yesterday, why?

I need you to get in here. He's missing.


Last night was great.

Better than great.

You know, maybe I should hide rings
all over the house.

How's your arm?

Think I'm gonna let some scratch
from a filing cabinet get the best of me?

VAL: Oh, hey, hon, there's some ointment
in the medicine chest, if you need it.

Thanks, baby, but it's not that bad.

And please feel free
to ask anything and everything.

I'm here
to discuss all topics without reserve.

And please feel free
to ask anything and everything.

I'm here
to discuss all topics without reserve.


You're in early.

Yeah, just watching the interview.

Why are you beating yourself up
over this?

-Because my dad's not here to do it for me?

If you had gone after Anna on air,
you'd never get access again.

Eighty million viewers
watched you last night.

Eighty million watched Anna.

No formal response yet from lndia.

Be patient.

The U.S. is the linchpin.

Once they grant us freedom,
the remaining countries will follow.

I'm told in Japan,
this conveys both a respect for tradition...

...and the allure of submission.

I'm not sure
that's the message you want to send.

You still don't understand humanity.

Yeah, one second.


No, no, I have them here.

-All right, I'll let you know.
MAN 1 : Did you get clearance?

MAN 2:

This is Agent Kir....

Erica, we're ready for you.

His wife's pretty upset.
She's been here a couple hours.

Dale never made it home last night.

She says he always calls,
even on stakeout.

Timing's terrible. Half my team's reassigned
to this Task Force.

I don't only care
about the Visitors right now.

We're all worried about Dale.

Any agent goes missing, it's a big deal.

You wanna ask me anything
before we go in?

It's just a few questions, right?

Agent Evans, please have a seat.

-Father Jack Landry?

I'm Special Agent Sarita Malik with the FBl
Visitor Threat Assessment Joint Task Force.

That's a mouthful.

Can I ask you some questions
about the man who died here yesterday?

I understand you were the last person
to talk to him.

I was expecting the police, not the FBl.

The victim was on a Bureau list.

He made dozens of calls to us
over the years...

...about a supposed alien invasion.

-Remember when that was crazy talk?
-There's still plenty of crazy out there.

We've logged thousands of calls
like his over the years.

It's just now,
we have to pay attention to them.

Makes sense.

WOMAN: We appreciate your help.
-Of course, where do you wanna start?

The last time you saw
Agent Maddox was...?

Around 9:00 last night.
We grabbed dinner, then he dropped me off.

His wife said you were working together
last night.

True, then we grabbed dinner,
then he dropped me off.

Had you ever seen him before yesterday?

I don't think so.

You sure?

Yeah, no, I don't think--
Not before yesterday.

-Were you aware of any marital problems?
-No, he loves Jocelyn.

-Any drug or alcohol issues?
-No, Dale doesn't even drink.

So he didn't come here to see you?

Well, people come to see priests
all the time. I'm a priest, so....

Did he say anything about the Visitors?

Take this, and go to this address,
and give it to the people there.

He just-- He just seemed--
You know, he just seemed really scared.

Stressed? Who isn't?
There's a spaceship above our city.

He's been my partner for seven years.
He's always had my back.

Were the two of you
romantically involved?

Sorry, we have to ask.

Dale's like a brother to me, so no.

How much more of this do we have?

Dale's missing,
I'd like to be out looking for him.

You know, Agent Evans,
I have a few more questions.

Agent Evans.

Paul, what's going on?

They found Dale's car.


-That address.
-Mean something to you?

Yeah, it came up in an investigation
to a terrorist cell.

-Maybe Dale was looking into it.
-And you didn't think to tell me this?

All right,
nobody in or out until we get the all clear.

There's possible suspects in there.

Get on the radio, stay on the radio.
If we need back up, we'll call N.Y.P.D.

Nobody gets hurt,
everybody stays clear, right?

Come on, where are you?

Find anything?

Dale's phone.



And we wait with great anticipation...

...for Russia, India and the United States
to follow their lead.

-Hopefully, a decision is forthcoming.

Until then, we are of peace, always.

Poll numbers.

Country's split about the Visitors.

Fifty percent are still undecided.

Yeah. I mean,
people don't have enough info.

Yeah, it's my fault.

I didn't ask Anna the hard questions.
I got played.

-Chad, we talked about this.
-No, I know.

But I need to show Anna she's not
the only one who can get what she wants.

You gonna call her in
for another interview?

I don't need Anna.

When I'm done,
she'll be the one calling me.

What's this?

I want you to give me this ring
in your own time, when you're ready.

I'm still mad at myself
for not trusting you.

Yeah, well, I was sneaking around.

Buying you this engagement ring.

Like I said,
give it to me in your own time.

I had a client cancel today.
Wanna meet for lunch?

I wish I could, sweetheart,
but I have to go out to Jersey for a meeting.

Rain check?


Still can't believe
you joined up last night.

Dude, you got serious brass clankers.

Just keep it down around my mom.

What, about the brass clankers?

No, dumb-ass, about me joining.

My mom doesn't get it, man.
She'd totally freak.

Yeah, well, mine too.
Must be a parent thing.

Who doesn't wanna hang out
with someone from another planet?

-Yeah, I know, right?
TYLER: Yeah.

-Hey, Lisa.

That jacket looks really good on you.


I remember you. Brandon, right?


Tyler told me you wanna become
a Peace Ambassador.

The thought crossed my mind.

Come on, let's see if we can get you
to the front of the line.

This way.

Two words, man: awesome.

Everything all right?

I'm not sure I did the right thing, Father.

The man who died, he was ranting about
the Visitors. I should've mentioned that.

That poor soul was clearly disturbed.

Didn't the FBl agent say as much?

She wasn't just with the FBl,
she was with--

With the Visitor Threat Assessment
Joint Task Force.

Tread carefully, Jack.

There are sensitive talks going on
between our government and the Visitors.

You wouldn't wanna upset
the apple cart now, would you?

I'm sure you did the right thing.

You never answered my question before.

Why is this the first time
I'm hearing about this warehouse?

We were afraid there was a mole.

Someone kept tipping off the cells.
I guess Dale came here to investigate.

Why would he do that alone?

Didn't he trust you?

You know, I've kind of had enough, sir.

The questions, the tone.

My partner,
my friend could be out there somewhere.

Then go find him.

Canvass the area.

Get in touch with Justice, DEA, ATF.

Do we know if these people
are from the first attempted Resistance?

Not yet,
but we'll get the information from him.

I want answers.

Who else was with you in the warehouse?

Give me the names
and I'll make the snakes go away.

I don't know. I never saw them before.

Make it stop, make it stop.


He was the only human
we captured alive.

A new Resistance would be unacceptable.

I want names.



Excuse me, I'm looking for Angelo.

Don't know any Angelo.

Angelo Russo.

Never heard of him.

I told you never come back.

Yeah, I missed you too, Angelo.


-What are you doing here?
-I work here.

-You're an FBl agent?
-You're a freaking priest?

Father Landry, we're ready for you.

What are you doing here?

Upsetting the apple cart.

You know each other?


We just met.



What's the priest doing here?

He's got info on a murder.

We wanna join you.


Change life.

Change life.

Peace is the message.

Change life.

And that's my bike.

And that's my bike at Tompkins Park.

-And that's me and my bike--
-You really like your bike.

That's Verducci's Pizza,
that's the best slice in the city.

You ever had pizza?

Oh, you're gonna love it.

Listen, I'll take you there
as soon as they let you out.

What makes you think
I'd go anywhere with you?


You space girls are funny.

You were joking, right?

Can I see that?

Did I do it right?


MAN 1 : The outer space guy?
MAN 2: Yeah, what are you doing?

That jacket. Whoops!

What you gonna do about it,
peace boy, huh?

What you gonna do about it?

-Hey, you got a problem, man?

You're the one with the problem.
Your boy's littering.

Let's just forget about this, Ty.

You always make your girlfriend
do the talking?

Come on.

MAN 3: The Peace Ambassador
just punched the guy.

Okay, okay, okay.

Oh, dude,
you got a little something right there.


Heard something about a fight
at a warehouse in Brooklyn last night.

A little bird told you?

I keep my ear to the ground.

How do you think
I've stayed alive this long?

Can't believe
you're involved in that again.

You should be hiding.

I was, but I got a phone call.

Remember Georgie?

Yeah, I remember.

Guy's a hothead, he'll get you killed.

Maybe, but I can't walk away.

You looked up in the sky lately?

-Wasn't supposed to happen yet.
-But it has.

Whatever they're gonna do
to the humans...

... it's nothing compared to what they'll do
to traitors like me and you.

Take my advice, head for the hills.

I can't.

There's a woman.


Oh, God,
don't tell me you're in love with her.


You know anybody looking
to get back into the fight?

That's really why you came, isn't it?

Just give me some names.

I know there's some others.

I'm sorry, Ryan.
I can't trust you. I can't trust anyone.


This way, Father.

You gave them the pictures?
What were you thinking?

-I wanted to do the right thing.
-Oh, the right thing, stick to preaching.

A man died giving me those pictures.

I gave them to the Task Force,
I thought they would help.

They're supposed to be on our side.

So was my partner,
look where that got us.

What if those photos can stop
the government...

...from getting into bed
with the Visitors?

What part of "don't trust anyone"
did you not understand?

You walked away from me last night.
What the hell was I supposed to do?

Don't trust anyone, you got it.

Evans, my office now.

Sit down.

I just keep wondering why Dale would
go into that warehouse all by himself.

Me too.

Any idea why your case notes and his
aren't matching up?

What are you talking about?

I want you to tell me
why you're lying about last night.

-I'm not lying.

Oh, my God, it's a massacre.

-They're killing people, you have to come.
MAN: Slow down. Where are you?

ERlCA: It's a warehouse,
4400 Pier Avenue, Brooklyn.

-Please send the police.
MAN: I'm contacting dispatch now.

-How many people were killed?
ERlCA: I don't know, a lot.

Tell me that's not you.

I was at the warehouse, I made the call.

You lied to me.

You could've compromised
this entire investigation.

Erica, explain this--

I think Dale is working
with one of the terrorist groups...

...we were investigating.

You're telling me Dale's a traitor?

Well, I couldn't accuse him
without hard evidence.

So I followed him to the warehouse,
I saw him meet with them.

You never called for backup?

Well, if I was wrong,
I could've blown a legitimate investigation.

So I called 91 1.

If Dale needed help, he would get it.
If he didn't, I would get backup.

But it didn't work, they never showed.

No. No, they never showed.

Because the emergency call center
has no record of your 91 1.

Paul, you just played it for me.

Got this recording from DEA, they have
every phone around the warehouse tapped.

Part of a smuggling crackdown.

And it's the only reason
I even half believe you right now.

If they're tampering with 91 1 calls,
then this goes deeper than I thought.

You know how all this sounds?

Awesome and airtight.

Dale is a traitor.

Paul, I don't like it any more than you do,
but I'll prove it.

I just need some time.


I just hope to hell you're wrong.

Good afternoon, I'm Chad Decker.

Today, Prime Focus takes a look
at the question that's on everyone's minds:

Do the Visitors deserve our trust?

Are they the saviors
they'd have us believe?

Or are we in danger of rushing
to a premature judgment?

Joining me in the discussion...

...are Congressman Harold Stern,
a pro-V advocate.

And Marion Geiger,
taking the anti-V position.

Marion, let's start with you.
Why exactly don't you trust the V's?

Jack, look, I'm sorry.

I can't stop thinking about what you said.

-That I walked away from you.
-I'm kind of busy.

I know that you were trying
to do the right thing.

If you're trying to apologize,
fine, you're forgiven.

Excuse me.

I just keep thinking about
all of these years.

All the people that Dale fooled. Not just me,
his friends, our friends, his wife.

He had a wife?

-Do you think she's a Visitor too?
-I don't know.

They lived together, slept together.
She saw him at his most vulnerable.

If she's not,
she might know something that can help us.

"Us"? What--? "Us"?
No, no, no, I'm done.

I'm taking your advice.
You remember what you said?

You said, "Go home, act normal."

There is no normal anymore.

I need your help.

Erica, you're an FBl agent. I am just--

I don't know.

You're the only person I can trust.

I'm sorry, no.

If I'm gonna do any good, it is here.

ERlCA: Jocelyn,
we checked Dale's phone records.

We couldn't find any calls to you.

He had a personal phone.

Said he wanted
to keep work and family separate.

I, uh....

I came across these a few months ago.

All of these calls,
they're to two numbers?

Yes. That one's mine and....

He called that other one a lot.

Have you noticed anything?
Has Dale been acting odd lately?

You know my husband.

He gets lost in work sometimes,
he can be distant.

Did the Visitors' arrival
have anything to do with it?

Maybe. I've--

Everyone's life has changed in some way
since they got here.

All the excitement.

All of Dale's calls went to the same
trunk line, dead end by design.


Well, there was something we can trace,
the pattern of the calls.

Every time we went
to nail this terrorist cell...

...Dale would make a tip-off call
to the same number 20, 30 minutes before.

I ran it all down,
number by number, case by case.

I just can't believe
Dale crawled to the other side.

You can't believe it?

Seven years, joined at the hip.

Well, the scary thing is,
he's still in the wind.

I don't think he'll show his face again.







-What's with the drugs?
-Told you, I can't trust anyone.

-I had to check you out.
-Yeah, and?

You care about this woman,
you'll get as far away from her as possible.

Well, that's not gonna happen.

I stay, I can protect her.
I'm not going anywhere.

-You sure about that?
-Yeah, 100 percent.

Valerie Stevens, psychotherapist.

Works at Graden Medical,
598 East 35th Street.

She grew up in Detroit.

Father was an autoworker,
mother, a homemaker.

She graduated NYU,
she has a heart condition.

Did you do something to her?

No, I wouldn't touch her.

But they will, if they find her.
And if I can do it, so can they.

You say you really love her?

You really wanna put her
in the crossfire?


They won't let me in.

I know.

The council wants to kick you out
of the Ambassador Program.

-Your country is nervous about us as it is.

-lf you're gonna wear that jacket--
-Listen, tell me what to do, and I'll do it.

I'm already in trouble.

I'm the one that recommended you.
It's up to the council now.

Goodbye, Tyler.

This was nothing less than a complete
abrogation of our agreement.

Abrogation? Nice.

You have one of those
word-a-day calendars?

We'll be looking for a journalist who knows
better than to bite the hand that feeds him.

Mr. Decker.


I didn't hurt you with my show today,
I helped.

The public trusts me.

Go back and watch the tape,
sure, there were pros and cons...

...but in the end,
I made people feel comfortable...

...with the idea
of embracing diplomatic relations.

You really believe that?

Check the insta-polls.

You got a nice uptick
right after my show.

And you did that because
you have our best interests at heart?

I can't control what our government does.

But I can and do influence public opinion.

And in the end,
that's what'll make the difference.

I did this to help you, and it's working.

Are you done preening, Mr. Decker?

Not quite.

This one was a freebie.

The next time you want my help,
it'll be on my terms.

After weeks of investigation...

...the State Department announced
moments ago...

...the United States
and the Visitors have agreed...

...to the commencement
of diplomatic relations.

As a first step:

A limited number of Visitors
will be able to apply for visas...

...that will allow them
to travel freely within our borders.

We're going to take you now
to the Visitor mother ship over Manhattan.

Where the V High Commander, Anna,
is addressing the crowds below.

On behalf of all Visitors...

...I wanna extend my warmest appreciation
to the United States.

We are humbled by the generous faith,
the courage...

...and the goodwill you've demonstrated.

Thank you for your trust.

It will be rewarded.

We are of peace, always.

It's a great blessing.



I just wanted to thank you.

You're welcome.

And listen, maybe--


You undercover, Father?

Just off duty.

Do you wanna walk with me?

Erica, when I heard the announcement
about the Visitors, it made me feel--

Sick to your stomach? Yeah, me too.

We can't win this war
picking them off one at a time.

"We"? I didn't know that you re-enlisted.

This afternoon I was afraid
of what I might have to do if I got involved.

After the announcement, the only thing that
scares the hell out of me is doing nothing.

That's the second time
I've heard you curse.

Must be hanging out
with the wrong kind of people.

Diplomatic relations with the Visitors
isn't gonna make our job any easier.

Neither is the fact that the Task Force
ignored the pictures.

There are probably Visitors
on the V Task Force.

They could be anywhere.

At least we have this.

What's that?

I swiped it from the V Task Force.

Anyone and everyone who's ever contacted
the FBl about aliens or Visitors.

Maybe we can find other people
who wanna fight.

Maybe even some of the people
from the warehouse.

We can't be the only ones
who know the truth.

Say what you want about the Visitors,
but the therapy business is booming.

Can I look at your arm?


-Oh, it's not so bad.
-Yeah, see, I told you.

It's almost healed.

That's weird, did you do that?

Picture's upside down.

Who's Cyrus?

A guy I used to know.

A guy you used to know?

Yes, some guy I used to know.

Yeah, come in.


Ty, thanks for keeping your promise
about the V's.

Don't stay up too late,
even if it is for school.

English Subtitles
Dan4Jem, ADMMX