V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

On a day like any other, all of Earth is shocked with the arrival of large alien spacecraft that appear over major cities. The aliens themselves appear benign, offering to exchange their ...


Did you feel that?


- Yeah, Mom?
- Yeah. You're in big trouble.

No, huge. I'm not kidding.

Yeah, I know.

Good morning, Roy.

Morning, Father Jack.

Foreclosures are on the rise.

Up another 6 percent
in the last month alone.

And housing prices continue to fall...

... even as the latest economic
stimulus package fights its way through...

Thanks for coming in so early.

It's a pleasure.

It was the only time
I could make it down.

Don't even mention it.

All right. I'm a little excited.
You got the ring?

Oh, of course I have the ring.

She is gonna like this, isn't she?

She's gonna love it.

I was gonna do
the "get down on one knee" thing.

That's not too corny, is it?

The knee is a classic.

Can't go wrong with the knee.

- Knee it is.
- Good.

- What was that?
- I don't know.

Morning, Haley.

Hey. Good morning.

- Here.
- Thank you.

You pitch Freddie my idea?

He loved it. Thought it was a great take
on the vice president.

Hey, let me guess.
He wants Martinez to do it.

They love you and all.


It's cool, I get it.

Shut up, Chad, and read the news.

How exactly did you get into a fight?

Crashing a party in SoHo.

You snuck out in the night
to go to a party?

- Well, it was Brandon's dumb-ass idea.
- Who's a dumb-ass?

Where are you?

Some clinic off Bloomfield.

- I'm coming to get you.
- I'll just take my bike home. It's...

What's going on?

- What is this?
- Tyler.



Look out, it's coming down.

Oh, my God.

Mom. Mom?

Tyler, stay where you are.
Okay, are you... Same...?

Mom? Mom.


Tyler, stay where you are.
I'm coming for...

- Mom?
- Tyler.

Something's wrong, man.

I gotta go.

I'm not going anywhere.

What's going on?

God's gonna save us.

Move it.

Go on, get it going.

It's coming down.

I'm over here.

Today, see?


Remain calm.

People, please, try to remain calm.

Keep moving, keep moving. Get inside.

Please go inside.

- Let's go. Move.
- It's the way I get home.

- Let's move.
- The streets are blocked.

- This area is restricted. Move.
- Well, what...? I mean, what about my bike?

Come on, let's go.
Move on, people, move.

- What is that?
Let's go, let's go.

Since their arrival, there's been
no contact with any of the 29 ships...

... now hovering over the major cities
of the world.

Come on, Ryan, pick up.

Streets are jammed
with people trying to flee.

The mass of the ships
moving through New York and L. A...

... was enough to rock both for miles.

is now confirming the first jets...

... to encounter the spacecrafts
experienced full electrical failure.

Dude, this is Independence Day.

Which was a rip-off of any number
of alien-invasion predecessors.

Branches of the military...
Oh, thank God. Thank God.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.


Oh, thank God.

I need to get through.
Nobody is.

- Look, I'm FBI.
- Counterterrorism Division.

I can read. Still not getting past.

- I'm looking for my son.
- Everybody is.

My son is in there.
Let me in. I can find him.

I'm not gonna tell you again.
Turn around. Nobody's getting through.

Please, he called me an hour ago.
He's in there.

Hey. Hey.

Hey, guys.

Come on, now.
Just, somebody work with me.


- Ty?
- Mom?



- Are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.

Get out of here.

- My God.
- Yeah.

Don't be frightened.

We mean no harm.

Please accept our apologies.

We're truly anguished
by the turmoil our arrival has caused.

This is a momentous day.

Until now, we believed we were
the only intelligent life in the universe.

We're overjoyed to find
that we're not alone.

My name is Anna.

And I am the leader of my people.

We're delighted to meet you.

But we need your help.

We're far from home.

After we've replenished ourselves...

... and shared with you what we can...

... we will leave you,
hopefully better than we found you.

We look forward
to getting to know our new friends.

There will be more communication with
your world's leaders in the hours to come.

Until then.

We are of peace.


We're all God's creatures?

That's how the Vatican
explains the existence of aliens?

- Yes.
- They decided that in a day?

- Yes.
- Rattlesnakes are God's creatures too.

- Doesn't mean they're good for us.
- Have faith in our leaders.

I do, Father. Just that there's not
a lot of scripture on this subject.


I'm at a loss to explain how God and aliens
exist in the same world, aren't you?

Do you want to call the Vatican,
question their position?

No, I just...

I don't know what to do.

All we can do is pray
and minister to our congregation.

Our congregation amounts to
two bag ladies, a heroin addict and Roy.

That may be, Father Landry, but
we will minister to any size congregation.

It appears
there's some kind of transformation...

It's opening up?
Oh, dude, dude, that is so cool.

- I was right there. Right under that thing.
Why didn't I come with you?

Calling themselves the Visitors.

You say that like it bothers you.

Visitors are old friends
who drop by for a drink.

Did you see that we got
a COMSAT alert?

Uh, no. I was a little busy looking
at the spaceships outside my window.

You're looking at alerts?

The chatter among terrorist cells worldwide
dropped when the V's showed up.

Except for one of the cells
we've been tracking.

Their chatter, instead of falling off,
it actually spiked.

So what, you think there's a connection?

We intercepted an uncoded message
from them yesterday.

They're suddenly looking to acquire
large amounts of C4.

Why do that unless you're going
after a target like, say, us...

... while we're distracted?

I'll run the databases,
put together a profile on them.

Thank you. You watching?

Yeah, I'm watching.

Anna and her entourage...

... will be escorted into the building...

Hey, how are you with all of this?
You and Tyler okay?

We're fine.

Did you hear from the ex?

He, uh, left a message.

He wanted us to know he's okay.

I'm not bitter. It's fine.

- Feel good. Happy.
- Hey.

You know that I'm here for you,
anything you need.

We'll hit the ground running tomorrow.
Go be a mom.

You rock.

These are live pictures
coming to you from the lobby...

- Hey, Mom, it's starting.
- Yeah.

Here is Anna.

She is now approaching the mike
for a statement.

Let's listen in.

How many Visitors are there?

- Damn, she's hot.
- I know, right?

- Right here, guys.

This is an inspiring moment for us all.

Mankind and Visitors coming together.

We are honored by your friendship.

We will cherish it...

nurture it...

and never abandon it.

We are of peace. Always.

Anna, how long have you been...?

Can you explain the similarities
between Visitors and humans?

- Our scientists say it's impossible.
- Ours can explain it.

Not an answer.
- You explain it.

Hey, why don't you show some respect?

Do you have a question?

Yeah, I have a question.

Is there such a thing as an ugly Visitor?

I don't understand.

Well, you all seem to be
what we consider attractive.

Thank you. You're not so bad yourself.

No. Sorry.

- No one allowed past this point.
Come back here, Anna.

It was a truly remarkable moment.

In the midst of all the chaos,
and yes, even hostility from some...

came something unexpected
from our new friends.

A sense of humor.

Should the press be so tough on the V's?

They did just get here, after all.

When we come back, I'll be joined
by media experts to discuss that...

... and much more.

Stay with us. We'll be right back.

I want him.

It's been three weeks since the arrival...

yet thousands are still flocking
to see the mother ships in person.

As a result, host cities find themselves
in the midst of a mini economic boom.

Tourism, spending on V merchandise.

All a welcome shot in the arms
of local economies.

The newly opened Visitor Healing Centers
are drawing huge crowds.

People afflicted with one of the 65 ailments
the V's can cure...

... are jamming the centers,
hoping for their own personal miracle.

And government officials have begun talks
to open Visitor embassies.

But not everyone likes the idea.

Violent protests denouncing the V's
have broken out in numerous host cities.

And more demonstrations are planned
in the days to come.

More on this...

We finally got a real lead on our cell.

Our cell? I've heard that one before.

No, this is a good one.

That's my coffee.

A truck suspected of hauling drugs
was impounded by N.Y.P.D. Last night.

They searched for residue, no drugs.

But they did find traces of...


See this? The truck came from here
on Long Island.

- Nice.
- Field trip?

- Can I drive?
- No.

The silos are empty.
We're still searching the grounds.

But I gotta tell you, E,
this feels like another dead end.

- Yeah.
- What's this, 20 leads on this cell so far?

- Every one has fallen through.
- Uh-huh.


Look at the south photo.

That's our truck.

What is the white truck doing
parked in front of that shack?


I think we can rule out suicide.


Yeah, this is Ryan.

I need your help.

- How'd you get this number?
They're here. It's starting.

I'm not that guy anymore.

Don't call me again.

- Hey. Ready for lunch?
- Oh, yeah.

What if that was important?

Sweetheart, there is nothing
more important than you.


- How'd you get tickets?
- I can't believe we're about to see...

the inside of a freaking spaceship.
- You rock.

Holy crap.

Dude, this is incredible, man.

It's like an amusement park.

The hop to the main
docking station will only take two minutes.

So hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

Oh, my God.


- Unbelievable, man.
- Oh, my...

Step this way, please...

and welcome.


Welcome to the New York mother ship.

My name is Lisa.

Examiner says the body's been dead less
than a day. He was tortured before killed.

They've been printing fake docs:
Passports, IDs.

Best fakes I've ever seen.

It's a major operation
but no one was here.

They cleared out
like they knew we were coming.

We'll get the prints off the victim,
see if we can get his ID.

Our ability to manipulate gravity
is essential for long-term space travel.

Dude, dude, check it out.

Oh, dude, that V girl
is coming over here.

Be cool.

- Having a good time?
- Having a great time.


Have you heard about
our new Peace Ambassador Program?

Peace Ambassador Program?
- Yeah.

You sign up, hang out with V's,
learn about our culture.

And you act as V ambassadors
in your own communities.

You even get a uniform.

Oh, it says here
you have to be 18 years old to join.

We're only 17.

You can still join,
you just need your parent's signature.

Yeah, well,
that's kind of a tough sell right now.

- Our parents don't even know we're here.
- That's too bad.

I just got assigned
to the New York chapter.

Could've spent some time together.

We're all so quick to jump
on the bandwagon.

And a ride on the bandwagon, it's...

It sounds like fun.

But before we get on,
let us at least make sure it is sturdy.

And sound.

Let us at least examine it...

to really make sure it is something
that we want to climb aboard.

No one is saying don't trust the Visitors.

But don't they need to earn our trust?

It's something we all need think about.

I thought we were clear about this.

People need to hear
the V's are part of God's plan.

They hear it from you, Father.
- They need to hear it from you too.

I thank God
for the Visitors every day, Jack.

This church stood empty for years.

Now look at it.

The Visitors are not driving people away
from God, they're driving people back.

People are scared, Father.
That's why they come.

But they come
and that's the blessing in disguise.

It bothers me that they showed up
right when we needed them the most.

The world is in bad shape, Father.
Who wouldn't welcome a savior right now?

I agree they're a godsend
and we should be grateful.

But that's the danger.

Under the right conditions,
with enough time...

gratitude can morph into worship.

Or worse, devotion.


Thought you priest types
would like to see something.

They healed me.

I got no pain.

My God, Roy.

It's amazing.



Come here for a second.

Your principal sent me this link
to this awesome video.

- What are you doing on my account?
- Check it out.

More, more, more. Come on.

V's rule. Come on, here we go.

- V's rule.
- Rule, yeah.

First and foremost,
the fact that you're tagging now...

so proud.

I called Brandon's folks to kind of,
you know, spread the joy.

They weren't surprised. They said that
you two are obsessed with the V's.

- I'm not obsessed.
- Really?

Because this looks very obsessive to me.

Texts, instant messages.

And here's an entire page about
how to spread their word through tagging.

Those aren't my links.
Brandon sent them to me.

Oh. That's okay then.
Brandon sent them to you.

So you're gonna do
whatever Brandon or the V's...

or whoever tells you to do.

- You have to think for yourself.
- I do think.

Tagging someone's property
because a website tells you to...

is thinking for yourself?
- You call it tagging.

But you know what,
the V's, they call it spreading hope.



You have to talk to me.

Talk to me.

You and me, we talk.
What's going on with you?

Is it because of your dad?
Is it because he left?

You're blaming him?

At least he has an excuse
to be out of touch with his kid.

He left me.

I did not leave.

I am here for you.


when you're here.

There he is, the man of the hour.

Hello, Mr. Decker.


- What's going on, Freddie?
- You've been selected.


Anna would like to do
a live broadcast from the ship.

An intimate one-on-one
to help ease the protests against us.

She'd like you to do the interview.

L... I got it.

Who was that?

It's no one.

- No one?
- Yes, no one.

You've been getting a lot of calls
from no one.

It's nothing. Okay?

We don't do this, you and me.
Keep secrets. Talk to me.

What's going on?

What's going on?

Sweetheart, just don't read things
into things, okay?

It was no one. Really.

So pretty. Heh, heh.

- I forgot my spoon.
- Yeah.

Can you get us a spoon?

Over here. Thank you.

What do you know?
Another fake one. Nine just like it.

Solve the case yet, Sherlock?

Not one name, not one photo.

Not anything from these passports
matches anyone in our system.

How can you not find this guy?
He's very creepy.

If only creepy were a biometric parameter
in our facial-recognition software.

You're kind of sexy
when you talk all computery.

- Oh, yeah?
- Absolutely.

What's this?


I ID'd our victim from the silo.
His name is Owen Chapman.

This is a search warrant for his house.

Oh, nice.

Yeah, I'm clear.

They knew we were coming, again.

Someone tipped them off.

Who are you calling?


Owen, our victim Owen?


"To all attending tonight,
location, 4400 Pier Avenue, Brooklyn.

Ten p.m. Pass code.

If you're new, be prepared for the test.

Any info you can share about this cell
is important."

Owen was going to a meeting
about a sleeper cell?

If you have info about a sleeper cell,
you call the cops.

You don't go to a meeting.


- Stay away from me, Georgie.
- Ryan, please.

I told you, I'm not that guy anymore.
Stop calling.

- We need your help.
- We?

- Who's "we"?
- Okay, there's about 25 of us.

We've only met a couple times
but we're recruiting.

Again? You're trying that again
after all those people got killed?

We're being a lot more careful.
Please, you gotta help us.

Look, I'm about to get engaged, okay?

I'm not gonna put my fianc?e at risk.
If I get involved, it puts her at risk.

- And I'm not gonna let that happen.
- So you're just gonna sit on the sidelines?

- You know how many lives are at stake.
- She doesn't know about my past.


I'd like to keep it that way.

That's where we're meeting
if you change your mind.

Or grow a conscience.

I liked your sermon the other day.

You're right to question the V's.

Are you all right?

I know the real reason they're here, Father,
and I am not the only one.

- The real reason?
- The V's are gonna obliterate us. Unh.

You're bleeding.

- I was coming to see you. The V's did this.
- Let me get help.

No, no, no.

Take this and go to this address.

And give it to the people there.

All right? All the information's inside.

- Promise me.
- Okay.

- Please, it's important.
- Okay.

Okay, look,
I'm gonna get you some help.

Be right back.

Okay. Ready to get started.

Is that it?

Thanks again for choosing me to do this.

- I'm really excited.
- So are we.

Do you have any questions
before we go to air?

No. Just be sure not to ask anything
that would paint us in a negative light.

Excuse me?

Don't ask any questions
that would portray us negatively.

Ask ones like you did when we first met.

Oh, I think there's a mistake.

I'm a journalist.

It's my job to ask questions...

even if they make the other person

- That was not my understanding.
- Standing by to go to air.

I'm afraid I don't have a choice.

This interview is now canceled.

Whoa, whoa. Hang on, hang on.

Look, this is just how it's done.

I swear I'll be fair.

You'll need to be more
if you wanna proceed.

Two minutes to air.

We can't be seen in a negative light.

This interview would elevate your career,
wouldn't it, Mr. Decker?

Don't you want to elevate your career?

You don't know what this is
and you'll go in like you're invited?

They're expecting people
they haven't met before, so yeah.

This is stupid.
Why don't we call for backup?

- You know why.
- Because there's a mole tipping off our cell.

- It's a closed loop if it's just you and me.
- I'm coming.

It's a bad idea.
I need you to watch the perimeter.

I will be back in 30 minutes.
If I'm not, you can call in the cavalry.

I'm here for the meeting.

This is a word-of-mouth group.

You're here because someone we trust
personally referred you.

This is how we do things.

This woman is a doctor.

She'll be injecting a small dose
of anesthetic into each of you.

Anesthetic? For what exactly?

Good evening and welcome.

Prime Focus With Chad Decker...

is proud to present an up-close
and personal interview with Anna...

the Visitor High Commander.

On behalf of all of us, I wanna thank you
for this opportunity to know you better.

Thank you, Chad. And please,
feel free to ask anything and everything.

I'm here to discuss
all topics without reserve.

I want you to confirm
that you see skull bone.

Take a good look at it.

It's important.

You're next.

What is life like where you come from?

We come from a place of great beauty.

Vast cities, massive oceans.

Much like Earth.

Though unlike you,
we don't divide ourselves into countries.

We're one united people.

You've all passed the test.

Test for what?

To ensure that you're not a Visitor.

In order to walk among us...

they disguised their appearance
by cloning human flesh...

over their own reptilian skin.

I thought everyone here was up to speed.

Look, the Visitors didn't just get here.

They've been here for years.

You said we're the only other intelligent life
you've encountered in your travels?

Yes. Humanity is a rare gift.

One we hold in the highest regard.

For decades,
they've been implementing a plan...

that will result in the extermination
of every man, woman and child...

on the face of this Earth.

We are honored and privileged
to be able to assist mankind...

with our knowledge and technology.

Truth be told, it stirs great emotion in us.

So you are emotional beings?

We are.

But we've evolved to quickly process
and expel all negative feelings.

Happiness, we've learned,
comes from tranquility and peace.

V's posing as humans
established themselves...

in all facets of life...

whether it be business, government,
religion, the military.

It took years.

And once embedded among us,
they set out to cause worldwide instability.

Unnecessary wars.

Economic meltdown.

Faith twisted into extremism.

If you could speak to the protesters,
what would you say?

That embracing change is never easy.

But the reward for doing so
can be far greater...

... than anything you can imagine.

Tonight, we're announcing
the expansion of our Healing Centers.

The goal is to open one
in every major city across the world.

The final stage of the Visitors' plan...

began with them
revealing themselves to us.

They gain trust with the promise
of friendship and technology...

and, of course, all they're really doing
is positioning themselves...

as the saviors of mankind.

The intent goes beyond just healing.

We want to provide
complete medical services to all.

You're talking about
universal healthcare?

I believe that's what you call it, yes.

By the time people figure this out,
it will be too late.

They'll take over,
unless we can stop them.

Now, I see the looks.

It's the first time hearing this
for some of you.

You think we're crazy.


Do you have any proof?

You know, other than scary stories
being passed around the Internet.

Who are you? Who referred you?

It doesn't matter.

- I'm leaving.
- Wait, wait. I have proof, I think.

It's a bunch of photos.
Supposedly Visitors living on Earth.

- This guy is a Visitor?

This guy is a terrorist.
He's part of a sleeper cell.

That's what I've been trying to tell you.

A sleeper cell of Visitors.

Yeah. A sleeper cell of Visitors.

You did a brave thing,
coming here tonight.

If I'm so brave,
why am I scared to death?

I think that makes you human.

I'm Erica.


Get down!


What the hell?

Let's go.

Where the hell did they come from?
We were so careful this time.

- Georgie.
- No, you were right to walk away.

- What hope...?
- There is hope.

- No, they are animals.
- No.


Not all of them.

I was wrong to walk away from this,

You were right to fight.

There's others out there like me.

Other traitors, deserters.

We'll help.


Where are you going?

I gotta go tell Val I'm leaving.

It's not safe for her
to be around me anymore.

Mr. Decker?

Mr. Decker,
may I have a word with you, please?

Anna loved you.

I'm sure she did.

She wants you to know
we intend to call on you again.

She trusts you.

Yeah, I'm not so sure I trust her.

Look, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding
tonight, but you did the right thing.

Compromising one's principles
for the greater good...

is not a shameful act. It's a noble one.

Really? I find that hard to believe.

Your people are easily threatened.

What you did tonight went a long way
toward reassuring them.

What's the harm?

She backed me into a corner.

She could have chosen anyone
to interview her, she chose you.

We'd like to continue the arrangement.

Whenever Anna
has something significant to say...

we would like her to say it
through you.

Unless you have an aversion to a worldwide
audience hanging on your every word.


I hate myself.

You just... You kept getting these calls
from no one and...

I thought there was somebody else.

I looked around and I found this.

You were gonna ask me to marry you.

I was even gonna get down on one knee.

Do you still love me?

More than you'll ever know.

I don't know who to trust anymore.

I can't get the image of Dale
just lying there out of my head.

What do we do now?

We help build a resistance.

We recruit.

We bring more into the fold.

We have to be careful.

We'll be careful.

But we have to fight.

Oh, we'll fight.

But they have a big head start.

They're arming themselves
with the most powerful weapon out there.

Yeah? What's that?

Erica, what big weapon?


To the dawn of a new day.

We are of peace. Always.

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