V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 3 - A Bright New Day - full transcript

With the signing of a treaty and the opening of diplomatic relations, the Visitors are formally granted entry to the United States. Anna sees a potential problem as the leader of the anti-Visitors movement, whose husband was killed the day they arrived, seems to be getting a lot of public sympathy and support. Anna sets out to win her over. Erica and Father Jack Landry try to identify who might have been involved in the warehouse killings but unbeknown to her, her FBI partner Dale survived and is being treated aboard the mother ship. When threats of assassination are made against the Visitors, Erica finds herself being assigned to protect them. It also becomes apparent that the Visitors are manipulating virtually everyone around them. Erica's son Tyler invites Lisa home but his Mom shows up at an inopportune moment. The Visitor fifth columnists begin to organize.

Previously on V:

They're calling themselves the Visitors.

The Visitors didn't just get here.
They've been here for years.

My partner Dale was one of them.
Anyone could be a Visitor.

At least we have this.

Everyone who's contacted
the FBI about aliens or Visitors.

We can find other people
who wanna fight.

Whatever they're gonna do, it's nothing
compared to what they'll do to traitors.

That's weird. The picture is upside down.

Who's Cyrus?

A guy I used to know.

- Always make your girlfriend do the talking?
- Tyler.

The council wants to kick you out
of the program.

I can and do influence public opinion.

You really believe that.

Dale is a traitor.
I don't think he'll show his face again.

It's a bright new day in America...

... a day of emotion,
as we open our doors...

to a nation
not just from beyond our borders...

but from beyond our imaginations.

After weeks of heated debate
and speculation about the decision...

... today the U.S. Granted
the V's diplomatic relation.

Though the day
is not without controversy.

Demonstrators have gathered outside
the Peace Ambassador Center...

protesting the decision
to grant visas to the Visitors.

But nothing can take away
from the excitement...

as Anna becomes the first Visitor to step
through the New York gate beside me...

leading the way for many to follow her
onto American soil in days to come.

One more, Anna.

This is Chad Decker reporting live...

from the New York
Peace Ambassador Center.

And we're out.
That was good.

You know,
you helped make this day happen.


I guess I did.

We should all be united.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

It's been two weeks
since my last confession.

I've been doubting God.

Are the V's demons or angels?

Is everything I believed a lie?

If only God gave us a sign.

My little baby sister has cancer.

The V's cure her.

Who am I to question the pope?

I never believed in miracles
before, Father, but now I do.

What are we supposed to do?
I'm so scared.

Does God even really exist?
My faith feels so weak.

Forgive these impure thoughts.

I feel...


The government
plans to expand its welcome...

... to the V's in the weeks to come.

This is just the first wave
of rights issued.

Once on the ground...

... they will be afforded all America has
to offer in return for...

... a prosperous exchange...

There is no way we had time
to do a proper threat assessment.

It's like 9/11 never happened.


Must be hard thinking
everyone's a terrorist.

Hey, I don't want you going
into the city today.

I'll be fine.

It's gonna be crazy with all the V stuff.

Yeah, but I was just
gonna give Brandon a lift.

Okay, come home right after.

Mom, there's a priest at the door.

- Hi, I'm Jack.
- We work together.

- Oh, that's cute.
- Go.

What are you doing here, Jack?
Are you okay?

I wanna be useful.
I wanna look people in the eye and say:

"God loves you,
and everything's gonna be fine."

How do I?
I don't even know what to tell myself.

- I know how you feel.
- Why are the V's doing it like this?

Why the infiltration?
Why the sleeper cells?

Why don't they just annihilate us?

Because they're smart and patient.

And whatever their plan is,
they need us for something.

Until we figure out what that is...

we have to fight them the same way
they're fighting us: One step at a time.

I haven't been able to sleep.

So I was up most of the night
going through this list...

trying to find anyone
who was at the warehouse with us.

Whenever I find anything V related,
I plug it in to the FBI database.

- Any luck?
- I've narrowed it down to a couple hundred.



Yeah. No, I'll be right there.

I have to go
to the Peace Ambassador Center.

There's been a death threat
against the V's.

- You're going to protect the V's?
- Yeah.

Well, if a human kills a Visitor,
that makes us the bad guys.

- They'll be the good guys. You're right.
- Lf I have to be on their side...

maybe there's something I can find
that will help us fight.

You know what?

If you don't mind, I can stay,
keep going through the list.

Maybe I'll find a match.

Yeah, okay, that would be great.

You can cross-reference with the files.

- I'll call you.
- Be careful.

You be careful today.

You all right? You look worried.

- What, I can't walk you to work?
- When have you walked me to work?

It's just that everything is crazy now.

Visitors walking around the city...

angry protesters are pissed off.

Well, whatever the reason, it's nice.

Look, don't worry.

People fear change. It's normal.

The V's are friendly and the protesters
are gonna realize that eventually.


You have this look.

Like you're keeping a secret.

Sweetheart, I would never
wanna keep any secrets from you.

- I love you.
- I love you.

Georgie, thanks for meeting me.

Yeah. You saved my life at the warehouse,
it's the least I can do.

How many others survived
at that warehouse besides us?

I don't know.

I haven't tried to contact them
since the ambush.

Look, I'm scared.

We don't know who to trust anymore.

With the V's being granted those visas,
it's only gonna get worse.

We need to mount a resistance
before they infiltrate any further.


We don't have access to cash, bodies...

I've got access to both.

- Ever heard of John May?
- The guy is a myth.

No, he's not a myth.

He's real.

John May is the leader
of the Fifth Column.

First group of Visitors to turn
against the leadership, he started it.

- The Visitors have sleeper cells everywhere.
- Yeah, and so do we.

The Fifth Column is down
but it's not out.

We can win this.

And if John May gets into this?

He'll bring an army.

He's regained consciousness?

Yes, but there was a lot of damage.

We're still unsure
if he's gonna remember anything.

He has to.

He was a highly placed sleeper
for almost 20 years.

We have to know if he was compromised,
and if so, by whom.

I understand.

You're awake.

I'm Joshua.

You gave us quite a scare.

- What?
- You're on the New York mother ship.

We don't usually get
guys like you up here.

It's kind of a big deal, actually.
You're a real hero.


- What did I do?
- You were stabbed.

Whoever did it was going for your heart.

If you were human,
they would have killed you.

Joke's on them, right?

You were left for dead.

Post-traumatic amnesia.

It might take a while
before it all comes back.

I need you to help me remember
who did this to me.

At the center
of the growing protest movement...

... against the V's
is a woman named Mary Faulkner.

Mrs. Faulkner,
the widow of Lieutenant David Faulkner...

... whose F-16 fighter jet went down
the day the V's arrived...

... has been on a hunger strike
for six days.

She has gathered quite a following,
and she had this to say yesterday:

They say the V's medical cures
can save lives.

But how does that make up
for the death of my husband...

... or the 642 other souls
around the world...

... who were killed in accidents
caused by their arrival?

The FBI are on their way.

This Faulkner widow...

is gonna speak live on national television
outside our building.

I heard. It's planned for later today.

She's becoming the face
of the protest movement.

Get me as much information
on Mary Faulkner as you can.

I wanna know everything about her:
Her dead husband, her child, her family.

We have to stop this. Now.

Leave us alone.

What do we want? V's, go home.

What do we want? Leave us alone.

What do we want? V's, go home.

I feel like this is all my fault, man.

If you hadn't punched that dude,
you'd be going in with me.

I know I screwed up
this whole Peace Ambassador thing...

but I'll fix it.
- Maybe Lisa could talk to somebody.

I don't want to get her
in any more trouble.

V is love. Accept peace.

V is love...

V's, go home.

What do we want? Leave us alone.

We've had multiple calls from this guy.

Profiled as mid to late 20s,
white male, mentally unstable.

- Ex-military?
- He knows his weapons.

Based on his last call,
he's not just blowing off steam.

This guy's got a plan.

Stand back. Off the fence.

This is a volatile situation.

Last thing we need
is a panicked mob...

or anything that might
provoke that shooter.

Which is why we'll be coordinating
with V security.

We'll have to keep a low profile
and work together.

Each FBI agent
will be partnered with a V.

I don't need a partner.

That's not up to you, Evans.

Agent Evans,
I have been assigned to you.

- I hope that won't be a problem.
- No, it's fine.

I understand your reluctance.
Your species is naturally mistrusting.


First thing I need is access
to your surveillance center.

- That's in our restricted zone.
- I know.

This is your surveillance for the center?

Your government gave us this.
We didn't have time to change anything.

We need to adjust these two cameras
in the north courtyard.

There's a blind spot.

Our shooter is not gonna stand out.
He'll appear casual.

Look for baseball hats, hands in pockets.

Anyone whose agenda
does not fit their surroundings.

There is one thing.
If there are injuries, we'd like assurances...

that our people will be treated
by our own medical staff.

No offense intended.

No, I completely understand.

You ready to go?

Yeah, let's go.

George, George, George. Sutton, George.

It's Erica. Leave a message.

Erica, it's me.
I think we got our first break.

You know the guy...?
The guy who led the warehouse meeting?

I think I found him.

So, what do you want from me?

Got to find others who will help.

Who's Cyrus?
An old friend.

Fifth Column member.
We fought together before I met you.

I'm on my way to see him.

- And you think he's gonna help?
- He was my right hand.

The way he used to fight those V's...
Used to say he had a death wish.

Still, that's one guy.
We're gonna need a lot more than that.

Nobody had better contacts
in the Column than he did.

Why don't you come with me?


No, it's gonna be a while
before I recruit again.

I gotta do this, Georgie.

Someone has got to put
the Column back together.

Strength in numbers.

We're closed for remodeling.

Can't you read the sign?

You always were a rude bastard, Cyrus.


What the hell you doing here, man?

I'll give you 29 guesses.

Let the record show
that the captains of all 29 ships...

are present for the briefing.

Today is a historic day.

Though we continue to gain ground
in diplomatic areas...

we must not underestimate
the importance of popular opinion...

among humanity.

Opinions can easily change.

Monitor them.

And if necessary, shape those opinions
within your territories.

By doing so, we can stop any resistance
before it starts.

Go forward.

What do you know
about what happened?

You were taking out
a human Resistance group.

You sent out a distress signal.
Recovery team picked you up...

at a warehouse.
You were the only V that survived.

How bad was this?

When they brought you in,
you were wide open.

So whoever did this, saw my true face.

I've uploaded a complete dossier
on Mary Faulkner to your console.

Thank you.

You're wondering
why I'm focused on a single woman...

when we have many global concerns.

It had crossed my mind, yes.

Mary Faulkner's life is in ruins
and she blames us.

That kind of hatred is contagious.

We have to make an example of her
so that she doesn't infect others.


George? Mr. Sutton?

What are you doing in here?

I'm sorry. I...

I didn't think anyone was...

I'm looking for George Sutton.

He doesn't live here anymore.

No one does.

Do you know how to contact him?

Is this because of the murders?

Are you counseling him or something?

I'm sorry, what?

His family, they were all killed.

They've been implementing a plan
that will result in the extermination...

of every man, woman and child
on the face of this earth.

He went a little crazy after that.

He said aliens did it.

Look, it's really important
that I speak with him.

If you have any way of contacting him,
would you please?

Priests got cards now?


You can tell him I was at the warehouse.

He'll know what that means.

It's not like it was.

Almost everybody
scattered in the wind.

But you're still in touch
with the best, right?

Yeah, we had a hell of a crew.

Well, you did the hard part.

Kind of hoping you'd be the first to enlist.

We gotta get the Column back together.

I got some names and numbers
in the back.

Best I can do right now.


You grab my glasses
off that table, would you?

What the hell you doing, Cyrus?

You don't know what it's been like.

I gotta turn you over to them now.

They're on their way.

What did they promise you?

They told me they'd reconnect me...

if I turn in enough Fifth Column.

How many did you turn in?

It doesn't matter. All I need is one more.

They're not gonna reconnect you.

They're gonna get
as many Fifth Column as they can.

- Then they're gonna skin you alive.
- No, they're gonna help me.

They have to help me.

I can't...

Don't you miss it?
Everything Anna gave to us.

- Don't you miss the bliss?
- The bliss?

The bliss is how she controlled us, Cyrus,
just like junkies, man.

And that's what you are.

You're nothing but a junkie
just like the rest of them.

They promised me.

I'll be reconnected.

They promised me!

You gotta be alive to be reconnected.

This is the best vantage point
from the property?

You tell me.

There's a guard missing,
corner of the building.

He stole a V jacket.

- The shooter's wearing a V jacket.
Get medical assistance. Now.

Paul, shooter is wearing a V uniform.

Our shooter is wearing a V uniform.

That's him.

- I spotted our shooter.
What's going on?

- He's headed into the building.
What's your 20?

The suspect's white male, brown hair.

Cover the room. Go.

Control, do we have a visual?

Copy that. All agents, fan out.

Suspect last seen inside the building.

Team 2, no visual.

Gun! Everybody down.

Stay down!

Suspect down, do you copy?
Suspect is down.

The V's are a plague, don't you get it?

Yeah, I get it.

Control. Suspect's...

Suspect is secure.

Get up. Come here.

We have a holding room this way.

From the little we know...

... there were no casualties
as a result of the attack.

We're trying to get word on whether
the shooting was connected...

...to the Visitors receiving their visas.

We'll update you with information
as we get it.

Reporting live
from the Peace Ambassador Center...

... l'm Chad Decker for WNT News.

Hey, did you set this up?

Catch you later.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- You got your visa today, huh?
- Yeah.

What do you think about New York?

Still getting the hang
of this Earth thing, you know?

Yeah, me too.

I spoke to the council today.

You're back in the Ambassador Program.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.


And you came
all the way here to tell me?

Actually, somebody told me
that the pizza here is amazing.

Thank you, Agent Evans.

I may have misjudged you.

We'll take him now.

- Excuse me?
- It's complicated.

They'll take it from here.

I'll meet you in front of the building.

Sure, I'll be outside.

You should consider joining. We
have peace ambassadors all over the world.

Whoa, that's cool.

- Yeah.
- Funny...


To lose someone so close...

it's devastating.

Our families are our greatest treasure.

Our families are our greatest gift.

Your son...

Your son is devastated.

I am so sorry for your loss.

I am so sorry for your loss.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Together, we will help each other heal.

Only together,
can we hope for the future.

Only together,
can we help each other heal.


It's time.

I'm so sorry to surprise you like this.

I would be honored if you'd grant me
a few moments of your time.

Why should I listen to anything
that you have to say?

I'd like to offer my heartfelt condolences
for your loss.

This was the only way we could meet
without causing a scene.


Thank you.


There's someone I'd like to meet you.

Agent Evans.

I just wanted to thank you in person.

Your quick action saved my life.

I blame instinct and training.

Nonetheless, it's deeply appreciated.

Anything else I can ever do,
please don't hesitate.

And vice versa.

Where are we?

I made this construct
based on your neural scans.

Sometimes familiar places
can bring up memories.

Do you recognize anything?

I worked here.

My desk was right over...

I can't believe you lived
with another species all those years.

That must have been amazing.

If by "amazing," you mean "smelly,"
"crowded" and "disgusting." Yeah.

And dangerous.

All that undercover work you did?

Well, it wasn't like I was the only V
at the Bureau.

- Hey, I just remembered that.
- Good.

That's a good sign.

If you remember your life...

then what happened on that night
is going to come back to you.

You have no idea how disgusting it was
to wake up next to a human every morning.

Erica used to brush
her hair in the kitchen.

Who does that?

I believe your wife's name was Jocelyn.

- Erica was your partner here at the FBI.
- Right.


Erica cracked my head open.

She saw my true face. She knows.

We gotta go.

Where are we going?
- They have to send me back down.

I'm going to kill her.

Heard you were looking for me.

You were at the warehouse.

Turn around.

- I brought the photos.
- Yeah.

- You were with the blond, the mouthy one.
- Her name's Erica, and she's an FBI agent.

What were you two doing there?

How do I know you didn't bring
the V's down on our heads?

Because I know who did.

It was Erica's partner, Dale. He was a V.

She killed him.

What do you want from me?

We're trying to find
anyone who survived.

We need to stick together.

Every time we try to come together,
they crush us.

And FYI, leaving your card with people
will get you killed.

I saw the pictures at your house.

Your family. It was the V's. The V's
were responsible for their deaths.

- None of your business.
- I don't know you.

I don't know what you've been through,
but if you're anything like me, this whole...

This whole thing
has made you feel alone.


There is strength in numbers.

We need to stick together, George.

It's Georgie.


- Erica was the only one who saw you?
- I'm sure.

She was meeting
with other Resistance members?

She's not even gonna know what hit her.

You're right because
I'm not letting you go back down.

Come again?

If half the things
that you say about Erica are true...

she's going to make an excellent ally.


You son of a bitch.

You're a traitor.

Shh, shh, shh.

The Fifth Column says hello.

This is Chad Decker reporting live...

from the New York
Peace Ambassador Center...

where Mary Faulkner,
the voice of the anti-V movement...

is approaching the podium.

I began this day as I have every day
since I lost my husband...

the same way
that every family member...

who lost a loved one
on the day the Visitors arrived:

With an unbearable emptiness.

And like most of you, with an anger
towards those responsible for our loss.

But something changed for me,
something I never expected.

I had a quiet conversation
with someone...

who not only eased my suffering,
but who helped me understand...

that my husband did not die in vain.

Someone that reminded me
that only hope and trust can heal us.

And that what we share
with those we feared...

is far greater than anything
that divides us.


Today, a man possessed by hate...

tried to kill one of my people.

But his real target was peace.

The same peace Lieutenant Faulkner
gave his life to defend.

We will not diminish
this brave soldier's sacrifice...

by answering in kind.

We remain of peace.


Show me.

Cyrus activated his distress signal.

By the time we got here, it was too late.

There will be no peace.

This is my room.


You don't really care much
about my room, do you?


Oh, God. I'm... I'm so sorry, I just...

My mom doesn't like the V...

Stay here and I'll be right back.
God, I hate her.


- Hey, you are here.
- Yeah.

Hey, what's up?

- You okay?
- Mm-hm.


Do you have company?

No. No, why?

All right.

Okay. Um...

You should, um, put your clothes on

Take her home.

We'll talk later.

I thought this would be better
than your mom seeing me in my uniform.

The anti-V protest movement...

... was dealt a serious blow
this afternoon...

... as the day's top two news stories seemed
to dovetail into a PR win for the Visitors.

Mary Faulkner's speech forgiving
the V's for the death of her husband...

... combined with Anna's response...

... to an assassination attempt
at the Peace Ambassador Center...

... has resulted in an outpouring
of new support for the Visitors.

Well done today.

Coming up:

The only interview Mary Faulkner
plans to give...

... detailing her extraordinary meeting
with Anna.

And she's giving it to me.

My exclusive interview
with Mary Faulkner, next.

There were hundreds of images.

All of this surveillance footage
being captured by the damn jackets.

We have to be careful.

What we do, who we talk to.

What were you thinking
going to find this guy today?

You could've been killed.

- I just wanted to be useful.
- You were.

You are.

It's okay.

I'm glad you came.

Georgie, this is Erica.

You wanna put that away?

I brought a friend.

We gotta build the ranks, right?



Tyler's the one.

We should use him.

You're doing an excellent job.

I'm proud of you.

Thank you, Mother.

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